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2008 Terrapin and MLK Tossups by Westbrook
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This battle began with simultaneous attacks on Bazeilles, Givonne and La Moncelle, though the decisive moment may have been the series of futile charges of Generals Margueritte and Gallifet near the village of Illy. In a comic incident near the end of the battle, general De Wimpffen arrived from Algeria to relieve the command, and tore down the white truce flag several times before the final surrender. The battle broke out following the minor Battle of Beaumont, during an attempt to relieve Metz by generals Ducrot and Macmahon, who were encircled and crushed by Moltke's forces. FTP, name this 1870 battle, a defeat for France that virtually ended the Franco-Prussian War.
Answer: Battle of Sedan
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One player with this surname turned a record nine triple plays during his career as a Tigers shortstop from 1908 to 1921, and also managed the 1927 Pirates. Another player with this surname was selected first overall by the Padres in the 2004 draft. A pitcher with this surname played two seasons with the Blue Jays before being traded along with Zach Johnson and Gabe Gross to the Brewers for Lyle Overbay. In addition to Donie, Matt, and Dave, another player with this surname caught an 88-yard touchdown pass in the 2006 NFC Championship Game, won the 2005 Heisman trophy, and was drafted second overall behind Mario Williams. FTP, identify this surname shared by Saints running back Reggie and the president who defeated Michael Dukakis in the 1988 election.
Answer: Bush
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A paper by Bamberg relates this theorem to the crystallographic restriction theorem, and it is classified as a Schinzel hypothesis H-sub-n in analytic number theory. Major steps in solving it may be Chen's theorem, which uses the Selberg Sieve, and a result by Schnirelmann that uses a Brun sieve. Hardy and Littlewood showed that its weak form holds true if the Riemann Hypothesis is true, and Vinogradov determined a sufficiently large odd number for its weak form to hold true. Its simplicity has led cranks such as G. Spencer-Brown and H.A. Pogorzelski to claim proofs of it. Its current formulation was stated by Euler, though it is still named for a teacher of his. FTP, identify this unproven mathematical theorem which states that every even integer greater than 2 can be written as the sum of two prime numbers.
Answer: Goldbach conjecture
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Dr. Azzeccagabugli, known as the Tangle-Weaver, is a minor character in this work who briefly represents the main character as his lawyer until he learns that he is not a bandit. The heroine passes time under the care of various noblemen, some benevolent, such as Cardinal Boromeo and Fra Cristoforo, and others malevolent, such as the bandit prince known as "The Unnamed," who is eventually converted by the Cardinal. When Don Abbondio refuses to marry the two main characters, they flee along with Agnese Mondella and travel throughout war-torn northern Italy as they attempt to escape from Don Rodrigo, who wishes to marry Lucia himself. FTP, Lucia and Renzo are eventually reunited and marry in, FTP, what novel by Alessandro Manzoni?
Answer: The Betrothed [or I Promessi Sposi]
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The idea for this first occurred to both of its formulators after reading of Louis Dunoyer's work on sodium. One component in this experiment had to be aligned to less than 0.1 nanometer precision, leading to numerous failures, while other failures resulted from not having a proper way to detect the results. The latter problem was remedied thanks to cigar smoke in the air serendipitously caused a deposit of sulfur to form on the detector. In its final form the circular slit was replaced by a rectangular one, leading to results that confirmed Bohr's atomic model, though it could not explain the anomalous Zeeman Effect until the work of Goudsmit and Uhlenbeck. An effusion was heated to 1,000 degrees Celsius to produce the outgoing particles, and I. I. Rabi would work further on this experiment. FTP, identify this experiment where the deflection into two discrete, quantized angles caused by silver atoms passing through a magnetic fieldled its two German namesakes to hypothesize the theory of electron spin.
Answer: Stern-Gerlach experiment
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The first design for this building was offered by Luckman and Pereira, but the patron's daughter, Phyllis Lambert, rejected it. It is often stylistically grouped with Skidmore Owings & Merrill's Lever House, which sits across the street. Its interior contains many other works of modern art, such as a sculpture by Richard Lippold and a backdrop for performance of The Three-Cornered Hat painted by Picasso, and paintings by Rothko were intended to be displayed in the building's Four Seasons restaurant before that project fell through. Located at 375 Park Avenue in Midtown Manhattan, FTP identify this modernist skyscraper designed mainly by Mies van der Rohe and Philip Johnson for a brewing company.
Answer: Seagram Building
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Among this man's early verse were the collections The Happy Marriage and the Eliot-influenced Pot of Earth, and his most severe critics,Yvor Winters and Morton Zabel, preferred 1928's Streets in the Moon to his later work. The story of Cain and Abel was the basis for his first play, Nobodaddy, as well as his second one, Panic. He had many successes in long form verse, such as Einstein and Actfive, though he is also well known for short poems like "The End of the World", "You, Andrew Marvell" and a poem that ends "A poem should not mean / but be", "Ars Poetica". FTP, identify this American poet and playwright who described the destruction of the Aztec empire in Conquistador and retold the story of Job in his verse drama J.B.
Answer: Archibald MacLeish
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Brian Titley writes about the "political odyssey" of this ruler in a book entitled Dark Age. Overthrown by Operation Barracuda, he decreed that all girls should wear expensive blue school uniforms manufactured at a factory conveniently owned by his wife, which led to a student riot. He ascended as the head of the MESAN party and was implicated in the Diamonds Affair, which created scandal for the government of Valery Giscard d'Estaing. He briefly converted to Islam to court the support of Muammar Qadhafi, after taking power by overthrowing David Dacko, and later held a lavish ceremony in homage to Napoleon which declared himself emperor. FTP, name this alleged cannibal who ruled the Central African Republic from 1966 to 1979.
Answer: Jean-Bedel "Emperor" Bokassa I
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In a story about this deity, he tosses his headdress on the ground and it turns into a bunch of grapes and then he removes a comb from his hair and tosses that on the ground. Sometimes described as the son of Inn and Yo, he ripped his son into three pieces and cast him into the wind after that son Kagutsuchi burned off the genitals of a woman emerging from her womb. He was entrusted with the jeweled spear Amanonuhoku and famously traveled to Yomi but made the mistake of viewing his wife's undead corpse and was forced to flee the underworld. After that, he bathed his children in a spring and, during the cleansing process, he birthed children of his own from his left eye, right eye, and nose. FTP, name this father of Amaterasu and husband of Izanami.
Answer: Izanagi (not Izanami, of course, as should be painfully clear to anyone who says that)
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Recent studies on these psychological phenomena include one by Talarico and Rubin, arguing that they differ only in a phenomenological sense, and a 2000 study by Schmolck, Buffalo, and Squire. Ulrich Neisser and Nicole Harsch argued against a special mechanism, responding to the original study on these by Roger Brown and James Kulick in 1977. John Bohannon wrote about the "confidence, consistency, and quantity" of these, while "consequentiality" has also been suggested as key to understanding them; they supposedly activate a "Now Print!" mechanism in the brain. First postulated when 80 Americans were asked to recall the JFK assassination, FTP, name these types of memories formed during shocking events which allegedly have camera-like accuracy.
Answer: flashbulb memories
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The earliest origins of this opera were discovered by J.G. Grasse in a book titled Materials Toward a History of Witchcraft, though a more well-known version appears in Johann Apel's Book of Ghosts. Minor characters include Kilian, a rival to the main character who sings "Let him gaze on me as king", and Annchen, who sings the duet "Rogue, hold fast, I will teach you" with her companion, the main character's love, Agathe. The main plot concerns Kaspar's attempts to rid himself of the curse placed on him by Samael, the devil, by passing it on to his friend, the lovestruck Max, by means of a contest wherein six bullets will find their targets perfectly but the seventh nearly kills Agathe. FTP, identify this three-act opera about a marksman by Carl Maria von Weber.
Answer: Der Freischutz (The Freeshooter or The Marskman)
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This man received fatal injuries attempting to intervene on behalf of his friend Alexander Hanson when Hanson's newspaper press in Baltimore was burned down by a mob for opposing the War of 1812. He wrote the key text Memoirs of the War in the Southern Department of the United States while in debtor's prison late in life, but is better known for composing a famous line in tribute to Washington - "first in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen." He's also remembered for a surprise attack as commander at the Battle of Paulus Hook, where his lightning raid resulted in the death of only one colonial and earned this man his nickname. FTP, name this governor of Virginia and Revolutionary War hero known as "Lighthorse Harry."
Answer: Henry "Lighthorse Harry" Lee (there are all kinds of Lees, but I'd just assume people know what they're talking about and not prompt)
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Two general equations for this process were developed by Tanford and Pace, and the Tanford beta value is a measure of the relative degree of exposure of the transition state which occurs during this process. The m-value is proportional to the surface area exposed by it; Privalov composed the definitive work on the cold version of this process, which is thought to be attributable to a weakening of the hydrophobic effect. The experiments of Christian Anfinsen demonstrated that it may be reversible. It can be caused by agents like guanidinium hydrochloride, dimethylsulfoxide, and urea, and may result in the loss of beta-pleated sheets, alpha-helices, and other repeating structural patterns. FTP, name this process by which the bonds holding a protein in three-dimensional form are disrupted.
Answer: denaturation
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In one of this novel's final scenes, a female character allows the repulsive Bagster to sleep with her immediately after the death of her lover. One memorable episode involves the killing of cockroaches by Harris, the roommate of Wilson, who is investigating the protagonist. The driving events of the plot are the suicide of an inspector, Pemberton; the discovery of a letter on the Portuguese vessel Esperanca, and the death of the protagonist's servant Ali at the hands of dock thugs. The protagonist involves himself with the blackmarketer Yusef in order to support his wife, Louise; this and an affair with the shipwreck survivor Helen Rolt eventually leads to his suicide. FTP, identify this novel that forms a "Catholic trilogy" along with Brighton Rock and Power and the Glory and tells the story of Henry Scobie, a work of Graham Greene.
Answer: The Heart of the Matter
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The crystallization of flakes of these minerals inside of a quartzite matrix results in green aventurine quartz. They include the chromium-rich fuchsite and the typically green-tinted clinochlore. One type of them is sometimes known as isinglass while the most common is composed of ferromagnesian potassium hydrous aluminum silicate. That type crystallizes from cooling magma after amphiboles, as can be seen on the discontinuous branch of Bowen's reaction series. Noted for having perfect basal cleavage, these monoclinic minerals are named for their typically shiny luster and feature lamellar sheet-like arrangements of atoms. FTP, name this class of minerals which includes muscovite and biotite.
Answer: mica
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This man's thought is the subject of a study by Ronald Laing and David Cooper entitled Reason and Violence. He describes the "city of ends" in his posthumously published Notebooks for an Ethics, and during his life failed to complete a massive project called The Psyche, a part of which was released in his Sketch for a Theory of the Emotions. His first major work of philosophy, The Transcendence of the Ego, was followed by works like The Psychology of Imagination and his discussion of "writing for our time" in What is Literature?. But he's more famous for an "Essay in Phenomenological Ontology" which discusses the notion of "bad faith," entitled Being and Nothingness. FTP, name this French existentialist philosopher and author of Roads to Freedom.
Answer: Jean-Paul Sartre
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This nation, which includes the towns of Louri and Samtse, is heavily forested in its central region featuring the Black Mountains, which act as a watershed between the Mo and Drangme Rivers. The far south is home to the fertile and subtropical Duars Plain and in the east is the town of Paro, home to its only airport and the Tiger's Nest monastery. The flag of this nation has a diagonal yellow and orange pattern with the middle prominently featuring the Druk, a white Thunder Dragon. To its west is the state of Sikkim, near this country's capital Thimpu, and that state separates it from Nepal. FTP, name this Himalayan nation sandwiched between China and India.
Answer: Bhutan
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His Creation and Expulsion and Stations of the Cross both hang in the Green Cloister of Santa Maria Novella, and he often lived in cloisters, once painting a Lives of the Church Fathers with garish colors at San Miniato as a protest against the poor meals he received there. He painted figures on the Duomo's clock and also a memorial to the mercenary John Hawkwood there. His last painting, The Hunt in the Forest, resides in the Ashmolean, and he is well known for a painting finished by Justus van Ghent, The Miracle of the Profaned Host, a work with anti-Semitic elements, though he is best known for a work depicting Niccolo da Tolentino. FTP, name this painter best known for a triptych depicting a 1432 struggle between Florence and Siena, the Battle of San Romano.
Answer: Paolo Uccello (Paolo di Dono)
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This man was patronized both by Charles VIII, until the treaty of Etaples, and Margaret, duchess of Burgundy, and he held a place of honor at the funeral of Frederick III of Germany. The townspeople of Cork, seeing his fancy clothes, decreed that he must have royal blood in him. His first expedition was a failure after the Earl of Desmond refused to help him at Munster, and he then fled to Scotland, where he was married to the daughter of the earl of Huntly. His last stand was at Exeter, another failure, and he fled to the Beaulieu monastery, where he was captured by the forces of Henry VII. His true identity may have been a Flemish boatman's son from Tournai, Piers Osbeck, but he was pretending to be one of the "princes in the tower". FTP, name this man who was hanged in 1499 for claiming to be Richard of Shrewsbury, the illegitimate son of Edward IV.
Answer: Perkin Warbeck
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One of the male leads in this play carries around a "Shorter Companion Dictionary", insisting that the "Longer" version will arrive soon, and often speaks in long strings of synonyms. The narcissism of the female lead in this work is demonstrated when she fawns over a photo spread of herself in a magazine, and again when she sees a stamp-making machine and fantasizes about her face appearing on thousands of pieces of mail. The play opens at noontime with a traditional dance depicting an English photographer's journey through the jungle and feast with the Bale of Ilujinle. Sadiku, the chief's wife, is only one of four named characters, along with the main love triangle of the Westernized schoolteacher Lakunle, the supposedly impotent chief Baroka, and the village belle, Sidi. FTP, identify this early play of Wole Soyinka, whose title comes from the comparison of Baroka to the hindquarters of a certain animal.
Answer: The Lion and the Jewel
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Spencer Klaw wrote a book about the "life and death" of this group, which was rebelled against in its later years by William Towner and William Hinds. Important members included Mary Cragin and especially Sewell Newhouse, who invented a miraculous steel trap. Its leader detailed his views in a book called The Berean, believed in something he called "stirpiculture," and edited The Circular along with the mother of his son Pierrepont. He first established the Putney Community before being chased out of Vermont and espoused ideas like ascending fellowship, mutual criticism, and free love. FTP, name this group of Bible communists led by John Humphrey Noyes who founded a utopian society in New York and later produced some silverware.
Answer: Oneida Community
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One part of this work discusses a greengrocer who has a clever parrot that chats with customers; the parrot was often left in charge of his shop and one day accidentally knocked over a bottle of rose oil. Another story is of a man eating a bitter watermelon, but upon being scolded, he says that it is not bitter since he is eating it with love in his heart. Reynold A. Nicholson was the first to translate all six books of this work into English, while James Redhouse earlier translated Book One. The earliest known version is called the "Konya manuscript" after the home of the author, who supposedly composed it after meeting a sweetmeats vendor and earlier composing the Divan of Shams of Tabriz. FTP, name this extensive didactic masterpiece of the Sufi poet Rumi.
Answer: Spiritual Couplets [or Masnavi or Masnavi-e Manavi or Mathnawi or Mesnevi, etc.]
2008 Terrapin and MLK Bonuses by Westbrook
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Answer these questions about a 20th century artist, FTPE:,
[10] This Spaniard may be known for paintings with long-winded titles like Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee around a Pomegranate a Second before Awakening, a depiction of his wife, Gala.
Answer: Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dali i Domenech, 1st Marquis of Pubo
[10] Dali's best known film collaboration is this surrealist work done with Luis Bunuel. Some of its famous imagery includes a sliced eyeball and a severed hand covered in ants.
Answer: Un chien andalou (Andalusian dog)
[10] Dali pasted this actress's head on the body of the Sphinx in a 1939 work subtitled "the Youngest, most Sacred Monster of Cinema in her Time".
Answer: Shirley Temple
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It is astronomically observed where a binary star system feeds an accretion disk spiraling into the event horizon. FTPE:,
[10] Give the general two-word term for this process by which a massive rotating object pulls spacetime around with itself.
Answer: frame dragging
[10] In 1918, two Austrian scientists predicted frame dragging and gave their name to this effect, which has been measured with the LAGEOS satellites and is being further measured by Gravity Probe B.
Answer: Lense-Thirring Effect
[10] This metric is used to describe spacetime around a spherical mass with an angular momentum, like a rotating black hole. It appends the name of Newman when there is a non-zero charge.
Answer: Kerr metric
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Answer the following about an economic union FTPE:,
[10] Succeeding Visby as the dominant economic power at sea was this massive union of northern European cities which dominated Baltic shipping throughout the Middle Ages.
Answer: Hanseatic League (Hansa)
[10] This German city was the location of the founding of the Hanseatic League, and provided leadership throughout its existence along with Brunswick, Danzig and Dortmund.
Answer: Lubeck
[10] A major source of the Hansa's wealth, and of its struggles with the monarchy of Denmark, was this annual herring market that took place in southern Sweden.
Answer: Scania market
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Answer some things about acid buffers, for ten points each,
[10]This doubly eponymous equation, initially written for carbonic acid, is used to estimate pH of buffer solutions and defines pH in terms of dissociation constants and concentrations of acids and conjugate bases.
Answer: Henderson-Hasselbach Equation Good's Buffers
[10] This group of twelve famous buffering agents includes MES and tricine and is named after the man who enumerated them in 1966; they're notably valuable in biochemical use for having certain properties like being non-toxic.
Answer: Good's buffers
[10] Buffers qualify as these agents used to enhance the effectiveness of herbicides. The same term is used for agents which enhance immune responses to antigens; one of these is named after Jules Freund.
Answer: adjuvants
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Identify these Roman playwrights, FTPE:,
[10] This Stoic wrote tragedies like Medea and The Madness of Hercules and the only surviving Menippean satire, Pumkinification of Claudius.
Answer: Lucius Annaeus Seneca (the Younger)
[10] This man's best known works include Adelphi and the inspiration for Wilder's Woman from Andros, Girl from Andros. Adam Kemezis does not find his work comical.
Answer: Terence [Publius Terentius Afer]
[10] Best known for comedies in his lifetime and throughout the classical world, only tragedies like the Greek knockoffs Andromache, Lycurgus and Iphigenia, and original works like Romulus and the first Roman history play, Clastidium, survive.
Answer: Gnaeus Naevius
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Name these good reasons to watch the Sci-Fi Channel, FTPE.,
[10] You might catch a marathon of this show which moved to Sci-Fi from FOX in its fourth season, and features Jerry O'Connell as Quinn Mallory, a physics grad who pops into alternate universes with friends like Sabrina Lloyd and John Rhys-Davies.
Answer: Sliders
[10] Or, you might catch a marathon of this show about George, an eighteen year old girl played by Ellen Muth, who comes to work for Mandy Patinkin. Oh yeah, she was sort of killed by having a toilet from the Mir Space Station hit her.
Answer: Dead Like Me
[10] Or, maybe you'll watch this three-part miniseries starring Zooey Deschanel as DG, a descendant of Dorothy Gale, who has to save the O.Z. from her possessed older sister Azkadellia.
Answer: Tin Man
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Answer some questions about a ruler, FTPE:,
[10] This Byzantine emperor from 976 to 1025 earned his moniker by killing a certain group of eastern Europeans, most notably at the battle of Kleidion.
Answer: Basil II (Basil Bulgar-Slayer or Basil the Young or Basil Bulgaroktonos)
[10] Basil II was a member of this dynasty, which succeeded the Phrygian dynasty and preceded the Comnenus.
Answer: Macedonian dynasty
[10] Basil did not always successfully slay the Bulgars, in fact he himself was almost slain at this 986 CE battle that occurred in a mountain pass in Bulgaria. His loss probably increased his desire to slay Bulgars.
Answer: Battle of the Gates of Trajan (Battle of Trayanovi Vrata)
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Name these goddesses associated with death, FTPE.,
[10] This giantess daughter of Loki and Angrboda has a knife called Famine, a maidservant called Sloven, and some bed-hangings called the Glimmering Misfortune, since she rules the underworld.
Answer: Hel or Hela
[10] She's said to have a vizier Namtar, the "fate-cutter" and sometimes her son by Enlil, but this sister of Ishtar is most famous for ruling the underworld of Irkalla in Babylonian and Sumerian myth.
Answer: Ereshkigal
[10] Depicted with a noose around her neck and often hanging from a tree, she is the Mayan goddess of suicide known as the "rope woman;" some say she gathered souls while hanging from the sky.
Answer: Ixtab
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Name some cities in Mexico, FTPE.,
[10] This second largest city in Mexico, birthplace of famed architect Luis Barragan, is the capital of Jalisco andsits north of Lake Chapala and east of Puerto Vallarta.
Answer: Guadalajara
[10] This northern capital of Nuevo Leon sits in a namesake national park in the northern foothills of the Sierra Madre Oriental; its sights include La Macroplaza and Cerro de la Silla, or Saddle Mountain.
Answer: Monterrey
[10] This city in Tabasco is known as the Emerald of the Southeast and sits on the Grijalva River; it includes a museum dedicated to the Olmec site of La Venta.
Answer: Villahermosa
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Answer the following about a series of novels, FTPE:,
[10] This series chronicles the lives of two families under the Second Empire and includes L'Assommoir and Nana.
Answer: Les Rougon-Macquart
[10] This author of Germinal and "J'accuse!" composed the Rougon-Macquart cycle.
Answer: Emile Zola
[10] This novel is the last chronologically and the last to be published in the series. Its title character is a scientist who studies heredity and attempts to create a serum that will cure all hereditary diseases. His parents were the main characters of the first novel, La fortune des Rougon.
Answer: Doctor Pascal [or Le Docteur Pascal]
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Angels we have heard on high-archy. Identify these members of the Christian angelic hierarchy, FTPE.,
[10] Associated with fire, this highest known rank of angels has six wings, two covering its feet, two above its head, and two that it flies with.
Answer: Seraphim (also accept Seraphs)
[10] Although putti are often mistaken for them, leading to a word for "childlike sweetness" being derived from their name, they are often depicted with four eyes and the faces of a lion, ox, eagle and a man. Like seraphim, this popularly known group may not actually be considered angels in the Bible.
Answer: Cherubim (also accept Cherubs)
[10] This group of fallen angels from the apocrypha are The Watchers and are said to have given rise to the Nephilim.
Answer: Grigori
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Answer these questions about Japanese poetry, FTPE:,
[10] This man was known as a renga poet in his time though he is now considered the greatest master of haiku, published in collections like Seashell Game and Account of a Weather-beaten Skeleton.
Answer: Matsuo Basho
[10] This is a fictionalized account of Basho's journey from Edo to the northern region of Oku with his companion, Sora.
Answer: The Narrow Road to the Deep North [or Oku no Hosomichi]
[10] Basho's account of his visit to a brothel in The Narrow Road to the Deep North was probably invented, part of a story taken from this earlier author's Senjushu. He was a master of waka poetry in the Heian period, and most of his work can be found in the collections Shin Kokin and Shikashu.
Answer: Saigyo Hoshi
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Answer some questions about a ruler, FTPE:,
[10] This Byzantine emperor from 976 to 1025 earned his moniker by killing a certain group of eastern Europeans, most notably at the battle of Kleidion.
Answer: Basil II (Basil Bulgar-Slayer or Basil the Young or Basil Bulgaroktonos)
[10] Basil II was a member of this dynasty, which succeeded the Phrygian dynasty and preceded the Comnenus.
Answer: Macedonian dynasty
[10] Basil did not always successfully slay the Bulgars, in fact he himself was almost slain at this 986 CE battle that occurred in a mountain pass in Bulgaria. His loss probably increased his desire to slay Bulgars.
Answer: Battle of the Gates of Trajan (Battle of Trayanovi Vrata)
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Answer the following about a composer and his work, FTPE:,
[10] This Frenchman is known for works like Omphale's Spinning Wheel and the opera Samson and Delilah.
Answer: Charles Camille Saint-Saens
[10] This best known work of Saint-Saens includes the sub-sections Fossils, Aquarium, and Kangaroos.
Answer: Carnival of the Animals [Le Carnaval des Animaux]
[10] Near the end of his life, Saint-Saens composed his only film score for this 18 minute film concerning Henry III.
Answer: The Assassination of the Duke of Guise [or La Mort du Duc de Guise]
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Called the world's oldest languages by John McWhorter, they include the Afroasiatic language of Dahalo and the Australian code language of Damin, spoken amongst the Lardil. FTPE:,
[10] Give this general term commonly applied to African languages which contain certain obstruent consonants of a distinctive sound.
Answer: click languages
[10] This linguistic phylum is the smallest of the language families in Africa, and supposedly includes most click languages; among the languages typically in this family are the Tanzanian Sandawe and the southern Bush dialects.
Answer: Khoisan language family
[10] This Stanford-based linguist and advocate of original-language reconstruction is famous for classifying African languages, and suggesting that the Khoisan family comprises all click languages unrelated to other genealogical groupings.
Answer: Joseph Greenberg
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There are few things more exciting in US history than turn-of-the-20th century transportation legislation. Answer stuff about it, FTPE.,
[10] An act in 1887 created this recently terminated federal regulatory agency charged with ensuring reasonable and just shipping rates and curbing price discrimination.
Answer: Interstate Commerce Commission
[10] This 1903 act penalized railroads for granting rebates to preferred customers. Its namesake also sponsored a 1910 act with James Mann giving the ICC authority to set rates for railroad and telegraph companies.
Answer: Elkins Act
[10] This 1906 act named for another Progressive Congressman increased the size of the ICC to seven members, restricted free passes, and allowed the establishment of maximum rates
Answer: Hepburn Act
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Identify these works of Henry James, FTPE:,
[10] In this novel, Kate Croy is to be married to Lord Mark, but she really loves Martin Densher. She tries to convince Densher to marry the wealthy and terminally ill Milly Theale so that he can receive enough money to be a socially acceptable husband.
Answer: The Wings of the Dove
[10] Verena Tarrant,a young woman with a Ciceronian gift for oration, is courted simultaneously by Mrs. Birdseye, Basil Ransom, and, with a possible lesbian subtext, Olive Chancellor, in this 1886 novel.
Answer: The Bostonians
[10] Mrs. Brook and her daughter Nanda are in love with Mr. Vanderbank, while Mrs. Brook wants to force her daughter to marry Mitchy, and the duchess wants Mitchy to marry her daughter Aggie, in this convoluted novel told almost entirely through dialogue.
Answer: The Awkward Age
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Answer some questions about a wave, FTPE:,
[10] This term refers to a wave that, when disturbed by other waves, still retains its shape and speed. They were discovered by Kruskal and Zabusky while studying the Korteweg-de Vries equation.
Answer: soliton
[10] Solitons in fiber-optic systems can be propagated by the inelastic scattering of photons, a phenomenon also known as this, not to be confused with Rayleigh Scattering.
Answer: Raman effect or Raman scattering
[10] This soliton is a quasiparticle that appears in the alpha helix of proteins and is used to describe the interaction of hydrogen bonds and the vibrations of amide I in proteins.
Answer: Davydov solitons

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