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2008 TParty Tossups by Mishmash
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In this system, crustaceans have a labyrinth, which receives fluid from a coelomic sac, all of which comprise the antennal glands, while flatworms commonly employ blind tubules containing ciliated solenocytes. In Coleoptera and Lepidoptera, the distal end of this system is embedded in fat tissue, and it uses an actin structure and a lining of microvilli to conduct the hemolymph. That same system is responsible for the light produced by glowworms and is called the Malpighian tubules. Unlike simple ones like flame cells, aquatic and terrestrial ones may be distinguished by whether ammonia diffuses through the skin or is converted to uric acid. Important components of the human one, however, include the liver, the sweat glands, and of course the kidneys. For 10 points, identify these organ systems responsible for expelling nitrogenous wastes.
Answer: excretory systems
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This man improvised around a notebook containing Jewish folk tunes for a clarinet, piano, and string quartet piece commissioned by the group Zimro, his Overture on Hebrew Themes. Pieces such as the "Urals Rhapsody" and "Lady of the Copper Mountain" are found in his ballet The Tale of the Stone Flower, and he attempted to emulate the style of Haydn in his 1918 First Symphony, known as the Classical. He composed the score for such Eisenstein films as Ivan the Terrible and Alexander Nevsky, and his operas include War and Peace and The Love for Three Oranges. For 10 points, name this composer who used an oboe to represent a duck in his Peter and the Wolf.
Answer: Sergey Sergeyevich Prokofiev
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Massachusetts residents who held this cabinet position include Charles Devens and Ebeneezer Hoar in the Grant administration. The man who held this post under William Howard Taft later headed a commission that investigated the effectiveness of the Volstead Act. Apart from George Wickersham, this post was held by Caesar Rodney under Thomas Jefferson and Caleb Cushing under Franklin Pierce. Under William Henry Harrison and Millard Fillmore, John Crittenden held this post, and it was the highest post attained by William Wirt. First held by Edmund Randolph, for 10 points, name this cabinet position also held by Robert Kennedy, Janet Reno, and Alberto Gonzales.
Answer: Attorney General
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The Carrot, Beaver and Qu'Apelle rivers flow through this province, which has its highest point somewhere in the Cypress Hills. The Fond du Lac River begins in its Wollaston Lake, while its southern border is the site of Grasslands National Park. Reindeer Lake forms part of its eastern border, while Lake Athabasca is shared with its western neighbor. The Churchill River, which flows into Hudson Bay, begins in this province, while Edmonton and Calgary lie on tributaries of its namesake river. With its largest cities including Swift Current, Prince Albert and Moose Jaw, for 10 points, identify this prairie province between Alberta and Manitoba whose capital is Regina.
Answer: Saskatchewan
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
One character in this play expresses admiration for a captain, who willingly blew himself up when he stayed aboard his ship while it was being detonated. That character is later scolded for wearing the "uniform of death" but refuses to take it off because she plans to wear it as a costume for a ball later that night. In Act III, a group of young girls accosts three policemen in the market, stealing their batons and derisively mimicking their speech, while one character criticizes the protagonist for upsetting the natural order in which "a parent shoot withers up in order to feed sap to its young" and warns him of a "burden" she carries outside his jail cell. Iyaloja and Amusa are characters in this play in which Simon Pilkings' interference with a ritual leads Olunde to commit suicide to avenge the shame of his father Elesin. For 10 points, name this play by Wole Soyinka.
Answer: Death and the King's Horseman
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
He claimed that "the rest of the treatise is wanting" in a posthumous work that posited four modes of knowledge. One of his works distinguished between divine law and ceremonial law in what became an early defense of secular government and religious freedom and that work denied Moses' authorship of the Pentateuch. This author of Treatise On The Emendation Of The Intellect claimed that "God is an extended thing" associated with natura naturans, but not natura naturata. One of his works features a section titled "On Human Bondage" that surpasses Descartes in its belief that all things are understandable. Labeled a "Pantheist", for 10 points, name this philosopher, who wrote Tractatus Theologico-Politicus and Ethics.
Answer: Baruch Spinoza
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
On the advice of his step-uncle and father-in-law Asaf Khan this man launched an unsuccessful revolt against his father. This man's official biographer was Muhammad Saleh Kamboh, although the end of his reign was chronicled by the traveler Niccolao Manucci, and saw rebellions by Shah Shuja and Dara Shikoh, two of his sons. He captured Ahmednagar in the south, but lost Khandahar to the Safavids while his first two wives were Akbarabadi and Kandahari. This son of Jahangir commissioned the Shalimar Gardens, as well as the first Peackock Throne, but this husband of Mumtaz would spend his last days held captive by his Hindu-hating son. For ten points, name this father of Aurangzeb and builder of the Taj Mahal.
Answer: Shah Jahan [or Prince Khurram Shihab-ud-din Muhammad]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
The q-analogue of this object counts the number of K-dimensional vector subspaces of an N-dimensional vector space. A sum involving products of these objects can be evaluated using Vandermonde's Convolution, while the Hockey-Stick formula also involves their sums. For a fixed N, they have zero alternating sum, while they sum to 2 to the N. Their namesake theorem states that they appear when expanding powers of two-term polynomial expressions, while Pascal's triangle is a result of the best-known recursion for them. FTP, name this object in combinatorics that expresses the number of ways to choose K objects from N possibilities.
Answer: binomial coefficient [accept N choose K before "choose" is read]
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The seventh section of this work attempts to establish a "metabolism of meaning," while the sixth refers to the occasional presence of "calculations and speeches." It opens with an account of how Otto gave "a preparation" including trimethylamine with an unclean syringe to Irma, and it considers a certain "ethical sense" and the presence of "distortion," which he corresponded to the occurrence of censorship. The author used four year old Sergei Pankejeff's vision of wolves at the age of four to describe the central concept of part of this work, which was illustrated by another patient, whom the maid Grusha threatened to castrate. Discussing wish fulfillment, for 10 points, name this work that claimed that the title phenomena were meant to prevent the sleeper from waking up, written by Sigmund Freud.
Answer: The Interpretation Of Dreams
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
After taking a kick to the head, he receives his signature accessory from his ponytailed best friend. Originally a redhead in 1987, he worries constantly that by refining his Ansatsuken technique, he will end up like his master's brother, who embraced the "Murderous Intent" and became Akuma. Based out of Suzaku Castle, this student of Gouken has his own would-be student Sakura, and he earlier defeats Fei Long with his Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku. Other opponents include Hugo, Adon, Zangief, and Dhalsim, though his most famous match is a championship bout where he scars the Thai kickboxer Sagat's chest with a Dragon Punch. FTP, name this rival of Ken, Capcom's iconic wandering warrior and main character of the Street Fighter series of videogames.
Answer: Ryu
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Radio priest Charles Coughlin's home at the Shrine of the Little Flower in Michigan is an unusual Catholic church designed in this style. Manuel Ortiz Monasterio's National Insurance Building and the Kavanaugh Building in Buenos Aires made this style the dominant approach in Latin American architecture. Robert Mallet-Stevens was among the founders of this movement, which was also used in Aaron Douglas's illustrations of Harlem Renaissance texts. William Van Alen also worked in this style to incorporate radiator caps and wheels into a New York skyscraper. For 10 points, name this 1920s design movement, exemplified by the Chrysler Building.
Answer: art deco [or style moderne]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
One often-deleted stanza from this poem describes how the "dews grew quivering and chill" and how the narrator only wore a gown made of gossamer and a "tippet only tulle." The narrator of this poem sees "the School where Children strove at recess" and "the Fields of Grazing Grain" as well as the setting sun. It has been centuries since the action in the poem took place, but the speaker asserts that it "Feels shorter than the Day / I first surmised the Horses' Heads / Were towards Eternity." The speaker describes a carriage that "held but just ourselves / And Immortality", for 10 points, in this Emily Dickinson poem in which the title entity is nice enough to stop for her.
Answer: "Because I could not stop for Death"
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
His bet with Khonsu led to there being five more days in the year, allowing for Nut to give birth, but his own progeny are considerable in the Ogdoad account, having fathered four major gods, either as the animal whose head he usually takes or in the form of a goose. Djedi could say nothing about the number of chambers in his sanctuary, and he once asked one thousand seventty-seven times for the eye of Ra to return. A dog-headed ape, A'an, was either sacred to him or a form he tookas the god of equilibrium. Later on in Egyptian history, his cult was centered at Khnum, and his role grew, even though he was already thought to have helped Isis resurrect both Horus and Osiris. As one deity's heart and tongue, he stood opposite from Ma'at alongside Ra's boat. For 10 points, name this ibis-headed god of wisdom.
Answer: Thoth
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This reaction is responsible for the constant fluctuations in connectivity characteristic of bullvalenes, while its aza variant, when carried out in tandem with the Mannich reaction, is useful to alkaloid synthesis. Another variant of this reaction may be used to create enantiopure tetrahydropyrans from chiral aldols, while palladium control causes it to have a zwitterionic intermediate. Depending on substitution, its mechanism is either concerted or stepwise with a diradical intermediate. In its oxy- variant, the reaction is driven by its product being an enol, while its oxa- variant is named for Claisen. For 10 points, identify this pericyclic isomerization between substituted 1,5-dienes, which forms a sigma bond between carbons one and six and breaks one between three and four.
Answer: Cope rearrangement
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
He won one battle when the ship Tukory came to reinforce him, and during another battle he was harassed by the naval bombardment of Captain Cossovich. His allies included a British navy officer named Lieutenant Wilmot, as well as G.B. Fauche, who supplied him with ships. General Stephen Turr served as this man's aide-de-camp, while he accepted the surrender of General Gio after the Battle of Soveria. One rebellion against this man took place at Bronte, but was put down by Nino Bixio. After winning the Battle of the Volturnus River, he went to Teano, where he shook hands with a notable supporter. Leader of the Expedition of the Thousand, for 10 points, name this commander, who conquered the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies during the Italian Unification and worked with Victor Emmanuel and Cavour.
Answer: Guiseppe Garibaldi
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This man's tomb depicts him above a relief of his best known work and was sculpted by Antoine Etex. His English Horse in Stable draws on similar themes as a work where a man holds the reins of his horse. Along with The Blacksmith's Sign, he created another horse themed work in which a cavalryman's sword is precariously close to cutting off his horse's tail enntitled The Charging Chasseur. Late in his life he created a series of portraits such as Man Suffering From Delusions of Military Grandeur done in a British insane asylum, a series which also includes The Kleptomaniac. His most famous painting shows a stoic father grasping his dead son next to a man who has lost the lower half of his body, and was posed for by Delacroix. For 10 points, name this artist best known for a composition where a black man waves a flag at a distant ship, The Raft of the Medusa.
Answer: Theodore Gericault
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
One of this author's plays opens with the deliberations of the case Gregor v. Pruss; Dr. Kolonaty, the court physician, has given the title character three hundred extra years of life, but Elina is bored. In another work, Hertzian waves can set up the product of Prokop's formula, an atomic bomb. In addition to The Makropulous Secret and Krakatit, in his most famous work, a man with a "big ginger mustasche" suggests that the title characters can be fed on "pineapples, straw, anything you like;" that play opens with a conversation between Domin, Sulla, and Marius. In another of his works, he wrote of a race of creatures that walk on their hind legs and learn speech and intelligence upon discovery by Captain van Toch. That first play features Helena and Primus, whose love impresses Alquist. For 10 points, name this author of The War with the Newts, who coined the term "robot" in R.U.R.
Answer: Karel Capek
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
One of the legends regarding this man states he met with Abgar, King of Edessa, who was suffering from leprosy, presenting Abgar with a cloth containing an imprint of Christ's face. He was reportedly clubbed to death by pagan priests after he humiliated them, and is thus represented holding a huge bludgeon at his side. At the Last Supper, this man asked Jesus why Christ did not show himself to the rest of the world, while in his self-titled book of the Bible, he criticizes such godless men as Korah, Balaam, and Cain. The earthly cousin of Jesus, for 10 points, name this disciple, who serves as the patron saint of hopeless causes within Catholic theology and should not be confused with the disciple who betrayed Jesus.
Answer: St. Jude (prompt on Judas [anything that differentiates between him and Judas Iscariot is fine])
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Kruskal-Szekeres coordinates can be used to show that the supposed singularity here is not physically realized, and Flamm's paraboloid can be used to visualize the curvature outside it. Stable circular orbits can exist only at distances three times greater than it, and the radial coordinate becomes timelike within it, meaning that all worldliness there must tend towards the origin, meaning that it defines the event horizon. For 10 points, name this distance associated to a namesake non-rotating spherically symmetric black hole which is the distance to which a certain mass must be compressed for it to form a gravitational singularity.
Answer: Schwarzschild radius
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
One flashback in this novel sees the five year old grandson of Victoria carried from his home by the Rover, and in another flashback one character receives a vision from a hermit in Joppa. A tattoo of a sanguine arrow reveals the heraldry of one character, while a nose-bleeding statue is seen as a divine condemnation of a double marriage. Diego and Jaquez witness an armor-clad giant in a gallery, and a peasant is imprisoned in the giant helmet of Alonso the Good which had earlier crushed young Conrad. Theodore of Falconara becomes prince after Matilda is murdered by her father Manfred in, for 10 points, which work by Horace Walpole, the first Gothic novel.
Answer: The Castle of Otranto
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
In 1969, Michael Shakman sued this city, claiming it hired employees on the basis of politics rather than merit. The Vrydolak 29 was a group of aldermen opposed to its first African-American mayor, and men named Carter Harrison have won ten of its mayoral elections. Recent scandals in this city include the moving of its Children's Museum to a new underground site, the Hired Trucks scandal, and the destruction of Meigs Field. Presidential candidates nominated in this city include Pigasus the Pig, and one of its mayors was killed by a bullet intended for FDR. For ten points, name this city whose mayors have included Anton Cermak, Harold Washington, and two guys named Richard Daley.
Answer: Chicago
2008 TParty Bonuses by Mishmash
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One part of this work argues that God allowed evil into this world to make what is pure even better by contrast. For 10 points each;,
[10] Identify this work that posits theology and philosophy do not contradict each other.
Answer: Theodicy
[10] Like atoms, these particles first described by the author of Theodicy, are inseparably small. Each monad is unique and have their own "principle of being."
Answer: monads
[10] This philosopher of Theodicy discussed monads and outlined the "principle of sufficient reason."
Answer: Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
In six molar hydrochloric acid, strong enough to lyse peptide bonds, they become their corresponding carboxylic acids. For 10 points each:,
[10] Identify these amino acids, differing only by a methylene.
Answer: glutamine and asparagine
[10] This poses a problem because when you want to sequence a protein, you don't want to have your glutamine and asparagine residues coming up as glutamate and aspartate. This reaction solves that problem by labeling and cleaving the amino terminus residue without using a crapload of acid or anything.
Answer: Edman degradation
[10] Sometimes you'll start things off with this compound, which selectively cleaves at methionine residues, so that you don't bother sequencing residues that aren't relevant. The Handbook of Affinity Chromatography reports that it's useful for activating agarose, too.
Answer: cyanogen bromide[or CNBr]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Significant parts of its legislation were created at the congresses of Angostura and Cucuta, and it was officially abolished during the rule of Rafael Urdaneta, for 10 points each:,
[10] Name this entity first proposed by Francisco de Miranda as a successor to the Viceroyalty of New Granada which lasted from 1819 until 1831.
Answer: Gran Colombia [or Great Colombia]
[10] A veteran of the Battle of Boyaca, this man served as Vice President of Gran Colombia after defeating Antonio Narino in a hotly contested election.
Answer: Francisco Jose de Paula Santander y Omana
[10] This author of the Decree of War to the Death and the Cartagena Manifesto served as President during Santander's term as VP and the two proceeded to argue like a married couple.
Answer: Simon Bolivar [or Simon Jose Antonio de la Santisima Trinidad Bolivar Palacios y Blanco]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Mr. Parkis remarks that his son Lance's birthmark was miraculously healed by a mere encounter with the main female character. For 10 points each;,
[10] Name this novel centering on the romance between Sarah Miles and Maurice Bendrix.
Answer: The End of the Affair
[10] This author wrote The End of the Affair and also penned The Heart of the Matter and Brighton Rock.
Answer: Grahame Greene
[10] Coral Fellows helps the Whiskey Priest hide from the lieutenant, who is trying to wipe out Catholicism in Mexico in this Greene novel.
Answer: The Power and the Glory
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
A red island is visible in the sea at the left background of this work, while three stone-like women hold the wounded body of the title figure behind a woman in red headgear at the front. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this 1889 painting, subtitled The Breton Calvary.
Answer: The Green Christ [or Le Christ Vert]
[10] The Green Christ and its companion piece The Yellow Christ were painted by this Tahitian-bound creator of The Midday Nap and The Spirit of the Dead Keep Watch.
Answer: Eugene Henri Paul Gauguin
[10] A man retrieving an apple, a naked figure looking at his arm, three women caring for a child, and a dog examining the scene appear in this Tahitian painting by Gauguin with a triply-inquisitive title.
Answer: Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going? [or D'ou venons nous? Que sommes nous? Ou allons nous?]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
They may be defined in terms of a system of equations, a parametrization, or a graph. FTPE:,
[10] Give the term for these structures, which generalizes the idea of a curve or surface to an arbitrary number of dimensions.
Answer: manifolds
[10] One specific kind of manifold has an eponymous nondegenerate closed two-form associated with it. Functions defined on these manifolds are Hamiltonians.
Answer: symplectic manifolds
[10] If there exists a differential form that is either always positive or always negative over a manifold, then it possesses this important property. Neither the Mobius strip nor the Klein bottle do.
Answer: orientable [accept word forms]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Originally credited as the "Lead Cenobite," he is an incarnation of Xipe Totec and also goes by "The Angel of Suffering" and "The Black Pope of Hell." FTPE:,
[10] Identify this character created by Clive Barker and played by Doug Bradley.
Answer: Pinhead [prompt on "Dark Prince of Pain", Captain Elliot Spencer, and "Leviathan's Lord of the Damned", and "The Engineer"]
[10] Pinhead is the central figure in this series of movies and comic books which features people who are stupid enough to keep fiddling with a puzzle box.
Answer: Hellraiser
[10] Pinhead makes a cameo in the video for the song "Hellraiser" by this band. In it, Pinhead plays a hand of poker and gets four kings, but loses when Lemmy Kilminster turns over four aces and a joker.
Answer: Motorhead
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
When this was taken over by the TVA, the settlements of Tharpe, Model and Golden Pond were forcibly abandoned, and this feature is located between Lyon, Trigg and Stewart counties. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this feature of northern Tennessee which JFK turned into a National Recreation Area.
Answer: Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area
[10] The Land Between the Lakes lies between Tennessee and this state, which shares its name with one of the eponymous lakes.
Answer: Commonwealth of Kentucky
[10] This lake is the other namesake feature of the National Recreation Area and is created by stopping the flow of the Cumberland River.
Answer: Lake Barkley
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
The protagonist's house starts to flood from uncontrollable rains when he places the title figure in his basement. For 10 points each;,
[10] Name this work in which Filiberto's life is taken over by the spirit of an ancient rain god found in the titular statue he purchased at a flea market.
Answer: "Chac Mool"
[10] The title character of this novel marries Catalina to take control of the Bernal family fortune. He rises to become business tycoon, but has never loved anyone since the death of his sweetheart Regina.
Answer: The Death of Artemio Cruz (accept La Muerte de Artemio Cruz)
[10] "Chac Mool" and The Death of Artemio Cruz are works by this Mexican author, who wrote about concerning the last days of Ambrose Bierce in The Old Gringo.
Answer: Carlos Fuentes
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
While everyone remembers the War of 1812, the election that happened that year is a little bit lesser known. Answer the following about this surprisingly contested election, for 10 points each:,
[10] James Madison won reelection with 128 electoral votes over the 89 won by this man, who would go on to become the governor of New York and push for the construction of the Erie Canal.
Answer: DeWitt Clinton [prompt on "Clinton"]
[10] Madison's running mate in 1812 was this man, who succeeded the late George Clinton as Vice-President. A Governor of Massachusetts, he is remembered for a portmanteau that satirizes an 1812 law he was instrumental in getting passed.
Answer: Elbridge Gerry
[10] Due to the War of 1812's intense unpopularity within New England, Madison lost the electoral votes of all of the states there except this one, which he had also won in 1808.
Answer: Vermont
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Name these Giuseppe Verdi operas, for 10 points each.,
[10] This opera includes the hostage Fenena, who is in love with the general Ismaele and is to be killed along with the Israelites by Abigaille, who has treacherously gained the throne of Babylon.
Answer: Nabucco
[10] Violetta Valery sings "Addio del passato" and "Parigi, o cara" while dying of tuberculosis after a duel between Aflredo and Baron Douphol in this opera.
Answer: La Traviata [or The Fallen Woman or equivalents]
[10] Paolo schemes to take advantage of the rivalry between Fiesco and the titular doge of Genoa, who has a daughter with Fiesco's dead daughter Maria and ultimately passes power to Adorno at this opera's end.
Answer: Simon Boccanegra
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Name these gods of thunder, lightning, both, but not neither, for 10 points each.,
[10] This Japanese god of thunder and lightning will eat your navel if you don't sleep under mosquito netting.
Answer: Raiden
[10] This god started out as a god of storms, but pretty soon he became better associated with war and with tearing apart his older brother Osiris.
Answer: Set[or Seth; or Setesh; or Seteh; or Sutekh]
[10] This Taoist deity makes thunder using a mallet and a drum, though it's his assistant and wife Dian-Mu who's responsible for lightning.
Answer: Lei-Gong
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
For 10 points each, answer these questions relating to different types of particles.,
[10] The Pauli exclusion principle applies to this type of particle which has an anti-symmetric wavefunction.
Answer: fermion
[10] The ground state wavefunction for a system consisting of many fermions can be approximated by this computational method based on variational optimization of their orbits.
Answer: Hartree-Fock method
[10] The general form of the wavefunction for such a fermionic system is approximated via this mathematical object in Hartree-Fock theory.
Answer: Slater determinant
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
It has an alabaster chair in its Throng Room, which also contains the Griffin Fresco. For 10 points each;,
[10] Name this Bronze Age palace complex on Crete, the center of the Minoan civilization.
Answer: Knossos[accept Knossus]
[10] This man discussed the Phoenician alphabet in his work /Scripta Minoa/, but is better known for unearthing the site of Knossus under Kephala Hill.
Answer: Sir Arthur Evans
[10] Along with Knossus, Zakros, and Mallia, this is the fourth major Minoan Bronze Age palace complex. A namesake clay "disk" was discovered in this place and contains mysterious hieroglyphic symbols.
Answer: Phaistos[accept Phaistus]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Vernon and Cora Tull are the central family's neighbors. For ten points each;,
[10] Name this novel in which Skeet McGowan rapes Dewey Dell when she asks him for medication to get an abortion to cover up her relationship with the farmhand Lafe MacCallum.
Answer: As I Lay Dying
[10] As I Lay Dying centers on this family's journey to bury its matriarch Addie.
Answer: Bundren Family
[10] This member of the Bundren family is the illegitimate son of Reverend Whitfield and he is furious when Anse sells beloved spotted horse to buy a new team of donkeys.
Answer: Jewel Bundren
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This feat of Heracles hilariously involved theft and cruelty to animals. For ten points each, answer the following about a certain instance of cattle-rustling in old Greece.,
[10] In Heracles' tenth labor, he was ordered to the island of Erythia to snatch the cattle owned by this disagreeable monster.
Answer: Geryon
[10] One version of how Heracles killed Geryon states that he used arrows that were dipped in the blood of this venomous beast which Heracles had previously killed in another labor.
Answer: Lernaean Hydra
[10] During the cattle snatching, Heracles was forced to kill this vicious watchdog that protected the cattle. This two-headed dog was the brother of the more famous Cerberus.
Answer: Orthrus (or Orthos-there's a few different translations)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
It's a really useful monomer in the manufacture of plastics, and it's a really great Michael acceptor. For 10 points each:,
[10] Identify this compound, which could also be named vinyl cyanide. Its polymer consists of a common precursor to carbon fiber.
Answer: acrylonitrile[or ethenylnitrile; or cyanoethene; or 2-propenenitrile]
[10] Acrylonitrile used to be made with hydrogen cyanide and ethene. The cyanide ion is isoelectronic to this compound, given off in car exhaust and incomplete combustion. It has a bond length pretty similar to oxygen gas, which confuses hemoglobin and kills you.
Answer: carbon monoxide
[10] Acrylonitrile is often synthesized in this process, with a name related to a certain monopolistic oil company. It uses a catalyst based on the original bismuth phosphomolybdate to oxidize propylene to acrolein and to react with ammonia to give the product.
Answer: Sohio process
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Answer the following about various ways in which economists measure inequality for 10 points each.,
[10] Similar to the "parade of dwarfs", this upward-sloping curve plots the population on the x axis, arranged in order of income, against the cumulative percentage of income accounted for on the y-axis. In a hypothetical situation where everyone earns the same, it would be a straight line.
Answer: Lorenz curve
[10] The Lorenz curve is useful for finding this index of inequality, defined as the ratio of the area between the Lorenz curve and the ideal line of equality to the entire area below the line of equality.
Answer: Gini coefficient
[10] This spatial index measures segregation by calculating the likelihood that someone will run into another person sharing the characteristic of interest, and it is not limited to two groups unlike the dissimilarity index.
Answer: Isolation index
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Based on the songs of some medieval goliards, this work includes a falsetto piece sung by a swan while being roasted. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this 1937 work. which was followed by the Songs of Catullus, and also includes a chorus to Venus and the section on spring called "Uf dem Anger."
Answer: Carmina Burana [or Songs of Beuren]
[10] This composer of Antigonae and Der Mond created the bombastic "O Fortuna" to bookend his Carmina Burana.
Answer: Carl Orff
[10] Catullus, Sappho, and Euripides are all used for the lyrics in this third part of the Orff triptych that begins with Carmina Burana and Catulli Carmina. At the end, the titular Greek goddess appears.
Answer: The Triumph of Aphrodite [or Trionfo di Afrodite]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This battle was preceded by the crossing of the Ebro at Logrono and John Chandos commanded the rearguard, for 10 points each:,
[10] Name this 1367 victory for Pedro the Cruel and John of Gaunt, the decisive engagement in the Castilian theater of the Hundred Years War.
Answer: Battle of Najera [or Battle of Navarrete]
[10] This other Englishmen fought at Najera; the son of Edward III and father of Richard II, he had earlier won the battles of Crecy and Poitiers.
Answer: Edward the Black Prince [or Edward of Woodstock]
[10] Once the English forces left Spain, this loser of Najera and illegitimate son of Alfonso XI and Eleanor of Guzman defeated and killed his brother Pedro at the Battle of Montiel to claim the throne.
Answer: Henry II of Castile [or Henry of Trastamara; or Enrique de Trastamara]
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She dreams of a black cat that has a voice like her father-in-law whom she gave pickled mushrooms laced with poison, and Sonetka ends up with stockings that she gave to her husband. For 10 points each:,
[10] Identify this husband of Zinovy and lover of Sergey who orchestrates the murders of Boris and Fedya.
Answer: Katerina L'Vovna Izmaylova (prompt on Lady Macbeth of the Mtensk District)
[10] Katerina Izmaylova is the title character of this man's novel Lady Macbeth of the Mtensk District. He also wrote "The Tale of Cross-eyed Lefty from Tula and the Steel Flea."
Answer: Nikoay Leskov
[10] Leskov was championed by this Russian author, who wrote Summerfolk and Lower Depths.
Answer: Maxim Gorky

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