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2008 Terrapin and MLK Tossups by Chicago Trip and Illinois C
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He advocated the approach of a dog hunting fleas in his paper "The Application of Thought to Textual Criticism," and claimed that "to transfuse emotion" is the function of the title art in his 1933 Leslie Stephen lecture, The Name and Nature of Poetry. He said of the title group that "What God abandoned, these defended" in his "Epitaph on an Army of Mercenaries." After meeting Charon at the River Styx, he recalls his time at Oxford with Moses Jackson in Stoppard's The Invention of Love. The thought that "Fifty springs are little room?to look at things in bloom" prompts him to go "see the cherry hung with snow" in his poem "Loveliest of Trees, the Cherry Now." FTP, name this author whose poems "Terence, This Is Stupid Stuff," "When I Was One and Twenty," and "To an Athlete Dying Young," are found in his collection A Shropshire Lad.
Answer: Alfred Edward Housman
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One man of this surname attacked the Family Compact in the pages of his newspaper, the Colonial Advocate. Another man of this surname used his connections with the editor of The Globe, George Brown, and the Pacific Scandal to come to power, wherein he established his country's Supreme Court. The aforementioned Colonial Advocate editor wrote The Caroline Almanack while serving time in prison as for leading the northern portion of an 1837 rebellion also incited by Louis Joseph Papineau. The first mayor of the city of Toronto shares this name with the second Prime Minister of Canada. A failed expedition to find the Northwest Passage saw the discovery of "Disappointment River" by a third man of this surname. FTP give this surname shared by William Lyon and Alexander, the namesake of Canada's longest river.
Answer: Mackenzie
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The title of one track on this album is a misspelling: "Kathy's Waltz" with a K is named after the bandleader's daughter, Cathy with a C. Bill Clinton was purportedly inspired to pick up the saxophone by the alto player on this album, which was itself inspired by the band's trip of the Middle East and India. The band's pianist/leader penned all but one of the tracks on this album, composing to make use of what he referred to as "all these sevens and nines." Ironically, though, the most famous piece on the album was originally meant as a drum solo for Joe Morello; Paul Desmond, the piece's composer, ended up stealing the show with an alto sax solo in irregular time. For 10 points, name this 1959 jazz recording by the Dave Brubeck Quartet, which includes such timeless pieces as "Blue Rondo a la Turk" and "Take Five."
Answer: Time Out
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Drugs that act on them include nocodazole and colcemid. MAP2 and Tau proteins are responsible for their organization in axons. Severed by katanin and depolymerized by stathmin-Op18, they are stable when possessing GTP caps. Taxol blocks their assembly while colchicine promotes their destabilization. Kin N kinesins move toward their plus ends, while kin C kinesins and dynein move towards their minus ends. Positioning the Golgi apparatus, they exhibit dynamic instability and function in chromosome capture. FTP name these components of the cytoskeleton made up of GTP bound alpha and beta tubulin.
Answer: microtubules; prompt on tubulin before it is mentioned
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Among the languages spoken in this country is the language of Zaza, and sites that may be damaged by a notable project include Zeugma and Hasankeyf. Islands in this country include the Princes' Islands and Bozcaada (bose-jah-ah-dah), and the Sumela Monastery is located near the town of Macka (mahch-kah) in this country. Archaeological sites in this country include Ani, Aphrodisias, and Hierapolis, near the travertine cascades of Pamukkale. More famous are sites such as Mount Nemrut, Pergamum, and Mount Ararat. Home to cities such as Antalya, Izmir, and Istanbul, FTP, name this country with capital at Ankara.
Answer: Turkey
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The Shklovskii effect is a quadratic variant of this, and it produces a Gaussian spectral line profile through thermal broadening. The Ives-Stilwell experiment showed that the relativistic formula for this effect was correct, rather than the classical formula. Hasselkamp, Mondry, and Scharmann's 1979 experiment was the first to directly test the transverse version of this effect, which classical predictions say should not exist. First analyzed by Buys Ballot in the realm of the pitch of sound, FTP name this effect whose strength depends on the relative velocity between source and receiver, a namesake shift in the frequency of a wave as the source moves relative to the observer.
Answer: Doppler effect or shift
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One of these animals can be found on the roof of Valhalla eating bits of Laerad. Gods depicted with the head of this animal include the Chinese wind god Fei Lian and the Celtic forest god Cernunnos. In Greek myth, the giants Otis and Ephialtes kill each other after Artemis takes this form. In the first branch of the Mabinogi, Arawn demands a favor of Pwyll after Pwyll drives some red-eared dogs away from one of these animals, and in the Ramayana, the rakshasa Maricha appears to Sita as a golden one. In Greek myth Heracles hunts one that makes its home on Mount Ceryneia, and a son of Aristaeus is transformed into one of these animals after seeing Artemis bathing. FTP name this animal form assumed by Actaeon for a brief period before his own hunting dogs killed him.
Answer: stag or hart or deer (I guess doe is also acceptable after "Artemis," although the previous three clues all refer to stags)
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This polity's institutions included required labor from artisans, and conscription or civil labor tied to holding certain lands, or the iskaru and ilku systems. The Scythian king Madyes helped raise a siege against its last ruler, Saracus, who allegedly set fire to himself and his capital. Some 500 years earlier, its king reduced the kingdom of Hanigalbat to a province, founded the city of Calah and assumed the new name of Pulu when he defeated Ukin-zer. One of its last rulers installed Psamtik as ruler of Egypt, and it suffered a reversal in its struggle against the Kassite rulers of a neighboring kingdom following the death of its ruler Tukulti-Ninurta I. It fell after the Babylonian king Nabopolassar and the Median king Cyaxares allied against it. FTP, name this empire whose rulers included Sennacherib and Ashurbanipal, known for its capital of Nineveh.
Answer: Neo-Assyrian Empire
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His translation of the Hebrew Bible into German, an effort he referred to as "Germanification" because of its use of nonstandard phrasing, is still employed today by many German ministers because of its poetic language. Strongly influenced by the writings of Kant and Kierkegaard, particularly the latter's notion of "The Single One," he was a preeminent member of the cultural Zionist movement before he discovered Hasidim and devoted himself to translating Hasidic folktales. Name this modern Jewish philosopher, FTP, whom Martin Luther King Jr. cited in his "Letter from Birmingham Jail," relying heavily on this man's notion of "I-Thou."
Answer: Martin Buber
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She characterizes her situation as one stop on the train line of her life in a scene in which she agrees to a "triangular arrangement." This character is disappointed by news of a fracas involving the police and a "mighty huntress of men," the redhead Mademoiselle Diana, since it means that her vision of another character with "vine leaves in his hair" did not come to fruition. She blames a moment of pity while walking by the Falk mansion for her marriage to a man who plans to write a book on the domestic crafts of medieval Brabant, which he puts off to work with Thea Elvsted on reconstructing the last manuscript of Eilert Lovborg. FTP, name this wife of George Tesman, the title character of a Henrik Ibsen play.
Answer: Hedda Gabler [accept either]
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They include a boll weevil sex-attractant and the decalin beta-cadinene. Classified as mono-, sesqui-, and di- types according to the number of carbons ranging from 10 to 20, they are built from 2-methyl-1,3-butadiene units. Including the insecticide chrysanthemic acid, the peppermint oil menthol, norbornane camphor, and a Pacific yew tree derivative, taxol, which is used to treat cancer, they were first studied by Otto Wallach, whose impact on production of perfumes and flavors was recognized by a 1910 Nobel prize. Made up of isoprene units, FTP name these compounds present in plant oils.
Answer: terpenes
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The most famous ruler of this country won the Battle of Velbuzd in 1330 and married a princess of the nation defeated there, Helen. Theodore Metochites arranged the marriage of the five-year-old princess Simonis to one ruler of this country. One ruler of this country changed his title after capturing Serres, and a despot of Serres, John Ugljesa (oog-lye-sha), joined his brother in defeat at the battle of Chernomen. That leader, Vukashin, had a son who died at the battle of Rovine while allied with Mircea (meer-chuh) the Old of Wallachia. The most famous ruler of this land had the sobriquet "Silni," promulgated the Zakonik and allied with the Byzantine pretender John Cantacuzenus before conquering Albania and Macedonia. That king was succeeded by his son Urosh, and himself succeeded his father Milutin. Famously ruled by Stefan Dushan, under prince Lazar Hrebeljanovic it would suffer defeat by the Ottomans at the field of Kosovo. FTP, name this country whose modern day capital is Belgrade.
Answer: Serbia
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British musician Ian Clarke's writes primarily for this instrument - his "Zoom Tube" is notable for its use of nonstandard techniques such as multiphonics, quartertones, and actually singing into the instrument. For fans of standard technique, one of the most important exercise books for this instrument was produced by Philippe Gaubert and Paul Taffanel. Two of these instruments play the opening of Smetana's "Die Moldau" from Ma Vlast, and one of these plays solo at the beginning of Debussy's Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun. Treatises on this instrument were written by Boehm, who devised its modern fingering system, and by Quantz, a composer in the court of Frederick the Great. FTP, name this woodwind instrument whose modern practitioners include Jean-Pierre Rampal and James Galway.
Answer: flute
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The Knudsen relations and mixing diagrams are often used in determining nutrient budgets for these structures. Their magnification factors describe the effects of entrainment between their layers, and they exhibit non-geostrophic dynamics dominated by thermohaline forcing. One type of them have a layer known as the halocline, while another type sees variance laterally thanks to the Coriolis effect. They are categorized by circulation characteristics into classes including vertically homogeneous and salt wedge varieties. They can form when a barrier island or sand bar builds up and provides partial shelter from the open sea, or when inundation of a former glacial valley produces a fjord. Mangrove colonies and salt marshes are typically associated with, FTP, these semi-enclosed structures that form where freshwater from a river mixes with seawater.
Answer: estuary
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One character in this work tells a story about the fictitious Charlie Walser, and is aggravated in an earlier scene by the sight of a carton of milk that is still sweating. Another character purchases a ten-foot backyard Per-Cola the morning after he checks into Charlie Goodnight's Del Rio Motor Court. A third character in this work urges a gas station proprietor to treat a 1958 quarter with respect. It sees Llewellyn Moss, played by Josh Brolin, try to protect himself and a satchel with two million dollars in it from the relentless Anton Chigurh. A silenced shotgun and a compressed air cattle gun are also used in this film which takes its title from the first line of "Sailing to Byzantium". Based on a Cormac McCarthy novel of the same name, FTP, name this 2007 film by the Coen Brothers, starring Javier Bardem.
Answer: No Country for Old Men
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One subplot in this novel concerns Old Grannis and Miss Baker, sixty-year-olds who only know of each other's existence through the wall separating their rooms. Another subplot focuses on Zerkow, an avaricious Jew who murders his Mexican wife Maria. The protagonist owns a concertina and a canary he keeps in a gold cage, and marries his wife after she wins five thousand dollars in a lottery. However, after Trina becomes covetous of her winnings, the title character beats her to death, although he ends up handcuffed to Marcus Schouler in Death Valley. Inspiring Erich von Stroheim's film Greed, FTP, name this novel about a San Francisco dentist, by Frank Norris.
Answer: McTeague
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This artist criticized the combined use of arches and columns, arguing that arches should instead be wall openings supported by piers. He added a portico to Brunelleschi's Pazzi Chapel, while his work on the Saint Andrea church was not completed until the 18th century. More famously, he took inspiration from San Miniato al Monte when designing the upper part of the Basilica di Santa Maria Novella, and for the same patron designed the Palazzo Rucellai. His best known architectural work may be the Tempio Malatestiano, and he became known as the "Florentine Vitruvius" after he revived Roman principles on architecture in 1452's Ten Books on Architecture. FTP, identify this Italian Renaissance architect who also wrote the influential 1436 work, On Painting.
Answer: Leone Battista Alberti
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One of them receives a book of spells from Logistilla and rides a horse which feeds on pure air and was born from wind and flame. One of them is executed after his nephew Pinabel is defeated in combat, widowing the Princess Bertha. One of them will shatter a marble table in the castle of Kronborg by pulling his beard free when he wakes from his magical slumber, while another dies when he sounds Oliphant and his head explodes. Duke Namo, the enchanter Maugris, and Archbishop Turpin are members of this group, together with the rider of the magic horse Bayard and the wielder of Durandal. Astolfo, Ogier the Dane and Rinaldo belong to, FTP, this group of 12 warriors in the court of Charlemagne.
Answer: peers or paladins of Charlemagne
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Dennis Kearny, as leader of a party named for one established by Robert Owen in 1829, pressed for passage of this act, though ironically his donut stand and the entire town of Mooneyville were destroyed two years after this act's passage. Three years after this act's successful passage, Isaiah Washington and fifteen others were arrested for their parts in the Rock Springs Massacre. In a case later cited in Afroyim v. Rusk and Plyler v. Doe, the court ruled that this act did not apply to a certain cook returning from a trip, despite the dissents of Chief Justice Fuller and Harlan. Criticized by George Frisbee Hoar, it was renewed by the Geary Act and repealed by the Magnuson Act, and encouraged by the Workingman's Party and the Supreme Order of Caucasians. FTP, name this act signed by Chester A. Arthur into law which sought to keep a certain ethnic group out of America.
Answer: Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882
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The central character of this novel is comforted for a time by the ghost of a Native American woman named Morning Light. In one scene, a bunch of chickens disappear into a hole in the ground after attacking each other so furiously that they produce a tornado. The kindly Dr. John Brown rescues the central character from a dovecote on the central ranch after she has a breakdown. The central character's older sister Gertrudis flees from a shower and is swept up naked onto horseback by a soldier after eating a dish of quail in rose-petal sauce. A family tradition prohibiting the youngest de la Garza daughter from marrying keeps Pedro Muzquiz and Tita apart in, FTP, this novel whose chapters begin with recipes, written by Laura Esquivel.
Answer: Like Water for Chocolate: A Novel in Monthly Installments, with Recipes, Romances and Home Remedies [or Como agua para chocolate: novela de entregas mensuales con recetas, amores, y remedios caseros]
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This party once called for a "well-regulated currency", "protective tariff", and "single term for the president". Willie Person Magnum and Hugh Lawson White were among the presidential candidates of this party who ran in a 1836 attempt to deny Martin Van Buren the presidency. Later members of this party would oppose the Compromise of 1850, and in the Election of 1856, this party ran Millard Fillmore. Their name came from a term associated with Americans who supported the Revolution, and they championed concepts like Congressional supremacy over the Executive Branch. Formed in opposition to Andrew Jackson, FTP, identify this political party that elected Zachary Taylor and William Henry Harrison.
Answer: Whig
2008 Terrapin and MLK Bonuses by Chicago Trip and Illinois C
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FTPE, things about a piece of legislation epitomized by a 76-39 drubbing earlier this year. Rock, chalk, Jayhawk, bitches.,
[10] This 1854 act sponsored by Stephen A. Douglas allowed popular sovereignty to determine whether two states would become free or slave states.
Answer: Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854
[10] This constitution, written in the namesake town, was originally rejected, but President Buchanan encouraged Kansas to become a state under this pro-slavery constitution. The namesake town of 608 has unfortunately not become the namesake of any pro athletes.
Answer: Lecompton Constitution
[10] Starting on December 1, this "war" began in response to the rescue of Jacob Branson and shooting of Charles Dow, as a group of Missourians invaded the town of Lawrence, Kansas, and had one casualty.
Answer: Wakarusa War
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Identify the following involving a functional group from organic chemistry, FTPE.,
[10] This group is characterized by a carbonyl group linked to two other carbon atoms.
Answer: Ketone
[10] Ketones are produced in this reaction that is part of Electrohilic aromatic substitution and involves the alkylation of an aromatic ring.
Answer: Friedel-Crafts reaction (also accept Friedel-Crafts Alkylation)
[10] Ketones are also produced in this organic reaction of acid hydrolysis of a salt that can also yield aldehydes and always yields nitrous oxide.
Answer: Nef reaction
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FTPE, name the following Jewish holidays.,
[10] Considered by Jews to be the holiest day of the year, it centers around atonement and is part of the High Holy Days that starts with Rosh Hashanah.
Answer: Yom Kippur
[10] Also known as the Feast of the Tabernacles, this holiday occurs after Yom Kippur and involves making fake huts and gathering some branches. Its end is marked by Hoshana Rabba.
Answer: Sukkoth (also accept Sukkos)
[10] Combined with Simchat Torah in Israel, it starts after the seventh day of Sukkot and appropriately means "the assembly of the eighth day". It involves the saying of the Geshem prayer which calls for rain.
Answer: Shemini Atzeret
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This artist created several "Multiforms" during a period in the late 40's, before moving on to paintings dominated by floating rectangles. FTPE:,
[10] Name this Latvian-born painter of the New York School who produced 14 paintings for his namesake non-denominational chapel, located in Houston next to the Menil Collection.
Answer: Mark Rothko or Marcus Rothkowitz
[10] This architect designed the Menil Collection, as well as the Kansai International Airport Terminal in Osaka.
Answer: Renzo Piano
[10] The Menil Collection includes this Magritte painting showing a bunch of identical men in suits and bowler hats floating between some buildings.
Answer: Golconda
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This author wrote about a boy who steals from the firm of Denny and Carson and runs away to New York only to commit suicide in "Paul's Case." FTPE:,
[10] Identify this American author whose novels include Alexander's Bridge and Sapphira and the Slave Girl, and who wrote about Claude Wheeler's experiences during World War I in One of Ours.
Answer: Willa Cather
[10] This Cather novel follows the life of Alexandra Bergson, a member of a family of Swedish immigrant farmers living near the fictional town of Hanover, Nebraska. It is the first work in Cather's "Prairie Trilogy," which also includes My Antonia and The Song of the Lark.
Answer: O Pioneers!
[10] The central character of this Cather novel, Godfrey St. Peter, is a world-weary academic who spends much of his time reminiscing about Tom Outland, a former student of his who was killed during the First World War.
Answer: The Professor's House
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Name some stuff about songs penned by blues impresario Willie Dixon, FTPE.,
[10] Willie Dixon's tune "(I'm Your) Hoochie Coochie Man" became a signature song of this artist of the Chicago blues scene whose other hits include "I Just Want To Make Love To You", and "Rollin' Stone", both inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
Answer: Muddy Waters (also accept McKinley Morganfield)
[10] This Dixon song, first recorded by Howlin' Wolf and later covered by the Rolling Stones and the Grateful Dead, among others, is a lament about an errant barnyard fowl.
Answer: "Little Red Rooster"
[10] Dixon sued Led Zeppelin for royalties from this 1969 single, which liberally borrowed lyrics from his composition "You Need Love."
Answer: "Whole Lotta Love"
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Peru became involved in this conflict when Bolivia invoked a secret treaty of 1873. FTPE:,
[10] Name this war which left Bolivia landlocked, fought over valuable coastline along the namesake body of water.
Answer: War of the Pacific or Guerra del Pacifico
[10] Miguel Grau was voted "Peruvian of the Millenium" for his exploits aboard this ironclad, with which he singlehandedly held off the Chilean navy for nearly six months. It was named for an Inca ruler who lost a civil war to his younger half-brother Atahualpa shortly before Pizarro's arrival.
Answer: Huascar
[10] This 1883 treaty between Peru and Chile ceded the province of Tarapaca to Chile. It was modified by the 1929 Treaty of Lima.
Answer: Treaty of Ancon
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Identify the following relating to a certain computer scientist, FTPE.,
[10] This man, who created influential text editor TeX, is probably best known for his massive The Art of Computer Programming monograph.
Answer: Donald Ervin Knuth
[10] The examples in the latest volume of Knuth's The Art of Computer Programming are being changed to MMIX, an assembly language that will run on computers with this popular type of architecture. Also including architectures like ARM and MIPS, it emphasizes using a small set of optimized instructions.
Answer: RISC (also accept Reduced Instruction Set Computer)
[10] The Arithmetic chapter of The Art of Computer Programming spends a good deal of time on these numbers, providing guidelines for both single and double precision calculations. A common problem in computation is losing precision in these numbers usually represented with a significand, power and mantissa.
Answer: Floats (also accept Floating Point Numbers)
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Answer this questions relating to a seminal German film of the 1930s. FTPE:,
[10] One of the most striking pieces of social commentary produced during the Weimar era, this 1931 film centers on the hysteria resulting from a series of child murders in a small German city. The title is derived from a chalk marking applied to the suspected killer's coat by vigilantes from the "League of Bandits."
Answer: M
[10] M was the first starring role for this actor, who played Hans Beckert, the maniacal, compulsive child killer. His performance caught the attention of Alfred Hitchcock, who cast him in the original version of The Man Who Knew Too Much.
Answer: Peter Lorre
[10] The director ofM, Fritz Lang, followed it with this highly-influential film, which centers on a mad hyponist who writes out detailed plans for crimes. Neither film has achieved the same notoriety asLang's earlier work, 1927's dystopian Metropolis.
Answer: The Testament of Doctor Mabuseor Das Testament des Dr. Mabuse
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Identify the following about a group that ruled parts of India for a time, FTPE.,
[10] Arising from the power vacuum left by Alexander the Great, this empire founded by Chandragupta conquered much of the subcontinent.
Answer: Mauryan Empire
[10] Often attributed to a minister of Chandragupta, this work features large sections on how to spy on the king's subjects and other ruthless and pragmatic approaches to government. For this reason, it has often been compared to Machiavelli's The Prince.
Answer: Arthashastra (also accept Treatise on the Aims of Life)
[10] After the death of Ashoka, the Mauryan Empire declined and was eventually replaced by this empire founded by Pusyamitra. Some of its other rulers include the subject of the Malavikagnimitra, Agnimitra.
Answer: Shunga Empire (also accept Sunga Empire)
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This lord faithfully serves the appropriately-named Duke Senior. FTPE:,
[10] Name this character who delivers a speech delineating the seven ages of man that begins, "All the world's a stage."
Answer: Jacques
[10] Jacques appears in this Shakespeare comedy, set largely in the Forest of Arden.
Answer: As You Like It
[10] This daughter of Duke Frederick adopts the guise of Aliena after following her cousin Rosalind into the forest.
Answer: Celia
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When he wasn't busy fathering Olivia Newton-John's mother, Max Born liked to do physics. FTPE:,
[10] Born identified the inner product of this entity with its dual as the probability density. Its time evolution is described by the Schrodinger equation.
Answer: the wavefunction (prompt on Psi)
[10] Born and this man developed a namesake approximation stating that electronic and nuclear motions can be considered separately in calculating the wavefunction of a molecule. Oh yeah, he supervised the Manhattan Project too.
Answer: Julius Robert Oppenheimer
[10] Born developed a Lorentz-invariant concept of rigidity appropriate for special relativity, prompting this man to state his namesake paradox: a rapidly-rotating disk or cylinder should have a contracted circumference while the radial length remains unaffected.
Answer: Paul Ehrenfest
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I'm pretty sure that if the Moche Decapitator God was playing at this tournament, he'd be doing a lot of decapitating because the Aztecs are getting all of the the credit for mythology in the Ancient American world. In lieu of human sacrifice, you will appease the Decapitator God by answering some questions about non-Aztec mythology, FTPE.,
[10] In the same pantheon as "God with the Buccal Mask of the Serpent" and Pitao Cozobi, this Zapotec rain and lightning deity was in some respects similar to Chaac and Tlaloc.
Answer: Cocijo
[10] If you lived in this place, you'd most likely be worshiping the patron "great goddess" who has a world tree made up of spiders and butterflies growing out of her head and is depicted in a mural at the Tepantila Apartment. Religious ceremonies also took place along its Avenue of the Dead which the Aztecs liked to visit.
Answer: Teotihuacan
[10] In Maya mythology, Xibalba killed and buried the Maize Gods on the structure used to partake in this activity. But Xibalba didn't count on one of the Maize Goes spitting into the palm of his daughter, impregnating her, and creating the Hero Twins who would intentionally lose a few times in this activity.
Answer: Mesoamerican Ballgame
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The title character of this novel interacts with his financial advisor Itzhak Stern and with the brutal SS commandant Amon Goeth. FTPE:,
[10] Name this Booker prize-winning novel focusing on an industrialist who manages to save over 1000 Jews during the Holocaust.
Answer: Schindler's Ark
[10] This Australian novelist wrote Schindler's Ark.
Answer: Thomas Michael Keneally
[10] The title character of this Thomas Keneally novel is a half-white, half-Aborigine duped by the Healeys into marrying Gilda. Fed up with a lifetime of white racism, he declares war on the whites.
Answer: The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith
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FTPE, name these dangerous yet common molecular biology reagents.,
[10] This dye reversibly stains polyacrylamide gels for protein. It is also the active ingredient in Bradford's Reagent.
Answer: Coomassie Brilliant Blue (Prompt on Acid Blue 90, C.I. 42655, Brilliant Blue G-250, or Kunasty Blue)
[10] No longer commonly supplied as crystals, this organic reagent is used in a mixture with chloroform and isoamyl alcohol in liquid-liquid extraction of DNA.
Answer: Phenol
[10] A weak beta source used for autoradiography, this radioactive isotope's primary danger comes from internal exposure and its 87-day half-life. Its usually used to tag proteins.
Answer: Sulfur-35
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Name these khagans or Great Khans of the Mongols, FTPE.,
[10] This third son and successor of Genghis built fortifications and a palace at Karakorum. Following his death during a drinking bout, his widow Toregene Khatun served as regent until his son Guyuk became khagan.
Answer: Ogodei (also accept Ogadai or Ugedei or Oktay Khan or other things that sound like that)
[10] This grandson of Genghis was elected khagan with the support of his cousin Batu following the death of Guyuk. His brother Hulegu led his armies in the west, killing the last Abbasid caliph and capturing Baghdad.
Answer: Mongke (also accept Mangu Khan or other things that sound like that)
[10] This last khagan succeeded his older brother Mongke. He twice tried to invade Japan, and also defeated the Sung dynasty and established China's Yuan dynasty. He also had a summer palace in Xanadu.
Answer: Kublai (also accept Khubilai Khan)
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FTPE, answer the following about recurring theme in Spanish literature.,
[10] This character's companion continually promises him that he will rule an island. With a surname meaning "belly," he rides the donkey Dapple.
Answer: Sancho Panza [accept either]
[10] The title character of this anonymous work is briefly employed by a chaplain to sell water while riding a donkey. Earlier, the title character of this first picaresque novel is apprenticed to a blind beggar.
Answer: The Life of Lazarillo de Tormes and of His Fortunes and Adversities [or La vida de Lazarillo de Tormes y de sus fortunas y adversidades]
[10] This author of the poetry collections Animal de Fondo, Belleza, and Eternidades wrote about his experiences with the title donkey in Platero y Yo.
Answer: Juan Ramon Jimenez
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Griselda Pollock compared the three main figures in this painting to the Fates. FTPE:,
[10] Name this 1857 painting, which depicts women picking up scraps of wheat after a harvest.
Answer: The Gleaners or Les Glaneuses
[10] This member of the Barbizon school and painter of "The Sower" painted "The Gleaners."
Answer: Jean-Francois Millet
[10] This other Millet painting, originally titled "Prayer for the Potato Crop," depicts a farmer and his wife saying the title prayer next to a wheelbarrow.
Answer: The Angelus or L'Angelus
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Identify the following about a certain organization, FTPE.,
[10] One leader of this group was Lavrenti Beria, who was responsible for relocating ethnic groups accused of collaborating with the Nazis throughout the Soviet Union and spearheading the Soviet quest for the atomic bomb. Oh yeah, this organization also contained the GUGB, the forerunner to the KGB.
Answer: NKVD (also accept Narodnyy Komissariat Vnutrennikh Del)
[10] This Old Bolshevik, NKVD head, and deputy of Felix Dzerzhinsky was notorious for his use of gulag prisoners as slave labor in the constriction of the White Sea-Baltic Sea Canal. He directed the interrogations that preceded the first Moscow Show Trial, but he fell out of favor with Stalin shortly afterwards, and was executed in March 1938.
Answer: Genrikh Yagoda
[10] This remarkably short man, Yagoda's successor, presided over the Soviet intelligence services during the height of the Great Purge, which earned him the nickname "The Bloody Dwarf." When he learned of his impending ouster, he retreated to his Kremlin apartment for a series of drunken, bisexual orgies.
Answer: Nikolai Yezhov

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