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2008 Terrapin and MLK Tossups by Chicago Arnold and Truman State
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This author concluded "Since all must judge you more unkind / I starve your body, you my mind," in his poem "The Fair Beggar." This poet wrote "Thus richer then untempted Kings are we / That asking nothing, nothing need" in an ode addressed to Charles Cotton, "The Grasshopper." More notably, he wrote "That joyes so ripe, so little keepe" in a song set to music by Henry Lewes, "To Amarantha; that she would dishevel her haire," and addressed a poem beginning "Tell me not (Sweet) I am unkind" to another woman. FTP, name this Cavalier poet, who wrote "Stone walls do not a prison make, Nor iron bars a cage" in "To Althea, from Prison."
Answer: Richard Lovelace
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During his first year of reign he appointed Nebwenenef as the high priest of Anhur, while later on he had a statue of himself erected at Tunip after he conquered that region and Katna. In his most famous military engagement, he bought into false intelligence that the enemy had retreated to Aleppo and subsequently got ambushed on a road in the Orontes Valley. Despite the losses, this pharaoh would boast about his accomplishments over Muwatallis. One of his wives, Merneptah, became his successor after his death, while he was preceded by his father Seti I. Also responsible for the building of the Abu Simbel temple, FTP, identify this Egyptian Pharaoh and husband of Nefertari, who fought at Kadesh and is considered by many scholars to be the pharaoh at the time of the Exodus.
Answer: Ramses II or The Great
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Chapters in it include "Intuitionism", "The Problem of Unity" and one discussing the problem of the titular concept between different generations. Its Duty and Obligation section addresses things like "The Role of Civil Disobedience", and the revised edition's introduction notes the difference in the title concept in welfare states and property-owning democracies. Martha Nussbaum's "Women and Human Development" is one of many direct responses to this book, with others by Amartya Sen and Michael Sandel, along with a famous refutation premised on Entitlement Theory meant to justify the minimal state. Though mentioned, the concept of Public Reason isn't expanded until the author's clarification of this work, the similarly titled "Justice as Fairness", where the author re-explains the difference principle, the liberty principle and the Veil of Ignorance. FTP, identify this philosophical classic, a 1971 work by John Rawls.
Answer: Theory of Justice
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It is employed by the new titanium based toothbrush called soladey, which combat plaque by neutralizing the substance's protons. In one experiment involving it, a circular zinc plate is attached to a gold leaf electroscope exposed to burning magnesium. In another experiment, the lengths of sparks generated by an induction coil were found to have become smaller in darkness. In addition to the work of Wilhelm Hallwachs and Heinrich Hertz, it is demonstrated in experiments where no detectable time lag is found, and kinetic energy is seen to be independent of intensity. The cut-off frequency times Planck's constant is used to calculate the minimum energy needed for an electron to escape the surface, the work function. FTP, name this phenomenon where electrons are emitted from matter after the absorption of packets of electromagnetic radiation, famously explained by Albert Einstein.
Answer: photoelectric effect
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The most recent notable example of one of these was found in February 2007 in a remote region of Cambodia. Herodotus relates that the pharaoh Psammetichus I ordered that two of them be created in order to determine the original language of mankind. More well known examples include the girls Amala and Kamala found in India in 1920 and Victor of Aveyron, who became the subject of 1970 film by Francois Truffaut. Due to the fact that only about 100 reliable cases are known to exist, a good deal of excitement usually follows when new ones are found. Although rare in real life, fiction is filled with them, some of the most famous being Kipling's Mowgli and Burrough's Tarzan. FTP, name these people often raised by animals who, cut off from the rest of humanity, exhibit a high degree of psychogenic dwarfism.
Answer: Feral Children or Wild Children or equilvalents.
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One essay by this author identifies Zeno's paradox of Achilles and the tortoise and Browning's poem "Fears and Scruples" as Kafka's precursors. Another of this author's essays attempts to present "A New Refutation of Time," while one of his short stories follows Nils Runeberg, a theologian who believes that God's human form was Judas. His other protagonists include John Vincent Moon, who receives a crescent-shaped scar after betraying a comrade, and Ireneo Funes, a paralyzed invalid with an infallible memory. In addition to "Three Versions of Judas" and "The Shape of the Sword," he wrote a story about Yu Tsun, a German spy who shoots Stephen Albert. FTP, name this author of "The Garden of Forking Paths" and "The Library of Babel."
Answer: Jorge Luis Borges
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After the death of his de facto predecessor, he escaped an assassination attempt by jumping naked into a bath of priests after being ambushed near Nishinomiya by agents sent by Akechi. Shortly after this incident, he would defeat Akechi at the battle of Yodo and place that man's head in front of Honnoji Temple, the spot where his predecessor, the grandfather of Samboshi, was killed. As kampaku he instituted land surveys or kenchi in addition to instituting the policy of shi-no-ko-sho which rigidly separated the classes. He unsuccessfully engineered two invasions of Korea, dying during the middle of the second one in 1598. Helping end the Momoyama period, FTP, identify this man who continued Oda Nobunaga's quest to unify Japan, which was completed when Tokugawa Ieyasu took over ruling for his son.
Answer: Toyotomi Hidiyoshi (also accept Hashiba Chikuzen no kami or Hashiba Hidiyoshi)
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Early in his career, this actor played General Maximilian Harmon as a guest star on The Man from U.N.C.L.E., and one of his better known dramatic performances was as John J. Adams in 1956's Forbidden Planet. His last serious role saw him starring alongside Barbara Streisand and Richard Dreyfus in the not-very-seriously-titled film Nuts. Since then, he's starred in forgettable comedy roles like Santa Claus in Santa Who? and as Ryan Harrison in a film where he's framed by a man with one eye, arm and leg. In his role as President Harris, he gave orders to beat people up on suspicion that they're aliens and to unleash an alien death ray on the UN in Scary Movie 3 and 4. In addition to starring in the literal travesty that was 2001: A Space Travesty, he brought his Police Squad! role to the big screen in three films and also starred as Special Agent WD-40 in Spy Hard. Also the star of "Dracula: Dead and Loving It", FTP, surely you can name this actor who played Dr. Rumack in "Airplane" and Lt. Frank Drebin in "The Naked Gun".
Answer: Leslie William Nielsen OC (as in Order of Canada)
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This painting's background shows two different floral patterns - one in the green drapes and another in the brown wall-paper. Jewelry visible in this painting includes a gold bracelet with a black tassel and a black ribbon with a small pendant, all of which, along with an orchid, lead to the painting's controversiality.A woman that stands in this painting's foreground wears a pink dress, contrasting sharply both with her own skin color and the pale skin of the nude title character, who isreclining on a bed. For ten points, identify this Eduoard Manet painting depicting a courtesan, her cat and her black female servant.
Answer: Olympia
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Corradini, Guerra, and Cavallo recently discovered homogenous and octahedral complexes that produce compounds with microstructures very similar to those produced while using this complex. Borate anion dissociates from the agostic complex, allowing polymerization to commence on the active site in another similar advancement and termination of their reactions is usually by Beta-Hydrogen elimination. Methylaluminooxane is sometimes often used as a co-catalyst, behaving like a Lewis acid to abstract a halide. Producing no branching in a stereoselective process that creates either the isotactic or syndiotactic form of the polymer, this describes, FTP, what organomettalic complex which often contains titanium and aluminum that is named after a German and an Italian Chemist, a namesake polymerization.
Answer: Ziegler-Natta catalyst or complex
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One character in this novel falls down a mine shaft on his way to prove himself innocent of a crime he allegedly committed with another character's mother, thought the real culprit was eventually spirited away on a steamship by circus employees. Another character is constantly hounded by Mrs. Sparsit, who discovers her affair with the politician Harthouse.The central character's two children were allegedly corrupted by Sissy Jupe, who grew up with Louisa and Tom.The dissolution of Louisa's marriage to Josiah Bounderby makes Thomas realize that his facts-based educational system may have been flawed in, FTP, what novel about the Gradgrinds by Charles Dickens?
Answer: Hard Times
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One of the first songs in this opera contains instructions to "grind the wheelstone" to let it "spatter fire and blood." One of the central characters is begged to reconsider his actions in the aria "Un giuramento atroce," while another character's allegiance to the old King of Tartary is explained in the first act by Timur.Three ministers in this opera sing "Ola, Peng!" while preparing for either a wedding or a funeral, and those characters, Ping, Pang and Pong, later try to discover the name of its male lead.After hearing a command ordering that no one sleep, Calaf sings its aria "Nessun Dorma." FTP, name this final, unfinished opera by Puccini, about a namesake Chinese princess.
Answer: Turandot
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The Farmer-Labor ticket of Parley P. Christensen and Maximillian Sebastian Hayes placed fourth in the popular vote in this election, while the sitting Secretary of the Treasury, Carter Glass, made an unsuccessful bid for one of the major party's nominations. The victorious Vice Presidential candidate had gained national attention for his role in the Boston Police Strike while serving as the Governor of Massachusetts. One of the third party candidates in this election was supported by a May Day parade and was the subject of a Supreme Court case very similar to Schenck v. U.S. Notably featuring Franklin Roosevelt as a losing vice presidential candidate, FTP, identify this election where an imprisoned Eugene Debs and Democratic candidate James M. Cox lost to Warren G. Harding.
Answer: U.S. Presidential Election of 1920
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It regulates the expression of cis-Nat genes in Arabidopsis, and its failure is the cause of the FMR1 mutation in fragile X syndrome.Drosha and Pasha are proteins that disrupt exportin-mediated transport involved in this process, which leaves behind subcomponents that bind to foreign molecules and targets them for the RDE-1 nuclease. Dicer cuts out the stem and loop structure of the double strand precursor to create a single strand template used by the RISC complex to repress translation or destroy messenger templates. Earning a Nobel prize for Andrew Fire and Craig Mello, FTP name this naturally occurring gene silencing process also used by biologists to inhibit gene expression, often using micro RNA or siRNA.
Answer: RNA interference
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A shirtless, mustachioed man stands behind a closed yellow book in this artist's painting The Child's Brain. Two artichokes lie on a table below a clock and a moving train in his painting The Conquest of the Philosopher. A square, red building appears behind two classical sculptures with rounded, wooden heads in his painting The Disturbing Muses, while two figures are dwarfed by a gigantic white tower in his painting The Nostalgia of the Infinite. Another of his paintings features an ominous shadow emerging behind the building on the right and a girl rolling a hoop in the foreground. FTP, name this 20th century Italian painter of Mystery and Melancholy of a Street.
Answer: Giorgio de Chirico [or Nepo]
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In Ojibwe mythology Nanabozho, the Great one of these is associated with the creation of the world, while the an Egyptian god with the head of one of these creatures is usually shown holding a knife in both hands and is known as Wenenut. In Aztec mythology, a group of four hundred gods of this creature called Centzon Totochtin were emblematic of fertility and drunkenness. The Japanese and Koreans believe that they make snacks out of rice while the Chinese believe that one is pounding herbs, and all three believe that these creatures do so on the moon. This creature's prevalence as a trickster figure in Central and Southern Africa probably influenced a central figure of the Uncle Remus stories. FTP, identify this four-legged Lagomorph whose foot is associated with luck.
Answer: Rabbit (also accept hare or bunny)
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A pet mockingbird was probably kept in this building's Southeast Piazza or Greenhouse, which was surrounded by two Venetian Porches. Octagons were used to great effect in this building, such as in the Cabinet Room, and at one point this site contained a nail making factory run by Smith George. Eagles and stars decorated the ceiling of its entrance hall, which drew inspiration from Palladio and also contained a bust of Voltaire and a famous engraving by John Trumbull. The estate itself was purchased by Uriah P. Levy from its architect and most famous resident in 1834. The 6,000 or so books contained in its library were eventually donated after damage to the Library of Congress in the War of 1812. Coming from the Italian for "little mountain", FTP, identify this mansion designed and built by the 3rd President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson.
Answer: Monticello
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This novel's narrator cites Stanzas on Sex Hygiene as an example of poetry that performs a state service, and walks through fog before having illegal sex inside the Ancient House. That narrator later joins the Mephi Society, and is disturbed by the square root of negative one. All of the chapters of this novel are called "records", and nearly all the time of characters in this novel is officially dictated by the Table of Hours. The narrator undergoes an operation to remove his imagination after being led into a rebellion against the Benefactor by I-330. Narrated by D-503, a member of the One State, FTP, identify this dystopian novel by Yevgeni Zamyatin.
Answer: We [or My]
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Due to their icy composition, some of these objects such as 60588 Echeclus can be classified as both asteroids and comets due to their exhibition of coma. Although they possess a wide variety of colors making the classification of surface composition difficult, they are usually classified into two major color groups: very red and blue-grey. None have ever been imaged by spacecraft, but there is evidence that Saturn's moon Phoebe may be a captured object of this type. Orbiting between Jupiter and Neptune, FTP, what icy planetoids, the best known of which is Chiron, and are named after half-men, half-horses from Greek mythology.
Answer: Centaurs
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This man reportedly entered the house of Count Doenhoff and threw his infant child across a room, beating his wife. In the town of Kargala, he set up a court, where associates such as Ovchinnikov and Zarubin took names of contemporaneous court figures, such as Chernyshev, who was defeated by this man after Kar. This man caught Shcherbatov by surprise at Osa, which led to his taking of Kazan, which led some to suggest moving the capital to Riga. Earlier, he had been defeated by Bibikov at Tatishchevo, but it was only at Tsaritsyn under the able hands of General Suvorov that this man was finally defeated. Leading a mix of Bashkirs and Yaiks, he was spared being drawn and quartered by the woman whose dead husband, Peter III, this man pretended to be. FTP, name this man who lead a peasant rebellion from 1773-1775 in Russia against Catherine the Great.
Answer: (Emelian or Yemelian) Pugachev
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In Euclides da Cunha's 1902 book, Rebellion in the Backlands, he describes the massive battle between civilizations in this region. Livio Sansone focused his study of racial identity on this area in his 2003 book, Blackness Without Ethnicity. The bay on which its capital sits is named for the holiday it was discovered on, All Saints Day, and it contains Almas Peak, the highest in the Diamantina chain. Between 1893 and 1897, thousands of believers gathered around Antonio the Counciler, who preached against materialism and the "godless republic" here, causing Canudos to surpass the state capital in population. Home to a massive 1835 slave conspiracy by the Arabic-speaking Muslim Males, the region was chronicled in literature by Jorge Amado and Mario Vargas Llosa in The War of the End of the World. FTP, name this region of Northeastern Brazil, noted for its vast indigenous population, widespread poverty and the cities of Ilheus and capital at Salvador.
Answer: Bahia (prompt on "Brazil")
2008 Terrapin and MLK Bonuses by Chicago Arnold and Truman State
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Name these exciting Central American destinations that Ryan Westbrook blew off visiting so he could grace one-fourth of you with his presence and malodorous perspiration.,
[10] Ryan could have been in ugly lesbian heaven strolling the streets of Panajachel (pa-nah-hah-chel) on this Guatemalan lake, surrounded by three volcanoes including San Pedro and a namesake volcano.
Answer: Lake or Lago de Atitlan
[10] Ryan Westbrook could have enchanted a young senorita in front of Central America's largest cathedral in this city in Nicaragua . This city's namesake in Spain is located in a region named for it and Castile.
Answer: Leon
[10] Ryan could have taught young Garifuna men to prevent AIDS by growing an ugly beard, adopting misantrophic values, and being generally sexually unappealing in this country, which lies across the Bay of Amatique from Honduras and Guatemala.
Answer: Belize
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Its first section, "The Light Over the Ranges," begins with the Chums of Chance flying the hydrogen skyship Inconvenience to Chicago. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this recent novel in which the sons of Webb Traverse attempt to revenge themselves against the auto-plutocrat Scarsdale Vibe.
Answer: Against the Day
[10] Against the Day was written by this author of Vineland who portrayed Oedipa Maas' paranoia about the mysterious sign of the Tristero in The Crying of Lot 49.
Answer: Thomas Pynchon
[10] This short story by Pynchon is set at a party in Washington DC given by Meatball Mulligan, and ends with a bird dying in Callisto's hands after Aubade breaks a glass window.
Answer: "Entropy"
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It receives sound waves from the oval window via the stapes, and transduces sound as it twists past a helicotrema and out the round window. FTPE.,
[10] Containing the organ of Corti, name this spiral structure of the inner ear.
Answer: cochlea
[10] This membrane below the hair cells gets wider as the cochlea gets narrower near the apex, which allows low frequency sound to cause greater vibration of stereocilia.
Answer: basilar membrane
[10] Only one of each of these much longer "true" cilia is found per hair bundle next to stereocilia of different lengths. They connect stereocilia mechanically with hair cells.
Answer: kinocilia
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FTPE, answer these questions about a medieval English reform plan.,
[10] This royal report, issued in 1258 and named for the English town home to a famous university is sometimes referred to England's first Constitution. These provisions placed the government under the direction of both the king and a 15-member council of noblemen.
Answer: Provisions of Oxford (or Oxford Provisions)
[10] Name the king who reluctantly agreed to the reforms in return for a grant of money from Parliament. His father, King John, also was forced to sign a document restricting the power of the monarchy.
Answer: Henry III
[10] Henry was forced to sign the Oxford Provisions after a foolhardy expedition to this location in an attempt to put his son Edmund on the throne there. Pope Alexander IV had offered Henry control of this region if he would finance the ongoing Papal Wars, and it was earlier controlled by the Normans.
Answer: Sicily
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Answer the following about a German philosopher and author of Parerga und Paralipomena, FTPE:,
[10] Influenced by Immanuel Kant, this author of On the Freedom of the Will sought to expand on Kant's argument that we need to understand the way we experience the world.
Answer: Arthur Schopenhauer
[10] The first volume of this 1819 work, certainly the most important by Schopenhauer, consists of four books: Epistemology, Ontology, Aesthetics, and Ethics while the second volume reflects on death and the author's views on sexuality.
Answer: The World as Will and Representation or The World as Will and Idea or Die Welt als Wille und Vorstellung
[10] Wading into a major philosophical-scientific controversy of his day that was also addressed by Thomas Young, Schopenhauer wrote this 1816 treatise supporting Goethe's attacks on Newton's Optics.
Answer: On Vision and Colours or Uber das Sehn und die Farben
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An important consideration in democratic system is, of course, choosing exactly who will lead the country. FTPE, name the type of legislative electoral system described.,
[10] In this system, seats are assigned to the person in each district who gained the greatest number of votes, allowing people to win office without actually winning an absolute majority of the votes. It typically encourages the creation of two-party systems, according to Duverger's law.
Answer: plurality (also accept first-past-the-post or winner-take-all. Prompt on "single-member district")
[10] Unlike plurality systems, these methods aim to closely match the number of votes a group receives with the number of seats gained in the legislature, aiming to correct some of the irregularities that plurality systems create. Party-list voting is one type.
Answer: proportional representation (also accept PR)
[10] This is a specific type of proportional representation, used in Malta and Ireland. It uses a preferential system through which voters select a most-preferred choice, and indicate preferences for second, third, etc., choices. Instant runoff voting is one type.
Answer: single-transferable vote (also accept STV)
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Answer these questions related to astronomy, FTPE.,
[10] This well-known limit describes the maximum mass a white dwarf can have before it collapses under its own pressure.
Answer: Chandrasekhar limit
[10] Recently, astronomers have found this object that appears to violate the Chandrasekhar limit. The white dwarf that preceded it apparently reached two solar masses before exploding, surpassing the 1.4 solar mass limit proposed by Chandrasekhar.
Answer: Champagne Supernova (also accept and applaud anyone who can tell you that this is also called SNLS-03D3bb)
[10] One hypothesis for how the Champagne Supernova became so massive is that a nearby star to the pre-supernova Champagne Supernova exceeded this. It describes the limit to which the volume surrounding a star is gravitationally bounded to the star and is named for a French astronomer.
Answer: Roche Lobe (do not accept "Roche Limit")
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Answer the following about a 19th century poet, FTPE:,
[10] This French poet wrote Romances sans Paroles after being imprisoned for shooting his former lover Arthur Rimbaud in the hand.
Answer: Paul Verlaine
[10] Verlaine was a leading member of this movement, whose manifesto was penned by Jean Moreas. It believed that poetry should raise itself above the objective description of realism to evoke the sensuous beauty of form.
Answer: symbolism
[10] Published two years before Fete Galantes, this poetry collection was the first written by Verlaine. Its prologue argues that all those born under the title entity inherit blood "burning with lava" flowing with "sad ideals."
Answer: Saturnine Poems [accept Saturnian Poems or Poemes saturniens]
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FTPE, identify the following about the Harappan civilization.,
[10] The Harappan society flourished from around 3300 BCE to about 1700 BCE and was centered on this river's valley in the Punjab and Sindh regions.
Answer: Indus River
[10] Although the Harappan civilization was named for the excavations at Harappa, this city in the modern day province of Sind in Pakistan served as the primary cultural center of that society. Its name in English means "Mound of the Dead."
Answer: Mohenjo-daro
[10] One of the interesting archaeological sites of the Harappan civilization is this city in modern day Gujarat. Many archaeologists claim that the world's first docks were located here because there are ruins of an ancient brick wall some 15 feet high left at the site.
Answer: Lothal
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Answer the some questions about everyone's favorite bound wolf, FTPE.,
[10] This was only chain that could hold Fenrir and was made from six special ingredients including the beard of a woman and the breath of a fish.
Answer: Gleipnir
[10] When Fenrir refused to be bound unless a god put his hand in his mouth, this god of single combat and heroic glory got his hand bitten off.
Answer: Tyr
[10] While chained, Fenrir's saliva turned into this river, whose name means Hope.
Answer: Van
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Identify the following about a certain TV show, FTPE.,
[10] Steve Carell stars as Michael Scott, regional manager the Scranton branch of the Dunder Mifflin paper company on this NBC show.
Answer: The Office
[10] Once given an iPod by Michael in an office Secret Santa, he gets promoted to Jan's vacant position in New York, allowing him to cause problems for Michael like making him quit his second job as a telemarketer.
Answer: Ryan Howard (accept either answer)
[10] Ryan once bragged that he had seen this actor in New York. If you saw Into the Wild you might remember him playing Wayne Westerberg, and he's also played Gary Grobowski, who shared an apartment with Brooke Meyers in a 2006 film.
Answer: Vince Vaughn
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One of this man's elaborate compositions featured each member of a string quartet in separate helicopter with the audience listening by microphone. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this German composer, whodied in December of2007.
Answer: Karheinz Stockhausen
[10] In the early 50s, Stockhausen studied composition in France with this composer of "Quartet for the End of Time" famous for his obsession with birdsongs.
Answer: Olivier Messiaen
[10] One of Stockhausen's most famous works is this piece for electronic sounds, piano and percussion, with the title referring to the touching of the various groups of sounds.
Answer: Kontakte (or Contacts)
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FTPE, identify the following about a morality play.,
[10] The title character of this 15th century British play goes on a journey to prepare for his accounting by God after being warned by God's messenger, Death.
Answer: Everyman
[10] After Fellowship, Goods, Strength, and Discretion refuse, this aspect of Everyman accompanies him to the afterlife. Initially feeble, she gains strength after Everyman goes to Confession.
Answer: Good Deeds
[10] An Austrian adaptation of Everyman by this author is performed every year at the Salzburg festival. He also wrote the libretti for Richard Strauss' operas Adriane auf Naxos and Der Rosenkavalier.
Answer: Hugo von Hofmansthal
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Identify these equations and theorems important in classical mechanics. FTPE.,
[10] These equations from the Calculus of Variations is used to determine the geodesic of a given surface, and is used to formulate the principle of least action, leading to a namesake form of mechanics.
Answer: Euler-Lagrange equations
[10] In astrophysics, it is called the Vlasov equation and is used to describe the evolution of particles under a gravitational potential. In Hamiltonian mechanics, it states that the phase space distribution function along all trajectories in the system remains constant.
Answer: Liouville's Theorem
[10] Used to derive the conservation of the center of momentum, this theorem shows that conservation laws can be derived from any sort of continuous symmetry.
Answer: Noether's Theorem
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Unitarians have had a disproportionate representation on the Supreme Court. Identify some of them, FTPE.,
[10] This Associate Justice, appointed by James Monroe in 1811, was the youngest ever person to serve on the court, starting his tenure at age 32. He worked closely with Chief Justice John Marshall on several famous cases, but is perhaps most notable for his majority opinion in the Amistad case and his dissent in Charles River Bridge.
Answer: Joseph Story
[10] Oyez lists this original Supreme Court Justice as most like baseball player Rick Monday because "they were the first players chosen in the inaugural drafts of their respective games". This Unitarian was sort of the Chief Justice for a time after Jay resigned and Rutledge didn't get confirmed by the Senate.
Answer: William Cushing
[10] This Associated Justice, appointed by Theodore Roosevelt in 1902, became the oldest ever person to serve on the Court. He is frequently cited from Schenck vs. United States, when he wrote about "falsely shouting fire in a theatre" and the "clear and present danger" restrictions on First Amendment rights.
Answer: Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.
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He wrote about Joji, whose fascination with by Western culture leads his wife to cuckold him, in his novel Naomi. FTPE:,
[10] Name this Japanese author of The Makioka Sisters and Diary of a Mad Old Man.
Answer: Jun'ichiro Tanizaki
[10] In this novel by Tanizaki, Kaname is unhappily married to Misako, and abandons modernity after having an affair with his father-in-law's mistress.
Answer: Some Prefer Nettles [or Tade kuu mushi]
[10] In this 1959 novella named for the final chapter of the Tale of Genji, Tadasu's new wife is massaging Tsuneko's legs when a centipede crawls on her body and bites and kills her.
Answer: The Bridge of Dreams
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FTPE, identify these terms used in film.,
[10] This theory states that the director is the primary creative force behind a film and the director's films reflect the director's personal creative vision.
Answer: Auteur Theory
[10] French for "put on stage," this term refers to everythingin front of the camera including lighting, actors, props, etc.
Answer: mise en scene
[10] The technique where both objects near and far appear clear and not blurry, called deep focus, was famously used by Gregg Toland in this 1941 film where the title owner of the The New York Inquirer can be seen standing before a gigantic campaign poster of himself.
Answer: Citizen Kane
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It holds that every living thing has a jiva, or eternal soul, that is held responsible for its actions, and its adherents follow the principle of ahimsa, or complete non-violence toward all living things. FTPE:,
[10] Name this religion, also known for its 24 tirthankaras.
Answer: Jainism
[10] This "Great Hero" was the 24th and last tirthankara of Jainism. He renounced the throne and all his earthly possessions to take up a life of meditation, strict self-discipline, and extreme asceticism, while traveling all over India to preach Jainist principles.
Answer: Mahavira (also accept Vardhamana)
[10] As opposed to their "white robed" counterparts the Shvetambara, this sect of Jainism has ascetics who wear no robes. Which is to say that they're naked, and they also are known for using a brush to clear their path to avoid killing insects.
Answer: Digambara
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FTPE identify the following about an act by King Henry IV of France.,
[10] Henry issued this really famous 1598 decree that granted basic religious liberties to the Protestants of France, most notably French Huguenots.
Answer: Edict of Nantes
[10] Henry relied heavily on this Huguenot minister who negotiated the Peace of Savoy, arranged Henry's marriage with Marie de Medici and wrote the Economies royales which helped popularize Henry's notion of a "Great Design".
Answer: Maximilien de Bethune, Duke de Sully (also accept Marquis de Rosny)
[10] Although the Duke de Sully instituted La Paulette, a tax on the hereditary acquisition of offices to place some of the tax burden back on the nobles, this tax dating back to Charles VII in the Hundred Years War that directly taxed non-nobles based on how much land they owned was still in effect.
Answer: Taille
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Identify the following amino acids, FTPE.,
[10] Isolated by Braconnet, this smallest amino acid is not optically active.
Answer: Glycine
[10] This nonpolar amino acid is encoded by the start codon AUG, and is found in the N-terminal position of all proteins during translation.
Answer: Methionine
[10] Containing a carbnyl rather than an emine, this positively charged amino acid is an intermediate in the synthesis of arginine along with ornithine.
Answer: citrulline

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