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2008 Terrapin and MLK Tossups by BGSU and William and Mary B and Harding and Missouri S and T
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At increasing depths, their structure is expected to follow what has been dubbed the "pasta-antipasta sequence," as particles group first into meatball-like clumps, then spaghetti-like strands, then lasagna-like sheets. Their atmosphere is approximately one meter thick, below which is a predominantly iron crust. Anomalies in their rotation speeds are called glitches and are thought to be caused by starquakes. Their existence, first predicted by Zwicky, had strong existence provided by the discovery of the first pulsar in by Jocelyn Bell and Anthony Hewish. Predicted to form when a star's core mass exceeds the Chandrasekhar limit, but is less than about three solar masses, FTP name these rapidly spinning remains of supergiants.
Answer: neutron stars
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In the collection this story appears in, it precedes a story about a woman who decides not to leave for Buenos Aires with her lover Frank. The protagonist discovers copies of Walter Scott's The Abbot and The Memoirs of Vidocq, which he likes better because its pages are yellowed. The narrator becomes agitated at the visiting Mrs. Mercer and the delayed arrival of his uncle, who starts to recite The Arab's Farewell to his Steed before the narrator leaves for the title location. Ending with the narrator's eyes burning "with anguish and anger" upon seeing himself as "a creature driven and derided by vanity," this story features a failed expedition to the title bazaar in order to buy a gift for Mangan's sister. FTP, identify this short story from Dubliners.
Answer: "Araby"
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Hugh Henry Brackenridge attempted to serve as a moderator in this event, which took place in the fourth survey in a system set up by the primary cause of this event. It was exacerbated by David Lenox delivering writs to those involved in it, and Albert Gallatin referred to his participation in it as his "only political sin". One side in this conflict used the term "Watermelon Army" to mockingly refer to the other side, and that rebellious side was commanded by James McFarlane who was shot and killed by the defenders of John Neville. It involved the first use of the Militia Law of 1792, as George Washington had to personally send approximately thirteen thousand troops to Western Pennsylvania to put down the uprising. FTP name this 1794 rebellion in which poor farmers attacked tax collectors in protest of a high excise tax on the namesake beverage.
Answer: Whiskey Rebellion or Whiskey Insurrection
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One story related in this text involves the slaughtering of a fatted calf upon the reunification of two characters. The Coptic Church holds that it was written for the 23rd Pope of Alexandria, while beginning with chapter three, this book tells of John the Baptist's preaching to the ministry in Galilee. Starting at chapter nine, verse 51 this book discusses the Seventy Disciples and other events on the journey to Jerusalem. The draught of fishes and Malchus' ear are two of the six miracles exclusive to this New Testament book, and the "friend at midnight" is one of its eighteen parables. Prominent features of this book include the Sermon on the Plain and the story of the Prodigal Son. Its namesake was is traditionally considered a Gentile physician and the author of Acts. Addressed to Theophilus, FTP name this third gospel of the New Testament, found between Mark and John.
Answer: The Gospel According to Luke
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Besides owning an equity stake in Equal, his clothing line is sold in a special section of Mervyn's. An Amazon reviewer was surprised to find that he put out a "surprisingly passable album" with songs like With These Hands and Run to Me which eventually won him a Grammy nomination in 2000. In his most famous venue, after promising his mother Cecilia a victory, he defeated the man he had bested him the 1991 World Championships, Marco Rudolph. In the late '90s he suffered defeats at the hands of Felix Trinidad and Sugar Shane Mosely, although earlier he beat Wilfredo Rivera in the "Title Wave " fight in Atlantic City as part of his quest to win world titles in six different weight classes. Most recently beating Ricardo Mayorga but not Floyd Mayweather, Jr., FTP, identify this only U.S. winner of a Gold Medal in boxing, a Mexican-American boxer nicknamed "Golden Boy".
Answer: Oscar de la Hoya
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In one of his paintings, two men in green and orange hold hats in one hand and staves in the other, while a bearded man in white carrying a backpack goes hiking. Another of his paintings shows a storm raging as the titular animal takes an s-shaped curvature. Other than The Meeting and The Fox in the Snow, this artist also painted a nude woman lying on a white cloth with her raised left arm holding the title creature in Woman with a Parrot. The Shaded Stream and The Hammock are forest scenes reminiscent of his painting of a dead deer hung from a tree while a man plays a horn, The Quarry. In addition to Les demoiselles de village, he also painted a hairy closeup of a woman's genitals in The Origin of the World, and a nude woman standing behind the painter himself working on a landscape in The Artist's Studio. Known for painting a funeral in his hometown, FTP name this artist of Burial at Ornans.
Answer: Gustave Courbet
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The length of the three axes of Poinsot's ellipsoid is equal to half of the three values obtained by diagonalizaing the tensor representing this quantity. Those three values, known as principle ones of these, also appear on the left hand side of the Euler equation. Two of the three principle ones are equal in the case of a symmetrical top, and all three are equal for a spherical top. The parallel axis theorem can be used to find one of these along a different axis, and in general, it is equal to the integral of the radius squared times the differential mass element. FTP what is this quantity, the rotational analog of mass?
Answer: moment of inertia
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One commander in this war referred to his subordinate, Rear Admiral Enkvist, as "Slutty Old Geezer" and during this war that same commander attempted to buy several cruisers from Argentina and Chile. The spy Garting's actions led to an incident involving a boat nicknamed the Lecherous Slut, and the deaf general Oskar Grippenberg led an inconclusive attack which originally surprised his opponents. Admiral Witgeft's defeat was seen as a tragedy for the losing side in this war, and Klado encouraged Admiral Nebogatov to use several old ships, after which 1,300 sailors were sent to detention camps for refusing to board the obsolete ships. Lesser known battles in this war included Shaho and Sandepu, while the fleet of Zinovy Rozhdestvensky famously fired on fishing ships on the Dogger Bank before being defeated by Togo Heihachiro at the Battle of Tsushima Straits. Ended by the Treaty of Portsmouth, FTP, name this war which saw the first defeat of a European power by an Asian one.
Answer: Russo-Japanese War
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At the end of this play's first scene, one character slaps her maid Flipotte and calls her a slut after defending the main character. Another character is incriminated by documents in Argas' strongbox, and is given a notice of eviction by the bailiff Monsieur Loyal, which finally sways Madame Pernelle's opinion. Throughout this play, Cleante and Damis warn about the protagonist's true nature, which is revealed by his pursuit of Elmire. In the second act, Mariane is ordered to marry the title character by Orgon, who took the title character into his house after being impressed by his loud prayers in church. FTP, name this play about a religious hypocrite, a work by Moliere.
Answer: Tartuffe
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The Borbonicus Codex depicts him holding his turquoise fire serpent in one hand and also shows this deity holding a paper flag. His most famous temple contained several Eagle Men who perhaps represented the rising sun. He is depicted in drawings such as the Florentine Codex with feathers on his head, and he is also the god of journeys as he led his people to their adopted home. The head of his sister, which he cut off in vengeance, was tossed into the air by this deity to become the moon. The reason for this act was his mysterious conception involving a ball of feathers touching his mother Coatlicue and thus upsetting Coyolxauhqui. His name is sometimes translated to mean "Hummingbird of the Left". Known for a festival consisting of a 25 day bloody orgy of sacrifice, FTP, name this national god of the Aztecs who, along with Tlaloc, had a temple devoted to him in Tenochtitlan.
Answer: Huitzilopochtli (prompt on "Hummingbird of the Left" or "Hummingbird of the South" before mentioned)
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He gave the story of an owner not being able to refuse his canoe when the community goes fishing as an example of what he calls "primitive communism" in a work that also discusses "The Rules of Law in Religious Acts" and "Reciprocity as the Basis of Social Structure." He wrote of gardeners performing rituals in an attempt to increase production despite their superior knowledge of soil in a work blending the three title concepts. In addition to Crime and Custom in Savage Society and Magic, Science and Religion, he differentiates between basic individual and broad communal needs in a work resulting from research of Mexican Indian villages, A Scientific Theory of Culture. More famously, he described the Tewara and Sanaroa with regards to their exchange cycle where the islanders visit other islands to barter, known as a kula ring. FTP name this author of Coral Gardens and Their Magic who studied the Trobriand Islanders in Argonauts of the Western Pacific, a Polish anthropologist.
Answer: Bronislaw Kaspar Malinowski
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He criticized a "ranting field orator" who believed that "the lion and the lamb will stray / And social, walk the woodland way" in his poem "The Millenium." Another of his poems states "let others...tell of climes that boast unfading light" / "I sing the horrors of the House of Night." This author of General Gage's Confession adopted the persona of Hezekiah Salem for poems such as "To a Honey-Bee," and lamented his treatment after the capture of the Aurora in "The British Prison Ship." FTP, identify this author of "The Wild Honey-suckle" and "The Indian Burying-Ground," known as the "Poet of the American Revolution".
Answer: Philip Freneau
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The revolt of Bel-Shimanni and Shamash-eriba were put down by the general Baghabukhsha in the early years of this king's rule, while a letter about Khnumemakhet hints at a revolt in Egypt put down by this king. The eunuch Aspamitres, in league with Megabyxus, assassinated this ruler in his bed chamber in favor of his eldest son, but that eldest son was killed by his younger brother. This man's forces captured statues of Harmodius and Aristogiton during one notable action, and Gelon defeated the Carthaginians at Himera simultaneous to this man's most famous battle. He famously created a canal across the Athos peninsula, and his forces were defeated at the battle of Mycale, and his successor offered exile and rule over Magnesia to his most famous rival. Leaving Mardonius to defend Plataea after watching his forces lose to those under Themistocles at Salamis, FTP, name this Achaemenid king and successor to Darius I.
Answer: Xerxes I or Khshayar Shah
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Its residual body can form a lipofuscin pigment granule, and proteins like AP1 and GAAT are necessary for its function. An enlargement of it that causes damage to muscle cells is called Pompe (pom-PAY) disease, while a defect in sugar metabolism causes it to malfunction in Hurler's syndrome. The home to V-class pumps, it takes in triskelion shaped clathrin-bound vesicles, and proteins tagged by mannose-6-phosphate are bound for it. Critical for autolysis, FTP name this organelle that uses proton pumps to generate an acidic environment where its hydrolases can act to digest material.
Answer: lysosome
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The penultimate section of this work was written with the injunction that "had my mother cooked meat, I would have remained longer." That piece is a combination of two folk songs, and is followed by a section said to be "da capo." The 10th section starts in the bass until the main subject is given in soprano in bar 9, and is titled a "Fughetta." Wanda Landowska produced the first recording of it, written in an attempt to soothe the insomnia of Count Kayserling. Beginning and ending with a characteristic sarabande in 3/4 time, it contains a quodlibet in addition to the two arias. Famously performed with humming by Glenn Gould, FTP name this collection of 30 works for harpsichord named for its first performer, some variations written by J. S. Bach.
Answer: Goldberg variations
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Features in this province include Split Lake, Playgreen Lake and Cross Lake, which are all connected by the Nelson River. The large plateau of Riding Mountain National park is in its southwestern corner and its highest point is the 2,726-foot high Baldy Mountain, part of this province's namesake escarpment left by Glacial Lake Agassiz. This province receives the Red River of the North and its southeast corner contains a small portion of the Lake of the Woods. Famous for polar bear gatherings at Churchill and bordering Nunavut, Saskatchewan, and Ontario, FTP, name this Canadian province whose cities include Portage la Prairie, Brandon and Winnipeg.
Answer: Manitoba
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Pasatieri's opera Black Widow is based on this author's work Two Mothers. This author of the unsuccessful Peace in War wrote a novel narrated by Angela Carballino, who reflects about the loss of faith of the title priest, and defended "faith in faith itself" in The Agony of Christianity. Another of his novels begins with a prologue by Victor Goti, and describes Augusto Perez, who is denied the right to commit suicide on the basis of his unreality. In addition to Saint Manuel Bueno, Martyr and Mist, he updated the story of Cain and Abel in Abel Sanchez and wrote about confronting the fact of mortality in The Tragic Sense of Life. FTP, name this Spanish philosopher and novelist, the leader of the Generation of '98.
Answer: Miguel de Unamuno y Jugo
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This work argues that people should return to Lycurgus' system of thinking only one's own thoughts in the section about whether a key concept "is fallible." This work also calls family "the most ancient of all societies, and the only one that is natural" and makes the claim that monarchy is best suited to hot climates and is the strongest form of government. Its author calls for the establishment of a court called a tribunate to mediate disputes, and claims in the section "The Sovereign" that government's right to rule derives from "the consent of the governed." Advocating conformity to the "general will," and beginning "man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains," FTP name this work claiming that people, and not government, are involved in the title agreement, written by Jean-Jacques Rousseau.
Answer: The Social Contract or Principles of Political Right (accept Du contrat social ou principes de droit politique)
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One way to prove it is to use the invertibility of the natural number group up to its order ensured by Bezout's identity, and apply Lagrange's theorem. Another proof of it uses induction on the binomial theorem, and one of its corollaries can be stated in terms of a 2k factorial term in relation to minus one. One of its consequences is Hannam's lemma, and a generalization of it using the totient function is known as Euler's theorem. Its converse is Lehmer's theorem, and when a positive integer satisfies it for all choice of bases, that integer is called a Carmichael number. Directly implying Wilson's theorem, FTP name this theorem originally stated without proof, which states that a to the p mod p equals a mod p, for prime p, the result of a French mathematician also known for his "last" theorem.
Answer: Fermat's little theorem
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This man's first expedition was preceded by several caravels searching for the "island of Brazil and the Seven Cities" and accounts of it were written by Peter Martyr and Ramusio, although it also found the "kingdom of the Grand Khan" according to Pasqualigo. One member of that expedition served as pilot-major in Spain from 1533 to 1547 and thus may have fabricated things like the Island of San Juan, and according to one account one territory discovered by this man was named for a worker from the Azores. One of his alleged discoveries is disputed between him and Gaspard Corte-Real. The Chronicon of Fabyan and the accounts of Stowe and Hakluyt dispute the leader of this man's second voyage, although it is noted that when he returned from his first voyage he found the land in the throes of the revolt of Perkin Warbeck. Sailing first with 18 men aboard the Matthew and commissioned by Henry VII, FTP, name this Italian explorer who may have sailed with his son Sebastian.
Answer: John Cabot or Giovanni Cabotto or Gabotto
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Commercial uses for these include uses in lasers and in sunglass lenses as they tend to reflect harmful UV radiation as well as several members of this group comprising significant portions of the alloy called Misch metal. Due to their electronic structures, members of this group tend to lose three electrons and are therefore find their most stable oxidation states as trivalent ions. Trends among this group include the filling up of the 4f atomic orbital and a decrease in the size of the ionic radius, the group's namesake 'contraction'. Containing three of the four elements named after the same town in Sweden, FTP, identify this group of 15 elements that includes Erbium, Samarium, Promethium and its namesake element whose name comes from the Greek word for "to lie hidden".
Answer: Lanthanides
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In one battle, they fought with the "thousand of Marsala", while in a fight against Bosco they included an English regiment led by Major Wyndham. They helped secure victory at the Battle of Vita, and after their greatest success their leader was offered command of Federal troops by Abraham Lincoln, although this request was refused. They were essential in winning the battles of Milazzo and the Volturno River, and they were sometimes led by a man who would later lead the Hunters of the Alps battalion in the Austro-Sardinian War. Their most distinctive feature may have originated while their commander, a fervent opponent of the Conte di Cavour, was in exile in either Staten Island or Argentina, in the latter case coming from exports intended for a slaughterhouse. A volunteer army essential in the conquering of Sicily and Naples, FTP, identify this group of followers of Garibaldi who helped unify Italy, named for the color of attire they wore.
Answer: Redshirts (also accept Camicie Rosse, prompt on "Garibaldi Guard")
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This person made a politically important marriage to Marcus Aemilius Scaurus's widow after he had led a successful invasion of Cimbri. Fond of strangling people, he had the quaestor Granius strangled in his presence the day before he died. After manipulating Bocchus of Mauretania into capturing a famous enemy of Rome, he served as propraetor of Cilicia and was eventually named consul. Among the governmental reforms he initiated were significantly increasing the number of quaestiones perpetuae and setting one-year term limits for proconsuls. After a successful war against Mithridates, Publius Rufus overruled the Senate and denied him power, acting in collaboration with Marius and his Populares. A victor over the Samnites in the Social War and the capturer of Jugurtha, FTP, identify this leader of the aristocratic Optimates who served as Roman dictator from 82 to 79 BCE before quietly retiring to private life.
Answer: Lucius Cornelius Sulla Felix
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He once wins an archery contest to claim the rights to sell his most prized possession believing that possession to be obsolete after getting hypnotized. One of his younger relatives gets appointed to be in the "Carnival of Thrills" over him, and he was played by Randy Wayne in a prequel that aired on ABC Family last year which saw him getting in trouble with some illegal fireworks. Despite the terms of his probation not allowing him to leave the county, he drove with his more accomplished crony on the NASCAR circuit for a year, and in the made-for-TV reunion movie, it is revealed that he works for the U.S. Forest Service as a fire jumper. Played by Tom Wopat in the TV series and by Johnny Knoxville in the really crappy 2005 movie, FTP name this cousin of Bo and Daisy who often sits shotgun in the General Lee in The Dukes of Hazzard.
Answer: Lukas Kenneth "Luke" Duke (prompt on "Duke")
2008 Terrapin and MLK Bonuses by BGSU and William and Mary B and Harding and Missouri S and T
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Answer these questions about a topic in microeconomics, FTPE.,
[10] This branch of theoretical and mathematical microeconomics, pioneered by Leon Walras, relates quantities like price, supply, and demand across an economy with many actors and markets.
Answer: General Equilibrium Theory
[10] Name this American economist who won the Nobel Prize in Economics with John Hicks in 1972 for updating General Equilibrium Theory. He is a founder of the Neo-classical school, and is also known for his impossibility theorem.
Answer: Kenneth Arrow
[10] This French-born American won the 1983 Nobel Prize in Economics for his rigorous mathematical formulation of General Equilibrium Theory, written with Kenneth Arrow. He is also known for contributions to value and utility theory and works like Theory of Value.
Answer: Gerard Debreu
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It was originally known as the "Dance of the Kurds," and its bridge features a part for xylophone and trumpet glissandos. FTPE:,
[10] Name this uptempo piece whose main theme consists of rapidly alternating major and minor sevenths.
Answer: "Sabre Dance"
[10] This Armenian composer of Spartak composed "Sabre Dance."
Answer: Aram Khachaturian
[10] "Sabre Dance" plays during the marriage of Armen to the title character in the last act of this ballet by Khachaturian set on a collective farm. It also includes "Lezghinka" and "Ayesha's Dance."
Answer: Gayane
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69 AD was a turbulent time in the history of Rome. FTPE:,
[10] Identify the name given to this period in Roman history, an allusion to the trouble Rome had in finding a permanent ruler after the death of Nero.
Answer: Year of the Four Emperors
[10] When this first successor to Nero was slain, the soldier who beheaded him put this man's bald head in his clothes, as there were no hairs to hold it by, later settling on returning it to Otho by sticking his thumb between his teeth. From 61 to 68 he had served as governor of Hispania Tarraconensis.
Answer: Servius Sulpicius Galba
[10] This man put down a revolt against Nero led by Vindex as governor of Germania Superior and was held up by his legions as emperor upon Nero's death, but he refused and Galba took the role instead.
Answer: Lucius Verginius Rufus (accept either underlined part)
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It includes part of a mock epic written by Jonathan Swift Somers, and begins with a poem about "Elmer, Herman, Bert, Tom, and Charley," who are "sleeping on the hill." FTPE:,
[10] Identify this poetry collection that features monologues spoken by endearing characters like Constance Hately, Editor Whedon, and Thomas Rhodes.
Answer: Spoon River Anthology
[10] Spoon River Anthology was written by this author, who was also partners in a law firm with Clarence Darrow.
Answer: Edgar Lee Masters
[10] The fortieth poem in Spoon River Anthology, about a poet who "watched for men and women / Hiding in burrows of fame amid great cities," is a depiction of this author of The Stoic and A Hoosier Holiday.
Answer: Theodore Dreiser
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Answer some questions about a consequence of the theory of relativity, FTPE.,
[10] This phenomenon occurs when traveling at near-light speeds or at the bottom of gravitational wells and explains why one identical twin seems to have aged less in the Twin Paradox.
Answer: time dilation
[10] Symbolized as the greek letter gamma, this component of the equations for length contraction and time dilation is equal to the reciprocal of the square root of the quantity one minus the square of the ration of an object's speed to the speed of light.
Answer: Lorentz factor
[10] This quantity is the four-dimensional analogue to arc length and is defined as the time measured by a clock for events to occur in the same place as the clock. It will be shorter in an accelerating reference frame.
Answer: proper time
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An almost hidden crucifix at the upper left of this painting leads one of the titular persons depicted to claim that it shows Christ in His humanity is "visble, passible, and mortal," while in His divinity, he is "invisible, impassible, and immortal." FTPE.,
[10] Name this painting of Jean de Dinteville and Georges de Selves, whose other features include two globes and an apparent smear in the bottom center that is actually a distorted skull.
Answer: The Ambassadors
[10] This German artist drew illustrations of The Praise of Folly and created the altarpiece Madonna of Burgomaster Mayer, but is best known for The Ambassadors.
Answer: Hans Holbein the Younger
[10] Holbein created this series of 41 woodcuts whose members include The Consequences of the Fall, The Creation, and The Temptation, ending with The Last Judgment.
Answer: Dance of Death
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His false friend Proteus was so jealous of him that he convinced his father-in-law King Iobates to send him on what he thought to be an impossible task. FTPE:,
[10] Name this Corinthian hero who turned out to be successful in slaying the Chimera.
Answer: Bellerophon
[10] A child of Typhon and Echidna, the Chimera had the tail of a dragon and the body of a goat but the head of this creature.
Answer: lion
[10] This man, the wisest man in Lycia, helped Bellerophon on his quest, advising him to shower Athena with gifts so she may help Bellerophon obtain Pegasus.
Answer: Polyidus
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In it, Mr. Willoughby falls in love with Marianne and Edward Ferrars eventually marries Elinor. FTPE:,
[10] Name this novel about the Dashwood sisters.
Answer: Sense and Sensibility
[10] Sense and Sensibility is a novel by this author of Persuasion and Mansfield Park.
Answer: Jane Austen
[10] The Dashwood women must find a new home after their tyrannical brother, John, inherits this family estate.
Answer: Norland
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Identify the following Secretaries of State FTPE.,
[10] As Wilson's replacement for William Jennings Bryan, he negotiated an agreement with Ishii of Japan, and attended the Paris Peace Conference, although due to his differing opinions with President Wilson on the League of Nations, he resigned in 1920 and was replaced by the unnotable Bainbridge Colby.
Answer: Robert Lansing
[10] He took over as Coolidge's secretary of state upon the departure of Charles Evans Hughes. His name appears alongside that of Aristide Briand in a 1928 pact outlawing war.
Answer: Frank Kellogg
[10] He replaced Harry Hopkins in overseeing the Lend-Lease Program and replaced Cordell Hull as Secretary of State, advising President Roosevelt at Yalta and serving as the chief of the U.S. delegation to the San Francisco Conference, which saw the establishment of the UN. Later, he would become the first US Ambassador to the UN.
Answer: Edward Reilly Stettinius, Jr.
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In one of the five extant classes of this phylum, embryos develop into doliolarian larvae, and the organisms' ambulacral grooves are bordered by modified ossicles called lappets. FTPE.,
[10] Containing the class Crinoidea, name this phylum characterized by decentralized radial nerves, radial symmetry, and tube feet, containing sea urchins and starfish.
Answer: echinodermata
[10] The tube feet of echinoderms are contained in this organ system derived from the mesocoel. Consisting of a central ring and radial branches, this network functions in locomotion and gas exchange.
Answer: water vascular system
[10] Possessing respiratory trees, a reduced exoskeleton, and a collagenous body wall, this class of echinoderms belongs to the phylogenetic branch of Ophiuroidea and Echinoidea, and includes the irregularly shaped sea cucumbers.
Answer: Holothuroidea
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Songs on this album include "Radio Nowhere," "You'll be Comin' Down," "Gypsy Biker," and "I'll Work for Your Love." FTPE:,
[10] Name this 2007 album, deemed the second best album behind M.I.A.'s Kala by Rolling Stone magazine.
Answer: Magic
[10] Magic is the latest release of this singer, who reunited with the E Street Band for the first time since 2002's The Rising. His other albums include Born to Run and Born in the U.S.A.
Answer: Bruce Springsteen
[10] This song from Born in the U.S.A. informs us that "You can't start a fire without a spark" and that "this gun's for hire" even if we're just performing the title action. While performing this song, Springsteen introduced the world to Courteney Cox when he brought her on stage.
Answer: "Dancing in the Dark"
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Identify the following about a certain type of programming language, FTPE.,
[10] Exemplified in languages like Scheme, OCaml and Lisp, these type of languages often use recursion to do looping and can make use of tuples as data structures.
Answer: Functional Programming Languages (do not accept "Purely Functional Programming Languages", those given languages do not fit that description)
[10] One interesting functional programming language is this minimal one developed by Alonzo Church and Stephen Kleene. It consists of both free and bound variables, and those variable names can be renamed with alpha conversion.
Answer: Lambda Calculus
[10] Purely functional programming languages like Haskell do not allow for these, mechanisms for altering the state of the program aside from the return value of a function like a global variable. They also screw up referential transparency.
Answer: Side Effects
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Name these people or movements that caused trouble in the United Kingdom around the turn of the twentieth century, FTPE.,
[10] Before Charles Parnell discredited himself due to his affair with Kitty O'Shea, he successfully negotiated the Kilmainham Treaty with this liberal prime minister of England and longtime opponent of Benjamin Disraeli.
Answer: William Ewart Gladstone
[10] This founder of the Women's Social and Political Union went as far as advocating arson to support the suffrage movement and threw a brick through a window at 10 Downing Street, but died just weeks before women's suffrage was granted in Britain.
Answer: Emmeline Pankhurst
[10] The General Transport Strike in Liverpool in 1911 is infamous for this event, where police used their batons to beat up on a group of people gathered to hear Tom Mann speak at a meeting of striking workers. It shares its name with a particularly bad day for British troops in the Battle of Paardeberg in the Second Boer War.
Answer: Bloody Sunday (also accept Red Sunday)
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His play Menaechmi was adapted by Shakespeare for The Comedy of Errors. FTPE:,
[10] Name this Roman playwright of Aulularia and Miles Gloriosus, who borrowed heavily from Greek New Comedy.
Answer: Titus Maccius Plautus
[10] Plautus adapted many of his plays from this Greek playwright of The Girl from Samos, The Arbitration, and The Grouch, the best known exponent of New Comedy.
Answer: Menander
[10] In this play by Terence, Parmeno suggests that Chaerea pose as the title character in order to rape Pamphila. When her brother, Charmenes, learns about this from Thais, he causes Chaearea to be bound and whipped.
Answer: The Eunuch [or Eunichus]
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Name these religions from the same place, FTPE.,
[10] This religion, practiced by at least 84% the population in its country of origin, is divided into State, Shrine, and Sect forms, among others.
Answer: Shintoism
[10] Founded by Makiguchi Tsuesaboro, Hirotatsu Fujiwara exposed a link between this "Value Creating Society", a form of Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism, and Japan's Komeito party in 1964.
Answer: Soka Gakkai
[10] This "Supreme Truth" cult led by Shoko Asahara was dissolved in 1996 after being found responsible for gas attacks in Matsumoto and Tokyo.
Answer: Aum Shinrikyo
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Identify the following related to a certain ionic functional group FTPE.,
[10] The conjugate base of an alcohol, this structure consists of an organic group bonded to a negatively charged oxygen atom and therefore makes it a strong base and powerful ligand.
Answer: alkoxide
[10] An alkoxide group acts as an intermediate step in this reaction where it reacts via an SN2 reaction with an alkyl halide to form ethers.
Answer: Williamson ether synthesis
[10] A special form of unsaturated alkoxide, this highly basic type of compound is formed by the deprotonation of a carbon-hydrogen bond next to either an aldehyde or a ketone group.
Answer: enolate
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Answer the following questions about Uruguayan independence, FTPE.,
[10] This man became commander of Uruguayan forces in 1824, and then joined the fight for independence with Juan Antonio Lavalleja against Brazil. Two years after independence, in 1830, he was elected as Uruguay's first president.
Answer: Jose Fructuoso Rivera
[10] Rivera became leader of this still-functioning political party, which was named for their red hatbands. They usually turned to Brazil for assistance against their rivals and I hear they share their name with some sort of river and US state.
Answer: Colorados (do not accept "Rojo")
[10] The Colorados would gain an upper hand over their rivals the Blancos in this 1868-72 civil war named for a type of weapon popular with the mounted guachos in the region.
Answer: Revolution of the Lances
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In one passage, One Smear Wang reveals his phoniness when his ointment cannot cure Lin Daiyu's jealousy. FTPE:,
[10] Name this 18th century Chinese novel featuring Jia Baoyu and set in the Q'ing dynasty, which is also known as The Story of the Stone.
Answer: The Dream of the Red Chamber [or Hongloumeng]
[10] Though it was completed by Kao Ou, this man is considered the primary author of The Dream of the Red Chamber.
Answer: Cao Xueqin [or Ts'ao Hsueh-ch'in or Cao Chan]
[10] Another important Q'ing novel is this Li Ruzhen work in which Duo and Tang Ao visit the Kingdom of Women, which kidnaps Lin Zhiyang and subjects him to undergo footbinding.
Answer: The Romance of the Flowers in the Mirror [or Ching-hua yuan]
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FTPE, answer these questions about filibustering in the United States Senate.,
[10] In 1968, a Republican filibuster forced President Lyndon Johnson to withdraw this Associate Supreme Court Justice's nomination to replace Earl Warren as Chief Justice. Despite this incident, he would still go on to author the majority opinion in Tinker v. Des Moines.
Answer: Abe Fortas
[10] This South Carolina Senator and onetime Dixiecrat candidate for president made a record-setting filibuster of 24 hours and 18 minutes in an attempt to block the 1957 Civil Rights Act, though cloture was successfully invoked and the act passed.
Answer: Strom Thurmond
[10] This Oregon Senator, an Independent at the time, set the previous record for longest filibuster at over 22 hours. A member of the Senate for 24 years, he is famous for being one of two senators to oppose the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution.
Answer: Wayne Morse
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It prominently features 7/4 time divided into sets of 3-2-2 and 2-2-3. FTPE:,
[10] Name this 1910 ballet in which Prince Ivan chases the titular mythological avian.
Answer: The Firebird or (Zhar-ptitsa)
[10] This composer of Petrushka and The Flood wrote the music for The Firebird.
Answer: Igor Stravinsky
[10] In The Firebird, Prince Ivan enters the magical realm of this immortal from Russian mythology. This evildoer, nicknamed "the deathless," is also the subject of an opera by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov.
Answer: Kashchey the Immortal (also accept Kashchey the Deathless as well as Koschei, Koshchey or even Tsar Kashchey.)
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Identify some things about the trashier aspects of the Monty Hall Problem, FTPE.,
[10] The Monty Hall Problem derives from choices that players were given between picking between prizes behind three unopened doors on this wacky game show hosted by Hall.
Answer: Let's Make a Deal
[10] The Monty Hall Problem has been used as a puzzler on this NPR call-in program, which is divided into three halves and also features sections like Stump the Chumps.
Answer: Car Talk
[10] All you Parade magazine fans should have already known that a third part on this column was coming, as it famously proposed the problem in 1990.
Answer: Ask Marilyn
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In a unanimous decision, the Supreme Court declared unconstitutional sections of a certain act that established "codes of fair competition" for certain industries. FTPE:,
[10] Name this decision, often called the "sick chicken" case.
Answer: Schechter Poultry Corporation v. United States
[10] The Schechter decision declared unconstitutional sections of this 1933 act which attempted to establish a Public Works Administration and another one led by a blue eagle mascot.
Answer: National Industrial Recovery Act (do not accept "NRA" or "National Recovery Administration", those are not acts)
[10] Roosevelt was able to get the Works Progress Administration successfully passed, which was chaired by this man, his Secretary of Commerce. This figure opposed selling Helium to the Germans for their Zeppelins and also sought to make Alaska a haven for Jews.
Answer: Harold LeClair Ickes

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