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2007 Maryland Terrapins Tossups by UCLA
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To arrive at this place, the priests dipped their feet in the river to bring the water flowing to the Sea of the Arabah to a standstill. The house of Rahab was protected by a scarlet cord, because the prostitute had hidden the two spies from Shittim when pursuers from this town followed her false tip down the road to the fords of the Jordan River. Because no one came out, the son of Nun ordered the priests to march on a circuit of the city with the Ark of the Covenant once a day for six days, and seven times on the seventh day. FTP, name this city captured by Joshua following the destruction of its walls.
Answer: Jericho
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One type of it is often phosphorylated on serine 10, though this class of proteins is better known for other types of post-transcriptional modifications. Variants of that type include CENP-A, which is localized to centromeres and appears to be essential for proper chromosome segregation. This function was of great interest to cell biologists as, for over one hundred years after they were discovered by Albrecht Kossel, they were thought to have only a structural function. Modifications such as ADP-ribosylation, sumoylation, and the better-studied methylation and acetylation of these proteins has been found to alter their regulation of chromatin. FTP, identify this class of highly conserved nuclear proteins that form a hetero-octamer in order to form the "beads" around which DNA is wrapped like a string.
Answer: histones; accept "histone 3" or "H3" until "Albrecht"
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In one of its works, an artist falls in love with a castrato, while in another, an heir finds his lover dead by the hand of his half-sister, also her lover. In addition to Sarrasine and The Girl with the Golden Eyes, this collection includes "philosophical Studies" like "Melmoth Reconciled" and "The Magic Skin" and "Scenes from Military Life" such as "The Chouans". Raoul Nathan, Joseph Bridau, Horace Bianchon, Emile Blondet, and Eugene de Rastignac are recurring characters, while characters named in some of its titles include Country Doctor, Cousin Bette, and Pere Goriot. Including some scenes from Parisian life and encompassing over 2500 characters, FTP, name this collection of more than 100 works by Honore de Balzac.
Answer: 3. An essay by Lee Benson claimed that the ideas behind this man's best known work were borrowed from Achille Loria. One of his essays argued that the West's "forces of democracy" were personified in Andrew Jackson, while he wrote that regions of the US, not states, determined national policy in The Significance of Sections in American History. In another essay, he argued that American individualism evolved because successive waves of American settlers moved to "areas of free land" and cited the census of 1890 to mark the end of "the first period in American history." FTP, name this historian who argued that Westward expansion was a democratizing influence on the United States in his landmark essay "The Significance of the Frontier in American History." Frederick Jackson Turner
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It was first known by the Native Americans as Talol, and the first European to see it did so in 1792. Most of its climbers utilize Camp Muir on its southwest flank and Camp Schurman on the northeast, the latter of which requires ascension of Emmons Glacier. In 1899, President McKinley established a national park named after it. Its topographic prominence is greater than that of K2, and it takes about two to three days to climb. The Nisqually and Puyallup rivers began at eponymous glaciers on it. FTP, name this largest mountain of the Cascade Range that lies fifty miles southeast of Seattle.
Answer: The Human Comedy; or La comedie humaine
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On the night of this accomplishment, the player who achieved it also set the record score at a local shooting gallery. Phil Jordon's injury left Darrall Imhoff as the opposing team's best hope for preventing it, while Al Attles went 8 for 8 from the floor. Called by Bill Campbell, this game's final minute featured two rebounds by Ted Luckenbill and an assist by Joe Rutlick leading to this achievement, which caused the fans to storm the court, preventing the final 46 seconds of this game from being played. Taking place in Hershey, Pennsylvania, the record setter shot 36 percent above his career average from the free throw line in order to achieve it. FTP, identify this feat in which a Philadelphia Warriors center scored the most points i in a single game n NBA history.
Answer: Mount Rainier
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Though they are normally only composed of sp2 hybrid orbitals between bonds, conditions of high pressure can merge them together into long strands by swapping some of these into sp3 orbitals. Their detected presence within Damascus steel explains why swords made of this material attain their quality in durability and sharpness. The enormous tensile strength of these molecules has made them key materials in proposals for the development of space elevators. FTP, identify these tiny molecules formed from a cylindrical atom-thick sheet of graphite.
Answer: Wilt Chamberlain scores 100 points; accept "March 2, 1962" or clear equivalents
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The Phaestos one has a spiral band, while the Palamedes one contains the alphabetical secret. Marked by strife and valor, it perhaps derived from the chastity tunic worn by Libyan girls. It was used by Apollo to protect Hector from defacement of the flesh when Achilles dragged him after his death, and it is fashioned from the goat skin of Amaltheia. In the Neithian games, Pallas's attack on Athena was thwarted by Zeus's use of it, and Athena obtained it to wear on her breastplate. Containing the head of the Gorgon Medusa, FTP, name this magical shield of Zeus.
Answer: 8. One character in this play often declaims "the days grow hot, O Babylon! `Tis cool beneath thy willow trees!", and is still an anarchist, unlike a more cynical character who compares a celebration in the second act to a "second feast of Belshazzar". That character, known as "Old Cemetery," is Larry Slade, who becomes the title character's only "convert to death" after ordering Don Parritt to commit suicide by jumping off a fire escape in the final act. Set in Harry Hope's bar, the main action of the play begins when a traveling salesman arrives and tries to convince the other characters to discard their pipe dreams. Ending with Hickey's revelation that he murdered his wife Evelyn out of hate, FTP, identify this 1940 play by Eugene O'Neill. The Iceman Cometh
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He may have created St. Francis Giving His Mantle to a Poor Man and other frescoes of Upper Church at Assisi. The first painter to be appointed head of Florence Cathedral workshop, he created the frescos on St. Francis, St. John the Baptist and St. John the Evangelist at Santa Croce of Florence, and also the throned Ognissanti Madonna. Producing rounded, solid figures in depthless backgrounds, he is best known for the frescoes Christ Entering Jerusalem, Ascension, and Lamentation found in a chapel in Padua. The architect of the Duomo Campanile, FTP, name this student of Cimabue who worked on the Arena Chapel.
Answer: aegis
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On his father's death, he defended himself against a charge of misappropriating some hunting tackle and books from Asculum so well that the judge offered his daughter, Antistia, in marriage. His first election as consul was illegal, as he wasn't in Rome for the election, was too young, and hadn't held the lower offices. He infuriated Crassus by claiming credit for ending Spartacus's revolt after killing the army's remnants, who were fleeing their defeat by Crassus. Julius Caesar opposed his being given command against the pirates in 67 BCE. Elected consul along with Crassus following the Servile war, he conquered Mithridates VI and married Julia, but was later defeated at Pharsalus. FTP, name this member of the First Triumvirate with Caesar and Crassus.
Answer: Gnaeus (or Cnaeus) Pompeius Magnus; accept Pompey the Great
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It gained credence after the discovery of the Talgai cranium. According to Robert Parsons, it derailed the careers of Arthur Keith, Grafton Elliot Smith, and Arthur Smith Woodward, and helped obscure Raymond Dart's discovery of early Australopithecines. Discovered by Charles Dawson, its two molars formed a non-uniform biting surface and showed evidence of artificial abrasion, arousing the doubts of Joseph Weiner and Wilfred Le Gros Clark. Consisting of the jawbone of an orangutan and the skull of a modern human, FTP, name these forged bone fragments found in a namesake English town, at one time believed to be the missing link.
Answer: Piltdown Man
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The brainchild of Mark Shuttleworth, a South African entrepreneur also known for being the second tourist in space, it was first released for download in October 2004. Since then it has skyrocketed in popularity and attention and is currently on version 6.10. A triumph of the open source community, it was originally released as a fork of Debian, has new releases every six months, and is praised for its frequent updates and dedicated online community. FTP, name this Linux distribution, the current version of which is codenamed "Edgy Eft" and whose name comes from the Zulu and Xhosa concept roughly translated as "humanity toward others."
Answer: Ubuntu Linux
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This poem's fourth stanza mentions a "green altar" where a "mysterious priest" leads a heifer to be sacrificed. Its second stanza gives a command to "pipe to the spirit ditties of no tone" because "heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard/ Are sweeter." To the fair youth beneath the trees who cannot leave her song, the "happy melodist" "for ever piping songs for ever new," the poet ascribes "more happy, happy love!" Its opening stanza asks "what leaf-fringed legend haunts about thy shape," and refers to the title object as a "sylvan historian" and a "still unravished bride of quietness." FTP, name this poem ending with the lines "'beauty is truth, truth beauty' - that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know," an ode by John Keats.
Answer: "Ode on a Grecian Urn"
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His conception of existence as opposition is described in Heidegger's Off the Beaten Track in a section on this thinker's sayings. Although a crater on the moon is named after him, he has a reputation based mainly on his work in cosmology. Plutarch's reminiscences about this Presocratic include the notion that "in the beginning humans were born from other kinds of animals." Best-known for his assertion that the original substance consisted of the amorphous apeiron, FTP, name this second philosopher of the Milesian school, pupil of the first philosopher in the Western tradition, Thales.
Answer: 15. It was begun as meetings at Healds Green and Dog Inn. A poem written as a reaction to it described Lord Eldon as Fraud, a follower of a creepy skeleton who tries to establish the reign of Anarchy. Blanketeer veteran Hugh Birley's alcoholism helped precipitate it, and a spelling error caused chants of the unsettling "God Armeth the patriot!" A major influence on the Chartists and a precursor to the passage of the Six Acts, the presence of John Carlile, Joseph Johnson, and Henry Hunt so unnerved William Hulton that he ordered Yeoman Cavalry to attack the speaker's platform. James Wroe's nickname referring to a Napoleonic battle was applied to, FTP, what 1819 massacre of English reformists in Manchester's St. Peter's Fields? Peterloo Massacre or Battle of Peterloo (prompt on "Manchester Massacre")
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Although the Union commander in this battle came up with a sophisticated plan, he uncharacteristically committed a costly hesitatation on May 1st, saying "for the first time, [he] lost confidence in" himself. Sedgewick's VI Corps was supposed to provide a diversion near Fredricksburg, but Jubal Early's division was able to hold them back from joining the attack. The Union XI Corps bore the brunt of Stonewall Jackson's assault after he successfully marched around to the Union left, allowing Lee to escape the Wilderness with a victory despite being outnumbered two to one. FTP, what is this April 30 to May 6, 1863 battle, in which Lee's victory came at a terrible cost, as Jackson was felled by friendly fire during the battle?
Answer: Anaximander
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If this quantity exists, then the Leibnitz rule will work on the Poisson bracket. Noether's theorem can be extended to this quantity by stating that the group of transformations infinitesimally generated by a constant of the motion will leave it invariant. The Poisson bracket of this quantity with a function will yield that function's time derivative, so if the Poisson bracket is zero, that function is conserved. Obtained by performing a Legendre transform on the Lagrangian, FTP, what is this quantity which in quantum mechanics is the observable representing the total energy of a system?
Answer: battle of Chancellorsville
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He wrote a work for hurdy-gurdy for the King of Naples, and his version of the Orpheus myth, L'anima del filosofo, was arranged on a sponsorship from J. P. Salomon. In addition to Lo speziale and Il mondo della luna, he composed some 1,200 works in every genre, creating the Coronation Mass and The Seven Last Words of Christ for voice. Belonging both to the Baroque and the Classical periods, he wrote pieces labeled "Hornsignal," "Maria Teresa," and "Mercury," as well as the oratorio "The Creation." Patronized by the Esterhazy court, FTP, name this Austrian composer of some 108 symphonies including the London, Surprise, and Farewell.
Answer: 19. He described a party at Delmonico's that leads to an attack on Henry Bradin's socialist newspaper as well as the suicide of Gordon Sterret in his short story "May Day". This author wrote "The snow of '29 wasn't real snow. If you didn't want it to be snow, you just paid some money" in a short story describing Charlie Wales' attempt to gain custody of his daughter Honoria. In his best-known short story, Braddock Washington attempts to bribe God by offering to construct a cathedral out of the title gemstone, which is described to John T. Unger as being larger than a hotel. FTP, identify this American author of "Babylon Revisited" and "The Diamond as Big as the Ritz" who also wrote novels about Dick Diver, Amory Blaine, and Nick Carraway. F. Scott Fitzgerald
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A man named Dryas was killed by a woman of this name on their wedding night. According to Pausanias, a woman of this name is the wife of Acrisius and mother of Danae. In Apollodorus' Library, one woman by this name was the mother of Laomedon by Ilus, and another who was released from Hades by Persephone after hearing the laments of her husband, but only on one condition. FTP, name this woman who never made it to the surface before Orpheus looked back at her.
Answer: Franz Joseph Haydn
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The protagonist of this novel reads part of Eugenie Grandet in a cafe, and has an epiphany while listening to the jazz song "some of these Days". Another character devotes himself to reading all the books in the Bouville library in alphabetical order until he is accused of inappropriately touching a young boy. Before meeting his ex-girlfriend Anny, the protagonist realizes that "the essential thing is contingency" while viewing the roots of a chestnut tree. That protagonist is in the middle of writing a history of the Marquis de Rollebon, but abandons it after many bouts of the title condition, which first manifests itself when he is unable to pick up a piece of paper. FTP, name this novel consisting of the diary of Antoine Roquentin, a work by Jean-Paul Sartre.
Answer: Eurydice
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Answer: 23. Nicholas Patler wrote about Jim Crow in this president's administration, which provoked strong protests from the William Monroe Trotter-led National Independent Political League after it resegregated the civil service. He appointed John Clarke and James McReynolds to the Supreme Court, as well as a man known for his landmark brief in Muller v. Oregon. His administration saw the passage of the Underwood Tariff, while other laws passed include the Espionage Act, which encouraged the Palmer Raids, and the Federal Reserve Act. FTP, name this New Jersey Democrat, the successor to Taft, who was president during World War I. Thomas Woodrow Wilson
2007 Maryland Terrapins Bonuses by UCLA
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Identify these scientists associated with the quantum revolution FTPE.,
[10] This 1933 Physics Nobel Laureate provided the equation to explain the origin of quantum spin as a relativistic phenomenon.
Answer: Paul Dirac
[10] A year earlier this man received the Swedish honors being cited for work leading to the discovery of the allotropic forms of hydrogen. This achievement is perhaps only eclipsed by his being the namesake of a certain "uncertainty principle."
Answer: Werner Heisenberg
[10] Allegedly one of the inspirations for Paul Dirac, this man was responsible for proving the spin-statistics theorem, which states that particles with half-integer spin are fermions, while particles with integer spin are bosons.
Answer: Wolfgang Pauli
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It ends with a gluttonous Puritan nicknamed "Rabbi" losing an argument to a puppet. FTPE:,
[10] Name this play in which Humphrey Wasp constantly tries and fails to prevent his gullible master from being defrauded in the title place.
Answer: Bartholomew Fair
[10] In this play, Mosca causes havoc by individually telling Voltore, Corbaccio, and Corvino that they are the sole heir of the greedy title character, who is faking an illness and is named for a fox.
Answer: Volpone
[10] This British playwright wrote both Bartholomew Fair and Volpone.
Answer: Ben Jonson
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Seas of the Mediterranean. FTPE.,
[10] Found between Greece and Turkey, this branch of the Mediterranean was named after the king of Athens who is said to have thrown himself into it after seeing his son's ship return with black sails.
Answer: Aegean sea
[10] The Arno ends in this sea, which is bordered by Corsica on the south and on the north by its namesake Italian coastal region, whose capital is Genoa.
Answer: Ligurian sea
[10] Called the Propontis by the Ancient Greeks, this sea is connected to the Mediterranean by the Dardanelles. It separates the European section of Turkey from its Asian part.
Answer: sea of Marmara
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Name these paintings involving boats. FTPE.,
[10] This Romantic painting by Theodore Gericault depicts the survivors of a shipwreck attempting to flee in their lifeboat.
Answer: The Raft of the Medusa
[10] This Winslow Homer painting depicts a black man tied to a small boat surrounded by circling sharks. As if that wasn't bad enough, if the sharks don't get him, the waterspout seen in the background surely will.
Answer: The Gulf Stream
[10] Based on an event that took place in Havana harbor in 1749, this painting by John Singleton Copley shows a 14-year-old boy overboard and under attack by the creature with whom he shares the painting's title.
Answer: Watson and the Shark
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Dialogues of Plato. FTPE.,
[10] Socrates tells the man who asks him to escape to Thessaly that avoiding execution would invalidate the social contract.
Answer: Crito
[10] Socrates discusses immortality and ideal forms with Simmias and Cebes before drinking hemlock.
Answer: Phaedo
[10] Socrates teaches a slave the Pythagorean theorem in this dialogue, in which the title character discusses the nature of virtue.
Answer: Meno
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It began with the Bregovo dispute over occupation of the river Timok. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this 1885 war between its namesake European nations.
Answer: Serbo-Bulgarian War
[10] The treaty ending the war is named for this city, the capital of Romania.
Answer: Bucharest
[10] The war was the backdrop for this George Bernard Shaw play whose title is taken from Virgil's Aeneid.
Answer: Arms and the Man
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In one of his novels, Dennis Barlaw cremates his dead lover Aimee Thanatogenos, a make-up artist for the mortuary, at a pet cemetery. FTPE.,
[10] Name this British author of The Loved One who also penned a work about Tony Last.
Answer: Evelyn Waugh
[10] Expelled from Oxford, Paul Pennyfeather falls in love with the mother of one of his boys' school students and gets arrested for being involved in the slave trade in this Waugh novel.
Answer: Decline and Fall
[10] In this Waugh novel, the sacred and profane memories of Captain Charles Ryder are recorded at the titular home of Sebastian Marchmain.
Answer: Brideshead Revisited
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Answer the following about personality typing. FTPE.,
[10] This psychologist classified personality types into extroversion and introversion in a book surprisingly titled Psychological Types. He also introduced the concept of the collective unconscious.
Answer: Carl Gustav Jung
[10] The concept of personality types was further defined by this mother-daughter pair after whom the most prevalent indicator test for personality type is named.
Answer: Isabel Briggs Myers and Karen Cook Briggs
[10] The Myers-Briggs personality type indicator yields one of this many different personality types.
Answer: 16
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They receive joint capsule receptors laterally upwards, and carry epicritic, tactile info up in the medial fasciculus gracilis and the lateral fasciculus cuneatus. FTPE.,
[10] Name the ascending fibers in the spinal cord named for their ventral positions.
Answer: posterior columns; or dorsal columns
[10] Secondary neurons of the posterior columns reach the gracile and cuneate nuclei before crossing over via the internal arcuate fibers to form the medial lemniscus in this structure, which lies caudal to the pons and rostral to the spinal cord.
Answer: medulla
[10] The medial lemnisci terminate at the ventral posterior lateral region of this organ in the diencephalon, which relays the input to the primary sensory cortex.
Answer: thalamus
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She loved the Brooklyn Dodgers as well as the Fables of Jean de la Fontaine. FTPE.,
[10] Name this Imagist poet who later championed syllabic meters in her collections Observations, The Pangolin, O to Be a Dragon, and The Arctic Ox.
Answer: Marianne Moore
[10] Moore notes that "we do not admire what we cannot understand" when the titular art form becomes "so derivative as to become unintelligible." Even though she dislikes "all this fiddle," Moore discovers in it "a place for the genuine."
Answer: "Poetry"
[10] Moore described "submerged shafts of the sun/ split like spun/ glass" in a poem named for one of these animals. Her good friend Elizabeth Bishop also wrote a poem about one with "Five big hooks/ grown firmly in his mouth."
Answer: a fish (the poems are both titled "The Fish")
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Name these wives of Henry VIII FTPE.,
[10] This woman's appearance didn't quite hold up to a Holbein depiction. That is, she looked kind of like a horse, enough to merit the derisive nickname "Mare of Flanders".
Answer: Anne of Cleaves
[10] His second wife, she was mother to Elizabeth I, though probably didn't commit incest to do it.
Answer: Anne Boleyn
[10] His last wife, she outlived him.
Answer: Catherine Parr
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Answer some stuff about one of Loki's particularly serendipitous shenanigans. FTSNOP:,
[10] For 10, Loki decided it would be fun to cut off the golden hair of this wife of Thor. Thor got mad and made him go get new hair for her.
Answer: Sif
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[5,5] After stealing Sif's hair, Loki also collected Gungnir, and Skidbladnir. For five points each, he then bet these two brother dwarves that they couldn't create items of equal craftsmanship.,
[10] For 10, along with Gullinbursti and Draupnir, Brokk and Eitri also created this hammer that always returns to Thor.
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ANSWERr: "Smells Like Teen Spirit",
[10] For 10, identify this song, source of the line "Here we are now, entertain us."
[5] For 5, this band recorded "Smells Like Teen Spirit."
Answer: "Nirvana"
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Identify the following overtures by Beethoven. FTPE.,
[10] This final overture to Beethoven's only opera was not actually completed in time for the first performance in 1814, but is nevertheless named for its title.
[10] This overture to a Goethe play about the struggles of the Netherlands to cast off the yoke of Spanish tyranny is named after a gallant Count who gave his life in the cause of freedom.
Answer: an albino, a mosquito, my libido Fidelio Overture
[10] This third overture to Fidelio is twice as long as the final overture and serves as a microcosm for the entire opera. It was never used.
Answer: Egmont Overture
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Name these general concepts in computer science. FTPE.,
[10] A required specification of Java, this is the term for a form of memory management which reclaims the storage used by objects which will not be accessed in the future.
Answer: "Garbage collection"
[10] This is a word which has a special grammatical meaning to a particular language and thus cannot be used as an identifier.
Answer: reserved word
[10] Synonyms for the ad-hoc form of this concept include overloading or coercion.
Answer: polymorphism
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Answer the following about the War of the Austrian Succession. FTPE.,
[10] The conflict was precipitated when this document was issued to grant the throne to Maria Theresa.
Answer: Pragmatic Sanction of 1713
[10] This man, Maria Theresa's father, issued the Pragmatic Sanction.
Answer: Charles VI
[10] This 1741 battle was the first major clash of Frederick's army with Austrian forces after Neipperg was able to relieve Neisse and cut off Frederick's forces.
Answer: Battle of Mollwitz
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Answer the following about a genre of literature FTPE.,
[10] Coined by Alejo Carpentier, it refers to works that encompass fantastic elements and rich detail, and describes the works of many noted Latin American authors.
Answer: magical realism
[10] This Colombian author of Chronicle of a Death Foretold and Love in the Time of Cholera is probably the most famous exemplar of magical realism.
Answer: Gabriel Garcia Marquez
[10] This Mexican author of The Burning Plain created one of the earliest magical realist novels, Pedro Páramo, in 1955.
Answer: Juan Rulfo
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Identify these Old Testament prophets from a description of an important prophecy they received. FTPE.,
[10] This patriarchal figure for three major religions received the initial prophecy of Israel, that God would make him the father of many nations.
Answer: Abraham; or Abram
[10] His book being the third longest in the Old Testament to Jeremiah and Psalms, this prophet refers to God as the "the Holy One of Israel" twelve times in the first thirty-nine chapters of his book.
Answer: Isaiah
[10] Urging the Jews to proceed with the rebuilding of the second Jerusalem temple, this minor prophet's book is the third to last in the Old Testament.
Answer: Haggai
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Answer the following questions about the heaviest lepton. FTPE.,
[10] What is this lepton, the bigger brother of the electron and muon?
Answer: tau or tauon
[10] Unlike the muon, which can only decay into lighter leptons and an occasional photon, the tau is sufficiently massive to decay into these strongly-interacting particles as well.
Answer: hadrons
[10] This man won a share of the 1995 Nobel Prize in Physics for his work in detecting the tau at SLAC's SPEAR ring.
Answer: Martin Perl
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Answer these questions about unrelated people. FTPE.,
[10] He became Prime Minister of England in 1922, after he and other Conservatives had forced David Lloyd George's resignation from the office. He died the next year, however, having served a shorter term that any other PM of the 20th century.
Answer: Andrew Bonar Law
[10] Perhaps the most influential American judge never to be appointed to the Supreme Court, he served on the bench of the United States Court of Appeals, Second Circuit from 1924 to 1951. Acknowledged as a preeminent thinker in virtually every branch of the law, he is equally well known for his speeches and articles, collected in The Spirit of Liberty.
Answer: Billings Learned Hand
[10] Namesake of an award given to the best college football linebacker each year, this former Chicago Bears great has more recently turned up in movies like Necessary Roughness and Any Given Sunday, as well as an ESPN reality show in which he coached a Pennsylvania high school team--with mixed results.
Answer: Dick Butkus
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Name these rivers given a brief description. FTPE.,
[10] This river connects the Great Lakes with the Atlantic Ocean.
Answer: Saint Lawrence river
[10] Originating in the Great Slave Lake and flowing north into the Arctic Ocean, it is the longest river in Canada.
Answer: Mackenzie river
[10] The main river of Thailand, it runs 372 km from north to south, to Bangkok.
Answer: Chao Phraya

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