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2007 Penn Bowl Tossups by Irvine Tiebreaker Half Game 1
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In part two of this work, the author describes a "sphinx of cement and aluminum" and ends the section with descriptions of visions, dreams, and breakthroughs. Another part of this work addresses a group of people who "studied Plotinus, Poe" and "St. John of the Cross." The poet tells the work's dedicatee, "While you are not safe I am not safe," later repeating "I'm with you in Rockland." A figure to whom idolatrous Israelites sacrificed children in Canaan, Moloch, is scorned repeatedly in part two, while part one describes a group of angelheaded hipsters. The poet "saw the best minds" of his generation "destroyed by madness," in, for 10 points, what poem by Allen Ginsberg?
Answer: Howl
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The Class I type often undergoes posttranslational modification of its N-glycan region en route to the cell surface; it is similar to the Class II type in that both are dimers of homologous proteins, but the former interacts with cytotoxic T cells by displaying signal peptides bound in the ER, while the latter binds its peptides outside the cell, works with helper T cells concerned with extracellular pathogens. It is one of the most diverse genetic loci in humans, averaging hundreds of alleles, and is conjectured to play a rule on mate selection through the use of odor to encourage heterogeneity. For 10 points, name this protein, part of the immune system's signaling network.
Answer: MHC or major histocompatibility complex
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In one of his novels the protagonist falls in love with "the mouse," who, along with "the freak," is a mistress of Henry Breasley. The title character of another novel reconnects with Jane Mallory after visiting her husband Anthony on his deathbed. Another of his characters kidnaps Miranda Grey, thinking she'll love him for his lottery winnings, while Nicholas Urfe is drawn into a "godgame" by the illusionist Maurice Conchis in The Magus. Better-known, however, is a novel in which Ernestina sues Charles Smithson after he breaks off their engagement to pursue Sarah Woodruff. For 10 points, name this author, best-known for The French Lieutenant's Woman.
Answer: John Fowles
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This body of water is home to a namesake species of giant catfish. Ernest Doudard de Lagree and Francis Garnier were the first to attempt to explore this river, early inhabitants of which include the Chenla and the Cham. Its lower portion runs past the Annamese Cordillera and was explored by Gerrit van Wuysthoff. In some areas it is alternately called Lancang,'It spawns the Bassac river as it nears its delta past its intersection with the Sab river, which leads to the Tonle Sap. Its source lies in the Yunnan highlands of Tibet, from which it flows through Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. For 10 points, name this 13th longest river in the world.
Answer: Mekong river
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A tree can be seen In the background of this work through a window bisected by a stone column. Beneath the window lies a series of chests, one of which is being searched through by a child in white. The child's caretaker, carrying a large gold and blue garment, looks after the child while on the right a small brown and white dog sleeps peacefully on a couch. Tapestries line the walls near the chests and green and beige tiles line the floor, and a green curtain obscures the back left portion of the room. On a red couch in front of the curtain rests the title character, who holds pink flowers in her hand as she stares at the viewer. For 10 points, name this painting by Titian.
Answer: "Venus Of Urbino"
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The seventh one lost power to Romanus Lecapenus and wrote a biography of his grandfather. The fifth one's tomb was an object of veneration during sieges; that one was in power during the end of iconoclasm under the regency of his mother Irene, and was the final Isaurian ruler. The eighth succeeded Basil the Bulgar Slayer, and the ninth was in power during the start of the Great Schism. The eleventh succeeded John VIII Palaeologus and was killed by the forces of Mehmed II in 1453. For 10 points, what name is shared by the last Byzantine emperor and the Roman who renamed Byzantium after himself?
Answer: Constantine
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He hypothesized the existence of a geographic grouping defined by the contrast between plain and palatalized consonants and the lack of tonal significance, with the Uralic languages at the center. Claude Lévi-Strauss took the "distinctive feature method" from his work, and this man also transmitted the ideas of Russian formalism to the Western New Criticism. After forming a circle of like-minded linguists with Vilém Mathesius and Nicholas Trubetskoy, he propounded his ideas in Preliminaries to Speech Analysis and Fundamentals of Language. For 10 points, name this leading member of the Prague School.
Answer: Roman Osipovich Jakobson
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For non-Lambertian surfaces, the value of this quantity depends on the incident angle of radiation. In remote sensing applications, the use of it has been augmented by a bi-directional distribution function. Changes in this quantity in the photosynthetically active radiation region can be used to characterize seasonality, especially given that clouds, water, soil, and vegetation often have dramatically different values of it. Fresh snow has an average value of about 0.9 while blacktop has a value of about 0.05. For 10 points, name this parameter whose name is derived from the Latin word for white; a parameter that measures the reflectivity of a surface.
Answer: Albedo
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In one of this man's stories, a thug attempts to avoid implicating his friend Benkowski while being interrogated by Captain Kozak. The protagonist of that story, Bruno Bicek, is ridden by guilt over the gang rape of his girlfriend Steffi in another story, "Never Come Morning." Roman Orlov's descent into alcoholism is recounted in "How the Devil Came Down to Division Street," and Achilles Schmidt's loss of Hallie Breedlove leads him to beat and blind Dove Linkhorn in A Walk on the Wild Side. Better known, however, is a novel about the guilt and crimes of the morphine-addicted card dealer Frankie Machine. For 10 points, name this author of The Man with the Golden Arm.
Answer: Nelson Algren
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This policy led Demetrio Tsafendas to assasinate its originator, who campaigned for it in the Strijdom cabinet. Denounced by British prime minister Harold MacMillan in the "Winds of Change" speech, its foundations were in the Group Areas Act and the Pass Laws, and many of its opponents were imprisoned at Robben Island. Hendrik Voerword was the architect of this program, whose opponents were violently suppressed in the Sharpeville Massacre and the Soweto incident. For 10 points, F.W. de Klerk. ended what policy, named for a word meaning "apartness" and mandating racial segregation in South Africa?
Answer: apartheid
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TB. This group is doctrinally distinguished by their use of the riman ceremony instead of the barashnom to purify that which has touched the dead, and by their celebration of Noruz with the ceremonial handshake known as the hamazor. The Rivayat is a collection of letters on theological topics between the Gabars and this group, which keeps its central fire at Navsari. This Gujarati-speaking group, whose community is centered on Bombay, prospered as merchants following the arrival of the British after leaving Iran due to persecution under Islamic rule. For 10 points, name this group of Zoroastrians which lives in India.
Answer: Parsees
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Extra. The title of this opera comes from the subtitle of Wieland's Lulu. In the finale of scene one, one character's mouth being locked shut results in the quintet "hm hm hm hm," while act two begins with the trio "Du feines Täubchen, nur herein," in which slaves relate one character's escape from the lusty moor Monostatos. Another character is revealed to be 18 rather than 80 after serving water to her birdcatching lover Papageno. The opera centers around the potential curse to be put on Pamina and Tamino, whose blood along with Sarastro's is required to empower the Queen of the Night. For 10 points, name this opera about an enchanted instrument by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
Answer: The Magic Flute or Der Zauberflöte
2007 Penn Bowl Bonuses by Irvine Tiebreaker Half Game 1
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In such works as "Alternative Possibilities and Moral Responsibility" he came up with his namesake "counterexamples." For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this Princeton philosopher whose "FSC" examples show that moral responsibility for a choice may not always exist, if the same outcome would inevitably result regardless of the choice that is made.
Answer: Harry Gordon Frankfurt
[10] Frankfurt's first major publication was Demons, Dreamers, and Madmen, which analyzed the concept of reason in the 1641 essay Meditations On First Philosophy, by this author of Discourse on Method.
Answer: René Descartes
[10] A 2005 book by Frankfurt distinguishes this titular concept from "humbug" and "lying." Frankfurt defines this as of giving an impression of oneself to an audience without concern for the truth, and says that it is worse than lying because, unlike this, lying implicitly recognizes the need for a true/false distinction.
Answer: On Bullshit
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Name these battles in the War of 1812 for 10 points each.,
[10] This battle, in which Jackson defeated Packenham, occurred two weeks after the Treaty of Ghent ended the war.
Answer: Battle of New Orleans
[10] The Americans under Brown and Gaines tussled with the British troops of Riall and Drummond in thie July 1814 clash, which occurred one mile from Niagara Falls and ended with all the generals wounded, both sides suffering their highest fatality counts of the war, and the Americans falling back to Fort Erie.
Answer: Battle of Lundy's Lane
[10] This January 1813 battle saw James Winchester surrender to Henry Proctor, leading to the capture of 500 Americans. When the American POWs were abandoned by British guards and massacred by local Indians, this location became an American rallying cry for the northwestern portion of the war.
Answer: Battle of the Raisin River [or Battle of the River Raisin]
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Answer the following questions on rocks for 10 points each.,
[10] This gray, black class of igneous rock is one of the most common types of rocks in the world. It can be found in large quantities on the Hawaiian Islands and Iceland.
Answer: basalt
[10] This sedimentary rock is composed of a calcium magnesium carbonate. Its formation is poorly understood despite the large quantities of it, especially in its namesake branch of the Alps in Northern Italy.
Answer: dolomite
[10] This metamorphic rock is quite soft due to its large talc content; specific varieties of it are due to vary compositions of talc and chlorite. Its softness enables easy carving and it is often used by artisans today for inlaid designs.
Answer: soapstone
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For 10 points each, name these U.S. Supreme Court cases that set major legal precedents.,
[10] This 1986 case upheld a Georgia law that criminalized sodomy between consenting adults. It was overturned in 2003's Lawrence v. Texas.
Answer: Bowers v. Hardwick [accept Hardwick v. Bowers]
[10] This 1988 case applied free speech protections to parodies of public figures, overturning a libel suit filed by a religious leader who took offense to a satirical ad in a pornographic magazine.
Answer: Hustler Magazine v. Jerry Falwell [accept Jerry Falwell v. Hustler Magazine]
[10] The expropriation of land owned by foreign subjects by Virginia led to this suit. It was heard by the Supreme Court twice because Virginia refused to obey the original 1813 ruling and firmly established the principle of federal oversight of state courts in all matters involving the Constitution.
Answer: Martin v. Hunter's Lessee [or Hunter's Lessee v. Martin]
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It concerns the life and eventual descent into madness of Antoinette Cosway, for 10 points each:,
[10] Name this novel, in which Antoinette transforms into Bertha Mason upon leaving to live at Thornfield with her new British husband.
Answer: Wide Sargasso Sea
[10] This author of Voyage in the Dark wrote Wide Sargasso Sea.
Answer: Jean Rhys
[10] In this terrible Jean Rhys novel, Sasha Jansen complains about her unhappy life with Enno after being sent to Paris by Sidonie.
Answer: Good Morning, Midnight
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Name these Latin American independence leaders, for 10 points each.,
[10] This Venezuelan-born president of Gran Colombia and Peru became known as "El Libertador" for his work in securing the independence of the Spanish colonies, but proved unable to lead a republican government in peacetime and died in exile.
Answer: Simón Bolívar
[10] This Cuban independence leader, editor of The Free Fatherland, and poet died in the 1895 Battle of Dos Rios.
Answer: José Julián Martí y Pérez
[10] This first president of Panama was covertly supported by the United States as leader of the Separatist Junta that seceded from Colombia.
Answer: Manuel Guerrero
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Answer the following questions about literary monkeys for 10 points each:,
[10] Makak lives on Monkey Mountain in a play by this man, author of the verse novel Tiepolo's Hound and an epic poem about his native Saint Lucia, Omeros.
Answer: Derek Walcott
[10] Yank's emotional transformation into the titular primate dominates The Hairy Ape, a play by this author of Long Day's Journey into Night.
Answer: Eugene Gladstone O'Neill
[10] "The Monkey" is the nickname given to Mary Jane Reed by the protagonist of this Philip Roth novel, which ends with the title character's howl in the presence of Dr. Spielvogel.
Answer: Portnoy's Complaint
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He won the Pulitzer for The Flight into Egypt, for 10 points each:,
[10] Name this composer of Three City Blocks and an overture to Michael Koohlhaas, whose Mirabai Songs were inexplicably the subject of a tossup originally submitted by UC-Irvine.
Answer: John Harbison
[10] Harbison created a jazz musical of sorts based on this F. Scott Fitzgerald novel featuring a Daisy Buchanan, Jordan Baker, and a persistent green light.
Answer: The Great Gatsby
[10] Harbison's opera Full Moon in March is based on a poetry collection by this author of Cathleen ne Houlihan and "Sailing to Byzantium."
Answer: W.B. Yeats
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Answer these questions about Nosferatu, for 10 points each:,
[10] The role of Nosferatu was originated by Max Schreck as Graf Orlok in an eponymous film directed by this man, also responsible for Tabu: A Tale of the South Seas.
Answer: F.W. Murnau
[10] Nosferatu appeared again as the subtitular "Phantom of the Night" in a film by this director of Aguirre, the Wrath of God and Grizzly Man.
Answer: Werner Herzog
[10] Bubba Nosferatu, aka Elvis Presley, will be played by this star of the Evil Dead films alongside Paul Giamatti in a film in which he has to combat a coven of "She-Vampires."
Answer: Bruce Campbell

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