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2008 Terrapin and MLK Tossups by Minnesota B and Furman
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This person's name in his native language was Tashunca-Utico and he found early success on the battlefield when he bravely served under a dude named Hump in a raid on the Gros Ventres. Early in his military career he was a participant in two events in the Wyoming Territory including the massacre of William J. Fetterman's force and the unsuccessful Wagon Box fight. At one point, Spotted Tail planned to assassinate him at the next tribal council, and he eventually surrendered after a pursuit by Nelson A. Miles in 1877 following this leader's defeat at Wolf Mountain. Dying in Fort Robinson after struggling with his guards, FTP, identify this Oglala Sioux leader who joined up with his contemporary Sitting Bull to participate in the Little Big Horn massacre.
Answer: Crazy Horse (also accept Ta-sunko-witko)
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The most precise measurement for this quantity has come from the magnetic moment of the electron. For an electromagnetic interaction with n vertices, the amplitude for the interaction is proportional to this constant to the nth power. The square of this number is the ratio of the Hartree energy to the rest mass of the electron, and it is the ratio of the classical velocity in the ground state of the Hydrogen atom to the speed of light. The probability of a mechanism of an electromagnetic interaction involving n virtual photons is proportional to this constant to the 2n power, which in Quantum Electrodynamics indicates that this is the coupling constant for electromagnetic interactions. For 10 points, name this dimensionless constant in quantum mechanics, famously miscalculated by a numerological argument by Eddington, which is approximately one over 137.
Answer: Fine Structure Constant
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Rene Martin suggested that its title was an allusion to Typhoeus, and Robert Graves' translation altered its chapter division. One of its storytellers is disappointed when Lupus buys up all the stock of a wonderful new cheese in Hypata. In another section, Meroe and her companions barge in, attempt to sacrifice Socrates, and urinate on Aristomenes. Its author defended himself from charges of bewitching his wife in Apologia, and it retells the stories of Charite and Tlepolemus and Cupid and Psyche. Narrated by Lucius, whose interest in magic causes him to be transformed into the title animal, FTP, name this Latin novel, a work of Apuleius.
Answer: The Golden Ass [or Asinus Aureus; also accept The Metamorphoses of Lucius or The Transformations of Lucius]
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Their founder was part of the Spanish diocese of Osma and journeyed to the Cathars in southern France on a missionary journey. Riccoldo di Monte Croce, a member of this order, wrote one of the only medieval works based directly on Arabic sources. They have been referred to as "The Hounds of the Lord" in recognition of their reputation as the most obedient servants of the faith. Their first convert in Paris was Saint Jacques, and this organization was established to convert the Albigensians, and Albertus Magnus and Thomas Aquinas counted among its members. For ten points, name this order which provided the bulk of the priests involved in the Inquisition.
Answer: Dominicans [prompt on Black Friars accept Order of Friars Preachers prompt on Order of Preachers]
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L-655,708 is a selective inverse agonist for this molecule's receptor, and an extracellular application of this molecule decreases the power of gamma oscillations, but not in alpha-5 knock-outs. Metabolically, succinyl-semialdehyde is involved in its namesake shunt, which forms succinate from 2-ketoglutarate, but its transport can be blocked by TBOA. THIP is selective for the benzodiazepine-sensitive delta subunit of this molecule's receptor, which can be antagonized by picrotoxin and bicuculline. Serving a physiological role similar to glycine in the nervous system, its competitive agonists like muscimol serve as anxiolytics. FTP name this molecule synthesized from glutamate, a common inhibitory neurotransmitter that has a four-letter acronym.
Answer: GABA or gamma-aminobutyric acid
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Vivian Bearing quotes these works throughout Margaret Edson's play Wit, and Herbert Grierson argued that they were "separate ejaculations" instead of a sequence. One of these poems contrasts Jacob's theft of Esau's birthright with God clothing "himself in vile man's flesh that so / He might be weak enough to suffer woe." Another of these poems begins "I am a little world made cunningly," while yet another asks if "poisonous minerals," "lecherous goats," and "serpents envious" "cannot be damned," "why should I be?" The tenth one begins "Batter my heart, three-personed God," and the sixth asserts that "One short sleep past, we wake eternally / And death shall be no more; death thou shalt die." Including "Death, be not proud," FTP, name this set of nineteen sonnets by John Donne.
Answer: the Holy Sonnets
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A king of this land defeated Tefnakhte, a Saite king of Libyan origin and founder of the 24th dynasty, and the second king of the 24th dynasty was burned alive by Shabaka of this land. Kashta, the successor to Alara, conquered the remnants of the 23rd dynasty and Piankhi or Piye, his son, was buried in Mount Barkal. The cousin of Shebitku, supported Judaean resistance to Sennacherib, and was kicked out of Memphis by Esarhaddon. That king Taharka was finally defeated by Ashurbanipal and retreated south towards Nuri, where he died. With its capital originally at a city sacked by Psamtik II in 590 BC, Napata, it moved its capital further south to Merowe, which fell to Aksumites under Ella-Amida. FTP, name this kingdom which held sway over Nubia and ruled Egypt as the 25th dynasty.
Answer: Kush
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You probably didn't play the ZX Spectrum game of this name with the subtitle The Battle of the Wizards, nor have you yet seen the direct to video film starring Wesley Snipes and Jason Statham with this name about Snipes' character trying to rob a bank. It's more likely you've seen a character of this name appearing as an esper in Final Fantasy XII, carrying the title "Walker of the Wheel". It modifies the name of a 2003 SNK vs. Capcom sequel, and in Sonic Adventure, a creature by this name destroyed the Echidna civilization, and they form seven namesake emeralds in most Sonic games. A Splinter Cell sequel was based on the theory of this word, a branch of mathematics sort of related to the Butterfly Effect. FTP, give the common name for these entities, which implies their uncontrollable natures.
Answer: Chaos
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The twenty-first chapter of this work's first section presents a "general theory of relations," and its introduction argues that its ideas are "more abstract than those familiarly considered in language." This work distinguishes between propositional functions and descriptive functions, and attempts to develop a theory of types. Its first volume defines the idea of number as the set of all sets equal to the same size, and postulates the axioms of infinity and reducability, in order to avoid a paradox named for one of the authors. Attempting to reduce the title discipline to pure logic, FTP, name this work by Alfred North Whitehead and Bertrand Russell
Answer: Principia Mathematica
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This symphony may have been inspired by the only major orchestral work of Justin Knecht. The coda of its finale is in 6/8 time, and Theodor Adorno compared the scherzo in the third movement to those of Bruckner. The complex first movement, an allegro ma non troppo, contains seven distinct motifs. Its second movement, an andante molto mosso, contains a famous cadenza for flute, oboe and clarinet and is also called "Szene am Bach," or "By the brook." FTP, name this symphony, an 1808 programmatical work by Ludwig van Beethoven subtitled "Reflections of Country Life."
Answer: Symphony No. 6 in F major, Op. 68, or Pastorale (accept any underlined portion, prompt for Beethoven before his name is read)
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One character in this play asserts that his swollen veins are a sign of virility, and emphasizes the need to go beyond moral standards. In the final act, the protagonist learns that his coworker's last words were "we must move with the times" after arguing about a decision by Mr. Papillon. Another argument is caused when a housewife's cat is run over in the first act. The sight of a straw hat belonging to the Logician convinces Dudard to join the growing majority, whose ranks are augmented in the third act by the protagonist's friend Jean. In its last scene, Daisy is enthralled by the music of the title creatures and joins them, although Berenger clings to his humanity. FTP, name this play by Ionesco in which lots of people turn into the title animal.
Answer: Rhinoceros
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At one point, its speaker quotes the Biblical verse, "Woe unto the world because of offenses...", while in another part its speaker vows that, if necessary, fighting will continue "until every drop of blood drawn with the lash shall be paid by another drawn with the sword". Its text is now inscribed on the north wall of a structure designed in part by Jules Guerin and Henry Bacon, which was commissioned to commemorate the speaker. Men present at its deliverance included Lewis Paine and David Herold as well as a man who formulated a plot at the Parker House to kidnap the speaker of it at the Old Soldiers Home. Its final sentence gave rise to the motto, "to care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and orphan", adopted by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Famously concluding "with malice toward none, with charity for all," FTP, identify this speech given on March 4, 1865, which came as a result of the re-election of America's 16th president.
Answer: Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address[Prompt on partial answer]
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Its first published proof used the calculus of variations, and evidence has been accumulated to show that Gauss was aware of the implications of it much earlier. A later mathematician showed that removed the hypothesis that a function's derivative must be continuous for its applications. This theorem can be used to prove another of its namesake's contributions to mathematics important to complex analysis. For ten points, give this theorem that states that the integral of a holomorphic function about a closed loop is equal to zero.
Answer: Cauchy's integral theorem [or Cauchy-Goursat theorem do not accept Cauchy's integral formula]
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One work in this series depicts a line of blue-clad soldiers carrying red guns, while another depicts workers cutting a giant piece of lumber. Women gather water near a waterwheel in another of these works, while yet another depicts a cooper making a barrel, which frames the title object. The title object appears red in the second one, which depicts it "in clear weather," while the third work of this series features orange lightning in the lower right corner, and is titled "A Shower Below the Summit." The first work in this series depicts three boats being dwarfed by a giant wave, and is known as The Great Wave off Kanagawa. FTP, name this series of ukiyo-e prints by Hokusai about the tallest Japanese mountain.
Answer: Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji [or Fugaku Sanju Rokkei]
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Thanks to an education at the Royal College of Defence Studies in the UK, this man was awarded the Imtiaz-i-Sanad award for his valor as an artillery lieutenant before moving on to serve in his country's Commandos unit. After he came to power, this ruler banned the BLA, and he was rumored to be overthrown when a blackout occurred in his country when he was getting medical care abroad. The Legal Framework Order and the Dual-Office Bill were two means that this ruler used to extend his term of office. Those serving in the political position directly below his have included a former executive of Citibank as well as Zafarullah Khan Jamali, and he gained prominence fighting in the Kargil War. He dismissed and then reinstated Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry after that Supreme Court Justice tried to make him step down. Recently resigning his role as Chief of Army Staff, FTP, name this leader implicated as being behind the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, the current president of Pakistan.
Answer: Pervez Musharraf
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He wrote such works as "In Nomine" and "Three Fantasias in Four Parts" for the archaic instrument known as the viol. This man also composed incidental music for the play King Arthur, and wrote the semi-opera The Indian Queen. He may have used an opera by his contemporary John Blow as the model for another work. One of his operas includes the chorus "Now joyn your warbling voices all" and was based on a Shakespeare play, but is entitled The Faerie Queen. This man's most famous opera features one of the title characters singing the aria "When I am laid in the Earth" and includes a libretto from future poet laureate Nahum Tate. For ten points, name this early British composer of the opera is Dido and Aeneas.
Answer: Henry Purcell
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On the night before this battle, one side attempted to launch a sneak attack at Nairn whilst the other side was celebrating the birthday of its commander, while during the battle itself the losing commander's bodyguard supposedly shouted "Run, you Italian coward!". It followed an unsuccessful attempt to capture Stirling Castle on one side and the inability of General Hawley to secure a clearcut victory for the opposing side. The bayonet tactics of the victors were what made the difference in this battle which lasted less than an hour, perhaps thanks to George Murray no longer being in command of the Highland forces during it. The Duke of Cumberland had "See the Conquering Hero Comes" written in honor of his triumph in this battle. It followed Falkirk and was the final clash in the "Forty Five Rebellion". FTP, name this 1746 battle, the last fought on British soil, in which the Jacobites under Bonnie Prince Charlie were decisively defeated.
Answer: Battle of Culloden Moor (also accept Battle Of Drummossie)
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The ancestor of one character in this novel became the king of the Ahatchwhoops by defeating Attonce in an eating contest. The protagonist is forced to marry Susan Warren, who is really the prostitute Joan Toast, after signing away his estate Malden to William Smith, who may be an agent of John Coode. This novel features a secret diary of John Smith, and its protagonist, a "virgin poet" tutored by Henry Burlingame III, is commissioned by Charles Calvert to write a Marylandiad, but ends up writing the title satire instead. FTP, identify this 1960 novel about the poet Ebenezer Cooke, a novel by John Barth whose name refers to an agent for tobacco.
Answer: The Sot-Weed Factor
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This constellation contains the binary with the highest proper motion, which led to its being the first star whose distance from Earth was calculated, a calculation carried out by Friedrich Wilhem Bessel, who sometimes lends his name to it. This constellation has contains a variable "P" star that gives its name to a profile exhibiting emission and absorption of the same line, indicating a gas envelop that is expanding away from the star. This constellation contains the most powerful radio source in the night sky, which is designated "A", and this constellation has one of the first black hole systems identified, which is designated X-1. With beta star Albireo and alpha star Deneb, for 10 points, name this constellation, which contains the "Northern Cross", whose name is Latin for "Swan".
Answer: Cygnus
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In this man's most famous work, he developed the idea of "Eupsychia" and a concept he called "Theory Z." He incorporated an idea from the book The Organism by Kurt Goldstein into his model, that is divided into "D" and "B" portions, and he emphasized that "reality-centered" and "problem-centered" persons underwent "peak experiences," a concept discussed in his later work The Farther Reaches of Human Nature. In Toward a Psychology of Being, he put forth a five-part model with self-actualization at the top. FTP, name this man who created a "hierarchy of needs."
Answer: Abraham Maslow
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This god, depicted as the son of Aphrodite by Dionysus, Hermes, Zeus or Pan in different tales, was cursed by Hera withugliness and another maladywhile still in the womb as revenge for the judgment of Paris. In one story about him, he attempts to rape a nymph, Lotis, but an ass brays to wake her. She runs from him, and his physique hinders him from catching her. The gods take pity on her and turn her into a lotus tree. Because of this,he sanctioned the killing of asses in his honor. FTP, name this Greek deity of fertility and the male genitalia known for his permanent and massive erection that frequently hindered him in the chase.
Answer: Priapus
2008 Terrapin and MLK Bonuses by Minnesota B and Furman
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Identify the following about the taxonomy of fish FTPE.,
[10] A paraphyletic group, this class of fish includes members such as lampreys and hagfish that possess neither true craniums nor jaws.
Answer: Agnatha
[10] The lobe-finned fish or Sarcopterygii eventually evolved into land-dwelling amphibians called tetropods and also includes this large fish once thought to be extinct until a specimen was caught near South Africa in 1938.
Answer: Coelacanth
[10] Evolving from the clade Tetrapoda and taking their name from the Greek words for "fused arch", is this group that contains mammals and mammal-like reptiles such as Dimetrodon. Members of this group are defined by having an opening in the skull behind each eye.
Answer: Synapsids or Synapsida or Theropsids
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It contains poems from its author's earlier collections Nobeiddo and Khea. FTPE.,
[10] Identify this collection of 103 poems including "The Little Flute" and "Mind Without Fear."
Answer: Gitanjali [or Song Offerings]
[10] This Indian poet of "The Golden Boat" won the 1913 Nobel Prize, primarily for his poetry collection Gitanjali.
Answer: Rabindranath Tagore [or Rabindranath Thakura]
[10] This novel by Tagore features a love triangle between Nikhil, his wife Bimala, and the revolutionary Sandip, who promotes "Swadeshi," or rejection of everything British. It was turned into a movie by Satyajit Ray in 1984.
Answer: Ghare Baire [or The Home and the World]
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Identify the following about some Roman battles in the Second Punic War, FTPE.,
[10] One of the worst losses for the Roman Republic, this battle in southeastern Italy saw forces under Hannibal crush the Roman army led by Lucius Aemilius Paullus and Gaius Terentius Varro. Despite the victory, Hannibal did not march on Rome and was eventually drawn out of Italy by Scipio Africanus.
Answer: Battle of Cannae
[10] Prior to Cannae, the Romans also suffered a defeat when Hannibal ambushed them walking through a narrow path next to this body of water. Like at Trebia before it, many Roman troops drowned in this lake fleeing the April 217 BCE battle.
Answer: Battle of Lake Trasimene
[10] This consul and "novus homo" led the Roman forces to defeat at Trasimene along with Cnaeus Servilius. His failure in directly engaging Hannibal led the Roman people to make Fabius Maximus dictator, while earlier he had more success when he increased the voting power of plebes in the Centuriate Assembly.
Answer: Gauis Flamminius Nepos
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Its namesake League has recorded anti-Bush collage music for the Alias Frequencies label. FTPE:,
[10] This was the original name for Operation: Enduring Freedom, but the US government quickly changed it when Muslims complained that only Allah could provide the namesake quality.
Answer: Operation: Infinite Justice
[10] In reaction to the name change, the first strip of this now widely-syndicated comic by David Rees began, "Oh yeah! Operation: Enduring Freedom is in the house!" It is printed in red and white, takes place in an office, and has guest-starred Voltron.
Answer: Get Your War On
[10] Rees reviewed, in comic form, this actor and author's nonsensical almanac The Areas of My Expertise. This author also portrayed a PC in recent Macintosh commercials.
Answer: John Kellogg Hodgman
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Answer the following about Grimm's law, FTPE:,
[10] Along with Karl Schlegel and the Grimms themselves, this totally awesome translator of the Eddas was instrumental in formulating Grimm's Law with his comparison of Teutonic and Greek.
Answer: Rasmus Christian Rask
[10] This modification of Grimm's law produces voiced stops and can explain how the t-h in father is derived from the t in the Latin pater.
Answer: Verner's law
[10] The first version of Grimm's law to incorporate German was promulgated by Jacob Grimm in this seminal 1822 work.
Answer: Deutsche Grammatik (accept German Grammar)
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FTPE, name these characters from Catch-22.,
[10] This character signs a contract with the Italians to bomb his American squadron to recoup the loss he took when he bought the Egyptian cotton market. Formerly a mess hall officer who makes a profit off of eggs despite buying them for more than he sells them, he ends up running a huge syndicate.
Answer: Milo Minderbinder
[10] This doctor constantly refuses to excuse Yossarian from combat duty and introduces him to Catch-22.After a plane listing him as a passenger crashes, Colonel Cathcart sends a letter of condolence to his wife.
Answer: Doc Daneeka
[10] This friend of Yossarian believes that performing boring tasks will prolong his life, and is eventually disappeared.
Answer: Dunbar
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Identify the following periods of Chinese history, FTPE.,
[10] This portion of the Eastern Zhou derives its name from a work of Confucian historical annals by Lu.
Answer: Spring and Autumn period (or Chunqiu Shidai)
[10] The Spring and Autumn period was followed by this second period of the Eastern Zhou, during which the Art of War was most likely written.
Answer: Warring States period (or Zhanguo Shidai)
[10] A cultural period extending through the Spring and Autumn and Warring States period gave its name to this campaign launched by the People's Republic of China in 1957. The modern campaign was invoked by Mao as a means to encourage more intellectual criticism of the CCP and was something of a precursor to the Cultural Revolution.
Answer: Hundred Flowers Campaign (do not accept "Hundred Schools of Thought Campaign", that's not what's it s called)
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FTPE, answer the following questions about some concepts from physics.,
[10] This refers to the weak repulsion of a magnetic field in a substance when an external magnetic field is applied. Notably, superconductors possess a perfect variety of this.
Answer: Diamagnetism
[10] All conductors exhibit effective diamagnetism because the Lorenz force on their electrons causes them to circulate into these.
Answer: Eddy currents
[10] This theorem states that the electrostatic interactions of charges cannot hold a collection of point charges in a stable equilibrium on its own.
Answer: Earnshaw's theorem
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FTPE, name these characters important to the Volsung Saga.,
[10] This man is the father of the main character of the Volsung Saga. In a notable tale about him, he pulls out a sword that Odin has plunged into a tree. Later he does battle with Odin only to have that sword shatter, and Odin kills him.
Answer: Sigmund
[10] This is Sigmund's son; he kills the dragon Fafnir with Gram, the weapon created from the shards of his father's sword.
Answer: Sigurd [or Sigfred or Siegfried]
[10] This is Fafnir's brother, the foster father of Sigurd. He convinced Sigurd to kill Fafnir, but plotted against him afterwards. Sigurd saw through the plot and killed him.
Answer: Regin [accept Mimir do not accept Mime]
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Name the following about dogs in paintings, FTPE.,
[10] A dog can be seen standing at the feet of the title figures, as well as some oranges on the window sill, a solitary candle in the chandelier and potentially the artist himself in the mirror in this portrait by Jan van Eyck.
Answer: Arnolfini Wedding [Accept anything with, like, Arnolfini with the implication of gettin' hitched]
[10] Picasso's 1957 recreation of this painting by the artist of The Waterseller of Seville definitely keeps the dog in the bottom right, but adds two sinister looking hooks on the top and makes it a lot harder to see the artist standing and wearing a cross in front of a canvas on the left.
Answer: Las Meninas (I guess accept The Maids of Honor)
[10] This futurist painter helped define that movement with his Dynamism of a Dog on a Leash.
Answer: Giacomo Balla
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Answer the following about a street in literature, FTPE.,
[10] In this short story, Lieutenant Pirogov eats pastries and goes dancing to forget about the woman he saw, while the painter Piskaryov takes opium and ultimately cuts his throat, which this story's narrator blames on the title street.
Answer: "Nevsky Prospekt" [or "Nevsky Avenue"]
[10] This Russian author of Taras Bulba and Evenings on a Farm Near Dikanka wrote "Nevsky Prospekt," as well as The Inspector General and Dead Souls.
Answer: Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol
[10] In this novella inspired by Gogol, Golyadkin often hurryies down Nevsky Prospekt and other St. Petersburg streets, hopelessly pursuing both the maiden Klara and his namesake rival. He is eventually consigned to an asylum.
Answer: Dvoynik [or The Double]
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Answer the following about the history of the Faeroe Islands, FTPE.,
[10] Though the Faeroes were first settled by Irish monks, they became part of this country by 1035. King Olaf II fought the famous battle of Stiklestad in this country, for which he would later be canonized.
Answer: Norway or Norge
[10] The Faeroes then became part of Denmark, along with Norway, under this 1397 unification treaty.
Answer: Union of Kalmar
[10] The Treaty of Dalaborg allowed this queen of Denmark to be recognized as the rightful sovereign of Sweden, although Albrecht of Mecklenburg and those dastardly Victual Brothers kept Stockholm until 1398. The second queen of this name is the current queen of Denmark
Answer: Margaret I
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Answer some questions about a particular Hindu deity, FTPE.,
[10] This creator god in Hinduism is usually considered to have four faces, which can represent the four Vedas, four varnas and pretty much every other thing with four parts. Later myth see him being born from Vishnu's navel.
Answer: Brahman
[10] Another origin story for Brahma recounts how he was born from this "golden egg" or "golden germ", which, when split in half by Brahma's thoughts, formed the heavens and the earth.
Answer: Hiranyagarbha
[10] Brahma's consort Saraswait forms a female version of the Trimurti with Durga and this other goddess, the wife of Vishnu and goddess of wealth and good fortune.
Answer: Laksmi (also accept Lakshmi or Sri)
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Prove you have good Liszt knowledge by answering the following FTPE.,
[10] This series of four pieces by Franz Lizst was based on an episode from Nikolaus Lenau's Faust.
Answer: Mephisto Waltzes
[10] Liszt composed this unfinished symphony based on the abdication of Charles X and the coronation of Louis-Phillipe.
Answer: Revolutionary Symphony
[10] Liszt composed this set of three works, whose name implies a ghastly setting.
Answer: Apparitions
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Answer these questions about some kings of Judah and Israel, FTPE.,
[10] This king dug out the Siloam tunnel, which brought waters from the Gihon spring to Jerusalem, which proved useful when his city was besieged by Sennacherib. He was saved from that siege by a plague which wiped out Sennacherib's army and may have ruled from about 715-686 BCE.
Answer: Hezekiah or Hizqiyya or Ezekias
[10] This son of Omri helped the king of Judah, Jehosophat at the Battle of Ramot-Gilead and had to deal with the revolt of Mesha in Moab and the consequences of his murder of Naboth.
Answer: Ahav or Ahab
[10] This commander of the chariots under Ahab extinguished his dynasty at the invitation of the prophet Elisha, and his zeal in killing Jezebel ended the alliance with her father Ethbaal of Tyre and Sidon.
Answer: Jehu or Yehu
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Answer the following questions about Friedrich Engels' truly exciting work "Description of Recently Founded Communist Colonies Still in Existence, FTPE.",
[10] Two of the colonies described by Engels are New Lebanon and Skaneateles, located in this state. The former colony was a Shaker colony and this state was undergoing so much religious proselytization that later historians called its western part the "burned-over district."
Answer: New York
[10] One person mentioned extensively in Engels' tract is this minister from Wurttemberg, who moved to Pennsylvania and established a colony based on Gutergemeinschaft, later moving to the town of New Harmony in Indiana, and after selling that town to Robert Owen, settling in Economy, Ohio.
Answer: Johann Georg or George Rapp
[10] The death of James Morris and this 1857 incident, which saw the slaughter of the Fancher-Baker wagon train led the Welsh-born William Davies became the "Holy Ghost" in the Kingdom of Heaven in Walla Walla, while his son Arthur became Christ's reincarnation and the "Spirit of God the Father." Davies' community broke up when his son, the so-called "Walla Walla Jesus" died of diphtheria in 1861.
Answer: Mountain Meadows Massacre
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Answer the following about Celtic mythology FTPE:,
[10] This giant, whose name means Blessed Raven, gives King Mathowlch his sister, Branwen, in marriage and a cauldron that can revive horses, though Mathowlch deserves none of it.
Answer: Bendigeldfran (accept Bran the Blessed)
[10] Bran eventually finds out that Branwen has been mistreated and intimidates Mathowlch into giving up his kingdom to this man, the king's son by Branwen.
Answer: Gwern
[10] When Gwern is killed by his uncle, Efnisien, it triggers a devastating war between Mathowlch's country of Ireland and this homeland of Bran, as well as figures like Pwyll and Taliesin.
Answer: Wales or Cymru
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Answer the following about object-oriented programming, FTPE.,
[10] This pillar of object-oriented programming is sometimes known as information hiding. It combines attributes and behaviors in a single design object, which is cut off from other objects. Inheritance sometimes breaks it.
Answer: encapsulation
[10] This programming language designed at Xerox PARC won Alan Kay a Turing Award, and was the first language to describe itself as object-oriented. Its "80" variety was the first to be released publicly, and it is known for its use of messages.
Answer: Smalltalk
[10] This seminal 1994 book by the "Gang of Four" attempts to solve programs in object-oriented design, drawing many of its examples from Smalltalk. The fifth chapter gives examples of the namesake strategies, such as Memento and Visitor.
Answer: Design Patterns
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He wrote about the lovers Delia Morello and Michele Rocca in Each in His Own Way and about Doctor Hinkfuss' play in Tonight We Improvise. FTPE:,
[10] Name this author of The Excluded Woman and The Late Mattia Pascal.
Answer: Luigi Pirandello
[10] In this play by Pirandello, a theater troupe rehearsing Mixing It Up is interrupted by the title characters, who demand that their story be acted out.
Answer: Six Characters in Search of an Author [Accept Sei personaggi in cerca d'autore]
[10] In this play's central puzzle about belief, Signora Ponza, when asked whether she is Ponza's second wife or Signora Frola's daughter, insists, "I am she whom you believe me to be."
Answer: Cosi e, se vi pare! [or It is So, If You Think So! or Right You Are, If You Think You Are!]

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