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2007 Penn Bowl Tossups by UNC A
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In 1974, he shouted "Why do you perform abortions on demand and how many have you done?" as time expired on a debate, leaving his physician opponent, Bill Roy, unable to respond and narrowly securing re-election. He was attacked in that campaign for his role as chairman of the Republican National Committee during Watergate. Despite winning the 1988 Iowa caucus, this former running mate of Gerald Ford was not nominated for president until he invited Jack Kemp onto his losing ticket in 1996. For 10 points, name this Kansas Senator with a paralyzed right arm and habit of describing himself in the third person.
Answer: Robert Joseph "Bob" Dole
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Both Kirchhoff's voltage law and Kirchhoff's current law can be derived from it, and it can be derived from the Lorentz force if certain assumptions are made. A more complicated version of the equation was used to explain the results of experiments by this law's namesake, using circuits containing different lengths of wire, in which the applied voltage and current passing through the circuits were measured. For 10 points, identify this law from physics, expressed mathematically by setting current equal to the potential difference over the resistance.
Answer: Ohm's law
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The title character of this work resides in a place where "Willows whiten, aspens quiver,/Little breezes dusk and shiver" and whose only occupants are reapers "among the bearded barley" whispering "'Tis the fairy." She spends her days creating "a magic web with colors gay," until she meets a figure with "coal-black curls" who trode his war-horse "On burnish'd hooves" Upon hearing the figure singing, "Tirra lira" she looks toward the figure's home, causing her mirror to crack. Painted repeatedly by the PRB, this is, for 10 points, what woman who dies as her boat goes down the river toward Launcelot and Camelot, the title character of a Tennyson poem.
Answer: The Lady of Shalott
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Found between the massif of Kallídhromon and the Maliakós Gulf, it was the site of a 279 BCE defeat of the Celts and a 191 BCE battle between Acilius Glabrio and Antiochus III. The forces of Locri Opuntii switched sides after the results of another clash here, which occurred simultaneously with the naval battle at Cape Artemesium and was affected by the treason of Ephialtes. Dianekes's promise to fight in the shade came true as 1100 Boeotian hoplites fell in addition to troops of Leonidas. For 10 points, name this pass, whose name means "hot gates," where 300 Spartan warriors held off the Persian army for several hours.
Answer: Thermopylae
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These men's first collaboration came with a work concerning a wedding party interrupted by a cyclist and an ostrich hunter. Receiving their name from an article in the journal Comoedia, they first officially congregated at a song recital by Jane Bathori. James Harding's The Ox on the Roof concerns them and takes its name from a ballet by the composer of the operas Bolivar and Christopher Columbus. Another member composed incidental music to a play about King David along with a proto-minimalist work imitating the motion of a train, Pacific 231. Led by Eric Satie, this is, FTP, what 1920s group of composers, the French counterpart to the Mighty Five?
Answer: Les Six
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Mikhail Tsvet coined the term when he discovered this technique while doing research on plant pigments. He did this by making a solution of his samples with ether and alcohol, then running this solution over powdered sugar or calcium carbonate columns to extract pigments. Other varieties of this technique use paper or finely ground silica or alumina on top of a glass plate or film as the stationary phase, while gases and liquids are common mobile phases. For 10 points, name this laboratory technique that makes use of each component of a mixture's differing affinities for the stationary phase in order to separate out these components.
Answer: chromatography
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Dr. David Thorpe suggests liking this band "if you want to sound a little bit cool to the average person and yet you have no fucking hope ever in your life of understanding music even a little bit." Their recent singles say "The more I see the less I know," and describe "a lover, baby and a fighter." In addition to "Desecration Smile" and "Snow (Hey Oh)" off Stadium Arcadium, their songs include a cover of Stevie Wonder's "Higher Ground" as well as"Soul to Squeeze." For 10 points, name this band which stole a Tom Petty guitar part for "Dani California" and also recorded "Scar Tissue" and "Under the Bridge."
Answer: the Red Hot Chili Peppers [accept RHCP]
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One of this work's characters falls in love with the waiter Gabriel, who turns out to be married, while another gives his passport to Dr. Americo after falling in love with Lidia, for whom he spurned Marta. In one of the stories told in this novel a woman finds out that her husband's first wife is a zombie, and in another, Leni reveals Michelle's love for a German soldier to the French resistance only to later be corrupted by the Nazis herself. These stories, actually the plots of films, are told by an accused gay child molester to a revolutionary who shares his cell in an Argentinean prison. FTP name this novel about Valentin and Molina by Manuel Puig.
Answer: Kiss of the Spider Woman or El beso de la mujer araña
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One man by this name wrote the first constitution for New Zealand, while a different person by this name served the longest consecutive stint as British foreign secretary, which included the start of World War I. Another succeeded the Duke of Wellington as prime minister and won the alliance of William IV during his campaign to pass the Great Reform Bill. Another was the daughter of the Duke of Suffolk who married Guildford Dudley and was named heir by Edward VI, but was executed by the government of Mary. For 10 points, give the common family name of these figures, including the "nine days queen," Lady Jane.
Answer: Grey [or de Grey]
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This thinker defined modernity as the loss of the private world due to a two-stage process of "world-alienation" and "earth-alienation" in Between Past and Future. This philosopher's threefold classifications include labor, work, and action, in The Human Condition and thinking, willing, and judging in The Life of the Mind. She defined the title form of government as "the inversion of politics" in On Totalitarianism, and argued that conscience should be a byproduct of thinking and one should consider human consequences in Eichmann in Jerusalem. For 10 points, name this philosopher who discussed the "banality of evil."
Answer: Hannah Arendt
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During this epoch, most of the world's landmasses reached their current locations, and the climate became significantly cooler and drier, allowing more grasses to grow and contributing to increased grasslands. Grazing mammals diversified, and increased migrations were possible because of the appearance of a land bridge connecting North and South America. The changing climate also led to increased ice at the poles, which would prove significant for the following epoch. For 10 points, name this geological epoch of the Cenozoic Era preceded by the Miocene, during the late portion of which glaciers began to advance, setting up the ice ages that would follow during the Pleistocene.
Answer: Pl(e)iocene Epoch
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One of this man's poems identifies "an old man in a lodge within a park" with the titular author of The Legend of Good Women. The lines "She sleeps!/My lady sleeps!/Sleeps!" end each stanza of the serenade from his only drama, The Spanish Student, and he remarks that "Alvares and Rivera interchange/With Abraham and Jacob of old times" in a poem about the oldest Jewish resting place in America. The title character roams throughout America searching for Gabriel Lajeunesse in his long poem about Acadia, Evangeline. Also known for a poem that begins "by the shore of Gitchie Gumee," this is, FTP, what poet of Tales of a Wayside Inn and The Song of Hiawatha.
Answer: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
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An uprising here by generals Salan and Challe led to the formation of the Secret Army Organization. The war in this present-day country was presaged when troops shot on men for waving flags at Sétif, leading to the formation of the Movement for the Triumph of Democratic Liberties. Conflict here caused the Revolutionary Committee of Unity and Action to become the FLN, and a 1956 battle with the paratroopers of Jacques Massu led to the rise of Houari Boumedienne and the fall of Guy Mollet's government. For 10 points, name this country where leaders such as Ahmed Ben Bella gained independence from France.
Answer: People's Democratic Republic of Algeria [or Al Jumhuriyah al Jaza'iriyah ad Dimuqratiyah ash Sha'biyah]
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Among the paintings that remain from this artist's student days are Birth and The Dead Man. His portfolio Mein Leben followed Les Ames Mortes, illustrations for an edition of Gogol in his native language. His wife Virginia Haggard posed for A Red and Black World, and a man dressed in brown floats with a woman in white in The Betrothed. The titular green-faced musician stands in front of a house and a church in The Fiddler, but better-known is a self-portrait in which he paints a horse with his seven-fingered hand. Also known for his stained glass windos, this is, FTP, what artist of a work featuring a cow's head and the tree of life, I and the Village.
Answer: Marc Chagall
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Joshua Lederberg was the first to give these molecules their name while working on the way genetic information is transferred. Resistance ones contain genes capable of fighting antibiotics or poisons, while the fertility-F variety are able to undergo conjugation. They are known as vectors when used in genetic engineering, and all of them must contain an origin of replication so that their DNA can be replicated on its own. For 10 points, identify these DNA molecules that exist separately from an organism's genome, typically circular and found in bacteria.
Answer: plasmids
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During one of them, the "dogs gone mad speech" was delivered. They were preceeded by similar actions regarding accusations of "wrecking" and targeted at the employees of the Metropolitan Vickers Electric Company. The last one finished off the "right opposition," while the first one charged sixteen people with conspiring to murder Kirov. NKVD agents used torture to secure confessions, leading to the death sentences for Kamenev, Zinovyev, Bukharin at the hands of prosecutor Andrey Vyshinsky. For 10 points, name these events which gave a public veneer of legitimacy to Stalin's campaign against political rivals.
Answer: show trials [accept purge trials; accept anything along the lines of "trials of Stalin's political opponents" that demonstrates knowledge]
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His female assistant, who is prayed to when aligning new buildings with the stars and dresses in panther skins, is called Seshat. He wrote forty-two books himself, while one named for him tells the story of Setna, the son of Ramses II. He was cured of a scorpion sting by Horus and became the protector of that god, and he also joined with Shu to reconcile Tefnut with Ra. His cult, centered at Hermopolis, worshipped him as the patron of magic, astronomy, and wisdom. For 10 points, name this baboon- or ibis-headed Egyptian deity who served as the messenger and scribe of the gods.
Answer: Thoth [or Tehuty; or Djehuty; or Aahtehuti; or Djehuti; or Tehuti; or Thouti ; or Zehuti]
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Perrin and Spencer's repeat of this experiment in 1980 found only 1 positive result in 396 trials and attributed the 33% success rate in the original to cultural factors. This experiment found a change in outcome when "true partners" and "compromise partners" were introduced. First presented as a chapter of the 1951 book Groups, Leadership, and Men, it was performed on groups of eight, seven of which were the researcher's plants purposely misidentifying which line was the same length as a sample. For 10 points, name this experiment in which subjects often gave wrong answers to conform to the "erroneous majority."
Answer: Asch conformity experiment
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The only silent role in this opera is the child Dolore, although "the aunt" and "the cousin" have fairly minimal parts in the work. Inspired indirectly by a short story by John Luther Long, it begins with Goro leading the main male character out of his house. That character outlines his roving philosophy in "dovunque al mondo" and, in Part 2 of Act 2, expresses his remorse and regrets in the romanza "Addio, fiorito asil." The title character sings about her planned conversion to that character's religion "in Io seguo il mio destino," but more famously pictures his return in the aria "Un bel di, vedremo." Pinkerton jilts Cio Cio San in, FTP, what opera by Giacomo Puccini?
Answer: Madama Butterfly or Madame Butterfly
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In his only drama, Edgar ties up a high-ranking government official and holds a gun to his head after the titular beverages have been consumed. One of his novels centers around the estate of the criminal F.W. Bennett and his aviatrix wife, who meet the narrator, a drifter named Joe of Paterson. He tells the story of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, fictionalized as the Isaacsons, from the point of view of their titular son in The Book of Daniel, while a 15 year old boy narrates the downfall and death of Dutch Schultz in Billy Bathgate, but better known is a narrative of three diverse families told through the eyes of Little Boy. FTP name this author, best known for Ragtime.
Answer: E.L. Doctorow
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TB. Proteins associated with these structures include kinesins and dynein, which move along them in order to transport other molecules throughout the cell. Many of these structures in a given cell will be in a state of dynamic instability, in which the protein subunits that make them up can be either added to or removed from the plus end of the structure at any given time. The ability of the structures to shorten is useful during mitosis, when they attach to the kinetochores of chromosomes and pull them toward the spindle poles. For 10 points, name these components of the cytoskeleton, which also make up cilia and are composed of tubulin subunits.
Answer: microtubules
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TB. This peak was originally known as Mount Townsend, but it was given the name of its neighbor so that the peak by this name would be its country's highest; while it holds this title, it is relatively round and not very difficult to climb. It is located in the Snowy Mountains in its namesake national park, which can be found in the state of New South Wales. For 10 points, name this peak, first ascended in 1840 by Paul Strzelecki and named for a Polish patriot, the highest mountain in mainland Australia.
Answer: Mount Kosciuszko
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TB. One scene in this novel finds the protagonist witnessing a fight at Masson's place between a pimp and the brother of his Moorish whore. Among the people who live in the protagonist's apartment building are an old man who often loses his dog and the aforementioned pimp, Raymond Sintes, who gets the protagonist to help him write a letter to lure his abused mistress back to him. It begins with the protagonist's visit to The Home for Aged Persons in Marengo, an action which will play into his conviction of murdering an arab on the beach. For 10 points, name this Existentialist novel about the office worker Meursault, a work by Albert Camus.
Answer: The Stranger or L'étranger
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TB. A dispute over this process in the tenth century saw Paschasius Radbertus win out over Ratramnus and Berengar. The Orthodox believe that it occurrs only when requested by the epiclesis and more commonly refer to it as "metabole." It was re-affirmed in 1965 by the Mysterium Fidei encyclical of Paul VI, four centuries after it was replaced by the "in, with and under" formulation sometimes called the "doctrine of the real presence" by Lutherans. For 10 points, identify this church doctrine holding that the underlying substances of the Eucharistic bread and wine are actually transformed into the body and blood of Christ.
Answer: transubstantiation
2007 Penn Bowl Bonuses by UNC A
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Answer some questions about reaction stereochemistry. For 10 points each:,
[10] This term describes molecules which are mirror images of one another but cannot be superimposed.
Answer: enantiomers
[10] This adjective describes a mixture which is made up of equal parts of both of a molecule's enantiomers.
Answer: racemic
[10] This term refers to stereoisomers that are not enantiomers.
Answer: diastereomers
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It concerns the history of the Fähmel family, FTPE:,
[10] Name this novel, in which Robert demolishes an abbey built by his father as revenge on the monks, who practiced Nazism, aka the "sacrament of the buffalo." He plays the titular game regularly at the Prince Heinrich Hotel.
Answer: Billiards at Half Past Nine or Billard um halbzehn
[10] Billiards at Half Past Nine is a novel by this man, also known for Group Portrait With Lady and The Clown.
Answer: Heinrich Böll
[10] Another Heinrich Böll novel concerns the "Lost Honor" of this woman, who aids and abets the army deserter Ludwig Gotten. She later murders the reporter Werner Totges.
Answer: Katharina Blum
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Answer some questions about Vincent van Gogh. For 10 points each:,
[10] In 1885, while he was living in Nuenen in the Netherlands, he painted this depiction of men consuming the titular tubers.
Answer: The Potato Eaters
[10] van Gogh spent a little over a year in this French town, where he painted several still lifes with sunflowers and lived in his Yellow House for a time with Paul Gauguin.
Answer: Arles
[10] Van Gogh's portrait of this man, in which he wears a blue jacket and yellow hat, would later sell for $82.5 million at an auction.
Answer: The Portrait of Dr. Gachet
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Identify these rivers that meet at Pittsburgh. For 10 points each:,
[10] This river begins in Pennsylvania and then flows north into New York before flowing back south toward Pittsburgh.
Answer: Allegheny River
[10] This river flows north from West Virginia and into Pennsylvania, where it eventually reaches Pittsburgh.
Answer: Monongahela River
[10] The other two rivers come together at Pittsburgh to form this third river, which flows westward and forms several state boundaries before emptying into the Mississippi at Cairo, Illinois.
Answer: Ohio River
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Name these participants in the ACC-Big Ten Challenge, for 10 points each.,
[10] As usual, the ACC won the 2006 Challenge, this time by a score of 8-3. In addition to Northwestern and Purdue, this Big Ten school won its game, defeating Florida State behind the performance of Big Ten leading scorer Alando Tucker.
Answer: University of Wisconsin [prompt on UW, etc]
[10] The only team that has won its games in all eight Challenges is this ACC school, which boasts Mike Krzyzewski as its coach and Dick Vitale as its number one fan.
Answer: Duke University
[10] Although they lost their 2006 game by seven points to Boston College, they remain the only Big Ten school with an all-time winning record in the Challenge at 4-3. In 2000, they won the NCAA tournament behind the play of Marteen Cleaves, Morris Peterson, and A.J. Granger.
Answer: Michigan State University [prompt on MSU, etc]
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Identify these scandals that occurred during Grant's presidency, for 10 points each.,
[10] The Secretary of War's wife got John Evans a post tradership; even after her death, this Secretary continued to receive payments for the service. He avoided being impeached only by quickly resigning.
Answer: William W. Belknap bribery scandal
[10] Stockholders of the Union Pacific railroad created this fake corporation and funneled profits to it; politicians gained stock in the company in exchange for favors.
Answer: Credit Mobilier scandal
[10] Jay Gould and James Fisk tried to take over the gold market with the help of a family connection to Grant's wife Julia. The gold and stock markets both crashed, giving September 24, 1869 this nickname.
Answer: Black Friday scandal
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Answer some questions about short stories by Edgar Allan Poe. For 10 points each:,
[10] The narrator is discovered after he shuts the title creature, Pluto, in a wall along with his murdered wife's body and Pluto's cries alert the police.
Answer: The Black Cat
[10] In this story, The plague eventually comes to claim Prince Prospero and his guests despite their attempts to evade it.
Answer: The Masque of the Red Death
[10] Fortunato is lured down into the catacombs after his friend tells him he has obtained the title object; his friend then seals him in the wall and abandons him.
Answer: The Cask of Amontillado
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Identify these things formed by glaciers. For 10 points each:,
[10] These are formed when glaciers in valleys melt and sea water fills in the space between steep cliffs.
Answer: fjord
[10] Glacial drift creates these elongated, oval-shaped, hills.
Answer: drumlin
[10] Glaciers carry assorted rock debris known as till along with them; when the debris is deposited and accumulates, it is known by this term.
Answer: moraine
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The successor to Richelieu, he was Louis XIV's chief minister until his death in 1661. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this cardinal who negotiated peace with Spain, suppressed the Fronde, and hired such administrators as Nicholas Fouquet and Jean-Baptiste Colbert.
Answer: Jules Mazarin [or Giulio Raimondo Mazzarino; or Giulio Raimondo Mazzarini]
[10] France's position among the powerful nations in Europe was cemented by this 1648 treaty that ended the Thirty Years' War.
Answer: Peace/Treaty of Westphalia
[10] The 1659 Peace of the Pyrenees that calmed Franco-Spanish relations required a marriage between Louis and this woman, the daughter of Spain's Philip IV.
Answer: Marie Therese [or Maria Theresa]
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Identify these economic curves, for 10 points each.,
[10] This curve plots interest rates of bonds against the time it takes the bonds to mature.
Answer: yield curve
[10] This curve plots inflation against unemployment, showing an inverse relationship, and is probably not generally valid.
Answer: Phillips curve
[10] For a firm in a competitive market, this curve's minimum occurs at the long run quantity produced, which is also where it intersects with the marginal cost curve.
Answer: average total cost curve
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Defined as dogma in 1854 by Pope Pius IX, it states that Mary was born free of original sin. For 10 points each:,
[10] Identify this belief which has nothing to do with virgin birth.
Answer: Immaculate Conception
[10] The Feast of the Immaculate Conception is celebrated on December 8th as one of these, on which Catholics are required to attend mass.
Answer: Holy Day of Obligation [accept feasts of precept]
[10] One doctrine that is often erroneously identified as the Immaculate Conception is this, which refers to the divine Jesus becoming flesh upon his conception.
Answer: the Incarnation
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Shakespeare plays FTPE:,
[10] One title character in this play wins the love of the other, the daughter of Calchas, with the help of her uncle Pandarus.
Answer: Troilus and Cressida
[10] Rosalind, disguised as Ganymede, loves Orlando in this play, minor characters in which include Touchstone and Audrey.
Answer: As You Like It
[10] One famous scene in this play involves a game of chess between the stupid offspring of the main rivals, who become lovers by the end.
Answer: The Tempest
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She drapes a cloak over an urn at her side, FTPE:,
[10] Name this sculpture of the god of love at the titular Anatolian city.
Answer: Aphrodite of Knidos
[10] Aphrodite of Knidos is a major work of this sculptor of Dionysos, Drunkenness, and a Satyr.
Answer: Praxiteles
[10] Praxiteles is best-known for this sculpture of the messenger god holding a young god of wine.
Answer: Hermes Bearing the Infant Dionysus
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Identify the following benzene derivatives. For 10 points each:,
[10] This molecule consists of a benzene ring with a methyl group substituted in place of a hydrogen.
Answer: toluene
[10] In this molecule, an amine group is substituted in place of a hydrogen on the benzene ring.
Answer: aniline
[10] This molecule consists of a benzene ring with a hydroxyl group substituted in place of a hydrogen.
Answer: phenol
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The Velvet Revolution refers to the non-violent overthrow of the Communist government in this European country. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this state which was created in 1918.
Answer: Czechoslovakia
[10] After Gustav Husak resigned as president, this Czech writer and leader of the Civic Forum took over the job.
Answer: Vaclav Havel
[10] Havel was one of the less than two thousand political dissidents who signed this document in its namesake year. It called for the recognition of several basic rights by the Czechoslovakian government.
Answer: Charter 77
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It was found on Mount Helicon and produced by the stomping of Pegasus's foot. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this fountain.
Answer: Hippocrene
[10] Hippocrene, along with Aganippe, was enjoyed by this group of goddesses, the daughters of Mnemosyne; among their ranks were Erato, Polyhymnia, and Urania.
Answer: the Younger Muses
[10] The Muses also hung out at this mountain, which overlooks Delphi. It is home to the Corycian nymphs and is where Deucalion and Pyrrha washed up after the flood.
Answer: Mount Parnassus
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Identify the following George Bernard Shaw plays from clues. For 10 points each:,
[10] The title character and her father each attempt to convert the other to their causes, the Salvation Army and an arms factory respectively.
Answer: Major Barbara
[10] Raina Petkoff and her fiancé Sergius lose their idealism about romance and heroism when she becomes involved with Serbian Captain Bluntschli and he becomes interested in the maid Louka.
Answer: Arms and the Man
[10] Henry Higgins teaches flower-girl Eliza to speak properly but she ends up leaving him and marrying Freddy.
Answer: Pygmalion
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Sometimes animals do things that don't seem to make sense in terms of natural selection. For 10 points each:,
[10] One example of that sort of behavior is this, in which one individual puts itself at a disadvantage in order to assist another.
Answer: altruism
[10] Altruism can sometimes be explained by this evolutionary mechanism, in which an individual will help those who have alleles in common.
Answer: kin selection
[10] While these behaviors often limit an individual's own opportunities to produce offspring, they do increase this type of fitness, which also takes into account the amount of offspring produced by relatives and the degree of relatedness between them.
Answer: indirect or inclusive fitness
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It was given its nickname by the impresario Salomon, FTPE:,
[10] Name this symphony with a recurring Olympian theme, its composer's No. 41.
Answer: Jupiter Symphony
[10] The Jupiter Symphony was the last symphony by this composer of Bastien and Bastienne and a notable serenade, Eine Kleine Nachtmusik.
Answer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
[10] The final movement of Jupiter, molto allegro, contains a five voice one of these contrapuntal entities.
Answer: Fugue or Fugato
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Answer the following about crusades, for 10 points per part.,
[10] This pope called for the First Crusade at the Council of Clermont.
Answer: Urban II [or Odo of Châtillon-sur-marne; or Odon of Lagery; or Odon of Lagny; or Odon de Châtillon-sur-marne; or Eudes de Châtillon-sur-marne; or Eudes de Lagery; or Eudes de Lagny; prompt on Urban; prompt on Odon; prompt on Eudes]
[10] These crusades were undertaken by Danish and Swedish Catholics against pagan groups such as the Livonians, Latgalians, and Estonians.
Answer: Northern Crusades [or Baltic Crusades]
[10] This crusade, also known as the King's Crusade and funded by the Saladin tithe, ended when Richard I and Saladin agreed that Christian pilgrims could go to Jerusalem. The city still remained under Muslin control.
Answer: Third Crusade
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Extra. Identify Newton's laws of motion from a description. For 10 points each:,
[10] Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.
Answer: Third
[10] An object in motion will stay in motion without being acted upon by some outside force.
Answer: First
[10] Force equals mass times acceleration; the direction of the force and acceleration vectors is the same.
Answer: Second
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Extra. Name these characters from Cry, the Beloved Country! FTPE:,
[10] This character is hanged at the end of the novel for the murder of Arthur Jarvis, but not until he has married a girl pregnant with his unborn child.
Answer: Absalom Kumalo (accept Absalom or A Kumalo)
[10] Absalom's father, he is the novel's central character. A Zulu Anglican priest, he performs the title action on the day of his son's execution.
Answer: Stephen Kumalo (accept Stephen or S Kumalo)
[10] This prostitute, the sister of Stephen Kumalo, deals liquor in Johannesburg. Stephen locates her with the help of Msimangu, but she ultimately disappears.
Answer: Gertrude Kumalo (accept Gertrude or G Kumalo)
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Extra. Identify these Platonic dialogues, for 10 points each.,
[10] The title figure visits Socrates in prison and attempts to convince him to escape before he is executed; Socrates refuses, as doing so would violate the social contract he has made by living in Athens.
Answer: Crito
[10] Socrates meets this man outside a court, where the latter plans to prosecute his father for the death of a servant while Socrates is there to answer charges of impiety. The title figure walks away after he finds himself unable to answer Socrates's questions about the nature of piety.
Answer: Euthyphro
[10] Discussing an attribue of "andreia," or manliness, this dialogue finds Lysimachus speaking to a council on the subject of how to transmit the title virtue to the next generation. Two generals, Nicias and the title character, dispute as to which battles require the title condition.
Answer: Laches [or Courage]
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Extra. Name these pharaohs who can be found in pyramids, for 10 points each.,
[10] The Great Pyramid at Giza is often identified with this pharaoh, believed to be entombed within it.
Answer: Khufu [accept Cheops]
[10] The other two pyramids at Giza entomb Khafre and this guy, son of Khafre, whose pyramid was finished by Shepseskaf.
Answer: Menkaure [or Mykerinos]
[10] The first Egyptian step pyramid was designed by Imhotep for this third-dynasty pharaoh, who finished the move of the capital to Memphis and built his tomb nearby at Saqqarah.
Answer: Djoser [or Zoser; or Netjerykhet]

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