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2008 Terrapin and MLK Tossups by Pitt and William and Mary A and UGA Red
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The Dogger Bank forms a shallow area near the center of this body of water, which contains the islands of Sylt [SOOLT], Texel, and Helgoland, and receives water from rivers like the Ems, Glomma, and Humber. Ports around it include Cuxhaven, Great Yarmouth, Kristiansand, and Dundee, and it is connected to another body of water by the Kiel Canal, as well as the Skagerrak and Kattegat. Having lost a small amount of surface area to land reclamation along its southern shore, it remains a major center of offshore oil drilling most heavily exploited by the United Kingdom and Norway. FTP, name this body of water surrounded by Great Britain, Scandinavia, Jutland, and mainland Europe.
Answer: North Sea
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This goddess was often depicted in the lids of the sarcophagi of the dead, and her main sanctuary was located at Heliopolis. She was sometimes portrayed with a vase on her head or with her hands and feet touching the ground so that her body formed a semicircle. In some images she is seen as a naked woman covered in painted stars and her fingers and toes touching the four cardinal points. Chapter fifty-nine of the Book of the Dead mentions the sycamore tree that was one of her symbols. Her father, Shu, was said to have held her up. Some myths suggest that Ra entered her body in the evening and was reborn through her vulva every morning. She was the mother of Osiris, Isis, Seth, and Nephtys. FTP, name the wife of Geb, the Egyptian sky goddess who was the mother of heavenly bodies.
Answer: Nut
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James Rochelle swore on the validity of a document supposedly produced by this man which has him stating that from an early age marks on his head and breast led him to believe that he had a purpose. This man also recounts how he was able to make blood ooze from the wicked Etheldred T. Brantley. Thomas Wentworth Higginson's account of him in the Atlantic Monthly details how he met with six men in the Cross Keys woods before launching his most famous action. He made a trip to Jerusalem after being inspired by seeing blood on ears of corn, and he intended to ultimately reach the Dismal Swamp. Joseph Travis became associated with this "prophet" by way of marrying Putnam Moore's widow. Thomas Grey wrote a flawed account of this man's "confessions," which later formed the basis of a novel by William Styron, which provides a more sympathetic account of his actions in Southampton County. FTP, name this slave who led a relatively successful 1831 uprising in Virginia.
Answer: Nat Turner (accept either underlined answer)
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Trained as a doctor in Manchuria, he declined to follow his father into the profession, starting a Marxist-surrealist literary group shortly after graduation and winning the Akutagawa prize three years later for his short story The Crime of S. Karuma. His early work was Kafkaesque science fiction, but he soon split his time between novels and the theater, writing and directing plays like Friends and The Suitcase. Existentialist issues in his novels include the mask that enables its wearer to function socially in The Face of Another; the titular "guide to life" in The Ruined Map; and the titular way of life in The Box Man. His interest in entomology led to the extended metaphors comparing human characters to dung-eating beetles in The Ark Sakura, and to social insects in the novel that he adopted for Hiroshi Teshigahara's 1964 film that received an Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Language Film. FTP name this Japanese writer who died in 1993, the author of Woman in the Dunes.
Answer: Kobo Abe (or Abe Kobo)
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The Schaffer-Bergman form of this phenomenon is caused by light interacting with sound propagating through a medium. In transmission electron microscopy, accelerated electrons undergo this phenomenon, resulting in a reflection of the sample crystal's reciprocal lattice. In optics, it leads to the appearance of an Airy disc, which determines the Rayleigh criterion for the focusing power of telescopes. Bragg's law specifies the geometry required for this type of interaction of x-rays with a crystal lattice. A more familiar display of this property involves a laser beam passing through a thin slit. FTP, name this wave phenomenon that describes the interference of waves upon interaction with a barrier, taking its name from the Latin for "to break into pieces".
Answer: diffraction
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He wrote pieces of music like "Before a Southern Convent" and "Landsighting" based on the works of the 1903 winner of the Nobel Literature Prize, as "Twelve Melodies for the Poetry of A.O. Vinje [VIN-yeh], which reflects his use of both Romanticism and the music of his native country. From his home near Hardanger [HAR-dan-gher], he composed the Holberg Suite, and later gained recognition for his 66 Lyrical Pieces, but is best remembered for his Piano Concerto in A Minor and incidental music to a play about a young rake written by Henrik Ibsen. FTP, name this Norwegian composer famous for "Morning" and "In the Hall of the Mountain King" from Peer Gynt.
Answer: Edvard Hagerup Grieg
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This man's namesake charitable organization has sponsored a Las Vegas charter school, while his father boxed men like Juan Venegas in the 1948 and 1952 Olympics while representing Iran and would later bang a hammer on the fence at his son's matches. With teammates like Rick Leach and Jim Pugh on the doubles team, he helped claim a victory in the Davis Cup with a win over Richard Fromberg in six games in the finals. His defeat of Sergi Bruguera in three sets won him a Gold Medal in Singles in Atlanta, while his Grand Slam wins include a 1999 victory over Andrei Medvedev to capture his only French Open victory. He four times placed second at the US Open, although he did persevere twice over Michael Stich and Todd Martin at that tournament. His last professional match was against Benjamin Becker, who defeated this sciatica sufferer in the third round of the 2006 US Open. The onetime beau of Barbara Streisand and Brooks Shields, FTP, name this US Tennis Player, a constant rival of Pete Sampras who was once known for his long hair.
Answer: Andre Kirk Agassi
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Before the second conflict of this name was fought, the aggressor unsuccessfully offered to repeal Ship Money in exchange for support. An army consisting mainly of "trained bands" of soldiers retreated in the face of Covenanting forces in the first conflict of this name, while the second one saw an invading army march pass defenses on the River Tweed and win a famous victory thanks to General Leslie at another battle. The first one was ended by the Pacification of Berwick which contained an agreement that the Episcopacy would be abolished, and a later peace settlement was reached by the Treaty of Ripon. One of the most famous battles fought during these conflicts was the Battle of Newburn. Because they would not give the monarch the funds he desired to fight the second one, the Short Parliament was dissolved, but a lack of military success resulted in the calling of the Long Parliament. FTP, name these conflicts that Charles I of England fought against the Scots, named for an office in the church.
Answer: Bishops' Wars
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Characters from this play appear in W.H. Auden's poem "The Sea and the Mirror" and a Robert Browning poem features the slave of the protagonist meditating "UponSetebos." Possibly inspired by William Strachey's experiences in Bermuda, it includes singing by the spirits Juno and Ceres, and a drunken encounter between Stephano and Trinculo with the son of Sycorax , who is carrying wood for a sorcerer who has recently stranded his brother and the King of Naples on an island while trying to arrange a match between Ferdinand and his daughter Miranda. FTP, name this drama, which includes characters like Caliban, Ariel, andProspero, written by William Shakespeare.
Answer: The Tempest
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Geographical features of this body include the Conamara Chaos which is thought to have formed from interconnecting domes and pits called lenticulae. The surface of it is relatively crater-free, while darker streaks of iron and silicate mineral deposits are much more common. Recent research has been conducted at Antarctica's Lake Vostok centered on NASA's "cryobot" in hopes of developing better probes to study this solar body. Although it has a surface temperature of a mere 110 Kelvin, its eccentric orbit and gravitational interactions with its companions creates tidal heating in its core; these phenomena along with data obtained from flybys of the Galileo probe suggest potential for a life-bearing ocean beneath the moon's remarkably undisturbed, smooth, icy surface. For ten points, name this fourth largest moon of Jupiter, but smallest of the four Galilean satellites.
Answer: Europa
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This philosopher's thirty-page essay A Brief Account of Aristotle's Logic originally appeared in Kames' Sketches of the History of Man. He wrote an essay titled "An Essay on Quantity" in response to Hutcheson's Inquiry into the Origin of Our Ideas of Beauty and Virtue. "Of The Will" and "Of the Liberty of Moral Agents" are two of the sections that make up his Essays on the Active Powers of Man. In his most famous work he explored how humans achieve knowledge of the world with the five senses, and many of the ideas he developed in that area appeared in his Essays on the Intellectual Powers of Man. FTP, name the contemporary of David Hume, a Scottish philosopher whose best known work was An Inquiry Into the Human Mind on the Principles of Common Sense.
Answer: Thomas Reid
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Its main musical adherent was Jakob von Domselaer, whose minimalist works were called Experiments in Artistic Style; and its magazine's first cover was designed by Vilmos Huszar. Although its ideas were often publicized by Mies van der Rohe, the only building to entirely follow this movement's principles was Gerrit Rietveld's Schroder House in Utrecht. Inspired by the philosophy of Nieuwe Beelding or neoplasticism, as well as neoplatonic notions of perfect forms, this movement's adherents included other architects such as J.J.P. Oud as well as visual artists like Theo van Doesburg, who published its eponymous journal from 1917 until his death, which led to the fragmentation of the movement in 1931. FTP name this largely Dutch art movement which Piet Mondrian rejected after other members' use of overly dynamic diagonal, rather than vertical and horizontal, lines.
Answer: De Stijl
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Its author published this collection of poems, his second after Crepusculario at age 19 after experiencing an unhappy love affair. It includes poems like "Body of a Woman," "Drunk with Pines," and "In My Sky at Twilight," and was its authors last work before his service as a diplomat in Burma, Spain , and Mexico. Controversial for its eroticism, it was cited prominently by the Nobel Prize presentationcommittte in 1971, and is considered one of a South American author's greatest works, alongside The Heights of Macchu Picchu and Canto General. FTP, name this 1924 work by Pablo Neruda.
Answer: Veinte poemas de amor y una cancion desesperada (or "Twenty Poems of Love and a Song of Despair" or "Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair" or equivalents)
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A large collection of their most famous archaeological remnants can be found in a field outside of their capital called the Gudit Field, named for a 10th century queen of this empire. Their first recorded king was Zoscales, and Frumentius, who served in the court of King Ella Amida, was an important impetus in bringing change here. One of their most famous rulers boasted how he put down a revolt of the Noba and expand his country's lands into places like Himyar and Saba on his namesake Ezana Stone, an object that also lists his famous religious conversion. This kingdom was eventually replaced by the Zagwe dynasty in the 12th century, while the religious services in this kingdom were performed in the native language of Ge'ez and it also followed a Monophysite doctrine. Because of this kingdom's supposed lineage with the Queen of Sheba and the Hebrews, it claimed that the Ark of the Covenant rested in its church of Mary and Zion. FTP, identify this empire centered in modern day Ethiopia.
Answer: Axum Empire (also accept Aksumite Empire)
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A key development of its early history was the discovery of an optical illusion in which two still images, flashed at an appropriate interval, would appear to a viewer to be in motion. This phi phenomenon was one of the first discoveries that led this school's founders to oppose previous atomistic views of perception. Its proponents' later work led to the formulation of several "laws" of organization that noted that humans tend to group items by proximity and similarity, fill in gaps in incomplete figures, and perceive multiple items in as simple a way as possible. Founded by Wertheimer, Kohler and Koffka, FTP, name this school of psychology characterized by emphasis on the whole rather the sum of parts.
Answer: Gestalt
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The Gaussian type are more computationally efficient due to the theorem that overlapping Gaussian functions can be treated as a single function centered on the internuclear axis. The Slater type differ from the hydrogenic type by accounting for shielding effects of adjacent electrons. Mixing in higher excited states of appropriate symmetry can create polarized ones, while linear combinations of the atomic type create the molecular type. All types consist of both radial and angular portions and are, FTP, what mathematical functions that identify the probability of finding an electron in a given region?
Answer: orbital
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Prominent adherents of it included Auxentius and Eusebius of Nicomedia, and its founder, a student of Lucian of Antioch, found his most formidable opponent in Athanasius of Alexandria, who criticized their distinction between the "unbegotten" and the "only-begotten." Adopted by some Gothic tribes, it drew widespread opposition from bishops skeptical of its rejection of the doctrine of the trinity based on its notion of the subordinate position of the Son to the Father. FTP, name this theological school, named for its founder and declared heretical in 325 at the Council of Nicaea.
Answer: Arianism
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Her works include a children's book, The It-Doesn't Matter Suit, and a collection of short stories called Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams. Her poems, controversial for their frequent use of Holocaust imagery to describe her relationship with her father, include "Tulips" and "Lady Lazarus," both of which appeared in her second book of poetry, which appeared after The Colossus and her 1963 suicide. She appears as Esther Greenwood in her most famous work, which was written during her tumultuous relationship with Ted Hughes. FTP, name this author of Ariel and The Bell Jar.
Answer: Sylvia Plath
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This axiom implies that all sets of real numbers are Lebesgue [la-bayg] measurable; and if it is consistent, it implies an infinity of inaccessible cardinal numbers. Incompatible with the Axiom of Choice, this axiom of set theory also implies the consistency of the Zermelo-Fraenkel axioms. Applying to infinite two-player games of length omega where players choose integers, it states that one of the two players has a winning strategy. Introduced by Polish mathematiciansMycielski and Steinhaus, name this axiom expressible by a tautology in an infinitary logic, and which, FTP, helps prove that many games are determined.
Answer: Axiom of Determinacyor AD
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Napoleon III commissioned one of his engineers to build one of these with mixed results, while a modern one successfully constructed by Frank Welsh is known as the Olympia. They typically employed thranitai, zygitai and thalamioi workers, and they improved on older models like the triakonteros. Despite what Herodotus claimed, it is unlikely that the Egyptians under Necho had them because they were not used by the Carthaginians at Alalia to combat penteconters. Many Athenian ones were destroyed at the Battle of Aegospotami, but before that point their ability to ram and unload some 30 Athenian marines led to the defeat of the Persian fleet at Salamis. FTP, identify this type of ship noted for its three rows of oars.
Answer: Trireme (also accept triremis or trieres)
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One of the participants in this conflict had fighters flown by Walter Gwynn and Vladimir Porfenenko. That side also used White Russian tactics, as they received help from Russian generals named Belaieff and Ern. The other side was heavily advised by Czech mercenaries and the General Hands Kundt. The Italians provided a new machinegun carrier called the CV33 tankette, but it proved to be useless in the terrain. The greatest soldier of this war is generally regarded as the French-trained strategist, Marshal Jose Felix Estigarribia. President Ayala and Estigarribia were overthrown in a military coup and their country became a police state under General Stroessner. A ceasefire signed in 1935 eventually led to the signing of a treaty in 1938 in Buenos Aires. FTP, name the War that was fought by Bolivia and Paraguay over the namesake region that was believed to be rich in oil.
Answer: Chaco War
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His prose works included the novel The Red Robins; 1000 Avant-Garde Plays; and three books about teaching poetry writing in schools and nursing homes. Known for his exuberant style, his popular poems included the book-length ottava rima Ko, about a baseball player, and other sustained variations on themes, such as "Sleeping With Women", "The Boiling Water", and the relentlessly nonsensical "When The Sun Tries To Go On". His pastiches include the mock-heroic dramas Bertha and Washington Crossing the Delaware; the Raymond Roussel imitation The Railway Stationery; and a parody of William Carlos Williams's "This is Just to Say" in which the speaker regrets that he "chopped down the house that you had been saving to live in next summer." FTP name this member of the early-1960s "New York School" of poets, a professor at Columbia University for 40 years, whose selected poems were collected in On the Great Atlantic Rainway.
Answer: Kenneth Koch
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Deposed from the cabinet in 1918, he was later court-martialed and condemned to death following the Armistice of Mudros. His lack of organizational skill had led his forces to be commanded by Germans like Liman von Sanders for most of the First World War, after his Third Army's disastrous defeat at Sarykamysh in the winter of 1914-15. He returned to the Caucasus in 1918, and successfully conquered Baku from the defending British, although this had little effect on the momentum of the war as a whole. During his later exile he attempted to get the Bolshevik government to accept his help in raising an Islamic army to fight the British, but after this and other diplomatic failures he resorted to leading local Turkic revolts against the Bolsheviks in Central Asia. FTP name this man who was killed by Russian forces in Tajikistan in 1922, only a decade after he had been a founder of the Young Turks and the last military commander of the Ottoman Empire.
Answer: Enver Pasha or Enver Pasa or Enver Bey or Ismail Enver
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They were responsible for the Charleston Riot in Coles County, Illinois, and included such prominent people as journalists Marcus Pomeroy and William Storey and congressman Daniel Voorhees. Drawing their strongest support from areas immediately north of the Ohio River, their leaders included George Bickley, founder of the Knights of the Golden Circle, Clement Vallandigham, and Lambdin Milligan, the subject of a famous case dealing with habeas corpus, and they supported George McClellan in the presidential race of 1864. FTP, name this group of antiwar Democrats active during the American Civil War, who shared their name with a kind of snake.
Answer: Copperheads (prompt on "Peace Democrats" or I guess just "Democrats")
2008 Terrapin and MLK Bonuses by Pitt and William and Mary A and UGA Red
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Identify the following relating to a certain presidential candidate, FTPE.,
[10] After serving in the chemical warfare department during World War I, this oil baron got himself elected as governor of Kansas, but was unsuccessful in running against FDR in 1936.
Answer: Alfred Mossman "Alf" Landon
[10] This "Lion of Idaho" was Landon's chief opponent in the 1936 Republican primary. He also gained the nickname "The Great Opposer" for leading the Irreconcilables who opposed Wilson's Treaty of Versailles along with Lodge and Johnson.
Answer: William Edgar Borah
[10] Borah was able to gain the endorsement of this son of a noted Wisconsin progressive in his bid for the nomination. This man's suicide probably had something to do with getting unseated by Joseph McCarthy.
Answer: Robert Marion La Follette, Jr.
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He became famous with the publication of Le Voyageur sans baggage (the Traveller Without Luggage) in 1937. FTPE:,
[10] Name this versatile French dramatist, known for Antigone and L'Hermine (the Ermine).
Answer: Jean-Marie-Lucien-Pierre Anouilh
[10] Jean Anouilh served as a secretary to this French actor, director, and producer, famous for Dr. Knock, School for Wives, and La Folle de Chaillot (The Madwoman of Chaillot).
Answer: Louis Jouvet
[10] Louis Jouvet made his acting debut in 1910 with a theatrical version of this last novel by Dostoyevsky, a story in which the title characters murder their father.
Answer: The Brothers Karamazov (Bratya Karamazovy)
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Answer these questions about cosmology concepts named after astrophysicists.,
[10] Although astronomers can only make assumptions about the Big Bang at time equal to zero, they can start to theorize after one of these time intervals, at which point gravity separated from the other fundamental forces.
Answer: Planck time
[10] Planck's law of black body radiation eventually superseded the Rayleigh-Jeans law as the latter implied what problem of infinite energy output at small wavelengths?
Answer: Ultraviolet catastrophe
[10] This untested hypothesis claims that the gravitational constant varies in proportion to time and was derived by a British scientist after he observed ratios between fundamental forces, lengths, and times all on a magnitude of 1040.
Answer: Dirac large numbers hypothesis
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FTPE, answer the following about a Russian composer.,
[10] This Russian wrote the ballet Romeo and Juliet, the opera War and Peace, and music for the Sergei Eisenstein films Alexander Nevsky and Ivan the Terrible.
Answer: Sergei Sergeyevich Prokofiev
[10] Prokofiev is remembered in part for this piece for children with a narration and music, in which strings and French horns represent the two titular characters.
Answer: Peter and the Wolf
[10] Prokofiev also composed this opera, based on a play by Carlo Gozzi, about a prince who searches for princesses in the titular fruits.
Answer: The Love for Three Oranges
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Identify the following terms from phonetics and phonology, FTPE:,
[10] This is the smallest unit of speech that can differentiate meaning. Composed of a set of distinctive features, these are represented by an IPA character between two forward slashes.
Answer: Phoneme
[10] To establish that two different sounds are indeed distinct phonemes, linguists use these groups of two words distinguished by only one phoneme that have different meanings, such as "pat" and "bat".
Answer: Minimal pairs
[10] The frequent pronunciation of "ask" as "aks"("AXE") is described by this word, a process that involves swapping phonemes within a word.
Answer: Metathesis
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Answer these questions about Christmas rap songs FTPE.,
[10] Probably the best-known Christmas rap song of the 1980s was "Christmas in Hollis", a 1987 song by this rap group that featured artists like Joseph Simmons and Jam-Master Jay.
Answer: Run-D.M.C.
[10] The 1996 album Christmas on Death Row began with this single, Snoop Dogg's update of a 1967 James Brown song by the same name.
Answer: "Santa Claus Goes Straight to the Ghetto" or "Santa Claus Go Straight to the Ghetto"
[10] 2006's Dipset Xmas included "Ballin at Xmas" and four other Christmas songs as well as four random new songs and a remix of what Dipset luminary's "We Fly High"?
Answer: Jim Jones (also accept Joseph Guillermo Jones II)
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FTPE, answer the following about the Sino-Soviet split.,
[10] The split occurred largely as a result of Mao Zedong's frustration with this successor of Joseph Stalin who was fond of banging his shoe on the table.
Answer: Nikita Khruschev
[10] Besides Cambodia, China's only ally in the Communist world was Albania, a country which was ruled by this man who clung to Stalinism even after Khruschev began the destalinization process.
Answer: Enver Hoxha
[10] Sino-Soviet relations hit their lowest point when the nations directly clashed in a border conflict over control of Zhenabo or Damansky Island in this river.
Answer: Ussuri River (also accept Wusuli River)
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FTPE, identify the following about an influential filmmaker.,
[10] This Japanese director is known for films like Seven Samurai.
Answer: Akira Kurosawa
[10] This widely acclaimed 1957 film, which includes characters like Takitoki Washizu, Asaji, and Yoshaki Mishi, is based on Macbeth and takes place in a misty forest.
Answer: Throne of Blood
[10] Kurosawa's last film was this 1993 production based on the life of Hyakken Uchida with a title meaning "Not Yet" in Japanese.
Answer: Madadayo
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He succeeded Moses and is the namesake of the Old Testament's Sixth Book. FTPE,,
[10] Name the Biblical figure who led the conquest of Canaan.
Answer: Joshua
[10] This other spy who was sent to Canaan by Moses was the only person from his generation besides Joshua who was permitted to enter the Promise Land.
Answer: Caleb
[10] Joshua gathered six of the twelve tribes of Isreal to read the law on this mountain located across from Mount Ebal.
Answer: Mount Gerizim
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For ten points each, name these data structures:,
[10] This linear data structure is made up of nodes, which consist of a value and a pointer or reference to the next and/or previous node.
Answer: linked list
[10] This data structure is characterized by the order in which values are added, where the last value added is the first value taken out.
Answer: stack
[10] This data structure associates keys with values, where keys are transformed using a function into a number that is used as an index to locate the value it is associated with.
Answer: hash table
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Name these leaders who made life difficult for Roman generals, FTPE.,
[10] Roman oppression of the Britons convinced this queen of the Iceni to rebel and almost persuade Nero to abandon the entire island. Her forces helped destroy modern day Colchester, St. Albans, and London before being slaughtered by the general Suetonius.
Answer: Boudica or Boadicea
[10] This Gaul, whose name translates roughly as "king of the warriors," raised an army and inflicted heavy losses on Julius Caesar's men through scorched earth tactics. He nearly captured Caesar before being besieged at the fortress of Alesia.
Answer: Vercingetorix
[10] Magnus Maximus, who got himself proclaimed Roman emperor by his troops in Britain, made life difficult for this co-emperor of Valentinian II by causing an insurrection following this emperor's defeat at the Battle of Adrianopole. He'd eventually be betrayed and killed in 383.
Answer: Flavius Gratianus Augustus
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For ten points each, given a brief plot summary, identify these Heinrich Ibssen plays.,
[10] Halvard Solness falls to his death from a tower in his and his wife's new house after promising to build "castles in the air" with Hilda Wangel.
Answer: The Master Builder or Bygmester Solness
[10] The titular protagonist meets the Mountain King in his dreams, becomes an outlaw, is cursed, becomes a shady businessman, and is reunited with his love Solveig as an old man.
Answer: Peer Gynt
[10] The violent Knut Gesling, the King's sheriff, wants to marry Signe, but her sister Margit, who loves the outlaw Gudmund Alfson, won't support the marriage unless Knut reforms his violent ways for a year.
Answer: The Feast at Solhaug or Gildet paa Solhoug
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FTPE, name these Italian architects with something in common.,
[10] Originally a goldsmith, this man designed and built the dome of the Florence Cathedral. His other works are the Pazzi Chapel of Santo Croce and the Church of Santo Spirito.
Answer: Filippo Brunelleschi
[10] In 1503 he drew up the original building plan for the new St. Peter's Cathedral. His circular Tempietto and the Palazzo Caprini are examples of the revival of Roman classicism.
Answer: Donato Bramante
[10] A genius of Italian Baroque, this neurotic rival of Bernini committed suicide in 1667. Examples of his work are the dynamic and sculptural church of San Carlo alle Quatro Fontane and the chapel of Saint Ivo.
Answer: Francesco Borromini
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FTPE, identify the following about the geography of Botswana.,
[10] Much of southwestern Botswana is part of this major desert of southwest Africa, which is home to the Bushmen.
Answer: Kalahari
[10] Botswana contains the source of this river, which forms part of the northern border of South Africa and empties into the Indian Ocean between the cities ofXai-Xai [shy-shy] and Maputo in Mozambique.
Answer: Limpopo
[10] This river forms the world's largest inland delta where it drains into the Kalahari Desert in northern Botswana.
Answer: Okavango River
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Answer the following questions about vermiform phyla FTPE each:,
[10] One of the largest worm phyla, this group includes earthworms and leeches.
Answer: Annelida
[10] This flatworm phylum is characterized by an acoelomate body plan and move via cilia on their ventral and/or dorsal sides.
Answer: Platyhelminthes
[10] The bizarre Burgess Shale organism Hallucigenia is thought to be a member of this phylum, characterized by sac-like feet and velvet-like skin
Answer: Onychophora
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FTPE, name these cities of Ancient Mesopotamia.,
[10] The Sumerians believed that it was the home to Enlil and the assembly of the gods. This city in the southeast of modern day Iraq also contained a temple to Bau and a "scribal quarter" named for the large number of tablets found here.
Answer: Nippur (also accept Niffer or Nuffar)
[10] During the 2200s BC, this Sumerian city, which also lent part of its name to an empire, came to dominate most of Mesopotamia under the rule of Sargon the Great.
Answer: Akkad
[10] In Sumerian mythology, this city, the southernmost of the Sumerian city-states and home to the unfinished ziggurat of Amar-Sin, was considered the oldest Sumerian city. It was located near the mouth of the Euphrates River and Ur.
Answer: Eridu
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Name the John Keats poem, FTPE:,
[10] In this meditation on human sickness and death, which opens with the line "my heart aches, and a drowsy numbness pains," a certain bird's song symbolizes immortal art.
Answer: Ode to a Nightingale
[10] This poem, Keat's first long work, is a retelling of the Greek goddesses Diana's love for a mortal shepherd.
Answer: Endymion
[10] This poem, written in Spenserian stanzas, centers on a traditional rite, performed by young women on the title day in order to see their future husband in her dreams.
Answer: The Eve of St. Agnes
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For ten points each, name these people associated with phenomenology.,
[10] This author of Philosophy of Arithmetic, this German is considered the founder of the twentieth century phenomenology and is best remembered for his Logical Investigations
Answer: Edmund Gustav Albrecht Husserl
[10] A one-time student of Husserl, this author of Being and Time is now remembered largely for his controversial relationship with the Nazi party.
Answer: Martin Heidegger
[10] This French philosopher, author of Of Grammatology and founder of deconstructionism, analyzed Heidegger's thinking in Of Spirit: Heidegger and the Question.
Answer: Jacques Derrida
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Answer these questions about enclaves FTPE.,
[10] The Northwest Angle, the only part of the US north of the 49th parallel outside Alaska, is separated from the rest of Minnesota by what lake?
Answer: Lake of the Woods
[10] Nakhichevan, bordered by Armenia, Iran, and Turkey, is a discontinuous part of what other nation?
Answer: Azerbaijan
[10] Waves of illegal immigration onto European Union soil have led Spain to erect stronger barriers around two "autonomous cities" located on the coast of Morocco. FTP, name either city, one just across the strait from Gibraltar and the other 200 kilometers farther east.
Answer: Ceuta or Melilla
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Name these creator-sky gods FTPE.,
[10] With Ea and Enlil, this father of all gods was a member of the Great Triad in Sumerian mythology and later became an unpersonified synonym for the heavens.
Answer: Anu or An
[10] In Greek mythology this father of the Titans was castrated by one of his sons; his blood falling to earth produced the Gigantes and the Erinyes.
Answer: Uranus
[10] Water dripping from this god's spear created the first island on Earth, while his first cleansing rites created the Japanese gods of the sun, the moon, and the sea.
Answer: Izanagi

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