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2007 Literature Doubles Tossups by Packet 4
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This work's protagonist asks the milkmaid Maudlin to sing Marlowe's "The Passionate Shepherd to His Love" at the end of its fourth chapter. Its second part was written by Charles Cotton, and its primary author is also known for his biographies of his contemporaries George Herbert and John Donne. On this work's "Fifth Day," one of the protagonist's companions says he wishes to "beget content [by walking] the meadows, by some gliding stream" in emulation of the title figure. In its opening chapter, its main characters discuss the merits of their respective recreations, before moving on to "Observations of the Otter and the Chub." Featuring the pleasant conversations among Auceps, Venator, and Piscator, FTP, name this "discourse of fish and fishing" by Izaak Walton.
Answer: The Compleat Angler
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Under the pseudonym Otfall, this author published three essays about Texas in the 1870s, as well as the short book Florida: Its Scenery, Climate and History, but he's better known for works in another form, like "Clover" and "Sunrise," which show the influence of his study of Anglo-Saxon metrical forms. His poem "The Symphony" derives from his experience as a professional flautist, while a henchman kills the son of Maclean in his poem "The Revenge of Hamish." He depicted the loss of innocence of Confederate soldier Philip Sterling in his only novel, Tiger-Lilies. Sometimes called the "Poet Laureate of the South," FTP, name this author of "The Song of the Chattahoochee" and "The Marshes of Glynn."
Answer: Sidney Lanier
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After one character in this short story is pinched by a sandcrab, another character runs down naked to the ocean and washes her bathing suit, resulting in a fine. The narrator's family is prevented from dining on the veranda, and leaves the Principessa for the Grand Hotel. Later, they purchase four tickets from Signora Angiolieri to go see a performance at a cinema, where one of the title characters, who works in the cafe Esquisito, is embarrassed by the other title character, who knows about his love Silvestra. Set in the resort city of Torre di Venere, it ends with the first title character kissing and then shooting Cavaliere Cipolla, a hypnotist who performs numerous tricks. FTP, identify this short story by Thomas Mann.
Answer: "Mario and the Magician" [or "Mario und der Zauberer"]
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Many significant events in the life of one of this novel's characters take place on August 4th. One character gambles away forty thousand pounds at Monte Carlo to pay off La Dolciquita after being exonerated in the Kilsyte case, and is later blackmailed by Major Basil. Maisie Maidan dies upon learning that the protagonist has faked a heart problem to live near her in Nauheim, and Nancy Rufford goes insane after moving to India. Originally titled "The Saddest Story," this novel closes with Rodney Bayham marrying Leonora and former cuckold John Dowell buying Branshaw Teleragh. Recounting Florence Dowell's extramarital affair with Captain Edward Ashburnham, FTP, name this novel by Ford Madox Ford.
Answer: The Good Soldier
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Gustav Holst wrote a cantata based on this poem after reading R. W. Frazer's translation of it in Silent Gods and Sun-Steeped Lands. Its early stanzas depict the Vidhya and Amarakuta mountains and the palaces of Ujjaini, and ask the title object to rest on the hills of Nichais. Its second section begins by describing the city of Alaka, where one character sorrowfully sings about her husband, a servant of Kubera punished to be separated from her for a year. Traditionally divided into the Purvamegha and Uttaramegha, its opening stanzas describe a Yaksha who asks a cloud to communicate his love for his wife to her. FTP, name this Sanskrit lyric poem written by Kalidasa.
Answer: "Meghaduta" [or "The Cloud Messenger "or I guess accept the poorly-translated title "The Transport of Love"]
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The third stanza mentions the "silent toil" of the title object, which the speaker describes as a "child of the wandering sea." Later, the speaker compares it to a "bark that flings / On the sweet summer wind its purpled wings." The speaker states that from its "dead lips a clearer note is born / Than ever Triton blew from wreathed horn!" and sees its "irised ceiling rent, its sunless crypt unsealed," leading him to exclaim "Wrecked is the ship of pearl!" Feeling "Thanks for the heavenly message brought by" the title object, the speaker urges "Build thee more stately mansions, O my soul." FTP, identify this 1858 poem by Oliver Wendell Holmes, about a sea shell.
Answer: "The Chambered Nautilus"
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Stephen Wheatley returns home only to discover that his mother is a German secret agent in this author's novel Spies. He wrote about the activities of Goldwasser and Macintosh at the William Morris Institute for Automation Research in The Tin Men, and was shortlisted for the Booker Prize for his novel Headlong. He depicted three chaotic performances of Robin Housemonger's play Nothing On in the drama Noises Off, and wrote about Willy Brandt and his advisor Gunter Guillaume in Democracy. FTP, identify this English author who depicted a meeting between Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg in Copenhagen.
Answer: Michael Frayn
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At the end of this novel, the embalmed carcass of the main character's dog, Bendico, is thrown out of a window on orders of the protagonist's daughter, Concetta, whose bitterness stems from never receiving the marriage proposal of Tancredi. Instead, Tancredi asks his uncle to propose on his behalf to Angelica after she returns from finishing school in Florence to Donnafugata. After a visit from Father Pirrone, this novel describes the death of the last Prince of Salina, who watches Garibaldi's Expedition of The Thousand begin a new order. Set during the Risorgimento in Sicily, FTP, name this novel about Don Fabrizio, a work by Guiseppe di Lampedusa named for the animal on the Don's coat of arms.
Answer: The Leopard [or Il Gattopardo]
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Rick Cook's most famous series focused on this type of character, while, after being dubbed a knight, Sir Able of the High Heart becomes one in an eponymous sequel by Gene Wolfe. Another is a professor of Cruel and Unusual Geography at Unseen University. While the best-known group of them includes the Blue Alatar and Pallando, as well as the animal-friendly Brown Radagast, other well-known ones include a group whose first rule is "People are stupid" in a Terry Goodkind series, and Ged, who seeks to become one in Ursula LeGuin's first Earthsea novel. For 10 points, name this character type common to fantasy novels, whose notable examples include Saruman, Gandalf, and the faculty of Hogwarts.
Answer: wizards
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The enthronement of the heir of Laurence Eusden in Book II is celebrated in a parody of the funeral games for Anchises, including a footrace through feces. In an earlier version Elkannah Settle was the king who died, but in the final version Settle is the guide of the new king, Bayes, in his dream vision of the defeat of Thought and Ingenuity. Bayes, called the "anti-christ of wit," represents the author of Love's Last Shift, who had mocked the play Three Hours after Marriage, to which this satire's author had contributed. Depicting the ultimate victory of the goddess Dulness, FTP, name this mock heroic satire which originally attacked Lewis Theobald, but later replaced him with Colley Cibber, by Alexander Pope.
Answer: The Dunciad
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One character claims that his favorite Biblical character is King Herod after being struck in the ear by a rock. That character breaks down after being fed sand and ridden for ninety miles by the Black Scout. Set in Summit, this story focuses on men nicknamed Snake-Eye and Old Hank, who become wary after an attempted scalping. The title character is first encountered throwing rocks at a kitten, and is offered a bag of candy before being taken to a cave. The title event occurs when Sam and Bill Driscoll pay Ebenezer Dorset 250 dollars after failing to blackmail him into paying them two thousand. FTP, name this short story about two kidnappers foiled by an unbearably annoying ten year old boy, by O. Henry.
Answer: "The Ransom of Red Chief"
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Its third part begins as mist is blown across the eyes of four men to deprive them of their perfect sight and knowledge after a cat, parrot, coyote, and crow assemble their flesh. That mist is blown by the Heart of Heaven, who had worked with the two Forefathers in its first part to bring forth the Earth. In its second part, two brothers are overcome when their belts are turned into monkey tails by their younger siblings, and later two oracles acquire those siblings' bones to resurrect the dice- and ball-playing Hero Twins, Hun Hunahpu and Xbalanque, despite being attacked by the lords of Xibalba. Written in classical Quiche, for 10 points, name this creation story of Mayan mythology.
Answer: The Popul Vuh
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One character in this novel tells of exchanging a lottery ticket for food, only to have it win three thousand pounds. The title character's birthmark identifies him as that man's son, alleviating the fear that he was his fiancee's sister through a gypsy swap. Another character aborts his trip to London because his wife forgot to pack the sermons he wanted to sell; that character, Abraham Adams, shows up at the end of another novel as the Westerns' parson. Its title character is employed as Lady Booby's footman at seventeen, but his love of Fanny Goodwill halts her seductions, which parody Mr. B's attempts on his sister. For 10 points, name this novel about the brother of Richardson's Pamela, by Henry Fielding.
Answer: The History of the Adventures of Joseph Andrews and of his Friend Mr. Abraham Adams
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This writer's individualized treatments of stock figures like the senex, as embodied by intelligent but greedy Smikrines in the work Aspis, differentiate his work from an earlier genre. Demea and Nikeratos, respectively representing wealth and poverty, are seneces, or fathers, who come to blows over their children's wedding in his Samia, or the Woman of Samos. Knemon is the misanthropic title character of his best known and only completely extant work. Paired with Aristophanes by Plutarch in Parallel Lives, FTP, name this author of Dyskolos, the best known proponent of Greek New Comedy.
Answer: Menander
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A recent 2007 biography notes the growing bitter expatriatism evident in this author's stories "Hudson River Bracketed," "The Gods Arrived," and "Twilight Sleep." She criticized Victorian interior design principles for creating stuffy uncomfortable rooms in a book coauthored with Ogden Codman, The Decoration of Houses. One of her novels describes the sexual awakening of Charity Royall, while another focuses on Undine Spragg, who is forcibly and ineffectively launched into Manhattanite society after eloping with local cad Elmer Moffat. In addition to Summer and The Custom of the Country, another of her novels ends with the marriage of May Welland to the gentlemen lawyer Newland Archer. FTP, name this author who won the 1921 Pulitzer Prize for The Age of Innocence.
Answer: Edith Wharton
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Its dialogic "Induction" claims that spectators can criticize it in proprotion to how much they paid to see it. One of its characters refuses to do anything without a warrant from the Justice, who disguises himself as a fool to investigate the title event and is beaten by Wasp Numps after Nightingale sings a ballad about cutpurses. It ends with Zeal-of-the-Land Busy being out-argued by a character from a puppet-show of Hero and Leander, played by hobby-horse-seller Leatherhead, who had teamed with the gingerbread-maker Joan Trash and whoremongers Whit and Ursula to accost visitors like Dame Purecraft and the Littlewits. The title event is also attended by Grace Wellborn, who is convinced by Trouble-All to marry Winwife instead of the gullible Cokes. For 10 points, name this play about a summer festival by Ben Jonson.
Answer: Bartholomew Fair
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A poem of this name asks "Why don't the worthy orators come as always to make their speeches" and "What are we waiting for, assembled in the forum" before concluding "Those people were some kind of solution." That poem inspired a novel of this name whose fourth section ends with Mandel hanging the protagonist by his wrists. In that novel, the narrator's discovery of prisoners marked by the word ENEMY being whipped causes him to openly confront Colonel Joll, a torturer who accuses the protagonist of erroneously thinking himself to be the "One Just Man." FTP, give the shared name of a poem by Constantin Cavafy and a J. M. Coetzee novel about a colonial magistrate's attempt to stop the escalating conflict between the Empire and local indigenous people.
Answer: Waiting for the Barbarians
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Her nighttime meeting with Arne Grydson is seen by Bentein Priesten, who attempts to rape her. Though betrothed to Simon, she bears two children, Orm and Margret, with an adulterous knight, and marries him while wearing a traditional symbol of virginity, a golden wreath. She later donates that wreath to a shrine in Trondheim, which occurs after her husband Erlend takes her to Husaby, providing part of the English title of the second novel in which she appears. Chronicling the 14th century travails of the title character, who eventually succumbs to the Black Plague in Norway, FTP, identify this title character of trilogy of novels by Sigrid Undset.
Answer: Kristin Lavransdatter
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Roland Barthes' 1963 study of this writer inspired attacks by Raymond Picard, while Lucien Goldmann analyzed this author and Pascal in The Hidden God. Aristophanes' The Wasps inspired his comedy Les Plaideurs, and in another of his plays, the arrival of Antiochus prevents Titus and the title character from committing suicide. He wrote about a lover of Atalide in Bajazet, the only one of his works set in contemporary times, while Madame de Maintenon commissioned him to write two plays for St. Cyr, Esther and Athalie. In another of his plays, the daughter of Minos commits suicide after her love for Hippolytus is unrequited. FTP, identify this French playwright of Andromaque and Phedre.
Answer: Jean Racine
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In chapter eight, one character in this novel "practices sycophancy" after his mother reveals his true origins. That character later sells his mother down the river to pay off a gambling debt, and uses a dagger stolen from an Italian assassin to murder a judge. After being questioned why he said "I wish I owned half of that dog," the title character is given his nickname for replying, "Because I would kill my half." Excerpts from that character's calendar form the beginning of each chapter, and during the trial of Luigi and Angelo Capello he proves that Roxy switched the infants Valet de Chambre and Tom Driscoll by analyzing their fingerprints. Set in Dawson's Landing, FTP, name this novel published in 1894 by Mark Twain whose title refers to a lawyer thought to be a fool.
Answer: Pudd'nhead Wilson
2007 Literature Doubles Bonuses by Packet 4

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