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2007 Maryland Terrapins Tossups by William and Mary
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At the end of this novel, the narrator attempts to raise funds to capture members of the ten lost tribes of Israel in order to convert them to Christianity. Mr. Thims takes the narrator on a tour of the Colleges of Unreason after he visits the Musical Banks, a parody of the Church of England. After reaching the title place, the narrator becomes the guest of Mr. Nosnibor, who is being treated for a bout of embezzlement, and learns that illness and poverty are treated as crimes, while children are blamed for being born. Based on its author's earlier essay "Darwin Among the Machines," it begins with the narrator's discovery of the title society. FTP, name this utopian novel by Samuel Butler.
Answer: 4. Usually considered a daughter of Anzu, her Akkadian name means "lady of heaven" and is related to the Syrian Astarte and biblical Asharoth. She is the subject of a cycle of texts describing her tragic love affair with the one who becomes god of the vegetation cycle, as she gets him to replace her in the underworld after she tries to usurp rule of the underworld from her sister Ereshkigal. FTP, identify this Mesopotamian love of Tammuz, the goddess of love, sex and war. Ishtar (or Innana or Mylitta)
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In the second scene, the title figure is surrounded by a tailor, a jockey, a dancing-master, and a music teacher possibly based on Handel. In a later scene, two bailiffs arrest that figure for debt, causing him to marry a wealthy one-eyed widow for her money. The final three scenes take place in a fiery gaming house, a debtors' prison, and Bedlam, where the now insane and penniless title character is visited by Sarah Young, the only person who doesn't take advantage of him. The first scene, "The Heir," portrays a young Englishman who inherits a fortune, while the later scenes display his self-destruction through vice, including a depiction of an orgy. FTP, name this series of paintings about the decline of Tom Rakewell, a work by William Hogarth.
Answer: Erewhon
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His breakout performance came with the song "Scenario," a collaboration between A Tribe Called Quest and Leaders of the New School. He first signed as a solo artist to Elektra, and in 1996 released his first album, The Coming, which included the single "Woo-Hah! Got You All in Check". His blending of Ragga with hip hop and his rapid delivery are expressed in singles like "Put Your Eyes Where My Hands Can See" and "Gimme Some More," which respectively appear on his albums When Disaster Strikes and Extinction Level Event: The Final World Front. He later signed to J Records, where he promoted his group, the Flipmode Squad. For ten points, name this rapper who recently released the single "Touch It" from his latest album, The Big Bang.
Answer: The Rake's Progress or A Rake's Progress
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He described himself as a fallen god called a daimon in a work addressed to the citizens of Acragas. That work, the Purifications, also details his successive reincarnations through the different elements of nature into his perfect human form. In his cosmogony, the world begins as a perfect sphere, while animals and plants begin as individual limbs that randomly combine into their current forms, the first theory of natural selection. He believed that all matter is alternately brought together and separated by the forces of Love and Strife, and divided matter into four roots: earth, water, air, and fire. Legendarily dying by jumping into an active volcano, FTP, name this Pre-Socratic philosopher best known for writing On Nature.
Answer: 9. Their excretory, urinary and reproductive systems all open into the cloaca, while its most notable species has five sex chromosomes and produces venom through the crural glands. Members of it have lower body temperatures and metabolic rates than most of their class, which are adaptations to the harsher environments they have endured. Although they produce milk, they have no nipples and instead excrete it through openings in their skin. Adults have no teeth, and members have ankle spurs. FTP, name this order of egg-laying mammals whose modern members include platypuses and echidnas. Monotremata or Monotremes (prompt on equivalents)
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This country contains Voronya Cave, the world's deepest. The Rioni River flows through its second largest city, Kutaisi, while the ancient land of Colchis was located within its borders. Its autonomous republics include Adjara and Abkhazia, which is separated from the rest of the country by the Kodori Valley. Its highest peaks are Skhara, Janga, and Kazbek, all part of the Kokh range in the Caucasus Mountains. Forming the southern border of Chechnya as well as the northern border of Turkey, Armenia, and Azerbaijan, FTP, name this country whose capital is Tbilisi which shares its name with a U.S. state.
Answer: Empedocles
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This character prophesizes of a time "When priests are more in word than matter/ When brewers mar their malt with water" in the third act of the play he appears in. On several occasions, he rebukes his employer with lines like "Thou hast pared thy wit o'both sides and left nothing in the middle" and "Thou hadst little wit in thy bald crown when thou gavest the golden one away," and disappears entirely from the play after saying "And I'll go to bed at noon" in Act 3, Scene 6. Harold Bloom called him "the uncanniest character in Shakespeare," saying that he "makes the dread king accessible to us." He makes his first appearance offering his coxcomb to another character, whom he calls "nuncle." FTP, name this character from King Lear.
Answer: 12. The name itself was officially first bestowed by Altan Khan on Sonam in 1578, even though he became known as the third one. While not the oldest example of a tulku, as the Karmapas date to the twelfth century, the first one, Gedun Drub, lived during the late fifteenth century and founded the Tashilhumpo monastery. There have been a total of thirteen of these Gelugs who are officially lower in rank than the Ganden Tripa and reside in Potala Palace, although the present one is in exile. Believed to be the incarnation of the bodhisattva of compassion, FTP, Tenzin Gyatso is the current incarnation of what spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhism? Dalai Lama
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It was partly convened due to the disaffection of the Essex Junto. It suggested several Constitutional amendments, including limiting Presidents to one term, requiring that a President be from a different state than his predecessor, and prohibiting trade embargoes longer than sixty days. Presided over by George Cabot, its representatives to Washington arrived in the aftermath of the Battle of New Orleans, but quickly returned home without any results, save the death of the Federalist Party. Best known for discussing and rejecting the secession of New England from the Union, for 10 points, name this 1814 meeting that took place in a namesake Connecticut city.
Answer: 14. The first direct experimental evidence of their existence occurred when three-jet events were observed at PETRA in Hamburg in 1979, although deep inelastic scattering at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center had earlier established their existence. They have negative intrinsic parity, zero isospin, and also lack charge and mass, although they do have color. Confined within hadrons and using mesons as force mediators, they are not directly involved in nuclear forces. For ten points, name these subatomic particles that cause quarks to interact and indirectly make protons and neutrons bind together in nuclei. Gluons
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One of its chapters critiques the eighteenth-century theory of the "Great American Public", arguing that America is now an example of "the mass society". Its last chapter, "The Higher Immorality," states that political corruption is a symptom of lowered moral standards that have been institutionalized by the title group. Its first chapter discusses ordinary men circumscribed by external forces, and contrasts them with the increasingly centralized power of the "higher circles". Arguing that America is controlled by powerful corporate, military, and political leaders, FTP, name this book by C. Wright Mills.
Answer: Hartford Convention
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Ferruccio Busoni wrote a sonatina for piano based on this composer's final opera. Trained by composer Jacques Halévy at the Paris Conservatory, he used Alfred de Musset's poem "Namouna" for the basis of his opera Djamileh. In another of his operas, Zurga sings the duet "Au fond du temple saint" with Nadir after being elected chief of a group of fishermen in Ceylon. His most famous work would later influence the realistic verismo school of dramatic opera, and includes a "seguidilla" in which the title character seduces a young corporal, as well as the Toréador Song and Habanera. FTP, name this French composer of The Pearl Fishers best known for an opera about a Spanish gypsy, Carmen.
Answer: 17. Besides being involved in the creation of lysosomes, they are able to modify substances through glycosylation. The cis face of it fuses with vesicles from the endoplasmic reticulum and bring them through the medial region and back out through the trans face. There are usually about half a dozen of them in each cell, and they are composed of a stack of cisternae, which are flattened membrane-bound sacs. FTP, identify this cell organelle that processes macromolecules like proteins and lipids synthesized by the cell, named after the Italian physician who identified it. Golgi Body/Apparatus
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One chapter of this work describes Wash Williams, a telegraph operator who hates women due to the infidelity of his ex-wife, while in another chapter, Standard Oil employee Joe Welling successfully courts Sarah King. Besides "Respectability" and "A Man of Ideas," Presbyterian minister Curtis Hartman is inspired to break a window after seeing schoolteacher Kate Swift praying naked in the chapter "The Strength of God". Adolph Meyers changes his name to Wing Biddlebaum and moves to the title location after being accused of molesting young boys in its first story, "Hands," while an old bedridden writer is featured in its first section, "The Book of the Grotesque". Ending with the departure of George Willard from the title Midwestern city, FTP, name this short story collection by Sherwood Anderson.
Answer: Georges Bizet
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Answer: 21. In an attempt to annex the Ogaden region from one of its neighbors, during the Cold War it switched its support from the Soviet Union to the United States. Because of its devout Muslim population and 14 years of isolation caused by its civil war, it has one of the lowest rates of HIV infection in Sub-Saharan Africa, around 2% of its adult population. Recently, the Islamic Courts Union, with Eritrean support, has been in conflict with the transitional government located in Baidoa. FTP, name this country on the Horn of Africa which has recently been having issues with its western neighbor Ethiopia. Somalia
2007 Maryland Terrapins Bonuses by William and Mary
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FTPE, identify these Harold Pinter plays.,
[10] The assassins Ben and Gus wait for their targets while receiving enigmatic messages from Wilson through the title device.
Answer: The Dumb Waiter
[10] Goldberg and McCann ominously take pianist Stanley Webber to "Monty" over Petey's objections in this 1957 play, which ends with Meg blindly repeating that she was "the belle of the ball".
Answer: The Birthday Party
[10] Mick smashes his brother Aston's Buddha in the final act of this play, which begins with the derelict tramp Davies being offered the title position by both siblings.
Answer: The Caretaker
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Answer these questions about features of the retina FTSNOP.,
[5] These light-sensitive cylindrical cells at the outer edge of the retina are responsible for peripheral vision.
Answer: Rods
[5] These short cells mostly located at the back of the eye are responsible for distinguishing colors in bright light.
Answer: Cones
[10] These neurons with myelinated axons receive information from the photoreceptor cells before sending it through the optic nerve.
Answer: Ganglion Cells or Gangliocytes
[10] Cones are mostly located in or around this area in the back of the eye which is located within the macula. The eye's focus is normally in this area.
Answer: Fovea
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Identify these Confederate commanders for 10 points each.,
[10] This general carried out the Shenandoah Valley campaign in 1862 and died at the Battle of Chancellorsville after being mistakenly shot by his own men. He gained his nickname for his performance at the First Battle of Bull Run.
Answer: Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson
[10] This commander of the Army of Northern Virginia's First Corps and advisor to Lee argued strenuously against an attack at Gettysburg. He also controversially joined the Republican Party after the Civil War.
Answer: James (or "Pete") Longstreet
[10] After getting wounded, this general was replaced by Robert E. Lee during the Seven Days campaign. Jefferson Davis replaced him with John Bell Hood during the Atlanta campaign, although he had managed to defeat Sherman at the Battle of Kenesaw Mountain.
Answer: Joseph Eggleston Johnston (prompt on Johnston as Albert Sidney Johnston was also a Confederate commander)
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FTPE, answer these questions about the Hudson River School.,
[10] This painter of The Oxbow is often credited with founding the Hudson River School. He would inspire later romantic artists with such multipart series as "The Course of Empire" and "The Voyage of Life."
Answer: Thomas Cole
[10] This artist is noted for his numerous paintings of the Catskills and the White Mountains, and portrayed Cole standing with William Cullen Bryant in his best known painting, Kindred Spirits.
Answer: Asher B. Durand
[10] This branch of the Hudson River School was concerned with capturing the effects of light. Martin Heade, Jasper Cropsey, and Frederic Church were among its practitioners.
Answer: luminism
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Edgar Allan Poe liked to write short stories about murderers. For 10 points each:,
[10] In this story, the narrator murders an old man because he was haunted by his "pale blue eye" and conceals his body under the floorboards. He then reveals his crime to the police after hearing the beating of the title object.
Answer: "The Tell-Tale Heart"
[10] Probably the first detective story, it introduces C. Auguste Dupin, who discovers that an Ourang-Outang has killed Madame L'Espanaye (eh-spah-NAY) and her daughter Camille in the title Parisian street.
Answer: "The Murders in the Rue Morgue"
[10] This story's narrator kills his wife and walls her body within his cellar, but is discovered after the police hear the cry of the title animal coming from behind the wall.
Answer: "The Black Cat"
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FTPE, name these old dead white golfers.,
[10] An Atlanta native, he never turned pro but won the British and U.S. Open and Amateur titles in 1930. He later helped design the Augusta National golf course that now hosts the Masters.
Answer: Robert Tyre "Bobby" Jones
[10] A major icon at the Homestead resort in Virginia, he won 81 PGA events but never captured the U.S. Open title. Nicknamed "slammin'", this American won the Masters in 1949, 1952, and 1954.
Answer: Samuel Jackson "Sam" Snead
[10] In 1935, he hit "the shot heard round the world" with a double eagle at the Masters, forcing a playoff which he won. This inventor of the sand wedge was also the first player to complete the modern career grand slam.
Answer: Gene Sarazen or Eugene Saraceni
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For ten points each, answer these questions about Norse mythology.,
[10] The goddess of the sky, marriage, and motherhood, this is the wife of Odin.
Answer: Frigga
[10] This god of light requires no sleep and can hear grass growing. Due to his sharp senses, he is charged with guarding Bifrost and will blow the Gjallerhorn if danger approaches.
Answer: Heimdallr
[10] The goddess Frejya owns this necklace, which makes her irresistible to all others. Heimdall returns it to her after defeating Loki, who had stolen it by turning into a flea.
Answer: Brisingamen
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Answer these questions about monetarism FTPE.,
[10] Milton Friedman based modernism on this earlier theory which used the Fisher equation to show that inflation is caused by increases to the money supply.
Answer: the quantity theory of money or QTM
[10] Equivalent to the average price level times the quantity of goods and services produces divided by the money supply, or PQ/M, this value is equal to the speed that money is turned over within an economy.
Answer: V or the velocity of money
[10] Monetarism gained acceptance due to the perceived inability of Keynesian economics to explain this phenomenon of the 1970s, a combination of high inflation, high unemployment, and low economic growth.
Answer: stagflation
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Many plucky young men have infested American literature. FTPE:,
[10] Most of those plucky young men were created by this 19th century American author and possible pedophile whose novels include Luck and Pluck, Strive and Succeed, and Risen From the Ranks.
Answer: Horatio Alger
[10] This plucky title character of Horatio Alger's first and best-known novel is able to overcome the bullying of Mickey Maguire and Jim Travis and unsurprisingly becomes rich through hard work, thrift, and saving the life of a wealthy man.
Answer: Ragged Dick or Richard Hunter
[10] Alger's novels are often described by this three-word phrase which expresses the rise of his plucky main characters from poverty to wealth.
Answer: rags to riches
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The Labour party in Britain won big in Britain after World War II, allowing them to pass a number of sweeping social reforms. FTPE, answer the following about the postwar Labour ministers:,
[10] The prime minister and minister of defense, he initially supported closer ties with the Soviet Union but later came to support the Marshall Plan and the accompanying tension that would lead to the cold war. He also replaced Winston Churchill at the Potsdam Conference.
Answer: Clement Attlee
[10] President of the Board of Trade, he worked to abolish wartime rationing but resigned from the cabinet in 1951 in protest of the introduction of an NHS charge; he also won four general elections as prime minister, serving from 1964-1970 and 1974-1976.
Answer: Harold Wilson
[10] Minister of Health, he was primarily responsible for developing the National Health Service, though he would resign along with Wilson in protest of the NHS charge.
Answer: Aneurin "Nye" Bevan (note: not to be confused with Ernest Bevin, the Foreign Minister)
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Answer these questions about weddings in classical music, FTPE.,
[10] Probably the most famous wedding march comes from Felix Mendelssohn's incidental music to this Shakespeare play.
Answer: A Midsummer Night's Dream
[10] This composer included "Wedding Day at Troldhaugen," as well as "Arietta" and "March of the Trolls," in his piano collection Lyric Pieces.
Answer: Edvard Grieg
[10] The wedding of the title fictional officer makes up the third movement of this suite by Sergei Prokofiev, which begins with his "birth" after the Czar misreads a report.
Answer: Lieutenant Kije Suite
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Stuff about thought experiments, FTPE.,
[10] John Searle developed this example to counter claims of strong artificial intelligence. It consists of a person locked in a room who, when given a set of characters of a certain foreign language, returns a set of appropriate characters after consulting a rulebook.
Answer: Chinese room
[10] In his essay "The `Meaning' of Meaning," Hilary Putnam described this hypothetical planet whose only difference from ours is that water is made up of a different chemical formula. Since people on different planets refer to different substances by the word "water," semantic meaning is therefore determined externally.
Answer: Twin Earth
[10] Many thought experiments describe these hypothetical beings that have human bodies but lack conscious experience. They're also common antagonists in horror films.
Answer: Zombies
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It ends by noting "Con los pobres de la tierra/ Quiero yo mi suerte echar," and begins with the line "Yo soy un hombre sincero". FTPE:,
[10] Name this patriotic song popularized by composer Joseíto Fernandez and folk singer Pete Seeger.
Answer: "Guantanamera"
[10] Guantanamera was based on a poem by this Latin American author of Versos Sencillos who moved to New York in the 1880s to try and gain autonomy for his native country.
Answer: Jose Marti
[10] Martí led the independence movement of this island nation, and died there at the Battle of Dos Rios three years before the Spanish-American War.
Answer: Cuba

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