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2007 Penn Bowl Tossups by Editors 4
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Recent research has examined a possible way to avoid the common problem of `blinking' via stabilizing them with thiol ligands. Cadmium selenide ones have been found to efficiently produce white light via electrical stimulation, and the core-shell type are sometimes found as occlusions due to thickness variations in quantum wells. Differing from the former only in the number of dimensions which electrons are forbidden to move in, the characteristic fluorescence depends on their band gap energy, which varies inversely with the square of their size. For 10 points, name these nanostructures often tipped as possible vehicles for qubit implementation in quantum computing.
Answer: quantum dots
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He ordered an electric chair for his kingdom and then proceeded to use it as a throne when informed that it needed electrical power. Locked up by Tewodros II upon the eve of his ascension to the Shewan throne, he escaped several years later, married a prominent noblewoman from Gonder known as Taytu Betul, and claimed dominion of his home territory. Passed over again for the national throne by Yohannes IV, he assumed it in 1889 upon the former's death battling Sudanese dervishes. After taking exception to the treaty of Wuchalle and defeating the Italians at Adowa in 1896, he ensured Ethiopia's independence until the 1930s. For 10 points, name this 19th century Ethiopian leader.
Answer: Menelik II
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One program of this type was advocated by Jewish Egyptian Caleb Gattegno, who advocated mediators such as colors in foreign languages and Cuisenaire rods in mathematics. `Scaffolding' is the term sometimes applied to the approach to it advocated by the Zone of Proximal development of Lev Vygotsky. During the 1970's radical and social forms of the school splintered over the specific methodologies through which a student could be guided from one cognitive stage to the next. Advocated by luminaries such as John Dewey and Jean Piaget --for 10 points-- what is this learning by doing educational paradigm, whose name is shared by the artistic school of Kaspar Malevich.
Answer: Constructivism
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One of the amendments discussed here called for succeeding Presidents to be from different states, while another would have annulled the Three-Fifths compromise. The official records attach no names to proposals or votes, but the doctrine of nullification was endorsed with regard to the hated Embargo Act of 1807. Its three commissioners sent to Washington to give terms were humiliated when news of the Treaty of Ghent beat them there. Famously satirized in a William Charles engraving of George III imploring the New England states to leap into his arms, this is for 10 points what secessionist convention suggested by Harrison Gray Otis that took place around the turn of 1815 in Connecticut?
Answer: Hartford Convention
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Theories for its formation tend to explain it by invoking the lack of plate tectonics on Mars and rifting caused by the uplift of neighboring Tharsis, although whether water or carbon dioxide decompression possible caused by the Oudermans crater was the primary erosion mechanism is highly debated. Surveys indicate that it formed over former seafloor crust, and the Noctis Labyrinthus' jumbled terrain provides some of the best evidence for flooding. Melas Chasma is the deepest part of, for 10 points, what several kilometer deep valley along the Martian equator that dwarfs the Grand Canyon
Answer: Valles Marineris
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Notable 20th century examples of these compositions include Henri Dutilleux's Tout un Monde Lointain and one by Samuel Barber written for the virtuoso Raya Garbousova. Friedrich Grutzmacher notably altered Boccherini's ninth one, while the final movement of Shostakovich's first features a prominent timpani. Vivaldi's RV 531 is a double one, and Jacques Offenbach wrote a "military" one. Yuri Leonovich completed Tchaikovsky's only one last year, while Elgar's one in E minor was one of his final compositions, but the best-known one is probably Dvorak's no. 2 in B minor. FTP name this type of virtuoso piece for an instrument notably played by Pablo Casals and Yo-Yo Ma.
Answer: Cello Concerto or Cello Concerti etc
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One of his works centers around a man who is reformed by the Quaker William Walters after trekking through Africa, and in another, the title character fights for France against his own people after abandoning his Virginia plantation. In addition to Colonel Jacques, he wrote about the licentious mistress of an unnamed landlord then an unnamed Prince in Roxana, while a better-known protagonist, alternately known as Mistress Betty, marries Humphry and Jemmy E after being raised among Gypsies. The author of A Journal of the Plague Year, this is, FTP, what author of Moll Flanders, best-known for a novel about a stranded man and his companion Friday, Robinson Crusoe.
Answer: Daniel Defoe
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One character in this work brags that he keeps his bastard son Leopold as a personal manservant. Propriety often dictates that the "hunt monologue" in Act One be cut from this work, the overture to which represents torrid sexual intercourse. Another character is responsible for the waltz "The Luck of the Lerchenaus," which plays after he breaks things off with the daughter of the Marschallin, having discovered that the title character is also Mariandel. The title character stutters in the aria "Mir ist die Ehre widerfahren," in which he presents the title object to Sophie. Ending with a famous soprano trio, this is, FTP, what opera about Octavian, aka "Quinquin," by Richard Strauss?
Answer: Der Rosenkavalier or The Knight of the Rose
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An early incarnation of this place was the Principality of Zeta, in which the abdication of Durad in favor of Archbishop Vavil led to this place being governed by a vladika until 1852. Among the tourist destinations in this place are the Sveti Stefan resort peninsula, Lake Scadar, and an island created artificially on top of the wrecked ship Merito. It is also a semi-common pilgrimage site for Christians due to its Ostreg monastery. Violent protests broke out in Podgorica over which contestant to send to the 2005 Eurovision song contest due to tensions with its then-partner, Serbia. FTP name this recently independent Balkan nation.
Answer: Montenegro
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In the music video for this song the artists are occasionally featured as wooden bobble-head puppets singing and playing instruments. One of the guest artists on this song claims that she's "Flying first class from New York to" the band's namesake locale, while another giving honeys "eargasms" with his mellow accent. The primary singer tells us that "Curve's the words, spin's the verbs," hoping that "maybe in time, baby, I can get you in my ride." He tells "baby" that "you gotta pay to play," and that "I like the way you work it." FTP name this song featuring Queen Pen, Dr. Dre, and a verse in which the phrase "hey yo" is repeated 17 times, the best-known song by Blackstreet.
Answer: "No Diggity"
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The title character of one of this author's stories recalls a newspaper story about a murder-suicide after shooting a duck. The narrator of another work accidentally kills his servants when he burns his house down to escape the titular Brazilian spirit, while daughter of Basile Walter is tricked into marrying Georges Duroy in one of his novels. Rachel the Jewess kills the titular brutal Prussian soldier in "Madamoiselle Fifi," while a Prussian general forces himself on a round prostitute in "The Ball of Fat," but better-known is a story in which the Loisels labor for a decade to replace an ultimately fake ornament. FTP name this author, best-known for "The Necklace."
Answer: Guy du Maupassant
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The micro variety, examples of which include L4 or the Carnegie Mellon developed Mach, often handle interprocess communication by message passing or delegating to the MMU, as opposed to the monolithic type, which shares process memory. Common features usually include an API, an interrupt request or call gate ability, I/O device management and thread scheduling. Linus Torvalds famously got in an extended debate over the nature of Linux's, and Mac OS X's XNU is an example of, for 10 points, what operating system component that provides a layer of abstraction between programs and the hardware.
Answer: Kernel
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Considerable debate exists as to whether it formally covers the selection procedures for the country's Supreme Court. The included Charter of Rights and Freedoms contains the controversial notwithstanding clause, which was used to ignore challenges to French-language legislation, even though the province in question has never formally accepted it. This came about because of a deal cut behind premier Rene Levesque's back, revoking the ability to opt out of federal funding. Failed attempts at amending it include the Meech Lake and Charlottetown Accords. For 10 points, name this successor to the British North America Act of 1867, the only UK Parliament act to be written in both English and French.
Answer: Canadian Constitution
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The ritual of the four watches of the night is associated with this entity, which is the namesake of a holiday celebrated annually on December 8th. Some of the texts of the religion with which this is associated give it a name meaning "that which changes daily," although its common name translates simply as "awakening." A descendant of this entity was created in the 3rd century BC at Anuradhapura in Sri Lanka by Asoka, who was responsible for the first shrine near it. Found at bodhgaya, it is the oldest angiosperm in the world, belonging to the group ficus religiosa. FTP name this plant, under which Siddhartha Gautama sat to achieve enlightenment.
Answer: Bodhi Tree or or Bo Tree or Pipal
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One scene in this novel centers around a discussion of the nationalization of fisheries between a public official and the secretary Toodles. Posters of scantily clad women and old copies of The Torch and The Gong line the shelves and walls of the main character's place of business, where he often meets "the Apostle" and "the Doctor." That character is called in by Privy Councilor Wurmt to be reprimanded by Mr. Vladimir, who suggests the action that leads to the death of Winnie's half-wit brother Stevie, the bombing of the Greenwich observatory. Mr. Verloc fails to incite unrest in, FTP, what novel about a useless spy by Joseph Conrad?
Answer: The Secret Agent
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Its normal components are known as the Eotvos effect. The Rossby number determines its relevance on a given length scale, and its namesake scaling parameter depends on the latitude at which the event in question is taking place. Its double term comes from the change of velocity in both space and time as observed from the rotating reference frame. Long-distance missiles, but not bathtubs are subject to for 10 points, what fictitious force, a product of inertia and often confused with the centrifugal force.
Answer: Coriolis effect
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This philosopher's most famous argument was modified by the "envy test" of Ronald Dworkin. One of his works uses the term "consultation hierarchies" to refer to benign non-democracies, while he outlines an "overlapping consensus" of the private sphere in his work Political Liberalism. He applied his "original position" argument to international relations in 1999's The Law of Peoples, while his most famous work discusses the "difference principle" and "fairness principle," and was criticized by Robert Nozick in Anarchy, State, and Utopia. FTP, name this American political philosopher who introduced the "veil of ignorance" in 1971's A Theory of Justice.
Answer: John Rawls
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The narrator of one of this author's novels envies the passion of the rapist Harcamone while lusting after "Rocky's girl." The hideously ugly girl Leila has her eye put out by her shiftless husband Said in one of his works, while Divine and Seck Gorgui love the thief Adrien Baillon in Our Lady of the Flowers. The conflict between Snowball and Green Eyes is the subject of one of his plays, and Irma, the Queen, is the proprietress of the titular brothel of The Balcony, but better-known are plays about a troupe of actors of a certain race and Solange, a disgruntled servant of Madame who kills her sister Claire. FTP name this author of The Blacks and The Maids.
Answer: Jean Genet
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In one of this man's early portraits, the titular snob stares down at a red umbrella propped up against a green sofa. Still lifes by this artist include Mullet and Cabbage, the latter of which was looked down upon for its "turpitude" when first exhibited. Woman Eating Oysters and The Lamp Boy are characteristic of his candid portraiture, although his best-known portrait is a "double" depiction of himself in the mirror and/or made of ice. His middle period is characterized by a preponderance of skeletons and masks, but his best-known work shows hordes of people gathered under a banner reading "Vive La Sociale!" FTP name this artist of Entry of Christ into Brussels.
Answer: James Ensor
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The title character of one of this man's poems is the "Prince of castaways," Flammonde, who amusingly exonerates a woman of ill-repute. His drama The Porcupine was never produced, while Van Zorn only ran for a short time. He wrote the verse novel Cavender's House, while a woman refuses to abandon her abusive husband in his "Eros Turannos," Many of his best-known poems were collected in Children of the Night and Dionysus in Doubt, including a poem about a man who is told to "Go to the western gate," "Luke Havergal." Creator of a suicidal commuter and a "child of scorn," this is, FTP, what poet of "Miniver Cheevy" and Richard Corey?"
Answer: Edwin Arlington Robinson
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TB. The Yoruba incarnation of this type of deity refused to eat his wife's ear, resulting in the creation of the Oba River, while a viper with a saw on its skin is the symbol of the Finnish one, Ukko, who is occasionally merged with Ilmarinen. The Japanese one enjoys nibbling on navels and was caught in Uzume's bath, while Parjanya is one of several in Hinduism, the most notable of which slew the creature who had consumed all the water in the world, Vritra. The Norse one's chariot is pulled by the goats Tanngnost and Tanngrisni, and he will fight the Midgard serpent at Ragnarok, FTP name this type of deity, exemplified by Raiden, Thor, and Zeus.
Answer: Gods of Thunder or Lightning (accept obvious male or neutral equivalents, do not accept "rain" or "storm")
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Extra. The Jabalpur prison was notorious for housing informants from this group, who had to be protected from possible revenge attacks. In Around the World in Eighty days, Passepartout rescues a princess from the satti pyre after she is kidnapped by them. Interestingly, Muslim members were known to exist, even though they were nominally centered around worshipping Kali. They used a silken romal or handkerchief in the commission of their notorious acts, often following their victims for miles before doing the deed. For ten points, name this Indian death cult of highway robbers and murderers stamped out by British administrator William Sleeman during the 1840s.
Answer: Thuggees
2007 Penn Bowl Bonuses by Editors 4
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Ingmar Bergman films, FTPE:,
[10] The mad scene at the end of this film finds Harriet Andersson at her absolute best as she screams that G-d is, in fact, nothing but a giant spider.
Answer: Through a Glass Darkly or Såsom i en spegel
[10] The Ekdahls rescue the title characters and their mother from an evil Bishop in this Bergman film, in which the male lead ultimately cannot escape the ghost of the Bishop.
Answer: Fanny and Alexander or Fanny och Alexander
[10] A game of chess between a knight just returning from the crusades and death is at the center of this Ingmar Bergman film, which also features several flagellants wandering around plague-struck Sweden.
Answer: The Seventh Seal or Det Sjunde inseglet
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"Theirs not to reason why / Theirs but to do and die". For 10 points, things about the Crimean War military maneuver this poetic lines describe.,
[10] Lord Lucan claimed he ordered this unit to charge into lesser fortified Russian redoubts on the Feduykhin Heights instead of at the main artillery position at the end of the valley.
Answer: Light Brigade
[10] The Charge of the Light Brigade took place at this 1855 Crimean War battle, also another name for a ski mask.
Answer: Balaclava
[10] The Light Brigade was led by this commander, namesake of a type of sweatshirt.
Answer: James Brudenell, 7th Earl of Cardigan
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Answer the following about the process of transpiration in plants and its related mechanisms, for ten points each.,
[10] These cells gain water by osmosis when K+ is pumped in, bending as a result and allowing water to exit the leaf and air to enter.
Answer: Guard cells
[10] Guard cells regulate these openings through which transpiration takes place.
Answer: Stomata
[10] The closing of stomata is regulated by this plant hormone, so named because it was thought to make leaves fall from deciduous trees
Answer: ABA or abscisic acid
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The influence of Arnold van Gennep, FTPE:,
[10] In a namesake 1909 work, van Gennep, studied various forms of this type ofcultural ritual that marks a change in a person's social or sexual status.
Answer: Rite of Passage
[10] In a study of the Ndembu tribe entitled the Forest of Symbols this anthropologist theorized developed theories regarding the rites of passage.
Answer: Victor Turner
[10] van Gennep's influence is seen this 1949 seminal work of comparative mythology by Joseph Campbell in which he introduced the monomyth.
Answer: The Hero with a Thousand Faces
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His movie credits include playing Mr. Frederick Little in both Stuart Little and Stuart Little 2, as well as Ian in 2004's Flight of the Phoenix. FTPE:,
[10] Name this British actor, better known for his TV roles.
Answer: Hugh Laurie
[10] Hugh Laurie won an Emmy in 2005 for playing this sarcastic, opiate-addicted diagnostician on a namesake Fox medical drama.
Answer: Dr. Gregory House
[10] Before gaining fame for "House," Laurie played this jovial P.G. Wodehouse character on British TV opposite Stephen Fry, who portrayed the butler Jeeves.
Answer: Bertie Wooster (accept either)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
His operas include Dalibor and Libuse, FTPE:,
[10] Name this composer, also known for The Brandenburgers in Bohemia and The Two Widows.
Answer: Bedrich Smetana
[10] Krusina's attempt to force Marenka to marry Hasek instead of Jenik falls apart when Hasek is found running around in a bear suit in this, Smetana's best-known opera.
Answer: The Bartered Bride
[10] Smetana is probably most famous for this symphonic poem, part of Ma Vlast, which depicts the flow of the titular river running through Prague.
Answer: Vitava or The Moldau
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It lampooned contemporaries of its author like Nathaniel Hawthorne and Ralph Waldo Emerson, FTPE:,
[10] Name this long satirical poem in rhyming couplets, which claims that Margaret Fuller would "persuade you `t is something tremendously deep,/ By repeating it so as to put you to sleep."
Answer: A Fable for Critics
[10] This author of A Fable for Critics is also known for The Biglow Papers and Heartsease and Rue.
Answer: James Russell Lowell
[10] One of the authors attacked by Lowell is Edgar Allen Poe, who just three years before had written this poem in which the titular creature is "rapping at" the speaker's "chamber door."
Answer: "The Raven"
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Ancient Mexican civilizations, for 10 points each.,
[10] This oldest empire is primarily known for its large carved stone heads, prominently featured on the Nickelodeon show Legends of the Hidden Temple.
Answer: Olmec
[10] Scholars differ over whether this civilization supposedly based in Tula was really existent or a mythical fabrication by later generations to make their ancestors look better.
Answer: Toltec
[10] The `later generations' in question, this empire built Tenochtitlan and ruled Central Mexico until the arrival of Cortes according to the Quetzalcoatl prophecy.
Answer: Aztec
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His play Till the Day I Die is about Communists during Hitler's regime, and it was often shown on a twin bill with a better-known play of his about people who become cabbies during the Depression. FTPE:,
[10] Name this American playwright, who also wrote plays about Jewish families in the Depression entitled Awake and Sing and Paradise Lost.
Answer: Clifford Odets
[10] This best-known work of Clifford Odets features the pugilist Joe Bonaparte, who gives up the violin for a boxing career and eventually dies in a car crash.
Answer: The Golden Boy
[10] This play, Odets' attempt to satirize Hollywood, focuses on the outward success, but inward misery, of the movie star Charlie Castle. Not shockingly, Castle kills himself at the end.
Answer: The Big Knife
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Answer the following questions about a certain chemical and its uses in nature and human life, for 10 points each.,
[10] This chemical ion with formula C2O42- is a common bidentate ligand, and its acid is somewhat corrosive and commonly used in metal cleaning products
Answer: Oxalate
[10] This purple-stalked plant of genus Rheum is noted for its bitter taste; the leaves are gritty and contain high concentrations of oxalic acid crystals. It is commonly used to make pies.
Answer: Rhubarb
[10] Precipitated calcium oxalate makes up 80% of these gastrointestinal anomalies, passed by painful urination.
Answer: Kidney stones
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
It's hard out there for a Jew, FTPE:,
[10] The process of Tzitz ba'peh, or sealing off with the mouth, is still performed by some Chassidic mohels at the end of this jewish ritual that occurs on the 8th post-partum day.
Answer: circumcision or brit milah
[10] This other birth ceremony involves the transfer of five pieces of silver to a Kohen on a first-born''s 31st day. Exemptions occur if the child is not born vaginally, or if the child has a vagina.
Answer: Pidyon ha'ben or redemption of the first born
[10] Based on page 13a of Talmud Shabbos, those who follow this set of laws, refined by Rav Moshe Feinstein, will refrain from all forms of touching of members of the opposite sex. Exemptions are made for interactions among non-believers to avoid shaming God's name.
Answer: Negiah or shomer negiah
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Chemists have many ingenious methods to obtain information about their compounds. Stuff about one of those ways, for 10 points each.,
[10] Spectrophotometry involves interrogating the sample with what type of electromagnetic radiation to obtain information about its concentration?
Answer: Visible light
[10] This empirical law denotes a linear relationship between the absorbance, or inverse of light transmittance, of a sample and the concentration present.
Answer: Beer-Lambert law
[10] A characteristic only of the species in question is the constant denoted by epsilon in the Beer-Lambert law, describing its tendency to absorb light.
Answer: (molar) Extinction coefficient
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She ultimately lets her lover Frank go to Buenos Aires without her, leaving her to care for drunken father Mr. Hill and brother Harry, FTPE:,
[10] Name this girl, the first-person narrator of a namesake story.
Answer: "Eveline"
[10] "Eveline" is one of the stories in this collection by James Joyce that also includes "Araby" and "Ivy Day in the Committee Room."
Answer: Dubliners (note: do NOT accept The Dubliners)
[10] Little Chandler watches his dreams of a writer go by while talking to Ignatius Gallagher in this other Dubliners story.
Answer: "A Little Cloud"
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Exemplary works of this style include 100 Aspects of the Moon and 36 Ghosts, both of which were created by Yoshitoshi. FTPE:,
[10] Name this style of creating prints from woodblocks, which has a name meaning "pictures of the floating world."
Answer: ukiyo-e
[10] This exemplary work of ukiyo-e, taken from Hokusai's 36 Views of Mount Fuji, features 3 small boats navigating the titular manifestation of the angry seas.
Answer: The Great Wave of Kanagawa
[10] This artist of the ukiyo-e style was so inspired by the works of Hokusai that he rendered Eight Views of Lake Biwa, Fifty-three Stations of the Tokaido, and his own 36 Views of Mount Fuji.
Answer: Utagawa (or Ando) Hiroshige
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Answer the following questions about immunology for 10 points each:,
[10] Also known as immunoglobulins, they are the primary tool of the immune system to identify foreign objects.
Answer: antibodies
[10] Taking their name from the fact that they are sourced from a single B-cell hybridoma which targets a single epitope, these antibodies come in types ranging from chimeric to fully humanized.
Answer: monoclonal
[10] The first monoclonal antibodies were derived from this animal with scientific name Mus Musculus
Answer: mouse
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He founded the Bow Street Runners, who later foiled the Cato Street Conspiracy, FTPE:,
[10] Name this judge, whose literary output includes Amelia and Tom Jones.
Answer: Henry Fielding
[10] Before the Licensing Act of 1737, Fielding primarily wrote plays, the best-known of which is The Tragedy of Tragedies, a work about this diminutive person.
Answer: Tom Thumb
[10] Fielding had a long-standing feud with this completely hapless author of Sir Charles Grandison and some book about a girl whose virtue is rewarded.
Answer: Samuel Richardson
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He was the son of the Egyptian King Belus, FTPE:,
[10] Name this man, who fled to Argos with his 50 murderous daughters and became King.
Answer: Danaus I
[10] Danaus was the twin brother of this man, 49 of whose 50 sons were murdered by the Danaides on their wedding night.
Answer: Aegyptus
[10] This is the only daughter of Danaus who refrained from murder, sparing her husband Lynceus.
Answer: Hypermestra
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
In the chaos following India's partition in 1947, some states vacillated or exercised options at odds with the will of their populace. Let's see what happened, for 10 points each.,
[10] This northern Indian state headed by Maharaj Hari Singh, who assented to India even though majority Muslim sentiment in Srinagar and the state's namesake valley was strongly for Pakistan.
Answer: Kashmir
[10] This southern Indian state, ruled by the Nizam, held out for independence until militarily invaded by India. It is today the capital and largest city of Andhra Pradesh, in the Deccan plateau.
Answer: Hyderabad
[10] This small Hindu-majority princely state in Gujarat attempted to join Pakistan, but the Indian army foiled this attempt. Signing the surrender was the father of future Pakistani PM Z.A. Bhutto.
Answer: Junagadh
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We use them every day, but how much do we really know about our computers? Parts of a CPU, for 10 points each.,
[10] This part is delegated the tasks of undertaking basic mathematical, bit-shifting, and Boolean bitwise operations on numbers.
Answer: Arithmetic Logic Unit or ALU
[10] This translates virtual addresses into physical addresses via a Translation Lookaside Buffer or a page table and handles such other functions as cache and bus management.
Answer: Memory management unit or MMU
[10] Formerly a separate unit from the CPU, it undertakes operations on its namesake type of numbers, which contain a decimal point. Modern systems often include multiple ones, and it is easily emulated.
Answer: FPU or floating-point unit
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Chapter 27 of this work discusses the possibility of a rational non-human, focusing on a story about Prince Maurice's parrot. FTPE,,
[10] Name this 1689 work which poses the question "How does the mind come to be furnished?," treating the mind as a tabula rasa and dividing sensations into primary qualities and secondary qualities.
Answer: An Essay Concerning Human Understanding
[10] The most famous critique of An Essay Concerning Human Understanding was this man's New Essays on Human Understanding. He also wrote a Theodicy.
Answer: Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz
[10] This author criticized Locke's negative view of rhetoric as a means "to insinuate wrong ideas" in his 2004 work The Rhetoric of Rhetoric. He also wrote The Rhetoric of Irony and The Rhetoric of Fiction.
Answer: Wayne Clayson Booth
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Extra. He seems to have the making of a perennial presidential candidate, and he proposed the creation of a Department of Peace in 20 For 10 points each, things about this Democratic politician.,
[10] This Ohio Representative based in western Cuyahoga County is one of the most prominent doves in the nation, and proposed a namesake plan to deal with Iraq. He placed fifth in the 2004 Iowa caucuses.
Answer: Dennis Kucinich
[10] Kucinich served from 1977 to 1979 as the "boy mayor" of this Ohio city, a tenure marred by controversy, default and his refusal to sell the municipal power company to city creditors at a loss.
Answer: Cleveland
[10] Kucinich was succeeded as mayor by this current Republican senior senator and Gang of 14 member from Ohio, who famously cried when denouncing John Bolton's nomination as UN Ambassador.
Answer: George Voinovich

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