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2008 Penn Bowl Tossups by Finals 2
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He created at-large seats in the legislature, which his opponents dubbed the "forty thieves." He invented a new office called the "interventor," a federally controlled state governor, and often filled that post with "tenentes," the junior officers who supported a move to fascism. He dubbed himself "Father of the Poor" and helped Francisco Campos rewrite the constitution, and he later ordered his supporters, the Queremistas, to vote for his successor, Eurico Gaspar Dutra. His second regime ended with his suicide. For 10 points, name this dictator, and then elected president, who implemented the "Estado Novo" in Brazil.
Answer: Getulio Dorneles Vargas
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Power dissipated within it contributes to flattening of the depth-age curve, and Saffman-Taylor instabilities in the oceanic type explain the formation of seamount chains. Fertile peridotite is used to represent this geological structure when calculating melting behavior and it can be detected because horizontally polarized shear waves travel faster through it than vertically polarized seismic waves. This source of most basaltic magma is made up of partially molten rock and begins at approximately 50 miles below the surface of the earth. For 10 points, name this weak plastic part of the upper mantle on which the lithosphere floats.
Answer: asthenosphere
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She suceeded in getting Augustus Hand to legalize her cause, after she began her second marriage, to a man who had made millions selling Three-in-One Oil, This opponent of Archbishop Patrick Hayes used the alias Bertha Watson to flee to Canada. She adopted the motto "No Gods, No Matters" and coined a now-common phrase alon with Otto Bobsein for a newspaper, The Woman Rebel, which the post office called a violation of the Comstock Act. For 10 points, name this author of Family Limitation, who founded the predecessor to Planned Parenthood after her Brooklyn clinic became America's first birth-control facility.
Answer: Margaret Sanger [or Margaret Louisa Higgins]
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The subject of this poem was also addressed by the same author in a poem beginning "Now that we're almost settled in our house," as well as in "Reprisals" and "Shepherd and Goatherd." In this poem, the narrator blames a "lonely impulse of delight" for his current situation and calls future years a "waste of breath." The speaker asserts "my country is Kiltartan Cross" after resolving "I know that I shall meet my fate/Somewhere among the clouds above." For 10 points, name this William Butler Yeats poem, written after Robert Gregory was shot down in World War I.
Answer: "An Irish Airman Forsees His Death"
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The origin of the Barada River lies within this chain. They end at the Zabadani Saddle, a part of Mount Hermon, and they also include Taa Musa. They are on the west of the Helbun valley, and their north abuts the city of Homs. They are found to the east of the Litani River, and the Biqa Valley separates them from a similarly named group. They are also the source of the Jordan. For 10 points, name these mountains to the west of Syria and the north of Israel, named for their position across from the Lebanon Mountains.
Answer: Anti-Lebanon Mountains [or Al-jabal Ash-sharqi; or Lubnan Ash-sharqi]
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Luc Moullet's "Essai d'ouverture" focuses on a man struggling with one of these. In the animated movie Allegro non troppo, a scene set to Bolero shows all life on Earth originating in one of them. A window shade cord wrapped around one causes the generation of Morse code in On the Beach, and the bottom of one turns out to be the crucial piece of the enlarging machine in Honey, I Blew Up the Kid. An urban legend holds that one of these was used to kill Virginia Rappe by Fatty Arbuckle, and Xixo tries to throw one over the edge of the world when it lands among the Sho of the Kalahari Desert in The Gods Must be Crazy. For 10 points, name this ubiquitous beverage container.
Answer: Coke bottle [or Coca-Cola bottle or similar answers; prompt on bottle]
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While taking his post as governor of Fort St. David, he made a side trip to raid Gheriah, a pirate base. He replaced Henry Vansittart in his most prestigious role, and he managed to defeat a Dutch army at Chinsura without provoking war with the Netherlands. The definitive biography of this man is H.H. Dodwell's, which contrasts him to his French counterpart, Joseph Dupleix. His largest scheme saw him install Mir Jafar as the new nawab, deposing Siraj-ud-Dawlah. For 10 points, name this two-time governor under the East India Company who won the Battle of Plassey to secure British control of Bengal in 1756.
Answer: Robert Clive
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In the Wurtz reaction, this element is used as a nucleophile to prepare alkanes from alkyl halides. The liquid form of it is used as the coolant and heat-transfer medium in the LMFBR reactor, and the production of TEL involves an alloy of lead and it. Albite is a plagioclase feldspar with a high content of this element, which is also found in the mineral halite. The Castner process was once used to manufacture this metal, but now it is obtained at the cathode in a Downs cell. Noted for its bright yellow flame, this element has one electron in the 3s subshell. For 10 points, name this element found in table salt along with chlorine.
Answer: sodium
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One of them mated with Pallas to produce Bia, the spirit of violence. One of them was the first being to ally with Zeus against the Titans, and another fathered a child who was turned into an owl after serving as the only witness to Persephone's illicit pomegranete consumption. Another can partially be found under a mountain in Cimmeria, where Hypnos lives. They represent woe, fire, lamentation, forgetfulness, and hate, and one of them was used to swear unbreakable oaths and gave Achilles immortality. For 10 points, Phlegethon, Cocytus, Lethe, Acheron, and Styx are what five waterways of Greek myth?
Answer: rivers of the underworld [or rivers of Hades or obvious equivalents]
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Together with Campbell, he is the namesake of a sunshine recorder. This author of Dynamical Theory of Diffraction is the namesake of I, Q, U, and V parameters that specify the polarization of electromagnetic radiation. His namesake shift states fluorescing light has longer wavelengths than the excitation light while his namesake equation relates the frictional coefficient to velocity and viscosity. This namesake of two components of Raman scattering has a theorem generalizing Green's theorem to three dimensions. For 10 points, name this namesake of some equations modeling fluid motion along with Navier.
Answer: George Gabriel Stokes
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Some of the lyrics to this song translate as "one hand reaches, reaches for the bank, where the spring sleeps, and the birds, the birds sing." It is preceeded in the score by such pieces as "Blanche Dourga," and is followed by "Miss Rose, Miss Ellen." The servant Mallika participates in this piece, which occurs near the beginning of the opera on the banks of a river, as Mallika and the opera's title character gather the namesake objects. For 10 points, name this Leo Delibes-composed song from the opera Lakme, in which two sopranos sing about some attractive plants.
Answer: the Flower Duet [accept "Viens, Mallika" before "Mallika" is read]
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In one of this Japanese author's novels, a barber describes a woman who demanded that a monk fornicate with her under the state of Buddha, while in another, a junior high math teacher disdains Hubbard Squash and assaults Red Shirt. In addition to the memoir Within My Glass Doors and the novels Botchan and The Three-Cornered World, this author wrote a novel in which an eccentric uncle carries a medieval weapon for use as a fan, and the title character reads the diary of a character whose name means "lazy teacher." For 10 points, the Kushami household adopts the titular Persian stray in what author's I Am a Cat?
Answer: Soseki Natsume
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Its seventh book compares reason's ability to cut through all ideas to fire moving upwards or a cylinder rolling down a hill. Its second book says to plan on meeting arrogant and deceitful men every day, but to treat such people as merely ignorant. This book claims that death should not be feared since the world is cyclical, and it advises against withdrawing from society, saying to seek harmony with both men and the universe. Its jagged style is explained by the fact that it was written amidst several military campaigns and political intrigues, by the sitting emperor of Rome. For 10 points, name this Stoic text by Marcus Aurelius.
Answer: Meditations [or To Himself or Ton eis heauton]
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One character symbolically announces that mutton has made him sick, but is actually disturbed by seeing the sheep's horns, a symbol of double-dealing. At its start, Chispa sings and disagrees with the gambler Rebolledo's prediction of a bribe from the title figure, who later claims not to know how Captain Ataide was strangled. At the start of this play, Isabel hides in the attic, and Pedro Crespo is not disturbed by the requirement to board troops in his house. It ends with the title character being confirmed in his job for life by Phillip II. For 10 points, name this play by Pedro Calderon de la Barca about a rural magistrate.
Answer: The Mayor of Zalamea [or El Alcalde de Zalamea]
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One of his paintings shows two red cows, a blue deer, and two green horses. In addition to The Fate of the Animals, this man painted the geometric scene as Stables. Late in life, he painted semi-abstract works such as Tyrol. His admiration for Van Gogh can be seen in his Cats on a Red Cloth, but he may be better known for an association with someone he met in the New Artists Association. For 10 points, name this man who organized the first exhibition of The Blue Rider, including the works of his colleague Wassily Kandinsky.
Answer: Franz Marc
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In Zoroastrianism, the most powerful method of this involves touching the left ear of a dog and takes at least three days to complete, though more often the padyab or nahn are used. The snana done at the end of a Hindu pilgrimage is one form, and in Christianity, the remnants of doing it may be put into a "piscina." In Islam, doing this removes the status of "junub" and is called "ghusl;" in extreme conditions, it can be done with sand. The temizuya is used for this before approaching a Shinto shrine, while in Judaism, converts and new mothers use the mikvah for this process. For 10 points, name this practice of religious cleansing
Answer: ritual washing or purification or ablution or ritual bathing or any similar answers
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The location analyzed in the opening of this work was actually a place of sanctuary for fugitive slaves, not the kind of building the author claims. It claims that primitive people do not understand the difference between humans and the earth, and draws a connection between fire and the sun to explain why animal sacrifices usually took place in the summer, This book posits both "homeopathic" and "contagious" forms of a certain phenomenon, and it opens by examining a priest of Nemi, who is awaiting a murderer in Aricia at the grove of Diana. For 10 points, identify this "study in magic and religion," named for an item used in Book VI of the Aeneid, and written by James Frazer.
Answer: The Golden Bough
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A 1444 "Truce" named for this city arranged a marriage between Henry VI of England and Margaret, the niece of the French queen. A synod which took place here in 1054 was part of Cardinal Hildebrand's attempt to end the transubstantiation controversy involving Berengar of this place. The Ten Books of Histories about the Merovingians were written by Gregory of this place, and one of its bishops, the father of French monasticism, is known as Saint Martin of this place. Another event here saw the defeat of Abd ar Rahman in 732. For 10 points, name this site of Charles Martel's "hammering" of Moorish invaders.
Answer: Tours [or Poitiers]
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The amphiblastula forms after inversion of the stomoblastula in members of this phylum. A member of it is affected by red band syndrome and another is known as Venus's-flower-basket. Members of this only phylum in subkingdom Parazoa survive cold and dry conditions by forming gemmules. The osculum is found in members of it, which is divided into asconoid, syconoid, and leuconoid types. Organized at the cellular level, they have a mesohyl with skeletal elements called spicules. For 10 points, identify this "pore bearing" phylum, members of which have choanocytes and are also known as sponges.
Answer: Porifera [accept sponges before mentioned]
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This book ends with one character arranging his own kidnapping in Argentina and a letter in which the protagonist's former mistress announces her marriage to the mortician Flonzany. The main character and his Princeton colleague swapped blank checks with each other as a sign of trust, but the other man, who was based on Delmore Schwarz, used his to buy an Oldsmobile. The main character meets the mobster Rinaldo Cantabile and divorces Denise as he writes about Rudolph Steiner. For 10 points, name this Saul Bellow novel about Charlie Citrine, who receives the title manuscript in a will.
Answer: Humboldt's Gift
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One composer from this country wrote a "Solemn March in Honor of the Immortal National Bard," and another wrote the opera The Supposed Miracle. Another of its composers adapted Paradise Lost in 1978 but may be better known for the Anaklasis. That man wrote a piece, scored for fifty-two strings, which uses whistling harmonics and quarter-tone clusters to recall a 1945 event, the Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima. Another composer from this country wrote the Symphony of Sorrowful Songs, while another one wrote a big mess of nocturnes, preludes, and etudes for the piano. For 10 points, name this home country of Frederic Chopin and Krystof Penderecki.
Answer: Poland
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Doctor George Wakeman received a rigged trial over his participation in this matter, which led to public disfavor for judge William Scroggs. Some participants were sent to incompetent executioner Jack Ketch, and this affair ended on the dissolution of the Cavalier Parliament. The murder of Edmund Godfrey was taken as evidence that this had begun, and one of the people involved in spreading word about it was the fanatical Israel Tonge, who supposedly wanted to install the Duke of York as king. For 10 points, Titus Oates was the chief fabricator of what spurious attempt to re-Catholicize England?
Answer: Popish Plot
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He frowned on the Count D'Orsay's lack of commitment and praised the authenticity of Beau Brummell in the essay "Dandies and Dandies." In addition to such nonfiction volumes as Yet Again and Mainly on the Air, this author wrote a story about Eva's relationship to a doll, which perturbs Keith Tantalus. In another of his stories, an author is put into Hell after expressing a desire to see a future card catalog, only to find that the story itself is his only legacy. He also described the courtship of Noaks and Katie Batch, and the suicide of the Duke of Dorset. For 10 points, name this author of "Enoch Soames" and Zuleika Dobson.
Answer: Max Beerbohm
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The BaBar experiment found one of these objects with positive baryon number in Ds 2317, and the GIM mechanism refers to the necessity of these particles to suppress certain flavor changing neutral currents. A positive-sign subscript denotes the presence of one of these in a lambda baryon, and this particle is also found in a D+ meson. Proposed by Glashow shortly before the discovery of the tau lepton, it was discovered in the J/psi meson along with its antiquark. For 10 points, name this second generation quark with a positive two-thirds charge and a mass of 1500 MeV, the partner of the strange quark.
Answer: charm quark
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Tangier's disease leads to irregular export of this molecule from macrophages due to defective ABCA1 protein transporters. Overexpression of Rab9 can lead to restoration of its transport in NPC1-deficient cells and the StAR protein controls its transfer within the mitochondria. Mevalonate and squalene are precursors to this molecule that is prevalent in mammalian plasma membranes. Levels of it can be reduced with HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors, which are commonly called statins, an example of which is the drug Lipitor. For 10 points, name this steroid that attaches to lipoproteins such as HDL and LDL.
Answer: cholesterol [if someone gives you the IUPAC name punch them in the face]
2008 Penn Bowl Bonuses by Finals 2
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Clarina Nichols lobbied to ensure a guarantee for property rights and limited voting for women in this document. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this 1859 constitution, under which Kansas joined the U.S. as a free state.
Answer: Wyandotte Constitution
[10] The Wyandotte Constitution replaced this document, submitted to Congress in 1857, which was to create a slave state in Kansas.
Answer: Lecompton Constitution
[10] This 1858 document, engineered by John Ritchie, was to grant immediate voting rights to black Kansas. It passed a referendum, but the US Congress found it too radical and refused to approve it.
Answer: Leavenworth Constitution
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Dugald Stewart and Adam Ferguson were some of the exponents of this philosophical movement. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this Scottish philosophical theory which praised the perceptions of the ordinary man and was adopted as the official philosophy of France between 1816 and 1870.
Answer: common sense school
[10] The leading philosopher of the common sense school was this critic of Hume, who refuted idealism by proposing that sensations "suggest" the material world in his Essays on the Intellectual Powers of Man.
Answer: Thomas Reid
[10] Reid extended his ideas from metaphysics to ethics in this 1788 book, which divided the title motivations into the will, the mechanical principles, the animal principles, and the rational principles.
Answer: Essays on the Active Powers of Man
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He rediscovered the works of Correggio and painted the 1585 Baptism of Christ in that painter's style. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this man who collaborated with his brother Agostino on the scenes from Ovid which decorate the Galleria of the Palazzo Farnese.
Answer: Annibale Carracci
[10] One of Annibale Carraci's followers was this Frenchman, the namesake of a "glass" used to help paint landscapes, who created many ideal landscapes and the drawings of the Liber Veritatis.
Answer: Claude Lorrain [accept either or both names; or Claude Gellee]
[10] This other admirer of Carraci also painted a Descent from the Cross, though his is probably more well known. This teacher of Van Dyck also painted Hippopotamus Hunt and a bunch of amply-proportioned women.
Answer: Peter Paul Rubens
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A solution to it was given by Chandy and Misra that establishes a notion of precedence by assigning a direction to each edge of the graph. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this concurrency problem that can result in starvation or deadlock if the participants do not have access to forks in order to eat some spaghetti.
Answer: dining philosophers problem
[10] The concept behind the dining philosophers problem was devised by this creator of semaphores and author of "Go To Statement Considered Harmful."
Answer: Edsger Dijkstra
[10] Semaphores can only be accessed by these two operations that are named for the first letter of the Dutch words meaning "test" and "increment."
Answer: P and V
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In 2006, she published her second novel, Alentejo Blue. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this author who wrote about a Bangladeshi neighborhood in London in her lauded debut Brick Lane.
Answer: Monica Ali
[10] For inscrutable reasons, this author of Slip-Shod Sibyls and The Female Eunuch really hates Monica Ali, and is leading a protest against the film version of Brick Lane.
Answer: Germaine Greer
[10] This other South Asian author has expressed support for Ali, calling Greer "philistine, sanctimonious, and disgraceful" and recalling a similarly bizarre incident when Greer condemned his own Satanic Verses.
Answer: Salman Rushdie
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It follows sometime author Scripps O'Neil, who works in a factory in Petoskey and marries Diana. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this Ernest Hemingway novel, which takes place largely at Brown's Beanery.
Answer: The Torrents of Spring
[10] The Torrents of Spring was a parody of this novel about Aline Grey's affair with Bruce Dudley.
Answer: Dark Laughter
[10] This author of The Man Who Became a Woman and Winesburg, Ohio wrote Dark Laughter.
Answer: Sherwood Anderson [prompt on Anderson]
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Name these cities in the state of Georgia, for 10 points each.,
[10] Found on the Savannah River, this seat of Richmond County is powered by the alarmingly named Strom Thurmond Dam and hosts a big golf tournament at its namesake National Golf Club.
Answer: Augusta
[10] This city in Bibb County is on the fall line of the Ocmulgee River and is the home to Mercer University.
Answer: Macon
[10] Ten miles south of Macn, it is named for a member of the Army Air Corps and is home to a namesake Air Force base and the Air Force Reserve Command.
Answer: Warner Robins
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Name these comedies of seventeenth-century England, for 10 points each.,
[10] Dorimant and Harriet finally get a blessing for their marriage in this George Etherege play that also features Ryan Westbrook's role model, Sir Fopling Flutter.
Answer: The Man of Mode
[10] Cherry and Archer fall in love in the subplot of this play, which is more about Charles Aimwell's quest to bed Dorinda. It was written by George Farquhar.
Answer: The Beaux Stratagem [or The Beaux's Stratagem]
[10] Giles Overreach schemes to defraud Lady Allworth until Frank Wellborn discovers the titular financial innovation in this play by Philip Massinger.
Answer: A New Way to Pay Old Debts
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Name these jazz saxophonists, for 10 points each.,
[10] This composer of "Oleo" and "Doxy" played with Max Roach and Clifford Brown in the mid-50s.
Answer: Theodore Walter "Newk" "Sonny" Rollins
[10] This brother of cornet player Nat headlined on Somethin' Else and led a quintet which recorded "Jive Samba" and "Mercy, Mercy, Mercy."
Answer: Julian Edwin "Cannonball" Adderley
[10] He debuted as a soloist on Dizzy Gillespie's "We Love to Boogie" and later recorded such important tracks as "Giant Steps," "My Favorite Things," and "A Love Supreme."
Answer: John William Coltrane
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Name these people who wrote music about trains, for 10 points each.,
[10] "Arrival Platform Humlet" and "Train Music" are just some of the many train-inspired works by this extremely weird creator of Country Gardens and Molly on the Shore.
Answer: George Percy Aldridge Grainger
[10] This member of Le Six and composer of Rugby imitated a locomotive in Pacific 231.
Answer: Arthur Honegger
[10] This French disciple of Cesar Franck composed the Wallenstein Overture and the Dream of Cinyras, and he incorporated train sounds into the third movement of his "Poeme des rivages."
Answer: Paul Marie Theodore Vincent d'Indy
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It featured the extinction of some primitive vascular plants and the rise of insects. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this period that lasted from 408 to 362 million years ago and is known as the Age of Fishes.
Answer: Devonian
[10] The Devonian followed this period that featured the first fossil plants and jawed fishes. Its dominant predator was the nine-foot-long sea scorpion.
Answer: Silurian
[10] The Devonian and Silurian were a part of this geological era that featured the rise and fall of trilobites and was followed by the Mesozoic.
Answer: Paleozoic
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Robert E. Lee was sent on a flanking movement from Plan del Rio during this battle. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this April 1847 clash, where Winfield Scott faced his first organized opposition in Mexico.
Answer: Battle of Cerro Gordo
[10] The opposing commander at Cerro Gordo was this one-legged dictator of Mexico.
Answer: Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna
[10] Scott's plan after Cerro Gordo was to take this city, but it surrendered without a fight. However, the move to Contreras after camping here was harmed by several hundred cases of waterborne illness.
Answer: Puebla
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This animal would be a bad tournament editor, because he couldn't stay up all night even to be first in line for a new name from the Great Spirit. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this trickster figure who competes with the raven in many Native American myth systems, and in the Crow mythology, lends his name to a being that creates humanity from mud.
Answer: coyote
[10] The Wasco believed that the coyote used an eagle's feather to turn this fearsome creature into a bridge.
Answer: thunderbird
[10] The Kalapuya believe that the coyote destroyed a dam used by this group to monopolize all the world's water, thus making water free for everyone.
Answer: the Frog People
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This creator of the "molar behaviorism" theory was the brother of a physicist who determined the mass of the electron. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this psychologist, who wrote his theories in the book Purposive Behavior in Animals and Men.
Answer: Edward Chace Tolman
[10] Tolman was inspired to become a psychologist by reading Principles of Psychology, a book by this guy who also wrote Pragmatism.
Answer: William James [prompt on James]
[10] Tolman also really liked the writings of this colleague of Wolfgang Kohler and Max Wertheimer, whose works include The Growth of the Mind and Principles of Gestalt Psychology.
Answer: Kurt "Dr. Combover" Koffka
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This Scottish-born Troy State alum was acquired in a trade from the Chiefs in May 2007. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this New York Giants kicker who missed two fourth-quarter field goals against the Packers in the 2008 NFC Championship Game, but made the game-winning kick in overtime.
Answer: Lawrence Tynes
[10] By making his final kick, Tynes avoided falling into the zone occupied by Scott Norwood, who lost the first of four straight Super Bowls for this team in 1991 by missing a 47-yard field goal.
Answer: Buffalo Bills [accept either or both]
[10] Scott Norwood's true successors were the multiple Florida State kickers who went wide right against Miami, including this one, whose October 1992 miss from 39 yards caused the Seminoles' only loss that year.
Answer: Dan Mowrey
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LAH can reduce azides or nitriles into these compounds. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name these compounds that have nitrogen single-bonded to hydrogens and/or carbon groups.
Answer: amines [do NOT accept amides or aminos]
[10] The Ing-Manske procedure in this reaction involves hydrazinolysis of N-substituted phthalimide to form primary amines.
Answer: Gabriel synthesis
[10] The degree of an amine is distinguished in this test that involves the reaction of an amine with benzene sulfonyl chloride. The product, if any, is then dissolved in sodium hydroxide.
Answer: Hinsberg test
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With a name meaning "song offerings," it includes such poems as "Distant Time" and "Colored Toys." For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this collection, which first appeared in English bearing an introduction by Yeats.
Answer: Gitanjali
[10] This author of The Golden Boat and The Parrots Training wrote Gitanjali as well as the Indian and Bangladeshi national anthems.
Answer: Rabindranath Tagore
[10] Despite the fact that the king has imprisoned himself behind a literal iron curtain, all of society must labor in the gold mines until Nandini leads a revolution, in this Tagore play.
Answer: The Red Oleander [or Raktakarabi]
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It was organized in 1975 as a moderate, tribally based counterpart to the NAC. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this political party in South Africa, whose largest base is among Zulus.
Answer: Inkatha Freedom Party
[10] This descendant of Cetshwayo and chief minister of KwaZulu founded the IFP in 1975.
Answer: Mangosuthu Gatsha Buthelezi
[10] In 1991, this South African president admitted that the apartheid regime had financed the IFP in an attempt to weaken the ANC. This man worked with Nelson Mandela to end apartheid.
Answer: Frederik Willem de Klerk
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Name these religious languages, for 10 points each.,
[10] The Lahnda and Gurmukhi alphabets are used to write this language in all of the biographical Janam sakhi and much of the Granth Sahib, which makes sense since Sikhism originated in its namesake place.
Answer: Punjabi
[10] Ironically, this language was promoted by the Buddha because Sanskrit was inaccessible to the common people, but now its only use is in Theravada scriptures such as the Tipitaka, and it is not spoken.
Answer: Pali
[10] The literary language of the medieval Orthodox church in Eastern Europe, this tongue was spoken by Cyril and Methodius, who translated the Bible into it during their mission.
Answer: Old Church Slavonic
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His namesake quantum unit of magnetic moment is equal to 9.27 x 10 ^ -24 Joule per Tesla, and his namesake radius equals 5.29 x 10 ^ -11 meters for hydrogen. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this Dane, a developer of the correspondence principle who proposed a namesake model for the atom that included electrons in orbit around the nucleus.
Answer: Neils Bohr[10] Performed in 1914, this experiment detected the first excited state of the mercury atom, thus confirming Bohr's hypothesis of energy quantization in atoms. Franck-Hertz experiment
[10] The Franck-Hertz experiment was a precursor to this highly sensitive technique for measuring the quantized energy states of atoms in solids by detecting certain types of lattice vibrations.
Answer: electron energy loss spectroscopy [accept EELS]
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It ends with one of the title characters knowingly drinking a poisoned cup of tea. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this play in which Claire and Solange take turns impersonating their employer.
Answer: The Maids [or Les Bonnes]
[10] In this other play, the Chief of Police, George, wants his job to be an available role at the titular brothel, which is run by Queen Irma.
Answer: The Balcony [or Le Balcon]
[10] This author of The Blacks wrote The Balcony and The Maids.
Answer: Jean Genet
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This battle saw Fritigern lead a combined Visigoth-Ostrogoth cavalry to victory, killing forty thousand Romans. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this 378 clash in present-day Turkey which marked the beginning of the end for Roman border integrity.
Answer: Adrianople
[10] This eastern emperor, who spent most of his reign promoting Arianism over orthodoxy, was killed due to his own incompetence at Adrianople.
Answer: Valens
[10] Valens had secured his throne after a challenge from this pagan, whom Valens executed with two trees in the manner of Sinis. He shares his name with a later author of the Secret History about Justinian.
Answer: Procopius

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