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2007 Maryland Terrapins Tossups by Chicago
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The Matsuoka group discovered the first soluble receptor for this class of compounds, and the DELLA proteins are critical in their signaling cascades. Synthesized through the mevalonic acid pathway, these diterpenoids are named for their common skeleton. By increasing the size and number of internodal cells, they function to increase stem length, and their effects on roots are controlled by auxins. They were first identified by researchers studying a fungal disease of rice known as "bakanae." FTP, name this class of plant hormones whose overexpression leads to "foolish seedling" disease.
Answer: gibberellins
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This man's nomination was opposed by the "immortal 306", convention delegates who refused to abandon Roscoe Conkling's candidate. His Supreme Court appointments included William Woods, as well as the lone dissenter in Plessy v Ferguson, John Harlan. Acting on the findings of the Jay Commission, he removed New York customs house officials Alonzo Cornell and Chester Arthur, but less successful was his overriden veto of the Bland-Allison Act. For ten points, name this man who defeated Samuel Tilden in the disputed election of 1876 and served as President between Grant and Garfield.
Answer: Rutherford Birchard Hayes
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This author of the plays Die Goldgreber and Yaknez authorized Pinus and Bermann to translate his story collection Children of the Pale and his novel Stempenyu, respectively. The title character of his last, unfinished novel mistakenly adds bleach to a barrel of homemade kvass. That novel begins in this author's fictitious shtetl of Kasrilevka, which became Anatevka in a musical adaptation of his stories about the father of Tzeitel, Hodel, and Chava. Often called the "Jewish Mark Twain," FTP name this author of The Adventures of Mottel the Cantor's Son and creator of Tevye the milkman.
Answer: Sholom Aleichem or Solomon Yakov Rabinowitz
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Its founder wrote of the Valley of Contentment and the Valley of True Poverty and Absolute Nothingness in his text The Seven Valleys, as well as 153 short utterances supposedly derived from the words of Gabriel to Fatimah. Worshippers gather at the "Dawning-place of the Mention of God." Its calendar is based on the number of early disciples called "letters of the living," and sets aside nineteen days in the month of Ala for fasting. Its religious laws are found in the Kitb-i-Aqdas, which was interpreted by Shoghi Effendi, its founder's great-grandson. FTP identify this inclusive faith founded by Bahaullah.
Answer: Baha'i
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He advocates the return of scrimshaw and good conversation, perhaps to make up for ruining "more young minds than syphilis and pinball combined." He distinguishes himself from "Charlie Bible Thumps" in a conversation with Birchibald Barlow and wins an election with the aid of Prudence Goodwyfe and Edgar Neubauer. In his best-known role, he reads The Man in the Iron Mask as the star of a "Cavalcade of Whimsy" after microwaving a burrito in a convenience store. Known for marrying a DMV employee who resolves to smoke only after meals and MacGyver for him, FTP, name this Yale educated madman voiced by Kelsey Grammer who continuously tries, and fails, to kills Bart Simpson.
Answer: Sideshow Bob (Robert Underdunk Terwilliger)
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His main contribution to biology was measuring a guinea pig's respiration with a calorimeter. He developed a theory in opposition to one of Georg Stahl partly through his studies of calcination reactions, and posited a theory for acid formation through the reaction of radicals. His Elementary Treatise of Chemistry lists elements and states the law of conservation of mass, which he verified through careful weight measurements. Responsible for naming compounds such as sulfates in his Method of Chemical Nomenclature, he also named hydrogen and oxygen, two elements he had studied extensively. FTP, name this French chemist who studied combustion and disproved the phlogiston theory.
Answer: Antoine Laurent de Lavoisier
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The results of Baron, Vandello, and Brunsman's eyewitness identification experiment demonstrated that this behavior strongly correlated with uncertainty. In one of the first experiments to study it, a group's interpretation of the autokinetic effect gradually converged to a final estimate. Besides that 1936 experiment by Muzafer Sherif, a more famous experiment resulted in only 24 percent of subjects being apparently unaffected by it after a room of confederates repeatedly disagreed with them over the length of a line. FTP, name this type of social influence studied by Solomon Asch, which causes individuals to change their attitudes or behavior in order to fit social norms.
Answer: conformity
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This man's only government position consisted of serving on the staff of Memmius, the Propraetor of Bithynia, an experience that inspired many of his poems. His only other involvement in politics was poetic invective directed against Mammura, an associate of Julius Caesar. This writer is generally thought to have had an affair with a woman attacked in Cicero's Pro Caelio. That identification is due in part to the metrical similarity of that woman's name to a name alluding to Sappho that appears frequently in his poetry. FTP, name this poet who may have loved Clodia, parts of whose Carmina describe the sparrow of his beloved Lesbia.
Answer: Gaius Valerius Catullus
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Five minutes of silence are called for between the first and second movements of this piece. The first movement was written five years earlier than the rest as a symphonic poem entitled Totenfeier (Funeral Rites). The third movement, a scherzo, represents loss of faith after the death of a friend. The final fifth movement, lasting almost half an hour, reconciles the doubts of the third movement and contains parts of the ode Aufersteh'n by Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock in the choral libretto. FTP, Name this work for orchestra and choir, often known as the Resurrection.
Answer: Mahler's Second Symphony (accept Resurrection before stated in question)
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Their hieroglyphic writing system resembles that of the Vai people of West Africa, while scholars believe their language was of the Mixi-Zoquean family. Though later civilizations called them "Tamoanchan", researcher Marshall Seville adopted a name meaning "rubber people" in Nahuatl. Many of the relics of this culture were stone sculptures depicting squat helmet-headed people, with such monuments found at cultural sites like La Mojarra, La Venta and San Lorenzo. FTP, identify this Mesoamerican culture that dissipated in 400 BCE, pre-dating the Mayans and Aztecs.
Answer: Olmecs
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In ornithological circles, this region is known as the breeding ground of the Steller's Sea Eagle, and the waters offshore are populated by ribbon seals, walrus, and several cetaceous species. The Valley of the Geysers and one of the highest density of volcanoes in the world draw intrepid tourists to this region, but until recently it was inaccessible territory because a Korean Airlines passenger jet was shot down and crashed here in 1983 after drifting into forbidden airspace. In 1741, the explorer Vitus Bering died of scurvy in the Commander islands nearby. FTP, name this region, ringed on three sides by the Pacific Ocean, the Bering Sea, and the Sea of Okhotsk.
Answer: Kamchatka Peninsula
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One of the characters in this work uses a tie as a belt but is let off the hook by Mr. Patch-Withers. Brownie Perkins shares a room with another character with a face that is "all straight lines." That character, Brinker Hadley, differs markedly in character from the creator of a "Super Suicide Society," who aids the main character in training for the Olympics and becomes distant when "Leper" Lepellier enlists in the war. This book ends tragically when the central character's best friend dies after falling on marble steps and rebreaking his leg. FTP, identify this novel centering on the envy Gene Forrester has for his best friend Phineas, written by John Knowles.
Answer: A Separate Peace
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Diels-Alder reactions between dienes and these molecules can be catalyzed by ruthenium Lewis acids. Symmetrical ones can be cleaved with hot alkaline potassium permanganate, while Wittig reactions using this class of compounds are more likely to produce the E-isomer of the product. One method of producing them involves the production of a halohydrin, while they can also be generated by oxidizing secondary alcohols. Unlike a similar class of compounds, they do not produce a silver precipitate when treated with Tollens' reagent. FTP, name this class of carbonyl-containing compounds whose simplest member is acetone.
Answer: ketones
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In 1959 it was strengthened by the Landrum-Griffin Act, which established harsher penalties for its violations, but in 1965 the Supreme Court struck down one of its provisions, which required the filing of an affidavit, as a bill of attainder. The Supreme Court has also ruled that this act implicitly repealed part of the Norris-LaGuardia Act dealing with the power of courts to issue injunctions; but this successor to the Wagner Act more explicitly bans common situs picketing and closed shops while legalizing right-to-work laws. For ten points, name this labor relations act that was passed over the veto of Harry Truman.
Answer: Taft-Hartley Act
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Among his essays are "A Character of Sir Robert Walpole" and "That Politics May Be Reduced to a Science." This latter work was included in the collection Essays, Moral Political and Literary, which also included an essay that discussed the idea of the true judge, "On the Standard of Taste." His 1757 work A Dissertation on the Passions was published alongside his Natural History of Religion. Kant credited this philosopher with interrupting his "dogmatic slumber," referring to the challenge to causation that he first put forth in his 1737 work A Treatise of Human Nature. For 10 points, identify this Scottish philosopher who also wrote An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding.
Answer: David Hume
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In a book about this painting, Mary Hervey notes that the design of the floor is based on the sanctuary pavement of Westminster Abbey. In the upper left-hand corner, a crucifix is partially obscured by the green curtain that is draped behind the two major figures. Between the feet of these two figures lies an elongated skull that can only be recognized from an acute angle. Above this skull are two tables, on which lie a Lutheran hymnbook, a broken-stringed lute, and two globes. Jean de Dinteville and Georges de Selve are the namesake figures in, for 10 points, this Holbein painting, which depicts two emissaries to the English court from a foreign country.
Answer: The Ambassadors or The French Ambassadors
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His first play centers on a man torn between two women, his wife Aurelia, and the Vestal virgin Furia. Characters in his later works include Alfred Allmers, whose relationship with Rita breaks down after the title figure is lured to his death by the Rat Wife, and Ellida, who breaks from her obsession with a sailor and returns to her husband Dr. Wangel. In addition to writing Little Eyolf and The Lady from the Sea, he wrote of Irene Satow and Arnold Rubek, who are buried in an avalanche in his final work, When We Dead Awaken. He also wrote plays about the suicide of the wife of George Tesman and the awakening of Nora Helmer. FTP, name this author of Hedda Gabler and A Doll's House.
Answer: Henrik Ibsen
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After signing the Treaty of Stolbovo with Russia, he participated in a war that would be ended by the Truce of Altmark, a conflict in which this man, a brother-in-law of Transylvanian prince Gabor Bethlen, won the Battle of Gniew (pronounced "Niev"), besieged Orneta, was wounded at the Battle of Dirschau, and made an amphibious landing at Pillau. He annexed Stralsund after saving it from Imperial occupation, and at the Battle of Lech his forces killed the Count of Tilly after having earlier defeating him at Breitenfeld, but then this man died at the Battle of Lutzen. For ten points, name this employer of Axel Oxenstierna, a Swedish king who intervened in the Thirty Years's War.
Answer: Gustavus Adolphus
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Liudmilla Petrushevskaia described this figure's birth in the Crimea, while Stesichorus wrote a palinode about this figure after being blinded. Exiled by Megapenthes late in life, this person briefly lived with Aethra as a child after being kidnapped by Pirithous and Theseus. While Pausanias claims that Polyxo hanged this woman, most accounts say that this woman's husband spared her life and allowed her to return to her daughter Hermione in Sparta. Her stepsiblings, the children of Tyndareus, were Clytemnestra and Castor. FTP, name this daughter of Zeus and Leda over whom the Trojan War was fought.
Answer: Helen of Troy
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This man's namesake field is a massless Proca field. Highly viscous fluids are sometimes characterized by a shear stress damping time known as his relaxation time. He lends his name to several equalities involving second derivatives of thermodynamic potentials, and Boltzmann's H-theorem shows that a gas in thermal equilibrium is characterized by this man's namesake distribution function. In order to preserve charge, he added a term proportional to the time derivative of the electric field to Ampere's law. FTP, name this Scottish physicist whose 4 namesake equations unify electromagnetism.
Answer: James Clerk Maxwell
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Along with John Murray, this author was one of the founders of the Quarterly Review, and his contributions to it included reviews of Jane Austen's Emma and of his own series, Tales of My Landlord. His early narrative poetry includes The Bridal of Triermain, Marmion, and The Lady of the Lake, but he is better known for novels like Guy Mannering, which follows early British colonization of India. Another of his novels is set in motion by the storming of an Edinburgh prison, the titular Heart of Midlothian. Yet another novel follows the adventures of Francis Osbaldistone as he meets the titular Scottish outlaw, Rob Roy. For 10 points, identify this author, whose best known works include The Bride of Lammermoor and Ivanhoe.
Answer: Sir Walter Scott
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The fourth ruler of this entity faced a rebellion by his son Khusraw, and its second ruler was forced into exile in the Safavid court by the founder of the Suri dynasty, Sher Shah. The sixth ruler of this entity conquered Golconda and Bijapur, while the third ruler of this entity was tutored by the regent Bairam Khan. As it declined, its rulers' peacock throne was stolen by Nadir Shah, and it lost much territory to the Marathas. Originally founded after the defeat of the Lodis at the first battle of Panipat, for ten points name this Indian empire ruled by the likes of Shah Jahan, Aurenzgeb, and Ackbar.
Answer: Mughal Empire
2007 Maryland Terrapins Bonuses by Chicago
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Answer the following about RNA interference FTPE.,
[10] One possible result of RNA interference is the binding of an antisense RNA to this molecule, targeting it for degradation. This molecule is transcribed from DNA and is itself translated into protein.
Answer: messenger RNA (prompt on just "RNA")
[10] This evocatively named protein generates the 20 to 25 nucleotide long fragments known as small interfering RNAs that initiate formation of the RNA-induced silencing complex.
Answer: Dicer
[10] The phenomenon of RNA interference was extensively studied by Fire and Mello in this model organism, a nematode with 959 somatic cells.ANSWER: Caenorhabditis elegans
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For ten points each, identify these Hermann Hesse novels.,
[10] This 1922 novel follows a young Indian Brahmin in his quest to find ultimate truth.
Answer: Siddhartha
[10] The mysterious title character informs young Emil Sinclair of a dualistic deity called Abraxas in this 1919 novel.
Answer: Demian
[10] In this Hesse work set in the 23rd century in Castalia, Joseph Knecht becomes an expert at the titular competition but, when he returns to a normal existence, drowns because he never learned to swim.
Answer: The Glass-Bead Game or Magister Ludi or Das Glasperlenspiel
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FTPE, name these gods or guardians from Roman mythology.,
[10] The Roman guardian spirits of the house and of the fields. They are usually depicted as dancing youths with a horn cup in one hand and a bowl in the other.
Answer: Lares
[10] She is the goddess of the hearth, and is portrayed as a stern woman wearing a long dress and with her head covered. Her priestesses swore to be celibate for 30 years.
Answer: Vesta
[10] This daughter of Saturn and Ops is the goddess of growing plants and of motherly love.
Answer: Ceres
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Identify the following Latin American dictators from clues, FTPE.,
[10] Lovingly referred to as "Pineappleface", this Panamanian general was overthrown by the United States in 1989's Operation Just Cause.
Answer: Manuel Noriega
[10] This man ruled Nicaragua from 1936 to his assassination in 1956. His sons held power for some years thereafter due to support from the United States.
Answer: Anastasio Somoza Garcia
[10] This man ruled the Dominican Republic from 1930 to 1961, renaming much of the country after himself and committing ethnic cleansing against Haitians.
Answer: Rafael Trujillo
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It was famously proposed in the margin of Bachet's translation of the Arithmetica of Diophantus. FTPE:,
[10] Name this theorem that states that a-to-the-n plus b-to-the-n does not equal c-to-the-n for any n greater than 2 for non-zero integers a, b, c, and n.
Answer: Fermat's last theorem
[10] Gerhard Frey was the first to propose that this theorem, which states that every elliptic curve can be parametrized using the classical modular curve, implies Fermat's Last Theorem.
Answer: Taniyama-Shimura theorem
[10] This theorem, proven by Ken Ribet, states that every counterexample to Fermat's last theorem would also be a counterexample to the Taniyama-Shimura theorem.
Answer: Epsilon conjecture
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His follower Maurice Denis wrote that this artist "freed us from all the restraints which the idea of copying nature had placed on us." For 10 points each:,
[10] Identify this painter, who studied with Pisarro before painting Spirit of the Dead Watching and The Yellow Christ.
Answer: Paul Gauguin
[10] Gauguin vowed to commit suicide after completing this vast 1898 work. The three main figure groups in the foreground of the painting are illustrative of the three questions in the painting's title.
Answer: Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going? or D'où venons nous? Que sommes nous? Où allons nous?
[10] Gauguin spent part of 1888 living with Van Gogh in this town in South France, where they pissed the hell out of each other, and where Van Gogh threatened Gauguin with a razor before using it to cut his own ear off.
Answer: Arles
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In this work's preface, the author calls Christianity "Platonism for the people" and compares truth to a woman. For 10 points each:,
[10] Identify this 1886 work, which has chapters entitled "On the Prejudices of Philosophers," and "Peoples and Fatherlands," and which ends in an "Aftersong" entitled "From high Mountains".
Answer: Beyond Good and Evil or Jenseits von Gut und Bose
[10] This philosopher wrote Beyond Good and Evil.
Answer: Friedrich Nietzsche
[10] In section 207 of Beyond Good and Evil, Nietzsche quotes this German philosopher, whose works include Monadology and Theodicy.
Answer: Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz
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Identify the following rulers of Russia FTPE.,
[10] This former Chairman of the KGB replaced Brezhnev as General Secretary in 1982, but died from kidney failure after only sixteen months.
Answer: Yuri Andropov
[10] Succeeding Prince Lvov, this anti-Tsarist revolutionary was Prime Minister of the Russian Provisional Government in 1917 -- until he was overthrown by the Bolsheviks, that is.
Answer: Alexander Fyodorovich Kerensky
[10] This illegitimate daughter of Peter the Great ruled Russia during the War of the Austrian Succession and the Seven Years War and patronized the architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli.
Answer: Elizabeth
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Among the people to die in this play are Polyxena, who is sacrificed to the ghost of Achilles, and Astyanax, who is flung from the castle walls. For 10 points each:,
[10] Identify this play, which includes the characters Hecuba, Andromache, and Cassandra.
Answer: The Trojan Women
[10] This Greek playwright wrote The Trojan Women.
Answer: Euripides
[10] The Trojan Women is in part a critique of the Athenians for their 415 BC invasion of this island, which had remained neutral during the Peloponnesian War.
Answer: Melos
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Identify the following constants from modern physics, FTPE:,
[10] This magnetic moment is given by the electron charge times Dirac's constant divided by two times the electron rest mass.
Answer: Bohr Magneton
[10] This dimensionless constant is defined as Coulomb's constant times the square of the electron charge all over Dirac's constant times the speed of light. It is approximately equal to 1/137.
Answer: Sommerfeld fine structure constant
[10] The man who introduced the quantum hypothesis to explain blackbody radiation lends his name to this unit, given approximately by 10 to the minus 35 meters. Quantum gravity becomes important at this length scale.
Answer: Planck length
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FTPE, identify these works by Chicago-trained composer Phillip Glass.,
[10] The first opera composed by Glass, it is almost five hours long. The libretto has no cohesive plot, but deals vaguely with general relativity, nuclear weapons, and modern atomic science.
Answer: Einstein on the Beach
[10] Glass was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Score for his work on this 2002 film, which examined the lives of three women affected by Mrs. Dalloway.
Answer: The Hours
[10] This Glass opera features a libretto in Akkadian, Biblical Hebrew, and Ancient Egyptian. First performed by the Stuttgard Opera in 1984, it focuses on a pharoah of the Amarna period.
Answer: Akhnaten
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Given some behaviors, name the Freudian stage of psychosexual development FTPE:,
[10] In this stage, children tend to be obsessed with organization or excessive neatness or they are reckless, careless, defiant, and disorganized. It typically occurs between 18 and 36 months of age.
Answer: anal stage
[10] The Oedipus complex presents itself in boys during this stage of psychosexual development according to Freud, and Jung says girls experience the Electra complex during it as well.
Answer: phallic stage (do not accept genital stage)
[10] While not strictly defined as a psychosexual stage by Freud, during this period sexual feelings lie dormant and children tend not to have sexual fixations.
Answer: latency
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Answer the following about an event and its larger historical context FTPE.,
[10] In 1799, a German-American farmer led this armed revolt against the Adams administration in Western Pennsylvania over a recently-imposed property tax.
Answer: Fries's Rebellion
[10] The property tax John Fries objected to was levied to fund the Quasi-War with France, caused partly by this affair in which three French diplomats demanded some bribes.
Answer: The XYZ Affair
[10] US-French relations had been somewhat unpleasant since this 1794 US treaty signed with Britain that gave Britain most-favored-nation trading status. It was named for the Supreme Court chief justice at the time.
Answer: Jay's Treaty
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FTPE, identify these movies considered to be the some of the worst films ever made:,
[10] This movie about aliens raising the dead was directed by Ed Wood and featured such notables as an aging and drug-addled Bela Lugosi, Swedish wrestler Tor Johnson, and a woman listed in the credits only as "Vampira."
Answer: Plan 9 from Outer Space
[10] This film based on a book by the author of Dianetics: The Evolution of a Science starred Barry Pepper and John Travolta, and fell far short of recouping the combined $103 million spent on its production and marketing, grossing only $30 million worldwide.
Answer: Battlefield Earth
[10] This 1982 bomb featured an unwilling Laurence Olivier as General Douglas MacArthur and was directed by Terrance Young. One of this film's major financial backers was the Unification Church, with Sun Myung Moon serving as the film's "Special Advisor."
Answer: Inchon
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FTPE, name these works by Ernest Hemingway.,
[10] In this novel, Frederick Henry, an American ambulance driver, falls in love with the British nurse Catherine Barkley during World War I.
Answer: A Farewell to Arms
[10] In this autobiographical work, Hemingway describes his early years as a struggling author in Paris and his experiences with such literary figures as F. Scott Fitzgerald and Gertrude Stein.
Answer: A Moveable Feast
[10] This novel focuses on Captain Harry Morgan, a sea captain who smuggles contraband between Cuba and Florida. It was adapted for the screen by William Faulkner.
Answer: To Have and Have Not
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For ten points each, name these Roman emperors famous for behaving badly.,
[10] Besides using his imperial position to win musical competitions, this emperor had his mother Agrippina murdered and built a private mansion in an area devastated by fire.
Answer: Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus or Nero Claudius Drusus Germanicus
[10] Taking his name from a Syrian sun-god, this emperor styled himself a religious figure when he took power in 218 C.E. and according to legend had the participants of an orgy fatally smothered by rose petals.
Answer: Elagabalus or Heliogabalus or Varius Avitus Bassianus Marcus Aurelius Antoninus
[10] He murdered his brother Geta for the right to succeed their father Septimius Severus in 211 C.E. To increase revenue from taxes, he passed a measure that granted freemen Roman citizenship.
Answer: Caracalla or Marcus Aurelius Severus Antoninus Augustus
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Answer these questions about symbolist poetry for 10 points each.,
[10] This poet of "The Drunken Boat" and A Season in Hell wrote most of his major poetry before he reached the age of 20.
Answer: Arthur Rimbaud
[10] "A Throw of the Dice Will Never Abolish Chance" and "The Tomb of Edgar Poe" are among the major poems of this poet, who only published about 1000 lines during his life. His most famous poem is "The Afternoon of a Faun."
Answer: Stephane Mallarme
[10] The first major English-language study of symbolist poetry was 1899's The Symbolist Movement in Literature, a work by this literary critic and poet, who dedicated the book to his friend W.B. Yeats.
Answer: Arthur Symons
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FTPE name these rules or principles of chemistry.,
[10] This rule states that when more than one alkene can be formed in an elimination reaction, the more stable one is formed, usually resulting in the formation of the compound with the more substituted double bond.
Answer: Zaitsev's rule
[10] This rule for addition to alkenes states that hydrogen adds to the less-substituted carbon. Mercuration followed by reduction results in the formation of a product in which addition follows this rule.
Answer: Markovikov's rule
[10] This principle states that if a system undergoes a change in concentration, temperature or pressure, it will react in manner that will minimize that change.
Answer: LeChatelier's Principle
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For 10 points each, answer these questions about an architect and his work.,
[10] Sharing a name with its Frank Lloyd Wright designed counterpart, this art museum is leading the transformation of Bilbao, Spain, into a tourist destination.
Answer: Guggenheim-Bilbao Museum
[10] Name the architect who designed Bilbao's Guggenheim, a pavilion in Chicago's Millennium Park and an eponymous tower in Hanover, Germany.
Answer: Frank Gehry
[10] Noam Chomsky's office and the William H. Gates Center for Computing Science can be found in this MIT building designed by Gehry.
Answer: Ray and Maria Stata Center
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Name these WWI-related characters from European literature FTPE.,
[10] The titular "Good Soldier" of Jaroslav Hasek's unfinished novel, this man enthusiastically joins the Austro-Hungarian army at the outbreak of the Great War.
Answer: Josef Schweik
[10] This title character of a Pasternak novel falls in love with the fiancee of a man initially thought to have been killed on the Eastern Front, but who later reemerges as the brutal Red Army General Strelnikov.
Answer: Dr. Yury Zhivago
[10] This man, Paul Baümer's mentor throughout All Quiet on the Western Front, is an expert forager, and dies in Paul's arms after sustaining a shrapnel wound to the head.
Answer: Stanislaus "Kat" Katczinsky
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Answer these questions about Charles Darwin, for 10 points each:,
[10] This three-part Darwin work published in 1871 discusses the title concepts and responds to critics who did not believe that colorful bird plumage had any purpose or could be explained by evolution.
Answer: The Descent of Man, and Selection in Relation to Sex
[10] This scientist sent Darwin his own, nearly identical theory of evolution, based on his travels in the Malay archipelago.
Answer: Alfred Russel Wallace.
[10] This agnostic biologist united the Hydroid group with the Medusae group to form the new group "Hydrozoa." He also said that he would be "Darwin's Bulldog."
Answer: Thomas Henry Huxley
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FTPE, answer these questions regarding Roman holidays.,
[10] This holiday beginning on December 17th was the merriest festival of the year. During this holiday, slaves were free to do as they wished, and presents were exchanged.
Answer: Saturnalia
[10] This festival, which included the ritual beating of bystanders with leather thongs by men wearing only leather loin cloths, is frequently noted as the Roman equivalent to Valentine's day as it took place on February 15th and was a festival regarding fertility and love.
Answer: Lupercalia
[10] This actress received an Oscar for her role as Princess Ann in the 1953 film Roman Holiday.
Answer: Audrey Hepburn

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