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2008 Terrapin and MLK Tossups by Brown
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E.D. Barber encouraged this group to fight for what he called a "Second Independence," and among those opposed to this group were the so-called "Bucktails," who were frequently targets of its complaints. William Seward withdrew from a Congressional race after being nominated without his knowledge by this group, whose namesake Enquirer was published by Thurlow Weed. It nominated Amos Ellmaker for vice-president in the first national convention ever held, coalescing as a political force after the discovery of a corpse that was believed to be William Morgan. FTP, identify this American political party which in 1831 nominated William Wirth for president, and which was opposed to the alleged machinations of a certain secret society.
Answer: Anti-Masonic Party
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This enzyme is degraded by the actions of victorin and the DNA-binding aspartic acid peptidase CND41, but is forced into a proteolysis-resistant state by the binding of its inhibitor CA1P. It is usually localized to to pyrenoids, and a lysine residue on it is carbamated by its namesake activase, which allows the positioning of a critical magnesium molecule. Phosphoglycolate is a side product of this enzyme, whose slow speed and penchant for leading to photorespiration is counteracted by PEP carboxylase in some organisms. FTP, name this enzyme, the most abundant protein on earth, that catalyzes a major step in the Calvin cycle by attaching a carbon dioxide molecule to Ribulose bisphosphate.
Answer: Rubisco or Ribulose-1,5-Bisphosphate Carboxylase/Oxygenase
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The Skaldskaparmal relates how Fulla, the handmaiden of this god's grandmother, was the recipient of a ring and other gifts from this man's mother following an unsuccessful quest by Hermod. According to the Gylfaginning, he bides "the full day through" in his home, where he "puts to sleep all suits," and that home is described as pillared with gold and "with silver thatched." A resident of Glitnir, according to one legend, he led the twelve Asegir who were compiling local laws to Heligoland, and his name has evolved into the modern Icelandic word for "president." None dare break a vow made before this god, and though he was respected as the patron of all judicial assemblies, he is seldom mentioned except in connection with his father Balder. FTP, identify this Norse god of truth and justice.
Answer: Forseti
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This author borrowed from the Anatomy of Melancholy the title for his early novel about William Atwater and Raymond Pringle, Afternoon Men. Infants of the Spring and The Strangers are All Gone are the first and last parts of his autobiography, To Keep the Ball Rolling, and he drew on Arthurian myth for his novel about Saul Henchman, a photographer maimed in World War II, The Fisher King. More famously, this author created the character of Nicholas Jenkins, who narrates the novels The Valley of Bones and A Question of Upbringing, parts of a work named for a Nicholas Poussin painting. FTP, identify this British author of A Dance to the Music of Time.
Answer: Anthony Powell
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The idea that "man is able to shape the world around him according to his wishes" is the title concept of this man's work The Fatal Conceit. This man's work Prices and Production contains his theory of monetary cycles, while he detailed the equilibrium between an economy's inputs and outputs in The Pure Theory of Capital. The section "Why I am Not a Conservative" serves as a postscript for this economist's work about freedom in the law and welfare state, The Constitution of Liberty. He is probably best remembered for a work which warns against collectivist states and their eventual turn to tyranny. Sharing the 1974 Nobel Prize in Economics with Gunnar Myrdal, this is, FTP, which Austrian School economist and author of The Road to Serfdom?
Answer: Friedrich August von Hayek
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The conjugate of these objects can be found by simply inverting the sign between all four terms. In computer graphics, Ken Shoemake formulated two ways for handling interpolation between them, one called Squad and another an adaptation of Bezier curves called a Slerp. One way to create them is to use the Cayley-Dickson construction. The cross product of these quantities is sometimes referred to as the odd product, while one mechanism to do non-commutative multiplication with them makes use of the Grassman product. Unlike their matrix equivalents, they do not run into the problem of Gimbal Lock where a degree of freedom is lost. Their formulator identified four rules that they must follow, such as the requirement that the individual square of the i, j, and k components all equal negative one. FTP, identify these extensions to complex numbers formulated by William Rowan Hamilton that are useful in doing rotations.
Answer: Quaternions
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One man of this royal name was nicknamed "the chick-pea" while another was known as "the fat-bellied" or "benefactor," and divided his kingdom at his death by leaving Cyrene to his son Apion. The minister Sosibius dominated the reign of the fourth ruler of this name, known as "Philopator," while the most famous ruler of this name was the founder of the Lagid dynasty. The second ruler of this name married his sister, Arsinoe II, and fought the First Succession War while subsidizing Pyrrhus against Antigonus, while the fifth one, called "god manifest," fought the Fifth Syrian War against Antiochus III. The first was famously nicknamed "Soter" or "Savior", while the fifteenth one was the son of Caesar and Cleopatra, who had murdered her brother, the thirteenth ruler of this name, before allying with Mark Antony. FTP, identify the name shared by these rulers, the first of whom was a member of the Diadochi and founded an Empire in Egypt following the death of Alexander the Great.
Answer: Ptolemy
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This idea titles a 1974 work by libertarian philosopher George Smith, and in Indian philosophy, the Purva Mimamsa and Carvaka schools can be considered exponents of this idea. In a work about the "trumpet of the last judgment," Bruno Bauer accused Hegel of being an adherent of this idea, while Ludwig Feuerbach wrote in The Essence of Christianity that a person destroys "the unity of... feeling" by recoiling from acknowledging the presence of this idea in one's heart. Alister McGrath has recently published a book about its "twilight." In a work in which he outlined three degrees of excitement, and for which he was expelled from Oxford, Percy Shelley advocated the "necessity" of this idea. Prominently advocated today by Daniel Dennet and Richard Dawkins, FTP, identify this idea which advocates a disbelief in gods.
Answer: atheism
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One play named for this character ends with Easy saying, "Cube." This character insults a former friend by saying "a knavish speech sleeps in a foolish ear," and in response to the question, "What do you read, my lord," he replies, "Words, words, words." When another character asks him "How is it that the clouds still hang so on you," he puns, "Not so, my lord, I am too much in the sun." He learns that his father died from poison poured in his ears while talking to a ghost who first appears to Marcellus and Horatio. FTP, name this character who is killed by Laertes and revenges himself on Claudius in a namesake Shakespeare play, who famously wonders "To be or not to be."
Answer: Hamlet
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In this film, one character, who is once reminded by his store manager to double-bag, sends a card that says, "I doubt they'll give a big fuss about an old guy like me," after which he hangs himself. Another scene in this film sees "Sull'aria? Che soave zeffiretto," from Don Giovanni, played over the loudspeakers in defiance of Norton, who kills Tommy Williams and threatens another character if he does not continue to embezzle funds. That character later procures a rock hammer, which he hides in a Bible, and a poster of Rita Hayworth, both of which are instrumental in his escape from the title Maine penitentiary. Andy Dufresne is eventually joined in Mexico by Red, who is played by Morgan Freeman, at the end of, FTP, which 1994 film?
Answer: The Shawshank Redemption
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One of this author's works describes the love of a cockroach for a butterfly that is temporarily stranded among other insects. This author wrote The Poet in New York while visiting the United States, while another of his poetry collections features images such as a Gypsy girl running away from a wind that wants to rape her, or a girl 'under the gypsy moon' with 'green flesh, her hair green. In addition to Gypsy Ballads, he also wrote a play about an old woman who locks her daughters in the title location and requires them to mourn for eight years, and a play in which Leonardo is killed by the Groom after running away with the Bride. FTP, name this Spanish author of The House of Bernarda Alba and Blood Wedding.
Answer: Federico Garcia Lorca
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A student of Antonio Badile and possibly of Gian Francesco Caroto, this man's first commissions involved frescoes and oils in the church and sacristy of St. Sebastiano, where he painted a sequence telling the story of Esther and Ahasuerus. His late decorations for the Sala Collegio of the Doge's Palace include such works as Mars and Neptune and Venus Enthroned with Peace and Justice, and he collaborated with Alessandro Vittoria and Andrea Palladio in his work on the Villa Barbara. More famous are this man's religious paintings, including one for San Giorgio Maggiore depicting The Marriage Feast at Cana, as well as another whose title was changed at the behest of the Inquisition after this man had depicted commoners in what was supposed to be an illustration of the Last Supper. FTP, identify this painter, most famous for his retitled Feast in the House of Levi.
Answer: Paolo Veronese or Paolo Caliari
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One modification of this reaction uses an active hydrogen compound with two strong electron-withdrawing groups in order to synthesize a conjugated enone and is named for Knoevanagel, and Evans used a chiral oxazolidinone auxiliary to make it stereoselective. Many of its derivatives follow the Zimmerman-Traxler mechanism, with the exception of the version using a silyl enol ether known as the Mukiyama variation. It also follows a Michael addition in the two-step Robinson annulation, and its base catalyzed variant creates an enolate nucleophile which then attacks a carbonyl. FTP, name this condensation reaction whose namesake product is a beta-hydroxy ketone.
Answer: aldol Condensation
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The tide of this war turned when forces under Colonel Evelyn Wood won the Battle of Khambula. Caused by an ultimatum issued by Henry Bartle Frere, this war featured a battle where 150 British troops created a makeshift wall of biscuit boxes to successfully hold off an attacking force of 4500 soldiers. Its first major battle saw the British 24th foot surrounded and wiped out at the title hill, although the British would regain momentum after winning the Battle of Rorke's Drift. The son of Napoleon III died during this war's final battle, where the charge of the 17th lancers ensured the victory of Lord Chelmsford's forces over King Cetshwayo. Featuring the battles of Ulundi and Isandlwana, FTP, identify this 1879 war between the British and an African empire formerly led by Shaka.
Answer: the Zulu War
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One of this man's early works, which would later serve as an inspiration for one of his most famous pieces, was called Maiastra, and one of his first commissions was a depiction for a funeral monument of a kneeling girl performing the titular action. After creating The Prayer, this artists created the first of his many versions of the Sleeping Muse, which in turn inspired Modigliani, and among his works exhibited at the Armory Show was a bust of Mademoiselle Pogany. His trend toward geometrization was exemplified by his ovoid The Beginning of the World, while other works in marble include The Fish and the phallic Princess X. Best remembered for an abstract depiction of several mythological creatures flying, as well as for a war memorial in Tirgu Jiu, FTP, identify this sculptor of The Endless Column and Bird in Space.
Answer: Constantin Brancusi
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The Rammsauer-Townsend effect describes situations in which this occurs with unity probability. The WKB approximation can be used to show that the probability of this occurring is exponentially dependent on twice the integral of the magnitude of the classical momentum over h-bar, although the classical momentum is imaginary in the relevant region. This effect is the basis for a type of diode invented by Leo Esaki, while the Josephson effect depends on it occurring in an insulating oxide layer. For a delta-function potential, its probability scales as the inverse of the quantity one plus the square of the wavelength of the incoming particle, while for finitely wide potentials, the probability of this happening drops off exponentially with the potential width. First applied to alpha decay, FTP identify this quantum mechanical phenomenon in which particles may be spontaneously transmitted through a potential barrier.
Answer: quantum tunneling
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Completed but not yet submitted articles written by this character include "The Danger of Eight-Cylinder Automobiles,"andhis note written in red crayon and signed "Zorro" is read by Dr. Talc. When he works for Mr. Clyde of Paradise Vendors, he inadvertently gets caught up in the pornographic ring of Lana Lee.He often speaks of "the wheel of Fortune," a testament to his love for Boethius's Consolation of Philosophy. Earlier, he had led a "Crusade for Moorish Dignity" while working at Levi Pants to revolt against Mr. Gonzalez and Miss Trixie. Living with his girlfriend Myrna Minkoff in New Orleans, FTP, name this protagonist of John Kennedy Toole's A Confederacy of Dunces.
Answer: Ignatius J. Reilly [accept either]
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Engagements during this conflict included the siege of Namur and a victory for one side at Fleurus, and this war began when the aggressor learned of the Turks' defeat at Mohacs. The Treaty of Vienna was signed by several parties to this conflict midway through, and the side that began the war would later lose much of its fleet at La Hogue. The immediate cause of this conflict was the death of Charles, elector of the Palatinate, without an heir and the advancement of von Furstenberg rather than Clement of Bavaria for the election to the archbishopric of Cologne. Through the wife of the duke of Orleans, his sister in law, Louis XIV claimed part of the Palatinate, which sparked this conflict, whose American phase was known as King William's War. FTP, identify this war between France and the namesake coalition, concluded in 1697 by the treaty of Ryswick.
Answer: War of the League of Augsburg or War of the Grand Alliance (prompt on "King William's War" before mentioned)
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This man critiqued Husserl's phenomenology in a work entitled Against Epistemology, while another of this man's works was written for the fiftieth birthday of his most famous collaborator and consists of short paragraphs with such headings as "Savages are not more noble," and "Downwards, ever downwards." In addition to writing Minima Moralia, his collaboration with Nevitt Sanford at Berkeley led to the development of the F-scale in one of his famous works. One of this man's most famous works, subtitled Philosophical Fragments, contains a critique of "The Culture Industry," and he set forth his mature materialistic philosophy in 1966's Negative Dialectics. The co-author of The Authoritarian Personality, FTP, identify this famous collaborator of Max Horkheimer whose most famous work is Dialectic of Enlightenment.
Answer: Theodor Adorno or Theodor Ludwig Wiesengrund
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The penultimate section of this work includes a meditation on the eyes of the central character, including "eyes of Czechoslovakia attacked by robots," while in another section the work's central character demands to be taken to the crash site of the Graf Zeppelin. The author's brother Eugene is bemoaned as a "poor virgin," in another section of this work, which includes repeated references to Louis, who is revealed to have found another girl, and this work's last section, "Fugue," ends with the repeated refrain "Lord Lord Lord caw caw caw." Beginning with the line "Strange now to think of you, gone without corsets and eyes, while I walk on the sunny pavement of Greenwich Village," for ten points, identify this poem written in memory of Naomi, the mother of its poet Allen Ginsberg, which takes its name from the Jewish prayer for the dead.
Answer: "Kaddish"
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His son, Metiochos, was captured when he was fleeing with this man from the Chersonese. Earlier he had successfully captured the islands of Imbros and Lemnos, and the uncle for whom he was named had given him a territory in the Thracian Chersonese as an inheritance. He faced frequent rivalry with the Alcmaeonids, eventually succumbing to their influence and dying in jail after unsuccessfully leading a fleet against islands that had sided with Persia. With his greatest victory coming in 490 BCE, FTP, identify this Athenian general who was victorious at Marathon.
Answer: Miltiades the Younger
2008 Terrapin and MLK Bonuses by Brown
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J.J. Lim published a work about "Chromosomes and" this economic entity, which can be derived by Roy's identity. FTPE:,
[10] Name this economic equation which breaks down changes in demand into substitution and income effects.
Answer: Slutsky equation
[10] The Slutsky equation involves to this type of demand, which describes demand with respect to price and income and is not Hicksian demand.
Answer: Marshallian demand
[10] Marshallian demand has been criticized by Milton Friedman for ignoring these effects, which argues that an increase in income leads to an increase in consumer confidence and spending, and vice versa.
Answer: wealth effect
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Answer the following about crystal systems. FTPE.,
[10] In this type of packing, each atom has 12 neighbors, and each layer fills in the depressions from the layers below, resulting in an ABCABC configuration.
Answer: face centered cubic
[10] This is the volume of spheres in a unit cell divided by the volume of the unit cell, set at 62% for simple cubic, 68% for body-centered cubic, and 74% for face-centered cubic.
Answer: packing efficiency
[10] This is the ratio of the size of the larger ion to the size of the smaller ion in the ionic lattice, determined by its namesake property. The larger this is, the larger the coordination number, and hence closer the packing is to cubic.
Answer: radius ratio
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It would have banned slavery in all the territory acquired after the Mexican-American War. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this amendment named after its sponsor from Pennsylvania which was struck down by the US Senate in 1846.
Answer: Wilmot Proviso
[10] The failure of the Wilmot Proviso echoed the controversy over this amendment to the Missouri Compromise which would have provided for the gradual abolition of slavery in Missouri.
Answer: Tallmadge Amendment
[10] Wilmot must have felt pretty confident about the outcome of the war, as he proposed his amendment months before this general landed at Veracruz and captured Mexico City.
Answer: Winfield Scott
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Identify the following concerning legendary sacrifices of children, FTPE:,
[10] It is related in Genesis that Abraham was about to slay his son Isaac upon this mountain when the hand of an angel stopped him.
Answer: Moriah
[10] This man sacrificed his son Pelops to the Olympian gods. His name has evolved into a word meaning temptation without satisfaction.
Answer: Tantalus
[10] Agamemnon was forced to sacrifice this daughter of his to Artemis on the way to Troy as punishment for killing a sacred deer.
Answer: Iphigeneia
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FTPE, Identify the following Richard Strauss works:,
[10] In this jocular Richard Strauss tone poem, the horns and clarinets play the two themes of the title character, a mischievous German peasant hero.
Answer: Till Eulenspiegel's Merry Pranks
[10] In this Strauss opera, based on a play by Oscar Wilde, the step-daughter of Herod attempts to seduce Jochanaan, who rejects her. After Jochanaan's head is brought to her on a platter, she passionately kisses it, prompting Herod to kill her.
Answer: Salome
[10] This work for cello, viola, and orchestra, is subtitled "Fantasy Variations on a Theme of a Knightly Character," with the cello representing the title idealist figure.
Answer: Don Quixote
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Identify these novels whose characters have something in common, for ten points each.,
[10] In this excellent sort-of-sequel to The Posthumous Memoirs of Bras Cubas, Machado de Assis created the character of Rubiao, who begins to imagine that he is Napoleon III after inheriting the titular animal from the titular person, by whose name this novel is sometimes alternately known.
Answer: Philosopher or Dog? [or Quincas Borba]
[10] "Today is a day of great jubilation. Spain has a new king... I am the king," writes the title character of this Nikolai Gogol novel, imagining himself to be Ferdinand VIII.
Answer: Diary of a Madman [or Zapisski sumaschedschevo]
[10] The main character imagines that he is the titular medieval German monarch after falling off a horse in this play by Luigi Pirandello.
Answer: Henry IV or Enrico IV
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Answer the following about the San Diego Padres, FTPE:,
[10] The Padres could have made the postseason this year, but they failed to stop the surging Colorado Rockies when this long-time closer, the first to 500 career saves, blew the save with an 8-6 lead in the 13th inning.
Answer: Trevor Hoffman
[10] The Padres last made the World Series in 1998 against the Yankees, and this left fielder hit two home runs in the first game in a losing effort. He would later hit 50 home runs during the race between Sosa and McGwire.
Answer: Greg Vaughn
[10] In the years after losing the 1984 World Series, the Padres produced such rookies as Benito Santiago and this second baseman, who was traded to Toronto in 1991 and later formed a slick-fielding infield with Omar Vizquel in Cleveland.
Answer: Robeto Alomar
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According to its terms, Russia acquired Courland and all of eastern Lithuania, while Prussia got Mazovia. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this event which was finally settled on January 26, 1797, following the suppression of the Kosciuszko rebellion.
Answer: Third Partition of Poland (promt on "Partition of Poland")
[10] After the Third Partition, Poland as a political entity ceased to exist until after World War I, with the minor exception of this puppet kingdom carved out of Polish territory by Napoleon.
Answer: Grand Duchy of Warsaw
[10] The Second Partition, which led to Kosciuszko's uprising, was set in motion when this conservative group, formed to oppose the new liberal constitution, invited Russia into Poland to show those liberals the what-for.
Answer: Confederation of Targowica
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The LHC is supposed to start running this year. To be better prepared for this event, you get to name some things that people are hoping to find there. FTPE.,
[10] This scalar particle is supposed to generate masses in the Standard Model through a mechanism known as spontaneous symmetry breaking. Some people call it the God particle.
Answer: Higgs boson or particle
[10] The LHC will try to detect some new sparticles as proposed by this theory. It is the name for a hypothetical relationship between fermions and bosons, or in other words matter and interaction.
Answer: supersymmetry
[10] The LHC will attempt to accurately measure the masses of some particles, such as these baryons containing at least one strange quark plus up or down quarks. One example is the omega minus particle, which decays into a proton or neutron.
Answer: hyperons
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Due to its secular nature, Catholic writers later added descriptions of religious devotion to this book, which are not recognized in the Hebrew Bible. For ten points each:,
[10] Identify this book of the Old Testament which falls between Job and Nehemiah in the Protestant versions, and which features the heroics of the title character and her uncle Mordecai.
Answer: the Book of Esther
[10] The events described in the Book of Esther serve as the basis for this Jewish holiday, which celebrates the overthrow of Haman, minister to Ahasueras, and is named for the lots cast to determine the date on which Haman's plan to kill the Jews would go into effect.
Answer: Purim
[10] Together with the Song of Solomon, Lamentations, and two others, The Book of Esther is part of this group of five scrolls, which themselves are part of the section of the Bible known as the Ketuvim, or "Writings."
Answer: Hamesh Megillot
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Based on a play by David Belasco, it details the adventures of Minnie, the owner of a polka saloon in California. FTPE:,
[10] Name this 1910 opera by Giacomo Puccini.
Answer: TheGirl of the Golden West [orLaFanciulla del West]
[10] Minnie, the title Girl of the Golden West, is involved in a love triangle with Sheriff Jack Rance and this man, who is actually the bandit Ramerrez.
Answer: DickJohnson
[10] Another Belasco play formed the basis for this other Puccini opera about Benjamin Franklin Pinkerton, an American naval officer who marries, impregnates, and then abandons Cio-Cio San.
Answer: Madame Butterfly
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It is separated from the vitreous body by the end feet of Muller cells, and its bipolar layer is either inverting or noninverting, as classified by Stephen Kuffler. FTPE.,
[10] Name this layer at the back of the eye containing photoreceptors.
Answer: retina
[10] Rods in the retina contain this photopigment that activates transducin, hyperpolarizing the cell when light hits.
Answer: rhodopsin
[10] Bipolar cells in the retina contact retinal ganglion cells that make up tracts destined for this nucleus of the thalamus, which then sends projections to area 17 of the primary visual cortex.
Answer: lateral geniculate nucleus; or LGN
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In 1962, the Vatican excommunicated this man over the expulsion of some bishops from his country, and he was known to identify himself with Baron Samedi. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this dictator of Haiti, who also engaged in a 1962 armed standoff with Dominican president Juan Bosch.
Answer: Francois "Papa Doc" Duvalier (prompt on "Duvalier" to distinguish from his son)
[10] Duvalier is notorious for his creation of this informal armed force, known as the bogeymen, which terrorized his opponents.
Answer: Tontons Macoutes
[10] This man preceded Duvalier as president of Haiti, a position he obtained by overthrowing the previous president, Dumarasilles Estime, in 1950.
Answer: Paul Magloire
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At the end of this short story, the title character takes his donkey Jenny in search of his best friend, who has already died at the top of Marley's Hill. FTPE:,
[10] Name this short story where the title character tries to bribe Judge Lynch to let his friend go free.
Answer: "Tennessee's Partner"
[10] "Tennessee's Parter," along with "Plain Language from Truthful James" and "Mliss," was written by this American author, the longtime editor of the Overland Monthly.
Answer: Francis Bret Harte
[10] In "Tennessee's Partner," Tennessee leaves this town to search for a wife. This town was also the home of John Oakhurst and Mother Shipton, the title "Outcasts" of another story by Harte.
Answer: Poker Flat
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Emile Zola wrote that the artist realized the dream of all painters in this work: placing figures of natural grandeur in a landscape. FTPE:,
[10] Name this 1863 painting which sparked controversy due to its juxtaposition of a nude with fully dressed men.
Answer: Luncheon on the Grass
[10] This Impressionist painted Luncheon on the Grass as well as Olympia.
Answer: Edouard Manet
[10] Some scholars believe that Manet was influenced by the painting The Tempest, a work by this Renaissance master who is believed to have also painted Sleeping Venus and The Three Philosophers, though much of his life remains a mystery.
Answer: Giorgione
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Identify the following about Honore de Balzac, FTPE:,
[10] This is the name for Balzac's collection of almost a hundred interlinked novels.
Answer: La Comedie humaine [or The Human Comedy]
[10] This character appears in twenty-eight of Balzac's works, including Pere Goriot, where he becomes the lover of Delphine.
Answer: Eugene de Rastignac [accept either name]
[10] Rastignac also appears in this novel about Lucien Chardon, a young poet who tries desperately to make a name for himself in Paris but doesn't succeed.
Answer: Lost Illusions [or Illusions Perdues]
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The fourth of the "five good emperors," this man earned his moniker for persuading the Senate to deify his predecessor. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this man who ruled the Roman Empire from 138 to 161, and who had a namesake wall built in Britain.
Answer: Titus Aelius Hadrianus Antoninus Augustus Pius or Titus Aurelius Fulvius Boionious Arrius Antoninus
[10] Antoninus succeeded Hadrian under the condition that he adopt Marcus Aurelius and this later co-emperor of Aurelius as his children.
Answer: Lucius Ceionius Commodus Verus Armeniacus
[10] Upon becoming emperor, Antoninus relaxed some of the restrictions imposed on Roman Jews by his predecessor following this 132 revolt of a man whose nickname translates as "son of the star."
Answer: Bar Kochba revolt or Second Jewish Revolt or Second Judeo-Roman War (or equivalents)
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Those generated from the same process share such resources as the stack and the memory space, and they are typically generated in UNIX-like systems through the fork command. FTPE:,
[10] Identify these sub-processes which are run concurrently by the operating system by means of a scheduler.
Answer: threads
[10] A mutex, or mutual exclusion, is a special example of these structures which threads use to protect the resources they are currently using from other threads. They were invented by Edward Dijkstra and take their name from a similar device used on railroads.
Answer: semaphores
[10] If semaphores are not used properly, this situation may arise in which it is not clear which process will access which resources first.
Answer: race condition
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Nevill, the title character of this man's short story "The Sniper," tries to confess to the murder of his wife's lover after dancing on the table at The Radford Arms pub. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this author, who also wrote about a treasure hunt in the Antarctic in The Lost Flying Boat.
Answer: Alan Sillitoe
[10] Sillitoe is perhaps best known for this short novella about a young man who deliberately loses a cross-country race out of defiance while imprisoned in a Borstal.
Answer: "The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner"
[10] In this Silletoe novel, Arthur Seaton carries on an affair with the sisters Brenda and Winnie during the titular time periods, before being beaten by Winnie's husband and settling down with Doreen.
Answer: Saturday Night and Sunday Morning

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