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View Packets Tournament Editor
2008 Minnesota Open Tossups by Editors Final 1
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This person described "A black river full of eyeless fish" and contrasted "that which is the commentary" with "the immaculate" in the poem "The Meaning of Life." In one poem by this author, he claims that the title figure's "tight back" was "rather a goat's than a man's," and he also wonders "What requisitions of a verity/prompted the wit and rage between his teeth." In another poem, he describes the title character as gazing "learnedly down her airy nose/at nothing" and "grown lazy, mammoth but not fat." In addition to "Mr. Pope" and "Last Days of Alice," he wrote a poem in which the title figure saw Neoptolemus "furious with blood" but now stands "in the rain, far from home at nightfall" near the Potomac, "Aeneas at Washington." For 10 points, identify this Fugitive poet who wrote about leaves flying and plunging near "row after row" of headstones in his "Ode to the Confederate Dead."
Answer: John Orley Allen Tate
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
In the episode featuring this, Ghengis Khan says "[you'll] defile what I defile, eat who I eat" to a girl wearing a virtual reality helmet purchased with a $3 million surplus, while other ideas for the surplus involve giant mechanical ants. That surplus, the result of an EPA fine, was eventually used to build this object rather than to repair Main Street, and previous incarnations of it have put Brockway, Ogdenville, and North Haverbrook "on the map." It is compared to such projects as the "popsicle-stick skyscraper" and the "escalator to nowhere," and was designed by Sebastian Cobb for a man voiced by Phil Hartman who claimed that it would "glide softly as a cloud" in a musical number, Lyle Lanley. It is solar-powered, forcing Homer, its conductor, to stop it with an anchor made of a giant M. For 10 points, identify this would-be Springfield public transit system, opposed by Marge in the title of a Simpsons episode.
Answer: the Springfield Monorail [accept "Marge vs. the Monorail"]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
When this figure asked who had killed him, his killer told him his name was "The Noble Hart." This character owned a golden coat of mail, a helm of terror, and the swords Ridill and Hrotti, which he kept among the treasures in his hall Gnitaheath. Those treasures were acquired by this character after he killed his father as the result of a curse placed on the ring Andvarinaut. Tasting this figure's blood while cooking his heart gave his killer the ability to understand birds, which allowed that killer to escape the betrayal of this figure's brother. The son of Hreidmar and brother of Otr, this character was himself betrayed by his brother Regin, who reforged the sword that was used to kill him, Gram. For 10 points, identify this gold-hoarding dragon from the Volsung Saga who was killed by Sigurd.
Answer: Fafnir [accept Fraenir]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
One character in this novel recounts a story about a parricidal monk who locks two lovers in a dungeon and starves them to death. All that is left of the title character at this novel's end is a scarf caught in some bushes. One character in this work, Everhard, becomes more and more emaciated as sells his blood to feed the Walberg family. The protagonist first sees the title character on a cliff after a shipwreck when he neglects to burn his uncle's letters, and that title character later curses Stanton to live in a madhouse while sane. One story recounted in this novel tells how Don Francisco di Aliaga lost his daughter in a shipwreck, and so Immalee grows up on a desert island. The protagonist meets a Spaniard who escaped the Inquisition when his prison burned down, named Alonzo Moncada, who has also been tempted to sell his soul by the title character. For 10 points, name this Gothic novel about John's Satanic peregrinating ancestor, written by Charles Maturin.
Answer: Melmoth the Wanderer
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
One work with this name was commissioned by the National Music Camp in 1974, and the second of its three movements is an Adagio subtitled "The Untold Want." The composer of that work discussed composing it at age 80 in the same interview with David Williams in which he noted that it was Sibelius rather than Nielsen that had influenced his Nordic Symphony. Another work by this title is a setting of the same text as the first movement of Roy Harris's Symphony for Voices. Both its baritone and soprano soloists are featured in its fourth and final movement, a setting of the poem "Passage to India" known as "The Explorers," which is preceded by "Scherzo: The Waves." For 10 points, identify this title shared by Howard Hanson's seventh and Ralph Vaughan Williams' first symphonies, settings of such poems from Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass as "Joy, Shipmate, Joy!" and "On the Beach at Night Alone."
Answer: A Sea Symphony [do not accept "La Mer"]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Short stories by this person include one in which a mechanic and a pastry-shop worker named Juan and Juana fall in love, as well as one about a stranded Danish sailor. Those stories, "Tocayos" and "Dinamarquero," can be found this author's first collection, Summertime and other Stories. The loveless marriage between Alvaro and Chepa Vives is the subject of his novel This Sunday, and in addition to the novella trilogy Sacred Families, he wrote about a brothel owned by Japonesita and her transvestite father "La Manuela" in Hell Has No Limits. His more famous novels include one about the crazy old woman Misia Elisa and her grandson Andres Abalos, as well as one in which Jeronimo's son Boy is brought up with other freaks in La Rinconada, a work narrated by Humberto Penaloza. For 10 points, identify this Chilean author of Coronacion and The Obscene Bird of Night.
Answer: Jose Donoso Yanez
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This effect prevents the formation of phonon bottlenecks in quantum dots whose energy levels vary from the phonon energies, while an inverse of this process is sometimes known as "impact ionization." It usually has yields of higher than fifty percent until atoms heavier than zinc are considered. Its namesake also developed a type of spectroscopy after observing electrons of constant energies in a cloud chamber, and it occurs due to the energy liberated by an L-shell electron falling into a lower excitation state in a K-shell. For 10 points, identify this effect in which an atom sees the ejection of a high energy electron instead of an X ray photon, and thus resulting in the autoionization of the atom, and is named after a French physicist.
Answer: Auger effect
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Copperplate etchings by this artist include Combat of the Rascals Desir and Rissole and one based on a Poe short story which sees a bunch of noblemen set on fire, Hop-Frog's Revenge. Baroque-styled works from his early career include The Lamp Boy, The Somber Lady, and The Oyster-Eater. He depicted a title figure of one painting wearing a sign reading "CIVET" as the other title characters, wearing dresses and hats, hit each other with mops and brooms below in Skeletons Fighting over a Hanged Man, and he expressed his dislike for experimentation on animals in The Vile Vivisectors. Les Vingt [lay vahnt] rejected his most well-known painting, in which a crowd dressed in carnival masks holds up banners reading things like "Vive La Sociale!" For 10 points, identify this Belgian Expressionist, the painter of Christ's Entry into Brussels.
Answer: James Sidney Edouard, Baron Ensor
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This person told Riccardo Orizio "I liberated France from the Nazis, I called Giscard my cousin, and they betrayed me" in an interview in which he claimed have been secretly named the thirteenth Apostle by the Pope. He ordered Otto Sacher to release all prisoners upon his ascent to power, and formed a "morality brigade" to oversee his nation's bars. This leader's thugs shoved his former right-hand man into the trunk of a Mercedes before that man was convicted of treason in a show trial and beaten until his back broke. In addition to killing Alexandre Banza, he abolished his nation's "lifeless organ," the National Assembly, and established the Revolutionary Council while banning all political parties except MESAN. His other exploits include faking a conversion to Islam and forcing his citizens to buy his wife's factory's school uniforms. He was overthrown in Operation Barracuda, after which David Dacko succeeded him. Released from prison by Andre Kolingba, for 10 points, name this man who dodged cannibalism charges upon his ouster as dictator of the Central African Republic.
Answer: Jean-Bedel Bokassa [accept Emperor Bokassa I; or Salah Eddine Ahmed Bokassa]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
One man with this last name is the partial namesake of a correction used in the eikonal approximation of scattering cross sections along with Saxon. That man also showed that virtual presence of positrons in an atom is incompatible with negative gravitational mass of antimatter, and proposed the idea that any self consistent field theory based upon the weak form of the equivalence principle also embodies the Einstein equivalence principle. Another man with this last name names a reagent that contains fuchsin in an acidified solution that is used in the Feulgen reaction and in a histochemical stain that also uses periodic acid to stain carbohydrates. A class of compounds usually formed by the condensation of amines and aldehydes or ketones is also named for this man. For 10 points, identify this common last name belonging to an American physicist Leonard and a German chemist Hugo, the latter of whom names some bases containing imines.
Answer: Schiff [Leonard I. Schiff and Hugo Schiff]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
He mentioned Peirce's three senses of the word "word" in his essay Truth, and he wrote essays about "Agathon and Eudaimonia in the Ethics of Aristotle" and "The Line and the Cave in Plato's Republic." His essays on the subject of responsibility include Three Ways of Spilling Ink and one in which he suggests using the dictionary and the law as resources to investigate the title objects, A Plea for Excuses, while other works from his Philosophical Papers include "Other Minds." In one work, he attacked the sense-data theories of perception held by A.J. Ayer, while in his best-known work, he used five categories, including commissives and behabitives, to delineate different types of performative utterances and suggested the triad of locutionary, illocutionary, and perlocutionary speech acts. For 10 points, identify this Oxford philosopher, the author of Sense and Sensibilia and How to Do Things with Words.
Answer: John Langshaw "J.L." Austin
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
The central character of this work is puzzled to hear that a man's supposed dying words were her name, followed by "this bullet avenges you!," concluding that he must have a sister of the same name. The end of this work ends with one character remembering how she first saw her husband as an angel, after he bequeaths 20,000 rubles to their son and moves them to V--. After Leopardo announces one character's entrance, the title character claims that she will marry a "monster," but not him. The title character denounces her future husband as a "devil" when he responds to a newspaper advertisement she places in an attempt to find the man who impregnated her. The mysterious pregnancy at the center of this work occurred because the title character was ravished when she fainted. For 10 points, name this work that sees Giulietta, the title character, marry Count F--, a novella by Heinrich von Kleist.
Answer: The Marquise of O-- [accept Die Marquise von O--]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This man fathered a son who once became entranced by touching a bowl but was freed when his wife Cigfa caught a mouse. Once, while taking a walk after the first course of a feast, this inventor of the game Badger-in-a-Bag encountered a future wife of Manawydan mac Lyr on the hill of Gorsedd Arbeth. He and his pack of dogs once claimed a kill for which he had to fight off a pack of white dogs with red ears; as penance, he traded places with their owner for a year and a day and killed that owner's rival Hafgan. He was unable to catch a daughter of Heyfedd the Old on horseback, but eventually married her after outthinking her fiance Gwawl. His child with that wife would be recovered by Teyrnon, but not before his wife was smeared with puppy blood and accused of infanticide. Noted for trading places with Arawn of Annwn, for 10 points, name this Welsh hero, the father of Pryderi and husband of Rhiannon.
Answer: Pwyll Pendeuic Dyfed, Pen Annwn
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Laval and Ramanathan developed a mathematical model for this effect in 1989, and Michael Hart claims that stars cooler than what he dubs "K0" cannot support life because of this phenomenon, and places the habitable band around sun-sized stars as about seven million kilometers closer than Earth because of it. McKay, Pollack, and Courtin studied Titan's "anti" version of this in a 1991 Astrobiology article. Archer's 2007 research on deep sediments discussed the possibility that this effect could be worsened through the "clathrate gun" mechanism. Joseph Fourier's work on this effect inspired Arrhenius to derive an equation for this effect based on the Stefan-Boltzmann law. Events that may exacerbate this effect include the thawing of Arctic permafrost, and it occurs in "runaway" form on Venus. For 10 points, name this effect whereby gases like CO2 and methane can cause global warming.
Answer: the greenhouse effect [I suppose you can prompt on "global warming"]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
One of them, who was given the epithets "good" and "glorious," allied with the Cumans after establishing a capital at Tarnovo and, with his brother, aided the Third Crusade at Nis. He was succeeded in this position by a man who killed Louis of Blois and captured Baldwin I of Constantinople after ambushing Fourth Crusader forces near Adrianople, a man with the epithet "Romanslayer." This title was introduced to replace the title "kynaz," or prince, by its first holder, who allied with the Pechenegs to crush the Magyars and destroyed forces under Leo Phokas at the Battle of Anchialus. Ferdinand I revived this title in 1908 after his country regained independence from the Ottoman Empire, and this title had also fallen out of use during the 1018 to 1185 Byzantine rule, which ensued after one of them lost the Battle of Kleidion. First introduced by Simeon the Great, who ruled from Preslav, for 10 points, identify this title, holders of which include Samuel II, whose forces were "slain" by Basil II, as well as the last one, Simeon II, who until 1946 ruled from Sofia.
Answer: tsars of Bulgaria [accept emperors of Bulgaria, accept Balgarija instead of "Bulgaria," prompt on tsar or emperor, do not accept "king of Bulgaria" or of anywhere else, for that matter]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Alan Dundes criticized this work for ignoring the "Law of Contrast" and "Law of Three" of Axel Olrik. One section of this work discusses the progression of a girl's affection being transferred from her father to an animal-husband. One part of this work contrasts the actions of Milk White with the protagonist taking refuge in an oven, arguing that they show contradictory attitudes towards weaning. It argues that Simpleton's quest to find a thousand pearls, a key, and the correct princess is a parable for personality integration, the synthesis of animal instincts with the ego, in its reading of "The Queen Bee." Analyzing such stories as "Hansel and Gretel" and "Little Red Riding Hood," for 10 points, name this book in which Bruno Bettelheim gives a Freudian interpretation of fairy tales.
Answer: The Uses of Enchantment: The Meaning and Importance of Fairy Tales
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
After a fire is started in this work, three of its main characters sing the terzet "O Sacred Light." During a storm, this opera's tenor and soprano sing the aria "Ton coeur n'a pas compris," or "You have not understood." That aria follows a scene in which the soprano sings "Comme autre fois" to Nourabad, in which she explains how a fugitive had given her a necklace for not revealing him to his pursuers. That soprano later pleads for her lover in the aria "Pour noi je ne crains rien," which falls on deaf ears until the baritone recognizes the necklace around Leila's neck, causing him to allow Leila and her lover to flee their execution. The title characters sing the "friendship duet" "Au fond du temple saint" in, for 10 points, which opera which revolves around Zurga and Nadir, a work set in Ceylon by Georges Bizet?
Answer: The Pearl Fishers [accept Les Pecheurs de Perles]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
In the aftermath of this event, a pamphlet circulated that denounced the "Four Traitors" who "sold themselves" to one faction of this conflict, including the corpulently depicted Samuel F. Man. A field hospital for one side in this conflict was at the Pettingill-Mason House. The leader of one side of this conflict fought against his uncle Crawford Allen, and his own father Sullivan. One side held the town of Woonsocket, while another held the People's Convention. One faction in this conflict elected Samuel Ward King as their leader, and a Supreme Court case about this event ruled that the conflict in question was a "political question" and thus not justiciable. Ruled upon in Luther v. Borden, for 10 points, name this rebellion that happened after two governors were elected in Rhode Island.
Answer: Dorr's Rebellion
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Pheochromocytoma is a tumor in the region where these compounds are produced, and some of them can be detected in a urine test by the presence of vanilylmandelic acid and homovanilic acid. The cyclization of this class of compounds occurs when reacted with formaldehyde vapors, and was used by Flack and Hillarp to detect them using fluoroscense methods, while Chromogranin A is co-found and co-stored along with this class of hormones. Their synthesis begins with the hydroxylation of tyrosine, and they are catabolized by monoamine oxidases and COMTs, and they are secreted by the chromaffin cells of the adrenal medulla. For 10 points, identify this class of hormones which are 3,4-dihydro derivatives phenylethylamine and are exemplified by norepinephrine, epinephrine, and dopamine.
Answer: catecholamines
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
A conversation between Arleigh Burke and Cat Brown in the leadup to this conflict saw Brown question "whose side are we on?" Charles Keightley led one operation in this conflict, dubbed Musketeer, and another commander drew flak for his bloody attack on Jebel Heitan. Moshe Dayan attempted to take the Mitla Pass in Operation Kadesh, an early campaign in this conflict. Christian Pineau and Maurice Challe were two French negotiators at the secret Protocols of Sevres, which discussed this conflict. The United Nations Emergency Forces proposed during this conflict earned Lester Pearson a Peace Nobel, and this conflict began during a speech in which the name "Ferdinand De Lesseps" was intentionally mispronounced, leading to the nationalization of a trade route. For 10 points, name this standoff that pitted Britain, France, and Israel against Nasser, and that toppled the government of Anthony Eden.
Answer: the Suez Crisis [accept Tripartite Aggression]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
TB. In the last section of this work, one of the characters attempts to describe his entire life from the nursery to the present, ending by asserting that Death is his enemy. Bernard is the only speaker in that section, while in previous sections Neville describes life at college and meeting the central character. In an earlier section, Rhoda discusses her fear of sums and Miss Hudson, while Louis constantly mentions his Australian accent. Another character, who is given a farewell dinner before leaving for India, where he dies, never speaks. Six characters, including Susan and Jinny, speak in alternating monologues, interrupted by sections describing a view of the ocean at different times of day, and describe their friend Percival's life and death in, for 10 points, which work by Virginia Woolf?
Answer: The Waves
2008 Minnesota Open Bonuses by Editors Final 1
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Identify the following concerning a certain striped, buzzing insect, and video games, for 10 points each.,
[10] This alternate reality game began when an AI named Melissa transferred herself from a crashed spaceship to the server of the namesake website. More notably, it was used as viral marketing for Halo 2.
Answer: I Love Bees [accept ilovebees, prompt on ILB]
[10] The Bee Suit, as well as the Boo and Spring Suits, were among the powerups added to this 2007 Wii game, which features the title character traveling from the Comet Observatory to various planets to save Princess Peach.
Answer: Super Mario Galaxy [accept Supa Mario Gyarakushi with a pained look on your face directed at Eric Mukherjee]
[10] The truly bizarre Honey Bee Inn can be found in Wall Market, which is located in Sector 6 of this city, home to Shinra Tower and a bunch of Mako Reactors. Its inhabitants include a slum-dwelling flower girl named Aeris Gainsborough.
Answer: Midgar [don't accept "Midgard"]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This technique uses such inlet systems as split/splitless injectors and purge/trap systems. For 10 points each:,
[10] Identify this laboratory technique in which a liquid mixture is vaporized and then separated by being passed over a solid stationary phase.
Answer: gas-liquid chromatography [prompt on GC or GLC]
[10] Diatomaceous earth is often used as a support material for the stationary phase in the packed-column type of gas chromatography, which is less efficient than using this other type of much smaller column.
Answer: capillary column [or open tubular column]
[10] Along with thermal conductivity detectors, these are the most commonly used detectors in gas chromatography. They're more sensitive than TCDs, but destroy the sample being tested and do not detect water.
Answer: flame ionization detector [prompt on FID]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Betty Prail, its protagonist's love interest, is forced to work in Wu Fong's brothel, and its protagonist is scalped by Indians and later assassinated while giving a speech in support of Shagpoke Whipple. For 10 points each:,
[10] Identify this novel about "the Dismantling of Lemuel Pitkin," a satire of Horatio Alger's rags-to-riches stories.
Answer: A Cool Million: The Dismantling of Lemuel Pitkin
[10] This author of A Cool Million and the short story "Western Union Boy" also wrote about the title figure answering letters from "Sick-of-it-all" and "Desperate" and dealing with his editor Shrike in his Miss Lonelyhearts.
Answer: Nathanael West [accept Nathan von Wallenstein Weinstein]
[10] In this West novel, the titular protagonist wanders through the Trojan Horse and encounters such characters as Maloney the Areopagite, who tells him about Saint Puce, a flea who lived in Christ's armpit.
Answer: The Dream Life of Balso Snell
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Identify the following about the adventures of King Louis XII of France for 10 points each.,
[10] Louis fought a number of wars in Italy, notably defeating this swarthy rival, the duke of Milan, who he later captured after a siege at Novara. This man had earlier seized the Milanese throne from his nephew Galleazo.
Answer: Ludovico Sforza [accept Ludovico il Moro or Ludovico the Moor, prompt on Sforza]
[10] Louis XII joined with Maximilian I, Ferdinand I, and this warrior Pope to form the anti-Venetian League of Cambrai. After Venice's defeat, this convoker of the Fifth Lateran Council formed a Holy League with the Venetians to kick Louis out of Italy.
Answer: Julius II [accept Giuliano della Rovere]
[10] In 1476, Louis had been forced to marry this pious Duchess of Berry. He later decided to marry Anne of Brittany, so he claimed this woman was horrendously ugly and that a combination of her ugliness and witchcraft had kept him from consummating their marriage.
Answer: Joan of France [accept Jeanne de France]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
He was on the jury that convicted John Andre of espionage, and he resigned from the Continental Army when Enoch Poor was promoted over him. For 10 points each:,
[10] Identify this New Hampshire militia general who, with help from Seth Warner's Green Mountain Boys, defeated a force of Hessians at the Battle of Bennington.
Answer: John Stark
[10] Stark and Warner led troops that successfully prevented forces under Barry St. Leger from reinforcing the British at this 1777 battle, fought at Freeman's Farm and Bemis Heights, a victory for Horatio Gates and Benedict Arnold over John Burgoyne.
Answer: Battle of Saratoga
[10] Men led by Stark reinforced Colonel William Prescott and defended the beach of the Mystic River from an attack by the Royal Welch Fusiliers at this 1775 battle.
Answer: Battle of Bunker Hill [accept Battle of Breed's Hill]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Identify some deuterocanonical books of the Old Testament, for 10 points each.,
[10] In this book, the archangel Raphael accompanies the title character's son to Media, where he saves Sarah from the demon Ashmodai, who has killed seven of her husbands.
Answer: Book of Tobit [accept Book of Tobias]
[10] In this section of the Book of Daniel, Daniel proves that one of the title figures is simply bronze-covered clay and that priests are eating the sacrifices made to it. Later, he feeds hair-cakes to the other title figure until it explodes.
Answer: The Idol Bel and the Dragon
[10] Originally written in Greek, this book contains one of the earliest Jewish descriptions of preexisting souls. The titular concept is presented as a "radiant and unfading" lady that merges with God and logos.
Answer: Book of Wisdom [or Wisdom of Solomon]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
[5,5] For 5 each, these two areas of the brain located at either end of the fissure of Sylvius are responsible for the production and recognition of speech. Their namesakes were French and German neurologists.,
[10] For 10, this bundle of nerve fibers is believed to connect Broca's area and Wernicke's area.
[10] For 10, Wernicke's area is found primarily in this lobe of the brain, separated from the frontal and parietal lobes by the Sylvian fissure.
Answer: Broca's area and Wernicke's area [accept in either order, accept synonyms for "area"] arcuate fasciculus
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This work's first section is named for a quote by Willard Van Orman Quine. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this book that includes the sections "Starting in the Middle" and "Mind, Meaning, Mathematics, and Morality," which argues that natural selection is sufficient to explain the human mind and human society.
Answer: Darwin's Dangerous Idea
[10] This white-bearded philosopher of science discussed "Popperian" creatures, who are capable of planning, in his Kinds of Minds, and also wrote Consciousness Explained and Darwin's Dangerous Idea.
Answer: Daniel Clement Dennett
[10] This other philosopher of science discussed Planck in Black-Body Theory and the Quantum Discontinuity, and theorized that science moves through "paradigm shifts" in The Structure of Scientific Revolutions.
Answer: Thomas Samuel Kuhn
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
He was blessed by Pope Pius VII while painting The Coronation of Napoleon in the Cathedral of Notre Dame. For 10 points each:,
[10] Identify this Neoclassical history painter, famous for such works as The Lictors Bring to Brutus the Bodies of his Sons and The Death of Marat.
Answer: Jacques-Louis David
[10] Rene Magritte created a version of this David painting in which a coffin replaces the titular courtesan, who in the original is depicted reclining in Greek dress, looking over her right shoulder. A better-received painting of her was created by Francois Gerard.
Answer: Portrait of Madame Recamier
[10] This Romantically-inclined, Napoleophile student of David painted such mostly-historical works as Napoleon at the Battle of Arcole, Napoleon at the Battle of Eylau, and Napoleon Visiting the Plague House at Jaffa.
Answer: Antoine-Jean, Baron Gros
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
In one of the stories in this collection, "The Second Bakery Attack," a hungry newlywed couple holds up a McDonald's with a shotgun, demanding thirty Big Macs. For 10 points each:,
[10] Identify this collection that also contains "On Seeing the 100% Perfect Girl One Beautiful April Morning," in the title story of which the narrator describes an article about an animal disappearing from a zoo.
Answer: The Elephant Vanishes
[10] The stories in The Elephant Vanishes were written by this author of Hear the Wind Sing; Pinball, 1973; and Dance Dance Dance.
Answer: Haruki Murakami [accept in either order, do not accept "Ryu Murakami" or other wrong answers]
[10] The chapters in this Murakami novel alternate perspective between the elderly Mr. Nakata, who can talk to cats, and the title figure, a 15-year-old boy who runs away from home and makes his way to a library, where he sleeps with Miss Saeki, who may be his mother.
Answer: Kafka on the Shore [accept Umibe no Kafuka]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
The First Law of Welfare Economics says that price-taking trade will always result in a point on this, and it graphically represents the set of Pareto efficiencies for a given economy. For 10 points each:,
[10] Identify this construct, the curve consisting of the points of tangency of two agents' indifference curves, which can also be defined as the set of points for which the marginal rates of substitution for two agents are equal.
Answer: contract curves
[10] The contract curve runs between two of the corners of this man's namesake "box." He developed indifference curves with Pareto and also came up with the taxation paradox.
Answer: Francis Ysidro Edgeworth
[10] Noted Wikipedia scholar Seanwal111111 considers Edgeworth's applications of mathematics to moral and economic issues in this 1881 work to be "incomprehensible or wacky". In such chapters as "On Unnumerical Mathematics" and "On the Importance of Hedonical Calculus," Edgeworth proves him correct.
Answer: Mathematical Psychics: An Essay on the Application of Mathematics to the Moral Sciences
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Identify the following relating to a theoretical physicist, for 10 points each.,
[10] His namesake potential, sometimes known as the screened Coulomb potential, was developed to describe the nuclear interaction between protons and neutrons.
Answer: Hideki Yukawa [accept names in either order]
[10] Yukawa is more famous for his prediction of this particle, actually discovered by Cecil Powell. The lightest of their class of molecule, they have zero spin and come in both charged and neutral varieties. The positive type is made of an up quark and an anti-down quark.
Answer: pion [accept pi meson; I guess you can prompt on meson]
[10] Yukawa also predicted this type of beta decay, in which the namesake particle combines with a proton, forming a neutron and ejecting a neutrino.
Answer: K- or L-electron capture [prompt on inverse beta decay, K-capture, or L-capture]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
He was both preceded and succeeded by kings named Dharanindravarman, and his guru Divakarapandita presided over his inauguration. For 10 points each:,
[10] Identify this king who could never quite conquer the Dai Viet, a devotee of Vishnu who built a huge five-towered temple dedicated to his god of choice.
Answer: Suryavarman II
[10] That temple was, of course, Angkor Wat, located in the capital city of this empire found in modern-day Cambodia, over which Suryavarman presided.
Answer: Khmer Empire
[10] Suryavarman allied with this South Vietnamese kingdom to attack the Dai Viet, but was understandably angered when their king Jaya Indravarman III defected, allying with the Dai Viet and refusing to fight. Suryavarman then crushed this polity's army at Chakling and put his brother-in-law Harideva on their throne.
Answer: Champa [accept Chiem Thanh]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Its second section begins by asking "Must the morning always return? Will the despotism of the earthly never cease?" For 10 points each:,
[10] Identify this collection of poetry, the sixth and last of which is called "Longing for Death," written in memory of Sophie von Kuhn, its author's late fiancee.
Answer: Hymns to the Night [accept Hymnen an die Nacht]
[10] This author of Faith and Love, or the King and the Queen and The Novices at Sais wrote Hymns to the Night.
Answer: Novalis [accept Georg Philipp Friedrich Freiherr von Hardenberg]
[10] Penelope Fitzgerald's biography of Novalis, The Blue Flower, took its name from the symbol sought after by the titular minnesinger of this unfinished Novalis novel.
Answer: Heinrich von Ofterdingen [accept Henry of Ofterdingen]
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The second of them contains such movements as "O Canto da Nossa Terra," "O Trenzinho do Caipira," and "O Canto do Capadocio," and the first was composed "for Eight Cellos". For 10 points each:,
[10] Identify this set of nine suites, a fusion of folk and classical music produced between 1932 and 1945.
Answer: Bachianas Brasilieras
[10] This composer of such symphonies as The Unforseen, The Ascenscion, and The Mountains of Brazil composed Bachianas Brasilieras. He's Brazilian. Brazil.
Answer: Heitor "Brazilian" Villa-Lobos [accept "Hector" instead of "Heitor"]
[10] This Villa-Lobos opera was first staged in Santa Fe in 1971. Its libretto was adapted from, and it took its title from, a Federico Garcia Lorca play in which the title character murders Juan after Juan finds her at a fertility ritual.
Answer: Yerma
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Identify the following things you might use to find shortest paths in graphs, for 10 points each.,
[10] This algorithm outputs a shortest-path tree for a graph as long as the graph only contains non-negative edge weights. It's named after the inventor of semaphores, a Dutch computer scientist with a low opinion of GOTO statements.
Answer: Dijkstra's algorithm
[10] This algorithm works by relaxing all the edges in every pass, rather than greedily selecting a node like Dijkstra's does. As a result, this algorithm works for graphs with negative edge weights as well.
Answer: Bellman-Ford algorithm
[10] This algorithm is a modification of Dijkstra's algorithm which includes a distance-to-the-goal-based heuristic. It was formulated by Hart, Nilsson, and Raphael.
Answer: A* (A-star) search algorithm
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Answer some things about the adventures of the Mayan Hero Twins, Hunahpu and Xbalanque, for 10 points each.,
[10] The Hero Twins' most notable accomplishment was their defeat of the twelve gods, led by One Death and Seven Death, that ruled this place, the Mayan underworld.
Answer: Xibalba
[10] Before the Hero Twins' victory over the Xibalbans, they defeated this father of Zipacna and Cabrakan. He pretended to be both the sun and the moon, so Hunahpu killed him with a blowgun.
Answer: Seven Macaw [or Vucub Caquix]
[10] This name is used either generally or specifically, to refer to the bats of Bat House, to their leader, or to other Central American bat deities. When the Hero Twins spent a night in Bat House, this god decapitated Hunahpu.
Answer: Camazotz
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It was first conceived at the 1955 Bandung Conference, which was organized by two of its leaders, Sukarno and Jawaharlal Nehru, and its aims were clarified at the 1970 Lusaka conference. For 10 points each:,
[10] Identify this movement also led by such figures as Gamal Nasser and the organizer of its first official summit in Belgrade, Joseph Tito, a collection of countries dedicated to Cold War neutrality.
Answer: Non-Aligned Movement [accept NAM]
[10] The final member of the group responsible for the NAM's "Initiative of Five" was this socialist advocate of Pan-Africanism, the first leader of an independent Ghana.
Answer: Kwame Nkrumah
[10] The Non-Aligned Movement adopted this five-point document first drawn up in 1954 by Nehru and Zhou Enlai to quell conflict between India and China. It wasn't entirely successful at its original purpose, as the Sino-Indian War might suggest.
Answer: Panchsheel [or Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence]
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Answer some questions about Philip Massinger, for 10 points each.,
[10] This Massinger play sees Frank Wellborn and Lord Lovell help Tom Allworth elope with Magaret, the daughter of the scheming Sir Giles Overreach.
Answer: A New Way to Pay Old Debts
[10] Massinger collaborated on The Fatal Dowry with this playwright and actor, who wrote A Woman is a Weather-Cock and Amends for Ladies by himself and collaborated with John Fletcher on such plays as The Knight of Malta.
Answer: Nathan Field
[10] In this other Massinger play, Luke Frugal has Goldwire, Tradewell, and the whore Shave'em arrested and attempts to have his sister-in-law and nieces sacrificed by Indians, but he is foiled by his brother John.
Answer: The City Madam
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Identify these waterfalls, for 10 points each.,
[10] This waterfall is found on Auyantepui in Venezuela's Canaima National Park. Named after the aviator that discovered it, it is the highest waterfall in the world.
Answer: Angel Falls [accept Churun Meru or Kerepakupai Meru]
[10] Among the many waterfalls in the U.S. with this name are the smallest section of Niagara Falls, separated from the American Falls by Luna Island, and a 620-foot fall in Yosemite National Park also known as Pohono.
Answer: Bridal Veil Fall(s)
[10] The namesake river that forms these falls has its source in the Mont-aux-Sources range. Located in the Drakensberg Mountains in the Royal Natal National Park, it is formed of five tiers totaling 3110 feet of height. That's over 3100 feet!
Answer: Tugela Falls

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