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2007 Literature Doubles Tossups by Packet 8
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In a sequel to this work, the title character changes into a tuna and joins submarine conspiracies before regaining human form. His sloppy pouring of grain gets his father convicted of fraud and sent to do battle against the Moors, and his stepfather, the stable master for the Comendador de la Magdalena, is later tortured for stealing grain from the mill for which he is named. One of his later companions, an unnamed hidalgo, starves himself rather than admit his poverty, leading this character to beg in the streets on his behalf. His own naivete was cured by the lessons he learned from the Blind Beggar, his first master, who beats and starves him. Creating a new genre and placed on the Index of Banned Books, FTP, name this 16th-century tale of the adventures of the title Spanish character, the first picaresque novel.
Answer: The Life of Lazarillo de Tormes and of His Fortunes and Adversities
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One section of this novel details how one character left his grocery clerk job to work in a hotel in New York City, only to commit suicide after being beaten and imprisoned. Later on, Florence presents her brother with a letter from his dead wife Deborah, whom he had married after she had been raped in the section titled "The Threshing-Floor." It opens on its protagonist's fourteenth birthday, where he remembers that he has "sinned his hand." Its major scenes take place in the Temple of the Fire Baptized, where the protagonist does chores after his stepfather Gabriel blames Elizabeth for Roy's involvement in a knife fight. FTP, name this novel about John Grimes, by James Baldwin.
Answer: Go Tell it on the Mountain
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In his autobiography, its poet claims he was inspired to write this poem after being ignored by a group of girls in front of the British Museum. Appearing between "A Faery Song" and "A Cradle Song" in the collection The Rose, its narrator wishes to gather "nine bean-rows" and "a hive for the honey bee," which will help him acquire peace, "for peace comes dropping slow." Wishing to build "a small cabin?of clay and wattles made," its speaker imagines that in the title Lough Gill locale "midnight's all a glimmer, and noon a purple glow." Shortly before hearing water lapping "in the deep heart's core," the poet repeats the initial lines that he "will arise and go now" to the title place. For 10 points, name this poem by Yeats set on a small island.
Answer: "The Lake Isle of Innisfree"
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At the end of this work, one character yells "Can opener!" since his friend, after being refused help from Father Gusewski, has left with two cans of unopened pork. That scene occurs years after the protagonist won the admiration of the Tulla Pokrifke for finding treasures such as a medallion of the Virgin Mary, which covers up his Adam's apple. However, his theft of an Iron Cross gets him expelled from the Conradium. When the protagonist returns and asks Klohse to speak as an alumnus, he is refused, and his physical assault of the headmaster forces him to eventually dive into the locale where he initially obtained those treasures, a minesweeper in the Polish harbor of Danzig. Pilenz assumes that Mahlke has fallen to the title feline at the end of, FTP, what novella by Gunter Grass?
Answer: Cat and Mouse
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In Middlemarch, Will Ladislaw invokes its phrase "passionate prodigality" in reference to Dorothea, and the narrator later cites it to note that casual letters may "rest quietly under the drums and tramplings of many conquests." Its fifth chapter claims that "What Song the Syrens sang, or what name Achilles assumed when he hid himself," are not beyond conjecture, while this essay's preface urges Thomas Le Gros to "remember the civility" brought to England by those discovered, and "piss not upon their ashes." Often considered the most well-written prose in English, for 10 points, name this 1658 essay inspired by the discovery of funeral containers in Norfolk by Sir Thomas Browne.
Answer: Hydriotaphia, or Urn-Burial (accept either)
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He described the murder of his grandfather in "Story of my Dovecot," a metaphor for the censorship of two of his stories in 1916 under Article 1001. The title character tells the writer Lyutov about Christ's marriage to Deborah in his story "Pan Apolek," while he wrote about a young boy who becomes a herdsman to a Cossack settlement in "Sashka Christ." In another of his stories, the commander Savitsky's legs are described as "girls clad to the shoulders in shining jackboots," and the protagonist gains the respect of his fellow soldiers by crushing a goose's skull beneath his boot. Executed under Stalin, FTP, name this author of short stories collected in Red Cavalry and The Odessa Stories.
Answer: Isaac Babel
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One character in this play calls normalcy "the ordinary made beautiful, and the average made lethal," while another, Dora, is sick of her child's troubles being blamed on her. The trouble begins when the central character's portrait of Jesus is replaced by that of the title character, whose lineage he traces from Prince and Prance. That character later takes Jill to a pornographic movie, but after a failed sexual encounter, the protagonist commits the central violent act, for which he is treated by psychiatrist Martin Dysart, who is hesitant to defuse the passion of his religion. In the recent revival of this play, the character of Alan Strang was played by Daniel Radcliffe. For 10 points, name this play by Peter Shaffer about a boy who blinds six horses.
Answer: Equus
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Late in this novel, Andrew Pengilly accuses the main character of not believing in God, while Frank Shallard is beaten by thugs for speaking in favor of evolution. After Hettie Dowler attempts to blackmail the protagonist, T. J. Rigg blackmails her into signing a confession that she was bribed by "the liquor interests". While attending Terwillinger College, the title character is saved by Judson Roberts, and later seduces Lulu Bains in his time at Mizpah Theological Seminary before being kicked out and joining the Methodists. Ending with the title character lusting for a new choir girl while saying, "We shall yet make these United States a moral nation," FTP, name this Sinclair Lewis novel about a hypocritical preacher.
Answer: Elmer Gantry
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The title character discusses German literature with the supposedly cultivated Sandersons while staying at their station in Hunter Valley. The party he leads then moves on to the edge of Darling Downs, where they visit the farm of Boyle, who is the last to see them before they strike into "unknown country." The title character's struggle through a vast, empty landscape parallels that of his soulmate, Laura Trevelyan, who navigates an interior journey inside the household of her step-father, Mr. Bonner, who financed the title figure's expedition, the only survivor of which is the ex-convict Judd. FTP, name this novel describing the title German's attempt to cross overland from Sydney to Darwin, the best-known work of Patrick White.
Answer: Voss
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Arthur Koestler describes the geniuses of our universe as people who engage in this activity, while the subtitle of a Charles Brockden Brown novel suggests that Edgar Huntley also does this. The characters Joachim von Pasenow and Huguenau appear in a Hermann Broch trilogy whose title refers to people who do this. Franklin Blake unknowingly does this to steal the title gem in Wilkie Collins's The Moonstone, while Mina Murray discovers Lucy Westenra doing this in a churchyard in Bram Stoker's Dracula. FTP, identify this nocturnal activity which Lady Macbeth does while trying to wash her hands of her husband's murder.
Answer: sleepwalking [or somnambulism, I suppose]
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Nathaniel Lee's "The Princess of Cleaves" appreciates this poet's "art in guiding his failures." In one of his poems, a postboy claims "the readiest way to hell" is by this author, who used Boileau's eighth satire as the basis for a poem claiming that he would rather be anything except a "vain animal" dependent on logic. His most famous play ends with an epilogue by Fuckadilla, and he criticized his penis for prematurely ejaculating on Corinna in "The Imperfect Enjoyment." Claiming that whoever could sway the King's prick could sway his scepter in "A Satyr Against Charles II," FTP, name this author of A Satyr Against Reason and Mankind, an English libertine known for his lewd poetry.
Answer: John Wilmot, the Second Earl of Rochester (accept either)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
A man goes from door to door trying to find his home before unraveling into thread in this writer's "The Red Cocoon." He wrote a trilogy of one-acts that included The Suitcase and The Man Who Turned Into a Stick, but is most famous for novels, like one where a professor's computer predicts the genetic engineering of children after the ice caps melt, Inter Ice Age 4. In another, an unnamed private eye cannot find his client's husband despite the help of the title object, while in his most famous novel, an insect-gathering mission leads Niki Jumpei to become trapped with the title female in a beachfront village. For 10 points, name this Japanese author of The Ruined Map and Woman in the Dunes.
Answer: Kobo Abe [or Kimfusa Abe]
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After one character in this work notes that God does not love, but simply Is, another replies that the wonder is that humans do love amidst misfortunes, which are commented on by Mrs. Adams, Lesure, Murphy, and Botticelli. Its protagonist rejects the arguments that "history is justice," that guilt is a psychological disease, and that man is ennobled by guilt, which are made by three interlocutors named for their Biblical counterparts. In its prologue, the balloon and popcorn vendors Nickles and Mr. Zuss put on the masks of God and Satan to watch the tale of a millionaire who reconciles with his wife Sara after he loses his fortune and family and refuses suicide to reject God. For 10 points, name this verse play based on Job, by Archibald MacLeish.
Answer: J.B.
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Early in this play, a herald notices a fire burning among some huts near the shore, which the oldest of the title characters declares is a manifestation of a younger woman's religious frenzy. That herald knows of that character's favored status from Apollo and fears to bring her to his commander. In the meantime, news comes that Polyxena is dead, explaining Talthybius's earlier comment that she was watching over the grave of Achilles. Much horror results when the former queen is told that her grandson, Astyanax, must be thrown from the city walls by command of Odysseus. Ending with the title group being led to Greek ships, FTP, identify this tragedy whose title characters include Hecuba, Cassandra, and Andromache, by Euripides.
Answer: The Trojan Women
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He notes, "A person does not die when he should but when he can," and dies peeing on a tree after having survived seventy-three ambushes, fourteen assassination attempts, and a firing squad. An amateur silversmith and maker of golden fish, he burns his poems after he begins to lose his memory, and signs a peace treaty with the Conservative government. His great-great-great-grandnephew, after seducing Amaranta Ursula, names their pig-tailed son after this man in hopes that he will avenge the thirty-two civil wars he's lost. The father of eighteen illegitimate children who share his name, for 10 points, identify this brother of the second Jose Arcadio Buendia in One Hundred Years of Solitude.
Answer: Colonel Aureliano Buendia [accept Colonel Buendia]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
An early version of this poem ended with the speaker asking "Do I use the word aright?", and Randall Jarrell observed that the Latin root of this sonnet's word "appall" means "to make white." The three main beings in this poem are compared to "the ingredients of a witches' broth," and are described as "assorted characters of death and blight." Opening with a depiction of a white spider killing a white moth on a white heal-all, its sestet asks what "steered the white moth thither in the night?" and wonders whether the title concept "govern[s] in a thing so small." FTP, identify this sonnet by Robert Frost which examines the teleological argument.
Answer: "Design"
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In its sixth chapter, "A Dissertation on the Art of Flying," the title character saves a man who tries to invent wings to allow him to pass beyond the mountains circumscribing his kingdom. He finally escapes by digging a tunnel, and soon visits Cairo with his philosophical mentor. However, his sister's servant Pekuah is kidnapped by Arabs at the pyramids, though she is eventually ransomed. Eventually, the title character and his sister Nekayah discover that their isolation in the Happy Valley was as happy as any other life. Featuring the poet Imlac and his efforts to enlighten the title character, FTP, identify this work about a prince of Abyssinia by Samuel Johnson.
Answer: The History of Rasselas, Prince of Abyssinia
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
In one play about this character, Lord Cornholer mistakenly identifies him as the King of France. In another play, he displaces a man who breeds polyhedra and learns that his wife has cheated on him with Memnon. In yet another play, he throws a bear at his wife while hiding in a Lithuanian cave, and kills all of his advisors with a debraining machine upon deposing King Wenceslas with the aid of Captain MacNure. A caricature of its author's grotesque teacher Felix Hebert, this character begins that play by saying "Merdre," and goes on to become the ruler of Poland. FTP, name this character who is enchained, cuckolded, and crowned king in the title of three plays by Alfred Jarry.
Answer: Pa Ubu [or Pere Ubu or Francis Ubu]
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Philip Tempest chases Rosamund across Europe in this author's novel A Long Fatal Love Chase, while her thriller Behind a Mask was written under the pseudonym of A. M. Barnard. She wrote about the runaways Ben Brown and his dog Sancho, who are taken in by the family of Bab and Betty Moss, in Under the Lilacs. "The Frost King" and "Lily Bell and Thistledown" appear in her first book, Flower Fables, while she wrote about her experiences as a nurse in Georgetown during the Civil War in Hospital Sketches. Her novels Rose in Bloom and Good Wives are sequels to her most famous novel, whose protagonist marries Professor Bhaer after refusing a proposal from Laurie. FTP, name this American author who wrote about the March family in Jo's Boys, Little Men, and Little Women.
Answer: Louisa May Alcott
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One character tells another he is driving him slowly insane after the latter asks about old Waxy at school. Earlier, the disappearance of Henry's distant relative, a six year-old with a mulberry-colored birthmark, is ignored while swathes of creepers are set on fire. Roger and Maurice, who trample through a sandcastle, also kick sand into the eye of Percival Wemys Madison, who later reveals that the object of one group's search comes from the sea. After an argument, a parachutist drifts down into a fire while Sam and Eric have fallen asleep, causing them to rush back to camp, persuaded of the existence of the beast. Although the boys elect Ralph as their leader, Jack separates from him and all of the littluns start killing one another in, FTP, what novel by William Golding?
Answer: Lord of the Flies
2007 Literature Doubles Bonuses by Packet 8

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