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2008 Penn Bowl Tossups by Maryland B
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The U.S. Navy fielded five ships at this battle, the heavy cruiser Houston and four destroyers; of the five, Houston would be sunk while the destroyers managed to escape. The last major fleet engagement to be fought in the absence of aircraft carriers, it was prompted by the need to halt a Japanese invasion fleet that had fought off two prior attacks in the Makassar and Bandung Straits. Japan's Long Lance torpedo devastated the ABDA fleet and sunk the flagship De Ruyter, killing commanding Admiral Karel Doorman. For 10 points, name this February 1942 battle, which ended allied naval resistance to the Japanese conquest of the Dutch East Indies.
Answer: Battle of the Java Sea
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A lack of info about cation-anion distances can prevent the use of the Kapustinskii equation to determine this value. Another method of calculating it involves squaring both the charge of ions and electrons and knowing the Madelung constant. A process that involves the enthalpy of sublimation and the electron affinity is yet another way to calculate this quantity. It generally increases as ionic charge increases and it is equal to the negative of the energy of crystallization. For 10 points, name this quantity often symbolized U that measures how much energy is required to separate a solid mole of an ion or molecule into a gas.
Answer: lattice energy
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One of them depicts its title figure with the niece of Hendrick Uylenburgh, while another depicts its subject in the role of a contemporary of Parrhasius. This series also includes one where the subject is "Leaning on a Stone Wall" and one where he is with either "Loose" or "Tossled" hair. One of the earliest depicts its subject "Leaning Forward" and several include the central figure "with beret" and "with Saskia". In others, its subject role played as the Apostle Paul and as "an Oriental Pontentate with a Kris." For 10 points, identify these images that depict the painter of works like The Prodigal Son, and The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Tulp.
Answer: self-portraits of Rembrandt [accept clear knowledge equivalents]
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This chairperson of the Virginia Peace Convention died before he could take his seat in the Confederate House of Representatives, though he died before he could take his seat. Earlier, he had opposed Andrew Jackson's Force Bill and resigned his seat in the U.S. House during the nullification crisis. He may be better known, however, for his vetoes defeating the enactment of Henry Clay's American System, creating a rift that destroyed the Whig Party. Despite putting down Dorr's Rebellion, he was not renominated in 1844. For 10 points, name this "accidental" president, who succeeded to office upon the death of William Henry Harrison.
Answer: John Tyler
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One of these is the antigen of Anti Scl-70 and several inhibitors of them are found in genus Camptotheca, such as irinotecan and topotecan. Their mechanism involves the formation of a protein bridge and these enzymes discovered by Wang are able to catenate circular DNA. Type II, which requires ATP hydrolysis, changes the linking number in steps of two. Gyrase is a special bacterial form of, for 10 points, what class of enzymes that reduce breaking and supercoliling by introducing single or double stranded breaks into DNA.
Answer: topoisomerases
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6 This work begins by critiquing the "ask not what your country can do for you" line in Kennedy's inaugural address, arguing that free men should ask "what can I and my compatriots do through government." The author uses the example of the Amish being forced to partake in the Social Security system as a connection between economic and religious injustice. The first chapter posits that the Russian economic system cannot be reproduced without totalitarianism and it also criticized Bretton Woods in "International Financial and Trade Arrangements." For 10 points, the author's wife Rose contributed to what 1962 work about economics and politics by Milton Friedman?
Answer: Capitalism and Freedom
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In some myths, this deity is the husband of the nymph Juterna and sired Fons or Fontus. In other traditions, he is said to have married Camese, and fathered the patron deity of the Volturnia festival. According to some myths, it was he who brought civilization to Latium, as he was its first king, and he was able to chase and catch the nymph Carna thanks to his extra eyes. He caused water to erupt from volcanic hot springs in order to thwart an attack on Rome by the Sabines, and as a result, the gates of his temple were open in times of war. For 10 points, name this two-faced Roman god of doorways and beginnings.
Answer: Janus
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Towards the end of this work, an injured veteran from World War II fails to open the gates of heaven with his trumpet and does a dance instead. The protagonist works with his former prison mate Jim Bono and tells his son why he ran away from home at age fourteen. Some of the words of wisdom in this work include, "You got to take the crookeds with the straights" and "Death ain't nothing but a fastball on the outside corner," the first recalled by Lyons, and the latter by Lyons, Raynell, and Cory's father. For 10 points, identify this August Wilson play about Troy Maxon, which notes that the titular objects can either be built to keep people out or to keep people in.
Answer: Fences
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It does not add an edge at each step to create a subgraph. A hybrid algorithm first uses Big O of log of log of n passes in Boruvka's Algorithm before switching to it. With a simple data structure, it runs in worst case of Big O of V squared, but that worst case runtime can be improved to Big O of E plus V log V by employing a Fibonacci Heap. This greedy algorithm works by creating a heap of edge weights and at each step adding the edge with the smallest edge weight with a vertex not already in the graph to the graph. FTP, identify this alternative to Kruskal's Algorithm that finds a minimum spanning tree of a graph.
Answer: Prim's-Jarnik Algorithm [or Jarnik Algorithm or Djikstra-Jarnik-Prim Algorithm]
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This city is home to the Beth Elohim Congregation, considered the birthplace of Reform Judaism in the United States and the oldest surviving Reform Synagogue in the world. Home to Rainbow Row and Hibernian Hall, its downtown is situated on a peninsula surrounded by the Ashley and Cooper rivers. It is also home to the American leg of the "Festival of Two Worlds", also known as Spoleto Festival USA. It is home to The Citadel and is the second busiest port on the East Coast. For 10 points, name "Holy City", a South Carolina locale in whose harbor the first volleys of the Civil War were launched.
Answer: Charleston, South Carolina
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Planck's constant appears instead of Dirac's constant in this video's attempt to display Schrodinger's wave equation. Cameos in the video for this song include Seth Green showcasing some of his prized collection, and Donny Osmond dancing in the background of several frames. In the night scenes, red flares form the shape ofPac -Man, and the subject of the video is seen vandalizing Wikipedia. The subject does "vector calculus just for fun", and was in "the A.V. club, the glee club, and even the chess team". For 10 points, name this second track off of "Straight Outta Lynwood", a Weird Al parody of Chamillionaire and Krayzie Bone's "Ridin' Dirty."
Answer: "White and Nerdy"
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The third large-scale offensive of this battle included the Battle of Flers-Courcelette in December, which was the debut of the tank in warfare, specifically the British Mark I. Although technically an Allied victory, there was only a gain of about five miles at the deepest penetration point for the British and the French. Although one of its original purposes was to draw German forces away from the Battle of Verdun, the final count exceeded that at Verdun, with one million killed, wounded or missing. For 10 points, identify this large WWI battle fought between July and November of 1916, near its namesake river in Picardy, France.
Answer: Battle of the Somme
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One of the characters in this work, Gurgin, is the ninth fighter to partake in the Battle of the Twelve Rooks, losing to Andariman. Another character, Giv, gets imprisoned in Hamavaran and seven years later finds a king that defeats Afrasiyab and the nation of Turan. One reoccurring character in the heroic age is the Simorgh, who raises the albino Zal and later saves Zal's wife and son. Perhaps one of its best known stories is that of a father accidentally killing his son, in the tale of Rostam and Sohrab. For 10 points, name this epic which runs from the Kayanian Dynasty to the coming of Zoroaster and finally to the Islamic period, Ferdowsi's national epic of Iran.
Answer: Shahnameh [or The Book of Kings]
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Fulgencio Yegros was the first man to hold the role of "consul" in this country. One early ruler of this country, nicknamed "El Supremo", got one of its ports blockaded in 1813. One of its leaders was eventually killed at Cerro Cora but not before that leader led some 20,000 of its troops to their death at the disastrous battle of Tuyuti. Rutherford B. Hayes helped it keep most of its territory, while later, a dictator rules from 1954 to 1989 at the head of the Colorado party. Francisco Solano Lopez led this country into a foolish war in 1865. For 10 points, identify this nation on the losing side of the War of the Triple Alliance, long ruled in the twentieth century by Alfredo Stroessner.
Answer: Republic of Paraguay
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While serving as a legate, this man captured the Tectosages chieftan Copillus. Earlier, while serving as quaestor. he made a more famous capture of an enemy of Rome with the aid of King Bocchus. After a victory near Praeneste and the defeat of the consul Carbo, he invalidated all of the laws of Sulpicius, which had included removing him from the campaign against Mithridates and giving Italians representation amongst the 35 tribes. Famous for putting down a rebellion by Jugurtha this reorganizer of the government gained fame in the Social War. For 10 points, name this man who retired the post of dictator in the 80's and 70's BCE.
Answer: Lucius Cornelius Sulla Felix
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Disinherited by his father when attempting to restore the Church at San Damiono, he went on to restore the chapel of St. Mary of the Angels. The Portiuncula became his permanent abode and place of death, and during the Fifth Crusade, he attempted to convert sultan Melek-al-Kamil, offering to walk into fire to profess his faith. He would often retreat on the Mountain La Verna, a gift bestowed upon him by his future biographer, Thomas de Celano. He composed the "Canticle of the Sun", and a prayer attributed to him implores, "make me an instrument of your Peace." For 10 points, name this founder of the Order of Friars Minor and patron saint of animals.
Answer: St. Francis of Asissi [prompt on St. Francis]
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The term "culture industry" was used by them to describe the mass-produced culture and financial necessities of society. They advanced many of their ideas through the "Journal for Social Research", and one of their later leaders is probably best known for analyzing "reason and the rationalization of society" in Theory of Communicative Action. They attempted to reconcile Communism in Russia with the rise of fascism in Italy, and prominent members of this neo-Marxist group included Theodor Adorno, Walter Benjamin and Herbert Marcuse. For 10 points, identify this school of Critical Theory resultant from Max Horkheimer's work at the Institute of Social Research in Germany.
Answer: Frankfurt School
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This author uses pages of journal entries, poetry and drawings to describe Calcutta in "Show Your Tongue." Another work chronicles the sinking of the cruise ship Wilhelm Gustloff and its subsequent effects on generations of the Pokriefke family. A tale based loosely on the Grimms' "The Fisherman and His Wife", reviews the history of women's emancipation and finds no convincing alternatives to male domination through radical feminists. In addition to "Crabwalk" and "The Flounder," he also wrote "Peeling the Onion," which reveals that this creator of Oskar Matzareth served in the SS during his youth. For 10 points, name this German author of The Tin Drum.
Answer: Gunther Grass
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Wainwright performed experiments at Walnut Gulch to observe the speed at which it could be re-established following disturbances. Due to an inability to accumulate silt, large volcanic pyroclasts are unable to form it. Developed by eolian deflation, it is often formed in regions close to bedrock or on parts of alluvial fans. Exposed regions of it with little iron can be covered with a dark surface known as varnish. It occurs when sand is blown away and only very small rocks remain, such as pebbles and cobbles. For 10 points, name this substance of closely packed and flat rock fragments in an arid environment.
Answer: desert pavement
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The last chapter is an allegory of Christianization and involves a maid becoming pregnant after eating a berry. Louhi the Hag of the North pulls down the sun and the moon, steals, fire from the titular group and promises her daughter to Seppo in exchange for his building something for her. Such animals as the demon's elk and the swan of Tuonela are killed in this book, whose second and standard edition contains fifty poems, some of which discuss Illmarinen. The major plot arc involves the mysterious object called the Sampo and mostly concerns the hero Vainamoinen. For 10 points, identify this Elias Lonnrot-compiled national epic of Finland.
Answer: the Kalevala
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He was likely influenced by the Ecce beatam lucem of Alessandro Striggio and used the Latin text, from the Book of Judith, in a piece that revealed his unfashionable Catholicism. Opening with a single voice, one of his pieces masterfully uses antiphonal construction to pass the sound between eight sub-choirs, each of five parts. This composer of an English mass in the Dorian mode wrote the aforementioned 40-part choral work, "spem in alium." He may be best known for the use of one of his "themes" nearly four hundred years later. For 10 points, name this man who inspired a "Fantasia" written by Ralph Vaughn Williams.
Answer: Thomas Tallis
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Yevgeny Khaldei took a famous photograph of it, which subsequently added smoke to the background of the photograph. It was created according to a neoclassical design in a contest won by Paul Wallot, and it replaced a collection of smaller buildings on Leipziger Strasse. It was completed in 1894 and was acclaimed for its steel-and-glass cupola, although the famed inscription that now graces its architrave was not added until 1916. That inscription, "Dem Deutsche Volk", remains; the cupola has been replaced by a Norman Foster creation, and this building was "wrapped" by Christo in 1995. For 10 points, name this Berlin parliamentary meeting place.
Answer: Reichstag building
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Saint Erkenwald is possibly by him, although works like Patience and Cleanness found in the Cotton Nero A x are generally attributed to him because of the West Midlands dialect they were written in. Because of similarity between the way c's and t's were written, there is open debate whether one of his characters is named Bertilak or Bercilak, although either way the man is beheaded by the other titular character at Christmastime. For 10 points, identify this assumed author of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight as well as an allegorical alliterative poem about the loss of a daughter, which gives him his jewel-like name.
Answer: the Pearl Poet
2008 Penn Bowl Bonuses by Maryland B
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Name these things aboot Canadian military history for 10 points each, eh?,
[10] This April 1917 battle in the Pas-de-Calais region was the first major military victory in the nation's history, and is sometimes credited with fostering national unity.
Answer: Battle of Vimy Ridge
[10] This August 1942 amphibious operation, codenamed Jubilee and led by British admiral Louis Mountbatten, intended to capture a port in Northern France, was a catastrophic failure, affecting plans for Operation Overlord.
Answer: Dieppe Raid [or Battle of Dieppe]
[10] Speaking of Operation Overlord, Canadian forces were in charge of taking this goddess-named D-Day beach that was defended by General Wilhelm Richter.
Answer: Juno Beach
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Name these Kafka short stories, for 10 points each.,
[10] Georg's father harshly accuses him of several things: deception with business dealings, premarital sexual relations, and wishing the father dead. Georg then follows his father's instructions to drown himself.
Answer: The Judgement [or Das Urteil]
[10] After an unsuccessful European tour, the once-popular protagonist leaves his manager and hires himself out to a circus. Placing himself outside the main ring, he finds his audience is only interested in the nearby animals.
Answer: A Hunger Artist [or Ein Hungerkunstler]
[10] The narrator of this story ultimately finds himself unable to describe the feeling and experiences of his previous life as an ape before a scientific conference, because he had almost completely adapted to human behavior.
Answer: A Report to an Academy [or Ein Bericht fur eine Akademie]
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Identify the following about an artist and his works, for 10 points each.,
[10] His Flaying of Marsias and Portrait of Cosimo I Medici hang in the Louvre, but this artist is probably best known for the foot of Cupid in his Venus, Cupid, Folly and Time.
Answer: Il Bronzino [or either name in Agnolo Bronzino or Agnolo di Cosimo]
[10] Bronzino also painted one of these scenes that the Limbourgh brothers and Fra Angelico also depicted. In Bronzino's version, Christ is being held by a blue clothed Virgin Mary as five cherubs holding crosses fly overhead.
Answer: Deposition [prompt on Descent from the Cross]
[10] Bronzino was influenced by this guy who painted The Last Judgment and sculpted the Dying Slave.
Answer: Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni [accept Buonarroti]
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Can you keep your straits straight? Ffor 10 points each:,
[10] Connecting the Andaman Sea to the South China Sea, its narrowest expanse is at Phillips Channel, near Singapore. Stretching from West Malaysia to Sumatra, it separates Sumatra from the rest of the Malay Peninsula.
Answer: Strait of Malacca
[10] Connecting the Gulf of Oman to the Persian Gulf, Iran is situated to its north. On its southern coast lies the United Arab Emirates and part of Oman.
Answer: Strait of Hormuz
[10] Separating Southern India from Sri Lanka, it is dotted with low-lying islands called Adam's or Rama's Bridge.
Answer: Palk Strait
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Answer the following about English writings during the French Revolution, for 10 points each.,
[10] He used the penname Lord Bolingbroke when publishing A Vindication of Natural Society in 1756, though he is better known for his conservative Reflections on the Revolution in France.
Answer: Edmund Burke
[10] William Godwin summarizes Edmund Burke's Vindication of Natural Society before discussing Legislative and Executive Power, Crimes and Punishments and Property in this 1793 work.
Answer: Enquiry Concerning Political Justice, and its Influence on General Virtue and Happiness
[10] This daughter of William Godwin wrote Valperga, Midas, and a book where Elizabeth Lavenza is killed by a character who explains himself to Robert Walton.
Answer: Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley [prompt on Shelley; do not accept or prompt on Wollstonecraft]
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Name these American strategic concepts from the Cold War, for 10 points each.,
[10] Coined by George Kennan in his immortal Long Telegram, this term referred to counteracting Soviet attempts to expand its sphere of influence. Kennan broke with the Truman administration over how to apply it.
Answer: containment
[10] Eisenhower implemented this strategy, emphasizing fiscal responsibility, stable defense budgets, and, consequently, an increased reliance on nuclear weapons. Its name reflected a break from the "old" policy of Truman.
Answer: The New Look
[10] President Kennedy, in turn, found the New Look's reliance on nuclear weapons alarming, instead preferring this strategy. It meant to give policy-makers the ability to respond to Soviet actions across the spectrum of warfare.
Answer: flexible response
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Name these pieces by Duke Ellington, for 10 points each.,
[10] Originally titled "Dreamy Blues", it is most notable for its unusual instrumentation, with trombone above trumpet above clarinet. Arranged with vocals, it is the lament of a "soul who's bluer than blue can be."
Answer: Mood Indigo
[10] Originally composed by Ellington to describe three of his grade-school teachers, lyrics added by Mitchell Parish transformed its title figure into a cynical socialite "smoking, drinking, never thinking of tomorrow."
Answer: Sophisticated Lady
[10] Perhaps Ellington's most famous piece, it refers to a style of music marked by strong, syncopated rhythms and quick tempos, and would give its name to an eponymous style and era of jazz in the 1930s.
Answer: It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing)
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Name these French Baroque composers, for 10 points each.,
[10] Italian in origin, he came to dominate the production of all music for the court of Louis XIV. Somewhat unfairly, he is now best known for killing himself with gangrene after smashing his foot with a conducting stick.
Answer: Jean-Baptiste Lully
[10] Sometimes titled "le Grand" to distinguish him from his relatives, he was regarded as the foremost harpsichordist of his time, writing the definitive text on playing that instrument.
Answer: Francois Couperin
[10] Best known as an organist, his music attracted the attention of Louis XV and broke the hold of the Lullyist style over French music. He is perhaps best known for his first opera, Hippolyte et Aricie.
Answer: Jean-Philippe Rameau
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Name the following works of Stephen Crane, for 10 points each.,
[10] This short story is a fictionalized account of when Crane and some other men survived the sinking of a passenger ship on its way to Cuba and were forced to weather nature at sea for thirty hours.
Answer: "The Open Boat"
[10] The Swede, a cowboy and an Easterner stay at the titular Nebraskan establishment, which is named the Palace, and the Swede plays cards with Johnny, who cheats, leading to fisticuffs.
Answer: "The Blue Hotel"
[10] "The Blue Hotel" appeared in a collection of stories with "His New Mittens" and this headliner about a small-town doctor trying to repay a badly burned black man for saving his son from a fire.
Answer: "The Monster"
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Answer the following about the Knights of the Round Table, for 10 points each.,
[10] Raised by the Lady of the Lake until the age of eighteen, he slayed Gawain's brother Gareth, drawing sire Gawain's ire for years to come. He is the father of Galahad by Elaine and had an affair with Guinevere.
Answer: Sir Lancelot
[10] Joining his cousin Lancelot in exile, he becomes a trusted advisor to him and later helps rescue Guinevere from execution at the stake. The father of Elyan the White, he was the only one to survive the quest for the Holy Grail.
Answer: Sir Bors de Ganis
[10] He is considered one of the strongest knights of the round table, and is mentioned on multiple occasions as having fought thirty knights single-handedly. He is stabbed in the back by Mordred or killed by Gawaine.
Answer: Sir Lamorak
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Answer some questions about the atmosphere, for 10 points each.,
[10] Meteors often burn up in this middle layer of the atmosphere that extends from 30 miles to 50 miles above the earth and is characterized by a sharp decrease in temperature with increasing altitude.
Answer: mesosphere
[10] These atmospheric phenomena, which are strongly effected by the Coriolis Effect, are responsible for cyclones and distribute water vapor and ozone to different parts of the earth.
Answer: Rossby waves
[10] Named for a Hungarian-American scientist, this line is found approximately 60 miles above the surface and marks the boundary between the atmosphere and outer space.
Answer: Karman line
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Identify the following things from linguistics, for 10 points each.,
[10] Interlinga, Esperanto, and Quenya are examples of this type of language.
Answer: Constructed language [or artifical language or conlang]
[10] Proponents of constructed languages sometimes cite this doubly-eponymous linguistic hypothesis that claims that the language that a person speaks affects how the person thinks and behaves.
Answer: Sapir-Whorf hypothesis
[10] This language was created by J.M. Schleyer, a priest who heard God order him to make up a language in a dream, and is a combination of English, German, and Latin that has half a million possible forms for each verb.
Answer: Volapuk
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Identify the following types of numbers, for 10 points each.,
[10] 6, 28, and 496 are the first three of these numbers whose proper divisors add up to the number itself.
Answer: perfect numbers
[10] A lesser case of sociable numbers, the sums of the proper divisors of these pairs of integers add up to each other, like 220 and 284.
Answer: amicable numbers
[10] This is the recursive sequence whose terms are the sum of the proper divisors of the previous term. Most terminate at zero, but sociable numbers have an obvious periodicity to them.
Answer: aliquot sequence
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How saucy are you? For 10 points each:,
[10] Used as a base or thickener for many sauces and gravies, it is a mixture of flour and fat; the most common fats used in this mixture are butter, lard, or vegetable or olive oil.
Answer: roux
[10] The original version of this sauce was created by simmering milk, veal stock, and various seasonings together. It is now created by gradually whisking milk, heated almost to boiling, into a roux.
Answer: bechamel
[10] In Italy and Spain, this tomato sauce contains seafood such as squid, anchovies, prawns and mussels. Stateside, it is a simple tomato sauce traditionally seasoned with olive oil, oregano, garlic, and basil.
Answer: marinara
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Identify these things relating to a particular period in Chinese history, for 10 points each.,
[10] Following the fall of the Tang Dynasty, this tumultuous period was characterized by the rapid succession of rulers like the Later Liang and the Later Jin. It is sometimes also given the name the Ten Kingdoms Period.
Answer: Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms Period
[10] The Five Dynasties period was finally ended when this new dynasty took control. Its first two emperors, brothers from the Zhao family, established a new capital at Kaifeng.
Answer: Song Dynasty
[10] When the Song emperor and his court were captured at Kaifeng and the Jin took over the north, this new city was established as the capital of China. Now named Hangzhou, this was the only Chinese port to serve as a capital.
Answer: Lin'an
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Identify the following about a certain Egyptian pharaoh, for 10 points each.,
[10] This pharaoh of the Fourth Dynasty loved to build pyramids, constructing not only the failed pyramid at Huni and the Bent Pyramid, but also what may be the first successful smooth pyramid, the Red Pyramid at Dahshur.
Answer: Sneferu [also accept Snefru, Snofru or Soris]
[10] Sneferu's son was this even more accomplished pyramid builder who you might know for erecting the Great Pyramid at Giza.
Answer: Khufu [also accept Cheops]
[10] Most information about Sneferu comes from this object, potentially the earliest historical document. This double sided piece of black basalt lists Egyptian kings through the Fifth Dynasty and is named for an Italian city.
Answer: Palmero Stone
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Identify these fiery deities, for 10 points each.,
[10] Her father, Kane Milohai, exiled her from her original home because of her explosive temper. This Polynesian lightning goddess created Mt. Kilauea and resides in the volcano, which erupts when she is in a jealous fit of rage.
Answer: Pele
[10] Sometimes said to be the twin brother of Indra, he is the considered to be the seven-tongued messenger of the gods, as well as the god of fire and acceptor of sacrifices. Two-hundred hymns in the Rig Veda are addressed to him.
Answer: Agni
[10] This Celtic goddess is the keeper of the sacred flame of Kildare. She has three aspects: fire of inspiration, fire of the hearth, and fire of the forge. She is also often considered to be the patroness of the Druids and craftsmen.
Answer: Brigid [or Brigo Saghead, Brid, Brighid, Brigindo, Brigandu, Brigan, Brigantia, Brigantis, or Bride]
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A minor detail of this virus is its seventeen N-linked glycosylation sites but that fact is important in order to differentiate it from a similar one that was also discussed in The Hot Zone. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this often fatal virus that causes internal hemorrhaging and is named after an African river.
Answer: Ebola
[10] Ebola and this very similar virus are the two members of the Filoviridae family of viruses.
Answer: Marburg
[10] This strain of Ebola, named after a city in Virginia, is the only strain not to cause disease in humans.
Answer: Reston
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Answer some questions about a certain Greek play, for 10 points each.,
[10] The title character in this play is kidnapped by Chremylos along with his slave Cairo and then has his sight restored. But once he starts handing out wealth evenly, the rich get pissed off and the gods even more so.
Answer: Plutus
[10] Plutus is the only extant work of Greek Middle Comedy, and also the last work of this playwright, who also wrote The Knight and The Acharnians.
Answer: Aristophanes
[10] In this Aristophanes work, Socrates shows up as the head of the Sophists who tries to teach Strepsiades and then later successfully teaches his son Pheidippides the ways of using faulty logic and good rhetoric to win arguments.
Answer: The Clouds
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Identify the following about a particular British monarch, for 10 points each.,
[10] Raised by his uncle, Jasper, as a young man he fled England after a defeat of the Lancasters at Tewkesbury. He would later return to England and establish the Tudor dynasty.
Answer: Henry VII Tudor
[10] Henry faced a rebellion by this man, who pretended to be Edward IV's son Richard. On his third try he finally landed his troops in Cornwall with the support of Scotland and the Holy Roman Emperor.
Answer: Perkin Warbeck
[10] As part of Henry's expansion of trade in England, he supported the expeditions of this man to North America. Although he claimed to have found northeast Asia, in actuality he laid claim to Newfoundland and Labrador.
Answer: John Cabot [also accept Giovanni Caboto]

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