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2007 Michigan MLK Tossups by Chris Ray
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In a 1983 biography of this man, Peter Carlson dubs him Roughneck. He punctured his eye in a whittling accident at the age of nine, so he only allowed himself to be photographed on the left side, and quickly came under the tutelage of Ed Boyce. Along with Charles Moyer and George Pettibone, he'd be accused by Harry Orchard of murdering the ex-governor of Idaho Frank Steunenberg, and defended in that trial by Clarence Darrow. Later, he'd be convicted under the Espionage Act of 1917 and flee to live the rest of his life in Russia, a fitting end for a lifelong Socialist. FTP, name this man who led the Wobblies or Industrial Workers of the World, a labor activist known as ?Big Bill.?
Answer: William Dudley ?Big Bill? Haywood
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George Cotzias is known for work concerning the manganese content in this, and the Proctor-McGinness hypothesis concerns its biological role. It is contained in units bound by Rab27A which attract Slac2-a, vital in transport which is inhibited by Griscelli Syndrome, causing large granules of this to be unevenly distributed. It can act as an amorphous semiconductor threshold switch, and its biosynthesis involves the dehydrogenation of dopa to dopaquinone after the oxidation of tyrosine to tyrosinase. Partially absent in portions of people who suffer from vitiligo, its complete absence is of course known as albinism. FTP, name this dark-colored pigment responsible for skin color.
Answer: melanin
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At one point the title character is observed molding silver plates, and later in the novel an unscrupulous associate of the young protagonist falls victim to some poisoned coffee, after which he is identified as the famous criminal Trompe-la-Mort. Victorine\`s father disinherits her in favor of her brother, prompting Vautrin to suggest having that brother murdered by means of a duel. Madame de Beauseant introduces the protagonist to Delphine, who then proceeds to ask him to win money for her by gambling. Set primarily in the boarding-house of Madame Vauquer, FTP, name this novel centering on Anastasie de Restaud, Eugene de Rastignac, and the titular indulgent parent, a work of Honore de Balzac.
Answer: Pere Goriot or Father Goriot
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The film of this name stars Oscar Levant and Alexis Smith, and a desire to beat out a rival named Vincent Lopez indirectly inspired the composition of this piece, on which the composer made great progress while riding a train to Boston. Followed up chronologically by the composer's Cuban Overtureand a Concerto inF, the New York Tribune advised listeners to ?weep over the lifelessness? of this work. It was commissioned by Paul Whiteman, scored by his arranger Ferde Grofe and famously named after a visit to a Whistler gallery by the composer's brother Ira. FTP, name this George Gershwin work with a famous clarinet opening and a colorful title.
Answer: Rhapsody in Blue
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Given its current name by A. William Grabau, it was discovered by a team including Birgir Bohlin and led by the Swedish geologist Johann Andersson. Found at a site comprising 26 localities including the Upper Cave of late fossils and the New Cave, it initially turned up two teeth, and the upper molar was sent for analysis to Davidson Black. Studied by Teilhard de Chardin, the initial team proceeded from Chicken-bone Hill to Dragon-bone Hill to unearth this Homo erectus specimen of the Pleistocene, which confirmed the findings of the Java Man. Unearthed at Zhoukoudian, FTP, name this ?man? discovered at the namesake place in China.
Answer: Peking Man (or Beijing Man)
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This singer laments ?lately nothing I do ever seems to please you and maybe turning my back would be that much easier,? but concludes according to the title, ?I Just Can't Live a Lie.? She made a fitting tribute to the band Heart by performing their song ?Alone? at a concert in Atlantic City. Other tracks of hers include ?We're Young and Beautiful,? ?Lessons Learned,? and ?I Ain't in Checotah Anymore,? a reference to her humble birthplace, on the Some Heartsalbum. In her more famous work, she declares ?I wanna be inside your heaven,? punishes a wayward lover in ?Before He Cheats,? and invites Jesus to take the wheel. FTP, name this recent country artist who won season four of American Idol.
Answer: Carrie Underwood
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A force of this city defeated Dorieus when he attempted to found a colony at the foot of Mount Eryx. It founded the city of Gabir and emerged victorious under Malchus, who was later banished. Its government featured a body of judges known as the Hundred and Four and it celebrated the cult of the goddess Tanit, at the religious district or Tophet in the south. This is where its practice of child sacrifice is said to have occurred, and its power center was the citadel Byrsa. It was defeated at the Battle of Himera and a revolution overthrew its Mago dynasty. Led by several members of the Barca family, FTP, name this ancient Phoenician city which fought against Rome in the Punic Wars.
Answer: Carthage
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Frederick Lindemann created a special one of these, along with Koref and Nernst, useful at very low temperatures. A forward plug type has been installed for the ZEUS detector at HERA. An example of the power compensation differential scanning type is that produced by Perkin-Elmer. The micro one at Goddard is XRS and essentially consists of a thermistor, absorber, and heat sink. Titration types are useful for determining end points. A sealed metal container placed in water to measure heat flow for gases and high temperature reactions is known as the bomb type. FTP, name this thermodynamic instrument of which high school chemistry classes like to use a coffee cup type.
Answer: calorimeter
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A discussion of the painting Woman with a Parrot occurs early in this novel, which includes minor characters like the beefy guard Jimmy Carnes, the drunken Alec Small, and the flirtatious Rose Mapen. The narrator rides a horse named Blue Boy on an expedition he undertakes with companions like Ma Grier, Bill Winder, and the black man Sparks. Canby the bartender and Judge Tyler figure prominently in the opening chapter and conclusion. Arthur Davies and Bill Tetley hold opposing views as to how to avenge the death of Kinkaid and the theft of cattle at the hands of some rustlers, but the narrator's friend Gil just likes to get drunk and fight. FTP, name this novel in which a lynching party hangs three innocent men at the title locale, the most famous work by Walter Van Tilburg Clark.
Answer: The Ox-Bow Incident
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This man composed a choral arrangement of ?Il sospiro? and a ?Miserere? based on Psalm 50 as well as a concerto for two clarinets entitled ?Maria Padilla.? The composer of the operas Fausta and Elvida, his notable arias include ?ah, mes amis! Quel jour de fete,? sung alongside the characters Sulpizio and Tonio, and the more famous ?una furtiva lagrima.? In addition to the opera in which that appears, The Daughter of the Regiment,he featured Ernesto, Norina, and Dr. Malateste in his Don Pasqualeand composed an opera on Anne Boleyn. FTP, name this pioneer of bel canto opera, the Italian composer of The Elixir of Loveand Lucia di Lammermoor.
Answer: Gaetano Donizetti
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This god appears in the Middle Kingdom story ?The Magician Djedi,? where the title character claims he knows all the secrets of this god. In the Late Period, this god acquired the epithet ?silver Aten,? and one of his consorts was the little-known Nehemetawy, but he's more often associated with the goddess Seshat who was variously his wife and daughter. His chief center of worship in dynastic times was Hermopolis. In several motifs, he represents one of the four cardinal points along with Dunanwi, Seth, and Horus. Also known as Djehuty, FTP, name this god who stands beside the scales that weigh the heart of the deceased and records the verdict, depicted as either a baboon or an ibis-headed god of wisdom.
Answer: Thoth
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The early history of this nation saw Francisco Morazan emerge as a national hero victorious at La Trinidad, and 20 th century leaders have included Tiburcio Carias and Ramon Villeda, deposed in a 1963 coup. A notorious unit of its armed forces, Batallion 316, was commanded by Gustavo Alvarez under the auspices of so-called ?proconsul? John Negroponte. In 1969, this country expelled a bunch of unwanted immigrants from a neighboring country, leading to a six-day conflict known as the Soccer War. It provided a U.S.-sponsored base for the Contras against the Sandinistas, just east of Tegucigalpa. FTP, name this Central American country bordered by El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua.
Answer: Honduras
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An increase in this property relative to another is described by the Hall-Petch Effect, and Meyer's Law provides an empirical relation for it. It may be described as Berkovitch or measured by the Bennett scale, which uses the same principle as a scleroscope, creating results in Shore units. It can also be measured by a Rockwell test or a superficial Rockwell test, a Knoop Test or Vickers Test which requires magnification, or a Brinell Test which employs a sphere. The most famous way of measuring it provides a very low value for talc and high value for diamond. FTP, name this basic physical property measured by the Mohs scale.
Answer: hardness
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Some versions of this work contain an extra line referring to the Marian intercession, and Edward Seymour, the Duke of Somerset, may have supported it for political reasons. Robert Crowley's versions of this work are well-known, and Francis Meres and William Webb join Crowly as the only people to comment on its alliterative style favorably. Classified by W.W. Skeet into definitive A, B, and C text versions, it begins in Worcestershire when a fellow named Will dreams of a large tower and a fortress in a valley. Featuring characters like Do-well, Do-bet, and Do-best, FTP, name this Middle English allegorical narrative, a work of William Langland.
Answer: Piers Plowman
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Florence Kelley and Josephine Goldmark lent assistance to the developer of this. Its was inspired by a dissent in New State Ice Company v. Leibmann and in 2005, one of these was controversially used in Roper v. Simmons , leading critics like Ginsburg to point out that they represent a severe relaxation of judicial notice. Used in Brown vs. Board of Education to demonstrate the psychological repercussions of segregated education on African-American children, it was first employed by its namesake in the 1908 case Muller v. Oregon. Featuring analysis of extra-legal data and the theory of other sciences, FTP, name this type of expansive legal brief named for the first Jewish justice of the Supreme Court.
Answer: Brandeis Brief
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A one-man show by Bob Diven tells the story of this artist completing his most famous work, and this man's painting Gassed shows a line of soldiers standing among their fallen comrades. He painted some Muddy Alligators lounging around and a Venetian Interior that now resides in Pittsburgh, while his mural cycle Triumph of Religion resides at the Boston Public Library. Two guitars hang on the wall in the upper left while two Spanish musicians play guitars and a white-clad woman dances in the foreground of his work El Jaleo. FTP, name this American painter, most famous for The Misses Vickers, Carnation Lily, Lily Rose, and his rendering of the young socialite Virginie Gautreau in Madame X.
Answer: John Singer Sargent
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This conflict saw the Battle of Madonna dell'Olmo fought near Cuneo. Three years into it, the Peace of Abo ended a separate war sometimes called the Lesser Wrath or the Hats War, and a notable naval skirmish saw the fleet of Thomas Mathews defeated at Toulon. Also featuring the Battle of Soor, it began in earnest with an alliance proposed by the Marshal Belle-Isle which soon after led to the Battle of Dettingen, a victory for George II two years before its most central action, the Battle of Fontenoy. It stemmed from the invasion of Silesia in response to Maria Theresa's rule under the Pragmatic Sanction. FTP, name this European conflict from 1740 to 1748, a certain war of succession.
Answer: War of the Austrian Succession (prompt on King George's War)
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This effect accounts for the first term in the Proca Equations, a term that only becomes relevant for large photon masses, unlike the second term which is the London moment. It was notably studied by Andre Geim, and fails to explain the Suspension Effect. It is, however, itself theoretically explained by the London Equation which accounts for exponential decay. The mixed-state version occurs in type II superconductors and it was observed when tin crystals were cooled below critical temperature, revealing perfectly diamagnetic behavior. Discovered with Robert Ochsenfeld, FTP, name this effect which describes levitation and the falling off of magnetic flux within a superconductor.
Answer: Meissner-Ochsenfeld Effect
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In this work, the author protests those who assert that a ?blind fatality,? the fatality of the Atheists, produced the various effects of the world, and includes chapters on metempsychosis and maritime usury. Revised by J.V. Prichard, its original translator Thomas Nugent noted in a preface how its author proceeded to defend himself from the contradictory charges of being pro-Spinoza and a Deist. It was quoted at length by the Nakaz or Instructionof Catherine the Great, but excluding the discussion of the ?depository? and its necessity due to the ?natural ignorance? of the nobility. Comprising 31 books and 605 chapters and most cited for its doctrine of the separation of powers in government, FTP, identify this massive tome of the French Enlightenment, the most famous work of Montesquieu.
Answer: The Spirit of the Laws
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In one poem, this author declares that time ?shakes this fragile frame at eve with throbbings of noontide,? and notes that, ?love alone can lend you loyalty? in the poem ?A Broken Appointment.? More famous among his poetry is a work discussing how wind and rain sing their gentle songs, and a poem whose first line bemoans ?woman much missed, how you call to me, call to me.? He wrote about a ?Ruined Maid? in a poem by that name and claimed that ?every spirit on earth seemed fervourless as I? in a famous poem which begins ?I leant upon a coppice gate, when Frost was spectre-gray.? FTP, name this author of the poems ?The Voice,? ?Channel Firing,? and ?The Darkling Thrush,? who also wrote novels like Tess of the D'Urbervilles.
Answer: Thomas Hardy
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One of this author's works deals with Jessie Stilwell's harboring of Ann Davis and her lover, the painter Gideon Shibalo. A Soldier's Embrace contains stories like "Oral History," about the suicide of a village chief during a war in Zimbabwe. Jacques Demy's film The Umbrellas of Cherbourg influenced her recent work The Pickup, and her other novels include The Late Bourgeois World, The Lying Days, A Sport of Nature, and the aforementioned Occasion for Loving. FTP, name this author of July's People, Burger's Daughter, and The Conservationist, a South African Nobel winner.
Answer: Nadine Gordimer
2007 Michigan MLK Bonuses by Chris Ray
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Stuff about evil philosophy, FTPE.,
[10] “Supposing that Truth is a woman - what then?” So begins this German philosopher's work Beyond Good and Evil.
Answer: Friedrich Nietzsche
[10] “On the Nature and Source of Evil” and “Against Those Who Declare the Creator of the World, and the World Itself to be Evil” are two of the 54 sections of this work written by Plotinus and compiled by Porphyry.
Answer: Enneads
[10] This Harvard-based American philosopher wrote “A Series of Essays Upon Problems of Philosophy and of Life” entitled Studies of Good and Evil. A more famous work of his is The Religious Aspect of Philosophy.
Answer: Josiah Royce
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Works of Sam Taylor Coleridge, FTPE.,
[10] The title character of this two-part poem is the daughter of the Baron Leoline and meets a fair damsel named Geraldine in the middle of the night. Mysterious adventures ensue.
Answer: Christabel
[10] This poem was inspired by some friendly visitors to the author's cottage. He wrote the poem in the titular locale, and evidently felt rather constrained by it, for he remarks “well, they are gone, and here I must remain” to start the poem, and goes on to note, “no sound is dissonant which tells of life.”
Answer: This Lime-Tree Bower My Prison
[10] The ill-fated title character of this poem kills the bird that brings the fog and mist, wears it around his neck, and then has an odd encounter with a hermit in the woods.
Answer: The Rime of the Ancient Mariner
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Stuff about an experiment, FTPE.,
[10] In 1887, this experiment disproved the luminiferous ether when an interferometer failed to produce an appropriately large frame shift.
Answer: Michelson-Morley Experiment
[10] The null result of Michelson-Morley led to the proposal of the foreshortening of a moving body in the direction of its motion, a contraction often named for these two physicists.
Answer: George Francis Fitzgerald and Hendrik Antoon Lorentz (all or nothing)
[10] An early modification of the experiment was performed by sending two rays of light in opposite directions around a turntable, resulting in this eponymous effect - the phase shift between two paths oriented in opposite directions about the Earth's rotation axis.
Answer: Sagnac Effect
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Answer some stuff about the Agadir Crisis, FTPE.,
[10] The Agadir Affair represented the second crisis of this North African country, whose first crisis centered around Tangiers. It's also home to the city of Fez, where the relevant treaty was soon signed.
Answer: Morocco
[10] I hear Agadir is a good example of “gunboat diplomacy,” which was originally popularized by this abrasive guy, like when he instigated the Don Pacifico Incident, and then became British prime minister in 1855.
Answer: Lord Palmerston (or Henry John Temple)
[10] Since it's gunboat diplomacy, name the German gunboat deployed to Agadir which kicked off the crisis, alarming the British and French.
Answer: SMS Panther
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Changes in price have varying effects on the quantity consumed of a good. FTPE:,
[10] This basic effect refers to then change where a consumer consumes more of Good A and less of other goods when Good A's price falls
Answer: substitution effect
[10] This method of calculating the substitution effect places the consumer's new bundle on the same indifference curve as the bundle he consumed under the old prices before adjusting for price change. Its namesake wrote a famous paper explaining Keynes' General Theory.
Answer: Hicks decomposition
[10] This method of calculating substitution effect instead assumes that the consumer would consume the same bundle if compensated for the changing prices. It actually makes the consumer better off than he was under the old prices.
Answer: Slutsky decomposition
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Random questions about niche mythological figures, 5-10-15.,
[10] For five, the Anasazi and Hopi Indians, and some other southwest tribes, worshipped this flute-playing fertility deity.
Answer: Kokopelli
[10] For ten, African myth features this crafty spider god who brings rain for his father Nyame, or at least until he's outsmarted by the Wax Girl.
Answer: Anansi
[10] For fifteen, Polynesian myth features this goddess who birthed Molokai and is generally considered the first female, a two-headed lunar and solar deity. She gets bothered by Tuna, so her son Maui kills him.
Answer: Hina or Sina
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
A jack of many trades, his work includes *The Incorrigible Children* and the poetry volume *Aladdin's Lamp*. FTPE:,
[10] Name this French artist and writer who also penned The Infernal Machine and the film The Blood of a Poet.
Answer: Jean Cocteau
[10] Jean Cocteau was an acquaintance of this author of the Alcohols, who along with Cocteau served as a witness at Pablo Picasso's wedding. He also wrote The Breasts of Tiresias.
Answer: Guillaume Apollinaire
[10] After Cocteau gained fame for his early poetry volume “The Frivolous Prince,” this American author of “The Bunner Sisters” called him a man “to whom every great line of poetry was a sunrise.” She also wrote Ethan Frome.
Answer: Edith Wharton
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Works of Pieter Brueghel the Elder, FTPE.,
[10] The bride and groom are surprisingly nowhere to be found in this work, depicting the titular event with food and drink all around as celebration is underway.
Answer: The Peasant Wedding
[10] James Ensor would undoubtedly love this morbid landscape in which skeletons overrun the living and ring a heavy bell, all set against the background of a sky blackened by smoke from nearby burning cities.
Answer: The Triumph of Death
[10] The title figures of this painting and their group of dogs descend from lower left upon a frozen landscape while mountains loom in the distance and a few black birds fly through sky.
Answer: Hunters in the Snow
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Terms from the wide world of botany, FTPE.,
[10] This is a subterranean stem that runs horizontally and can produce new shoots from its nodes. Its above-ground equivalent is a stolon.
Answer: rhizome
[10] This vascular tissue of plants conducts water upward from the roots unlike, say, phloem.
Answer: xylem
[10] Just as the petals are collectively referred to as the corolla, the sepals of a plant collectively comprise this part, defined as the outermost whorl of flowers.
Answer: calyx
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Stuff about the Mauryan empire, FTPE.,
[10] This conqueror of Magadha, known to the Greeks as Sandrocottus, founded the Mauryan empire at the end of the third century B.C.
Answer: Chandragupta Maurya
[10] In lieu of asking about that worthless dolt Bindusara again, name the advisor to Chandragupta who engineered his rise and composed the political tract Arthashastra.
Answer: Kautilya (accept also Chanakya)
[10] Tired of nonviolence and faced with a crumbling Pataliputra, the general Pushyamitra Sunga assassinated this last Mauryan ruler in 185 B.C. This guy is known for being…the last Mauryan ruler.
Answer: Brihadratha or Brithadratha or Brhadratha (or anything in that ball park)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Answer the following about the quintessential sports movie, the original *Major League*, FTSNOP.,
[10] For ten, this woman plays Roger Dorn's wife who Vaughn unwittingly sleeps with. She's better known as a letter-turner on Wheel on Fortune.
Answer: Vanna White
[10] For five points apiece, name the legendary Milwaukee Brewers play-by-play man and the fictional announcer character he plays in Major League.
Answer: Bob Uecker and Harry Doyle (first or last name is fine)
[10] For a final ten, name either the fictional Yankees first basemen in the movie - the slugger Vaughn strikes out in the top of the ninth - or the real-life pitcher who played that character and won the Cy Young in 1982 for the Brewers.
Answer: Clue Haywood (either name) or Pete Vuckovich
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Name some eclectic religious sects, FTPE.,
[10] This largest major branch of Islam believes in succession through Abu Bakr and the rightly guided caliphs, not Ali.
Answer: Sunni
[10] Joining groups like the Cao Dai and Binh Xuyen, this Vietnamese Buddhist sect was founded in 1939 by a prophet named Huynh Phu So in southwestern Vietnam.
Answer: Hoa Hao
[10] Undoubtedly the worst tournament in quizbowl history involved an unfortunate mass conversion to this sect of Jainism, whose adherents opt to go about their business naked or “sky-clad,” in imitation of Mahavira.
Answer: Digambara
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Her only novel *Alide*is subtitled as an episode of Goethe's life. FTPE:,
[10] Name this poet whose other works include an essay on “A Day in Surrey with William Morris,” a verse drama The Spagnoletto, and a story entitled “The Eleventh Hour.”
Answer: Emma Lazarus
[10] Emma Lazarus called this year a “two-faced year” the “mother of change and fate,” in a poem named for it, which logically discusses a “virgin world” and “the children of the prophets of the Lord.”
Answer: 1492
[10] Lazarus called this poet “A Jew with the mind and eyes of a Greek,” and in addition to translating volumes of his work, made him the subject of a few of her own essays and poems. His own work includes the narrative poem Atta Troll.
Answer: Heinrich Heine
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Stuff about chemical processes and the things they make, FTPE.,
[10] The Deville Process, the Wohler Process, and the Hall-Heroult process have all been used to obtain this element, for example out of bauxite.
Answer: Aluminum or Al
[10] The premier way to make your nitric acid is with this process, which oxidizes ammonia and then introduces water in an absorbing role.
Answer: Ostwald process
[10] I'll give you a choice. You can either name the process to extract magnesium from dolomite using ferrosilicon in a thermal process, or the process for extracting nickel by passing carbon monoxide over the ore.
Answer: Pidgeon process or Mond process
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Name some commissions from U.S. history, FTPE.,
[10] This commission was appointed to investigate the events surrounding the Chicago Democratic National convention in 1968 and was headed by a future governor of Illinois. Unsurprisingly, it found that the police had provoked the riot.
Answer: Walker Commission
[10] Reagan created this commission in 1986 under pressure to investigate the proceedings of the Iran-Contra Affair.
Answer: Tower Commission
[10] This much more famous commission begun in late 1963 concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in the JFK assassination.
Answer: Warren Commission
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
It tells the story of a generally ordinary teenage boy and his rather pathological fascination with a certain animal. He proceeds to violently blind six of those animals, prompting the psychiatrist Martin Dysart to begin treating him after a referral from the magistrate Hesther Salomon. FTPE:,
[10] Name this 20th century play.
Answer: Equus
[10] This Jewish author of Equusalso penned The Salt Land and Amadeus.
Answer: Peter Shaffer
[10] This is that disturbed teenage protagonist of Equus.
Answer: Alan Strang (either name)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Answer the following about a composer, FTPE.,
[10] He produced the Holberg Suite, the Haugtussa Cycle, and a famous Piano Concerto in A minor, not to mention some incidental music for a play about a Norwegian anti-hero. Did I mention he's Norwegian?
Answer: Edvard Grieg
[10] One of the most famous pieces by Grieg is this final movement of Peer Gynt, which Fritz Lang famously adopted to be whistled by his creepy serial-killer protagonist in the 1931 film M.
Answer: In the Hall of the Mountain King
[10] Another movement of Peer Gynt is an exotic mazurka for muted strings titled as the dance of this woman, a Bedouin chief's daughter encountered by Peer.
Answer: Anitra
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Name some unimpressive female European rulers, FTPE.,
[10] The daughter of Frances Brandon, the Duke of Northumberland set her up as queen upon the death of Edward VI in 1553, but her exceedingly short reign would lead her to be called the Nine Days Queen.
Answer: Lady Jane Grey
[10] Presiding over the building of the Winter Palace, she unseated Ivan VI and ruled as empress of Russia from 1741-1762.
Answer: Empress Elizabeth of Russia
[10] She succeeded her mother Wilhelmina as Queen of the Netherlands and ruled from 1948-1980, abdicating in favor of her own daughter Beatrix.
Answer: Queen Juliana
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Answer stuff about neurons, FTPE.,
[10] The bouton is the sac that forms at the end of the axon just before these junctions or gaps between neurons.
Answer: synapses
[10] These are the eponymous regular gaps in the myelin sheath where the axolemma is directly exposed to tissue fluid, and are the site for development of axon collaterals.
Answer: Nodes of Ranvier
[10] Also known as tigroid bodies, these bodies named for a German neurologist are large basophilic granules of rough ER found in the cytoplasm of neurons.
Answer: Nissl Bodies
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Answer the following about a play by Aeschylus FTPE:,
[10] This play tells the story of a battle between Eteocles and his Thebans and the forces of Polynices, whose supporters compose the title group.
Answer: Seven Against Thebes
[10] Because he was there, Adam Kemezis knows that this king of Argos actually survived the battle of the Seven against Thebes, escaping on his dark horse Arion.
Answer: Adrastus
[10] This member of the Seven was the father of Promachus and son of Atalanta. Originally exposed on Mount Pathenius so that his mother could be thought a virgin, he became good friends with Telephus.
Answer: Parthenopeus

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