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2007 Michigan MLK Tossups by Playoff 3
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This author writes of ?tales of dirt and danger, fondly thrilled? in a poem about a titular group who knit socks and worship decorations. He writes about the ?june of blossom that shines above? in a work about ?one shattering aim.? In addition to poems like ?The Glory of Women? and ?Because We are Going? in collections like Common Chords and The Road to Ruin, he delved into prose with works like The Old Centuryand Sherston's Progress. One of his first successes was the parody The Daffodil Murderer, but he is better known for his Memoirs of a Fox-Hunting Man and Counter-Attack and Other Poems, and for his time at Craiglockhart sanatorium in Scotland where he met Wilfred Owen. FTP, name this ?forgotten hero? poet of WWI, author of the autobiographical Siegfried's Journey.
Answer: Siegfried Sassoon
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Jeroen Tromp is best known for his recent work implying a heterogeneous cylindrical anisotropy model for this, though Creager has pointed to a substantial asymmetry in that model between the eastern and western hemispheres, especially in the first few hundred kilometers of this area. Song and Richards made the initial breakthrough studies on its super-rotation at the Alaskan COL station, and its bulk attenuation is the subject of some dispute. First proposed theoretically in 1936 by Inge Lehmann, who initially gave her name to its discontinuity, the incongruent freezing of this area and expulsion of impurities is likely responsible for powering the geodynamo. Composed of solid metal like nickel and iron, FTP, name this deepest distinct layer of the Earth.
Answer: inner core (prompt core, of course)
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In describing this battle, Plutarch writes of a bad omen that the losing commander tripped while coming out the door of his tent, and says only Thorax of Larissa remained by his body after he died. The historian Hieronymus of Cardia was at this battle, and his work survives through the writings of Diodorus. In its wake, the Battle of Corupedium pitted two of the victors against each other. Its participants included Cassander, who received help from Lysimachus of Thrace, after the initial attack which saw 75 elephants under the command of Demetrius who was controlling the armies of his father Antigonus the One-Eyed. Fought by Antigonus against a coalition including Seleucus I, FTP, name this 301 BC battle which ended any hope that a Diadochi would restore the empire of Alexander the Great, not to be confused with a very similarly-named battle earlier fought by Alexander.
Answer: Battle of Ipsus (not the Battle of Issus)
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In one work, this man argues against the objectivity of ?sentimental time? by drawing an analogy to ?pictorial space,? and posits tropes or cycles as units that bridge the ?flux of existence.? In another work, he argues that it is futile to find epistemological certainty in brief ?instances of awareness,? as they are devoid of essences, and argues instead for a doctrine of the psyche. His lesser-known work includes Dominations and Powers, published late in life, and Egotism in German Philosophy. He included two colloquies between Socrates and the Stranger in Dialogues in Limboand also wrote the aesthetic treatise The Sense of Beauty. Better known for the two above-mentioned works, Realms of Beingand Scepticism and Animal Faith,FTP, name this 20th century Spanish-American philosopher.
Answer: George Santayana
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This man's Stabat Mater ends with a ?Paradisi Gloria? performed by the whole choir featuring very few breaks and no division of voice parts, unlike the piece by Lassus which it is often compared with. Like Thomas Tallis, he produced some Lamentations of Jeremiah the Prophet , though he resigned afterwards in protest of the way choirboys were fed. His Mottetorum liber secundus includes motets by his brother and two sons, two of his 250 motets, an early book of which was dedicated to Pope Julius III and resulted in his admittance to the Cappella Sistina. His most famous work, for six voices, demonstrated that the mass could be intelligible in the context of polyphony and was submitted to the Council of Trent. FTP, name this 16th century composer of the Roman School, best known for his Pope Marcellus Mass.
Answer: Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina
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In the first few lines, the poet mentions ?gleaming halls of morn? and speaks of those who ?care not how they give.? Toward this poem's end, there is a mythological reference to Ilion rising like a mist into towers, and there are also some curls that ?kindle into sunny rings,? and a few ?kisses balmier than half-opening buds.? Bemoaning his condition, the title character asks, ?how can my nature longer mix with thine,? and then he begs, ?restore me to the ground.? Containing the famous line, ?after many a summer dies the swan,? FTP, name this Alfred Tennyson poem named for the Trojan prince loved by the goddess of dawn who gained everlasting life but without everlasting youth, and then was turned into a grasshopper.
Answer: ?Tithonus?
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Goldobin observed this effect in a system of two magnetically coupled long Josephson junctions, unusual since the Swihart velocity is usually not low enough. The Akheizer and Minguzzi methods are used to produce it under less than optimal conditions. A slight variant on it is given by the Smith-Purcell Effect, and Hankel functions were used to mathematically corroborate it by Ilya Frank and Igor Tamm a few years after its formulation. Exemplified by the blue glow in water surrounding nuclear reactors, FTP, name this analog of the sonic boom by which particles travel faster than the speed of light in a given medium and emit the namesake radiation named for a Russian guy.
Answer: (Vavilov)-Cherenkov effect/radiation
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At the far right of this work, a bearded and balding man in an orange cape leans forward and drapes his arm across a man clad in blue, while opposite him at far left a muscular man holds a goat by the head. A young man reaches out from a large crowd toward the axe-wielding shirtless man at center to restrain him, and to the left of that man a small altar holds the busts of two young girls, one of whom holds a golden box. A statue of Mercury looms far in the background and the head of an ox is visible in the lower center of the foreground. FTP name this tapestry by Raphael with a subject matter stemming from the book of Acts, when Paul and Barnabas are mistaken for the gods Jupiter and Mercury after curing a cripple in the titular city.
Answer: Sacrifice at Lystra (or equivalents that include Lystra)
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The twenty-third chapter of this work is entitled ?The Man With the Knife? and discusses a man arrested after lunging viciously into a throng of people. It is prefaced by a passage from James Russell Lowell which begins "With gates of silver and bars of gold; Ye have fenced my sheep from their father's fold." Inspired by John Thomson and his work, its twenty-fifth and final chapter, ?How the Case Stands,? presents a summary followed by an appendix of statistics. Chapter six is devoted to ?the Bend,? a place situated between Mulberry Street and Baxter Street, and contains photographs of places called Bandit's Roost and Bottle Alley. Subtitled as ?Studies Among the Tenements of New York,? FTP, name this muckraking classic by Jacob Riis about the way a certain namesake portion of American people live.
Answer: ?How the Other Half Lives?
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This author has created such characters as Mordo Nahum and Elias the half-wit, and his most famous poem describes a ?womb cold as a frog in winter.? His short stories include ?Full Employment,? and ?Measure of Beauty,? and are assembled into collections like The Mirror Maker. Libertini Faussone is the protagonist of his The Monkey's Wrench, while Other People's Tradesis a collection of his essays, and he also wrote a work with chapter titles like ?Zinc,? ?Carbon,? and ?Nickel.? Better known for a trilogy concluding with The Drowned and the Saved, FTP, name this chemist and author of Moments of Reprieve, The Reawakening, and The Periodic Table, an Italian who also wrote a memoir of his time spent in a concentration camp, Survival in Auschwitz.
Answer: Primo Levi
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Duncan Watts and Steven Strogratz of Cornell completed the first network model of this in 1998, focusing their work on c. elegans and cricket chirps. One famous study on the subject revealed that this phenomenon has a 20% larger rate of occurrence in white populations than in black populations. The ?funneling? concept suggests that most connections are made through a few prominent individuals but the major work on this subject involved 60 letters sent to recipients in Omaha, who were then instructed to send the letters on to a stockbroker in Massachusetts. Now associated with Paul Erdos, FTP, name this hypothesis that everyone in the world can be reached through a short chain of acquaintances, which gave rise to the now-famous ?six degrees of separation? after Stanley Milgram conducted a 1967 experiment.
Answer: Small World phenomenon/theory (or six degrees of separation before mentioned)
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In one story, this mythological figure is offered some big shoes and some tiny shoes, as well as some rock crystals and a concubine named Matur. In several versions, this figure is the possessor of ?seven terrors? or ?seven splendours,? which are surrendered one by one according to one tradition. We are also told that ?his breath is Death,? his ?whisper has the power of fire,? and his ?shout has the power of a deluge.? In one story, he is hit by the thirteen winds sent by Shamash, his longtime enemy, and then proceeds to plead for his life but meets his fate at the ?axe of heroes.? Appointed by Enlil to be the guardian of the cedar forest, FTP, name this Mesopotamian monster heartlessly killed by Enkidu and Gilgamesh.
Answer: Humbaba (or Huwawa or something close to that)
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Derivatives of these chemical compounds include a ?nested? type, synthesized by Motiei, and an endohedral type which encapsulates another atom. They have been produced by Haufler's arching technique, and Taylor showed that they could be synthesized by the pyrolysis of naphthalene, but the traditional method of producing them is the Kratschmer-Huffman or K-H Method. Any method of synthesis will require separating them from soot, for example by dissolving in toluene. Harold Kroto, Robert Curl, and Richard Smalley gained fame for the discovery of the archetypal one, described as a truncated icosahedron composed of hexagons and pentagons. Allotropes of carbon, FTP, name these compounds whose best known example is named after an architect Buckminster.
Answer: fullerenes (take Buckminsterfullerene too, what the hell)
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One part of this work speaks of a man ?thirsting for battle with hopes inflamed,? and another begins with that same figure dealing ?no baneful slaughter.? Its first stanza mentions ?eagle with eagle met? and ?spear opposed to spear,? and ends with a character being ?driven back as he trod the beach? and a reference to ?the wall by Epidamnus' fields.? It contains the death of Curio and the Witch of Thessalia, and this work's author allegedly recited lines from book three while committing suicide as a result of his role in Piso's conspiracy. An unfinished epic poem in ten surviving books about the civil war between Julius Caesar and Pompey, FTP, name this best known work of Lucan, titled after a battle that happened in 48 BC.
Answer: Pharsalia (accept Civil War (Bellum civile) before that phrase is mentioned)
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This man writes about his torturous experience as a prisoner in the book White Nights , and about other struggles in The Revolt . He initiated Project Renewal, a program to cure urban blight. His decision not to surrender cargo led to the Altalena Affair, and the ship he was stationed on was taken by force. The man behind Operation Moses, after his birth in Brest-Litovsk, he became well-known for ordering the bombing of the King David Hotel as commander of the Irgun Zvei Leumi, for being the founder of Herut, and later for invading Lebanon as the first Likud Prime Minister of Israel. FTP, name this guy whose negotiation of the Camp David Accords with Anwar Sadat earned him the Nobel Peace Prize.
Answer: Menachem Begin
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Late in the movie, a father calls his fat other daughter ?Miss Dunkin Donut? when they leave to go to the restaurant. On a talk show, another character tells kids ?don't buy drugs, become a pop star and they give you them for free.? Two other characters meet while filming a porno and make small talk while she pretends to service him. Probably the dumbest plot involves a trip to Milwaukee solely to have sex, which of course succeeds, meeting Elisha Cuthbert and eventually Shannon Elizabeth. As promised, Billy Mack performs his terrible hit song naked but then decides the person he really cares about is his fat manager. Directed by Richard Curtis, FTP, name this super saccharine romantic comedy of 2003 with Keira Knightley and Hugh Grant, about love at Christmastime.
Answer: Love Actually
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It was decided the day before Bradwell v. Illinois , and its holding was followed six years later by Strauder v. West Virginia . One dissent begins with a quote from Adam Smith and goes on to say that ?the people of this country brought with them to its shores the rights of Englishmen.? Of the three dissents, that by Justice Swayne is the least cited, and it was decided the year before Minor v. Happersett. Writing for the majority, Justice Samuel Miller made the now-ridiculous claim that he doubted ?very much whether any action of a State not involving discrimination against the negroes?would ever be held to come within the equal protection clause.? Dissented in by Justices Field and Bradley, FTP, name this decision which upheld a monopoly granted to the Crescent City Company in New Orleans, an 1873 set of cases named for a certain bloody business.
Answer: The Slaughter-House Case(s)
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In the penultimate chapter of this novel, the protagonist gives a prostitute a copy of Beccaria's Crime and Punishment, and observes the Superior prostrate in the Tower of the North Star. In the first chapter he slashes up the polished black scabbard of an officer and relates the story of Uiko, who was shot by the lover she betrayed, a deserter from the Navy. Tsurukawa commits suicide over an unknown woman, though it's covered up, and Kashiwagi, who is club-footed, gives an interpretation of "Nansen and the Kitten,? a frequently-referenced Zen koan. The protagonist is motivated by another koan which begins, "When ye meet the Buddha, kill the Buddha," but is unable to complete his plan by dying in the Kukyocho. FTP, name this Japanese novel in which Mizoguchi burns down the title architectural treasure, a work by Yukio Mishima.
Answer: The Temple of the Golden Pavillion (or Kinkakuji)
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One member of this class has been shown to facilitate the subcellular translocation of Gq-alpha in Drosophila photoreceptors. Mutations in their non-muscle type are responsible for May-Hegglin anomaly and Fechtner Syndrome. Another member of this class has a role in clathrin-mediated endocytosis and is unusual because it moves toward the minus end of the filament. The most studied one has a tail domain containing heptad repeat sequences, which promote dimerization and interact to form an alpha-helical coiled coil, and its two heavy chains catalyze the ATP hydrolysis. FTP, name this class of about 20 elongated molecular proteins that form the thick filament, the cytoskeletal element in muscle cells, and drive the motion of its thin filament partner actin.
Answer: myosins
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The text of this agreement provides an indemnity to the Prince of Nassau-Dietz, a clever arrangement contained in one of its 14 ?secret articles.? It was actually agreed to earlier at the Peace of Leoben, and it contained a provision to ratify the agreement by a congress with the Holy Roman Empire at Rastadt the following month. It ceded Corfu and all islands below the Gulf of Drin to the victor, and its co-signer Ludwig von Cobenzl reluctantly agreed to simultaneously release the marquis de La Fayette. He also agreed to recognize the newly-created Ligurian Republic as well as the Cisalpine Republic, and the territory of Venice was secretly partitioned. An agreement that brought an end to the First Coalition and left France at war with only Britain, FTP, name this treaty between Napoleon and Austria in 1797 named for the small Italian village where it was signed.
Answer: Treaty of Campo Formio
2007 Michigan MLK Bonuses by Playoff 3
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His earliest design was the Hollis Street Church and his most precious design was the Tontine Crescent which bankrupted him during the recession of 1794. FTPE:,
[10] Name this early American architect deeply associated with Boston, designing its golden-domed Massachusetts State House, and who also worked on the U.S. Capitol.
Answer: Charles Bulfinch
[10] Bulfinch replaced this British-born engineer and architect working on the US Capitol. Sometimes lauded as America's first architect, he also designed the Baltimore Basilica.
Answer: Benjamin Henry Latrobe
[10] Bulfinch designed three houses for this man, who is known for being probably the foremost leader of the Hartford Convention.
Answer: Harrison Gray Otis
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The losers, nominally led by the child emperor Antoku, had their fortress set on fire and rushed to their fleet at Yashima. FTPE:,
[10] Name this great Japanese naval battle of the Gempei War in 1185 CE which saw the defeat of the Taira clan at the hands of Yoshitsune.
Answer: Battle of Dannoura
[10] Yoshitsune was a member of this clan, along with Yoritomo, who established the Kamakura shogunate shortly after the battle.
Answer: Minamoto clan
[10] The Taira and Minamoto clans were established as powers during this 1156 rebellion, in which the leaders of those clans successfully backed Go-Shirakawa and made him emperor over Sutoku.
Answer: Hogen Rebellion
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Name these diagrams useful in biochemistry, FTPE.,
[10] This plot shows the phi and psi torsion angles for amino acid residues in protein structure. Since glycine has no side chain, it can adopt angles in all four quadrants of this map.
Answer: Ramachandran plot/diagram/map
[10] This is just your standard projection to represent sugars, which shows chirality centers as simple crosses, making determination of stereochemistry a snap.
Answer: Fischer diagram/projection
[10] Named for two chemists, this plot is used to determine dissociation energy of diatomic molecules by using the vibrational fine structure of electronic absorption spectra.
Answer: Birge-Sponer plot/extrapolation
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The work of this poet includes “Elegy for Alto,” the final poem in his collection *Path of Thunder*, and a preserved collection posthumously published by Heinemann called *Labyrinths*. FTPE:,
[10] Name this postcolonial Nigerian author of Heavensgate and Limits.
Answer: Christopher Okigbo
[10] Christopher Okigbo contributed his work to this literary journal, which was founded by Ulli Beier and Janheinz Jahn in 1957, providing a forum for post-independence African works in English.
Answer: Black Orpheus
[10] James Wieland wrote an essay entitled The Ensphering Mind, which connected the poetry of Okigbo to that of several other contemporary poets including this author of Tiepolo's Hound and Omeros.
Answer: Derek Walcott
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Name these pro players who spent some time in Seattle, FTPE.,
[10] The only longtime Seattle Seahawk to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, this possession receiver held the record for most receptions when he retired in 1989, and has since gone on to work in government.
Answer: Steve Largent
[10] After his time with the Blue Wave, this guy became the everyday outfielder and leadoff man for the Seattle Mariners. He's Japanese and he can hit.
Answer: Ichiro Suzuki
[10] After their finals appearance with the Bulls in 96, the Sonics obtained this seven foot one white center from the Bullets to replace Ervin Johnson and paid him a boatload of money - more than Hersey Hawkins, Detlef Schrempf, or Shawn Kemp was making at the time, which is mindblowing.
Answer: Jim McIlvaine
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Answer stuff about Eric Kwartler's favorite and quizbowl's leading composer, Karlheinz Stockhausen, FTPE.,
[10] Karlheinz, or Karl as I like to call him, once punched this man in a bar in a fit of rage. If that doesn't help, this American wrote books like A Year from Monday and composed Litany for the Whale and the infamous 4'33''[4 minutes, 33 seconds].
Answer: John Cage
[10] Karl erected a personal shrine to this fellow composer, a Frenchman who composed Livre pour quatuorfor string quartet and some Structures for two pianos, but remains most famous for 1954s Le Marteau sans Maitre or “Hammer Without a Master.”
Answer: Pierre Boulez
[10] A student and assistant of Karl, this English composer was a founding member of the Scratch Orchestra. He composed a horrifically long piece The Great Learning and wrote “Towards an Ethic of Improvisation” to go with his piece inspired by Wittgenstein entitled Treatise.
Answer: Cornelius Cardew
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Sometimes called the third Viennese school of psychotherapy, this type of existential analysis contrasts Adler's will to power and Freud's will to pleasure, stating that the ultimate goal of man's life is to find meaning. FTPE:,
[10] Name this philosophy of psychology, which has been expounded upon by Alex Pattakos.
Answer: Logotherapy
[10] Logotherapy was however created by this neurologist and psychiatrist author of Man's Search for Meaning,drawing heavily on his experiences in concentration camps.
Answer: Victor Frankl
[10] One key passage in Man's Search for Meaning discusses the possibilities of deepening spiritual life in concentration camps, heavily contrasting this Sigmund Freud work which memorably classifies religion as the “universal compulsive neurosis of mankind.”
Answer: The Future of an Illusion
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Stuff about topological theorems, FTPE,
[10] This rather simply-proven theorem states that given a continuous map from the unit sphere to the plane there is a point such that f of x equals f of negative x. An example often given is that there exist antipodal points on the Earth with the same temperature and barometric pressure.
Answer: Borsuk-Ulam Theorem
[10] This corollary of the Borsuk-Ulam Theorem states that given two bounded polygonal regions in the plane, there exists a line that cuts both of them in half.
Answer: Bisection Theorem
[10] This mouth-wateringly named theorem is the extension of the bisection theorem to three dimensions, and states that given three Jordan-measurable regions, one can bisect all of them with a plane.
Answer: Ham Sandwich Theorem
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Its leader said he intended to purchase a piece of silk for a flag on which was written “Death or Liberty,” and he tried to escape on the schooner *Mary*. FTPE:,
[10] Name this rebellion undertaken with Jack Bowler, which was doomed when the Brook Swamp was flooded by heavy rains and destroyed the main bridge.
Answer: Prosser's Rebellion
[10] 1800 was a foreboding year for slave violence, as this man was born then. He'd go on to kill the Travis family in his revolt of 1831 in Southhampton County, Virginia.
Answer: Nat Turner
[10] Prosser hoped to convince this Indian tribe situated on the border of North and South Carolina to fight with him. Earlier, this tribe had merged with the Iswa and fought against the colonists in the Yamasee War, though it helped them during the Revolution.
Answer: Catawba (prompt Issa, Esaw, or Iswa)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Its flag is shaped funny and its national anthem sucks. Answer questions about Nepal, FTPE.,
[10] At the confluence of the Baghmati and Vishnumati Rivers, you'll find the Bodhnath Stupa and Bob Seger in this largest and capital city of Nepal.
Answer: Kathmandu
[10] On the border of Sikkim and Nepal is this third-highest mountain in the world, behind Everest and K2, which rises from the base of the Zemu glacier.
Answer: Kanchenjunga (or Kangchenjunga)
[10] Known as the Karnali River in Nepal, this river flows from Tibet through the western half of Nepal and then through Uttar Pradesh to meet the Ganges near Chhapra.
Answer: Ghaghara River (or Gogra River)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This man's work includes a feminist dialogue *Alcuin*, and a story “Somnambulism: A Fragment” about Young Althorpe murdering his beloved while sleepwalking in a forest. FTPE:,
[10] Name this American author of the novels Ormond, Jane Talbot,and Arthur Mervyn.
Answer: Charles Brockden Brown
[10] The most famous work of Charles Brockden Brown is this 1798 novel about a dude on a Pennsylvania estate whose father dies of spontaneous combustion and who kills his wife and kids because a “divine voice” told him to. There's also a ventriloquist named Carwin.
Answer: Wieland
[10] Charles Brockden Brown was heavily influenced in his writing style by this lady who married William Godwin and got all huffy about vindicating the rights of some women.
Answer: Mary Wollstonecraft
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Answer stuff about some mythological shenanigans involving trees, FTPE.,
[10] Joukahainen gets his teeth stuck in a tree trunk when this hero of the Kalevala uses the sheer power of his singing to make him sink in a bog, until Joukahainen agrees to give up his sister Aino in marriage.
Answer: Vainamoinen
[10] In the Shahnama,Shugdad hides in a tree trunk after tricking this hero and his steed into falling in a pit of spears, but this guy fights off death long enough to shoot an arrow right through the tree.
Answer: Rustam (Rustom, etc.)
[10] In the Popol Vuh, the Four Hundred Boys try to kill this monster by making him think they are unable to lift a tree to build their village hut, but he outsmarts them all and kills them. Later, the Hero Twins would take revenge on this demon with a clever crab ruse.
Answer: Zipacna
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He wrote of breaking “that most radical and unalterably binding of chains” in the 1935 essay *On Escape* and discussed two of his key ideas in the very late work *Alterity and Transcendence*. FTPE:,
[10] Name this French philosopher who put forth his concept of “the Other” in books like Totality and Infinity and Otherwise than Being, or Beyond Essence.
Answer: Emmanuel Levinas
[10] Levinas was a student of this German phenomenologist who wrote such works as Cartesian Meditations and Formal and Transcendental Logic.
Answer: Edmund Husserl
[10] Levinas composed a set of essays comparing Jean Wahl and this fellow avant-garde Frenchman. This “Christian existentialist” drew distinctions between Disponibiliteand Indisponibilite and wrote of Being and Havingand The Mystery of Being.
Answer: Gabriel-Honore Marcel
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They come in nitrogen-dominant and carbon-dominant types, and a much rarer type which has low carbon to oxygen ratio. FTPE:,
[10] Name these hot massive stars with a strong stellar wind and very high rate of mass loss, precursors of type IIa supernovae named after their two discoverers.
Answer: Wolf-Rayet stars
[10] As hot luminous stars, Wolf-Rayet stars are found in the upper left of this diagram, though they move to the lower left upon aging.
Answer: Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram
[10] This effect, which may serve as a distance gauge for Wolf-Rayet stars in which it has been observed, is a negative correlation between emission-line equivalent width and luminosity in active galactic nuclei.
Answer: Baldwin Effect
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Answer the following about the First Italo-Abyssinian War, FTSNOPE.,
[5] Oreste Baratieri and the Italians were defeated at this landmark battle of 1896 at the hands of the general Ras Makonnen.
Answer: Battle of Adowa (Adwa)
[5] Name the “supreme king” of Ethiopia who succeeded John IV to command at Adowa.
Answer: Menelik II of Ethiopia
[10] Name the treaty that Menelik had signed in 1889, which led to the battle when it was discovered to have a tricky clause in its translation from Italian to Amharic.
Answer: Treaty of Wichale (or Ucciale)
[10] After Adowa, this previously popular Italian premier who had sent a telegram prompting Baratieri to attack was forced to resign.
Answer: Francseco Crispi
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Name these Tennessee Williams plays, FTPE.,
[10] This 1957 retelling of a Greek legend is a rewrite of the play Battle of Angels and features the characters Val and Lady, the latter of whom has a dying elderly husband.
Answer: Orpheus Descending
[10] This play details the story of the minister's daughter Alma Winemiller as she is courted by Dr. John Buchanan Jr. A later, updated version of the play was published as Eccentricities of a Nightingale.
Answer: Summer and Smoke
[10] This work features delightful characters like Alvaro, Assunta, and Bessie. It follows Serafina as she has a miscarriage after her truck driving husband dies, who had a distinctive mark on his chest.
Answer: The Rose Tattoo
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In the 1947 work *The Great Sirens* he depicts a line of four bare breasted women seated and creates a similar scene with clothed women in 1942's *The Village of the Mermaids*. FTPE:,
[10] Name this surrealist who collaborated with Eluard on his Poemes and did a set design for Jean Genet. He often painted surreal nudes with invisible objects or misplaced items like railway trains running through the canvas.
Answer: Paul Delvaux
[10] A much more famous Belgian surrealist is this guy, whom Delvaux imitated, and who painted such works as The Son of Man.
Answer: Rene Magritte
[10] Delvaux was also heavily influenced and used motifs of this Italian, who painted The Uncertainty of the Poet, Enigma of an Autumn Night, and The Soothsayer's Recompense.
Answer: Giorgio de Chirico
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Name these rather *ad hoc* religious systems, FTPE.,
[10] This syncretic set of beliefs also known as Lucumi brings together some Christian and Yoruban customs, worships Orishas, and leads to sacrificing some animals in Cuba.
Answer: Santeria
[10] Jack Hayford is apparently now the head honcho of this dumb-ass church which stems back to a vision of Ezekiel by its founder, Aimee McPherson, in 1927.
Answer: International Church of the Foursquare Gospel (or just the Foursquare Church)
[10] Smaller than Tenrikyo, this Shinto sect headquartered in Okayama became official in the very late 19th century and is named for the deity which inhabited its ailing founder Bunjiro.
Answer: Konkokyo
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Answer these super things about science, FTPE.,
[10] The super-weak model, like the Kobayashi-Maskawa model, attempts to explain this result which was discovered by Cronin and Fitch in 1964 observing the decay of a neutral K-meson.
Answer: CP violation (charge-parity)
[10] Supercoiling and knotting is remedied in DNA by this class of enzymes, first discovered by James Wang, whose type II class includes DNA gyrase.
Answer: topoisomerases
[10] Although Lucien Levy and Walter Schottky had designs too, this American is generally credited with inventing the superheterodyne radio receiver, which mixes a local oscillator signal.
Answer: Edwin Howard Armstrong
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Famously translated into more languages than any other book besides the Bible, this work features Mr. Worldly Wiseman. How allegorical. FTPE:,
[10] Name this John Bunyan work subtitled “from This World to That Which is to Come.”
Answer: Pilgrim's Progress
[10] This other Bunyan work published in 1680 might have been intended as a counterpart to Pilgrim's Progress, and paints a rough picture of English life under Charles II.
Answer: The Life and Death of Mr. Badman
[10] This spiritual autobiography of Bunyan details his journey from blasphemy and sin to renewal in Jesus Christ. How wonderful.
Answer: Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners

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