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2008 Penn Bowl Tossups by MIT
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This philosopher shocked his contemporaries by asserting in his treatise Ethics that the men who killed Christ acted in good faith and were therefore free from sin. Earlier, he was briefly imprisoned after his first work, Theology of the Highest Good, was condemned. His philosophy was a compromise between the nominalism and realism of his early teachers, Roscelin and William of Champeaux, and he proposed in his Dialectica that although God has foreknowledge of all human actions, humans still have free will. His Historia Calamitatum, a long autobiographical letter, was addressed to his wife, a nun. For 10 points, name this author of Sic et Non and castrated lover of Heloise.
Answer: Peter Abelard
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Her first published novel describes Mary Turner's miserable married life and her relationship with her black servant Moses, while in another novel, which includes narrative sections entitled "Free Women", Anna Wulf struggles with writer's block, and eventually gives the title object to her lover. The fourth book in this author's science-fiction series Canopus in Argos Archives was adapted by Philip Glass into an opera, and she wrote a sequence following the life of Martha Quest, the Children of Violence quintet. For 10 points, name this author of The Grass is Singing and The Golden Notebook.
Answer: Doris Lessing
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This event was precipitated by receiving only $663 instead of an expected $3.8 million, outstanding debts to the Netherlands, and the veto of Robert Morris's twenty-five year plan. Another issue was an agreement between Virginia and Maryland about the navigation of the Chesapeake Bay that Delaware and Pennsylvania wished to join. An ill John Dickinson was unable to present his entire plan here regarding the proportions of financial contribution. A different plan here provided for officials who served terms contingent on "good behavior." For 10 points, name this meeting, where both "The Connecticut Compromise" and "The Three-Fifths Compromise" were made.
Answer: 3. The OZI rule states if a diagram can be cut in two by slicing only lines carrying this force, then the process is suppressed. It is governed by the inexact symmetry SU(3), which causes the common octets of this force to have different masses and the different charges not to be orthonormal. A potential to explain this required the mediators to be massive, and the mediators that Yukawa was looking for turned out to be pions. Depicted using spirals that represent its massless carrier, this force is responsible for the asymptotic freedom inside a proton. For 10 points, name this interaction mediated by gluons that holds together atomic nuclei. strong nuclear force
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Current stagings of this work usually rely on the revival done by Mariia Gorshenkova, who commissioned a new Pas de Deux for Act I. Most performances also add two new dances composed by Leon Minkus in 1866. It is in Act I that the title character falls in love with a nobleman in disguise as a peasant, who is actually in love with Bathilde, daughter of the Duke. When the title character finds out, she dies, and as a result Myrtha makes Albericht dance over and over after being pursued by dead souls. However, the eponymous heroine saves Albericht, who had been disguised as her beloved Loys, and must spend eternity as a Wili. For 10 points, name this ballet by Adolphe Adam?
Answer: 5. It likely shares its origin with the Olgas and the Hatajuta. Possibly the world's most famous inselberg, it formed in the early Cambrian, and together with the formations at Kata Tjuta, it lends its name to a national park. Located to the west of Alice Springs, it was first seen by William Gosse, who named it after his boss, though the Anangu, who have their own name for it, now tell stories about its creation on tours. Made mainly of arkose, a type of sandstone, it has iron impurities that give it a trademark reddish-brown color. For 10 points, name this monolith in Northern Territory, Australia, the largest piece of exposed rock in the world. Uluru [or Ayers Rock]
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A reaction related to it occurs with copper iodide as a catalyst and uses carbon monoxide to produce benzaldehyde, while another can couple two arenes. Those reactions are dubbed Gatterman-Koch and Scholl. Another reaction of this type can occur between oxalyl chloride and indole, whose product can be hydrolyzed to a carboxylic acid. In the more common variety, a Clemmensen reduction can be used to reduce the carbonylated product. For 10 points, give this class of reactions that uses a Lewis acid such as aluminum chloride to either arylate or alkylate an aromatic system such as benzene.
Answer: Giselle
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The line, "Into each life some rain must fall," comes from his early poem "The Rainy Day" from the collection "Voices of the Night." Some of this man's other work includes The Spanish Student and Christus, while his poetry includes "The Belfry of Bruges" and "The Golden Legend." After seven years of courting, he married his second wife, about whom he wrote "The Cross of Snow" and "The Evening Star," this man's only love poem. This poet's more famous works include "The Jewish Cemetery at Newport," "The Psalm of Life," and an epic which takes place "by the shores of Gitchee Gumee." For 10 points, name this poet who wrote "The Song of Hiawatha."
Answer: Friedel-Crafts reaction [prompt on "electrophilic aromatic substitution"]
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One side called this the "Eight Years War of Resistance." The Lytton Report condemned the actions of the aggressor after the Mukden Incident. Between the closing of Burma Road and the opening of the Ledo Road, foreign supplies for one side were limited to what could be flown over the Hump. After the USS Panay was attacked, the Flying Tigers first saw service in this war, in which one side "traded space for time" at the Battle of Marco Polo Bridge. For 10 points, name this war whose first phase saw an infamous 1937 atrocity, which began with Manchuria being annexed by an imperial power.
Answer: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
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In one field, this quantity is defined as a two-zero valent tensor in asymptotically flat space-time, while in another, its operators are proportional to representations of infinitesimal elements of the group SU two. For black holes, the magnitude of this value must be less than the square of the hole's mass in geometric units. One component of this quantity for a hydrogen atom is given by the magnetic quantum number multiplied by the unit of quantization, h-bar. For 10 points, name this quantity whose time derivative is torque, which is given in classical mechanics by the cross product of position and momentum.
Answer: Second Sino-Japanese War [accept descriptive answers such as "the invasion of China by Japan during World War II"]
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The old woman who raised this girl was sent by the king as a spy, but Leabharcham claimed that this girl had lost all of her beauty. Her lover was killed by a treacherous spear thrown by Eogan macDurthacht, after being tricked into returning home by an offer of safe passage and then forced to surrender at Emain Macha by his oath of loyalty. These events fulfilled the prophecy given to her father Fedlimid macDaill by the druid Cathbad on the day she was born. Fergus macRoth left the court of Conchobar macNessa in disgust over the way that the king voided Fergus's word and kill Naoise for her. For 10 points, name this Irish beauty, given the epithet "of the sorrows."
Answer: 12. He asserts "I'm balling now, so wait in line" in a song that says "If you ain grindin, you ain shinin." Artists managed by this man's label include Big Tigger, Flash, Lil Mo, and his brother King Mello. His discography includes "Ballin' Underground" and his collaboration with Magno, "1st Round Draft Picks", as well as the album "The American Dream." His "The Voice of the Streets" is slated to be released in 2008, and his most recent solo single is 2007's "Drop and Gimme 50," while his earliest single was 2004's "Still Tippin.'" For 10 points, name this rapper and CEO of Ice Age Entertainment, who is most famous for shouting the phrase "281-330-8004, baby!" Mike Jones
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The second chapter of this work describes a man who uses his impressive football skills to become Prime Minister. Another character becomes a monk after beating the `Lord of the West' to death; however, the abbot sends that man away for consuming wine and meat. Another man learns that Pan Jinlian murdered his brother and committed adultery with Ximen Qing, then kills them both. The downfall of the main characters is their acceptance of amnesty, which causes two-thirds them to be killed in their campaign against rebel Fang La. For 10 points, name this Chinese classic about the heroes of Mount Liang.
Answer: Deirdre of the Sorrows
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Answer: The Water Margin [accept Shuihu Zhuan or Outlaws of the Marsh or All Men Are Brothers or The Marshes of Mount Liang]
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Examples include the principal axes obtained from the inertia tensor, a standing wave on a string with fixed ends, and the solutions to the Fock equation. A complex Hermitian matrix or real symmetric matrix has a basis of these, and an invariant subspace of a matrix A is spanned by one or more of these. They are also the null space of the map A minus lambda I for some value of lambda. Examples from physics include the solutions to the Schrodinger wave equation, which are molecular orbitals. For 10 points, name these objects which take their name from the German for "characteristic" and are the v in A v equals lambda v.
Answer: eigenvector [prompt on "proper vector" or "characteristic vector", do not accept eigenfunction]
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The Countess Diana is in love with her secretary, who finally pretends he is a count's long-lost son in order to marry her, in this man's The Dog in the Manger. His sonnets are collected in Rimas Sacras, and he defended his style of drama in The New Art of Writing Plays In Our Time. His long poem La hermosura de Angelica is a continuation of Orlando Furioso, while in one of his plays, Laurencia shames the men of her town into killing the dictatorial Commander. For 10 points, name this Spanish author of The Sheep Well and about eighteen hundred other plays.
Answer: Felix Lope de Vega y Carpio [if someone says The Dog in the Manger or El Perro Del Hortelano before the title is read, accept it and give the player a dollar]
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Benomyl delays this event from occurring, while the binding of Mad2 prevents it. Cdh1 binds to its namesake promoting complex, which also polyubiquinates securin. Events in it are caused by the shortening of kinetochore microtubules at their positive ends, along with the destruction of cohesin molecules. During this shortest stage of mitosis, the spindle elongates, and sister chromatids disjoin and migrate to opposite ends of the cell. For 10 points, name this phase of mitosis found in between metaphase and telophase.
Answer: anaphase
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Answer: 18. Their most important city was sacked by the general Camillus in 396 BC at the battle of Veii. This people's city-states such as Chiusi were organized into confederations; they referred to themselves as "rasna," and genetic evidence suggest they may have come from Lydia. Their leader Lars Porsena helped Tarquinius Superbus in attempts to regain his crown. One legend involving conflict with them tells of Cloelia who, after being given to them as a hostage, swam across the Tiber to safety. For 10 points, name these people, whose influence once spanned from the Po to the Tiber before they succumbed to the Romans. Etruscans
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Two of its figures are in contemporary dress: one at the center standing with his back towards the viewer, and the other on the far right holding a cane. At Santa Maria del Carmine, this work can be seen opposite Masolino's Healing of the Cripple and the Raising of Tabitha by Masolino One theory suggests that its subject, an obscure episode from Matthew, was painted as propaganda for the catasto. However, it is unlikely that its patron, a wealthy silk merchant, would support an income tax. Ten other scenes from the life of St. Peter complete the cycle with this paitning in the Brancacci Chapel. For 10 points, name this fresco by Masaccio.
Answer: Rendering of the Tribute Money
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In this novel, a character's cause of death is determined by finding that the pads of his fingers are black. The narrator experiences his sexual awakening with a peasant girl, who flees without her cow heart. The main characters had been called when a prized steed went missing, but investigate the murder of Adelmo. An argument about the nature of laughter leads to a discussion of works that have been missing since antiquity. Adso helps discover that some of these works are actually extant in a poisoned book, and that the murderer rampaging the abbey was actually the blind. For 10 points, name this novel about the monk William Baskerville, written by Umberto Eco.
Answer: 20. Its establishment was first announced in the Corfu Declaration of 1918, which raised the ire of the Peasant Party, and Alexander I became its king. One faction in this country durng World War II lost allied support after the Battle of Sutjeska and was known as the Chetniks. After World War II, power was seized here by the head of the National Liberation Army, also known as the Partisans. That man stayed out of the Warsaw Pact and made this country a founding member of the Non-Aligned Movement during the Cold War. For 10 points, name this country, long headed by Josip Broz Tito, which began to dissolve in 1992. Yugoslavia or The Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes
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Answer: The Name of the Rose [or Il nome della rosa]
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One set of these includes Galamb borong, Fanfares, Disorder, and Vertigo, while another set, by Gottschalk, features Tremolo and Manchega. Charles-Louis Hanon is famous for his book of these organized by increasing difficulty, and Schumann's Opus 13 is a set of these unusually for symphony orchestra. Gyorgy Ligeti's are mostly extremely difficult show-pieces, as are members of S. 139 like Chasse-Neige and Feux Follets, while those of Czerny are part of the School of Velocity. For 10 points, name this style of musical piece once meant to improve skill, but now mostly known for Liszt's Transcendentals and the Black-key and Revolutionary ones of Chopin.
Answer: etude
2008 Penn Bowl Bonuses by MIT
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He was an excellent poker player who sheltered Nazis. For 10 points each:,
[10] Milton Friedman attributes Chile's twenty years of sustained economic growth to this man, who in 1975 reprivatized state-owned industries as well as the pension system.
Answer: Augusto Pinochet
[10] Officially implemented by right-wing governments in countries like Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and Brazil, this was a campaign to control opposition parties and to deter the spread of left-wing ideas by exchanging targets.
Answer: Operation Condor
[10] This man, commander of the Air Force, was the only member of the original junta who opposed Pinochet's consolidation of power. He was replaced by General Matthei.
Answer: General Gustavo Leigh
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Name these related philosophers, for 10 points each.,
[10] This philosopher was one of the founders of the journal Les temps modernes, and wrote novels such as She Came to Stay and The Mandarins.
Answer: Simone de Beauvoir
[10] This philosopher, novelist, and playwright helped found Les temps modernes and published an autobiography entitled Words, all while snogging Simone de Beauvoir.
Answer: Jean-Paul Sartre
[10] Another founder of Les temps modernes was this man, who connected the ideas of Saussure to phenomenology and wrote Phenomenology of Perception and the unfinished The Visible and the Invisible.
Answer: Maurice Merleau-Ponty
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Name these novels of Thomas Mann, for 10 points each.,
[10] Mann's first novel, it details the decline of a Lubeck family, starting with Old Johann and his second wife, Antoinette, as well as Johann's son from his first marriage, Gotthold.
Answer: Buddenbrooks
[10] In this novel, the main character, Osarseph, becomes Potiphar's steward, but after rejecting the advances of Potiphar's wife, he is thrown in jail. The tetrology concludes with the youngest son being compared to a wolf.
Answer: Joseph and His Brothers
[10] Mann wrote about this character "in Weimar" in a work which builds upon Goethe's Sorrows of Young Werther. She is the woman for whom Werther pines.
Answer: Lotte
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Name these interpretations of quantum mechanics, for 10 points each.,
[10] This is the orthodox interpretation of quantum mechanics, in which observables have no definite values until they are measured.
Answer: Copenhagen interpretation
[10] The squared magnitude of the wave function at a location gives the probability of finding a particle there according to this statistical interpretation of the wave function.
Answer: Born interpretation
[10] Although Bell's inequalities are often thought to prohibit them, hidden variable interpretations of quantum mechanics have been formulated. In this interpretation, the wave function acts as a guiding pilot wave determining the trajectory of a point particle.
Answer: de Broglie-Bohm interpretation or Bohmian mechanics
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Name these high-end shoe designers, for 10 points each.,
[10] He was made an honorary Commander of the British Empire in November, and is Carrie Bradshaw's favorite. An episode of Sex and the City featured a stolen pair of his Sedaraby d'Orsay pumps. ANSWER: Manolo Blahnik [accept either][10] His pieces range from patent leather ankle boots for Roland Mouret's Fall 07 collection to python peep toes shaped like fish, all with his signature red sole. ANSWER: Christian Louboutin [10] The backwards theme of this designer's Spring 2008 Ready-to-Wear show included futuristic cantilevered heels. His popular "mouse" flats come with eyes, ears, and whiskers.ANSWER: Marc Jacobs
Answer: 6. Answer the following about steps towards Canadian independence, for 10 points each: [10] This 1763 treaty, which ended the Seven Years War, transferred control of Canada from France to England. Treaty of Paris [10] This 1774 law was designed as a compromise between the French-Canadians and British settlers: it included provisions for free practice of religion, and expanded Canadian territory into what is now Michigan and Illinois. ANSWER: Quebec Act [10] This 1839 document, commissioned by the British government following the rebellions of two years earlier, recommended unifying all the Canadas and assimilating the French speakers. ANSWER: Durham Report
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Name these Roman poets, for 10 points each.,
[10] This poet's first published work was the Liber spectaculorum, commemorating the opening of the Colosseum, but the majority of his poems are collected in the twelve books of Epigrams.
Answer: Marcus Valerius Martialis
[10] This man wrote a series of love poems addressed to Lesbia, actually an older woman named Clodia. His longest extant poem is The Marriage of Peleus and Thetis.
Answer: Gaius Valerius Catullus
[10] In his first poem, he vows to attack only the dead, while in a later work he discusses why it is impossible for an honest man to live in Rome. His only surviving works are sixteen satires.
Answer: Decimus Junius Juvenalis
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He died in 1957 and had not written a piece of music since his tone poem Tapiola in 1926. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this composer of seven symphonies and Valse Triste.
Answer: Jean Sibelius or Johann Julius Christian Sibelius
[10] This tone poem, Sibelius' most famous composition, depicts the struggle for independence of Sibelius' native people, and the last portion, a hymn, is second only to Maamme in national importance.
Answer: Finlandia
[10] Divided into an Intermezzo, a Ballade, and Alla Marcia, this early Sibelius suite is meant to evoke the folk music of its namesake northern region.
Answer: Karelia suite
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Until the seventeenth century, the English bathed even less than the French! For 10 points each, answer these questions about balneography, an important field for quizbowl players.,
[10] Guy Fawkes and other conspirators in this plot against James I were probably enjoying the baths during their many meetings in Bath in 1605.
Answer: Gunpowder Plot [accept the Powder Treason]
[10] This wife of Charles II tried to cure her infertility and unfortunate penchant for miscarriage by bathing, but it didn't work, so Charles just lied to her when she was sick and convinced her that she had given him three children.
Answer: Catherine Henrietta of Braganza
[10] This doctor sought to capitalize on the seventeenth-century bathing craze with his A Discourse of Waters, their Qualities and Effects.
Answer: Tobias Whitaker
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Name these useful things from biochemistry for 10 points each.,
[10] This equation gives the initial velocity of an enzyme as a function of substrate concentration. Its graph asymptotically approaches v(max) at high substrate concentrations
Answer: Michaelis-Menten equation
[10] This double-reciprocal plot is derived from taking the inverse of both sides of the Michaelis-Menten equation, which yields a linear relationship between 1 over velocity and 1 over the substrate concentration
Answer: Lineweaver-Burke plot
[10] Enzymatic reactions with multiple substrates can be modeled using these diagrams, which show the order that the reactants and products bind to and dissociate from the enzyme.
Answer: Cleland diagram
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This member of the Young British Artists curated the "Freeze" exhibition of that group's work. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this artist of a diamond-covered platinum skull entitled For the Love of God who uses preserved animals in his work.
Answer: Damien Hirst
[10] Hirst's most infamous work is this "shark in a box" - the original specimen has been replaced and the sculpture is now on exhibit at the Met.
Answer: The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living
[10] A much less freaky depiction of a shark is Watson and the Shark by this painter of The Red Cross Knight.
Answer: John Singleton Copley
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For 10 points each, answer these questions about a landform of Argentina.,
[10] This Andes mountain, which is located in Mendoza, is the highest mountain in Americas, as well as the highest peak in both the Western and the Southern Hemispheres.
Answer: Cerro Aconcagua
[10] Aconcagua was formed by the orogeny of this plate with the South American plate. To the west of this plate lies the Pacific plate, and the Antarctic plate lies to the south of this plate. It shares its name with some lines in Peru.
Answer: Nazca plate
[10] This glacier field of Aconcagua was named for Konstanty Narkiewicz-Jodko's 1934 expedition to Aconcagua's peak. ANSWER: Polish Glacier [accept Glaciar de lose Polacos]
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Give these terms from fluvial geology for 10 points each.,
[10] This structure is formed when a river empties into a dry basin and deposits its sediment load.
Answer: alluvial fan
[10] Usually part of a river's suspension load, this class of sediments feels smooth to the touch but gritty on the teeth.
Answer: silt
[10] Bed-load particles are moved by traction or this process, where they are bounced along the riverbed.
Answer: saltation
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Name these creations and progeny of Hephaestos, for 10 points each.,
[10] Created with all sorts of beautiful materials by Hephaestos, such as ruby lips, she was also endowed with some not-so-great components by the other gods, including Hermes's gift of bitchery and a curiosity about opening things.
Answer: Pandora
[10] It is possible that he originally had the shape of a bull and was gifted to Minos or Europa, but his most famous form is that of a giant of bronze with a single vein that was his only weakness.
Answer: Talos
[10] A giant of a man and lame in one leg like his father Hephaestos, this club-bearing bandit was Odysseus's half-brother, though he was eventually slain by Theseus.
Answer: Periphetes [accept Corynetes]
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For 10 points each, name these Indian authors.,
[10] This author's only novel is about a pair of fraternal twins who are separated when they are 7, and finally reunite when they are 31, The God of Small Things.
Answer: Arundhati Roy
[10] This author of the verse novel The Golden Gate also wrote An Equal Music and A Suitable Boy.
Answer: Vikram Seth
[10] This author started out as a publisher to such authors like Arundhati Roy and Vikram Seth, but, more recently, has written two books: The House of Blue Mangoes and The Solitude of Emperors.
Answer: David Davidar
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Name these terms from artificial intelligence for 10 points each.,
[10] This procedure for machine learning is performed by using a distance metric to classify new data based on the identity of the closest element, or sometimes several closest elements, in the training data.
Answer: k-nearest neighbor
[10] This type of optimal search combines a Djikstra-like approach with an admissible underestimated heuristic distance to the goal, extending the shortest path including the heuristic at each iteration.
Answer: A* search
[10] Based on the math of Vladimir Vapnik, this supervised learning method manipulates input vectors using various kernels in an attempt to maximize the geometric margin between the positive and negative samples. It is named for the vectors that are equidistant from the boundary classifier.
Answer: Support Vector Machine
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[10] This pope, in addition to calling the Council of Trent, was the first to recognize the Jesuit order, and issued a papal bull condemning the enslavement of Native Americans. ANSWER: Pope Paul III
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Name these Faulkner short stories, for 10 points each.,
[10] In this work, a terrible stench surrounds the title character's house shortly after Homer Barron's disappearance.
Answer: "A Rose for Emily"
[10] Nancy is afraid to go home because she fears that her husband Jesus is hiding in a ditch, but the narrator and his family are unaffected by her plight.
Answer: "That Evening Sun"
[10] Mollie Beauchamp asks for Gavin Stevens's help in locating Samuel, who is found on the verge of execution in Illinois, in this final and titular section of an episodic novel that also includes "Pantaloon in Black" and "The Bear."
Answer: "Go Down, Moses"
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Some 1930s political candidates attracted large, but ultimately temporary, followings. For 10 points each:,
[10] This senator's "Share the Wealth" program promised everyone a guaranteed yearly income of $2500.
Answer: Huey Long
[10] This man gained the support of the elderly with his National Recovery Plan that promised $200 a month in "revolving pensions" for the aged, to be financed by a national transactions tax.
Answer: Dr. Francis Townsend
[10] This "radio priest" had, at the peak of his popularity, millions of listeners who subscribed to his fascist preachings.
Answer: Father Charles Coughlin
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It centers around two physicists, once collaborators on quantum theory, and a conversation between them during World War II. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this play, in which Niels Bohr, Werner Heisenberg, and Bohr's wife reminisce about Heisenberg's visit to the titular location.
Answer: Copenhagen
[10] This playwright of Copenhagen also has written other plays, including Alphabetical Order, and novels, the most recent of which is Spies.
Answer: Michael Frayn
[10] Another good modern play set in Denmark is this dude's Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead.
Answer: Tom Stoppard [or Tomas Straussler]
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Answer these questions about sacred texts for 10 points each.,
[10] This "book of the way and its power" is attributed to Lao Tzu and is important for Daoists.
Answer: Dao de Ching
[10] This primary religious text of Bahai, written in two parts, sets forth the idea that each monotheistic religion is the member of a series of progressive revelations.
Answer: Book of Certitude [accept Kitab-i-Iqan]
[10] Written by Greg Hill and Kerry Thornley in 1965, it was originally published in a limited edition of five. It is the main text of the Discordian "religion."
Answer: Principia Discordia or How the West Was Lost

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