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2007 Maryland Terrapins Tossups by Vanderbilt + Furman
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One unintended benefit of it was the creation of the OECD, which served as its bookkeeper. Charles Boehlen authored its primary goals, and Bevin and Bidault were responsible for presenting it to its major objector. While some revisionists argue that its purpose was to forestall depression in the U.S. by bolstering the market for capital goods exports, its stated purposed was solidifying the region and rendering future involvement unnecessary, while Europeans perceived it as a means of ensuring their independence. Proposed by its namesake in his 1947 Harvard commencement address, FTP, name this bulwark against Soviet expansion that sought to strengthen Europe by allocating $13 billion for reconstruction.
Answer: Marshall Plan or European Recovery Program
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His three novels include Wilson: A consideration of Sources and The Old Religion. His 1972 work about two Jewish men discussing topics about which they lack knowledge, Duck Variations helped cement his reputation as an exponent of new realism, a style with natural language and a limited number of characters. His more recent plays, such as The Cryptogram and The Old Neighborhood, touch on semiautobiographical themes, and he criticized capitalism by portraying the action around a Chicago junk store and its unethical business in American Buffalo. The 1984 Pulitzer Prize winner for a drama about real estate agents, FTP, identify the author of Glengarry Glen Ross.
Answer: David Mamet
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The Qaraqum canal's inefficiency has caused partially recession of this body, whose surrounding hands were once home to Khwarezm. Once home to more than 1000 islands, this "Sea of Islands" consists of three separate bodies water, including a "Greater" and "Lesser" one. On its eastern edge lies the Ustyurt Plateau, while its southern shore holds the Amu Darya delta. Once the fourth largest inland lake, the diversion of the Amu Darya and Syr Darya into Soviet irrigation and hydroelectric power projects have caused its waters to recede, leaving a large desert in its wake. FTP, name this Eurasian saltwater lake shared by Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.
Answer: Aral Sea
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Its carbon arc, created between graphite electrodes, is used to harvest Fullerene. Nuclear fusion of it remains unworkable because the Lawson criterion remains unfilled, meaning that the confinement time multiplied by its density is less than 1014 since ordinary materials are unable to hold it. Magnetic confinement of it has proved fruitless, although Sakharov's tokamak offered initially positive results. Although it appears artificially in neon lamps, it only occurs naturally on Earth via lightning. FTP, name this collection of neutral particles, including positively charged ions and negative electrons, the fourth state of matter.
Answer: Plasma
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He depicted a seated figure surrounded by gold in his The Jewish Bride and a Roman leader astride his horse in victory in The Justice of Trajan. He emulated Rubens in a work depicting naked bodies grasping up at the titular figure and virgil in his Barque of Dante, and painted a double portrait of his friends Chopin and George Sand. This painter of Arab Horses Fighting in a Stable and The Lion Hunt had his life changed after breaking into a harem in Africa, which led to works like Women of Algiers. Best known for works depicting an Assyrian King ordering the death of his cadre, Turks slaughtering Greek civilians, and the tricolor being carried over a corpse, FTP, identify this romantic artist of The Death of Sardanapalus, Massacre at Chios, and Liberty Leading the People.
Answer: Eugene Delacroix
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This creator of the torso of Durga killed his father when the latter took the form of a red bull that breathed thunder. Following the death of Dyaus Pita, he received the eye-like symbols that cover his body as a result of a curse, causing him to be known as the `thousand-eyed one.' Paired with Varuna in the Rig-Veda, despite his earlier popularity for feats like defeating the dragon Vritra, this rider of Airivata soon became a less popular figure compared to the Trimurti and was often criticized for his overindulgent ways like drinking way too much soma, a divine drink of sacrifice. FTP, name this Vedic god of battle and storms who fathered Arjuna and carried the thunderbolt.
Answer: Indra
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Maimonides may have served as this man's physician, and one story claims that this man was unable to afford a funeral because of excessive charitable giving. He lost nine tenths of his army at the battle of Montgisard, and was on his way to fight his nominal overlord, the son of Imad Zengi, when the latter died. This signer of the treaty of Arsuf unsuccessfully besieged Tyre twice and was defeated at Arsuf by Richard I, but personally executed Raynald de Chatillon after his most famous victory. The Founder of the Ayyubid Caliphate, FTP identify this victor of the battle of Hattin, who reconquered Jerusalem and became famous in the west for his chivalry.
Answer: Saladin or Salah al-Din
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He hypothesized that sickle cell anemia's genetic nature as well as its different charge from normal cells. As a chemist, his research concerned the importance of quantum mechanics in molecular attraction to determine the lengths and angular of atomic and molecular structure by using electron diffraction, which relied on how electrons pass through molecules. More importantly, his work on electronegativity developed the scale by which we determine ease of election attraction and how electrons interact via covalent bonding. FTP, name this Nobel Laureate with the unique distinction of winning prizes in Chemistry and Peace.
Answer: Linus Pauling
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Herbert Brown won the 1979 Nobel for use of this element, important in the Suzuki reaction. First purely produced by Weintraub in 1909, this nontoxic element has two allotropes, a powder and a black crystal. It was first isolated in 1808 by Thenard and Gay-Lussac in France, though Humphrey Davy had discovered it a year earlier. Commonly used in fiberglass production and semiconductors, the ability of the enriched isotope to absorb thermal neutrons has also led to its use in radiation shielding. For ten points, name this metalloid with atomic weight 10.811 a.m.u. and atomic number 5.
Answer: 10. Published one year before its companion essay "Churches and Sects in North America", this work's first part describes Martin Luther's introduction of the German word "Beruf" into his translation of the New Testament. Its second part begins by discussing the inner loneliness and anxiety caused by the doctrine of predestination, leading individuals to seek external signs of their election through "tireless labor in a calling". The author then argues that this religious motivation for constant hard work led to the development of the modern economic system, trapping society in a "shell as hard as steel". FTP, identify this essay linking Calvinist beliefs to the growth of capitalism by Max Weber. The Protestant Ethic and the "Spirit" of Capitalism
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Dositheus and Menander were leading pagan exponents of it, and it is debated whether Apelles and Marcion should grouped with its adherents. Cerinthus, Epiphanes and Carpocrates were noted Christian exponents along with Isidore and his father Basilides. Tatian founded the Encratite variety, and the oriental school of Theodotus, Harmonius, and Bardesanes and the Italian school of Ptolemy, Heracleon, and Florinus both stemmed from the school of Valentinus. Most famously represented by Simon Magus, FTP identify the collective name of this group of Pagan and early Christian heresies, famous for their authorship of the Gospel of Thomas, whose name derives from the Greek for "knowledge."
Answer: Boron
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It was the first film to be released with a PG-13 rating, and it appeared in the Guinness Book of World records at the time as the most violent film ever, averaging 2.23 acts of violence per minute. Peter Griffin sang in a musical version of it, and the inscription in its closing shot reveals it took place at the outbreak of World War III. Jennifer Grey's character is killed during extended combat between resistance fighters called wolverines and soldiers commanded by a South American officer. FTP, identify the 1984 film starring C. Thomas Howell and Patrick Swayze, in which high school kids fight off a Soviet invasion of the United States.
Answer: 15. Alexander Wendt's article "Anarchy is what states make of it" popularized this perspective of international relations, which argues that social identities shape state behavior. Lev Vygotsky's theory of the Zone of Proximal Development helped lay the basis for this school of learning theory, which believes that learners actively create meaning through experience. In art, this school's principles were expounded in the Realistic Manifesto, which was co-written by Antoine Pevsner and the sculptor of Column, Naum Gabo. Those principles inspired a proposed tower twice the size of the Empire State Building shaped like an upward diagonal helix, Vladimir Tatlin's Monument to the Third International. FTP, name this term that refers to a Russian artistic movement based on the use of industrial materials and simple geometric forms. Constructivism
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He learned military strategy from a book in the library at St. Paul's School in London after the English Civil War. His father's loyalty to Charles II gained him an appointment in the home of James, Duke of York. He saw his first combat action came at the siege of Maastricht, and he served under Marshal Turenne during the Anglo-Dutch Wars. In 1674, he married Sarah Jennings, who represented him at court while he fought abroad. FTP, name this English general, made the Marquess of Blandford for his victories at Venlo and Roermond, a badass who took names during the War of the Spanish Succession and won the battles of Malplaquet and Blenheim.
Answer: Red Dawn
2007 Maryland Terrapins Bonuses by Vanderbilt + Furman
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FTPE answer the following questions about 20th century African history.,
[10] This president of South Africa pushed through the reforms that led to the end of apartheid, for which he shared a Nobel Peace Prize with Nelson Mandela.
Answer: F.W. de Klerk
[10] The decision of this first president of modern Ghana to funnel rising cocoa profits into the government instead of back to the people fueled his downfall.
Answer: Kwame Nkrumah
[10] Nkrumah and this leader were both prominent leaders of the Nonaligned Movement that sought neutrality during the Cold War. He had earlier struggled with Muhammad Naguib for power.
Answer: Gamal Abdel Nasser
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Published on the encouragement of William Kinglake, it quickly slipped into obscurity in favor a much-better known work. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this companion piece to a famous poem written about an 1854 event.
Answer: "The Charge of the Heavy Brigade" (It's definitely NOT charge of the light brigade)
[10] Tennyson's more famous "Charge of the Light Brigade" details the slaughter of British troops at the battle of Balaclava during this conflict.
Answer: Crimean War
[10] In 1881, this author wrote The Last of the Light Brigade, protesting the government's failure to take care of survivors. He's better known for poems like "If-".
Answer: Rudyard Kipling
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Answer the following related to the very, very stupid front office of the Houston Texans, FTPE:,
[10] Instead of drafting AP Offensive Rookie of the Year Vince Young or Saints phenom Reggie Bush, Houston opted to go in a different direction by taking this player. Specifically, it was a much stupider direction.
Answer: Mario Williams
[10] The drafting of Williams, a defensive end, was additionally idiotic since the Texans, who have allowed more sacks than any NFL over the last five years, also chose not to acquire this fourth overall pick, an offensive tackle from Virginia.
Answer: D'Brickashaw Ferguson
[10] The Williams debacle, as well as most ill-advised personnel decisions for Houston since its creation as an expansion team, were the work of this man, who now says stupid things on CBS sports and had previously done stupid things as General Manager for the Redskins.
Answer: Charley Casserly
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Abandoned being abandoned, this figure was nursed by a she-bear and later raised by hunters. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this figure in Greek mythology whose life ended as a lion after offending Zeus.
Answer: Atalanta
[10] This man used three Golden Apples in to win a race against Atalanta, winning her hand in the bargain.
Answer: Hippomenes
[10] After killing the Calydonian boar, this man awarded the head and skin to Atalanta for first wounding the beast, which aroused the jealously of his uncles. After he butchered them, his mother burned the log that would coincide with his death.
Answer: Meleager
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Answer the following questions about particle physics, FTPE:,
[10] Deriving their name from Finnegan's Wake, charm and strange are examples of this type of fundamental particle that occurs in pairs and composes protons and neutrons.
Answer: Quark
[10] Unaffected by the strong force, these particles follow the Pauli exclusion principle and have zero radius with half spin.
Answer: Leptons
[10] These hypothetical neutrinos may account for warm or cold dark matter. They are not subject to any of the fundamental Standard Model forces, but may still interact with gravity.
Answer: Sterile Neutrinos
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Answer the following questions about African geography FTPE.,
[10] Extending from Syria to Mozambique, this depression formed as a result of a zone of geologic weakness some 50 million years ago. It is divided into Eastern and Western portions and contains the Dead Sea and Lake Tanganyika.
Answer: Great Rift Valley
[10] Despite being fed by the Chari and Logone Rivers, this lake is rapidly disappearing, but its size fluctuates based on the rainy season.
Answer: Lake Chad
[10] At Lake Kimba, it provides an important source of hydroelectric power for the dam there. It is the largest African river that flows into the Indian Ocean.
Answer: Zambezi River
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Identify the following about things that make life difficult in math FTPE.,
[10] Niels Henrick Abel proved that this is the highest degree polynomial for which a generalized formula can be created.
Answer: quartic, or fourth
[10] This man, who collaborated with Alfred North Whitehead on Principia Mathematica, effectively disproved naïve set theory with his namesake paradox: whether the set of all sets that are not elements of themselves was an element of itself.
Answer: Bertrand Russell
[10] This man proved that for any set mathematical system complicated enough to fulfill the Peano axioms of arithmetic, the consistency of the system could not be proved.
Answer: Kurt Godel [pronounced "girdle" but accept reasonable attempts]
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Answer the following concerning noted poetry collections FTPE:,
[10] This Elliot collection includes sections on "Old Gumbie" and "The Rum Tum Tugger".
Answer: Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats
[10] This work by Charles Baudelaire tackles topics like the struggles of facing a world of ennui and finding the beautiful in life's darkness by comparing the ideal with the spleen as means to deconstruct the world.
Answer: Les Fleurs du Mal or The Flowers of Evil
[10] Including "London" and "The Sick Rose," it's known for being slightly more depressing than its companion piece.
Answer: The Songs of Experience
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Identify the following Ancient World leaders who learned the hard way that it's sometimes better to lead your armies from the rear, FTPE:,
[10] This Achaemenid died while fighting the Massagetae. He was famously buried in Pasargadae, and created a namesake cylinder detailing laws and decrees.
Answer: Cyrus the Great or Cyrus II or Cyrus the Persian
[10] This father of Sennacherib didn't live up to his name when, despite all the fights Assyrians get into, still became the first one of their kings to die in battle.
Answer: Sargon II
[10] This king actually commanded about 7,000 men at his greatest endeavor, though only 300 were fellow Spartans. In any event, his opponent Xerxes had a buttload more.
Answer: Leonidas
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Chloroplasts are important. FTPE:,
[10] These disc-like membranous sacs, stacked within the chloroplasts and surrounded by stroma, contain the chlorophyll molecules necessary for photosynthesis.
Answer: Thylakoid membrane
[10] Thylakoids are connected to one another in a granum through these linking bodies, in which photosystem I occurs.
Answer: Lamella
[10] These yellow-orange pigments absorb blue-green light, weaken excess light to protect chlorophyll, and cause the fall hues in dead leaves.
Answer: carotenoids
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It takes its name from an object in the Aeneid. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this work of anthropology whose titular object is used by Aeneus to enter the underworld.
Answer: The Golden Bough
[10] This author of The Growth of Plato's Ideal Theory wrote The Golden Bough.
Answer: Sir James George Frazer
[10] Frazer wrote two works on this topic, the second pairing it with "exogamy." Levi-Strauss famously wrote of this concept "today."
Answer: Totemism
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Answer these questions about the time immediately after the Big Bang, FTPE:,
[10] The period until 10^-43 seconds after is known as this era.
Answer: Planck Era
[10] The period of faster-than-light inflation following the GUT era was caused by the separating of this fundamental force from the electroweak force.
Answer: Strong Nuclear Force
[10] This astronomical phenomenon, considered proof of the Big Bang, consists of severely red-shifted light emitted by the universe when it was 380,000 years old.
Answer: Cosmic microwave Background Radiation
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Identify the following regarding the compositions of Arnold Schoenberg, FTPE,
[10] This early string sextet is based on a poem by Richard Dehmel, where a woman reveals to her lover that she is bearing another man's child.
Answer: Verklärte Nacht, or Transfigured Night
[10] Schoenberg composed a symphonic poem based on the Maurice Maeterlinck play Peleas and Melisande, at the same time that this French composer used it as the subject for an opera.
Answer: Claude Debussy
[10] Schoenberg worked with Belgian poet Albert Giraud to create this best-known work about a character form Bergamo who looks at the moon a few times.
Answer: Pierrot Lunaire
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Identify these figures associated with the history of Tripoli, none of whom are from anywhere near Tripoli, FTPE:,
[10] This Spanish king sent a fleet to re-conquer Tripoli that was defeated by the Ottomans at the Battle of Djerba. It failed, much like his more famous, similar endeavor elsewhere.
Answer: Philip II
[10] This U.S. President sent a Marine expeditionary force to attack the Barbary pirates at "the shores of Tripoli" in his first year in office.
Answer: Thomas Jefferson
[10] He stopped in Tripoli on the way back to his native Morocco, after traveling most of the Islamic World and authoring the Rihla.
Answer: Ibn Batuta
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Someone from Furman wrote a Pokemon bonus, but it was too easy. Answer these harder questions, FTPE:,
[10] In the original Red and Blue, it (or, presumably, some trace of it) can be found in a block of amber in the Pewter Museum and eventually be reanimated.
Answer: Aerodactyl
[10] Getting those giant fucking Snorlaxes out of your way is only possible after you spend some time hanging out in the giant mausoleum in this city.
Answer: Lavender Town
[10] Some sketchy guy sells you this Pokemon's unevolved form, a useless fish that can't actually attack for 10 levels. That fish later becomes this giant dragon thing that can learn all of the most powerful moves.
Answer: Gyrados (it evolves from Magikarp)
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Identify the following about the religious writings of St. Thomas More. FTPE:,
[10] More attacked the tendentious English translation of the Bible of this English reformer in his Dialogue Concerning Heresies, and later wrote a Confutation of the former's response to it.
Answer: William Tyndale
[10] In his Letter against Frith, More attacked this view, advocated by Zwingli, that the Eucharist is only a remembrance of the last supper, in which Christ is neither physically nor spiritually present.
Answer: memorialism
[10] Along with John Fisher, More has often been thought to have ghostwritten sections of this man's A Defense of the Seven Sacraments.
Answer: Henry VIII

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