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2008 Penn Bowl Tossups by Temple A
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A unit named for this scientist is equal to Dalton per charge number in homage of his invention of the parabola spectrograph. That instrument determined the mass-to-charge ratio of ions and is considered the first mass spectrometer. Together with F. W. Aston, he proved the existence of isotopes of neon, and in a series of experiments, he showed that cathode rays were composed of particles he dubbed corpuscles. For 10 points name this English scientist who proposed the plum pudding model and discovered the electron.
Answer: Sir Joseph John "J.J." Thomson
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Rogier van der Weyden included this scene on the left of his Colomba altarpiece, while Filippo Lippi's version of it includes the hands of God at its top. In March 2007, Italy's Ministry of Culture controversially loaned Leonardo's depiction of it to the Tokyo Museum; that version takes place over a tomb. Its key figures are separated by two panels in the second level of the exterior of the Ghent Altarpiece, and in van Eyck's "Washington" version, there is a small, cross-bearing winged baby making a bee-line for the female figure. For 10 points, name this scene where Gabriel tells Mary that she's pregnant with the Savior.
Answer: Tthe Annunciation
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One character in this work wears a yellow sweater with blue parrots, which is eventually carried away by Hiram and Bobby Lee, whose boss claims that he would have followed Jesus if he were sure he existed. Its central characters listen to "The Tennessee Waltz" and see a gray monkey during a stop at Red Sammy's, where one of them blames Europe for the title statement. After incorrectly recalling a mansion from her youth, one character jostles her cat and causes the car to run into a ditch, after which she unwisely declares her recognition of a serial killer. For 10 points, The Misfit proceeds to kill the grandmother's whole family in what short story by Flannery O'Connor?
Answer: "A Good Man is Hard to Find"
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Its implementer defined it as "breaking down the braking mechanism" and "overcoming leveling tendencies in pay and consumerism" when presenting it to the Central Committee. The 500 Days Plan was constructed in response to its results, which were partly caused by limiting the power of Gosbank and Gosplan. Though its component Law on Cooperatives permitted private business ownership for the first time since 1925, the lack of a true market caused prices to drop, and the Secretariat head Yegor Ligachev was a major opponent of this initiative. For 10 points, name this program of Soviet economic reforms instituted by Gorbachev, paired with glasnost.
Answer: perestroika
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In a novel named for these items, Ambassador Yfra is exposed as the mastermind of the Bartokk assassins who attempted to assasinate Ta'a Chume. A forked one of these items was used by Roblio Darte, while the one built by Gantoris extended to three times its normal length. Described as "elegant" symbols of a "more civilized age," one was used by a non-expert to gut of a Tauntaun, shortly after it was used to dismember a wampa. Ray Park played a character with one that extended in two directions; his was of necessity red, while others were limited to blue and green until Samuel L. Jackson decided that Mace Windu needed a purple one. For 10 points, name this Jedi weapon.
Answer: lightsabers
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Jonathan Murphy made the first complete English translation of it in 2006, which included the section on a two-word question from Descarte's Meditations that clarified for English readers Derrida's essay on "Cogito and" this work. Key sections deal with the "last tragic expression" of its title state in Andromaque and how that state is enabled by the joining of body and soul in passion. It begins by discussing the eradication of leprosy before showing how classical society ceased to see the title condition as part of a dialogue with the unknown and instead confined those suffering from it. For 10 points, name this work of Michel Foucault, dealing with the treatment of the insane.
Answer: Madness and Civilization or The History of Madness [accept Folie et deraison: L'histoire de la folie a l'age classique (either underlined part)]
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Yeats borrowed the conventions of this genre for his The Death of Cuchlain and At the Hawk's Well. In one work of this genre, a priest comes upon a monument to Autumn Rain and her title sister, while in another, the ghost of a tenth century woman speaks of how her husband left her for his childhood sweetheart. They are usually performed with a kyogen farce, and all of their performers, including the primary shite and secondary waki, carry fans. There are 250 plays in the national repertory in this style, including Kanami's The Wind in the Pines and Zeami's The Well Cradle. For 10 points, name this live-action Japanese theatrical style, which is more refined than Kabuki.
Answer: Noh
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She declared "No threatened Hell, with quenchless fire/ Subdue this quenchless will" and that she is "No trembler in the world's storm-troubled sphere" in her poems "Enough of Thought, Philosopher" and "No Coward Soul is Mine." In her most famous work, one character dreams of the 491 sins described by preacher Jabes Branderham before entering a hall founded in 1500 by Hareton, where Nelly Dean tells him about the Lintons of Thrushcross Grange and the relationship between Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff. For 10 points, name this author of Wuthering Heights, the sister of Anne and Charlotte.
Answer: Emily Bronte [prompt on Bronte; accept Ellis Bell]
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Michael Marissen wrote that Charles Jennens' libretto for this piece was anti-Semitic. Traditionalist conductors do not take the decelerando in this work's thrity-third measure, which precedes the text "The Kingdom of this World." The bassoon is the only instrument accompanying the strings in its introduction, which transitions the larger work to D Major after the air, "Thou Shalt Break Them." The choir chants "forever and ever" toward its climax while the tenors hold "King of Kings, Lord of Lords" finally celebrating the Last Judgment through repetitions of its central word. For 10 points, tradition has audiences stand during what most famous section of Handel's Messiah?
Answer: The "Hallelujah" Chorus [prompt on Messiah before it is read]
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Noble gas atoms and a type of it are involved in the Ramsauer-Townsend effect while the Heyney-Greenstein function models it based on albedo. The interaction of laser and sound waves causes the Brillouiin type while photons are the subject of the Delbuck variety. This process is either coherent or incoherent based on the reemission frequency and the simplest type is dubbed Mie. A more famous kind is caused by an excitation of photons while the most famous kind explains why the sky blue. Raman and Rayleigh are two forms of, for 10 points, what process where particles are sent into different trajectories.
Answer: scattering
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One character in this work sings "Hur hopp hopp hopp" after introducing herself as "Rosina Sweettooth." Earlier, a mother bemoans her poverty in "Da liegt nun der gute Topf" before her husband enters singing "Rallalala." In Act II, the title characters pray for a blessed sleep, between the appearances of the Sandman and Dew Fairy. The libretto, by the composer's sister Adelheid Wette, is based on a bowdlerization where Peter and Gertrude do not abandon their children in the Ilsenstein Forest, though the villain is still turned into gingerbread. For 10 points, name this Engelbert Humperdinck opera based on the Grimms' tale of two children outsmarting a witch.
Answer: Hansel und Gretel
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A certain petition organized by Thomas Tooke opposed them, as did the Duke of Richmond's CAPS and the League founded by Richard Cobden and John Bright. Several sliding scales were introduced to limit them in the decade after their passage, but they were not eliminated until the election of Robert Peel, who, in reaction to the Irish Potato Famine, finally introduced a bill for their repeal in 1846. Their passage in 1815 helped provoke the Peterloo Massacre among working classes, who didn't want to pay more for food. For 10 points, name these unpopular British tariffs on imports, whose name derives from a generic European term for "grain" and not from maize.
Answer: the Corn Laws
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One type of it works in clusters and does not have a particular language. In addition to the parallel type, they generally use a level of indirection to achieve encapsulation. One of the first examples was the P-Code type for Pascal, while more recent ones include Parrot, Lua, and Simics. Divided into "system" and "process" types, the former lets users to see network infrastructures and can isolate multiple OSes, while the latter uses an interpreter functions such as online crossword puzzles. Macromedia Flash is a common type of, for 10 points, what software that executes programs, despite not being a real machine.
Answer: virtual machines
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Mohri et al showed that in this disease, lipocalin-type prostaglandin D synthase mRNA is up-regulated. Similar to Sandhoff disease, this disorder occurs when a gene located on chromosome 15 mutates, resulting in the termination of the hex-o-sa-min-i-dase enzyme. That enzyme, which is found in the lysosomes of brain cells, is responsible for breaking down fatty acids known as gangliosides. Symptoms can begin to show at 3 months of age in, for 10 points, what disease prevalent in Ashkenazic Jews and named for two biologists.
Answer: Tay-Sachs disease/disorder
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This word is the first name of a co-founder of the United Democratic Movement, General Holomisa. As a religion, it names a sect of Brazilian Candomble that worships the god Zambi. As a language group, this word denotes the most abundant subgroup of the Niger-Congo family, which became dominant during a namesake millenia-long expansion that decimated Khoisan and pygmy populations and eventually coalesced in the Zulu empire. Hendrik Verwoerd used this term, along with "stan," to label South African black "homelands" under apartheid. For 10 points, name this term that broadly describes the tribes of sub-Saharan Africa.
Answer: Bantu
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He proposed a constitutional amendment that would allow the taxing of exports and later opposed issuing "irreemable paper currency." His name is applied to amendments in state constitutions that bar the use of government money at public schools, and his career was undone by rumors of his corruption at Little Rock & Fort Smith railway and by Reverend Burchard's dig at Catholics. This Secretary of State under Harrison and Garfield lost the votes of the Mugwumps to Grover Cleveland and thus couldn't quench "Rum, Romanism, and Rebellion." For 10 points, name this Republican senator from Maine and leader of the Half-Breed faction who lost the 1884 election.
Answer: James Gillespie Blaine
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In 1980, he wrote a fiction sequel to David Lindsay's novel Voyage to Arcturus, titled The Flight to Lucifer. In the following decade, he approvingly noted that the self-centered nature of American religion was turning the country into a post-Christian nation and that the Bible's J-Writer was female and "the most blasphemous writer, ever." He devoted all of his 1975 A Map of Misreading to Milton and claimed in his most famous work that Satan was the archetypal poet. For 10 points, name this morbidly obese Yale professor, author of The Anxiety of Influence and Shakespeare: The Invention of the Human, who has defended the "Western canon" from books about wizards.
Answer: Harold Bloom
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Aleister Crowley used the terms Dhyana and Samadhi to describe the state of being without one of these. Introduced in a 1923 essay, it creates reaction formation and can be altered by an anticathexis. Dreams are halfway synthonic to it, though they also try to escape it. It is the reservoir for the libido, and if it gains too much power, then feelings of guilt and inferiority arise, often causing the issuance of defense mechanisms. This Latin word is used to translate the phrase "Das Ich" into English. For 10 points, name this component of Freud's psychoanalytic division of the human mind, the supervisor of the id and the colleague of the superego.
Answer: Ego [accept Das Ich ebefore it is read]
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A hydrazone is an intermediate in the Shapiro reaction, in which ketones are converted into these compounds and iodo-methyl-zinc iodide reacts with these compounds to make cyclo-propanes in the Simmons-Smith reaction. The Criegee mechanism describes the ozonolysis of these compounds, which are catalyzed by osmium tetraoxide to make vicinal diols. They are created by the addition of an aldehyde and ylide in the Wittig reaction, and a ruthenium complex known as Grubbs' catalyst is used in their metathesis. For 10 points, name these hydrocarbons with a double bond.
Answer: alkenes [AL-KEENS] [do NOT accept "alkanes" or alkynes"; accept olefins]
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Part of the popularity of corsets came from her ban on thick waists at court, and she is responsible for spreading duck in orange and carabaccia to Europe at large. Her husband's affair with Diane of Poitiers limited her power until his death in a joust. She later allied with the Guises, and after the Surprise of Meaux she became so staunchly Catholic that her son-in-law abandoned her daughter Maguerite and converted to escape her. That son-in-law succeeded her son, Henry III, as king of France. For 10 points, name this mother of Francis II and Charles IX, who supposedly ordered the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre and was a member of a famous Florentine family.
Answer: Catherine de Medici
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The British forest monster Buata is most similar to this animal. One of them is the sacred companion of Arduinna, while a white one leads Pryderi and Rhiannon into a cave with a golden bowl. Sahrimnir is this kind of beast, who Andhrimnir cooks in a magic cauldron each night, while Gullinbursti and Hildesvini are ones owned by Freya and Freyr. Varaha, the third avatar of Vishnu, is also one. Eurystheus, as part of Heracles's third labor, requested that he catch the Erymanthian one, while Plexippus and Toxeus violently protested when Meleager awarded the pelt of the Caldyonian one to Atalanta. For 10 points, name this large, pig-like animal.
Answer: boar [prompt on pig or other equivalents before it is read]
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This place is partially surrounded by the Gallatin, Beartooth, and Absaroka mountain ranges. Its namesake lake was once known as Eustis, and drains north through its namesake river, whose tributaries include the Lamar and Bighorn before it hits the Upper Missouri. Its namesake Caldera is the nation's largest supervolcano, and this area's geothermal activity also causes the world's largest steam eruptions at Steamboat Geyser, which is still less famous than its regular ninety-minute steam eruption cycle elsewhere. For 10 points, Old Faithful may be found in what first American National Park, located in Wyoming?
Answer: Yellowstone National Park
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This specific word is used in Numbers to describe the being God sends to kill Balaam, while Solomon uses it to describe all adversaries to the Temple. This term also describes the being who convinces David to hold a census in Chronicles, and the one who objects to Joshua's selection as priest in Zechariah. This may or may not be the same being that is instructed to kill Job's family, after suggesting that his love of God is contingent on his fortune, or the same as the one who will be imprisoned for 1000 years before deceiving the nations into war according to Revelation. For 10 points, give this proper name of a figure also notable for tempting Christ in the desert in Luke.
Answer: Satan [exact answer required]
2008 Penn Bowl Bonuses by Temple A
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His most recent comedy, November, opened on Broadway recently starring Nathan Lane. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this author of Speed-the-Plow and the essay collection Bambi v. Godzilla.
Answer: David Mamet
[10] This Mamet play sees a duel of wills over whether the professor John actually sexually harassed his student Carol.
Answer: Oleanna
[10] In this Mamet play, James Lingk discovers that Richard Roma lied about whether he deposited the check for one of the title pieces of land.
Answer: Glengarry Glen Ross
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Answer the following about printing press innovations, for 10 points each:,
[10] This German invented the moveable-type printing press in 1439.
Answer: Johannes Gutenberg
[10] This innovation of Richard Hoe and William Bullock sets type around a cylinder that is then rolled onto paper.
Answer: rotary printing press
[10] Ottmary Mergenthaler's invention of this device, which could set type in longer chunks than letters, greatly accelerated printing, causing newspapers to flourish.
Answer: linotype
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There were supposedly brought about by seaside monks' invocation of Raijin to quell the invaders. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this phenomenon of 1274 and 1281 that occurred in the Korea Strait.
Answer: kamikaze [or divine wind]
[10] The kamikaze twice stopped the invading forces of what Mongol and Chinese Emperor?
Answer: Kublai Khan
[10] The main fighting of the 1281 invasion before the kamikaze is known as this battle.
Answer: The Battle of Koan [or the Second Battle of Hakata Bay]
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Its sixth and seventh lectures contrast the healthy-minded invidual, like Spinoza, against "sick souls." For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this 1902 work that also address "The Reality of the Unseen" and "The Value of Saintliness."
Answer: The Varieties of Religious Experience: A Study in Human Nature
[10] The Varieties of Religious Experience: A Study in Human Nature, was written by this American pragmatist.
Answer: William James [prompt on James]
[10] James may have overcome his own sick soul by reading Charles Renouvier, after which he noted in his diary that his first act of this concept was to believe in that concept.
Answer: free will
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Chinese art, for 10 points each.,
[10] This semi-pictorial script is named for the animal divination tools, many dating to the Shang dynasty, on which they are found.
Answer: oracle bone script
[10] None of the originals of Jin painter have survived, but the British Museum has a silk copy of his Admonitions Scroll, and there are three copies of his Nymph of the Luo River.
Answer: Gu Kǎizh or Ku K'ai-chih
[10] Shi Huang Di's tomb contains more than two thousand sculptures of warriors in this medium.
Answer: terra cotta
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Eddie Holland, Lamont Dozier, and Brian Hollard are a songwriting trio. For 10 points each:,
[10] That trio wrote most of this group's biggest hits, including "Reach Out I'll Be There," "Bernadette," and "Standing in the Shadows of Love."
Answer: The Four Tops
[10] Even really, really white people have had luck recording Holland-Dozier-Holland songs, as with this Tommy Johnston-Jeff Baxter band's cover of "Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me a Little While)."
Answer: The Doobie Brothers
[10] Bette Middler, Goldie Hawn, and Diane Keaton form the titular divorced group of this 1996 film based on an Olivia Goldsmith book, which Holland, Dozier, and Hollard are currently turning into a musical.
Answer: The First Wives Club
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
They team with Frank Pantaleone and Jerry Glovsky to write Radio Comics, which features their hero, The Escapist. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this title duo of a 2000 book.
Answer: Josef Kavalier and Sammy Clay [or Klayman]
[10] The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay was written by this author of The Mysteries of Pittsburgh and The Yiddish Policeman's Union.
Answer: Michael Chabon
[10] Kavalier writes a 2,000-page graphic novel about one of these animals, which he spirited out of Prague. In the real world, Isaac Singer and H. Leivick both wrote works named for them.
Answer: golem
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Name these American abstract painters who didn't get into that whole Expressionist thing, for 10 points each.,
[10] This painter is known for Red Canna, the Jack-in-the-Pulpit series, and a bunch of other notably yonic flowers.
Answer: Georgia O'Keefe
[10] A friend of O'Keefe and Steiglitz, this man was inspired to create some of the earliest American abstract work in his Nature Symbolized series. He also used collage to unflatteringly depict a critic and an intellectual.
Answer: Arthur Dove
[10] Okay, so this Precisionist isn't that an abstract a painter, but neither his My Egypt nor his flower watercolors look like much in particular. That painting with all the gold 5s doesn't, either.
Answer: Charles Demuth
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
In one of its sections, an abbess accidentally puts her lover's underwear on her head instead of her veil before she goes to reprimand a licentious nun. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this work, whose main characters include Elissa and Filostrato.
Answer: The Decameron
[10] The Decameron was written by this author.
Answer: Giovanni Boccaccio
[10] This man speaks last every day. In one of his stories, a girl is convinced that an erect penis is a demon and that her vagina is the appropriate hellmouth into which to stuff it.
Answer: Dioneo
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
It ended with massive marine extinctions 1.8 million years ago. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this epoch that preceded the Pleistocene.
Answer: Pliocene
[10] The solidification of Panama in the early Pliocene allowed animals to more easily move through latitudes, causing this zoological event.
Answer: The Great American Interchange
[10] The extinctions that ended the Pliocene may have been caused by the passage of the Scorpio-Centaurs cluster near Earth, which contain stars of these two bluest and hottest spectral classifications.
Answer: O and B
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Name these poets from a certain country, for 10 points each.,
[10] She reflected on whalers in her Sonnets of Death, and noted that we cannot answer "Tomorrow" to a child, for "his name is today."
Answer: Gabriela Mistral
[10] This fellow Chilean's first book of poems was The Book of Twilights; he's better-known for the twenty-one love poems of his second, like "Tonight I can write," which were paired with a "song of despair."
Answer: Pablo Neruda
[10] His "Self-Portrait at Twenty Years" is included in the collection Romantic Dogs. He's better-known for the novels By Night in Chile and The Savage Detectives.
Answer: Roberto Bolano
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Name these composers of Sixth Symphonies, for 10 points each.,
[10] The scherzo of his A Minor Sixth supposedly represents "the unrhythmic games of two children" and is sometimes placed third instead of second. Its final movement ends with three hammer blows.
Answer: Gustav Mahler
[10] His three-movement B Minor Sixth is the shortest of his fifteen symphonies. He also wrote Lady Macbeth of the Mtensk District.
Answer: Dmitri Shostakovich
[10] His F Major Sixth, the "Pastoral," depicts a peasant dance as well as a thunderstorm.
Answer: Ludwig van Beethoven
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Richard Feynman once apologized that physicists used it instead of the attojoule. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this unit, the amount of energy needed to move a particle through one unit of potential difference.
Answer: electronvolt
[10] The mass of particles is often expressed in electronvolts over this constant.
Answer: c-squared (the speed of light squared)
[10] When examining photons jumping between orbitals, this value can be found by dividing 1240 electronvolt-nanometers by the difference in upper and lower energy levels.
Answer: wavelength
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
It attempts to answer the aborigine Yali's question by describing how the environmental advantages conferred upon Eurasia led to its superior development of the three title things. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this 1999 book, adapted as a PBS series.
Answer: Guns, Germs, and Steel
[10] Guns, Germs, and Steel was written by this UCLA biologist and oversimplifier.
Answer: Jared Diamond
[10] The idea of location determining further events was previously argued by Halford Mackinder in this 1904 article which developed the concepts of "heartland" and "world-island" to argue the importance of Eastern Europe.
Answer: "The Geographical Pivot of History"
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
For 10 points each, answer these questions about 1960s American riots:,
[10] A six-day riot, ending with National Guard intervention, occurred in this Los Angeles neighborhood in August 1965 after officer Lee Minkus pulled over Marquette Frye.
Answer: Watts
[10] In 1967, John Smith was arrested and beaten for swerving around a double-parked police car in this city, where a crowd stormed a police station and twenty-three died in the ensuing four days.
Answer: Newark, New Jersey
[10] A raid on the namesake Greenwich Village gay bar set off this three-day conflict between Manhattan police officers and New York's queer community in June 1969.
Answer: The Stonewall Riots
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Let's take a moment to enjoy the geography of Senegal. For 10 points each:,
[10] This capital of Senegal sits on the edge of the Cap-Vert Peninsula.
Answer: Dakar
[10] The Cap-Vert Peninsula is the westernmost part of this African savanna, running all the way across the continent to the south of the Sahara.
Answer: the Sahel
[10] The wonders of colonial military tactics created this tiny but unique-articled country, entirely surrounded by Senegal and stretching little beyond its namesake river.
Answer: THE Gambia
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Answer the following about methods used in molecular biology, for 10 points each.,
[10] In this procedure, proteins are separated by electrophoresis, transferred to a nitrocellulose membrane, and detected with labeled antibodies.
Answer: Western blot (accept immunoblot)
[10] Genetic complementation is often performed by mating haploid strains of this unicellular eukaryote, often called baker's yeast, which was the first organism to have its genome completely sequenced.
Answer: S. cerevisiae (accept Saccharomyces cerevisiae)
[10] The sequence of the N-terminal segment of a protein can be determined by this type of degradation, which often uses phenyl-iso-thio-cyanate.
Answer: Edman degradation
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Dead people in the Iliad, for 10 points each:,
[10] The last line of the last book of the Iliad announces the burial of this horse-breaking man.
Answer: Hector
[10] The twenty-third book of the Iliad describes the funeral games for this "lieutenant" of Achilles.
Answer: Patroclus
[10] Patroclus is killed shortly after wiping out this Lycian king and cousin of Glaukos, who retrieves his armor.
Answer: Sarpedon
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
His followers argue for his importance based on the Hadiths of the Two Weighty Things and of the Pond of Kumm. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this husband of Fatima.
Answer: Ali ibn Abi Talib
[10] Ali is looked upon as the first imam in this sect of Islam popular in Iran and Iraq.
Answer: Shi'a [or Shi'ite]
[10] Ali's caliphate was marred by this civil war following the assassination of Uthman, which ended with his own assassination.
Answer: the First Fitna
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
This form is named for a 16th-century Jean Passerat poem about a turtledove. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this 19-line poetic form, called a "dainty thing" by William Ernest Henley.
Answer: villanelle
[10] A villanelle dedicated to Emma, using the lines "Are you not weary of ardent ways" and "Tell no more of enchanted days," is the first poem written by this fictional character in his "portrait" as a young man.
Answer: Stephen Dedalus [accept either]
[10] This Irish poet and playwright asked a singer of Persephone if she remembered Sicily in the villanelle "Theocritus," and wrote a double-villanelle about Pan plus such plays as The Duchess of Padua.
Answer: Oscar Wilde
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
He was trained by Harry Power as a bushranger, which he pursued until his fatal shoot-out at Glenrowan. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this Australian outlaw, born of an Irish family.
Answer: Ned Kelly
[10] Kelly was hanged at the jail in this city, now the capital of the state of Victoria.
Answer: Melbourne
[10] Kelly expressed his demands for better treatment toward the Australian Catholic population in a letter written from, and named for, this town in New South Wales.
Answer: Jerilderie
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Free fatty acids for triacylglycerol synthesis are obtained from it. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this organ made up of hepatic cells that secretes bile and is prone to cirrhosis in alcoholics.
Answer: liver
[10] Consisting of specialized cells where fat is stored as triacylglycerols, this type of amorphous tissue is found around blood vessels, in mammary glands, and as deposits under the skin.
Answer: adipose
[10] Occurring mainly in liver and adipose cells, this pathway creates a variety of carbohydrates through the conversion of ribose-5-phosphate. It also produces NADPH in its first two oxidative steps.
Answer: pentose phosphate pathway [accept hexose monophosphate shunt; or phosphogluconate pathway]

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