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2008 TParty Tossups by Minnesota B
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
One character in this novel is accidentally introduced with the erroneous name "Wickham" and is haunted by the memory of her dead sister Sylvia Parry, who was killed by a falling tree. In another incident in this novel, one character is horrified when he thinks he sees a Skye terrier transform into a man, a vision he attributes to the effects of a heat wave. Rezia concludes that Sir William Bradshaw "not a nice man", while Sally Seton and Peter Walsh become reacquainted at the fancy party at the end of this novel. The title character becomes irrationally upset when she learns about Septimus Smith's suicide, for 10 points, in this novel about the titular socialite, Clarissa, written by Virginia Woolf.
Answer: Mrs. Dalloway
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
In one of his works, a white horse rears over an upward-looking man in orange and red while another depicts the titular winged figure using a sharp knife on a branch to produce the title object. In addition to a version of The Conversion of St. Pauland Cupid Carving his Bow, this man created a painting in which a boy offers the titular emperor the earth as Fame crowns him with a laurel wreath while another shows St. John the Baptist at the bottom left pointing towards the Madonna and Child with a crooked finger. In addition to Allegorical Portrait of Charles Vand a version of Vision of St. Jerome, he also painted a tiny man at the bottom left reading off a scroll as the title figure holds a hand to her breast with an gigantic baby Jesus in her lap. For 10 points, identify this artist who painted Self Portrait in a Convex Mirrorand Madonna With the Long Neck.
Answer: Parmigianino[or Girolamo Francesco Maria Mazzola]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Mutations in the FAH and HPD genes cause the elevation of this amino acid in the body, and the formation of glycogen begins with the addition of glucose to residues of it in the protein glycogenin. Synthesis of epinephrine, norepinephrine, and dopamine requires it as a metabolic precursor. It displays a much smaller absorbance than tryptophan at the 280 nm UV wavelength, and, like serine and threonine, residues of this amino acid are phosphorylated in receptor kinases exemplified by the insulin receptors. For 10 points, identify this amino acid, synthesized in mammals by the hydroxylation of phenylalanine, which is coded by the letter Y.
Answer: tyrosine[or tyr; accept Yuntil mentioned]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This man served as a special assistant to Secretary of the Navy, Frank Knox, and headed a Foreign Economic Mission to Italy in 1943 to develop a U.S. relief program there. This man defeated incumbent Dwight Green in a landslide to gain one office, and upon achieving one of his most important political honors, he whined that he had "asked the Merciful Father?to let this cup pass from me," which earned him much derision, as did his earlier appearance in 1949 as a character witness for Alger Hiss. He finally showed a badass streak in 1962 when he berated Vladimir Zorin to not wait for the translation of his question about Soviet missiles in Cuba. For 10 points, identify this former governor of Illinois who served as the unsuccessful Democratic nominee for president in 1952 and 1956, frequently mocked as a so-called "egghead."
Answer: Adlai Ewing Stevenson
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This work blames the "absence of reason" within women cooks for the retardation of man's progress in its section "Our Virtues" and derides the Englishman as "gloomier and more brutal than" the German in its eighth section, "People and Fatherlands." It deems Christianity to be "Platonism for the people" and calls for a "new species of philosophers" who will ignore the intents and the consequences of actions in their experimentation. It holds that "when you look long into an abyss, the abyss looks into you" in its section "Epigrams and Interludes," and compares truth to a woman. For 10 points, identify this expansion of Also Sprach Zarathustra, subtitled "Prelude the Philosophy of History," written by Friedrich Nietzsche.
Answer: Beyond Good and Evil: Prelude to a Philosophy of the Future(accept Jenseits von Gut und Bose:Vorspiel einer Philosophie der Zukunft)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
One of this composer's works, consisting of 18 choruses, ends with a soft alto solo accompanied by a light oboe that leads to the powerful entrance of the full chorus symbolizing the titular military victory. In addition to Dettingen Te Deum, James Brydges was the namesake and dedicatee of his Chandos Anthems, while he featured the clarinet in the FitzwilliamOverture. The Air and variationsfrom his fifth harpsichord suite is known as "The Harmonious Blacksmith," while he adapted text from First Kings for his coronation anthem, Zadok the Priest. One of his major works includes the section "La Rejouissance" and was composed to celebrate the signing of the Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle, while another one premiered on a barge on the Thames. The creator of Music for the Royal Fireworks Water Music, for 10 points, identify this composer who included the "Hallelujah" chorus in his Messiahoratorio.
Answer: George Friedrich Handel
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
It generalizes to the d'Alembertian in Minkowski space-time, and the objective of the Dirichlet problem is to find a function with given boundary data that vanishes under it. This operator acts by a negative scalar on a solution to the Helmholtz equation, and it yields the charge density when applied to the electric potential according to Poisson's equation. The harmonic functions form its kernel, while for a particle in space, the kinetic energy is given by a scalar multiple of its application to the wavefunction. For 10 points, identify this operator which is equal to the divergence of the gradient and which is commonly denoted by a single capital delta.
Answer: Laplacian[or Laplaceoperator]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
An important tributary of this river is the Shire, while the Southern Kashiji River joints it on the Barotse Floodplain. Lake Karimba is found on one of this river's tributaries, the Munyati, while the Itezi-Tezi Dam generates power on another of its tributaries, the Kafue. Dams along this river itself include the Cahora Bassa and the larger Kariba Dam, while the Caprivi Strip was created to give a particular nation access to it. This river and its tributaries drain Lake Nyasa into the Indian Ocean, and the countries through which it flows include Angola and Mozambique. For 10 points, identify this fourth-longest river of Africa, which flows over Victoria Falls on the northern border of Zimbabwe.
Answer: Zambezi
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This writer discussed the relationship between politics and literature in The Writer Sollersand examined the relationship between the Subject, the Beloved, and the Rival in A Lover's Discourse. author refuted the "castrating objectivity of realist novels" in one of his works and described the display of suffering, defeat, and justice that is present in wrestling in another. He distinguished between the written, image, and real garments in The Fashion System, and he discussed the failure of a text to be reversible through his five codes analysis of Balzac's Sarassine in S/Z. Calling a text a "tissue of quotations," for 10 points, name this French cultural theorist of Mythologieswho penned "Death of the Author."
Answer: Roland Barthes
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
At one point in this play a character rejects the idea of swearing an oath over a shield in favor of doing so over a black bowl of unmixed wine, while a magistrate objects to one person's metaphor describing a country as a piece of wool. Its two choruses engage in a fight with fire and water, and later in this work suggests that envoys should be drunk enough to applaud both the war songs of Telamon and the drinking songs of Clitagoras. Its protagonist is supported by characters like Myrrhine, who taunts her husband Cinesias, and the Spartan Lampito. The appearance of the naked maiden Peace during the title character's closing speech leads to a truce at the end of, for 10 points, which Aristophanes play in which Greek women, led by the title character, end the Peloponnesian War by withholding sex?
Answer: Lysistrata
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
The brother of Byleistr and Helblindi, this figure was the father of the goddesses Eisa and Einmyria. Sinmara guards one item created by this god, the Vidofnir-killing wand Laevateinn. He was once sent to Svartalfheim after killing an otter with a rock, where he used a net acquired from Ran to catch Andvari. This god helped a crossdressing Thor retrieve Mjolnir from Thrym, and he was once beaten by the personification of fire in an eating contest. The entrails of this god's son Narfi were used to bind him to a rock, and the poison that dripped on him was caught by his wife Sigyn. For 10 points, identify this father of Fenrir and mother of Sleipnir, the Norse god who tricked Hodr into killing Baldur.
Answer: Loki Laufeyarson [accept Lopt; accept Helblindibefore he is mentioned]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
One leader of this country believed himself to be a reincarnation of Napoleon, going so far as to dress his soldiers in eighteenth-century French military uniforms. Another leader of this country expressed his disapproval with New York Timescorrespondent Julio Vielman by kicking and slapping him during a meeting at the National Palace. One leader of this nation has been called "crazier than a half dozen opium smoking frogs", the dictator Jorge Ubico, while another leader was overthrown by an operation code-named PBSUCCESS. The CIA's coup on the behest of the United Fruit company, which objected to the nationalist policies of Jacobo Arbenz happened in this nation, and another political figure from this country won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1992 for documenting military atrocities against the indigenous population. For 10 points, identify this Central American nation, the home country of Rigoberta Menchu, which has a capital city with the same name.
Answer: Guatemala[accept whatever the full/native name of Guatemala is]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This mineral can only retain its structure in high pressure and low temperature conditions such as the deep Antarctic seas; a hydrated form of it is called ikatite. The lysocline is defined as the ocean depth where its solubility begins to increase sharply. The trigonal symmetry of this mineral is not possessed by its polymorphs vaterite and aragonite, the latter of which is sometimes called its "poor sister," and this mineral is notable for exhibiting rhombohedral cleavage. Erasmus Bartholin first observed birefringence in crystals of this mineral. For 10 points, identify this mineral that may be found in rocks such as limestone or marble and is made of calcium carbonate.
Answer: calcite
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
One character in this work tries to arouse suspicion by pointing out a basket emptied of food and Marchesa's abandoned fan. In Act III of this opera, the shepherd boy's distant song "Io de' sospiri" moves the tenor, who trades his only ring for a chance to write a letter before he sings the aria "E Lucevan le stelle." The baritone describes the torture of one character's lover forcing her to reveal the whereabouts of Angelotti, while the title character asserts "I lived for my art, I lived for love" in "Vissi D'Arte" before she makes a deal where the chief of police signs a letter ensuring her lover who will only face a mock execution. The opera ends as Spoletta reveals that the title character has murdered Baron Scarpia leading her to jump of the walls of the Castel Sant'Aneglo. For 10 points, name this opera about the lover of Mario Cavaradossi by Giacomo Puccini.
Answer: Tosca
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This man wrote of a child observing "cold fire in the air" and "names squeezed from the tuber of life" in his short story "The Incandescence of the Wind." One of his works tells of the failed affair of Ifeyiwa and the painter Omov, Dangerous Love,and he describes humans as "miracles that God made to taste the bitter fruit of time" in the title poem of his collection An African Elegy. One of his novels describes Lao and Mistletoe's participation in a documentary about a Peloponnesian paradise, and in another novel, wealth corrupts Madame Koto and another character who is trapped between the living and the dead as an akibu. For 10 points, identify this Nigerian author of In Arcadiawho wrote of Azaro wandering down the titular Lagos street in The Famished Road.
Answer: Ben Okri
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
In one episode of this show, the protagonist appears as a deliveryman on the telenovela "Explosion Gigantesca de Romance." One character on this show replaced Lucinda Barry, who'd been portrayed in the pilot by Anne Dudek; that character briefly dated a hostage negotiator played by Gary Cole and first appeared in an episode set at a spelling bee. Its protagonist, a big fan of pineapples, works with a pharmaceutical salesman who has a "Super Smeller" and whose real first name is Burton. Featuring characters like Detectives Juliet O'Hara and Carlton Lassiter, for 10 points, identify this USA show that stars Dule Hill as Gus and James Roday as Shawn Spencer, a crimesolver with "heightened observational skills," but not ESP.
Answer: Psych
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
A surviving letter from Sir John Russell documents this figure's passion for quail, a delicacy which was shipped from Calais on her behalf. Martin Luther described her as an "enemy of the gospel" for her supposedly reactionary Catholic views, while Spanish Ambassador Eustace Chapuys sniffed that she was not particularly witty or clever, but nevertheless wrote that her marriage to her husband was the equivalent of a man "getting rid of a thin, old, and vicious hack" in favor of "a fine horse to ride." After the death of this husband, her brother, Thomas, would ironically go on to marry Catherine Parr. Her original epitaph contained the lines "here a phoenix lieth, whose death to another phoenix gave breath," a reference to her famous son. For 10 points, identify this third wife of Henry VIII, who died shortly after giving birth to Henry's only male heir, Edward VI.
Answer: Jane Seymour
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
The kundalini type of this is based on certain sexual positions, while its namesake philosophical system is associated with the Samkhya school. One type of it is based on five abstentions called the yama, while the origins of three other types of it are outlined in a dialog between Arjuna and Krishna before a battle in the Bhagavad Gita. One method of this practices focuses on adherence to duty and is called karma, while another type requires loving devotion to God and is called bhakti. Named for the Sanskrit word for "yolk," it also includes the jnanaand rajatypes, but the physical hathakind is most popular in the West. For 10 points, identify this path to moksha in Hinduism based on physical and mental discipline.
Answer: yoga
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
One figure in this work cannot live in a place that "tends lambs and breeds wolves," while another character gives away bread, butter, and honey before having a nervous breakdown. The protagonist served as a demolitions expert in the army, and he only allows Hugo in his room, who he later adopts as his heir, while Leonore only sees him for an hour during every business day. After refuseing the "sacrament of the buffalo," Schrella flees in fear of Nettlinger, and years later, their gym teacher, Old Wobbly, does not die when shot by Johanna. The protagonist's son helps rebuild the structure his father had designed and subsequently blew up, the Abbey of St. Anthony. For 10 points, identify this novel in which Robert Faehmel performs the title activity in the Prince Heinrich Hotel every day, written by Heinrich Boll.
Answer: Billiards at Half-Past Nine(accept Billiard um Halbzehn)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This element can be isolated from garnierite. The Orford process is used to purify this element's sulfide from copper sulfide, while a process employed to extract it passes carbon monoxide gas to create a volatile tetracarbonyl complex, which is subsequently reduced to yield this metal; that latter process is the Mond process. Sodium hydroxide is used to activate an alloy of this metal and aluminum, which produces a substance commonly used to hydrogenate unsaturated hydrocarbons and was created by Murray Raney. It is also commonly used in rechargeable batteries along with Cadmium. For 10 points, identify this element with symbol Ni.
Answer: nickel[accept Niuntil mentioned]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This former columnist for L'Avenirbuilt an airport in his hometown, Gbadolite, to accommodate the Concorde he used to fly to Paris to go shopping. After coming to power, he demanded that men wear clothing such as abacosts as part of his Authenticity campaign, seized foreign-run businesses, and shared the national wealth with his allies in a system referred to as "kleptocracy." In a 1960 crisis precipitated by the arrival of Soviet advisers in his country, the CIA helped him seize power from Joseph Kasavubu; later, his former boss, Patrice Lumumba, was assassinated in Katanga. This man, however, was later himself overthrown by Laurent Kabila. FTP, identify totalitarian president who renamed the Republic of the Congo "Zaire" and ruled between 1965 and 1997.
Answer: Mobutu Sese Seko Nkuku Ngbendu wa Za Banga [accept Joseph-Desire Mobutu]
2008 TParty Bonuses by Minnesota B
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
The second act of this opera features the ballet "Frolic of the Bears," after which conjurors led by Zozedtrick attempt to throw the title character into a wasps' nest. For 10 points each;,
[10] Identify this 1911 opera which centers on the titular educated black woman, and which was not performed in its entirety until 1970.
Answer: Treemonisha
[10] Treemonishawas composed by this ragtime pioneer whose other works include "Swipesy Cakewalk" and a "two-step" known as "The Entertainer."
Answer: Scott Joplin
[10] Joplin's other well-known rags include this one, named after a black social club in Sedalia, Missouri. It was later adapted into the "Gladiolus Rag."
Answer: "The Maple LeafRag"
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Its prologue was originally published under the name Pafko at the Walland features the "Shot Heard `Round the World" occurs. For 10 points each;,
[10] Identify this novel in which Cotter Martin catches that home run, whose main character is the waste management executive Nick Shay.
Answer: Underworld
[10] This postmodernist author of Underworld the novels Libraand Mao IIwrote about Jack Gladney, a professor of Hitler Studies, in White Noise.
Answer: Don DeLillo
[10] The child prodigy mathematician Billy is brought in to help a bunch of scientists make contact with extraterrestrial life in this science-filled DeLillo novel.
Answer: Ratner's Star
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
They included such obscure folks as Hans Fritzsche, Konstantin von Neurath, and Baldur von Schirach. Identify some defendants at the Nuremberg trials, for 10 points each:,
[10] This guy was noted for his gaffes like greeting King George VI with a Hitler salute while serving in his capacity as ambassador to Britain. He would later get promoted to the position of Foreign Minister of the Third Reich, where he helped to negotiate the non-aggression pact with the Soviet Union.
Answer: Joachim von Ribbentrop
[10] This man was tried in absentia because there was not sufficient evidence to declare him dead. Most historians think he died or committed suicide when he tried to flee Berlin against the encroaching Russian army. He wielded immense power in the Reich as Hitler's private secretary.
Answer: Martin Bormann
[10] This Nazi served as administrator over the occupied Netherlands during the war and briefly replaced von Ribbentrop as Foreign Minister after Hitler's suicide. He is far better known for serving as the chancellor of Austria in 1938, where he welcomed the German Anschluss.
Answer: Arthur Seyss-Inquart
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
this book, Tattenai sends a letter to Darius, and this book's titular figure demanded that after returning home men must divorce their non-Israelite wives. For 10 points each;,
[10] Name this book of the Bible with a sixty-year gap, in which Haggai and Zechariah exhort the Jews to rebuild the temple and the Israelites are led back to Jerusalem by the titular scribe.
Answer: Book of Ezra
[10] The Book of Ezra is considered an extension of this other book that contains a male census and accounts of the rebuilding of the wall of the temple and is named for the former cupbearer to Artaxerxes.
Answer: Nehemiah
[10] In discussing the return of the Jews from exile, the Book of Ezra thus chronicles the end of this period in which the Jews were detained by Nebuchadnezzar after being forced out of Judah. This name also refers to the years of the 14thcentury in which the papacy was relocated to Avignon.
Answer: Babylonian Captivity[accept Babylonian Exile]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Giles described this inselberg in the Amadeus Basin as a "magnificent pebble," but it is actually eight kilometers in circumference. For 10 points each;,
[10] Beware of baby-eating dingoes when you name this really big rock located in Australia's Northern Territory.
Answer: Uluruor Ayer's Rock
[10] The nearest major city to Ayer's Rock is this second biggest city in the Northern Territory, located on a former camel caravan route equidistant between Adelaide and Darwin. In 2007, its residents proposed a stray cat stew or casserole recipe contest and festival as a way of controlling the Outback's cat population.
Answer: Alice Springs[accept Mparntwefrom someone who enjoys Aboriginal languages]
[10] Uluru shares a national park with this other rock formation made up of 36 domes of conglomerate that has an Aboriginal name meaning "many heads."
Answer: Kata Tjutaor The Olgasor Mt. Olga
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Answer the following about the works of Jorge Luis Borges, for 10 points each.,
[10] In one Borges story, Pierre Menard perfectly recreates chapters 9 and 38 from this Miguel de Cervantes work.
Answer: Don Quixote[accept "Pierre Menard, Author of the Quixote" or "Pierre Menard, autor del Quijote"]
[10] Adolfo Bioy Cesares refers the narrator to an article in the Anglo-American Cyclopedia, which describes one of this story's titular lands, after which the people of Earth begin to imitate the culture of the first titular location.
Answer: "Tlon, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius"
[10] In this compendium, Borges described such mythical beasts as the Malayan A Bao A Qu, a sheep-bearing plant called the Barometz, the Lakota thunder god Haokah, and the gigantic Neptunian Leveler.
Answer: The Book of Imaginary Beings[accept El Libro de los seres imagines, Handbook of Fantastic Zoology, or Manual de zoologia fantastica]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Besides having a section about setting people on fire, it describes the soul as a "shadow and a reflection" and discusses the archetype of the priest in the sacred wood. For 10 points each:,
[10] Identify this anthropological work, which spends a chapter discussing "The Killing of the Divine King." Another chapter discusses tree-spirits and their powers.
Answer: The Golden Bough: A Study in Magic and Religion
[10] The Golden Boughwas written by this Scottish anthropologist and author of Folk-lore in the Old Testamentand Totemism.
Answer: Sir James George Frazer
[10] Frazer was inspired by this other anthropologist who defined the science of anthropology as based on evolution and reintroduced the term animism in his work Primitive Cultures.
Answer: Edward Burnett (E.B) Tylor
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Answer the following about a certain Renaissance architect, for 10 points each.,
[10] This Florentine architect's less grandiose design for the Palazzo Medici resulted in Cosimo de Medici selecting his plans over Brunelleschi's. He also did preparatory work on Ghiberti's The Gates of Paradiseand worked on Antipope John XXII's tomb.
Answer: Michelozzodi Bartolomeo Michelozzi
[10] Michelozzo designed the library for San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice, a structure which also includes a chapel containing this artist's Last Supper. He's also known for 1548's The Miracle of the Slave.
Answer: Tintoretto(or Jacopo Cominor Jacopo Robustior Il Furioso)
[10] Michelozzo worked on the Duomo under the tutelage of this man, who created marble statues such as St. Markand Zuccone, but who may be better known for sculpting a freestanding nude statue of David.
Answer: Donatello(also accept Donatodi Niccolo di Betto Bardi)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
If Sarah Palin were alive during the Civil War, she probably would have accused these guys of "raising the white flag of surrender", answer the following about the Copperheads, for 10 points each:,
[10] This most famous Copperhead, a Congressman from Ohio, finally so pissed off Abraham Lincoln with his anti-war activities that he got arrested and then banished to the Confederacy.
Answer: Clement Laird Vallandigham
[10] While the Copperheads were foiled in their efforts to get a Peace Democrat nominated for the presidency in 1864, they did succeed in getting this Copperhead, another Congressman from Ohio, on the ticket as George McClellan's running mate. He is more famous for authoring a civil service reform act in 1883.
Answer: George Hunt Pendleton[prompt on "Gentleman George"]
[10] In 1864, Vallandigham became the supreme commander of this "mutual protection society", which was founded by Harrison Dodd to reportedly take over federal arsenals, although it never attempted that.
Answer: Order of the Sons of Liberty
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
A canonical example of these is maleic anhydride. For 10 points each:,
[10] Identify this type of compounds which can be alkenes or alkynes, whose characteristic participation in a reaction is increased if they possess electron withdrawing groups.
Answer: dienophiles[do not accept diene]
[10] Dienophiles participate in a [4+2] cycloaddition reaction with dienes in this reaction named for two German chemists.
Answer: Diels-Alderreaction
[10] Speaking of dienes, these are compounds with two cyclopentadienyl rings that are coordinated with a transition metal atom. Your author ones produced a notable example containing iron in Ochem lab.
Answer: metallocene
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Identify some things from Dan Passner's favorite area of mythology for 10 points each.,
[10] These clay creatures are not given the ability to speak, and are animated through such methods as writing the word "emet" on their forehead. Rabbi Loew, also known as the Maharal, created one to defend the Prague ghetto.
Answer: golem[accept goilem]
[10] The Book of Job describes this gigantic ox-like creature as being able to drink the river Jordan. He is essentially the land-based equivalent of the sea-based Leviathan.
Answer: Behemot[accept Bahimutor Bahamut]
[10] The souls of the dead that have been turned away from Gehenna can sometimes become these spirits. They are known by a term that means "attachment," which is fitting, as they are known for possessing the living.
Answer: dybbuk
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
one song, this band noted that "the different stars tonight/will somehow fade the same" and that "only tears know how/to remind us we all break the same." For 10 points each:,
[10] Identify this band who asked "Come on, can I dream for one day?" in their 2008-Grammy-winning single "Typical," and released the EP Reset in 2004, which featured the song "Control."
Answer: Mute Math
[10] Mute Math also composed the namesake "Theme" for the soundtrack of this 2007 movie, which starred Shia LaBeouf as Sam Witwicky and also featured some giant robots like Bumblebee and Megatron.
Answer: Transformers
[10] Much like Mute Math, this alternative band is based in New Orleans. Their excellent singles from the mid-90s include "In the Blood," "Rosealia" ["ROSE"-ah-LEE-ah], "Desperately Wanting," and "Good."
Answer: Better Than Ezra
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
the following about the presidency of Warren G. Harding, for 10 points each:,
[10] Harding won the presidency by laying an electoral beatdown on this man in 1920. Along with his running mate Franklin Roosevelt, this governor of Ohio couldn't even win his own state, picking up less than 35% of the popular vote.
Answer: James Cox
[10] This conservative millionaire was appointed by Harding to the position of Secretary of the Treasury, a post he would hold also during the Coolidge and Hoover administrations.
Answer: Andrew Mellon
[10] Harding appointed this head of the Republican National Committee to be his first Postmaster General. He became far more famous for heading the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America, where he instituted a moralistic Production Code.
Answer: William Hays
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Name these works of Czech literature, for 10 points each.,
[10] Sabina, Franz, the surgeon Tomas, and the photographer Teresa are featured in this novel by Milan Kundera set during the Prague Spring.
Answer: The Unbearable Lightness of Being[accept Nesnesitelna lehkost byti]
[10] Hugo Pludek loses his identity by taking a job at the Liquidation Commission and Peter falls in love with Amanda in this play.
Answer: The Garden Party[accept Zahradni slavnost]
[10] The title combatant visits a military prison and an insane asylum, among other things, before he goes to the Russian front, in this unfinished novel by Jaroslav Hasek.
Answer: The Good Soldier Schweik[accept Osudy Dobreho Vojaka Švejka za Svetove Valky]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Two women can be seen conversing as one holds a pot while the other draws water from a well in his Women at the Well. For 10 points each;,
[10] Identify this artist who also depicted a contemporary thinker probably on an acid trip in his Portrait of Felix Feneonas well as several paintings depicting the port of Saint Tropez.
Answer: Paul Victor Jules Signac
[10] This friend of Paul Signac depicted a bunch of people dancing the Can-Can as a band plays in the foreground in his Les Chahut; he also painted Bathers at Asnieres.
Answer: Georges-Pierre Seurat
[10] Georges Seurat is best known for this work with shows a bunch of people spending the weekend relaxing near a body of water, which also includes a woman with a large behind holding a monkey on a leash.
Answer: A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte(accept A Sunday on La Grande Jatte- 1884; or Un Dimanche Apres-midi a i'Ile de la Grande Jatte - 1884)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
can be secreted by L cells in the lower gastrointestinal tract. For 10 points each:,
[10] Identify this hormone which also stimulates glycogen phosphorylase through a cAMP cascade to begin glycogenolysis in the liver.
Answer: glucagon
[10] After being produced from ATP by adenylate cyclase, cAMP activates this class of proteins. One type phosphorylates histone H1, and another acts on phosphofructokinase-2 to regulate glycolysis.
Answer: PKA[or Protein Kinase A; or cAMP dependent protein kinase]
[10] cAMP is often termed this, referring to its role as an intermediate in transmitting a signal from outside a cell to a structure inside the cell.
Answer: second messenger
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Constantine the Great was the first Roman emperor to become a Christian. For 10 points each, answer these questions about a successor to Constantine who just wasn't getting with the Jesus program:,
[10] This man, Constantine's nephew, took the throne in 361, and as should be clear by his epithet, rejected Christianity and attempted to promote paganism within the empire.
Answer: Julian the Apostate[accept FlaviusClaudius Julianus]
[10] Julian died in battle in 363 while combating this foreign empire, which at the time was led by king Shapur II and had its capital at Ctesiphon.
Answer: SassanidEmpire [accept Sassanianor other word forms as well]
[10] This senior staff officer to Julian succeeded him as emperor after Julian's death, reigning from 363 to 364. Despite his name, which references Roman mythology, he strongly disapproved of paganism and tried to reinstate Christian-friendly policies.
Answer: Jovian[accept Flavius Jovian]
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One possible identity for this figure is Dr. P. Aaron Potter, who was Samuel Taylor Coleridge's personal physician. For 10 points each;,
[10] Name this figure, who Coleridge claimed interrupted him before he could finish writing "Kubla Khan."
Answer: Person from Porlock[accept basically anything with "Porlock"]
[10] The Dr. Potter thesis was proposed by this writer in his Confessions of an English Opium-Eater.
Answer: Thomas De Quincey
[10] This authored named an eccentric libarraian "Porlock" in his short story "The Vane Sisters." Clare Quilty uses the alias "Porlock" when checking in to a series of motels in his best known novel Lolita.
Answer: Vladimir Nabokov
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þIt lists three undesirable moral characters and posits that only the end in and of itself is happiness. FTPE;,
[10] Identify this work regarding morality that discusses eudemonia as life's final goal and uses the Analogy of the Archer to describe how to achieve virtue, or arete.
Answer: Nicomachean Ethics
[10] This philosopher wrote about tragedy, epics, and comedy in Poetics,the Lyceum, and partially based his Politicsmorality outline in Nicomachean Ethics.
Answer: Aristotle
[10] Aristotle uses the Analogy of the Archer to describe this path towards virtue lies in the middle of two extremes. It also shares its name with one of the divisions of the Confucian Book of Rites.
Answer: Doctrine of the Mean
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Name some things investigated by Lev Landau, for 10 points each.,
[10] Landau introduced his namesake theory in order to address the second order type of these processes in matter changes form. Examples include condensation and sublimation.
Answer: phase transition
[10] Landau explained why helium in this state of matter would not cause excitations when flowing past a wall at a certain velocity. The viscosity is zero in this state.
Answer: superfluid
[10] This effect discovered by and named after Landau causes longitudinal charge waves in plasmas to attenuate, avoiding instabilities in the parameter space from developing.
Answer: Landau damping

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