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2008 Terrapin and MLK Tossups by Princeton and Notre Dame A and Rom and Bruce
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A concurring decision in this case said that the decision would be easy were it not for Everson, which concerned bus fares, and referenced the dailyroutine of Frederick B. Harris and Bernard Braskamp. A dissenting opinion from Justice Stewart made the lack of "embarrassments and pressures" clear, referencing the Barnette case and saying that the metaphor of a "wall" was not implied by the constitution. Brought about when the Board of Education of Union Free School District No. 9 in New Hyde Park, New York crafted a twenty-two word prayer addressed to "Almighty God," FTP, name this 1962 whose majority opinion by Black outlawed teacher-led school prayer.
Answer: Engel v. Vitale [accept either or both party names in any order]
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One character in this play is nearly killed by a general, but is saved when he realizes that she is wearing his sword. In the final scene, the protagonist decrees that that character will marry Astolfo, and declares that he will marry Estrella. The protagonist is rescued by the Muscovite Rosaura after a prophecy causes him to be fastened to a ring in a tower guarded by Clotaldo. A successful revolt against King Basilio allows the protagonist, Prince Segismundo, to become the King of Poland, although he is unsure whether he exists in reality or an illusion. FTP, identify this 17th century Spanish play, a work by Pedro Calderon de la Barca.
Answer: Life is a Dream [or La Vida es Sueno]
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The first of them noted that their personalities transferred, "as one lamp lights another." The eighth, known as the "child", died young of smallpox, but not before proclaiming that the ninth would be found in the village of Bakala, where the future martyr Tegh Bahadur was indeed found. The fifth was Arjun, who built the Harimandir; before him was his father Ram Das, who founded the city of Amritsar, and the most recent was Gobind Singh. With their power now considered to be vested in the Adi Granth, for 10 points, give this collective name for the first ten leaders of Sikhism, the first of whom was Nanak.
Answer: Sikh Gurus
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This actor played Danny Foley on whatever the hell USA's Freshman Dorm was, and he is slated to play Racer X in the upcoming Speed Racer movie. An early character played by this actor was a cancer survivor who fathered Diana, named after his mom, with Daphne Jablonsky. After that show was canceled, he moved on to play Frank Taylor on Haunted, and will soon be attempting to protect president in Vantage Point. An Internet meme has developed around the face of one of his characters, the popularity of which probably helped him land the part of a character who sees himself reported as presumably dead in a November 15, 1970 newspaper, Marshal's coach Red Dawson. Finding early stardom by playing Charlie Salinger on Party of Five, FTP, identify this actor probably best known for playing Dr. Jack Shepard on Lost.
Answer: Matthew Fox
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Robert Walmsley's boisterousness wins over Alicia Van Der Pool in an O. Henry short story about "the defeat of" this. Tim Hazard grows up to become a composer in a Walter Van Tilburg Clark novel about one "of trembling leaves," and the town of Galloway is contrasted with one in the title of the first novel of Jack Kerouac. Daniel Quinn loses his identity in a Paul Auster novel about one "of glass," and fictional ones include Zobeide, Armilla, and Diomira, which are described to Kublai Khan by Marco Polo in an Italo Calvino novel about "invisible" ones. In Pilgrim's Progress, Christian journeys to the Celestial one, and a novel about Charles Darnay and Sydney Carton is alternately set in two of them. FTP, name this locale featured in a Dickens novel titled a "tale of" two of them.
Answer: the city [or cities]
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Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome can be a result of microdeletions in these elements, while the U6 element is one type that is responsible siRNA production. Those that associate with bHLH elements have an E-box, while the ChIP-on-CHIP assay can be used to find them globally. Potassium permanganate footprinting was used to find the very strong T7 bacterial one, and when activated they form a bubble called the open complex. In prokaryotes, they contain the Pribnow box at the -10 site, and the sigma factor recognizes it. FTP, name these sequences in DNA which in eurkaryotes often contain TATA boxes and are recognized by transcription factors, and by RNA polymerase in prokaryotes, resulting in gene transcription.
Answer: Promoter
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Hauptmann's story of the love of the elf girl Rautendelein and the bell maker Enrico is the topic of his opera "La Campana sommersa." Originally a violin player, this composer was skilled enough as a pianist to perform his "Concerto in modo misolidio" in concert. He also notably arranged Rossini's "La Boutique Fantastique" for Diaghlev. He is most famous, however, for his symphonic poems, including the never-completed Brazilian Impressions. Born and raised in Bologna, it was his 1913 move to Rome that inspired his most famous works. FTP, name this Italian impressionist, composer of three suites of Ancient Airs and Dances as well as Roman Festivals and the Pines and Fountains of Rome.
Answer: Ottorino Resphigi
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The FabH enzyme catalyzes this reaction between malonyl-ACP and acetyl CoA in E. Coli. A variation of it using weaker reagents on a succinic acid derivative is named after Stobbe. Because of the formation of a doubly alpha position, it mandates that a base in a stochiometric amount must be used, and this base is not regenerated by the reaction. This neutralization of the base also allows the addition of acid at the end of the reaction without competition from the reverse reaction. An intramolecular version of this reaction, which is possible with diesters, is known as the Diekmann condensation. FTP, identify this carbon-carbon bond forming reaction which creates a beta-keto ester or beta diketone.
Answer: Claisen Condensation
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In the 1870s, Miguel Garcia Granados ceded the presidency of this country to his co-revolutionary, a man known as the Reformer who was killed at the Battle of Chalchuapa. It gained autonomy thanks to a revolt started here by Rafael Carrera that resulted in the collapse of the United Provinces. The Revolutionary Party of this country was brought to power by Julio Cesar Mendez Montenegro, a man whose regime would be succeeded by the anti-guerrilla fighter, Arana Osorio. Justo Rufino Barrios was an early president of this country, and after a later land redistribution scheme was orchestrated by the successor of Juan Jose Arevalo, the CIA notoriously stepped in to overthrow Jacobo Arbenz and protect the interests of the United Fruit Company. FTP, identify this Central American country that borders Belize, Honduras and El Salvador.
Answer: Republic of Guatemala (or Repubica de Guatemala)
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In Hindu myth the creator god, Brahma sleeps on a gigantic often called either Ananta or Shesha which is actually part of the god Vishnu. In Aboriginal myth, a rainbow one of these creatures is featured in their Dreamtime stories, functions as a creator figure and may be the source of the legendary creature, the bunyip. In Greek myth, the legendary king and founder of Athens, Cecrops, is said to have the lower body of one of these animals, and Hera sent two of them to try and kill the infant Hercules. The Aztec god Quetzacoatl is described as being a winged one, FTP, identify these creatures that entwine the Cauduceus of Hermes and helped get Adam and Eve kicked out of Eden.
Answer: snakes (or serpents)
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At the start of this battle, an advance guard approached a brook near Ceriolo Castle under the command of Andreas O'Reilly. Across the Fontanone was Gaspard Gardanne, who eventually gave way and forced the ultimate victors of this battle to retreat to San Giuliano, where Franz Lattermann's grenadiers fell to Kellermann's calvary and allowed Anton Zach to be captured. Earlier, Zach had been given overall command after Michael von Melas was wounded here and delegated what seemed to have been a complete victory. Also killed in the battle was Louis Desaix, who had led the counterattack. An early success for the French First Consul, FTP, name this victory of Napoleon in 1800 over the Austrians near Piedmont which drove them out of Northern Italy.
Answer: Battle of Marengo
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The Abrikosov vortices form in one type of them, and one example of asymptotic freedom in substances with this is called the Kondo effect, while . The "ideally hard" type would have infinite pinning force. One theory to explain it combines Lev Landau's theory of second-order phase transitions with a Schroedinger wave-equation. Materials with this property exhibit a form of superdiamagnetism described by the London equation, an effect named for Oschenfeld and Meissner. Occuring when electrons bind together to form Cooper pairs as explained by the BCS theory, For 10 points, name this physical property usually achieved by cooling a material to near absolute zero temperatures, when a material exhibits zero electrical resistance.
Answer: Superconductivity
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This author reprimanded critics who used his phrase "the weasel under the cocktail cabinet" to explain his plays. Albert Stokes lashes out at a prostitute after striking his mother with a clock in his play A Night Out. Teddy's wife Ruth decides to become a prostitute for his brothers Lenny and Joey in his play The Homecoming, and in another of his plays, the tramp Davies is invited to take the title position, only to be evicted by Mick and Aston. He also wrote a play in which Goldberg and McCann take Stanley Webber away from Meg and Petey Boles, and a play ending with Ben being given orders to kill Gus through the title device. FTP, name this British playwright of The Caretaker, The Birthday Party, and The Dumb Waiter.
Answer: Harold Pinter
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Mark Liberman has pointed out a game involving this man's assertion "difference is never in itself a sensible plenitude," which asks his fans to determine whether he actually wrote that "different is always a sensible plenitude." His work Glas is an experimental work in two columns, one column about Hegel and one about Jean Genet, while he tackled psychoanalysis in The Post Card: From Socrates to Freud and Beyond. Plato is a subject of Dissemination, while Hegel, along with Heidegger and Husserl, comes up again in 1972's Margins of Philosophy. His treatment of writing in western philosophy is Writing and Difference, and he analyzes Saussure and Rousseau in a 1967 work which founded school of literary criticism, Of Grammatology. For 10 points, name this French philosopher, most associated with deconstruction.
Answer: Jacques Derrida
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In one of this artist's canvases, models for his most famous painting are shown dressing in front of that painting. For other, he replaced his own self-portrait with a pot of flowers in the background of a painting of his mistress, Madeliene Knoblock. This painter of "Poseuses" and "Young Woman Powdering Herself" was educated at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, but helped to form the Society of Independent Artists after panels from his "Bathing at Asnieres" were rejected by the Paris Salon. His most famous style was developed with the artist of "The Port of Saint-Tropez," Paul Signac; he eventually used this style to depict Parisians, along with a monkey and two dogs, relaxing in a riverfront park. Name this Neo-Impressionist artist known for his use of pointillism in his masterpiece, "A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte."
Answer: Georges-Pierre Seurat
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He was attacked by some newspapers for being led by "nursie", and this member of the Committee on Revision of the Laws in the 47th Congress served for two extra months in the House of Representatives before it was revealed that he had actually lost to Jonathan Wallace. This onetime Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee beat Lawrence Neal and James Campbell to become Governor of his home state. Later, he convoked a Court of Inquiry led by William T. Sampson, and his Treasury Secretary Lyman J. Gage was instrumental in fixing the currency to one standard. Legislation passed during his presidency included the Teller Amendment, and his first Vice-President, Garret Hobart, died in office. Elected in part thanks to a campaign run by Mark Hanna and ultimately winding up on the wrong side of an encounter with Leon Czolgosz, FTP, name this president who initiated the Spanish American War, the predecessor of Theodore Roosevelt.
Answer: William McKinley, Jr.
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Victims are special types of these that store entries that were removed from the general type of them. Ones with a no-write allocation policy do not need to worry about the decision to write-through or write-back. Misses in them include compulsory misses, which generally must occur on the first request, as well as conflict misses that result from an entry once in them having been evicted. In cases where data can be placed in exactly one place in them they are known as direct mapped, while the set associative type provides a compromise in locations between direct mapping and fully associative. FTP, identify this term which names a type of memory faster than the RAM accessed by the CPU, as well as for data your web browser stores locally on your hard drive.
Answer: Cache
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Construction works undertaken during this empire include the military town of Siri and the White Palace, as well as the Kilukhari palace which was where an iconoclast regent who failed to defeat the Bengali ruler Iliyas Shah proclaimed himself ruler. Its first ruler, who started out as a slave working in the royal stables, constructed the Quwwat-al-Islam and took power after breaking away from the Ghori dynasty of his former master, Muhammad of Ghur. It was revived for a time by Sikandar of the Lodhi dynasty after it got sacked by Tamerlane. It was defeated at two different battles of Panipat, first by Humayun and then by Babur, which brought it under control of the Mughal empire in the 16th century. FTP, name this Islamic empire of northern India named after its capital which lives on in part in the name of India's current capital.
Answer: Delhi Sultanate (also accept Sultanat e Dilli or Sultanat e Hind)
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William Gaddis incorporated every line of this poem into the text of The Recognitions. The last section describes a meeting with "the first-met stranger in the fallen dusk" who says that "last year's words belong to last year's language / And next's year's words await another voice." The second section opens with the line "In my beginning is my end" and is named for a location in Somerset. The first section begins "Time present and time past / Are both perhaps present in time future," and is named for a manor in Gloucestershire, while the final section is named for a Cambridgeshire village. Comprised of "Burnt Norton," "East Coker," "The Dry Salvages," and "Little Gidding," FTP, name this poem by T. S. Eliot.
Answer: "Four Quartets"
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He sarcastically celebrated the role of crypto-servants called wives in a chapter on "Concept of a Household" in his Economics and the Public Purpose. As deputy head of the Office of Price Administration, he worked to counter US inflation during World War II. He attacked investment trusts in a chapter called "In Goldman, Sachs we Trust!" in his 1955 work, The Great Crash, 1929. Another of his works addresses the "countervailing power" of firms, unions, and governments to affect prices, while his most famous work coined the term "conventional wisdom" and addressed the prosperity of post-World War II America. Author of an economic trilogy including American Capitalism and The New Industrial State, FTP, name this economist of The Affluent Society.
Answer: John Kenneth Galbraith
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This story begins when "No field was formed, no marsh was to be seen; When of the gods none had been called into being." Damkina is the mother of the central character of this story, and her son likes to play with wind and create dust storms. The vizier in this story, Mummu, the mist, agrees with his father that the deities disturbing him should be killed, but his mother disagrees and intercedes on the younger gods behalf. Using magic, the domain of the fresh water is usurped when Apsu is killed be Ea. Mankind is created from the blood of Kingu who was elevated by his mother Tiamat before her death. Beginning with the title words "when on high", FTP, identify this Mesopotamian creation epic focusing on the elevation of Marduk.
Answer: Enuma Elish
2008 Terrapin and MLK Bonuses by Princeton and Notre Dame A and Rom and Bruce
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Answer some questions about an astronomical object, FTPE.,
[10] Thought to be powered by supermassive blackholes, these objects have very high redshifts compared to their relatively small size and can be found on the fringes of the universe.
Answer: Quasars (also accept Quasi-Stellar Radio Source)
[10] Robert Becker was the first to discover a quasar that exhibited the trough hypothesized by its two namesakes. It results from neutral atomic hydrogen in the intergalactic medium and EM radiation less than the Lyman Alpha line being scuttled.
Answer: Gunn-Peterson trough
[10] These objects get their name by combing quasars and a type of active galaxy containing an active galaxy nucleus. They may also explode jets of gas very close to the speed of light almost directly into Earth's line of sight.
Answer: Blazars
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FTPE, answer the following about a work and its maker.,
[10] This room formerly the dining room of Frederick Leyland, is now in the Freer Gallery and is decorated with gold leaf in the Anglo-Japanese style. It features a pair of its eponymous animals fighting.
Answer: Peacock Room or Harmony in Blue and Gold
[10] The Peacock Room was commissioned by Leyland to display his collection of these objects. A painting, "Princess from the Land of THIS," is also featured in the Peacock Room.
Answer: Porcelain
[10] This was the painter of "Princess from the Land of Porcelain" and the designer of the Peacock Room. He is also famous for a "Nocturne in Black and Gold" and "Arrangement in Grey and Black."
Answer: James Abbott McNeill Whistler
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Identify the following about some boys behaving badly FTPE.,
[10] In 1763, this rowdy group of Scottish and Irish frontiersmen rampaged through central Pennsylvania, killing any Native American they could find.
Answer: Paxton Boys
[10] The Paxton Boys were reacting to the rebellion of this Ottawa Indian leader in the Great Lakes area, whose success included the capturing of Detroit.
Answer: Pontiac
[10] Pontiac's rebellion was finally put down by this British general, who had earlier formulated the plan that culminated with James Wolf capturing Quebec. Later he'd have a hand in putting down the Gordon Riots.
Answer: Sir Jeffrey Amherst, 5th duke de Amherst, 1st Baron
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Name these Japanese authors, FTPE:,
[10] This author of short stories like "Rashomon" and "In a Grove" is the namesake of Japan's highest literary prize.
Answer: Ryunosuke Akutagawa
[10] This novelist of the Meiji period wrote The Dancing Girl and The Wild Geese before turning to historical fiction in Sancho the Bailiff and The Last Testament of Okitsu Yagoemon.
Answer: Mori Ogai [or Mori Rintaro]
[10] This other Meiji restoration novelist is often compared to Mori Ogai, and wrote Kokoro after completing his satirical masterpiece, I am a Cat.
Answer: Natsume Soseki
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Identify the following evangelists based on the people they converted or attempted to convert, FTPE.,
[10] This apostle is said to have brought Christianity to India and Armenia, where he was flayed alive.
Answer: St. Bartholomew
[10] This mother of Constantine the Great was instrumental in converting the Roman Empire. An island is named for her.
Answer: St. Helena
[10] This Arianist converted the Goths and even translated the Bible into Gothic, giving us our only extant text in that language.
Answer: Ulfilas (Accept: Wulfilas)
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Answer the following about a 333 BCE victory of Alexander the Great, FTPE.,
[10] First, name the battle on the Gulf of Iskenderun that saw Alexander lead a successful charge across the Pinarus River against Darius III's forces, commemorated in a painting by Albrecht Altdorfer.
Answer: Battle of Issus
[10] Darius hoped to meet up with the fleet commanded by this nephew of Memnon who commanded the coastal Persian possessions in the Mediterranean. After getting the news of Issus, he tried to secure Chios, where he was captured.
Answer: Pharnabazus
[10] Because Alexander did not possess a strong enough navy, he famously built a causeway to finally end a siege at this Phoenician city in 332 BCE.
Answer: Tyre
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FTPE, name these plays by Arthur Miller.,
[10] Abigail Williams vengefully accuses John Proctor's wife of witchcraft in this play about the Salem witch trials which parallels them to McCarthyism.
Answer: The Crucible
[10] In this one-act play, detainees like Von Berg, Lebeau, and Bayard wait to be inspected by the Nazis at the title location.
Answer: Incident at Vichy
[10] In this 1947 play, the arrival of Ann Deever results in the revelation that Joe Keller caused the deaths of twenty-one pilots in World War II by supplying faulty airplane cylinder heads from his factory.
Answer: All My Sons
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FTPE, answer the following about optics:,
[10] This law gives the relationship between the sines of the angles of incidence to a boundary and indeces of refraction in the two materials.
Answer: Snell's Law (also accept Descarte's Law, prompt on "Law of Refraction")
[10] Snell's Law can be considered a derivation of this eponymous law, which is also known as the Principle of Least Time because light tends to take the path which requires, you guessed it, the least time.
Answer: Fermat's Principle
[10] This effect typically found over water, which results from there being a cold layer of air close to the ground and a warm layer of air on top of it, is a type of superior mirage with an Arthurian name where the ground is inverted above the water line.
Answer: Fata Morgana
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Two of the world's leading filmmakers both passed away on July 30, 2007. For the stated number of points, answer these questions about them:,
[10] First, for five points each, name these directors who were Swedish and 89 and Italian and 94, respectively.
Answer: Ingmar Bergman and Michelangelo Antonioni
[10] Bergman said that he would never direct again for the big screen after this semi-autobiographical 1982 family saga set in turn-of-the-century Sweden. It earned him his third Best Foreign Language Film Oscar. For ten points, name this Swedish miniseries truncated for American movie theaters in 1983.
Answer: Fanny and Alexander or Fanny Och Alexander
[10] Antonioni's first movie not in Italian was this 1966 British film about photographer Thomas, who believes that he has inadvertently photographed a murder victim. It earned him his only Best Director Oscar nomination. For ten points, name this example of the British New Wave film movement.
Answer: Blow-Up
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Identify the following about the Songhai Empire FTPE.,
[10] The Songhai Empire was brought to prominence by this man, who liberated Timbuktu from the Tuareg before sacking the city himself in 1468.
Answer: Sonni Ali Ber (also accept Sonni Ali the Great)
[10] Following the death of Sonni Ali, his son Sonni Abu-Bakry Baro was deposed by Muhammad ibn Abi Bakr Ture, who established this dynasty. Coming from a word meaning "usurper", it ruled from Gao until the downfall of Ishaq II.
Answer: Askiya
[10] The Songhai Empire was destroyed by forces of the Sultanate of Morocco under the command of this general, a eunuch of Spanish heritage who made use of modern guns and cannons to defeat the Songhai.
Answer: Judar Pasha (you can also accept Pasha Judar)
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Identify some stuff about the cause of some diseases, FTPE.,
[10] These long, snake-like bacteria perform symbiotic functions in the stomachs of cows, but they also are able to move by simply rotating in place and cause diseases like syphilis.
Answer: Spirochetes
[10] Spirochetes, specifically the Borrelia burgdorferi, also cause this disease, which is most famously transferred by the deer tick.
Answer: Lyme Disease (also accept borreliosis)
[10] A less famous malady caused by spirochetes, this time by the Treponema perenue, is this disease prominent in tropical areas. It disgustingly results in lesions that enlarge and ulcerate a serous fluid with a bloody tinge swarming with organisms. Gross.
Answer: Yaws (also accept Petasse tropica, thymosis or polypapilloma tropicum)
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Named for a mountain chain, this family contains the Samoyedic languages of Siberia, as well as the Finno-Ugric languages of Europe. FTPE:,
[10] Name this family whose languages often have long and short consonants, and which includes Finnish, Hungarian, and Nenets.
Answer: Uralic
[10] The Uralic languages share this type of morphology, characterized by stringing distinct, intelligible roots together to form really big words.
Answer: agglutination (Accept other forms of the word, e.g. agglutinating)
[10] The Uralic languages share this feature, where all vowels within a word have to have some characteristic in common, such as being made in the front or back of the mouth.
Answer: vowel harmony
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Identify the following about some lesser known members of the Looney Tunes gang, FTPE.,
[10] Later appearing with braided hair, she was the girlfriend of the similarly drawn character, Porky Pig, and had probably her most famous role in Naughty Neighbors, an adaptation of Romeo and Juliet.
Answer: Petunia Pig
[10] Besides wearing a pair of white sneakers and having menacing black and yellow claws, this character is composed entirely of red fur. His first and probably most memorable appearance was in 1946's Hair-Raising Hare.
Answer: Gossamer
[10] Well, this character would be "lesser known" if it weren't for the WB making them his mascot. You may remember him singing and dancing in One Froggy Evening.
Answer: Michigan J. Frog
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Answer the following about a British poem, FTPE.,
[10] Based on an action performed on Arabella Fermor, this mock-heroic epic poem in five cantos describes the Baron's efforts to cut off part of Belinda's hair without her permission.
Answer: "The Rape of the Lock"
[10] "The Rape of the Lock" features these airy spirits, whose ranks include Ariel, the guardian of Belinda, and Umbriel, who journeys to the Cave of Spleen to rouse Belinda's anger.
Answer: sylphs
[10] In the third canto, when a sylph is cut by the Baron's scissors only to reform, Pope parodies the antagonist of this earlier poem, who is slashed in half by Michael's sword only to heal almost instantly during a battle.
Answer: Paradise Lost
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Identify the following about polymer chemistry FTPE.,
[10] Created in 1909, this first fully synthetically created polymer and plastic was formed by its namesake from submitting phenol and formaldehyde to high heat and pressure.
Answer: Bakelite
[10] This property is a quantitative measurement of the stiffness of a polymer. If a single component of a polymer is less than this quantity then the polymer will behave like a flexible rod, otherwise it can only be described using random walk statistics.
Answer: Persistence length
[10] Also known as polytetrafluoroethylene, this polymer is cited as the only material that the Van der Waal's forces created by several species of lizards' feet cannot bind.
Answer: Teflon
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Answer the following about a man and his times FTPE:,
[10] This man was briefly Prime Minister in 1827, but he's more famous as the British Foreign Secretary who worked with John Quincy Adams on the Monroe Doctrine.
Answer: George Canning
[10] George Canning fought a duel with Castlereagh, a more famous British Foreign Secretary who was the British representative at this 1814-15 meeting organized by Metternich to settle things after the Napoleonic Wars.
Answer: Congress of Vienna
[10] Canning served as Foreign Secretary under this Prime Minister, whose cabinet was the target of the Cato Street Conspiracy and contained the infamous Lord Sidmouth.
Answer: Robert Banks Jenkins, Earl of Liverpool
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For 10 points each, name the following orchestral works by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov.,
[10] This symphony's four movements are based on four stories from One Thousand and One Nights.
Answer: Scheherazade
[10] This five-movement work is based on Asturian folk music themes, and includes sections where the string playersplay "quasi guitara", or"like guitars."Rimsky-Korsakov, however, was annoyed by the attention paid to the orchestration, wishing that the music itself would receive more attention.
Answer: Capriccio Espagnol (accept Capriccio on Spanish Themes)
[10] Subtitled "Overture on Liturgical Themes," this overture is based on old Russian Orthodox canticles.
Answer: Great Russian Easter Festival Overture
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Identify some works by Dostoyevsky, FTPE:,
[10] The narrator of this work is unable to return the affection of the prostitute Liza in its second part, titled "Apropos of the Wet Snow." Beginning "I am a sick man...I am a spiteful man," this work criticizes idealists like Chernychevsky who believe that the world can be governed by reason alone.
Answer: Notes from the Underground [or Zapiski iz Podpolya]
[10] In this novel, Pyotr Verkhovensky attempts to organize a revolutionary movement by causing Kirilov to take the blame for the murder of Ivan Shatov, but is arrested after Nikolai Stavrogin commits suicide.
Answer: The Possessed [or Besy or The Devils or Demons]
[10] The unnamed narrator of this short story, desperate to the point of suicide, falls asleep and has a vision of traveling to a perfect, untainted planet. However, when his presence begins to corrupt the society, causing it to become exactly like Earth's, he implores the people to crucify him.
Answer: "The Dream of a Ridiculous Man" [or "Son Smeshnogo Cheloveka"]
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For 10 points each, identify these figures from Shinto.,
[10] This sun goddess, perhaps the most important figure of Shinto, is linked to the Japanese Imperial House.
Answer: Amaterasu
[10] This deity is Amaterasu's brother, a storm god who was banished from heaven after, among other things, destroying her rice fields.
Answer: Susanowo
[10] This eight-headed serpent was killed by Susanowo; a sword found in the serpent is considered one of the three Imperial Regalia of Japan.
Answer: Yamata-no-Orochi

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