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2007 Maryland Terrapins Tossups by Chris Ray
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Zora Neale Hurston documented them in the case of Felicia Felix-Mentor, an investigation which prompted a scientific interest in Tetrodotoxin. The use of tetrodotoxin in "powder strike" was asserted as the vehicle for the creation of these entities in The Serpent and The Rainbow by ethnobotanist Wade Davis, whose subsequent experiments on rats with Leon Roizon led to the passage of a law prohibiting the creation of one of them in a certain country. Typically, a bokor performs the creation rite on a living subject, and only rarely are any of them actually dead. FTP, identify these creatures of Voudou myth, often unfairly accused of brain-eating.
Answer: Zombie
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This man expressed regret in fall 2006 that his website biography "reads like a propaganda piece" during a conversation with Jordan's Prime Minister Marouf Bakhit. He received the Grand Decoration of Honor from Austria for work with the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization, though allegedly accidentally had dinner with a Holocaust denier, which led Danny Gillerman to hesitate early in support for him. Though Vike Freiberga criticized his home nation of shameless promotion, Shashi Tharoor, the first runner up, refused to do so. The first Asian to hold his new position since U Thant, FTP, identify this South Korean recently elected as the next UN Secretary General
Answer: Ban Ki-Moon
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The price equation predicts it more accurately than the Fisher equation, one reason for the former's success in reformulating laws of variance. Almost analogous with Peripatric Speciation, also proposed by Ernst Mayr, its long-term results can include optimal linkage disequilibrium. It can result from the Bottleneck effect, leading to random genetic drift and low genetic variation, as in populations on certain islands. FTP, identify this mode of speciation in which rapid genetic drift is caused by a small percentage of the original population establishing a new one
Answer: Founder Effect
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It led to Sikh control of Lahore until the 1850s, as ill-advised cavalry charges on both sides crippled each force and left them unable to maintain a presence in the Haryana State. That clash pitted the Duranni Empire's Ahmad Shah against the Marathas, and saw larger casualty figures than the battle between Adil Shah Suri and his minister Hemu and Bairam Khan, the minister of the third emperor of the Mughals. Thirty years earlier, that Grandfather had routed the Delhi Sultanate at this site. FTP, identify this location, the site of victories by Akbar and Babur which determined the fate of the Mughal Empire.
Answer: (Third) Battle of Panipat
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The histologist Kurt Yavitch believes that it has standardized all the beauty out of life. Its leading citizens include Dr. Dilling, Charles McKelvey, and William Washington Eathorne, while another of its citizens, Lowell Schmaltz, embarks on a journey to visit Calvin Coolidge. Lucas Prout defeats Seneca Doane to become its mayor, while Sam Dodsworth leaves it to go to Europe. The most populous city in the state of Winnemac, its best-known citizen has an affair with Tanis Judique after the death of Paul Riesling. The home of Tinka, Verona, Ted, Myra, and George Babbitt, FTP, identify this fictional Midwestern city created by Sinclair Lewis.
Answer: Zenith
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This work's creation was permitted by the political take down of Cavalier D'Arpino, the artist's former master, who had originally received the commission for the Contarelli Chapel. It lies next to two similarly titled works which show the central figure's death and visitation by an angel. In it, Levi, modeled almost exactly on a figure from the creator's The Cardsharps, sits at a table with four other figures, only some of whom find the barefoot figure at right more interesting than piles of coins. FTP, name this Mannerist Caravaggio work which depicts Jesus's first interaction with a tax collector.
Answer: The Calling of Saint Matthew
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If predictions of some Grand Unified Theories are accurate, loops of superconducting wire a few inches in diameter should detect one of these about every year. Interest in them increased after February 14, 1982, when Blas Cabrera claimed he discovered one in an experiment that has yet to be reproduced. Inflationary Big Bang theory was proposed in part due to the lack of these, whose non-existence is supported by Gauss's law of magnetism. FTP, identify these theoretical particles with net magnetic charge.
Answer: Magnetic monopoles
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The most famous version is actually a conglomeration from many works, including Khea and Noibeddo, and it includes the famous "Where the Mind is without Fear" about the prospect of independence. Debate centers around the ability of early translations to depict the celestial nature of love and its expression in this work, as well as English's inability to mirror the heavy rhythm of the original language. The support of William Butler Yeats, reflected in the translation's introduction, was key in this work's whirlwind popularity that led to its author winning the 1913 Nobel Prize. FTP, identify this work whose name means "Song Offerings" in Bengali, a poetry collection of Rabindranath Tagore
Answer: Gitanjali (accept "Song Offerings" or equivalents early)
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A key difference between its two incarnations was the elimination of each individual member's veto power, and it was overseen by an elected parliament and federal council. Its genesis began with a "north" version, which eventually incorporated the south and central divisions due largely to the actions of Christian Bernstoff. Karl Rau's observations of 1830s England supplemented Friedrich List's "national economics" views in shaping it, and at its height it counted 38 constituents, eventually including Luxembourg after the treaty of London, the Hanseatic states, Baden, Hanover, and later Alsace-Lorriane. Originally established by Prussia, FTP, identify this German customs union, a major precursor to unification.
Answer: Zollverein (prompt on "customs union" or "german customs union" before mentioned)
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Modern theories link this body to the Rheic, perhaps through the Apulian plate. Though its first imagining was riddled with inconsistencies, including the idea that this body's "western" portion was entirely open, credit for its "discovery" is still given to Edward Suess. Its namesake trench was formed in a collision involving Cimmeria that likely accounts for its connection with the Caspian and Aral seas. Eventually closed by the fast movement of the Indo-Australian plate, FTP, identify this ancient body of water which existed between Gondwana and Laurasia during the mesozoic era, named after a Greek sea goddess.
Answer: Tethys Sea or Ocean
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His first name is Georges-Antione, and he is the artist of a brilliant portrait of a blindfolded woman holding a torch against a dark background. He frightens the hell out of aptly-named characters like "the Swede," ironic considering all of Europe went into his making, and his fiancé is told that his last words were a mention of her name. His pamphlet on African Civilization bears the scrawled note "Exterminate all the Brutes," a precursor to his fence of skulls and reversion to primitivism in the Belgian Congo. FTP, identify this Ivory Trader whose final words are "the horror, the horror," Marlow's quarry in Conrad's Heart of Darkness.
Answer: Georges-Antoine Kurtz
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Because only certain Bacteria and Archea can naturally produce it, it could not be synthesized until Robert Burns Woodward did it in 1973. It is absorbed primarily in the Ileum, and has only two major reaction roles within the body, including methyl group transfers between molecules. MUT and MTR are the only enzymes dependent on it, and Minot, Whipple, and Murphy found that in can be used to treat anemia after feeding liver to a group of dogs. Containing the only example of a carbon-metal bond in biology, FTP, identify this vitamin which is found in eggs and meat and contains cobalt.
Answer: B-12 or Cyanocobalamin
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It references Buddenbrooks by describing destroyed stars that still shine. Partially inspired by a re-reading of the author's grandfather's 1891 work on the "exile system," it mentions the "organs of suppression" and discusses historical xenophobia. Though it differed from its successors in its emphasis on economic action, it was a direct influence to the three courses, which included a continuation of current policies and isolation, iterated in NSC-68. Part one was originally (*) much shorter, as State Department officials did not require the same background offered to readers of Foreign Affairs. FTP, identify this document that set the basis for the policy of containment, written by George Kennan.
Answer: X Article (accept Long Telegram before (*), prompt afterwards. Accept The Sources of Soviet Conduct)
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Notable segments include the passacaglia interlude, and the composer's revival of the mad scene for the final act. The story itself is derived from a George Crabbe poem, while the libretto is the work of Montagu Slater. The main part was written for the composer's lover, and the composer's home of Aldeburgh inspired the setting. In its prologue, Mr. Swallow, the lone supporter of the protagonist, advises him against seeking a replacement worker via Ned Keene. Though John actually slips and falls to his death, the appearance of his sweater and an earlier bruise on his neck prompt a mob led by Mrs. Sedley to pursue, FTP, the title character of what Benjamin Britten opera about a fisherman and his dead apprentices?
Answer: Peter Grimes
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One of the main characters of this work tried to kill himself after reveling in the beauty of an outhouse and encountering the titular figure. It begins with an account of the title character's domination fetishes, and the destructive potential of the female characters is mirrored by a church sermon on the death of John the Baptist. Thoughts of opening a hotel on Lake Como are repeatedly dashed by the title character's feminism, her lover's sadism and class resentment, and Christine's horror at both of them. The entry of the count prompts Jean to command, FTP, what female protagonist of an August Strindberg play to commit suicide?
Answer: Miss Julie (or Froken Julie, if you're Swedish)
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This man inspired Bateson's schismogenesis theory and differentiated between repressive and restitutive law, seeing crime as a reflection of a population's unconscious. He sought to identify common social origins of religious beliefs in (*) Elementary Forms of Religious Life, inspired by his family's devout Judaism. He attacked Weberian individualism by arguing that specialization was implied by the interdependence of a collective society in The Division of Labor in Society. More famously, he divided his best-known subject matter into egoistic, altruistic, fatalistic, and anomic varieties. FTP, identify this French sociologist and author of Suicide.
Answer: Emile Durkheim
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On a finite-dimensional complex inner product space, they define a self-adjoint operator. They are normal, so they can contain complex entries, but diagonalizing them with a unitary matrix results in only real entries. All of their eigenvalues must be real, and their corresponding eigenvectors are orthogonal. The entries on the main diagonal must always be real, and the special case in which all entries are real is a symmetric matrix. FTP, identify this type of matrix that is equal to its own conjugate transpose.
Answer: Hermitian matrix
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Loes offered a genealogical variation on this, which is also the basis for MacGregor's Theory X and Theory Y. Its formulator defended it in 1987's Motivation and Personality, stating that psychologists must analyze individuals such as Einstein and Roosevelt rather than study the mentally ill. Kurt Goldstein coined the term for one of its major concepts, which encompasses resistance to denial, free creativity, and a strong moral code. That concept falls under the "B" category and not the "D" range, which denote "being" and "deficiency." FTP, self-actualization is at the pinnacle of what construct which states that basic, physiological needs must be fulfilled before growth can occur, created by Abraham Maslow
Answer: Maslow's Hierarchy of needs
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Answer: 21. In the upper left corner, smoke rises from the beard of a marble statue wearing a crucifix. Below it, a group of children stare into a giant lens, which appears next to a machine displaying the x-ray of a human skull. At the top of this painting, an army of soldiers wearing gas masks march rightward; that army faces a procession of workers carrying red banners to celebrate May Day. In the center, two propeller-like shapes appear; one depicts a microscope as well as cells from the human body, while the other depicts a series of swirling galaxies. Removed from the Rockefeller Center due to its favorable depiction of Lenin, it focuses on a worker operating a huge machine above a hand grasping a glowing dial. FTP, name this mural by Diego Rivera. Man at the Crossroads Looking with Hope and High Vision to the Choosing of a New and Better Future or Man, Controller of the Universe
2007 Maryland Terrapins Bonuses by Chris Ray
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Identify these figures from the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history FTPE:,
[10] This victor at Guandu and Red Cliffs received the posthumous title Emperor Wu after his sun succeeded in overthrowing puppet emperor Xian. He is considered the period's greatest strategist and most controversial figure.
Answer: Cao Cao (pronounced "Tsao Tsao," but be lenient)
[10] Cao Cao sun's succeeded in founding this empire, one of the three namesakes of the era along with Wu and Jin.
Answer: Wei
[10] Cao Cao's rise to power, as well as the era as a whole, can be traced back to this uprising led by Taoist sorcerer Zhang Jiao.
Answer: Yellow Turban Rebellion
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He helped found the discipline of physical chemistry and won the first Nobel Prize in chemistry. FTPE,,
[10] Name this Dutch scientist who also worked in organic chemistry, predicting, along with Joseph Le Bel, the tetrahedral arrangement of atoms bonded to carbon.
Answer: Jacobus Henricus van 't Hoff
[10] The discovery of this tetrahedral structure led Van't Hoff to account for this phenomenon, the ability of solutions of chiral molecules to rotate plane-polarized light.
Answer: Optical activity
[10] Van't Hoff also proposed this equation, relating a reaction's rate constant to its activation energy, though it was named after the Swedish chemist who later explained it.
Answer: Arrhenius equation
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Identify these Johan Strauss works, FTPE:,
[10] This march dedicated to an Austrian Field Marshall requires the stamping of the crowd's feet when played.
Answer: Radetsky March (Op. 228)
[10] Strauss created a waltz based on this figure of folklore, most famously immortalized by Heinrich Heine.
Answer: Lorelei
[10] Strauss's best-known work is probably this Waltz named after a certain waterway.
Answer: Blue Danube Waltz
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He founded the Circle players and penned No Good Friday while working with a group of all black actors. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this author of The Road to Mecca and Master Harold . . . and the Boys.
Answer: Athol Fugard
[10] This Fugard play has only two characters, the darker Zacharias and the fair-skinned Morris, who are held together by the titular entity despite being torn apart by the shadow of apartheid.
Answer: Blood Knot
[10] Fugard's only novel, it deals with the titular character's redemption after years in a gang in Soweto. It was made into a film and won the 2005 Oscar for best Foreign Language Film.
Answer: Tsotsi
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Leading up to it, the Danubian legions invaded Italy and the Rhine legions killed Vindex in Gaul. FTSNOP:,
[10] FTP, identify this event which also featured one of the namesakes going on a killing spree of all citizens who had named him even a small partial benefactor.
Answer: Year of the Four Emperors
[20] F5PE, identify the four namesakes of the era, the latter of which became the founder of the Flavian dynasty.
Answer: Servius Sulpicius Galba, Marcus Salvius Otho, Aulus Vitellius Germanicus, Titus Flavius Vespasianus
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Identify these types of faults, FTPE:,
[10] This general term denotes any fault in which the disruption of movement on the fault plane is vertical, and refers to the movements of the respective sides of the fault
Answer: Dip-Slip Fault
[10] A subset of Dip-Slip faults, this type of fault is contrasted with reverse faults based on its occurrence within or at a low angle to lithological units. It shares its name with a force described in Newton's Second and Third Laws
Answer: Thrust Fault
[10] This kind of fault occurs when the disruption on the fault plane is horizontal. Examples include transform faults such as the San Andreas
Answer: Strike-Slip Faults
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From the German for "shape," it advocates recognition of the holistic nature of the brain in theory and treatment. FTSNOP:,
[5] F5P, identify this school of psychology founded in Berlin.
Answer: Gestalt Psychology
[15] F5PE, these three theorists and students of Carl Stumpf are generally credited with the founding of Gestalt psychology.
Answer: Max Wertheimer, Kurt Koffka, Wolfgang Kohler
[10] Gestalt's principles of perception are illustrated by this illusion, in which a line with arrows pointing outward appears longer than a line of the same size with arrows pointing inwards.
Answer: Müller-Lyer illusion
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Identify these people involved in optics who have things named after them, FTPE.,
[10] While helping to establish wave optics, he invented a zone plate of symmetric rings that use diffraction to focus light.
Answer: Augustin-Jean Fresnel
[10] Aiming to ruin Fresnel, this scientist showed that Fresnel's theory absurdly predicts that a circular shadow has a bright spot in its center. Dominique Arago found this spot, which is now mockingly named after this accidental inventor.
Answer: Siméon-Denis Poisson
[10] He developed an equation most commonly used to relate indices of refraction to the angles of the incoming and refracted light.
Answer: Willebrord Snellius (or Willebrord Snel van Royen)
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Identify these figures from Native American lore, FTPE:,
[10] This trickster god's best feature is unarguably his detachable phallus. He is usually depicted as a hunch-backed flute player with crazy hair.
Answer: Kokapelli
[10] This other trickster god is present throughout the oral traditions of most western tribes, and in some accounts helped create man by kicking up some mud.
Answer: Coyote
[10] Accounts differ as to whether there exist only one or many of these entities, and the Sioux believed the wiped out the dinosaurs. They mirror stories of the Middle-Eastern Roc.
Answer: Thunderbird
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After losing his job as a surgeon for refusing to take sides with the Communists, Tomas begins washing windows as a result of his refusal to be used politically. FTPE:,
[10] Name this novel.
Answer: The Unbearable Lightness of Being
[10] This author of The Book of Laughter and Forgetting and The Joke wrote The Unbearable Lightness of Being.
Answer: Milan Kundera
[10] This lover of protagonist Tomas's lover Sabina is an intellectual university professor who thought Prague Spring was awesome.
Answer: Franz
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Identify these volcanoes, FTPE:,
[10] Named after James Ross's ship, itself named after the son of Chaos in Greek myth, it is the only active volcano on its continent.
Answer: Mount Erebus
[10] This continuously-active Tyrrhenian Sea volcano lends its name to a type of frequent, low-level eruption.
Answer: Mount Stromboli
[10] Almost all of this cinder cone volcano's growth occurred in an epic 1943 pyroclastic phase, rising 336 meters in one year.
Answer: Paricutin
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Fun with anti-Semitism, FTPE:,
[10] Adolph Hitler described this man as the only American who was able to maintain independence in the face of the evil Jews, even going so far as to reportedly hang his picture on his wall.
Answer: Henry Ford
[10] Most of Ford's anti-Semitic sentiment was published in this newspaper secured by Ernest Liebold, which notably published the "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion".
Answer: The Dearborn Independent
[10] All of the Dearborn Independent's best Jew-bashing articles were collected and published along with the then clearly debunked "Protocols" in this widely-distributed publication that brought Ford to Hitler's attention.
Answer: The International Jew: The World's Foremost Problem
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Answer the following related to the inspirations for Hemingway novel titles, FTPE:,
[10] For Whom the Bell Tolls takes its title from a section of this John Donne sermon that begins by asserting that "no man is an island".
Answer: Meditation XVII: Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions (accept either title or subtitle)
[10] The Sun Also Rises has its title derived from this biblical book that also notes that there is a time for everything and also inspired the song "Turn, Turn, Turn!".
Answer: Ecclesiastes
[10] A Farewell to Arms takes its title from a poem by this English Renaissance dramatist, who may have written all or part of Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus.
Answer: George Peele
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Answer the following about NFL players for whom crime did not pay FTPE:,
[10] This former third-round draft pick was arrested after filing a false police report. And using a .45 caliber handgun to steal a cell phone. And being chased down the highway while hunting for a witness against him with an open bottle of vodka and an AK-47.
Answer: Maurice Clarett
[10] This Redskins first-round pick was the lone player to miss mini-camp, instead committing several felonies in his native Florida including pistol-whipping the hell out of some guy who stole his ATV.
Answer: Sean Taylor
[10] Although this former Green Bay Packers running back was not jailed, his reputation took a severe hit after a Barry University student sued him for breaking into her room and defecating into her closet.
Answer: Najeh Davenport
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They are divided into retro and DNA varieties. FTPE:,
[10] Identify these entities, which utilize reverse-transcriptase or their namesake enzyme and which compose up to 45% of the human genome.
Answer: Transposons (prompt on "Jumping Genes")
[10] This scientist eventually won the 1983 Nobel for her work with transposons in corn.
Answer: Barbara McClintock
[10] Over activity by transposons may be guarded against by this process, a type of post-transcriptional gene silencing involving the use of a ribonuclease.
Answer: RNA (mediated) interference or RNAi
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Identify these ancient philosophers, FTPE:,
[10] He attempted to convince Dionysius the Elder of the merits of his ideal society which involved dividing the populace into "bronzes," "silvers," and "golds." He got so pushy that Dionysius almost pushed him off a cliff into the Mediterranean.
Answer: Plato
[10] This native Syracusan made sieging the city quite difficult, developing a namesake claw and perhaps even a makeshift death ray. He's also known for shouting "Eureka" after taking a bath.
Answer: Archimedes
[10] He is probably best known for fleshing out his teacher Leucippus' theory that matter was divided into tiny indivisible particles called atoms.
Answer: Democritus
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His wife died after her dress caught fire while she was curling their daughter's hair. FTPE,,
[10] Identify this Bowdoin alum who commemorated that unpleasantness with "Cross of Snow" and also wrote about Paul Revere.
Answer: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
[10] In this Longfellow epic, an Acadian woman travels on the Mississippi river to meet her lover Gabriel Lajeunesse.
Answer: "Evangeline"
[10] Longfellow authored this "prose romance" about Paul Fleming that shares its name with an unfinished Keats epic poem
Answer: "Hyperion"

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