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2007 Maryland Terrapins Tossups by Finals
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In this novel's first section, the death of Mr. Honda leads Lieutenant Mamiya to describe his life-changing experience of being trapped in a Mongolian well by Boris the Manskinner. That story inspires the protagonist to team up with Cinnamon and Nutmeg Akasaka to buy the abandoned Miyawaki house, where he climbs down an empty well to reach Room 208. There, the protagonist searches for his missing wife before attacking a nameless man with a baseball bat, causing the malevolent politician Noboru Wataya to have a stroke. All of this action is precipitated by the search for a missing cat, foreshadowing the separation of Kumiko and Toru Okada in, FTP, this Haruki Murakami novel whose title refers to the noise an animal makes during significant historical moments.
Answer: The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle or Nejimaki-dori Kuronikuru
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In the background, a lone red flag flutters in a dark green sky. That flag sits on the end of a rectangular white building, which contains a series of small square windows as well as a parallel series of open entrances. The right side is dominated by a similar building, which stands in shadow next to an empty wooden van. Both buildings recede in a distorted perspective, creating a disquieting sensation heightened by the ominous shadow of a man approaching from behind the building on the right. However, the figure that most strongly evokes the two title concepts is the shadow of a girl rolling a hoop in the foreground. FTP, identify this surrealistic painting by Giorgio de Chirico.
Answer: 3. This city became geographically united when Alexander the Great was forced to link the main island to the coastal section, Ushu, during a siege. In Rawlinson's History of its associated people, he asserted that its unique geography led to regional dominance over later rivals like Arwad and Byblos. Its pillars of Milqart may link its merchants to the pillars of Hercules, and it is the confirmed founder of the colonies Kition and Tartessus. Sanchunathion cites such rulers as Abdastratus and Hiram II, though better-known residents include Hiram's father Abibaal, Mattan I, and, after the murder of Sychaeus, Pygmalion. Likely the producer of the famed purple dye of the Phoenicians, FTP, identify this city in southern Lebanon between Acre and Sidon, famously fled by Dido and home to Pericles in a Shakespeare play. Tyre
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In one of his poems, God says "The world is as it used to be: All nations striving strong to make/ Red war yet redder" to inform corpses that they have been woken up by gunfire instead of Judgment Day. Besides "Channel Firing," he wrote "War's annals will crowd into night/ Ere their story die" in his poem "In Time of `The Breaking of Nations'", and described Melia's rise from poverty to empty wealth and respectability in "The Ruined Maid". The speaker of another of his poems wishes that a "vengeful god" will tell him "Thou suffering thing!...Thy love's loss is my hate's profiting!", while he's better known for poems about the joyous song of an aged bird and the sinking of the Titanic. FTP, name this English poet of "Hap", "The Darkling Thrush", and "The Convergence of the Twain", who also wrote novels like The Mayor of Casterbridge and Return of the Native.
Answer: Melancholy and Mystery of a Street or Mystery and Melancholy of a Street
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He is dressed in green and looks over Pythagoras' shoulder in The School of Athens. One of his works praises the Acquired Intellect, and unlike his predecessor, he held that the Active and Passive Intellects were separate from the individual soul. He wrote a notable work on the Maliki school of Fiqh as well as a two-part summary of the Almagest and a work on medicine translated in Latin as Colliget. He also wrote a response to a polemic against philosophy by al-Ghazali, and a series of interpretations of a notable Greek philosopher. Known for his extensive commentaries on Aristotle, FTP, name this medieval Islamic philosopher born in Spain, the author of The Incoherence of the Incoherence.
Answer: Thomas Hardy
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The twelfth chapter of this work describes the life of Alexander Crummell, while its thirteenth consists of a short story about the education and subsequent lynching of John Jones. In another chapter, "Of the Passing of the First-Born," its author describes the death of his infant son, which frees the dead child from growing up "choked and deformed within the Veil." Each chapter begins with bars of music from spirituals, or "Sorrow-Songs," while chapter three criticizes the Atlanta Compromise. Beginning with an explanation of the "double consciousness" of the title race and the sentence "the problem of the Twentieth Century is the problem of the color line," FTP, name this 1903 work by W.E.B. DuBois.
Answer: 7. It used to be prescribed for skin diseases despite its irritant properties. Its three major types include brown, also known as Amosite; blue, or Riebeckite; and white, which is mined from serpertine rocks and known as Chrysotile. Its name is derived from its use in lamp wicks, and its other practical uses have included electric oven and hotplate wiring for its electrical insular properties. FTP, identify this group of metamorphic and sometimes fibrous minerals that were formerly used in construction before their carcinogenic properties were realized. Asbestos
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One of its members, Joe Angelo, had previously won the Distinguished Service Cross for saving the life of a soldier who would later attack it. Organized and led by Walter Waters, its main encampment contained many mock burials symbolic of the perceived governmental indifference towards its members. Its resistance to Attorney General William Mitchell's evacuation order caused soldiers including George Patton to attack it with tear gas, causing its members to retreat across the Anacostia River. Douglas MacArthur then set fire to its main camp after ignoring a direct order from Herbert Hoover. FTP, name this veterans organization that marched on Washington in 1932 to ask for monetary compensation.
Answer: The Souls of Black Folk
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Robert Dahl discussed "The Problem of Inclusion" and argued against anarchism in a work about this and its critics. A work about this and education argues that children should be taught to adapt to the future instead of being forced to reproduce the habits of the past, and was written by John Dewey. Another work whose title ends with this word envisages the death of capitalism and describes the process of "creative destruction," while a 19th-century book about this political system predicts a sectional conflict over slavery and discusses the tyranny of the majority. Joined with capitalism and socialism in the title of a book by Joseph Schumpeter and discussed "in America" by de Tocqueville, FTP, name this type of government.
Answer: 10. After a fast section in F major, the opening theme is followed by a D minor theme set over a pedal point. This piece then returns to A minor for a rising chromatic arpeggio for the right hand, and concludes with a perfect cadence. It begins in a 3/8 time signature with the right hand playing the notes of E, E flat, and E, which may allude to the person named in its title. Also known as the Bagatelle in A minor, FTP, name this short piece for solo piano by Beethoven apocryphally named for one of his students. Fur Elise
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The first internet web server came into use here, where it mainly functioned as a communications system between scientists in order to facilitate research. Its Gargamelle bubble chamber was responsible for the discovery of neutral currents in weak force interactions via neutrino detection. Nobel Prize winning members of this facility include Carlo Rubbia and Simon van der Meer for their discovery of the W and Z bosons. Located just outside Geneva, Switzerland, FTP, identify this European laboratory that contains the world's largest particle accelerator.
Answer: Democracy (the works are Democracy and Its Critics, Democracy and Education, Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy, and Democracy in America.)
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The road that leads to it crosses a river of scorpions, a river of blood, and a river of pus. Its rulers enjoyed tricking people into sitting on an extremely hot stone, and one of its residents, Xquic [sh-QUIK], was impregnated by the severed head of Hun Hunahpu. This city features six houses full of treacherous trials, including the Bat House and the Razor House, as well as a massive ball court. Here, the hero twins Hunahpu and Xbalanque [sh-ball-an-kay] outwitted the Twelve Lords of this place by winning against them in their own ball game and sacrificing One and Seven Death. It is believed that a cavern in Cobal, Guatemala leads to, FTP, this underworld and land of the dead in Mayan mythology.
Answer: CERN or Organisation européenne pour la recherche nucléaire
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A psychologist named Sanderson declares that this (*) character has "no respect for excessive authority or obsolete traditions," and calls him "an enemy of the people". This roommate of Mudd impersonates Anthony Fortiori and the dying Giuseppe, and makes his first appearance creatively censoring letters from enlisted men. He echoes François Villon with his subversive question, "Where are the Snowdens of yesteryear?", while Clevinger compares him to Raskolnikov and calls him crazy. Unfortunately for him, Doc Daneeka refuses to make a similar judgment, as his request to be deemed crazy in order to get out of combat demonstrates that he is sane. FTP, identify this Assyrian-American bomber pilot, the protagonist of Catch-22.
Answer: Xibalba (shee-BAHL-bah)
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It wishes "that poverty could be/ Just another ugly thing/ And bigotry could be/ Seen only as obscene" before making a plea to "the ones that run this land" to "help the poor and common man." The music video for this song features a group of children running up a flight of steps, and its second verse argues that "there's room enough here/ For science to live/ And there's room enough here/ For religion to forgive." The seventh song on its artist's newest album, Freedom Road, it asks us to "let the voice of freedom/ Sing out upon this land," and features a refrain mentioning the east coast, the west coast, and the Dixie highway. Featured on an incessant commercial for the Chevrolet Silverado, FTP, name this John Cougar Mellencamp song whose title constantly reminds us what country we live in.
Answer: Captain John Yossarian (accept Catch-22 before the asterisk)
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At one point in this movie, a dead bird is thrown at the protagonist, who is told that it is "a pigeon for a pigeon". After the murders of Kayo Dugan and Joey Doyle, that character repudiates the doctrine of "D and D," or "Deaf and Dumb," and testifies against corrupt union boss Johnny Friendly. In its most famous scene, Charley's comment about "that skunk we got you for a manager" causes an ex-boxer to complain about receiving "a one-way ticket to Palookaville" before lamenting "I coulda been somebody, instead of a bum, which is what I am." Directed by Elia Kazan, FTP, name this 1954 movie starring Marlon Brando as longshoreman Terry Malloy, best known for the line "I coulda been a contender."
Answer: 20. He recorded hundreds of pages of notes on Joffre's tactics in Taiwan, and observed Admiral Courbet in the same conflict. Second in his class at the Thames Nautical Training College, he rose to fame following his defense of his sinking of the British Ship Kowshing. His first combat experience came after the death of Charles Richardson precipitated a war between England and his region, and he was present at the Battle of Awa during the Boshin War. An opponent of the London Naval Treaty, he narrowly avoided disaster in his first action in his best-known post, scrutinizing Dewa's intelligence and protecting his capital ships, including the Mikasa. Eventually becoming Fleet Admiral of his nation's modernizing navy, FTP, identify this Japanese commander at the battles of Port Arthur and Tsushima. Togo Heihachiro
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Answer: On the Waterfront
2007 Maryland Terrapins Bonuses by Finals
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One of his triptychs consists of Allegory of Greed and Lust, Ship of Fools, and Death and the Miser. FTPE:,
[10] Name this painter whose other triptychs include The Crucifixion of St. Julia and The Temptation of St. Anthony.
Answer: Hieronymous Bosch
[10] The left panel of this Bosch triptych portrays angels turning into insects after being cast out of heaven. Its other two panels portray people led into Hell by their greed, symbolized by the title wagon.
Answer: The Haywain
[10] Bosch is best known for this triptych that portrays people crucified on musical instruments in Hell for their worldly lusts.
Answer: The Garden of Earthly Delights
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Before he died, this author defended himself by writing: "I never truckled. I never took off the hat to Fashion and held it out for pennies. I told them the truth." FTPE:,
[10] Name this American realist, the author of Vandover and the Brute.
Answer: Frank Norris
[10] Norris is best known for this novel about Californian wheat farmers who are coerced and finally defeated by a monopolistic railroad company represented by S. Behrman.
Answer: The Octopus
[10] This wheat farmer leads the coalition against the Pacific and Southwestern railroad in The Octopus, but ultimately loses after his son Lyman betrays him.
Answer: Magnus Derrick (prompt on Derrick)
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Name these giants from Greek mythology FTPE.,
[10] After eating a large number of crewmen, this Cyclops is blinded by a person calling himself "No-man" in the Odyssey.
Answer: Polyphemus
[10] This winged Storm-Giant had fifty serpents on the end of each hand. Along with Echidna, he was the father of the Nemean Lion, Cerberus, and the Hydra.
Answer: Typhon or Typhoeus
[10] This resident of the island of Erytheia owned the two-headed guard dog Orthros. Heracles killed him in order to take his cattle and complete his tenth labor.
Answer: Geryon
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Identify the following about an African empire, FTPE:,
[10] Though known to its people as Wagadou, this empire's name is derived from the term for its warrior-king leaders, whose refusal to convert to Islam ultimately led to the empire's downfall.
Answer: Ghana
[10] Ghana 's capital was this gold-rich city on the edge of the Sahara. It was captured and forcibly converted to Islam in 1076.
Answer: Kumbi Saleh
[10] This anti-muslim group managed to temporarily gain control of much of the empire before being overthrown by Sundiata Keita following the battle of Kirina.
Answer: Sosso
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Its speaker says "O let me rise" after stating that man had been "decaying more and more/ till he became/ most poor". FTPE:,
[10] Name this shaped poem whose two stanzas go from pentameter down to monometer back to pentameter in order to look like heavenly objects.
Answer: "Easter Wings"
[10] This British poet and rector included "The Altar" and "Easter Wings" in his collection The Temple.
Answer: George Herbert
[10] George Herbert was a member of this 17th century group of poets known for their complicated conceits. Other members of it included Thomas Traherne, Henry Vaughn, and John Donne.
Answer: metaphysical poets
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Answers: La Paz and Sucre,
[5] For five points, Bolivia and Peru share control of this lake, the highest commercially navigable body of water in the world at 12,507 feet above sea level.
Answer: Lake Titicaca
[5] For five pints, Bolivia's lowest point is located on this river, which flows south through the Gran Chaco region and bypasses another country's cities of Concepción and San Pedro before forming a confluence with the Parana River.
Answer: Rio Paraguay
[10] For ten points, Bolivia is also home to this largest salt flat in the world which was formed after the drying of prehistoric Lake Minchin. It's also a valuable source of halite and gypsum.
Answer: Salar de Uyuni
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FTPE, identify a composer and his works.,
[10] This Czech composer of the string quartet "From My Life" also wrote eight operas, including the nationalistic works Dalibor and Libuse.
Answer: Bedrich Smetana
[10] Marenka sings the aria "Ten lasky sen" after learning that Jenik has signed a contract with the marriage broker Kacel in this best-known opera by Smetana.
Answer: The Bartered Bride or Prodana nevesta
[10] Encompassing descriptions of the city of Tabor, the castle Vyšehrad, and the Vltava river, this set of six symphonic poems is Smetana's most famous orchestral work.
Answer: Ma Vlast or My Country
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Name these Canadian baseball players FTPE.,
[10] This Minnesota Twins first baseman won the 2006 AL MVP award when voters where blinded by his shiny RBI totals. In reality, he probably wasn't the best player on his own team, as Johan Santana and Joe Mauer had arguably better seasons.
Answer: Justin Morneau
[10] This outfielder won the 2004 NL Rookie of the Year, and in 2006 became the first Pittsburgh Pirate to be voted in to start the All-Star game in 13 years.
Answer: Jason Bay
[10] This "ace" for the Orioles finished 2006 with a 15 and 11 record and a sub-four ERA. Along with Adam Loewen, he makes up the deadliest one-two punch of Canadian hurlers in Major League Baseball.
Answer: Erik Bedard
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Name these members of the Theatre of the Absurd FTPE:,
[10] Winnie is buried in an ever-increasing mound of dirt in his play Happy Days. This playwright also wrote Endgame, as well as a play about Vladimir and Estragon.
Answer: Samuel Beckett
[10] The revolutionary Roger kills himself while fantasizing he is the Chief of Police in a brothel in his play The Balcony. This former thief also wrote ritualized plays like The Blacks and The Maids.
Answer: Jean Genet
[10] Arthur and Victor become unhealthily devoted to pinball machines in Ping-Pong, a play by this author of Professor Taranne and La Parodie who turned to social realism in later plays like Paolo Paoli.
Answer: Arthur Adamov
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Answer these questions about a contemporary sociological theory FTPE:,
[10] This theory argues that the increasing trends toward heightened efficiency, calculability, predictability, control, and the replacement of humans by non-human technology are causing modern society to resemble a certain fast food chain.
Answer: McDonaldization
[10] This University of Maryland sociologist introduced that theory in his 1993 book The McDonaldization of Society.
Answer: George Ritzer
[10] Ritzer's theory is largely based on the work of this earlier German sociologist who argued that society was becoming increasingly rationalized, leading to the domination of society by bureaucracies.
Answer: Max Weber
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Stuff related to Japanese art, FTPE.,
[10] This 19th century Japanese artist studied under Toyohiro Utagawa and created series of woodblock prints such as Sixty-Nine Stations of the Kiso Highway and Fifty-three Stages of the Tokaido.
Answer: Hiroshige Ando
[10] This Japanese artist depicted two octopi having sex with a nude woman in his woodcut The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife. He also depicted a massive tsunami dwarfing Mt. Fuji in The Great Wave off Kanagawa.
Answer: Katsushika Hokusai
[10] The works of Hiroshige and Hokusai are examples of this style of colored woodblock prints, whose name translates as "pictures of the floating world".
Answer: ukiyo-e

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