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View Packets Tournament Editor
2008 Terrapin and MLK Tossups by Minnesota A and Chicago C
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One character's body mysteriously disappears and his clothes ask to be left alone in this work, while another character sees his head chopped off and joined back again to his body. Another character witnesses the sixth proof of God's existence when Berlioz's head is chopped off by a trolley, and is taken to an insane asylum after hilariously chasing some people. Azazello, Koroviev, Behemoth and others play more tricks on Moscow residents as Ivan Nikolaevich Bedzomny meets one of the title characters, who aspired to write a book about the death of Yeshua Ha-Nozri at the hands of Pontius Pilate. That story is initially narrated by Woland, who is actually Satan in disguise. FTP, identify this novel in which the title woman sells her soul to be with the other nameless title character, a work by Mikhail Bulgakov.
Answer: The Master and Margarita or Master i Margarita
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Meso versions of these compounds yield beta-amino alcohols in the presence of Antimony (III) Chloride catalysts when reacted with aromatic amines, while Jung and Murphy studied the use of Tungsten hexachloride to form trans-vicinal dichlorides from them. A dimethyloxosulfonium methylide is used to synthesize these compounds from carbonyl compounds via the Johnson-Corey-Chaykovsky reaction, and they can be produced enantioselectively from allylic alcohols through the Sharpless reaction. Alkenes react with mCPBA to form these compounds via a "butterfly mechanism," but they can be more commonly synthesized by an intramolecular SN2 reaction in a halohydrin. The high bond-angle strain in these compounds makes them susceptible to ring opening under strong acidic or basic conditions. For 10 points, identify this class of ethers which feature 3-member rings.
Answer: epoxides or oxiranes
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One ruler of this name, known as "The Wealthy," took Crestonia and Bisaltia, along with the silver mines of Mt. Dysorus in the 5th century BC. Another ruler of this name had a son Antiochus VI, for whom Tryphon posed as a regent, married Cleopatra Thea, daughter of Ptolemy VI of Egypt, and appointed Jonathan Maccabeus high priest of Judah. That man was defeated by Demetrius II Nicator, and had claimed to be the son of Antiochus IV Epiphanes, was also known as Balas. Another ruler of this name attempted to live up to his namesake but failed in a campaign and was called back to fight against the Alemanni, where he died. That man was dominated by his grandmother, Julia Maesa, and was succeeded by Maximinus Thrax. Another ruler of this name saw his rival killed by men including Nabarzanes, Barsaentes, and Oxyarthes, and lived through a mutiny at Opis and the treachery of his treasurer Harpalos, also sending Nearchus on an expedition into the Persian Gulf. FTP, name this name held most famously by a victor at the Hydaspes and Gaugamela, who defeated Darius III and earned the epithet "the Great."
Answer: Alexander
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He once complained to his lord that, like the star Sirius, he was not worshipped by name, which led to Sirius getting whipped by the demon Apaosha. His companion Verethragna once helped him to kill a boar, and other companions included Rashnu and Ashi, who guided this deity's chariot. Georges Bataille's essay about him provided some inspiration for the hat-wearing figure in Pablo Picasso's Crucifixion. His namesake festival was said to be founded after the hero-king Freton used a club to kill the dragon Azhdahak and was the only day of the year the king of his land was permitted to be inebriated. He was believed to have sprung from the Cosmic Egg holding the Sword of Truth and the Torch of Light at Housesteads on Hadrian's Wall by his ascetic Roman followers, who obtained their beliefs from their trade with the Persians. For 10 points, identify this Iranian god of the sun, whose followers often worshiped in caves and included many Roman soldiers.
Answer: Mithras
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The beginning of this work's third movement draws heavily from the scherzo of Beethoven's ninth symphony, and the scoring of this work is unusual in that the piccolo is used only briefly in the first movement. This work often features flattened leading notes and plagal cadances, as well as a heavily syncopated rhythm and marked pentatonism. Harry Burleigh penned the spiritual "Goin' Home" based on the Largo themeof its second movement, but its composer denied that the main theme was directly based on "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot." He did admit, however, that the third-movement Scherzo was based on the Song of Hiawatha. For 10 points, name this symphony inspired by black and Native American spirituals by Antonin Dvorak.
Answer: Symphony no. 9 in E minor "From the New World" [accept either; accept "New World Symphony;" accept "Noveho sveta;" prompt on Symphony no. 5]
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This man attempted to replace Smith Thompson with a man who had served as special prosecutor during the murder case of William Morgan and whose son was executed for his role in the Somers mutiny, which occurred during this president's time in office. He envisioned a tripartite treaty which would have ceded San Francisco and Monterey to the US and Caleb Cushing helped to negotiate the Treaty of Wangxia during his presidency. Edward Everett, his minister to Britain, helped keep the British out of the Sandwich Islands, though the deaths of David Gardiner, Thomas Gilmer, and Abel Upshur happened in a notable tragedy during this man's presidency, the USS Princeton incident. Governor Samuel King was able to put down the revolt of Thomas Dorr and the Webster-Ashburton Treaty was the crowning achievement of Secretary of State Daniel Webster during this man's presidency. Most famous for signing the bill annexing Texas, FTP, name this "accidental" Virginian president who succeeded the late William Henry Harrison and served from 1841-1845.
Answer: John Tyler, Jr.
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In a poem titled "The Beggars" that appears in this collection, the author says that "our wisdom is to trample them under, to harry the breed in sties of contempt", while the second poem in the collection set in "the twilight of the iguana" describes activities of "Some Beasts" of the jungle. Another poem states that the titular entity "reserved for itself" "the heartlands and coasts of America," and established the "tyrannical reign of the flies." That poem, "The United Fruit Co.," appears along with "Standard Oil Co." in "The Sand Betrayed," while its most famous section addresses an Incan ruin and is called "The Heights of Machu Picchu." FTP, identify this collection of poetry which discusses the essence of South America, a work by Pablo Neruda.
Answer: Canto General
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Terminator, Random, and Random XOR are the three types of "canaries" used to catch a common problem in them, and some programming languages allow for it to be unwound expliticly. Their counterpart is sometimes implemented using slabs or buddy blocks, and other languages implicitly unwind it when goto statements are used . Arbitrary executable code can be implemented with an exploit that preys on the return address stored in them, an exploit known as a buffer overflow. An unrelated construct of the same name can be combined with another data structure to form a deque [DECK], or double-ended queue, a data structure frequently employed in calculators using reverse Polish notation. The counterpart to the heap in memory allocation, FTP, give this term which also names a last-in-first-out data structure.
Answer: Call stack (also accept Executable or Control or Run-Time Stack)
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In a 2005 work, Ha Poong Kim argues that its author's "hedonistic view of human motivation is integral" to the arguments presented in this work. At one point in it, the author bemoans Latin's failure to linguistically distinguish between the multiple facets of good and evil. He goes on to state how good and evil cannot be equated with gratification and pain, respectively, because they are a priori principles and how we are freed only through our adherence to the categorical imperative, a view reverse of that previously presented in Groundwork for the Metaphysics of Morals. For 10 points, identify this work of Immanuel Kant, a companion and response to criticism of A Critique of Pure Reason, the second of his three Critiques.
Answer: A Critique of Practical Reason [or A Critique of Pure Practical Reason; or Kritik der praktischen Vernunft]
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Gerhard Ritter wrote a Critique of a Myth about this in 1956, while Hermann Stegemann's contemporary chronicle made no mention of it. Instead, it was brought into the popular psyche by histories written by men like Wolfgang Forester and Hermann von Kuhl. It was correctly anticipated by Yuri Danilov who proposed, under pressure from his allies, to use not only fortifications but expeditions of some 19 corps of his troops to counteract it. Ferdinand Foch devised one of its principle counterparts, which foolishly relied on the "elan" and resulted in the unsuccessful attempt to take Alsace and Lorraine in a campaign later dubbed the Battle of the Frontiers. It was effectively ended after General Moltke isolated his troops from the front line and the Race to the Sea proved indecisive. Calling for a quick offensive through Belgium into northern France and foiled in part by the quick mobilization of Russian forces and a French victory at the Battle of the Marne, FTP, identify this German strategy for winning World War I, named for a German field marshal.
Answer: von Schlieffen Plan
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This phenomenon is responsible for constraints such as relaxation enhancements in determining the solution structures of molecules that exhibit it, and Commoner et al. used it to detect free radicals in biological systems by employing its namesake refinement strategy. The weakest form of this effect, named after Pauli, occurs when electrons are delocalized throughout the solid, and it follows Weiss's law, which includes an interaction term that is attenuated by thermal motion. It occurs in elements with unpaired electrons, and liquid oxygen is a well known material exhibiting this property. Occuring in ferromagnets below the Curie point, FTP identify this phenomenon that occurs when a material becomes temporarily magnetized in parallel with a magnetic field, and is contrasted from diamagnetism.
Answer: paramagnetism
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The title song of this album begins after a man claims "and disciplinary remains mercifully" and a woman wonders "Yes, now what would you take of this star nonsense?", while that track begins with a man sighing and clearing his throat. Fred Durst and Wes Borland covered that title track for the America: A Tribute to Heroes post-9/11 performance, while a nine part song in the vein of the earlier "Atom Heart Mother" begins and ends this album. Another song on this album describes a man who "always ate in the Steak Bar" and "loved to drive his Jaguar," and the cover of this album features a businessman shaking hands with his doppelganger, who is on fire. It contains the songs "Shine On You Crazy Diamond," "Welcome to the Machine," and "Have a Cigar." FTP, name this album whose title track claims "we're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year," an album critical of the music industry by Pink Floyd, released between Dark Side of the Moon and Animals.
Answer: Wish You Were Here
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Ahmad the Left-Handed fought the Portuguese at the Battle of Wofla in this country, and also defeated Lebna Dembel at Amba Sel. Gudit, a queen of possibly Jewish origin, destroyed one dynasty in this country, which would be supplanted by a dynasty that itself was overthrown by Yekuno Amlak. In the seventeenth century, this country was dominated by rulers such as Susyenos and Fasilidas, who built a famous castle at his capital. At Sarbakusa, Mikael Sehul, who had basically controlled the throne after the death of Iyasu II, was defeated ushering in the Zemene Mesafint or "Era of the Princes." That period would be ended by the rise of a ruler who would be defeated by the British at Magdala, Tewodros II, who attempted to kill a later successor who famously defeated General Oreste Baratieri after a dispute in the wording of the Treaty of Wichale (which-ah-lay), Menelik II. Ruled by the dictator Mengistu and Emperor Haile Selassie, FTP, name this country ruled from Addis Ababa.
Answer: Ethiopia (also accept Abyssinia)
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Quotes from a work of Henry Callaway are placed between the chapters in this novel. The protagonist puzzles over the placement of some chestnut trees and takes a redeye flight on which he sexually assaults a passive Portuguese girl. This work's protagonist has trouble understanding his gay son Terry, whose fashion sweaters he gives to his employees, including Jacobus. The title character discusses the poet Roy Campbell with his lover, Antonia, who leaves the country after being detained by the police.A flood disinters the body of a "city slicker" buried on the farm by police, terrifying the protagonist, the industrialist Mehring. FTP, name this Booker Prize-winning novel by Nadine Gordimer whose title refers to a person who really likes the environment.
Answer: The Conservationist
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One of them has a conserved gag, and is analogous to copia in Drosophila. Another of them requires att-L and att-R sites, andrelies on the formation of a Holiday junction. Both the BARE-1 type of Hordeum vulgare L.and the A and B types of the Mu phagepossessconstructswith U5 and U3 binding sites for tRNA, not found in LINEs and SINEs. Another type is useful in signature tagged mutagenesis of Drosophila, and is called the P-element. The Alu repeat is common in humans, and they are generally divided into two varieties, depending on the presence of LTRs and the use of a reverse transcriptase mechanism. FTP name these entities responsible for the colors of corn kernels, discovered by Barbara McClintock, also known as jumping genes.
Answer: transposons or transposable elements
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According to one story, Maui was killed by the vagina of Hine-nui-te-po in an attempt to make this property widespread by crushing that goddess's heart. Meghanada got this, along with a new name, by defeating Indra, while Zephyrus's horse sons Balius and Xanthus had this characteristic. Some fruit conferring this property was carried by Zhong Liquan, members of a famous group that exhibited it. Unlike her siblings, Medusa did not exhibit this property, which Cheiron bestowed upon Prometheus after being hit by an arrow. FTP, name this characteristic, which Castor was allowed to share with Pollux and which names eight characters in Daoist mythology.
Answer: immortality (accept other word forms)
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Louis Nevelson's painted relief sculptures include a "Shovel" and a "Cathedral" modified by this word. A gigantic bare-chested woman embraces a blue head surrounded by a bird, a bouquet, and a donkey's head in a Chagall work titled "Lovers in the Red" one of these. Georgia O'Keeffe depicted this entity "above clouds" in a series of paintings. It contains splotches of pink and horizontal bands of red and yellow in J.M.W. Turner's The Slave Ship, while another notable depiction of this entity is of the tempestuous one dominated by whites and blues in El Greco's View of Toledo. For 10 points, name this entity which is depicted as swirling and full of stars in Van Gogh's Starry Night.
Answer: the sky [accept reasonable equivalents]
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Jenny and George who rent a house, only to find a baby's carcass in the basement well and a woman's skeleton in the cellar in this author's short story "The Giant Wistaria." This author of gothic short stories like "The Rocking Chair" and "The Unwatched Door" also wrote a novel about the patronizing Jeff Margrave, the sociologist Vandyck Jennings, and the misogynistic Terry Nicholson.That novel also tells of Ellador, Celis, and Alima, three women who are dedicated to becoming Conscious Makers of People. One of her stories attacks the methods of Weir Mitchell, and features the narrator's husband John and his sister Jennie, who care for the depressive narrator in an attic surrounded by a "sickly sulfur tint." FTP, name this author of Herland and "The Yellow Wallpaper."
Answer: Charlotte Perkins Gilman
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His experiments with positive reinforcement showed that animals eventually adopt a "win-stay, lose-shift" strategy to picking the "correct" object, which led him to devise his theory of cognition that he dubbed "learning to learn." He published a 1958 paper that was contemporaneous with a similar study by John Bowlby, pioneering work in a field notably studied by Mary Ainsworth. He invented a device also known as the "Vertical Chamber," into which were placed six-month-old individuals, who usually emerged psychotic. This "Rape Rack" and "Pit of Despair" deviser also conducted an experiment using surrogate mothers made of wire and terrycloth. For 10 points, name this Wisconsin-Madison psychologist whose experiments usually involved monkey-torturing.
Answer: Harry Frederick Harlow
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In a 2005 work, Ha Poong Kim argues that its author's "hedonistic view of human motivation is integral" to the arguments presented in this work. At one point in it, the author bemoans Latin's failure to linguistically distinguish between the multiple facets of good and evil. He goes on to state how good and evil cannot be equated with gratification and pain, respectively, because they are a priori principles and how we are freed only through our adherence to the categorical imperative, a view reverse of that previously presented in Groundwork for the Metaphysics of Morals. For 10 points, identify this work of Immanuel Kant, a companion and response to criticism of A Critique of Pure Reason, the second of his three Critiques.
Answer: A Critique of Practical Reason [or A Critique of Pure Practical Reason; or Kritik der praktischen Vernunft]
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One member of this family joined Alcide de Gasperi's third cabinet in 1946 as foreign minister. One member of this family drowned while making his way to a battle with Braccio da Montone, a ward of King Alfonso V of Aragon. Another member married a bastard child of his predecessor, Bianca Maria, and defeated his father-in-law at Anghiari. Another member of this family executed Cicco da Simonetta and thus compelled the regent Bona of Savoy to exile. That same member's brother Ascanio became a cardinal and that member married Beatrice d'Este of Ferrara. Massimiliano of this house lost the battle of Marignano against a Franco-Venetian force, but Charles V restored one member after his victory at Bicocca in 1522, although the 1525 death of that member saw its city become Charles V's property. Galeazzo Maria's assassination during a Christmas party led to the usurpation of Ludovico Il Moro, members of a line begun by Muzio Attendolo and his son Francesco, who became Duke of Milan and gained a surname meaning "Force." FTP, name this Italian family which succeeded the Viscontis.
Answer: Sforza (prompt on Attendolo until mentioned)
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The application of this process to electron-poor heteroaromatic hydrocarbons yields a Shapiro-type reaction product, and it may be used in stereospecific deuterium labeling. In a potassium decylate system, the addition of crown ethers accelerates the rate of this reaction. A variation of this reaction that gives rise to allylic alcohols is known as the Wharton reaction, while a one-pot variation of this reaction in ethylene glycol is known as the Huang-Minlon modification. Under strongly acidic conditions, itscounterpart the Clemmenson reaction proceeds. FTP name this reaction with a hydrazone intermediate which reduces a carbonyl to an alkane by boiling it in a basic solution, named for two chemists.
Answer: Wolff-Kishner reduction or Wolff-Kishner reaction
2008 Terrapin and MLK Bonuses by Minnesota A and Chicago C
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Answer some questions about the Cascajal Block, FTPE.,
[10] This civilization's hieroglyphs were found on the Cascajal Block. Their art has been found in El Salvador, but they're better known for such architectural works as the Great Pyramid in La Venta, and for their Collosal Heads.
Answer: Olmecs Civilization
[10] This agricultural city located near present day Mexico City was the center of the Olmec civilization before La Venta and is one of the best places to find Collosal Heads.
Answer: San Lorenzo Tenochtitlan (do not prompt or accept just "Tenochtitlan")
[10] Along with the Maya, this civilization to the southwest of the Olmecs is considered one of its successor cultures. Centered in the Valley of Oaxaca, they left a ball court at Monte Alban.
Answer: Zapotec(a)s Civilization
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Identify these provers of God's existence, for 10 points each.,
[10] He is most famous for devising the first form of the ontological argument, which was further developed by Gottfried von Liebnitz.
Answer: Saint Anselm
[10] This 20th century mathematician who formulated two incompleteness theorems further organized Liebnitz's ontological argument using modal logic but refused to publish his proof during his life out of lack of certitude of God's existence.
Answer: Kurt Godel
[10] This man compared the world to a watch and thus concluded that God was the watchmaker of the world in his 1802 work Natural Theology.
Answer: William Paley
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It tells of the sickly Conradin, who worships the title creature in a little barn.FTPE:,
[10] Name this story in which the guardian Mrs. De Ropp is killed by the title polecat-ferret.
Answer: "Sredni Vashtar"
[10] This humorist who wrote about a talking cat in "Tobermory" and supposedly ethereal hunters in "The Open Window" wrote "Sredni Vashtar."
Answer: Saki or Hector Hugh Munro
[10] Saki took his penname from the name of a cupbearer in this poetry collection notably translated by Edward FitzGerald. It contains the line "A jug of wine, a loaf of bread, and thou" and was written by Omar Khayyam.
Answer: The Rubaiyyat
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It contains a synthetase step which is catalyzed by an alpha-beta dimer with a phospho-histidine binding site for porphyrin precursors. FTPE.,
[10] Containing enzymes like alpha-ketoglutarate and fumarate hydratase, name this oxidative cycle that generates ATP and reduced electron carriers like NADH.
Answer: Krebs cycle or citric acid cycle or TriCarboxylic Acid cycle
[10] Produced by removing hydrogens from malate, this compound reacts with acetyl coA to form citrate in the first step of the Krebs cycle.
Answer: oxaloacetate
[10] The next couple of steps in the Krebs cycle involve the dehydration and subsequent rehydration of citrate to form isocitrate via this enzyme.
Answer: aconitase
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One character in this movie recites the end of "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening" to win a lapdance from Jungle Julia's friend Butterfly. FTPE:,
[10] Name this 2007 movie in which Kurt Russell plays Stuntman Mike, a psychopath who kills women with his car.
Answer: Death Proof
[10] Death Proof was directed by this man, who also directed Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction.
Answer: Quentin Tarantino
[10] Grindhouse, a double feature consisting of Death Proof and Planet Terror, also included a fake trailer for this "mexploitation" film starring Danny Trejo as the titular federale. According to Wikipedia, Robert Rodriguez is planning to turn it into a feature-length movie.
Answer: Machete
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Stuff about a certain 20th century feminist, FTPE.,
[10] She criticized the idea that women could find fulfillment in just childbearing and homemaking, comparing women to Australian Aborigines in her work seminal work of Second-Wave Feminism, The Feminine Mystique.
Answer: Betty Freidan (also accept Betty Naomi Goldstein)
[10] Friedan criticized the growing trend of idolizing "superwomen" who were expected to keep all of their previous domestic responsibilities while also adopting new careers in this 1981 work. The work also called for the relatively novel concepts of communal housing and cooking in addition to increased flex time and company sponsored daycare.
Answer: The Second Stage
[10] Friedan was also one of the founders of this feminist organization, currently the largest in the United States. Although this group voted to stop their support for the Equal Rights Amendment in 1995, they now call for a Constitutional Equity Amendment preserving rights like freedom for abortion and equal rights for homosexuals.
Answer: NOW (also accept National Organization for Women)
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Given a Greek deity, name their Roman equivalent for 5 points each…just kidding. Do identify these things involved with Roman myth though, for 10 points each.,
[10] This agricultural deity, the husband of Ops and ruler of the Golden Age, is often identified with the Greek deity Cronus. He was also the namesake of a festival that took place around the winter solstice.
Answer: Saturn
[10] This queen of the Volsci fought alongside King Turnus and the Rutulians against the forces of Aeneas.
Answer: Camilla
[10] In Macbeth, The Thane of Ross refers to Macbeth as this goddess's "bridegroom." Like her Greek counterpart Enyo, she was often pictured wearing a helmet and armed with a spear.
Answer: Bellona [accept Duellona]
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Identify the following relating to some French rulers with unusual epithets, FTPE.,
[10] This founder of the Carolingian Dynasty helped out Stephen II and had a pretty famous son who was crowned Emperor of the Romans in 800 AD, Charlemagne.
Answer: Pepin the Short (also accept Pepin the Younger or Pepin III)
[10] A few generations removed from Pepin the Short was this son of Charles the Bald and king of the Western Franks who declined taking the title that Charlemagne did when Pope John VIII offered it to him at the 878 Council of Troyes.
Answer: Louis the Stammerer (also accept Louis II or Louis Le Begue)
[10] Louis the Stammerer agreed with Eastern Frankish King Louis the Younger to maintain the divisions established at this 870 treaty between Louis's father, Charles the Bald, and Louis I and Louis the German to divide Charlemagne's empire up into three pieces.
Answer: Treaty of Mersen
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Name these Auguste Rodin sculptures, for 10 points each.,
[10] This Rodin work depicts the six title figures dejected, with nooses around their necks. They had volunteered to die so that their French hometown would be spared.
Answer: The Burghers of Calais [or Les Bourgeois de Calais]
[10] This freestanding nude holding his right hand up to his head was so life-like that critics accused Rodin of casting it from a living model. In fact, he had cast it from a clay model of soldier Auguste Neyt.
Answer: The Age of Bronze [or L'age d'airain; or The Vanquished]
[10] Rodin's headless, armless The Walking Man was a reimagination of this biblical statue of his, an earlier work that depicts the titular religious figure nude in realistic detail.
Answer: St. John the Baptist Preaching
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Containing neighboring positive and negative charges, they are exemplified by the azomethine variety which has been used to synthesize optically pure pyrrolizidine systems. FTPE.,
[10] Name these compounds best exemplified by a phosphonium version which reacts via nucleophilic attack of a carbonyl to give a betaine, which then forms a phosphatane before undergoing an elmination reaction to become a Z-alkene.
Answer: ylides
[10] This is the reaction named for a German chemist that reacts an aldehyde or a ketone with a phosphonium ylide to produce an alkene.
Answer: Wittig reaction
[10] This modification to the Wittig reaction can be used to produce E-alkenes. It involves the use of phenyllithium in an intermediate step, which is followed by a hydrochloric acid workup.
Answer: Schlosser Modification
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The title character is enslaved along with Sahak, who draws a cross on his medallion.FTPE:,
[10] Name this work in which the title character helps burn down Rome, and is later crucified along with some Christians when he is caught.
Answer: Barabbas
[10] This Swedish author wrote Barabbas in addition to writing about the diminutive Piccoline, who describes the happenings in an Italian city-state in The Dwarf.
Answer: Par Fabian Lagerkvist
[10] In novels like The Sybil and The Death of Ahasuerus, Lagerkvist touched on this common motif in literature, a figure who roams the earth until Christ's second coming.
Answer: the wandering Jew [accept Jerry Vinokurov]
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Name these Gustav Mahler compositions, for 10 points each.,
[10] This symphonic piece, left numberless in fear of the curse of the ninth, was inspired by the poetry of Li Po. Some of its movements include "The Lonely Soul in Autumn" and "The Drunkard in Spring."
Answer: Das Lied von der Erde [or The Song of the Earth]
[10] Based on Friedrich Ruckert poems, this song cycle of Mahler's contains five lieder, including "Often I think that they have only stepped out." Four years later, Mahler's own daughter, Maria, died of scarlet fever.
Answer: Kindertotenlieder or Songs on the Death of Children
[10] This symphony with an oddly optimistic rondo finale in C major contains two "Nachtmusik" movements, the second and fourth. Its third movement is marked "Shadowy."
Answer: Symphony no. 7 or The Song of the Night
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Identify some things related to people screwing with the Han Dynasty, FTPE:,
[10] He Jin led the forces loyal to the Han in opposition to this rebellion, led by Zhang Jiao. It was named after the colored headgear worn by its participants.
Answer: Yellow Turban Rebellion [accept Yellow Scarves Rebellion or Huang Jin Zhi Luan]
[10] This dude and his adopted son Lu Bu took control of the government near the end of the Han Dynasty, poisoning the Emperor Shao and breaking the power of the eunuchs. Many of the major players in the Three Kingdoms period joined the Yuan Shao-led coalition against him.
Answer: Dong Zhuo
[10] The Trung Sisters, two women from this country then under Chinese control, led a revolt against the Han dynasty in 42 CE but ultimately drowned themselves where the Day and Red rivers meet when it failed.
Answer: Vietnam
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Take up the cross! The Keynesian cross, that is. For 10 points each:,
[10] This curve, which is downward-sloping in the model that his half-named-for it, is actually upward-sloping in the Keynesian cross. Keynesian economists sometimes call it "desired total spending."
Answer: Aggregate Demand or Aggregate Expenditure
[10] Equilibrium in the Keynesian cross occurs when the Aggregate Demand curve intersects with Y, or national output, a line at this many degrees from horizontal.
Answer: 45 degrees [roll eyes and accept pi over four radians]
[10] Like the Keynesian cross, this eponymous economics law, proposed in 1962, purports to explain the relationship between unemployment rate and the difference between real and potential GDP.
Answer: Okun's Law
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Name these short stories by William Faulkner, FTPE.,
[10] The title character of this story, Miss Grierson, has a servant named Tobe, and kills a Yankee named Homer Barron before he can go back North.
Answer: "A Rose for Emily"
[10] This story from Go Down, Moses tells of Ike McCaslin's introduction into the wilderness by Sam Fathers and Boon Hogganbeck, who trains a dog named Lion to kill the title animal.
Answer: "The Bear"
[10] A barber named Hawkshaw decries the violence in this story, in which Miss Minnie Cooper falsely accuses the black man Will Mayes of molesting her. John McLendon leads a posse that lynches Mayes anyway.
Answer: "Dry September"
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Danielli used bounded functions in a linear space with a positive definite functional to axiomatize it. FTPE.,
[10] Name this process that is an extension of summation to a continuous function defined by Reimann sums, essentially finding the area under a curve.
Answer: integration or integral
[10] This alternative to the Reimann integral uses the supremum of simple functions that are smaller than the function of interest to construct the namesake integral for measurable functions.
Answer: Lebesgue integral
[10] A weighted average of four slopes results in a fourth order error in this method of integration which is most frequently used for approximating ordinary differential equations.
Answer: Runge-Kutta method
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Name some Pre-Raphaelite paintings, for 10 points each.,
[10] This painting of a submerged Shakespearean character in a billowing dress clutching some flowers was executed by John Everett Millais.
Answer: Ophelia
[10] This shockingly naturalistic Millais work shows the title figure getting a kiss on the cheek from his mother. John the Baptist brings a bowl of water on the left, while Joseph and an assistant make a door in the background.
Answer: Christ in the House of His Parents
[10] This William Holman Hunt canvas shows Jesus about to knock on a decrepit door. Adorned in a red cape and the crown of thorns, Christ holds a lantern.
Answer: The Light of the World
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The title character's intolerable son springs from his wife's thumb. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this Yoruban novel in which the title character is attempting to journey to Deads' Town to find his tapster of a certain beverage.
Answer: The Palm-Wine Drinkard
[10] This Nigerian author of Simbi and the Satyr of the Dark Jungle and The Brave African Huntress wrote The Palm-Wine Drinkard and its sequel, My Life in the Bush of Ghosts.
Answer: Amos Tutuola
[10] After its publication, The Palm-Wine Drinkard was enthusiastically reviewed by this author of Under Milk Wood and "Fern Hill."
Answer: Dylan Thomas

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