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2007 Penn Bowl Tossups by Princeton A
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His namesake "law" gave civil courts jurisdiction over churchmen. As head of the Supreme Court, he had a claim to the presidency when his predecessor, Ignacio Comonfort, was ousted. In office, his suspension of foreign debt prompted England, France, and Spain to invade, and he fled after Maximilian of Austria took the capital. He was captured at El Paso del Norte, which now bears his name, but later returned to office and was succeeded by SebastiŠn Lerdo de Tejada upon his death in 1872. For 10 points, name this longtime president of Mexico who oversaw the May 5 victory at Puebla.
Answer: Benito Juarez
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A scene at a pond causes one character to mouth off to the title character, after which she is sent to London to join her uncle. The description of a man who "has no hat" shocks the narrator, who reports the incident to Mrs. Grose. One of the characters reveals that he has stolen the narrator's letter to her employer just before his death, which occurs in the presence of Peter Quint. The former governess at Bly, Miss Jessel, stalks the narrator, who begins to think that she and Peter Quint, both long deceased, are haunting her charges, Flora and Miles. Told by Douglas in an attempt to perform the title action, this is, for 10 points,, what ghost story by Henry James?
Answer: The Turn of the Screw
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One character in this work, which takes place in rooms formerly owned by Jack Straw and Peter Ochello, tells a joke about a carnal elephant after hearing his wife yell "crap." Another character has broken his ankle running hurdles and declares that he's disgusted with the world's "mendacity." That character feels guilt after rejecting the homosexual advances of his friend Skipper, which led to his alcoholism. Maggie warns that character that Mae and Gooper plan to send him to a facility for alcoholics to cash in on the death of Big Daddy, who has recently been diagnosed with cancer. For 10 points, name this play about the family of Brick Pollitt by Tennessee Williams.
Answer: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
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Its leader was killed by Mengli-Geray after a force moved from the Oka to confront Akhmat at the Ugra River in 1480. An earlier defeat came at the Battle of Kulikovo at the hands of Donskoi, but Mamai's sucessor, Tokhtamysh, regained supremacy by allying with Lithuania. Tamerlane eventually betrayed this kingdom by winning the battle of Vorskla and sacking the capital, Sarai Berke, which had replaced Sarai Batu. Seeing its apex under Oz Beg, it was originally the inheritance Genghis set aside for his son Juchi. For 10 points, name this Mongol state of the steppes of central Asia, named for the color of Batu's tents.
Answer: Golden Horde [or Kipchak Khanate; or Ulus Juchi; or Altin Ordu]
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He created the songs "Don't Be Shy" and "If You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out" for the movie Harold and Maude and has continued to release material up to the 2006 album An Other Cup. He was the original writer of "The First Cut is the Deepest" and penned "The Way to Find God Out" after contracting tuberculosis. In 2004, this creator of the album Tea for the Tillerman caused a plane bound for Washington to be diverted due to his appearance on a no-fly list. For 10 points, name this singer of such songs as "Wild World" and "Peace Train," who supported the fatwa on Salman Rushdie after converting to Islam in 1977.
Answer: Cat Stevens [or Yusuf Islam; or Steven Demetre Georgiou]
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In 1974, Fagin showed that it is equivalent to languages representing structures definable by sigma-1-1 sentences, and Blum showed that the circuit size of a member of it is lower bounded by 3n. Razoborov showed that a a problem in its deterministic counterpart, PERFECT-MATCHING, and a problem in it, CLIQUE, both require exponential monotone circuits. In 1972, Edmond Karp showed that many problems like KNAPSACK and CHROMATIC NUMBER are complete for it, extending Cook and Levin's demonstration of SATISFIABILITY's completeness for it. For 10 points, name this complexity class of problems solvable in nondeterministic polynomial time that may or may not be equal to P.
Answer: Nondeterministic Polynomial
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In one of this author's works, the story of the incest between the children of Duke Grimald is told by Brother Clemens, and in one of his stories the titular waiter shoots Cipolla on stage. The hotel employee Armand and the Marquis de Venosta are among the aliases of the titular confidence man in Felix Krull, while Serenus Zeitblom tells of the rise and fall of the composer Adrian Leverkuhn in Dr. Faustus. Better-known are a novel about a LŁbeck family of merchants, Buddenbrooks, and another featuring a trip to the Berghof Sanatorium by Hans Castorp. For 10 points, name this author, the creator of Gustav von Aschenbach in Death in Venice, best-known for The Magic Mountain.
Answer: Thomas Mann
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In 1878 Henry Rowland showed that this could be produced by spinning a vulcanite plate sandwiched between two glass plates. Zeeman showed that it could split spectral lines, useful in electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy, and a voltage difference is created by it applied perpendicularly to an electron flow in a conductor in what as known as the Hall effect. Purcell pedagogically described it as the relativistic side effect of electrons moving near one another, and the force on a moving charged particle is calculated by taking the cross product of the velocity and it. For 10 points, identify this field produced by a moving charge or a changing electric field measured in Tesla.
Answer: magnetic field / force
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One of the communities on this body of water was founded when Icelandic settlers landed at Willow Point, which eventually became known as Gimli. Gridstone point and Little Punk Island are in Hecla Provincial Park which lies south of the narrows and Bloodvein River. It is drained to the north by the Nelson river and fed from the south by the Red river and its namesake river, which derives its name from the Cree words for "muddy water." Like the Lake of the Woods and Lake Manitoba, it was once part of glacial Lake Agassiz. For 10 points, name this lake of Canada that shares its name with the capital of Manitoba.
Answer: Lake Winnipeg
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In 1938, Wooley extracted pork liver with ether to create a pale yellow crystalline deposit that was determined to be this substance. When fluorine reacts with its fifth carbon, it creates an antimetabolite inhibits the division of cancer cells. Because cytosine deaminates into it, a glycosylase homologous to AlkA hydrolyzes its glycosidic bond. Methylation can turn it into thymine, which, like it, pairs with adenine. For 10 points, name this base pair present in RNA but not in DNA, where it is symbolized by "U".
Answer: uracil
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A 1997 paper by Thomas Pfizenmaier disputes the long-held assertion that Isaac Newton subscribed to William Whiston's revival of this belief. One orthodox group advocated the defrocking of any priest who had endorsed it and was led by a Bishop Lucifer, and it was also attacked in "four orations" by Athanasius. The use of the term "homoousios" to dispute it caused friction between emperors Constans and Constantius. First put forth by a presbyter of Alexandria, it held that Christ was a specially created human, not divine. For 10 points, name this doctrine which lost out at the Councils of Constantinople and Nicaea.
Answer: Arianism [or Arian heresy/doctrine etc]
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He used a death mask as a cast for his bronze tomb cover of Leonardo Dati, and he created a bronze shrine featuring The Miracle of the Ox-cart and The Miracle of the Strozzi boy for the Chapel of Zenobius. Cosimo and Lorenzo Medici commissioned him to create the shrine of SS Protus, Hyacinth and Nemesius for the Santa Maria degli Angeli. He created oversized sculptures of St John the Baptist and St. Matthew for the Orsanmichele, but he is better-known for a commission gained as the result of a competition with Brunelleschi. For 10 points,, name this artist responsible for the bronze reliefs on the doors of the Florence Baptistry, also known as the Gates of Paradise.
Answer: Lorenzo Ghiberti
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Jean Sainteny was enlisted as an intermediate in this city, even though official talks under the direction of Harriman and Vance had already started at the Majestic Hotel, but arrangements were soon made instead by interpreter Vernon Walters. Spurred when the fall of Quangti showed that the ARVN could not hold, the conferences here included Bunker and Haig trying to persuade Thieu to accept tripartite elections and not push for a withdrawal of the North's forces. For 10 points, Le Duc Tho and Henry Kissinger negotiated agreements named for what city, ending U.S. involvement in Vietnam?
Answer: Paris Peace Accords [or Accords de Paix de Paris; or Hiep dinh Paris]
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This philosopher attacked Leibniz's categorization of logical operations in The False Subtlety of the Four Syllogistic Figures. This person's idea of the "inner being" was the subject of Michael Foucalt's doctoral dissertation. Following Grotius, he called for a ban on assassination, an end to standing armies, and the clarification of treaties to accomplish the title goal of Perpetual Peace, and he also divided representation between intuitions and concepts, and judgments between analytic and synthetic. For 10 points, name this author of The Metaphysics of Morals and Critique of Pure Reason, which explains the categorical imperative.
Answer: Immanuel Kant
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This work coins the term "phatic communication" to describe speech "in which ties of unions are created by a mere exchange of words." It describes a journey past the mythological capital of Tewara, and other sections explain the building of waga and the "story of shipwreck." This book finds a symmetry between the clockwise and countercloskwise movement of soulva and mwali, which are armshells and necklaces, in a ritual intended to build social ties, called the Kula. It has a foreword by James Frazer and is an ethnographic study of the Trobriand Islanders. For 10 points, name this work by Bronislaw Malinowski.
Answer: Argonauts of the Western Pacific: An Account of Native Enterprise and Adventure in the Archipelagoes of Melanesian New Guinea
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During the thirteenth century, a mawla, or freed slave, siezed its throne. After the death of Sakura Qu, the son of Uli restored the family line. It became a regional power when a revolt against the Susu chief Sumanguru brought its namesake tribe into control of Kanagaba. Under its height during the fourteenth century, it controlled the lands around the Niger river including the trading cities of Gao and Timbuktu, succeeding Ghana in control of the gold trade and maintaining the balance between Muslim and pagan populations established by its founder, Sundiata. For 10 points, name this empire ruled by Mansa Musa.
Answer: Malinke
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On the left of this painting stands a group of hat-wearing figures holding bunched up white cloth while carrying an object obscured by a sheet with red trim and a large black X on it. A young child on the far right stares inquisitively at a white dog with a black collar standing near a man with neon green socks. Two large men wearing red and black robes stand at the center of the painting above a man with green pants and a black vest, and two boys in red skullcaps stand in front of a man carrying a staff topped by a crucifix while the black-robed man at the center speaks over an open grave. For 10 points, name this painting of a funeral by Gustave Courbet.
Answer: 17. In this novel, a small cottage temporarily inhabited by a man with "a large Newfoundland puppy and two or three terriers," was pronounced as having "the most comfortable room in the world" in the mind of the narrator. Minor characters include Eleanor, who marries a rich viscount, and Isabella, who spurns the protagonist's brother John for Frederick. The protagonist, a resident of Fullerton obsessed with The Mysteries of Udolpho, suspects General Tilney of killing his wife, and he throws her out of the titular estate when he finds out she's poor, despite the objections of his son Henry. For 10 points, name this novel about Cathrene Morland by Jane Austen. Northanger Abbey
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Answer: Burial at Ornans
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Because they possess pKa's ranging from 16-19, they can lose a hydrogen to form salts useful in ether synthesis. Formation of one kind sometimes requires treatment with a tosylate or mesylate in order to force formation via a SN2 mechanism and avoid rearrangement. Common laboratory methods for synthesizing these include the reaction of ketones with lithium aluminum hydride or the reaction of organolithium reagents with water. Mixing these with carboxylic acids will produce fruity smelling esters. For 10 points, name this class of organic compounds, with functional group OH, whose simplest example is methanol.
Answer: Alcohols
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His father mistook the sound of a filling water-jug for a tiger's growl and accidentally killed the son of a hermit while hunting. This man's sandals were put on the throne after an observation by the servant Manthara led to his taking up residence in Dandak. Like Odysseus, he is challenged to bend a bow, which he does at the court of King Janak, but he later runs afoul of Queen Kaikeyi. The king of Ayodha, he ultimately is found by his sons Luva and Kusha after this seventh incarnation of Vishnu invades Lanka with an army of monkeys to rescue Sita from Ravana. For 10 points, name this hero of a namesake Indian epic.
Answer: Rama
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TB. With funds secured from a settlement arranged by Henry Phipps and Francis Lovejoy, he hired Daniel Burnham to create a twenty story tall building to overshadow his rival's structure. He took over a prominent position from William R. Jones and convinced Robert Pattison to send in the national guard, after striking Amalgamated Association works overwhelmed the Pinkertons he hired at Homestead. Stabbed by Alexander Berkman and forced out of Carnegie Steel, he went on to form U.S. Steel. For 10 points, name this industrialist and namesake of a private museum at his Fifth Avenue home in New York.
Answer: Henry Clay Frick
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Extra. In one of this man's poems, the "wine of Torpor" swells up in the poem's subject while the titular women caress his head. He states that he had as his "inn the Sign of the Great Bear" in "My Bohemia," while he declares that "Weeping, I saw gold?and could not drink!" in "Teardrop." He assigns color values to the titular letters in his sonnet "Vowels," while in a better known poem the title entity has "seen archipelagos of stars" and islands with delirious skies on its inebriated journey. He ends his best known work by asserting that he "will be able now to possess the truth within one body and one soul after the titular period of time. For 10 points, name this author of A Season in Hell.
Answer: Arthur Rimbaud
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Extra. His first operatic success came with his completion of C.F. Pollarolo's L'Irene, and he wrote the operas Tolomeo et Alessandro and Tetide in Sciro while serving as musical director to the queen of Poland, and his passion for the classics led to operas on Tiberius Gracchus, Arminius, and Mithridates. He completed over 50 chamber cantatas and while organist at Santa Maria Maggiore he wrote a Salve Regina, the antiphon Cibivat nos Dominus, and the mass La Stella, but he is better-known for pieces collected in his "Thirteen Books" and "Exercises." For 10 points, name this son of Alessandro best known for his many harpsichord sonatas.
Answer: Giuseppe Domenico Scarlatti
2007 Penn Bowl Bonuses by Princeton A
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In 1935, Simon and Goldstein reported that the pattern of blood vessels here was unique. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this thin layer of nerve cells.
Answer: retina
[10] These photoreceptor cells in the retina are responsible for bright light and colors and are clustered in the fovea.
Answer: cone cells [or cones]
[10] This yellow spot at the center of the retina is responsible for acute vision, and its degeneration is a leading cause of blindness in the elderly.
Answer: macula lutea
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He posited that contractionary policy of the Federal Reserve was largely to blame for causing the Great Depression. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this monetarist and member of the Chicago School who died in 2006.
Answer: Milton Friedman
[10] Friedman and his wife Rose collaborated to produce this PBS program and subsequent book, which explained the relationship between economic and personal freedom.
Answer: Free to Choose
[10] One of Friedman's most influential works in theoretical economics was a 1957 book which offered "a theory of" this function, whose slope is the MPC. Friedman's "permanent income hypothesis" regarding this curve explains why changes in the tax rate do not always change spending habits.
Answer: consumption function
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Most things tend to reflect energy when incident upon them. Let's see about things that don't, for 10 points each.,
[10] These are defined as perfect emitters and absorbers of radiation, without any reflectance. Examples include the human body.
Answer: Blackbody
[10] When the curves of blackbody radiation intensity with respect to temperature are integrated, one finds in accordance with this law that the energy flux is proportional to the fourth power of the current temperature.
Answer: Stefan-Boltzmann law
[10] This is the name given to the failure of the Rayleigh-Jean's law to anticipate the blackbody peak, as it applied the equipartition theorem inappropriately to quanitized quantities.
Answer: Ultraviolet catastrophe
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Answer the following about "three emperors," for 10 points per part.,
[10] The year 1888 was the year of the three emperors for Germany, as this Kaiser was sandwiched in between Wilhelm I and Wilhelm II. He spent his 99-day reign firing Robert von Puttkamer and dying of throat cancer.
Answer: Frederick III William Nikolaus Karl [prompt on Frederick]
[10] Weyrother's plan prevailed over Kutuzov at this 1805 battle that pitted Napoleon against Francis I of Austria and Alexander I of Russia, which caused it to be known as the "battle of the three emperors."
Answer: Austerlitz
[10] 69 AD would only have been known as the year of the three emperors if this guy hadn't been proclaimed emperor and attacked Otho at Bedracum, where he secured a decisive victory before Vespasian crushed his forces at Cremona and he was killed by his own soldiers.
Answer: Aulus Vitellius
[10] In a story by Doris Lessing, a visit to Philip's boarding school inspires young Catherine to read "My First Goose," a story by this author of Lyubka the Cossack and Red Cavalry.
Answer: 5. Answer these questions about boarding school novels that aren't A fucking Separate Peace, FTPE[10] Kathy, Ruth, and Tommy were students at Hailsham, which turns out to be a school for clones in this author's latest novel, Never Let Me Go. He is better-known for A Pale View of Hills and The Remains of the Day. Kazuo Ishiguro[10] Two women, who turn out to be lesbians after a witch hunt sparked by a lazy child, start a tiny boarding school in this play by Lillian Hellman.ANSWER: The Children's Hour
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For 10 points each, answer the following about reactions in organic chemistry:,
[10] During this substitution reaction, attack from the rear causes an inversion of stereochemistry in the substrate. It occurs most readily between sterically unhindered molecules, such as in the reaction between primary alkyl halides and acidified water to form alcohols.
Answer: SN2 Reaction
[10] The reaction converts aldehydes and ketones to alkenes through the use of a triphenyl phosphonium ylide.
Answer: Wittig Reaction
[10] This aldose reaction shortens the length of the carbon chain by first reacting the aldose with bromine and calcium hydroxide, and then decarboxylating.
Answer: Wohl Degradation
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Jerry tells of his fat landlady, her dog, and the gay black man who insistently shows off his kimono, FTPE:,
[10] Name this play by Edward Albee, in which Jerry impales himself on his own knife held by Peter, having just walked to Central Park from the titular locale.
Answer: The Zoo Story
[10] George and Martha's violent quarreling extends to their guests, Nick and Honey, in this work, the best-known of Albee's plays.
Answer: Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
[10] Charlie and Nancy attempt to teach the anthropomorphic lizards Leslie and Sarah about what it means to be human in this Albee play.
Answer: Seascape
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Identify these mythological swords of the British Isles, for 10 points each.,
[10] With this blade, Fergus Mac Roich slices off the top of three hills in lieu of slaying Conchobar Mac Nessa, as related in The Cattle Raid of Cooley.
Answer: Caladbolg [accept Caladcholg]
[10] Caladbolg is probably cognate to the Welsh term for this sword, Caledfwlch. Its more common English name refers either to either the sword which Arthur draws out of the stone, or the sword given by the Lady of the Lake.
Answer: Excalibur
[10] Given to Beowulf by the cowardly Unferth, this sword is ineffective in Beowulf's underwater combat against Grendel's mother; Beowulf is forced to use a giant's sword he sees lying around instead.
Answer: Hrunting
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Name these movies combining the most proletarian means of transportation, the bus, with everyman actor Dustin Hoffman, from plot elements, for 10 points each.,
[10] Hoffman's Benjamin Braddock fights off wedding guests with a large cross, then escapes to a bus with Elaine Robinson, who is still wearing her wedding gown.
Answer: The Graduate
[10] Joe Buck and Hoffman's "Ratso" Rizzo take a bus to Florida, but Rizzo dies before they get to Miami in this X-rated film.
Answer: Midnight Cowboy
[10] After learning from Hoffman's Professor Jules Hilbert that Kay Eiffel's newest book is a masterpiece that requires IRS auditor Harold Crick's death, Crick reads Death and Taxes on a Chicago bus.
Answer: Stranger than Fiction
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His short fiction includes "Miss or Mrs." and "The Lazy Tour of Two Apprentices," which he wrote with Charles Dickens, FTPE:,
[10] Name this author, better known for novels like Antonina and Woman in White.
Answer: Wilkie Collins
[10] The titular gem of this Collins novel is stolen from India by John Herncastle, who trusts Franklin Blake to give it to his niece, Rachel Verinder, on her birthday. It is eventually retrieved by the Hindus.
Answer: The Moonstone
[10] In this novel, the death of Andrew Vanstone leaves his daughters, Norah and Magdelene, penniless, but Magdalene eventually regains their fortune by marrying her cousin Noel.
Answer: No Name
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Pope Leo the Great got them to agree to fourteen days of looting Rome only, laying off the raping and burning. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this Germanic tribe that sacked Rome in 455.
Answer: Vandals [or Vanali]
[10] Preceded by Gunderic, this king of the Vandals took Carthage along with a Roman fleet and used it to pillage the western Mediteranean until his death in 477.
Answer: Geiseric
[10] The Vandals stopped to be a force when this this general of Justinian avenged the deposition of the pro-Byzantine Vandal king Hilderic by Gelimer.
Answer: Belisarius
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At eleven, he wrote the opera THe Death of Pierrot and won the Pulitzer for both The Consul and The Saint of Bleecker Street. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this Italian born composer.
Answer: Gian Carlo Menotti
[10] Menotti is best known for this work about the the Three Wise Men, an opera made for television.
Answer: Amahl and the Night Visitors
[10] Menotti wrote the libretto for this American composer's opera Vanessa.
Answer: Samuel Barber
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The background of this painting includes a large white house and a red barn along with the artist's trademark rounded trees, FTPE:,
[10] Name this painting, the foreground of which is dominated by a man with a pitchfork and his staid wife.
Answer: American Gothic
[10] This Regionalist artist of American Gothic also painted Arbor Day, which is opposite George Washington on Iowa state quarters.
Answer: Grant Wood
[10] Gilbert Stuart's portrait of Washington is placed to the head of a small boy as the titular clergyman pulls back the curtain and points to the scene of a felled cherry tree.
Answer: Parson Weem's Fable
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This text is divided into five parts, including the Yasna, which contains the chief liturgy, the Vendidad, which contains laws, and the Khorda, a selection of prayers. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this religious scripture, written in a namesake language.
Answer: Zend-Avesta
[10] The Avesta is the sacred text of this religion, most of whose adherents live in Iran and North India.
Answer: Zoroastrianism [accept Mazdaism; accept Mazdayasna accept Zarathustrianism]
[10] In Zorastrianism, Ahura Mazda's rule over the world is administered by these six benificent spirits, three male and three female, which include Haurvatat and Vohu Manah.
Answer: amasha-spentas [or amshaspend]
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Senator Hoar called them "the vilest set of political assasins that ever disgraced this or any other country." For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this faction of the Republican party, whose name was coined by Charles A. Dana in the New York Sun, that refused to support the nomination of James G. Blaine in 1884.
Answer: Mugwumps
[10] The defection helped allow this first Democratic president since the civil war get elected.
Answer: Stephen Grover Cleveland
[10] This New York Evening Post and The Nation editor was a former Missouri senator and was Interior Secretary under Hayes. A German immigrant, he is sometimes called the leader of the Mugwumps.
Answer: Carl Schurz
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It is a mathematical construct that is locally Euclidean. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name these objects, examples of which include differentiable, Riemannian, and Finsler types.
Answer: manifolds
[10] In order for a manifold to be Riemannian, its tangent space must possess this, a generalization of the dot product.
Answer: inner product (prompt on "scalar product")
[10] This conjecture states that every simply connected closed three-manifold is homeomorphic to the three-sphere; Perelman recently claimed to have proved Thurston's more general geometrization conjecture.
Answer: Poincare conjecture
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It concludes that "One is not born, but rather, becomes, a woman." For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this 1949 book which claims that women have been defined as an abberation from the male and opposes the "myth of the eternal feminine."
Answer: The Second Sex [or Le Deuxième Sexe]
[10] This partner of Sartre was the author of The Second Sex. She also wrote The Mandarins and All Men are Mortal.
Answer: Simone Lucie-Ernestine-Marie-Bertrand de Beauvoir
[10] Sartre and de Beauvoir founded and co-edited this journal, which became the focus of Sartre's life as a political icon and in which Sartre's essay "What is Literature" first appeared.
Answer: Le temps modernes [or Modern Times]
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Its last ruler is buried in an unmarked grave in Rangoon, but there were more notable achievements before the reign of Shah Zafar II. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this dynasty that ruled an increasingly small portion of India until the British captured Delhi in 1857.
Answer: Mughal sultanate/dynasty etc
[10] Tolerance of Hindus, ended by Aurangzeb, began after Akbar defeated his Hindu rival Hemu at this 1556 battle, which occurred at the same site where Babur's 1526 victory began the dynasty.
Answer: Second Battle of Panipat
[10] This opium enthusiast and succesor of Akbar waged a long war with Malik Ambar and eventually lost effective power to the family of his Persian wife, Mehr on-Nesa.
Answer: Salim Jahangir
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There is a more than 40,000 foot difference between its peaks and the Atacama trench off the Pacific coast. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this mountain range home to the volanoes of Tupungato and Cotopaxi.
Answer: Andes Mountains
[10] The Andes mountains are also home to this stratovolcano; its active fumaroles make it the world's highest active volcano.
Answer: Ojos del Salado
[10] The highest peak in the Andes is this highest peak outside Asia.
Answer: Aconcagua
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Extra. They may have won all the battles, but we had all the good songs. Answer the following about Fascist Spain for 10 points per part.,
[10] While traveling from Pamplona to Vitoria, this general, brains behind the military victories, and rival of Franco died in a June 1937 plane crash.
Answer: Emilo Mola
[10] Mola is perhaps best known for coining this term for a group within a nation who secretly seeks to subvert a nation's goals, referring to the sympathizers in Madrid who helped Mola's four units take the city.
Answer: quinta columna [or fifth column]
[10] Upon dying, Franco granted power to this heir to the Spanish throne, who immediately moved to create a constitutional democracy and make himself a figurehead.
Answer: Juan Carlos (I) Alfonso Victor María de Borbón y Borbón
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Extra. New Zealand has been the birthplace of three Nobel prize winners ... sounds like a bonus to me. For 10 points each:,
[10] He headed a group that included Rosalind Franklin, and his X-ray diffraction studies helped Watson and Crick determine the structure of DNA, with whom he shared the 1962 medicine Nobel.
Answer: Maurice Wilkins
[10] He identified the alpha particle as a helium nucleus, and used the deflection of alpha particles from gold foil to explain atomic structure.
Answer: Ernest Rutherford [or Baron of Nelson]
[10] This Penn professor demonstrated the doping of polyacetylene and the rediscovery of polyaniline. He shared the 2000 chemistry Nobel with Heeger and Hideki.
Answer: Alan G. MacDiarmid

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