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2007 Michigan MLK Tossups by Carleton A + B
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The longitudinal coefficient of this phenomenon and its quadratic dependence can be accounted for by the Preisach Model. A form of Saint-Venant's Principle may be applied to the helical and linear forms of this effect. It results in strain directly proportional to applied field and not proportional to the square of the field like electrostriction, its converse process. Seen prominently in barium titanate and tourmaline, and other ceramics lacking inversion centers, it was discovered in Rochelle salts by the Curie brothers. The opposite of mechanical distortion, FTP, name this effect exemplified by the production of voltage across the face of a quartz crystal in response to applied stress.
Answer: piezoelectricity (or piezoelectric effect)
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This man's later novel Towards Asmara details conflict in Eritrea. In 1964 he published his first novel, The Place at Whitton , and more than 25 others have followed, including some under the pseudonym William Coyle. He published Bring Larks and Heroes and Three Cheers for the Paraclete in consecutive years, winning his country's Miles Franklin Award for both. Short-listed for the Booker Prize on three occasions - for Gossip from the Forest, Confederates,and The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith - he finally won in 1982 for a work criticized by some as more of an exercise in journalism than fiction. FTP, name this Australian author of Schindler's Ark.
Answer: Thomas Keneally
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This ruler commemorated his wife by having the Cappadocian city of Halala renamed in her honor. His daughter Lucilla was married for a second time to Claudius Quintianus of Antioch. A longtime friend of Fronto, his campaigns against the Sarmati and Marcomanni are represented by a column rising from the Piazza Colonna, and he was revolted against by his general Avidius Cassius, whom his wife Faustina was quite fond of. The subject of an equestrian statue at Laterano, his dyarchy with Lucius Verus lasted nine years. FTP, name this Roman emperor who was succeeded by his son Commodus, and is best remembered for being a stoic philosopher who wrote some Meditations.
Answer: Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus
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The part that follows this piece is played in F-sharp minor and ends quietly after a brief switch to C minor. This piece is sometimes transposed up one semitone due to problems with harp peddling in the original key, seen especially in arrangements of the work by Victor Couer. A tender piece performed mostly pianissimo, it commences inD-flat major, but moves to E major for its climax. Preceded by ?Menuet? and followed by ?Passepied,? it is properly the third part of the Suite Bergamasque, and takes its name from a poem by Paul Verlaine. FTP, name this piano masterpiece by Claude Debussy, whose French title translates as "Moonlight."
Answer: Clair de Lune
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Well-known cases dealing with the application of this legal concept include Shepard v. United States , Palmer v. Hoffman , and Ohio v. Roberts . However, its definition has recently been radically changed by Scalia in the watershed case of Crawford v. Washington . Covered by the 800 rules of the Federal Rules of Evidence, exceptions to it include present sense impressions, excited utterances, business records, and dying declarations, which all tend to provide sufficient credibility to overcome the inability to cross-examine. Defined as a statement offered for the truth of the matter asserted made by someone outside of court, FTP, name this type of statement that an attorney might object to.
Answer: hearsay rule
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Its luminosity and diameter has recently been studied by Dawson and de Robertis. The constellation which contains it is also home to the Pipe Nebula and Rasalhague. Work done at Sproul Observatory led Peter van de Kamp to posit planets revolving around it, a result quickly called into doubt, though the British Interplanetary Society did launch Project Daedalus to send an unmanned spacecraft to put a sensor platform in orbit around it. An unexpected intense flare here was observed in 19 A red dwarf located in the constellation Ophiuchus famous for having the largest known proper motion of any star, FTP, name this second nearest neighbor to the Sun after the Alpha Centauri system, named for an American astronomer.
Answer: Barnard's Star.
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The germ of this novel first appeared in the author's notebooks late in 1894, when he recorded an idea about a young woman ?on the threshold of a life that has seemed boundless,? and the protagonist may be based on the author's cousin Mary Temple. At one point a character is denied a visit to the protagonist and then discovers Lord Mark sitting in a cafe. The work also features minor characters like the doctor Sir Luke Strett and the English woman Mrs. Lowder and her American friend Mrs. Stringham. The doomed Milly Theale, Merton Densher, and Kate Croy form a love triangle in, FTP, what novel by Henry James whose title, from the 55th Psalm, references a bird who "could fly away and be at rest."
Answer: The Wings of the Dove
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This nation signed the Vivanco-Pareja Treaty, as part of a war that involved the Talambo Incident and the Battle of Callao, fought over its guano-rich Chincha Islands. It won its independence at a battle that saw the charge of Jose Maria Cordoba against chief of staff Jose de Caternac, who had fought at the earlier Battle of Junin, and the main opposing commander was the Viceroy Jose de la Serna. Much later, this country surrendered its provinces of Tacna and Arica by way of the Treaty of Ancon in the War of the Pacific. The birthplace of the influential politician and writer Jose Mariategui, its independence came at the Battle of Ayacucho in 18 FTP, name this South American country with capital at Lima.
Answer: Peru
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One part of this work concerns a prayer that ?in relation to God we are always in the wrong,? and is labeled as an ?Ultimatum.? The author commends language and music as the two media addressed to the ear, and then writes about composing a review to a play by Eugene Scribe. Just before are three sections supposedly delivered to a mystical ?fellowship of the deceased,? including ?The Unhappiest One? and ?Silhouettes.? A more famous section consists of letters delivered by Cordelia, the main focus of ?The Seducer's Diary.? Penned by the pseudonymous Victor Eremita, FTP, name this work ostensibly about the titular division between the aesthetic and the ethical, the most famous work of Soren Kierkegaard.
Answer: Either/Or
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This woman famously chased down her husband Jack Gee after she found out he was cheating on her and shot at him repeatedly with his own handgun. She recorded with Henderson's Hot Six as well as Buck and His Band, and her final recording was under the supervision of John Hammond at Okeh records. A musical entitled The Devil's Musicfeatures fourteen songs by this artist, whose biggest hit came with ?Down Hearted Blues? after she signed with Columbia Records in 19 A major influence on future singers like Nina Simone and Billie Holliday, FTP name this Chattanooga-born and car-accident slain blues singer of the early 20th century, the ?Empress of Blues? and subject of the biography Bessie.
Answer: Bessie Smith
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This man's Disputation on the Trinity features a small but eerie crucified Jesus being held by a red-cloaked God-like figure in the background of the central scene. He won a commission from the Servites to decorate the cloisters of the Annunziata in Florence with frescoes depicting the life of St. Philip, and produced scenes from the life ofJohn the Baptist for the cloisters of the Scalzo. Though his Madonna and Child with St. John is now in Washington's National Gallery, and Charity is in the Louvre, most of the known works of this student of Piero di Cosimo remain on display in Florence and include Madonna in Glory and the Madonna of the Harpies. FTP, name this poetic subject of Robert Browning, celebrated as "the faultless painter."
Answer: Andrea del Sarto
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These can be measured by the CIB method, and their existence and prevalence was studied in the Luria-Delbruck Experiment, sometimes known as the fluctuation test. Mary Mitchell is known for work on the cytoplasmic basis of the poky type of them. Benzer's theory described their location, and they are irreversibly acquired by Muller's Ratchet, when considering asexual populations. Coined in name by Hugo de Vries as part of his namesake theory, they may come in a host of types including petite, nonsense, frameshift, and point. FTP, give this general term for changes in the structure of genetic material often responsible for disease.
Answer: mutations
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This poem compares one character to a traveler who ?burns the thirstier in the sandful breeze,? and the last stanza makes reference to ?mother-hearts beset with fears.? One character thinks of ?Jeanie in her grave, who should have been a bride.? Laurence Housman inked a series of illustrations for an 1893 publication of this poem in which one character makes a notable purchase with a lock of hair. Many critics since the 70s have viewed the work as an expression of proto-feminist policies, and indeed the author was working at the Highgate Penitentiary for fallen woman when writing it. FTP, name this poem about Lizzie and Laura, by Christina Rossetti, who buy some fruit from some scary dudes at the titular place.
Answer: Goblin Market
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Thomas Jeffords is known for his solo attempt to negotiate with this man, after departing from Butterfield Station. He was accused of abducting a one-eyed child named Mickey Free by John Ward, leading to an event known asthe Bascom affair, which culminated in the hanging of a number of his relatives, and led to open hostilities. After retreating to the Dragoon Mountains, his companion was wounded by the force of James Carleton, and he finally agreed to surrender to General George Crook in 18 The nephew and cohort of Mangas Coloradas, FTP, name this leader of the Chiracahua Apaches, whose fight was continued by Geronimo, and who gives his name to a county in Arizona.
Answer: Cochise
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Its museums include the Leece Museum and an aviation museum at Ronaldsway Airport, and its highest point is at Snaefell Mountain, which features a railway. Although it contains the busy seaports of Ramsey, Peel, and Castletown, by far its largest city and government center isDouglas, which contains a monument to the triskelion. It includes an extension off its southern coast known as the Calf, and it is governed by the Court of Tynwald and the House of Keys. Lying about halfway between Northern Ireland and England, FTP, name this island which is home to a distinctive type of cat.
Answer: Isle of Man
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This deity's incarnations include Lambodara, who kills the demon Krodha, and a future form that will appear on a blue horse and slay the Mlecchas named Dhumraketu. Sometimes held to be the son of Malini originally, in some stories he has a daughter Santoshi Ma and two sons Kshema and Labha, produced from his two wives Riddhi and Siddhi. The brother of the peacock-riding war god Kartikeya, both this deity and his vehicle Mooshak enjoy modaka. He was struck by the axe thrown by Parashurama, and a more common form of him is as Vigneshwara or the destroyer of obstacles. Usually a son of Shiva and Parvati, FTP, name this affable Hindu god with a potbelly and an elephant head.
Answer: Ganesha
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This reaction is similar to the Blanc Reaction, which typically creates chloro-methylated compounds, and it makes ready use of ionic liquids. It can be extended to apply to coumarins, and the same type of product is created by a Fries Rearrangement. Sometimes performed in connection with a Prins cyclization, it must be carried out with more than one equivalent of Al-Cl3 to avoid complexing, and one variant of it is often employed as a two-step process ending in reduction of the carbonyl group that is attached. FTP, name this reaction which can be an acylation or an alkylation, depending on what type of group is added to the benzene ring, named for two chemists.
Answer: Friedel-Crafts reaction or alkylation or acylation
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This character sings the line ?man's life but a span,? in a bar scene and famously inquires if another character reputes himself a loser. He whispers the line ?bring this monstrous birth to the world's light,? and fears the ?daily beauty? of another character that may make him seem ugly. Often referred to as an honest Florentine, in the final scene of the work in which he appears, he is referred to as having cloven feet, a fitting attribute for a character described by Coleridge as ?motiveless malignance.? Known for referring to jealousy as a ?green-eyed monster,? FTP name this Shakespearean villain who tries to convince Othello that Desdemona is cheating on him with Cassio.
Answer: Iago
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These days, she's opened Blue Tree Toy Store, a trendy boutique on New York's Upper East Side. Her lesser-known roles include Lili in the TV-movies Lace and Lace II , and she plays Lizzie, a meek woman dominated by her mother until she is revisited by her crazy orange-haired invisible friend played by Rik Mayall, in the cult classic Drop Dead Fred. More famous roles include Michael J. Fox's model wife in Bright Lights, Big City, Kate in the Gremlinsmovies, and the mysterious title character in Princess Caraboo, alongside her longtime husband Kevin Kline. FTP, name this actress surely still best remembered for saying ?you know how cute I always thought you were? upon emerging from a pool in Fast Times at Ridgemont High.
Answer: Phoebe Cates
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According to the Wallflower diaries of Guy Liddell, a secret plot to assassinate this man was facilitated by Alfgar Hesketh-Prichard. In his most famous exploit, he was encountered by a farmer David Mclean, passed himself off as Albert Horn, and was invited in for tea. He likely intended to seek out Dungavel Mansion to meet with the Duke of Hamilton. Born in Alexandria, he married Ilse Prohl and some time after the above incident was nominally replaced by Martin Bormann as Deputy Fuhrer. Still in Spandau Prison at the age of 93, he supposedly committed suicide in 19 FTP, name this Nazi imprisoned in the Tower of London after an infamous ill-conceived flight to Scotland.
Answer: (Walter Richard) Rudolf Hess
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For thin films, it is directly proportional to the Poisson ratio of the substrate as given by Stoney's Equation; for thicker objects it is proportional to the moment and the inverse cube of thickness. In fluid dynamics one form of this is equal to the dynamic viscosity times the derivative of velocity with respect to position. With units of pressure, it is given by the elastic modulus times the change in length divided by length, or Young's modulus times strain. FTP, identify this deformation force per unit area, which has nothing to do with raising blood pressure.
Answer: stress
2007 Michigan MLK Bonuses by Carleton A + B
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Name some empires in existence around the 16th century CE, FTPE.,
[10] This empire was founded by Babar after victory at the First Battle of Panipat in 1526.
Answer: Mughal Empire
[10] This dynasty was founded near the very beginning of the century by Ismail I after the banding of the Qizilbash. It set up capitals in Tabriz and then Esfahan, and would rule Iran for about two centuries.
Answer: Safavid Dyansty
[10] This dynasty of Portuguese nobility was founded by John I, whose son was Henry the Navigator, and featured the prosperous reign of Manuel I. It would end when Philip II of Spain took over in 1580, and later be replaced by the Braganzas.
Answer: Aviz Dynasty
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Answer the following about some mystical Metaphysical poets, FTPE.,
[10] This poet is known for Centuries of Meditations and Roman Forgeries, and for lines like “souls are God's jewels,” and “You are as prone to love as the sun is to shine.”
Answer: Thomas Traherne
[10] A fellow poet to Thomas Traherne, this guy showed his true Metaphysical attitudes by comparing the soul to a drop of dew, but is more famous for writing An Horatian Ode upon Cromwell's Return from Ireland.
Answer: Andrew Marvell
[10] Marvell is best known for this poem about a hard-to-get woman, a work that provided Robert Penn Warren with the title for his work “World Enough and Time.”
Answer: To His Coy Mistress
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Answer stuff about a rarely mentioned chemical phenomenon, FTPE.,
[10] This occurs when density fluctuations between liquid and vapor phases near the critical temperature happen on a great enough length scale that they cause light to be strongly scattered. The mixture of phases then appears completely cloudy and undifferentiated.
Answer: critical opalescence
[10] Critical opalescence was anticipated by this equation, which modified the ideal gas equation to account for interactions between molecules.
Answer: Van der Waals Equation
[10] This chemist made extensive studies of the critical opalescence of polystyrene, though you may know him better for creating an equation to measure activity coefficients with Huckel.
Answer: Peter Debye
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Here's some random Norse myth, just like Norse myth always is, FTPE.,
[10] This stepson of Thor lived at Ydalir and was the god of showshoes and the bow. According to Saxo Grammaticus, he temporarily took over when Odin had to leave his throne.
Answer: Ull or Ullr or Ollerus
[10] This goddess of spring and youth was the wife of Bragi. She kept the magic apples of immortality, and Loki had to rescue her after she and her fruit were captured by Thiassi.
Answer: Idun or Iduna
[10] This fellow gave birth to Magni and Modi by way of the giantess Jarnsaxa. He has this hammer Mjolnir and he's really quite mighty.
Answer: Thor
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Name some notable works of eminent architects, FTPE.,
[10] Joseph Paxton designed this cast iron and glass exposition hall erected in London in 1851, and later burned down in 1936.
Answer: Crystal Palace
[10] Philip Johnson famously joined Mies Van Der Rohe in the design of this 39 story building on Park Avenue.
Answer: Seagram Building
[10] Antonio Gaudi designed this expressionistic multifamily dwelling erected in Barcelona from 1905 to 1910, distinctive for its undulating facade and roof line reminiscent of honeycombs.
Answer: Casa Mila
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Name these measures directed at dirty pinkos, FTPE.,
[10] This 1940 piece of legislation made it a crime to knowingly or willfully advocate overthrowing the government of the U.S.. Several convictions under it were overturned in Yates v. United States.
Answer: Smith Act or Alien Registration Act
[10] Once chaired by Martin Dies, this committee became intimately associated with McCarthyism investigating Hiss and the Hollywood Ten.
Answer: HUAC or the House Un-American Activities Committee
[10] This 1950 law, named for a Democrat from Nevada, required the registration of all Communist organizations with the Attorney General and set up the Subversive Activities Control Board.
Answer: McCarran Act (prompt Internal Security Act or Subversive Activities Control Act)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Works by that Columbian cat, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, FTPE.,
[10] This work, published in English in 2005, details the relationship between an old journalist and a poor girl who has to sell her virginity out of necessity for her family.
Answer: Memories of My Melancholy Whores or Memorias de mis putas tristes
[10] In this novella, the titular character places a lot of faith in a chicken and waits around for his pension after serving in the titular position during the Thousand Days War.
Answer: No One Writes to the Colonel or (El Coronel no tiene quien le escriba)
[10] This quite famous work is about Aureliano Buendia, some place called Macondo, and the titular time period.
Answer: One Hundred Years of Solitude or Cien anos de soledad
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Stuff about ancient Chinese religion, FTPE.,
[10] Beginning with the question of whether it is pleasant to learn by perseverance, this work compiled by the followers of Confucius contains his sayings and some scant biographical details.
Answer: Analects of Confucius
[10] This concept, as old as the Zhou and stressed by Mencius, is the idea that Chinese rulers govern by divine fiat and are supernaturally entrusted with protecting the welfare of mankind.
Answer: Mandate of Heaven or t'ien ming (or Decree of Heaven)
[10] This Chinese term refers to an early Han idea, an extension of yin and yang, representing a syncretic attempt to explain the universe by positing the “five material agents” of wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.
Answer: wu hsing
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Stuff about historical tectonics, FTPE.,
[10] Of course, this supercontinent formed about 250 million years ago and then broke up into Laurasia and Gondwanaland.
Answer: Pangaea
[10] When that breakup happened, this sea was formed between the landmasses that grew into its characteristic long narrow shape over the course of the Mesozoic.
Answer: Tethys Sea/Ocean
[10] Named for a Canadian geologist, this plate tectonic rock cycle describes the assembly, breakup, and reassembly of continental landmasses and the consequent opening and closing of ocean basins.
Answer: Wilson Cycle
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
The geography of Polynesia, FTPE.,
[10] Of course, you've got this island owned by Chile also known as Rapa Nui which features some really big stone heads, nearly as big as Matt Weiner's head.
Answer: Easter Island
[10] You've got this independent nation immediately southeast from Fiji first known as the Friendly Islands with its seat of government, the Fale Alea, in the capital of Nuku'alofa.
Answer: Tonga
[10] Last, you have this overseas territory of New Zealand which consists of the three atolls of Fakaofo, Atafu, and Nukunono. In case you ever need to get there, go straight east from Tuvalu.
Answer: Tokelau
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Name these memory biases from cognitive psychology, FTPE.,
[10] Known informally as the “I knew it all along” effect, basically, it is the inclination to see past events as more reasonable and predictable than they really were. Some people say it is 20/20.
Answer: Hindsight Bias
[10] First explored by Robert Zajonc, this principle basically states that “familiarity breeds liking,” and it is somewhat related to the sleeper effect utilized by propagandists.
Answer: Mere Exposure effect
[10] This effect explains why items at the beginning of a list are the easiest to recall, followed by those at the end of a list, and then by those in the middle. It encompasses the primacy, recency, and Von Restorff effects.
Answer: Serial Position Effect
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
So, people like to write conjunction bonuses about literature. Let's try it with history; all of them deal partly with English history. You get five points for each part named. [Explain how these work if necessary],
[10] A man who proclaimed himself emperor of Vietnam in 1802 founding the Nguyen Dynasty meets a parliament called by Charles I which became the Rump Parliament after Pride's Purge.
Answer: Gia Long / Parliament (i.e. 5 points for Gia Long, 5 for Long Parliament, 10 for both)
[10] A religious uprising against Henry VIII in 1536 in the wake of Thomas Cromwell's dissolution of the monasteries runs up against an American social worker who lived in Hull House and worked as the chief of the U.S. Children's Bureau.
Answer: Pilgrimage of Grace / Abbott
[10] A letter authored by John Dickinson in 1775 to George III in an attempt to avert war is stapled to a 1628 document drafted by Edward Coke to curtail the royal abuses of Charles I like the forced quartering of soldiers and heavy taxation.
Answer: Olive Branch Petition / of Right
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Stuff about 20th century American opera, FTPE.,
[10] This guy depicts a character who rejects superstition, but then is kidnapped by conjurors from her plantation, in the opera Treemonisha. Also, he did some ragtime music.
Answer: Scott Joplin
[10] Debuting in 1952 at Brandeis University, this short Leonard Bernstein opera is actually set in the namesake American suburb where Dinah lives with her philandering husband Sam.
Answer: Trouble in Tahiti
[10] John Adams composed the music, and Alice Goodman wrote the libretto, for this opera about the 1985 hijacking of the cruise ship Achille Lauro.
Answer: The Death of Klinghoffer
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Answer stuff about a phenomenon, FTPE.,
[10] Magnetic domains align themselves below the Curie temperature in this type of magnetism, present in cobalt and iron at room temperature.
Answer: ferromagnetism
[10] This simple description of ferromagnetism was proposed by Lenz in 1920 and solved by its namesake in one dimension, then extended to two dimensions by Lars Onsager in 1944.
Answer: Ising model
[10] When a ferromagnet is subjected to a torque, a longitudinal electric field associated with the charge of circular magnetization appears and thus a voltage between the ends of the sample. This describes what effect, named after an Italian.
Answer: Matteucci effect
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Plays of George Bernard Shaw, FTPE.,
[10] With characters like Lady Britomart and Andrew Undershaft, it concerns a Salvation Army lass and her conflict with her father.
Answer: Major Barbara
[10] This first work in Shaw's Three Plays for Puritans is set in New Hampshire. The title refers to the avowedly irreligious nature of the main character, Dick Dudgeon.
Answer: The Devil's Disciple
[10] This play involves the plans of civil engineers Larry Doyle and Tom Broadbent to develop a hotel, and its title refers to Shaw's birthplace.
Answer: John Bull's Other Island
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Name these people in minor sports who have made comeback attempts, FTPE.,
[10] A whole mess of things went wrong with this U.S. golfer after passing Woods as the number 1 golfer in the world in 1999 and winning the British Open in 2001. He's sort of made a comeback, tying for 16th at the 2006 U.S. Open.
Answer: David Duval
[10] After her fling with Sergio Garcia, this “Swiss Miss” decided she was just too petit for those ebony beasts called the Williams sisters and went off to play with her horses. She's made a pretty successful return to tennis lately.
Answer: Martina Hingis
[10] This American skier with a funny first name won gold at Nagano in the Super G in 1998 and then soon after broke her left leg. She worked her way back to finish 16th in Salt Lake City.
Answer: Picabo Street
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Answer these inherently sexist questions about sperm, FTPE.,
[10] Mike Sorice keeps a fridge full of herring sperm to remind himself that this nitrogenous base was isolated from it. It replaces thymine in RNA.
Answer: uracil or U
[10] Human sperm uses its feisty tails to push themselves into these structures, sets of coiled tubes for each testicle that connect to the vas deferens. The sperm mature here over a period of 4 to 6 weeks.
Answer: epididymis
[10] This organelle forms over half of the sperm's head, sometimes containing the protein bindin on its surface like in sea urchins. As the egg approaches, it undergoes a reaction and releases hyaluronidase.
Answer: acrosome
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Name some random court painters, FTPE.,
[10] This guy worked with Ansuino da Forli on the frescoes of the Ovetari Chapel of the Eremitani Church in Padua, and is also known for a Madonna of the Caves and an Agony in the Garden.
Answer: Andrea Mantegna
[10] The court artist of Philip IV, he's known for a Rokeby Venus and some painting called Las Meninas.
Answer: Diego Velazquez
[10] In addition to having the pleasure of sketching Sofonisba Anguissola, he was court painter to England's Charles I from 1632-45 and depicted his patron in hunting dress.
Answer: Anthony van Dyck
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Name some characters from *Vanity Fair*, FTPE.,
[10] This female protagonist and chum of Amelia Sedley serves as governess to Sir Pitt Crawley's daughters and begins to rise in the world.
Answer: Becky Sharp (either name)
[10] This caddish first husband of Amelia Sedley tries to have an affair with Becky Sharp, but instead, he dies at Waterloo.
Answer: George Osbourne (either)
[10] This woman is the personal confidant of Matilda Crawley, and, later on, of Becky Sharp.
Answer: Miss Briggs
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Roman battles of the first century BC, FTPE.,
[10] This landmark naval battle saw Agrippa command Octavian's ships to victory over Marc Antony in 31 BC.
Answer: Battle of Actium
[10] This big victory of the Gallic wars in 52 BC saw Caesar with his cavalry under Labienus and Trebonius beat up on Commius and Vercingetorix.
Answer: Battle of Alesia
[10] In the wake of his conspiracy, Catiline tried to hightail it to Gaul but he was stopped and attempted to fight a force under Gaius Antonius Hybrida at this 62 BC battle. He lost.
Answer: Battle of Pistoria

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