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2007 Maryland Terrapins Tossups by Jonathan Magin
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This war was precipitated by the death of Joseph Ferdinand and the violation of the Second Partition Treaty. Its first battle saw the defeat of forces under Nicolas Catinat and the duke of Villeroi by an Austrian who was later defeated at the Battle of Cassano by Vendôme. The Netherlands changed their allegiance to Charles III after the Duke of Marlborough's victory at the Battle of Ramillies, while the French forces were eventually driven back inside their borders after the Battles of Oudenarde and Malplaquet. Earlier, the French offensive was stopped by Eugene de Savoy's victory at the Battle of Blenheim. Caused by Leopold I and Louis XIV's disagreement over the heir of Charles II, FTP, name this war fought from 1701 to 1714 ended by the Treaty of Utrecht.
Answer: War of the Spanish Succession
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Charles LeBrun's lecture "Conférence Sur L`expression" was largely based this man's theory that all emotions stem from combinations of wonder, love, hate, desire, joy, and sadness, a theory expressed in Passions of the Soul. In another work, this thinker argued that his ability to conceive of a "perfect being" proved the existence of God, and raised the possibility that he is constantly deceived by an omnipotent "evil genius". Those arguments appear in his Meditations on First Philosophy, while he described his program of hyperbolic doubt and his system of Cartesian coordinates in Discourse on Method. FTP, name this dualistic French philosopher best known for arguing "cogito ergo sum," or "I think, therefore, I am."
Answer: Rene Descartes
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One character in this work evokes the image of breaking a pot to indicate her desire for anal sex. Its fourth section opens with another character presumably having anal sex with Jupien before seducing the violinist Charles Morel, who is later persuaded to leave that character, the Baron de Charlus, after talking to the vindictive Verdurins. Although the protagonist is briefly infatuated with the wealthy Duchesse de Guermantes, his anxiety over possible lesbian affairs going on without his knowledge leads him to force Albertine to live with him in its fifth section, The Captive. Its first section, Swann's Way, opens with a memory of the town of Combray evoked by the taste of a tea-soaked madeleine. FTP, identify this long novel by Marcel Proust.
Answer: In Search of Lost Time or Remembrance of Things Past or A La Recherche du Temps Perdu
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A rehearsal of this opera plays an important part in William Gaddis' novel JR. In its final scene, Donner sings "Heda, heda, hedo" after Erda warns another character to give up an all-powerful object in the aria "Wie alles war". That object is cursed in the aria "Bin ich nun frei" by a dwarf who uses the Tarnhelm to turn himself into a toad after being tricked by Loge. Its opening scene begins with a sustained E-flat chord that lasts for 136 measures, representing the title river, whose maidens reject the Nibelung Alberich, causing him to renounce love and steal the title object. FTP, name this Richard Wagner opera, the first of the Ring cycle.
Answer: Das Rheingold or The Rhine Gold
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In the Lorentz-Lorenz formula, the index of refraction is equal to the square root of one plus three times the molar refractivity times pressure divided by this constant times temperature. In the Nernst equation, this constant appears on the numerator of a fraction times temperature and divided by the Faraday constant. For simplicity in calculations, it is usually expressed in terms of units of energy per Kelvin per mole. FTP, identify this universal constant, usually denoted R, with a value equal to Boltzmann's constant times Avogadro's number, and which is a term of the ideal gas law.
Answer: Ideal/Universal gas constant
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In one story, he convinces a village that a corpse he bought in exchange for twelve sheep is the sleeping son of a god, causing the villagers to present him with a hundred slaves out of fear when the corpse never wakes up. He captures the hornets, the python Onini, and the leopard Osebo in order to buy all the tales in the world from Nyame, and makes an unsuccessful attempt to contain the entire world's wisdom in a calabash. He is also prevented from participating in a lavish underwater feast when he takes off his jacket, which he had filled with rocks. That feast is given in revenge for an earlier meal when he made Turtle wash his feet over and over again in order to eat all of his yams by himself. FTP, name this trickster from African mythology usually depicted as a spider.
Answer: Kweku Anansi
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William Davie warned that North Carolina would not sign the Constitution unless this was included. First proposed by Charles Pinckney, it became a sectional issue after Rufus King proposed compensating states in New England to offset its effects. Its final version linked it to direct taxes apportioned among the states, and was proposed by Pennsylvania delegate James Wilson. Federalists called Thomas Jefferson the "Negro President" due to this clause's role in electing him, while it was not voided until the passing of the Fourteenth Amendment. The most prominent reference to slavery in the Constitution, FTP, name this compromise which determined representation by counting slaves as a certain fraction of the white population.
Answer: the three-fifths compromise or clause
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Chloe symbolically kills Sir Plume in this poem's final section, which begins with a speech by Clarissa arguing that "charms strike the sight, but merit wins the soul." Its main character is awoken by her dog Shock, and deploys Spadillio, Manillio, and Basto, or the Ace of Spades, Two of Spades, and Ace of Clubs, against her antagonist in its third canto. After that game of ombre, the Baron performs the title action with a forfex despite the efforts of the Sylphs, led by Ariel, to protect the title object, which becomes a constellation at the end of the poem. Beginning by asking "What mighty contests rise from trivial things," FTP, name this mock epic by Alexander Pope about the cutting of a curl of Belinda's hair.
Answer: "The Rape of the Lock"
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According to Bill Simmons, the verisimilitude of American History X was ruined when Edward Norton's character did this. In the original 3 Ninjas movie, Rocky improbably does this to complete a 10-9 victory over a group of school bullies. In 2000, a notable one "of death" victimized Frederic Weis, while a mulleted Tom Chambers performed a famous one after coming into contact with Mark Jackson. In 2006, this action was performed twice against Army by Candace Parker, who had earlier performed one with her arm covering her eyes to win a competition over such luminaries as JR Smith and Rudy Gay. FTP, name this type of basketball move whose varieties include the windmill, tomahawk, and 360, and which most people in this tournament are unable to perform.
Answer: slam dunk
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This painting was originally exhibited along with a poem ending, "Hope, hope, fallacious hope! Where is thy market now?" The sky is bluish-white in the upper right, and yellow-orange in the center, where a hazy vertical white line represents the sun. In the lower right corner, five white birds hover over an aggressive group of fish, who are attracted by the pools of maroon blood coming from a drowning figure. The fettered leg of that figure sticks out above the water, along with the chains of other dying figures who were thrown off of the title object so that their owners could collect insurance money. FTP, name this J. M. W. Turner painting of a boat sailing the Middle Passage during a storm.
Answer: The Slave Ship or Slavers throwing overboard the dead and dying: Typhon coming on
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At standard temperature and pressure, it is a toxic and corrosive gas with a strong odor, and until the advent of haloalkanes like Freon, it was widely used as a refrigerant because it easily liquefies under pressure. Its liquid form is also a well-known non-aqueous ionizing solvent. Another of its important uses is in the production of nitric acid, which is then used in explosives and fertilizer. FTP, name this Hydrogen-Nitrogen compound usually formed when its two component gases are reacted over an iron catalyst, with aluminum oxide and potassium oxide promoters.
Answer: Ammonia
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In ancient times, people celebrated this holiday by swinging a live chicken around their head, killing it, and giving it to the poor. Adults observing it are prohibited from wearing leather shoes, bathing, and having sex, while the Seudah Ha-Mafseket is traditionally the final meal eaten before it begins. The Book of Jonah is read during its Mincha service, while its Musaf service includes a recitation of the Martyrology. Opening with the chanting of the Kol Nidre [Nid-RAY], its observers also recite the Ashamnu and the Al Chet [all KHATE] in order to gain forgiveness from God for the sins committed over the past year. Observed on the tenth day of Tishrei, FTP, name this Jewish day of atonement, which occurs nine days after Rosh Hashanah.
Answer: Yom Kippur
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This character is compared to "the wild air of the last waltz of Von Weber," and paints many abstract canvases, including a picture of a long subterranean tunnel lit with an unearthly white light. Also the author of the poem "The Haunted Palace," he suffers from a "morbid acuteness of the senses", which causes him to become aware that he has buried another character alive. He originally entombs that character in order to prevent her corpse from being dug up and used for medical research, and dies after she breaks free from her tomb and falls upon him. The occupant of a Gothic dwelling that crumbles and slides into a tarn, FTP, identify this brother of the lady Madeleine, the protagonist of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Fall of the House of Usher".
Answer: Roderick Usher
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This work's sixth chapter argues that dogs are valued for their "unquestioning subservience," while its last chapter criticizes "esoteric knowledge" and the survival of archaic rituals in academia. Another chapter analyzes the conservation of primitive traits like the belief in luck and the predatory instinct, a process which prevents society from evolving past wasteful barbarism. The second chapter describes the emergence of the title institution, which leads to the achievement of status through pecuniary emulation. Best known for analyzing the motivation behind wasteful and ostentatious displays of wealth, or "conspicuous consumption," FTP, identify this 1899 work by Thorstein Veblen.
Answer: The Theory of the Leisure Class
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After assuring that a new Robespierre will not emerge, its speaker cites Thomas Benton for a comparison between the Catiline conspiracy and the Bank of the United States. Later, it contrasts the "idle holders of idle capital" to "the struggling masses", before warning "destroy our farms and the grass will grow in the streets of every city in the country." Its speaker then notes that his party is supported by "the producing masses of this nation and the world", before arguing that an economic policy would place a "crown of thorns" upon the "brow of labor". Ending with an image of mankind crucified on the title object, FTP, identify this pro-silver speech delivered at the 1896 Democratic National Convention by William Jennings Bryan.
Answer: the Cross of Gold speech
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It is the location of the Escondida Mine, the largest open-pit copper mine in the world, and is the world's largest supply of sodium nitrate. The isolation and clarity of its skies make it home to a number of telescopic observatories including the Paranal Observatory. Its barren spaces and `Mars' or `Moon'-like soils have made it an ideal place for NASA to consider testing future Martian or lunar rovers. Suffering from a double rain shadow from the Corderilla Domeyko to the east and the Andes Mountains to the west, FTP, name this driest place on Earth, a 600 mile long desert in Chile.
Answer: Atacama Desert
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Carl Mauch erroneously identified wood found at this site as cedar from Lebanon, leading him to support an earlier theory proposed by João de Barros which argued that it was constructed by the Queen of Sheba. A twenty-nine foot high conical tower lies inside of its Imba Huru, which is one of its three main structures along with the Hill Complex and the Valley Ruins. Built by the Shona between 1100 and 1600 AD, it became a center of trade between Africa and Asia due to its enormous supply of gold, but was abandoned in the 17th century. FTP, name this ancient African city with a population of over fifteen thousand at its peak, whose massive stone ruins lie in a namesake country whose capital is Harare.
Answer: 17. Because of the intermittent high pressure in it, it can develop pockets known as diverticulli in its walls, which while not necessarily harmful can become infected. In mammals, it consists of four parts - the ascending, transverse, descending and sigmoid regions, and pH in it varies between 5.5 and 7. Located between the cecum and rectum, identify, FTP, this part of the large intestine that absorbs vitamin K and extracts the remaining water from chyme and mixes it with gut flora, creating feces. Colon
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His only surviving opera ends with "A Real Slow Drag" after the title character is rescued from the conjurer Zodzetrick. In the same year that he composed The Favorite and The Sycamore, he used a series of rising arpeggios to simulate the sound of a waterfall in his 1904 piece commissioned by the World's Fair, The Cascades. Awarded a posthumous Pulitzer Prize for Treemonisha, nearly all of his works, such as The Easy Winners and Elite Syncopations, include the warning "Not Fast". Repopularized in the 1970s by Marvin Hamlisch, who used his pieces for the score of The Sting, FTP, identify this American composer of The Entertainer and The Maple Leaf Rag known today as the "king of ragtime".
Answer: Great Zimbabwe (do not accept or prompt on Zimbabwe)
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In a self-referential play by this author, three men named Bartholomeus criticize him for not writing plays in a scientific manner. In another of his plays, the entrance of a headless character causes an announcer to say "What's he need a head for when he's got genius!" Besides Improvisation and The Leader, he also wrote a play about a character who drowns people in a "radiant city," The Killer, and a play ending with a deaf and dumb man writing the word ANGELFOOD on a blackboard in a room filled with empty furniture. In his most famous play, Berenger watches Jean and Daisy turn into the title creatures before ultimately refusing to turn into one himself. FTP, name this absurdist playwright of The Chairs and Rhinoceros.
Answer: Scott Joplin
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It names a friend of Warren Enright who calls himself a "black Baudelaire" before being murdered by Lula in Amiri Baraka's play Dutchman. In (*) Dubliners, it names a short story about Maria's visit to the home of Joe Donnelly, where she touches the title substance, a symbol of death, while playing an Irish Halloween game. The surname of a Kentucky abolitionist who founded the newspaper The True American, it also refers to the middle name of the man whose union-breaking policies caused the Homestead Strike and the institute that that established seven Millennium Prize problems in mathematics. FTP, give this name shared by a presidential candidate who lost to Andrew Jackson in 1832 and James Polk in 1844, a man known as the "Great Compromiser".
Answer: Eugene Ionesco
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Answer: Clay (prompt on "Williams" before the asterisk)
2007 Maryland Terrapins Bonuses by Jonathan Magin
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Answer the following about celibacy in religion, FTPE:,
[10] This Christian sect founded in 1747 by Ann Lee now has only 5 practitioners due to their policy of complete celibacy. Their name refers to the frenetic dances they performed during prayer meetings.
Answer: Shakers or the United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearing
[10] Pope Paul VI's encyclical Sacerdotalis Caelibatus defended the traditional practice of priestly celibacy after the sessions of this 1962-1965 ecumenical council, which opened up many other traditions to modern interpretations.
Answer: Second Vatican Council or Vatican II
[10] Section 214 of the Mahabharata argues that brahmacharya, or celibacy, is the means of attaining this state of ultimate reality, which is identified with atman in the Upanishads.
Answer: Brahman
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It describes Fred Daniels, who moves into a sewer after being falsely accused of killing a white woman. FTPE:,
[10] Name this short story, which helped inspire Ralph Ellison's novel Invisible Man.
Answer: "The Man Who Lived Underground"
[10] The Man Who Lived Underground was written by this American author, who described the existentialist predicament of Cross Damon in The Outsider and wrote an autobiography subtitled "American Hunger".
Answer: Richard Wright
[10] Boris Max warns that institutionalized racism will only provoke future violence in a speech at the trial of Bigger Thomas in this best known novel by Richard Wright.
Answer: Native Son
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Answer the following about the human heart, FTPE.,
[10] This double-membrane structure, one of the serous cavities, contains the heart and the roots of the major blood vessels.
Answer: Pericardium
[10] Blood from the head, arms, and upper half of the human body are brought into the heart by this large, yet short vein which is formed by the left and right brachiocephalic veins.
Answer: Superior (or Anterior) vena cava (prompt on "vena cava")
[10] The vena cavae bring deoxygenated blood into this chamber of the heart, which then pumps it into the next chamber through the tricuspid valve.
Answer: Right atrium
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One of its founders was St. Bernard of Clairvaux. FTPE.,
[10] Name this order known for its military prowess during the Crusades, its immense wealth, and its development of the modern system of banking.
Answer: Knights Templar or the Poor Knights of Christ and the Temple of Solomon
[10] This French king arrested and tortured many members of the Knights Templar in 1307. He also caused Clement V to issue a papal bull disbanding the order at the Council of Vienne.
Answer: Philip IV or Philip the Fair
[10] In 1128, the Knights Templar officially came into existence at this council, which was convoked by Pope Honorius II to settle disputes amongst the bishops of Paris.
Answer: Council of Troyes
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His piano sonata Opus 35, No. 2 contains the oft-played "Funeral March". FTPE.,
[10] Name this Romantic composer who invented the Ballade, developed the Nocturne from earlier works by John Field, and wrote the "Heroic" Polonaise.
Answer: Frederic Chopin
[10] This Chopin work, his opus 64, No. 1, was possibly inspired by the image of a dog chasing its tail. Although its name means "small," many people erroneously believe that its title refers to the amount of time needed to play it.
Answer: the Minute Waltz
[10] This study, Chopin's Opus 10 No. 12, requires the left hand to play a series of rapid harmonic minor scales. Its name comes from the Russian invasion of Poland in 1831.
Answer: Revolutionary Etude
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Identify the following about acid-base theories, FTPE.,
[10] The first modern definition of acids and bases was formulated by this Swedish chemist, who defined a substance that causes an increase in hydronium ions to be an acid.
Answer: Arrhenius
[10] Also called the protonic definition, this system is based off of an acid's ability to donate protons.
Answer: Brønsted-Lowry
[10] Proffered the same year as the Brønsted-Lowry theory, this more general definition, also called the electronic definition, describes the reactivity of acids by their ability to accept electrons from a base.
Answer: Lewis
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He praised authors that exhibited a natural "childlikeness" in his essay On Naïve and Sentimental Poetry. FTPE:,
[10] Name this playwright of Maria Stuart and Don Carlos who also described the conflict between Karl and Franz Moor in The Robbers.
Answer: Friedrich von Schiller
[10] Schiller may be best known for this play about the tyrannicide of the despot Gessler. In the third act, its legendary title character uses a crossbow to shoot an apple on his son's head.
Answer: Wilhelm Tell or William Tell
[10] Schiller described the romance between Thekla and Max Piccolomini in this trilogy set during the Thirty Years War, which centers on the Bohemian general who lost the Battle of Lutzen.
Answer: Wallenstein
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Name these members of the Frankfurt School FTPE.,
[10] This author of Minima Moralia criticized the "culture industry" in Dialectic of Enlightenment, which he co-authored along with Max Horkheimer. He also led the research on the authoritarian personality.
Answer: Theodor Adorno
[10] Although he never finished his magnum opus, the Arcades Project, he's better known for writing On Hashish and describing the way duplications destroy aura in "The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction."
Answer: Walter Benjamin
[10] He argued that society was suffering from "surplus repression" in Eros and Civilization, and also wrote stuff like Reason and Revolution.
Answer: Herbert Marcuse
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Answer the following about the election of 1884 FTPE.,
[10] Grover Cleveland became the first Democratic president elected since Buchanan by defeating this Republican nicknamed the "Plumed Knight," whose link to railroad scandals led foes to call him the "Continental Liar from the state of Maine."
Answer: James Gillespie Blaine
[10] Cleveland was also mired in a scandal after the Buffalo Evening Telegraph revealed that he had fathered a child out of wedlock with this woman.
Answer: Maria Halpin
[10] In a pro-Blaine speech before the election, Samuel Burchard accused the Democrats of being the party of "Rum, Romanism, and Rebellion," causing Catholics in this state to vote en masse for Cleveland. Blaine ended up losing it by only 1,149 votes, costing him the presidency.
Answer: New York
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He portrayed St. George and St. Donation in his painting Madonna and Child With Canon George van der Paele. FTPE:,
[10] Name this artist who also carved German words meaning "As I can" onto the frame of a self-portrait depicting him wearing a head covering of a certain color.
Answer: Jan Van Eyck
[10] A mirror containing the Stations of the Cross appears in the background of this painting of a domestic ceremony, the best known work of Jan Van Eyck.
Answer: The Arnolfini Wedding (accept equivalents that include Arnolfini)
[10] The lower panels in this Van Eyck polyptych depict judges, knights, hermits, and pilgrims, as well as a lamb bleeding from its heart into a chalice. Its central upper panel depicts Jesus Christ wearing red robes and an enormous crown.
Answer: Ghent Altarpiece
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FTPE, identify these unsolved mathematical problems.,
[10] Terence Tao and Ben Green's recent proof of arbitrarily long arithmetic progressions of prime numbers may lead to a proof of this conjecture, which states that there is an infinite amount of pairs of prime numbers of the form p and p+2.
Answer: the twin prime conjecture
[10] This conjecture, which has been verified for all integers up to 1016, states that all positive integers n will converge to 1 after undergoing the iteration 3n+1 when n is odd and n/2 [n over two] when n is even.
Answer: the Collatz or Thwaites conjecture or the Syracuse algorithm or Ulam's problem or the hailstone problem
[10] Equivalent to the negative digamma function of one, this constant, equal to the limit as n goes to infinity of the harmonic series minus the natural log of n, has still not been proven to be rational or irrational.
Answer: Euler-Mascheroni constant
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Its main character tries to get rich by selling bone-density scanners, which keep being stolen by hippies who mistake them for time machines. FTPE:,
[10] Name this recent film about Chris Gardner, who becomes a broker at Dean Witter despite living in a homeless shelter.
Answer: The Pursuit of Happyness
[10] This actor sported a subdued, aesthetically pleasing handlebar moustache in the role of Chris Gardner. You might know him better for movies like Men in Black and Independence Day.
Answer: Will Smith (prompt on Smith)
[10] In The Pursuit of Happyness, Chris first gets a chance to become an intern at Dean Witter when he solves one of these in a taxicab to impress stockbroker Jay Twistle.
Answer: a Rubik's cube
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Identify these poems by Robert Frost FTPE.,
[10] The speaker, "knowing how way leads on to way," reflects on his decision between two similar forest paths in this poem, which concludes with him saying "And that has made all the difference."
Answer: "The Road Not Taken"
[10] A white spider kills a white moth on a white heal-all in this sonnet, which argues that the title concept is one of "darkness to appall" instead of benevolence. Its last lines imply that God is either malign or nonexistent.
Answer: "Design"
[10] This poem states that "the deed of gift was many deeds of war," describes Americans as "Possessing what we still were unpossessed by/ Possessed by what we now no more possessed," and begins with the line "The land was ours before we were the land's."
Answer: "The Gift Outright"
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FTSNOP, name these concepts related to the psychology of learning.,
[10] Edward Lee Thorndike's experiments on cats placed in puzzle boxes led him to formulate this law, which states that behavior followed by satisfying consequences is more likely to recur, while behavior followed by discomforting consequences is less likely to recur.
Answer: Law of Effect
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[5,5] B. F. Skinner used the law of effect to develop these two basic principles of operant conditioning. They alternatively increase or decrease the strength of responses, and are both classified into positive and negative types.,
[10] This schedule of reinforcement is the hardest to extinguish, and involves an unpredictable number of trials before the reinforcement occurs. Examples of it include fishing and gambling.
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Answer these questions about mother goddesses, FTPE.,
[10] This daughter of Uranus and Gaia was the wife of Cronus and gave him a stone wrapped in cloth to swallow to prevent him from eating Zeus.
Answer: Rhea
[10] This cow-headed goddess was the mother of Horus and the Egyptian goddess of motherhood.
Answer: Hathor or Hetheru
[10] In the Enuma Elish, this Babylonian goddess was killed by Marduk, who creates the universe from her body.
Answer: Tiamat
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Stuff about 20th century political movements in Eastern Europe, FTPE.,
[10] This trade union led by Lech Walesa used a bunch of strategic strikes in order to work towards establishing free elections in Poland.
Answer: Solidarity or Solidarność or the Independent Self-Governing Trade Union
[10] Alexander Dubchek was elected speaker of the Federal Assembly after this revolution, which was sparked by a series of mass demonstrations in 1989. It also resulted in Vaclav Havel replacing Gustav Husak as the President of Czechoslovakia.
Answer: the Velvet Revolution
[10] Led by groups like Kmara and the Liberty Institute, this 2003 revolution saw Mikheil Saakashvili replace the corrupt government of Eduard Shevardnadze.
Answer: the Rose Revolution
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Stuff about Italian architecture, FTSNOP.,
[10] Located in San Pietro in Montorio, this small circular chapel is supposedly located on the site of St. Peter's crucifixion. It consists of a series of Doric columns and a domed rotunda, and is only 8 meters in diameter.
Answer: The Tempietto
[5] This Renaissance architect, who is depicted as Euclid in The School of Athens, built the Tempietto.
Answer: Donato Bramante
[10] Bramante created the initial plans for this building, which he designed as a Greek cross with an enormous dome. Later on, Maderno created its façade and Bernini redesigned its piazza, adding two semicircular colonnades.
Answer: St. Peter's Basilica
[5] After Bramante's death, his plan for St. Peter's was continued under this painter of works like the Doni Tondo and The Last Judgment.
Answer: Michelangelo
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FTPE, name these Latin American authors.,
[10] This Mexican described a circular theory of time in his poem named for an Aztec monolith, "The Sun Stone". He also analyzed the development of Mexican culture in The Labyrinth of Solitude.
Answer: Octavio Paz
[10] This Guatemalan wrote about an Indian rebellion in Men of Maize and described the rule of an unnamed corrupt dictator in El Señor Presidente. He shares his surname with a northern principality of Spain.
Answer: Miguel Asturias
[10] This author's short story "Las Babas del Diablo" inspired Antonioni's film Blow-Up. He's better known for an experimental novel about Horacio Oliveira that requires the reader to move forwards and backwards through its chapters.
Answer: Julio Cortazar

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