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2008 Penn Bowl Tossups by UCLA half packet tiebreaker 2
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He returned to work on the Fairmount Park art association in Philadelphia after serving in Atlanta during Reconstruction. During the Battle of the Crater, he substituted an untrained white division over Burnside's black troops. This former lighthouse designer was only mention negatively in print after he disciplined Edward Cropsey. In one battle, he held position along with Washington when Longstreet recommended an unexecuted side maneuver. He assumed he was being arrested when the messenger arrived to give him his highest post, replacing Joseph Hooker. For 10 points, name this commander of the Army of the Potomac who won the Battle of Gettysburg.
Answer: George Gordon Meade
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In the Eyring-Polanyi equation, the result of Boltzmann's constant times temperature is divided by this quantity. In a recent experiment, a precise watt balance that could generate a current proportional it was used to measure its value although traditionally, it has been measured using a vacuum tube to generate a current proportional to it under exposure to radiation. Equal to the ratio of photon energy to photon frequency, it's known as Dirac's constant when divided by two pi. For 10 points, name this constant, symbolized h and named for a German physicist.
Answer: Planck constant
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According to one account, he was born from the skin rubbings of his mother, whereas another account says that he was born from the laughter of his father. One branch of Yoga places him in the first chakra, or wheel, upon which all divine force expands out. Sometimes shown with the snake Vasuki wrapped around his neck, he is called the author of the Mudgala Purana. As the scribe for Ved Vyasa, he wrote down the Mahabharata, and he once guarded his mother's bath chamber but got into a fight with his unrecognized father. This remover of obstacles then had his cut his head off by Shiva. For 10 points, name this son of Parvati who thus acquired an elephant's head.
Answer: Ganesha [accept Vinayaka or Vigneshwara]
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One section of this work says that covenants formed with God are meaningless. It says that sense is simply objects pressing on objects, and explains a laundry-list of human emotions in the chapters "Of sense" and "Of the interior beginnings of voluntary motions." The first part of the work, "Of man," proposes several laws of nature which show that, although man desires peace, the desire for power results in a constant state of war with other men. The second part is "Of commonwealth," while the last part describes the "Kingdom of Darkness." For 10 points, text advocating an absolute monarchy, a work of Thomas Hobbes.
Answer: The Leviathan or the Matter, Forme and Power of a Common Wealth Ecclesiasticall and Civil
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Spin label difference NMR reveals that its trans-membrane helices on 218 and 248 fold back on themselves and John Walker proposed that its configuration changes like a gun barrel upon binding of its substrate. Its gamma and epsilon subunits are found in concentric layers and rotate when protons enter and it is divided into P, F, V, and ABC subtypes. Its CF1 section sticks into the matrix and Paul Boyer discovered that is has F0 and F1 subunits. For 10 points, name this protein that uses the proton gradient generated by the electron transport chain to phosporylate ADP, making the namesake energy currency of the cell.
Answer: ATP synthase; or ATPase
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The Chronicle of Morea details the history of Greece following this event, and the Duchy of Athens was one of the states created in its wake. Foulques de Neuilly called for it, Thibaut of Champagne was its first leader, and Geoffroi de Villehardouin chronicled one of its acts, for which Pope John Paul II issued a formal apology in 2004. The Venetians' demand to be paid in advance for assembling the fleet may have contributed to the decision of the participants to violate Pope Innocent III's bar against attacks on other Christian states. For 10 points, name this crusade launched in 1202, which sacked Zara and Constantinople and never reached the Holy Land.
Answer: fourth crusade
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A passenger on the Saturne realizes that this man is still borrowing copies of Gradus ad Parnassum and Historia Naturalis. This nineteen-year-old is described as "an untamed and vernacular Zarathustra", and he is disturbed that a dog seen from the profile has the same name as a dog seen from the front. The narrator first meets him on February 7, 1884, on his way back from San Francisco. In three wine glasses this man can see "all the shoots, clusters, and grapes of the vine;" his extraordinary talents can be traced to the "rainy afternoon" when he fell from a horse near his town of Fray Bentos. For 10 points, name this "Memorious" title character of a Jorge Luis Borges short story.
Answer: Ireneo Funes the Memorious
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One of his works shows a man sitting on a lion-headed saddle with a rapier, fending off unseen attackers as his horse moves in the other direction. His Mounted Officer of the Imperial Guard was imitated by Delacroix in The Massacre at Chios. This student of Carle Vernet and Pierre Guerin drew Charging Chasseur and Wounded Cuirassier before executing paintings for Dr. Georget. This creator of Race for the Derby at Epsom depicted a kidnapper, a gambling maniac, and a kleptomaniac, all members of the insane asylum. For 10 points, name this French painter who researched a shipwreck off West Africa for The Raft of the Medusa.
Answer: Theodore Gericault
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"Eco-tourism" sites in this country include Lanbi Kyun in the Mergui archipelago off the southern tip and its biodiverse Inle Lake, where the Intha people row boats using one leg on an oar. While it is the world's leading supplier in teak, numbers have been dwindling, and a type of dolphin named for a river in this country is endangered. Minority groups such as the Mon, Rakhine, and Karen are found in this country, whose nominal capital is now Naypyidaw following a 2005 decree of its government. For 10 points, what is this country on the Irrawaddy, surrounded by China, India, and Thailand, whose major cities include Mandalay and Yangon?
Answer: Myanmar or Burma
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In this work, the fugitive Altamira remarks on the paradoxical cruelty of the French. The protagonist meets the British philosopher Philip Vane, who tells him "the idea most useful to tyrants is that of God." When Elisa is rejected, she confesses to Chelan, causing the townspeople of Verrieres to grow suspicious. Unable to put up with Besan?on, the protagonist of this novel is introduced by Father Pirard to de la Mole and seduces Mathilde. Before they can marry, a letter from the wife of mayor de Renal reveals him as a rake, so he decides to shoot her. For 10 points, name this novel about a man who aspires to be Napoleon named Julien Sorel, a colorful work by Stendhal.
Answer: Le rouge et le noir [or The Red and the Black; or Scarlet and Black]
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Some bicyclists objected to its installation, though the location where it was built prohibits bicycling. Despite an eleven million dollar gap between its price and itemized expenses, this work was completed and uses twenty-foot tall sculptures, ranging from six to eighteen feet wide, including the oft-stolen portion in front of the Delacorte Theater. Covering twenty-three miles, it uses over seven thousand saffron flags and debuted in February 2005 in Central Park. For 10 points, name this art installation by Christo.
Answer: "The Gates"
2008 Penn Bowl Bonuses by UCLA half packet tiebreaker 2
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This differential equation of economics relates price of an underlying instrument to its volatility and constant drift in the market. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this equation developed in 1970s that deals with stock option pricing, named after two economists.
Answer: Black and Scholes equation
[10] This economist and son of a criminologist-sociologist of the same name also worked on the Black-Scholes equation. He introduced stochastic calculus for stock options in The Theory of Rational Option Pricing.
Answer: Robert C. Merton
[10] The elder Robert C. Merton extended this concept, which was one of Emile Durkheim's proposed causes for suicide, to create a theory of why criminals commit crime.
Answer: anomie
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Name these American assassins or wannabe assassins, for 10 points each.,
[10] He failed at killing right-wing military figure Edwin Walker and convinced his wife that murdering Walker would be like killing a young Hitler, but he did later ice policeman J.D. Tippitt shortly after his first successful kill.
Answer: Lee Harvey Oswald [do not accept any conspiracy-theory-based protests]
[10] This still-living and still-imprisoned Palestinian activist snuck into a corridor connecting a kitchen pantry with the Embassy Room at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, where he fatally shot Robert Kennedy.
Answer: Sirhan Bishara Sirhan
[10] This Westchester Lariats alumna proved unable to work a gun at Sacramento's Capitol Park, saving Gerald Ford. She was nicknamed for the sound she made when other members of the Manson Family pulled her leg.
Answer: Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme
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He sings the drinking song "Viva il vino spumeggiante" as well as the aria "Mamma, quel vino e generoso" after challenging Alfio to a duel. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this tenor loved by Santuzza.
Answer: Turiddu
[10] Turiddu dies at the end of this one-act opera by Pietro Mascagni.
Answer: Cavalleria Rusticana [or Rustic Chivalry]
[10] Cavalleria Rusticana is credited with ushering in this style of opera, which focuses on everyday people and events. Other examples include La Boheme and I Pagliacci.
Answer: verismo
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Joseph Conrad wrote a lot of works about ships. For 10 points each:,
[10] James Wait is the titular black man in the crew of this ship, that is sailing from Bombay to London.
Answer: the Narcissus
[10] The captain of the Patna, a German coward, gives the order to the crew to abandon ship once it starts taking on water, and the title character obeys at the last minute, seemingly dooming a bunch of Muslim pilgrims in this novel.
Answer: Lord Jim
[10] Marlow tells the story in Heart of Darkness while he, the narrator, and their companions are on this yawl anchored in the Thames.
Answer: the Nellie
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Name these particles, for 10 points each.,
[10] The discovery of this neutral Baryon, made up of two down quarks and one up quark, solved the discrepancy in the mass of Helium, which could not be explained by electrons and protons alone.
Answer: neutron
[10] This lepton with spin one-half and charge zero interacts via weak and gravitational force. Theorized by Pauli, it has almost-exclusive left-handed helicity and a very tiny non-zero mass.
Answer: neutrino
[10] The Neutralino, a hypothetical supersymmetric partner of the neutrino, belongs to this class of hypothetical particles. The CDMS is attempting to detect dark matter in the form of them.
Answer: Weakly Interacting Massive Particles
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Name these failed 2008 Republican presidential candidates, for 10 points each.,
[10] This Colorado congressman called Miami a third world country, suggested the U.S. should nuke Mecca, doesn't like Mexicans all that much, and endorsed Mitt Romney after dropping out of the race.
Answer: Thomas Gerard Tancredo
[10] This proponent of the comedy "fence" option on the Mexican border and paranoiac regarding China dropped out on January 20, and will continue serving as a Congressman from California.
Answer: Duncan Hunter
[10] Though he got five times as many votes as Vermin Supreme, this perpetual candidate somehow finished behind four Democrats in the New Hampshire Republican primary. He was trounced in a 2004 Senate race by Obama.
Answer: Alan Keyes
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Answer questions about the biggest breakup in the history of Earth, for 10 points each.,
[10] The super continent Pangea broke up into Laurasia and this landmass that comprises modern day South America, Australia, India, Africa and Antarctica.
Answer: Gondwanaland
[10] This body of water separated Laurasia and Gondwanaland.
Answer: Tethys sea/ocean
[10] This English geologist discovered and named the Tethys Sea and Gondwanaland.
Answer: Edward Suess
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She refused to be rescued from the underworld after her death. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this goddess of creation and death, who produced the eight great island chains of Japan before being consumed in flame during the birth of Kagutsuchi.
Answer: Izanami [do not accept Izanagi]
[10] This daughter of Izanami is the Shinto goddess of the sun. She created three women from a sword and once hid in a cave, plunging the world into darkness.
Answer: Amaterasu
[10] This god of the moon was the third noble child of Izanami, and the brother of Susanowo and Amaterasu. He had a fall-out with Amaterasu when he killed Uke Mochi, the goddess of food.
Answer: Tsukuyomi
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On April 6, 1862 a major Civil War battle was fought between the combined Union forces of the Army of Ohio and the Army of Tennessee against the Confederate forces of the Army of Mississippi. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this Tennessee battle that led to the decisive defeat of the Confederate forces and the death of their commanding general, Albert Sidney Johnston.
Answer: Shiloh [or Pittsburgh Landing]
[10] Albert Sidney Johnston tried to prevent this Union general and commander of the Army of Ohio from linking up with Ulysses Grant, in a bid to stop their march through Tennessee.
Answer: Don Carlos Buell
[10] Braxton Bragg was promoted to full general at Shiloh, which didn't help him against Don Carlos Buell at this October 1862 battle in Kentucky that ended Confederate hopes in that state.
Answer: Perryville

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