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2007 Penn Bowl Tossups by Williams
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This present-day country includes the last capital of Sayyid Said's empire and the place where John Okello's Marxists overthrew Mohammed Shamte and installed Abeid Karume. The location of the Groundnuts Scheme, it emerged from German and British colonization and was governed by the principles of the Arusha Declaration, which included one-party rule by the Chama Cha Mapinduzi. The site, along with Kenya, of a 1998 Al Qaeda attack on US embassies, this country was long led by the "Ujamaa" principle of Julius Nyere. For 10 points, name this state formed by the merger of Zanzibar and Tanganyika.
Answer: United Republic of Tanzania [Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania]
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The "Bacchanal with a Guitar Player" and "The Massacre of the Innocents" are among the better-known works from this man's poesie period, while two men carry the titular corpse down a winding road in the foreground of his The Funeral of Phocion. In response to criticism by Pietra da Cortona he created "Crossing of the Red Sea" and its companion piece, "Adoration of the Golden Calf," along with a better-known work featuring a large figure in red robes on the left, presiding over the titular crime. Also known for a painting based on a line from Virgil's fifth Eclogue, "Et in Arcadia Ego," FOR 10 POINTS, name this artist, best-known for his "Rape of the Sabine Women."
Answer: Nicholas Poussin
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In the final section of this poem the poet claims that neither "greetings where no kindness is, nor all/The dreary intercourse of daily life,/Shall e'er prevail against us." Before imagining a "hermit's cave" at the end of the first stanza, he begins by describing "these waters, rolling from their mountain-springs /With a soft inland murmur" after noting that "five summers with the lengths of five long winters" have passed since he has last visited the titular location, the first Cistercian home in Wales. For 10 points, name this poem whose title ends with "On Revisiting The Banks Of The Wye During A Tour July 13, 1798", by William Wordsworth.
Answer: "Lines Composed A Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey"
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The history of the McKittrick hotel is divulged by Pop Leibel in this film, and another character promotes a bra based on a cantilevered bridge and helps the protagonist with Mozart-based music therapy following an incident at the San Juan Batista mission. The central scheme involves a faked haunting by Carlotta Valdez and paying Judy Barton to impersonate Madeleine, which lets Gavin Elster get away with murder. That plot is adorned by a Bernard Hermann score and a "zoom-out, track-in" camera movement now named for this film. For 10 points, name this Hitchock film starring Jimmy Stewart as a detective afraid of heights.
Answer: Vertigo
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Its fourth book deals with the loss of a friend and studies of Aristotle as the author leaves Thagaste, while the third describes an encounter with Cicero's Hortensius and the author's theft of pears for the pleasure of stealing. The author of this work becomes disillusioned by the ignorance of Faustus after spending much of his youth as a Manichee, and recounts sending away a mysterious concubine after being influenced by his mother Monica and by Ambrose of Milan to finally convert to Christianity at the age of thirty-two. For 10 points, name this autobiography of the bishop of Hippo who also wrote The City of God.
Answer: Confessions of St. Augustine
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One modification of the apparatus used for this experiment, which was designed by I. I. Rabi, is the basis of MRI while a further modification is used in atomic clocks. With the addition of a beam stopper, this experiment's apparatus can act as a filter. Three such filters placed at successive 90 degree angles will allow a beam to pass, while removing the middle filter will stop the beam, demonstrating that the filter redefines "up." Originally, a beam of silver atoms was used, and the two peaks observed conflicted with the classical expectation. For 10 points, name this 1922 experiment demonstrating that atoms and electrons have quantized spin.
Answer: the Stern-Gerlach Experiment
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One of his works sees the crippled narrator describe the deaths of family members after reading The Story of the Western Wing. A girl eschews the teachings of Shakyamuni for belief in "Zesus" in one story, while Anatole France's Penguin Island served as the primary inspiration for "Kappa." A Buddhist priest agonizes over the titular overlong appendage in "The Nose," but better known are a story in which a man kills an old woman looting corpses on the title structure and another that provides different perspectives on a crime committed by Tajomaru, "In a Bamboo Grove." For 10 points, name this author of "Rashomon."
Answer: Ryunosuke Akutagawa
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Sting shouts the Miranda Rights in French in the background of this man's album You're Under Arrest, which included covers of "Human Nature" and "Time After Time." He recorded "My Old Flame" with Art Blakey and Sonny Rollins, while Wayne Shorter and Herbie Hancock were members of his hard-bop quintet that recorded In a Silent Way. His best-selling 1970 album opens with the twenty-minute "Pharaoh's Dance" and yielded the single "Spanish Key," though he more famously worked with John Coltrane on an album that includes "Blue in Green" and "So What." For 10 points, name this trumpeter of The Birth of the Cool, known for the album A Kind of Blue.
Answer: Miles Davis
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A double agent sabotaged its attempt to kill the Military Council by firing on the Town Theatre, and the denial of supplies at Theodosia then led to its surrender at Constanta to Romanian authorities, after which it was renamed the Panteleymon. Events here were sparked by an agent of the Social Revolutionary Party, who garnered support againt Captain Golikov when a surgeon performed a smell test. Its actions mostly took place near Odessa, during th 1905 rebellion as part of the general Black Sea Fleet uprising. For 10 points, name this ship where rotten meat caused a mutiny against the Tsar's officers.
Answer: Battleship Potemkin [or Knyaz Potemkin Tavrichesky]
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The central family in this novel lives next door to Levaque and Bouteloup, whose morning rituals they regularly hear. That family receives charity from the shopkeeper Maigrat, who trades food and money for a caress from the eldest daughter. The protagonist gains a new ideology from Pluchart, which he discusses with Souvarine at Rasseneur's. Having come from Marchienne to Montsou, he befriends "Bonnemort" and eventually kills Chaval, his rival for the affections of Catherine Maheu. An avowed socialist, he leads a strike against the local mine that results in a massacre. For 10 points, name this novel about Etienne Lantier, written by Emile Zola.
Answer: Germinal
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In November 2004, the Athos I spilled a quarter-million gallons of oil into this river. The village of Hancock sees the confluence of its western and eastern branches, the latter of which feeds the Pepacton Reservoir. At Phillipsburg, the Morris Canal connects it to the Hudson River, and it passes through the Twelve-Mile Circle just before emptying into its namesake bay. Its largest tributary, the Schuykill [SKOO-kul], passes west of the Rodin Museum and east of University City in Philadelphia. For 10 points, name this river that forms Pennsylvania's eastern border, depicted in an Emmanuel Leutze painting illustrating the 1776 crossing of it by George Washington.
Answer: The Delaware River
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One person of this royal name and number was nicknamed "the Impotent" and ruled in Castile. Another defeated a Saxon rebellion at Langesalza to maintain Salian authority as Holy Roman Emperor. Sully's hoax "Royal Economies" claimed that another had a "grand design" to destroy the Hapsburgs after winning at Ivry during the wars of religion. That one declared that "Paris is worth a mass" to gain the French crown. For 10 points, give this name and number shared by the English Bolingbroke who was the first Lancastrian king, the Holy Roman Emperor who went to Canossa, and the issuer of the Edict of Nantes.
Answer: Henry IV
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In astronomy, some researchers contend that galaxies and black holes have become subject to a version of this process, while on a molecular level it is invoked to explain similarities in the genomes of endosymbiontic mitochondria and eukaryotes, such as in the genes for their respective cytochrome c oxidases. More common examples involve flowers and bees adapting to each other to make pollination more favorable, and predator and prey continually evolving new ways to outwit each other; that is the so-called Red Queen hypothesis for this, in which sex is an advantage due to its resulting genetic diversity. For 10 points, name this process in which two entities change in a dependent manner on each other.
Answer: co-evolution
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Its first volume uses the work of EG Wakefield to make a "modern interpretation of colonization," and other historical portions discuss "primitive accumulation" in Britain. The fourth chapter concludes that "MCM" is the current "general formula" for the title concept of this work, which was left unfinished midway through the fourth volume, Theories of Surplus Value. It begins by describing the "use-values" and values of commodities and moves on to such concepts as the major modes of production and the primacy of labor in creating value out of the title entity. For 10 points, name this magnum opus by Engels and Marx.
Answer: Das Kapital
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A critical action in this conflict was the spiking of cannons at Castillo de San Joaquin. One side was led by "Stuttering Zeke" Merritt, who captured General Mariano Vallejo and also defeated Jose Castro. Many of its participants had arrived on the Brooklyn, and it served to prop up the government originally led by William Ide, which lasted less than a month until John Sloat suppressed both participants in this conflict and deposed John Fremont. First raised at Sonoma, the namesake item was destroyed in a 1906 fire and is now represented on the state emblem. For 10 points, name this revolt for California independence.
Answer: the Bear Flag revolt/republic
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A textual one by Douglas Hofstadter had characters join in a conversation about consciousness in an anthill. In his Le istitutioni harmoniche, Zarino divided them into sciolta and legata varieties, while Max Reger wrote them into his Hiller and Mozart Variations. One forms the beginning of the overture to The Bartered Bride, and another is featured in the famous middle of the overture to The Magic Flute. This heavily contrapuntal musical form that serves as the second half of a French overture and is paired with a prelude in each key in The Well-Tempered Clavier. For 10 points, name this music form also used by J. S. Bach in a series of organ works with a Toccata.
Answer: fugue
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The protagonist of Haruki Murakami's Sputnik Sweetheart, Sumire, claims that this is her favorite book. One character moves in with Terri after abandoning the shack he shared with Lee Ann and Remi, having earlier left his best friend in the company of Carlo Marx!! A planned trip to Italy is thwarted when another character gets a job as a parking attendant, and the protagonist Is later stranded in Gregoria, Mexico by that character, who then marries Inez, having already married Camille and Marylou. The protagonist eventually meets Laura in New York, and they both witness the final departure of Dean Moriarty. For 10 points, name this Beat novel about Sal Paradise by Jack Kerouac.
Answer: On the Road
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Catechol-O-methyl transferase is prominently involved in the catabolysis of this substance, and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors are negatively affected when its D2 receptors, which are also thought to play a role in schizophrenia and psychosis, are blocked. Its interaction with and regulation of prolactin is thought to be a contributing factor to male impotence and sexual dysfunction. Synthesized in the body from tyrosine as starting material, an intermediate with an added carboxylate group and a similar name is often used to treat Parkinson's. For 10 points, name this neurotransmitter implicated in the brain's pleasure and reward system.
Answer: dopamine
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One of his books had a frontispiece showing a ship sailing past the pillars of Hercules, while another describes the fictional Salomon's House. He attempted to explain why Egypt has deserts in his Sylva Sylvarum, while his unfinished essay "The Ladder of the Intellect" was to prove the validity of induction. He created the idea of universal progress in The Advancement of Learning, and he also identified the tribe, cave, marketplace, and theater as the "four idols" which inhibit inquiry. For 10 points, name this man who presented an ideal scientific society in The New Atlantis and took apart Aristotleanism in Novum Organum.
Answer: Sir Francis Bacon, Lord Verulam, Viscount St. Albans [prompt on Bacon; do not accept "Roger Bacon"]
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TB. The long line has this property but the long line's compactification doesn't. Neither does the Euclidean plane minus the origin, although the whole plane and 3-space minus the origin have it. It is preserved under homotopy equivalence but not under general continuous transformations. Any proper non-empty subset of the complex with this property can be conformally mapped to the unit disk. For 10 points, name this topological property that intuitively means a space lacks holes and is equivalent to having a trivial fundamental group and being path-connected.
Answer: simply connected
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Extra. Carlos Calvo's work was used by Luis María Drago to extend this concept to debt collection, and it was formalized as the Porter Convention at the 1907 Hague Peace Conference. Richard Olney vigorously asserted a modification of it during the Venezuela boundary dispute. Olney thus changed a claim first put forth to rebuff George Canning, forming the basis of a 1904 speech by !!Theodore Roosevelt which created a "corrolary" to it. For 10 points, Secretary of State John Quincy Adams formulated what principle, attributed to the then-president, under which the U.S. opposed any European interference in the Americas?
Answer: the Monroe Doctrine
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Extra. In one optional scene, one character offers to defend God against abandonment charges filed by the title characters. That character had earlier gotten Martin Heller to rub his back at a restaurant meeting. One scene sees Mr. Lies, typically played by the actor who plays Belize, appearing in a dream about Antarctica, while another character dreams of two of the 33 ancestors who share his name, Prior Walter, before a title character arrives!! proclaiming "The Messenger has arrived." Dramatizing Roy Cohn's death of AIDS, for 10 points, name this two-part "Gay Fantasia on National Themes" comprising Millennium Approaches and Perestroika, by Tony Kushner.
Answer: Angels in America
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Extra. It was only officially recognized in 1945, the largest change to the commonly accepted periodic table since its!! inception. Containing elements with 5f electrons, many of its elements have very short half-lives and have only been synthesized in laboratories. Its only elements occurring at appreciable levels are Thorium and Uranium, though a small amount of neptunium and plutonium can sometimes be found in some Uranium ores. For 10 points, name this series of the periodic table named for the 89th element.
Answer: Actinoid Series or actinides
2007 Penn Bowl Bonuses by Williams
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Given properties of the data structure, name it for 10 points each:,
[10] Element access time is constant but insertion time and space is O[n] ["big oh of n"]
Answer: Array
[10] Element insertion time is constant but insertion is O[n]. Varieties include doubly and circularly.
Answer: Linked List [accept variants that include "linked list"]
[10] Element access time is roughly constant, but space is much greater than in an array. Collision of keys is a recurring problem
Answer: Hashtable
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For 10 points each, name these characters from Paradise Lost:,
[10] Satan breaks the initial silence of Book I to this fallen cherub, his second-in-command.
Answer: Beelzebub
[10] This character guards the gate of hell in Book II, having sprung from Satan's head in Heaven and later born Death from her entrails. Her name also refers to any violation of God's law, whether it is mortal or venial.
Answer: Sin
[10] This angel joins Satan's rebellion in Heaven, but defects at the end of Book V and smites Ariel and Arioch in Book VI.
Answer: Abdiel
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
For 10 points each, answer these questions about an author's fictional objects:,
[10] As described in "Tlon, Uqbar, Orbius Tertius," these are objects that are created when they are expected to exist, even if they don't. One example is a replica one finds of a pencil one has lost that has already been found by someone else.
Answer: hronir
[10] This titular object, kept in the basement of Carlo Daneri's house to inspire his poetry, contains all points in space and makes the narrator think of his love, Beatrix.
Answer: The [or El] Aleph
[10] The Aleph and hronir were created by what Argentine author of "The Library of Babel"?
Answer: Jorge Luis Borges
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Walter Cronkite provided the voice-overs for its title manual in the most recent revival. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this musical which tells the story of window-washer J. Pierpont Finch's rise to Chairman of the Board at World Wide Wickets.
Answer: How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying
[10] In the song "Grand Old Ivy," Finch chants for this animal mascot to "rip the Chipmunk off the field" while sucking up to Mr. Biggley.
Answer: the groundhog
[10] The most recent Broadway revival of How to Succeed starred this actor as Finch. He's better-known on Broadway for originating Leo Bloom in The Producers opposite Nathan Lane's Max Bialystock, and in film for roles as Simba, Inspector Gadget, and Ferris Bueller.
Answer: Matthew Broderick
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Name these rakers of muck, for 10 points each:,
[10] This photographer for Scribner's is best-known for his slum study How the Other Half Lives.
Answer: Jacob Riis
[10] His series "The Great American Fraud" in Collier's led to the Pure Food and Drug Act.
Answer: Samuel Hopkins Adams
[10] Often quoted as saying of the Soviet Union "I have the seen the future, and it works," this McClure's writer penned the series "The Shame of the Cities" and "The Struggle for Self-Government"
Answer: Lincoln Steffens
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His first term as prime minister followed Golda Meir's resignation in the wake of the Yom Kippur War. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this two-time Israeli prime minister of the Labor Party, whose second term was ended by the actions of Yigal Amir.
Answer: Yitzhak Rabin
[10] Rabin signed this pact with Yasser Arafat that established the Palestinian Authority and won Nobel Peace Prizes for both man.
Answer: the Oslo Accord(s)
[10] In the 1940s, Rabin served as head of this paramilitary organization, whose offshoots included Irgun and Lehi. Its name and members were absorbed into the Israeli Defense Forces following independence.
Answer: Haganah
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He is considered a founder of both social psychology and pragmatism, and he worked with his student Herbert Blume to create symbolic interactionism. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this author of The Philosophy of the Act and Mind, Self and Society.
Answer: George Herbert Mead
[10] Symbolic interactionism was further explored by this Canadian sociologist in such books as Frame Analysis, Gender Advertisements, and The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life.
Answer: Erving Goffman
[10] Mead's methods of psychology anticipated this school, which was defined later by John Watson and B.F. Skinner and used to demonstrate such concepts as classical conditioning.
Answer: behaviorism
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Answer the following questions about an artist for 10 points each:,
[10] This Vienna Art Nouveau painter is probably best known for his square oil The Kiss.
Answer: Gustav Klimt
[10] A gown covered in eyes bedecks the titular wife of a Jewish sugar magnate in this Klimt painting, recently sold for 135 million dollars.
Answer: Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I
[10] A painting commissioned for the ceiling of the University of Vienna's great hall, it depicted Hygieia standing beneath a nude figure and a symbolic river of life. It is named for the profession represented by Hygieia.
Answer: Medicine
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
For 10 points each, name these mythological horses.,
[10] Bellerophon found this horse at the Pieran spring after sleeping at the temple of Athena and receiving his girdle.
Answer: Pegasus
[10] After turning himself into a mare to lure away the horse Svadilfari from the mason rebuilding the Asgard wall, Loki gave birth to this horse.
Answer: Sleipnir
[10] In Celtic myth, Niamh gives this white horse, whose name means "imagination," to Oisin. After returning from the Land of Youth, Oisin must stay on this horse or else age three hundred years.
Answer: Embarr
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Manjusri and Akasagarbha achieved this status, whose name literally means "enlightened being." For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this advanced being within Mahayana Buddhism, who seeks to help others each achieve enlightenment.
Answer: bodhisattva
[10] Unlike a bodhisattva, this being is free of samsara but does not seek to assist others in achieving enlightenment. Becoming one is the goal in Theravada.
Answer: arhat
[10] The Dalai Lama claims to be the reincarnation of this bodhisattva of compassion.
Answer: Avalokiteshvara [or Kuan Yin; or Chenrezig; or Padmapāni]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
This branch of philosophy deals with the question of what knowledge is and how it may be acquired. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this discipline whose name derives from the Greek for "knowledge."
Answer: epistemology
[10] In Plato's Theaetetus, Socrates's final definition of knowledge is often referred to by this three word expression, which Edmund Gettier attacked in a 1963 essay.
Answer: "justified true belief"[the exact answer is required]
[10] This philosopher drew a distinction between knowledge and certainty in his On Certainty, one of his many posthumously published writings, along with The Blue and Brown Books and Remarks on the Foundations of Mathematics.
Answer: Ludwig Wittgenstein
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Name these imaginary states created by the French Revolution for 10 points each.,
[10] Established under the Treaty of Tilsit, it was ruled by Fredrick Augustus I from 1807 to 1815, when the bulk of it was divvied up by Russia and Prussia.
Answer: Grand Duchy of Warsaw [or Grand duché de Varsovie; or Ksiestwo; or Wielkoksiestwo; or Warszawskie]
[10] At the machinations of Frédéric César de La Harpe, the Directory invaded Switzerland and created this entity in 1798. It lasted until the 1803 Mediation Act replaced it with a confederation.
Answer: Helvetic Republic [or République Helvétique]
[10] Established along with the Cisalpine Republic by the Treaty of Campoformio, this state comprised the former Genoa.
Answer: Ligurian Republic [or République Ligurienne; or Repubblica Ligure]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Name these composers of choral works for 10 points each:,
[10] In his Requiem, this composer was the first to eliminate the Dies Irae movement, replacing it with In Paradisum. More clues
Answer: Gabriel Faure
[10] This dirty Nazi included movements such as In taberna quando sumus , Si puer cum puella, and O Fortuna in his work Carmina Burana, which he pilfered from a namesake collection of medieval songs.
Answer: Carl Orff
[10] He used the poetry of Wilfred Owen as a basis for some of the text in his War Requiem. He is also known for A Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra and Peter Grimes.
Answer: Benjamin Britten
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Controversy has been unceasing over the use of a certain drug commonly administered by inhaler. For 10 points each:,
[10] This common respiratory disease's rising prevalence especially among minorities has raised concern among public health officials. It is characterized by airway constriction, coughing and difficulty breathing.
Answer: asthma
[10] The FDA issued a black-box warning in November 2005 regarding prescription of the sustained oral release form of this drug with inhaled steroids, which seems to contribute to a higher death rate overall versus placebo, especially in African-Americans. It is the most well-known treatment for asthma.
Answer: Albuterol or Salbutamol
[10] Albuterol, like many other asthma treatments, acts as this to the beta-2-adrenergic receptors of the pulmonary smooth muscle cells, from the Greek for contender.
Answer: Agonist
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
For 10 points each, answer these questions about African islands that aren't actually African:,
[10] Comprising Funteventura and La Palma among others, these Spanish islands are located off the coast of Morocco and Western Sahara.
Answer: The Canary Islands
[10] This French overseas department with capital at Saint-Denis lies off the coast of Madagascar and is home to the volcano Piton de Fournaise.
Answer: Reunion
[10] This volcanic British territory lies off the coast of Angola, and has its capital at Jamestown. It contains the Ascension island group and was home to Napoleon Bonaparte until his 1821 death.
Answer: Saint Helena
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Answer the following questions, for 10 points each:,
[10] This theorem, first published in 1763 and rediscovered independently by Laplace in 1774, was motivated by the problem of estimating the parameter for a binomial distribution.
Answer: Bayes' theorem
[10] Bayes' theorem relates the posterior probability, the likelihood, a normalizing constant and this quantity.
Answer: prior probability
[10] Likelihood functions based on repeated observations of words are used to calculate posterior probability for this common application of Bayes' theorem seen in many people's email inboxes and clients.
Answer: spam filters (accept clear knowledge equivalents)
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For 10 points each, name these pieces of music that employ anvils:,
[10] Eighteen pitched anvils are played during the transitions into and out of Scene 3 of this one-act opera to the rhythm of the leitmotif associated with a race of dwarves.
Answer: Das Rheingold [or The Rhinegold]
[10] This Verdi opera features the famous "Anvil Chorus" sung by the Spanish gypsies in celebration of wine and women.
Answer: Il Trovatore [or The Troubadour]
[10] Albert Parlow and Johann Strauss both wrote anvil-based works in this Czech?? dance style in 2/4.
Answer: polka
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
For 10 points each, name these satirists and members of The Scriblerus Club:,
[10] The author of The Battle of the Books, he is better-known for satirically suggesting that the Irish poor sell their children to be cooked and eaten in A Modest Proposal.
Answer: Jonathan Swift
[10] The author of the pastoral satires The Shepherd's Week, he is best known for satirizing Robert Walpole in his The Beggar's Opera.
Answer: John Gay
[10] He attacked Joseph Addison among others for selling out in his "Epistle to Dr. Arbuthnot," but he is better-known for a mock epic starring Belinda and her dog Shock.
Answer: Alexander Pope
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He gave Ibrahim bni l-Aghlab governorship over Tunisia in exchange for tribute, which some mark as the beginning of his empire's decline. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this caliph, succeeded by al-Amin, whose honorific means "the upright."
Answer: Harun ar-Rashid al-Rash
[10] Harun ruled from 786 to 809 as a member of this dynasty.
Answer: Abbasid
[10] This Persian family, led by Yahya, helped Harun gain power and dominated Harun's court until the final years of his reign. They purportedly fell into disfavor when Yahya's son Jafar knocked up Harun's sister.
Answer: the Bamarkids [or Barmecides; or al-baramika; or al-barmak]
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Name these characters from a Russian novel for 10 points each:,
[10] This titular character of a Tolstoy novel commits suicide by jumping in front of a train
Answer: Anna Karenina
[10] Paired against the destruction of Anna's life and marriage is the charming love story of this woman who eventually marries Constantin Levin
Answer: "Kitty" Shcherbatsky [tell anyone who answers Ekaterina Alexandrovna Shcherbatsky to fuck off, especially if it's Jerry]
[10] At the begining of the novel, this brother to Anna has been unfaithful to Kitty's sister Dolly, and Anna comes to repair the marriage.
Answer: Stepan Arkadyevitch Oblonsky (accept either)
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Extra. Answer the following questions for 10 points each:,
[10] This theorem from vector calculus relates the line integral of some arbitrary functions along a curve C to the double integral of the difference of some of their partial derivatives over an area enclosed by that curve.
Answer: Green's theorem
[10] Green's theorem is a special case of this theorem, one statement of which relates the surface integral of the curl of a vector field to the line integral of the field along the surface boundary.
Answer: Stokes theorem
[10] Green's theorem can be applied only to regions enclosed by curves of this type; namely those that divide the plane into interior and exterior regions. Their existence was formally proved by Veblen.
Answer: Jordan curve
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Extra. Name these Athenians for 10 points each.,
[10] In 621BCE, this Athenian archon established a harsh legal code which gave rise to an eponymous adjective.
Answer: Draco
[10] This tyrant of Athens first took power in 561BC and was later succeeded by his sons Hippias and Hipparchus. He reportedly ordered the writing down of the Illiad and the Odyssey.
Answer: Pisistratus
[10] This admiral, though victorious at Salamis, was eventually ostracized for advocating that the government be moved to Piraeus and the Areopagus reduced in power.
Answer: Themistocles
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Extra. John Marcher waits for his destiny, the titular creature, to spring upon him. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this story, in the end of which Marcher realizes that his destiny had been to love the deceased May Bartram.
Answer: "The Beast in the Jungle"
[10] "The Beast in the Jungle" is a short story by this author, better known for novels like The Golden Bowl and Washington Square.
Answer: Henry James
[10] In this Henry James work, Winterbourne falls in love with the title character, who eventually succumbs to the Malaria she caught in the Colosseum with Giovanelli.
Answer: Daisy Miller

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