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2007 Maryland Terrapins Tossups by Casey Retterer
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In Perlesvaus, it is described as smaller than a fox and purely white and beautiful to behold. It was supposedly borne of a human woman who lusted after her brother, but the devil got her to accuse him of rape and their father ordered him torn apart by a pack of dogs, the sound of which now emanate from the creature's stomach. Also known as Glatisant, in the Post-Vulgate Prose Tristan, Sir Palamedes slays it after his conversion to Christianity with the help of Sir Percival and Galahad. With the head and neck of a serpent, body of a leopard, haunches of a lion and feet of a hart, FTP, identify this being pursued by King Pellinore.
Answer: The Questing Beast (or Beast Glatisant)
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In the second version of this painting, the figures face the other way and the head of the title figure is much whiter than the first version, where that head is black. Each version of this painting contains a glass vial and a red container sitting atop a night-table next to a bed. The central figure's head and arms hang over the edge of the bed, and that figure is dressed in white, while experiencing a "morbid oppression? resembling the pressure of weight upon the chest." Featuring a disembodied horse's head and an incubus sitting atop a sleeping woman's chest, FTP, identify this painting by Henry Fuseli.
Answer: The Nightmare
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Their natural density is slightly less than 0.25, and every integer greater than 20,161 can be written as the sum of two of them. The smallest odd one of them is 945, and there are infinitely many even and odd ones. Ones that are not semiperfect numbers are called weird numbers, and every proper multiple of a perfect number is one. Also known as excessive numbers, FTP, name these integers for which the divisor summatory function, often denoted sigma of n, is greater than two times that number n.
Answer: Abundant numbers (or excessive numbers before read)
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Slave Labor Graphics recently developed a comic book with the same name as this show, and it takes off from where it left off after its February 15, 1997 finale. It was created and produced by Greg Weisman, and it stands as an ambitious series for Disney, as it targets an older demographic and handles more adult themes. Keith David, the voice of the main character, provided a voice-over for the intro in the second season, which begins, "One thousand years ago, superstition and sword ruled." Known for its featuring the voices of numerous Star Trek cast members, FTP, name this cartoon about guardians of Manhattan who are stone by day, but winged fighters for justice by night.
Answer: Gargoyles
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When he was 18, he plotted to flee to England with Hans Hermann von Katte, and was forced to watch his friend's execution after their arrest. While serving a 1-year prison sentence for his crime, this prince befriended Gabriel Fredersdorf, whom he would later make chancellor of his kingdom. His expansionist policies led to his being the last ruler to hold the title "King in" instead of "King of" his country, as after his annexation of most of Royal Prussia from the First Partition of Poland in 1772. FTP, named this enlightened monarch of Prussia who led his country to victory in the Silesian Wars.
Answer: Frederick II (or The Great)
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In one of his short stories, a group of children initiate a black boy into their practical joke-playing gang, while another of his short stories ends with a bird dying in Callisto's hands during a disorderly party given by Meatball Mulligan. Besides "The Secret Integration" and "Entropy," his first novel describes Benny Profane's attempt to reconnect with the Whole Sick Crew and Herbert Stencil's search for the title entity. In another of his novels, signs of the Tristero organization appear all over San Narciso to Oedipa Maas, while his most famous novel describes the construction of an enormous V-2 rocket and begins "A screaming comes across the sky." FTP, identify this reclusive author of V., The Crying of Lot 49, and Gravity's Rainbow.
Answer: Thomas Ruggles Pynchon, Jr.
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Modern applications utilizing it include gamma spectroscopy and radiobiology, as its predictability is useful when considering high energy X-rays used in radiation therapy. Its observation in 1923 helped explain the particle component of the wave-particle duality of light, as the classical theory named after Thompson can not explain shifts in wavelength. The photoelectric effect is a result of, FTP, this type of scattering, the decrease in energy of an X- or gamma ray photon when it interacts with the electrons of an atom, whose discovery awarded its namesake the 1927 Nobel Prize in Physics.
Answer: Compton Effect/Scattering
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He wrote strongly pro-Union articles on the Civil War for the Vienna Presse, and edited the Rheinische Zeitung until that paper was shut down by the Prussian government. This author of the Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts criticized the line "Labor is the source of all wealth and all culture" from the founding document of the Social Democratic Party. Along with Grundrisse and Critique of the Gotha Programme, this former Young Hegelian criticized Proudhon in The Poverty of Philosophy, and developed the labor theory of value as well as the concepts of commodity fetishism and surplus value. FTP, name this theoretician whose historical materialism is best expressed in Das Kapital, who along with Friedrich Engels wrote The Communist Manifesto.
Answer: Karl Marx
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Much to the dismary of Christian Rakovsky, it was renamed the Pantelimon and destroyed in part due to chromium-rich Krupp armor, which expanded the weak explosions used on it by saboteurs. After action near Tendra Island with supporting ships such as Boat N267, its commander ironically considered heading to Theodosia prior to June 14th. When this pre-dreadnought received new rations, the crew refused maggot-ridden meat and set off a series of events which prompted Matyusenko to eventually seek harbor in Romania, after sailing into Odessa. FTP, identify this member of the Black Sea Fleet which saw a mutiny immortalized in a Sergei Eisenstein silent film
Answer: Battleship Potemkin
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This play's three acts are titled "Morning," "Noon," and "Night." In Act 1, the main character is given the role of the Stranger in the dance of the traveler. In Act 3, Sadiku divulges the impotence of one of the title characters, who later appears in a wrestling match in his bedroom. That character, Baroka, is the chief of the village of Ilujinle, and later seduces the other title character by offering to print stamps with her image on them. In the opening scene, the leading male character offers to carry water for his intended bride to be, but is disappointed that Sidi still asks for a bride-price. Ending with Sidi's decision to marry Baroka instead of Lakunle, FTP, identify this comedy by Wole Soyinka.
Answer: The Lion and The Jewel
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It is part of a metabolic pathway used to convert carbohydrates, fats and proteins into carbon dioxide and water to generate useable energy. It begins with the oxidation of CH3COCO2H, resulting in one molecule of CO2 and ibe acetyl-CoA, and eventually ends up producing four CO2, 2 FADH2, 6 NADH and 2 ATP molecules. Providing the precursors for some amino acids and regulated mainly by negative feedback from ATP, FTP, identify this cycle also known as the citric acid cycle.
Answer: Krebs cycle (or citric acid cycle before said or tricarboxylic acid cycle)
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He is often depicted as a bearded man holding a variety of things such as an axe, an oar, club, square rule or book, and nearly every image of him shows him wearing a medallion with a profile of Jesus, generally with a small flame over his head. He also either holds a pen or is at a writing location in reference to the canonical Epistle. The patronage for which he is most famous for is the result of early confusion between his name and that of another Apostle. A cousin of Jesus, FTP, identify this patron saint of hospitals and lost causes, the namesake of a Children's Cancer Research Hospital.
Answer: St. Jude Thaddaeus
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The legends of Hercules, Samson, Adam, and Lucifer are told in it, a collection of seventeen short stories all on the theme of tragedy. It is told after the tale of Melibee, while other narratives in it describe Pedro of Castile, Nero, Alexander the Great, and Zenobia. It is possible that the Knight stops it because he may have been part of the crusade in which Peter I of Cyprus's tragic story takes place rather than his declaration that the party has had enough sadness. FTP, identify this portion of The Canterbury Tales in which the teller claims to have a hundred such stories in his cell.
Answer: The Monk's Tale (or The Falls of Illustrious Men)
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His early pieces, such as Panqueca, originated in guitar improvisations, and he dedicated his Twelve Etudes for the guitar to Andres Segovia in 1928. In 1958, he was paid $25,000 for writing the music for the film Green Mansions, while 21 years earlier he published A Musica Nacionalista no Governo Getulio Vargas. He also composed an opera based on a play by Garcia Lorca, as well as nine suites in the style of J. S. Bach. The composer of the Pequena suite for cello and piano, the opera Yerma and the Bachianas brasileiras, FTP, name this Brazilian nationalist composer.
Answer: Heitor Villa-Lobos
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One of his most famous diplomatic actions was actually performed a year earlier by Australian George Whitlan, and in 1947 he was named one of the "ten most outstanding young men in America." A 1958 incident where he was nearly killed by a Communist mob in Venezuela is described in his book Six Crises, and he defeated Helen Gahagan Douglas for Senate after dubbing her "the Pink Lady" and broke the stalemate of the Alger Hiss spy case by his dogged investigation of Whittaker Chambers. In one speech, he appealed to "the great silent majority" of Americans, and in another defended himself from allegations he accepted eighteen thousand dollars in illegal campaign contributions. FTP, name this 36th Vice President of the United States, who would later resign from a higher office due to incidents at a hotel in the Foggy Bottom neighborhood of DC.
Answer: Richard Milhaus Nixon
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It was adapted from Harry Bates' "Farewell to the Master" by Edmund North, and featured a score by Bernard Hermann. Although the protagonist is at first doubtful of an optimal visit to Washington, D.C., after Bobby, the son of Helen Benson, shows him the Lincoln Memorial, Professor Barnhardt is suggested as a great mind who could understand the visitor's message. Starring Patricia Neal as Helen, Lock Martin as Gort and Michael Rennie as Klaatu, FTP, name this 1951 Robert Wise film whose title refers to the "little demonstration" of power Klaatu arranges.
Answer: The Day the Earth Stood Still
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It was Zhaozhou's response to the question posed in the first koan of The Gateless Gate. It is used to respond to other koans to indicate that the question itself is wrong, and part of the brilliance of the answer to the first one is lost in translation, as this Chinese word is also the onomatopoeia for the noise that the animal makes. The answer to "Has the dog Buddha-nature or not?", FTP, identify this word, which when coupled with wei indicates the central tenet of no action in Taoism.
Answer: Wu (prompt on "Not" or equivalents or "Mu" before "Chinese word" is read)
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The victors had lost about a third of their men during the 260 mile march, mirrored by the enemy, leading up to this battle. The losing commander's effectiveness was limited by the rise of the Burgundian faction, which robbed him of credibility with his cavalry, and the specific forces credited with victory were actually just as critical when hacking with primitive clubs and hatchets. Notable moments included the rescue of Humphrey his brother, the victorious commaner, and a third and final charge by Marle and Fauquembergues, blunted due to the use of palings, a strategy not implemented at Crecy or Poitiers. Leading to the Treaty of Troyes, FTP, identify this defeat for the forces of Charles VI under D'albret, a major victory for Henry V's longbowmen in the Hundred Years' War.
Answer: Battle of Agincourt
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The primary vehicle for the study of Proteomes, Richard Lewontin and Jack Hubby relied on it heavily in a publication concerning Drosophila and polymorphisms. Sodium Borate is preferable to Tris-acetate as a buffer for it, and it is the primary method for screening for sickle cell anemia. After this process, molecules are typically either stained or subjected to ultraviolet light, although an autoradiogram can be recorded if radioactive atoms are involved. When analyzing oligonucleotides, DNA, RNA or proteins, polyacrylamide is typically used as the medium whereas for larger nucleic acids purified agarose is used. FTP, identify this method of analyzing and purifying molecules by putting them in wells in a matrix of a crosslinked polymer and applying an electromotive force to separate them.
Answer: Gel electrophoresis
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Although this work's main character is compared to a closed fist, its third and fourth sections both end with his hands dangling open. At the beginning of its third section, a decadent old man cavorts with a group of young business clerks from Pola, while a character reminiscent of Charon ominously warns "You will pay." The protagonist is the author of the moralistic short story "A Miserable Man" and a prose epic about Frederick the Great, and later discovers that a deadly plague has infested the title city, but stays due to his Dionysian passion for a beautiful youth. Ending on a bleak beach where the Polish boy Tadzio views the death of Gustav van Aschenbach, FTP, name this novella by Thomas Mann.
Answer: Death in Venice or Der Tod in Venedig
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A festival in Euboea named for this figure was sacred to Hera, and he can be considered an analog of Seppo Ilmarinen. After the feat he is most famous for, his former patron found out he was at the court of King Cocalus by presenting a task involving a seashell. His sister sent her son Perdix to train with him, but after the child invented the saw and a pair of compasses, he grew jealous and pushed him off of a high tower. One of his more famous creations was designed so that Asterion, the son of Pasiphae and wife of Minos, could not escape. FTP, identify this architect of the labyrinth and designer of feather and wax wings, which resulted in the death of his son, Icarus.
Answer: Daedalus
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In the original ending of this novel, one of the earliest psychological thrillers, the main character goes mad after his accusations against his antagonist fail. The European adventures of that antagonist, including an incident involving Count Malvesi and Lady Lucretia Pisani, are told in the first volume by Mr. Collins. Following his discovery that the true murderer of Mr. Tyrrel was not Hawkins, the title character spends the rest of the novel trying to escape the false accusations of that murderer. FTP, identify this novel by William Godwin about the trials and tribulations of the servant of Mr. Falkland.
Answer: Things as They Are, or the Adventures of Caleb Williams
2007 Maryland Terrapins Bonuses by Casey Retterer
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Regardless of what kind of planet it is, Pluto still has some natural satellites. FTPE.,
[10] This proportionally largest of all the moons in the solar system is also Pluto's largest moon.
Answer: Charon
[10] This moon was discovered June 15, 2005 by Max Mutchler and initially designated S/2005 P1 before being named after a mythological beast from Lernaea with many heads.
Answer: Hydra
[10] Also discovered in June 2005 was this other moon, given the Egyptian spelling of the primordial goddess of the night and mother of Charon to avoid confusion with the asteroid of the same name.
Answer: Nix
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Identify the following uprisings that took place in China during the Qing dynasty, FTPE.,
[10] This anti-Manchu rebellion took place in 1796 and began as a tax protest by a secret religious society that forecast the advent of Maitreya.
Answer: White Lotus Rebellion
[10] Taiwan commemorates this revolution as Double Ten Day, although it is also known as the 1911 or Chinese Revolution. It overthrew the dynasty and established the Republic of China.
Answer: Xinhai or Hsinhai Revolution
[10] One of the bloodiest civil wars was this rebellion led by Hong Xiuguan from 1851-1864.
Answer: Taiping Rebellion
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Answer the following about the pillars of Islam, FTPE.,
[10] The first pillar, it is generally agreed that if this declaration of faith is performed in front of two Muslim witnesses and meets the seven conditions, the speaker has converted.
Answer: Shahadah
[10] The shahadah appears on the flags of a few countries, including this one in which it appears in white script over a sword on a green background. Since it bears the Word of God, it is never lowered to half-mast to signal mourning.
Answer: Saudi Arabia
[10] This third pillar, spending a fixed portion of one's wealth for the needy is split into two types, one on traffic (a per head payment for about 7 pounds of food) and one on wealth.
Answer: Zakat
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Answer these questions about a playwright FTPE.,
[10] Toilet humor abounds in his play Peace, as Trygaeus rides a dung beetle to Olympus for an audience with Zeus. His other plays include Plutus and The Acharnians.
Answer: Aristophanes
[10] Strepsiades enrolls in the Thinkery to learn how to defraud his fellow citizens in this satire of Socrates, who argues that Zeus does not exist and that thunder is caused by the farting of the title objects.
Answer: The Clouds
[10] This play attacks Cleon, portraying him as "the Paphlagonian", the unprincipled overseer of Athenian democracy, who is ousted by a sausage-seller egged on by Nicias and Demosthenes.
Answer: The Knights
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Identify the following about the sculptures of Auguste Rodin FTPE.,
[10] The two embracing figures in this work originally appeared in part of the reliefs of The Gates of Hell.
Answer: The Kiss (or Le Baiser)
[10] Eustache de Saint Pierre led the six title figures of this work to the waiting army of Edward III in order to spare the citizens of their city.
Answer: The Burghers of Calais (or Les Bourgeois de Calais)
[10] Another notable portion of The Gates of Hell is a depiction of this count and the children and grandchildren whose corpses he allegedly ate while imprisoned and starved with them after being betrayed by Ruggieri.
Answer: Ugolino della Gherardesca
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Name the following types of aquatic biomes FTPE.,
[10] The sunlit part at the top of bodies of water, they are similar to littoral zones in their biodiversity, except they are farther away from the shores.
Answer: Limnetic zone
[10] The lowest level of a body of water, it is inhabited by organisms that like low temperatures and oxygen levels. Other than bioluminescence, no light is present there.
Answer: Benthic zone
[10] Part of the aphotic zone, and located beneath the limnetic zone, light does not effectively penetrate into this layer so photosynthesis does not occur.
Answer: Profundal zone
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Identify the following works of Kawabata, FTPE.,
[10] Kawabata's first full-length novel, it tells the story of a middle-aged aesthete named Shimamura who has an affair with Komako, an aging prostitute.
Answer: Snow Country or Yukiguni
[10] In part a sequel to Snow Country, this work centers around the tea ceremony and describes the relationships between Kikuji, Chikako and Fumiko.
Answer: A Thousand Cranes or Sembarazu
[10] In this 1962 novel, Chieko Sada, the adopted daughter of Takichiro and Shige, learns about her twin sister Naeko.
Answer: The Old Capital or Koto
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Answer the following about phonology FTPE.,
[10] This is the smallest linguistic unit that has semantic meaning. Different types include free, inflectional, derviational, allomorph, null, root, prefix and suffix.
Answer: Morphemes
[10] These are the theoretical representations of sounds without reference to its position in a word or phrase.
Answer: Phonemes
[10] Before being recognized as being functionally equivalent to phonemes, the basic units of signed communication were known as these.
Answer: Cheremes
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Answer the following about the life and times of Stephen Decatur, FPTE.,
[10] In what Horatio Nelson called "the most bold and daring act of the age," Decatur used the Intrepid on February 16, 1804 to destroy this former U.S. frigate.
Answer: U.S.S. Philadelphia
[10] The destruction of the Philadelphia took place during this 1801-1805 conflict between the United States and a collection of North African states.
Answer: First Barbary War or Tripolitan War or Barbary Coast War
[10] Decatur met his end from wounds resultant of a duel with this man, a Commodore earlier court-martialed and suspended by a committee of which Decatur was a member for being unprepared as Captain of the Chesapeake when confronted by the Leopard.
Answer: James Barron
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[5/5] F5PPA, Amenonuhoko was the heavenly spear used by these two Shinto deities to raise the primordial landmass Onogoro from the sea.,
[10] Rhongomiant was the spear of this mythical King of Britain, who is better known for using Excalibur.
[10] Achilles' Pelian Ash worked wonders before the Trojan War, as the wound it inflicted on this son of Heracles wouldn't heal until Achilles scraped rust from the spear back onto the wound, which was done in exchange for his revealing the course to Troy.
Answer: Izanagi and Izanami King Arthur
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Henri Meilhac and Ludovic Halevy wrote the libretto to his opera based on Le Carrosse du Saint-Sacrement by Prosper Merimee, whose title figure is based on the Peruvian Micaela Villegas. FTPE.,
[10] Name this composer of La Perichole.
Answer: Jacques Offenbach
[10] Offenbach's friend Ernest Guiraud finished this opera based on three short stories by a Romantic German author.
Answer: The Tales of Hoffman (or Les contes d'Hoffman)
[10] Most of the notable characters from the Trojan War are parodied in this opera bouffe in which Paris abducts the titular female from Menelas with the help of Calchas.
Answer: La belle Helene (or The Beautiful [or Fair] Helen)
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His first published work, Fanshawe, was based on his experiences at Bowdoin [bow-din] College. FTPE.,
[10] Name this author whose short stories include "Endicott and the Red Cross" and "My Kinsman, Major Molineux".
Answer: Nathaniel Hawthorne
[10] The titular locale of this Hawthorne novel is "Halfway down a by-street of one of our New England towns" and is technically known as the old Pyncheon House rather than its more familiar name.
Answer: The House of the Seven Gables
[10] Based loosely on Hawthorne's experiences at Brook Farm, this novel describes self-interested characters like Hollingsworth, Zenobia and Miles Coverdale who lead to the title community's destruction.
Answer: The Blithedale Romance
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Identify the following types of sugars, FTPE.,
[10] Generally, when people refer to sugar, they are talking about this disaccharide with molecular formula C12H22O11.
Answer: Sucrose
[10] This sugar is formed when two units of glucose are joined by an alpha-1, 4 linkage. It can be split back into two glucose molecules via hydrolysis or heating with a strong acid in the lab for several minutes.
Answer: Maltose (or maltobiose)
[10] Along with glucose, this monosaccharide is a constituent of lactose. In humans, glucose is changed into this sugar so that the mammary glands can secrete lactose.
Answer: Galactose
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[5/5] F5PE, identify the two sides that fought in the Punic Wars.,
[10] The Second Punic War took off when Hannibal attacked and besieged this Spanish city in 221bce.
[10] Also called the Libyan War and the Truceless War, this minor conflict occurred around 239bce between the First and Second Punic Wars when soldiers in the former employ of Carthage revolted.
Answer: Rome and Carthage (or equivalents) Saguntum
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Identify the following components of the Command and Conquer series, FTPE.,
[10] Released February 26, 2002, it is the only C-and-C game to date that is not a real-time strategy, but rather a first-person shooter.
Answer: Renegade
[10]This part of the series takes place in an alternate timeline where Albert Einstein travels back in time to stop Adolph Hitler. The effort backfires when Joseph Stalin leads an unchecked Soviet invasion into Europe.
Answer: Red Alert
[10] This part of the series takes place in an alternate timeline where Albert Einstein travels back in time to stop Adolph Hitler. The effort backfires when Joseph Stalin leads an unchecked Soviet invasion into Europe.
Answer: Generals
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Given a few lines of poetry, identify the poem, FTPE. If you need more famous quotes, you'll get 5.,
[10] "Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown,/And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command,/Tell that its sculptor well those passions read/Which yet survive"
[5] "I met a traveller from an antique land" and "Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!"
Answer: "Ozymandias"
[10] "He prayeth best, who loveth best/All things both great and small;/For the dear God who loveth us,/He made and loveth all."
Answer: "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner"
[5] "Water, water, every where,/And all the boards did shrink;/Water, water, every where,/Nor any drop to drink."
Answer: "Endymion"
[10] "He ne'er is crown'd/With immortality, who fears to follow/Where airy voices lead: so through the hollow,/The silent mysteries of earth, desend!"
[5] "A thing of beauty is a joy forever"
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Answer the following about volcanoes, FTSNOP.,
[10] Very simple volcanic formations are defined by this shape, with different types including spatter, cinder, ash and tuff.
Answer: Cone
[10] The name for this type of volcano, which is wide with gentler-sloping sides, is derived from the Icelandic volcano SkjaldbreiĆ°ur, which has these features.
Answer: Shield
[10] From the Spanish for cauldron, this forms when a volcano collapses into itself, creating a special form of crater. Examples include Crater Lake and Lake Toba.
Answer: Caldera
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Answer the following about the works of a certain German philosopher FTPE.,
[10] This works talks about Being, Essence and Comprehension, and outlines the author's idea of the title concept, rather removed from the traditional syllogism.
Answer: The Science of Logic
[10] Roughly a Bildungsroman about Geist, it explores its nature and development, how it changes from sense-perception through subjective and objective perceptions.
Answer: Phenomenology of Spirit or Phenomenology of Mind
[10] The Science of Logic and Phenomenology of Spirit are two of the four works that this philosopher published in his lifetime.
Answer: Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
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Answer the following about the Cuban Campaign of the Spanish-American War, FTPE.,
[10] By far the bloodiest battle of the War was this July 1, 1898 skirmish in which a future president and a bunch of Rough Riders fought under Leonard Wood.
Answer: Battle of San Juan Hill
[10] Also fought the same day as the Battle of San Juan Hill was this confrontation in which General Vara del Rey defended the northwest flank of the common city between the two sites against a much larger American force.
Answer: Battle of El Caney
[10] Both El Caney and San Juan Hill were efforts by the Spanish forces to protect this city that would become besieged afterwards and capitulate about two weeks later.
Answer: Santiago de Cuba
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Answer the following about a body of water located at the eastern end of Russia, FTPE.,
[10] Its northern part is called the Gulf of Chelekov, and the Russian explorers Ivan Moskvitin and Vassili Poyarkov were the first Europeans to spot it.
Answer: Sea of Okhotsk
[10] The Sea of Okhotsk is bounded to the east by this volcanic Russian peninsula.
Answer: Kamchatka Peninsula
[10] These 56 islands form the southern boundary of the Sea of Okhotsk. Their name comes from the autonym of the Ainu people, and Russia and Japan continue to dispute ownership of the southern ones.
Answer: Kuril (or Chishima or Kuriru) Islands
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Answer the following about the films of Akira Kurosawa FTPE.,
[10] Lighter than its predecessor, this film about the titular ronin is based on Shugoro Yamamoto's novel Peaceful Days.
Answer: Sanjuro
[10] Shakespeare's Macbeth transposed to medieval Japan provides the basic details of this film whose Japanese name Kumonosu-jo translates to Spider Web Castle.
Answer: Throne of Blood
[10] Playing both the roles of Sanjuro in Sanjuro and Washizu Taketori in Throne of Blood, as well as numerous other roles in Kurosawa films was this leading Japanese man.
Answer: Toshiro Mifune

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