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2007 Literature Doubles Tossups by Packet 3
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To parody Virgil, he began his first collection of poetry with the word "arma"; that collection describes his affair with Corinna. This poet swore "vengeance from the grave" in "The Litany of Maledictions," the main section of his extended curse Ibis. His lost works include Consolation to Livia and the tragedy Medea, and Callimachus' Aetia inspired his unfinished poem about the Roman calendar, Fasti. His later works Letters from Pontus and Tristia were written at Tomis, where he was exiled by Augustus for what he enigmatically called "carmen et error," or a poem and a mistake. Another of his poems ends with the spirit of Julius Caesar becoming a star, and describes numerous mythological transformations. FTP, name this Roman author of The Art of Love and Metamorphoses.
Answer: Publius Ovidius Naso
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In its chapter "Invita Minerva," one character reads a passage where Odysseus tells Nausicaa about seeing a palm-tree shoot up in Delos. Later on, that character tells Harold Biffen that he has sold his copy of Wunder's translation of Sophocles for money. That character's wife tells her friend Edith that she cannot accept any more invitations for visits because of her husband's continual struggles, which force him to take a job as a clerk before dying from poor lungs. Meanwhile, Dora Milvain, who weds Mr. Whelpdale, begins to write stories for children, thanks to the encouragement of another writer, whose rejection by Marian Yule leads to his marriage to Amy Reardon. Contrasting the lives of authors Edwin Reardon and Jasper Milvain, FTP, name this novel by George Gissing.
Answer: New Grub Street
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According to Eusebio Rodrigues, one character in this work is based on "Yellow Kid" Weil and Wilhelm Reich. The protagonist thinks that a man wearing a hat has an advantage before talking to Rubin in the lobby of the Hotel Gloriana. That protagonist decided to leave college to go to Hollywood on the advice of the pimp Maurice Venice, and becomes inconvenienced by Mr. Rappaport. In this novel's final pages, the main character is spurned by his father, Dr. Adler, and begins sobbing uncontrollably during the funeral of a stranger. This follows the disappearance of Dr. Tamkin, who had taken the last seven hundred dollars of Tommy Wilhelm by appealing to the "Here-and-Now." FTP, identify this Saul Bellow novel named for a quotation from Horace.
Answer: Seize the Day
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In Scene 23 Grandmother tells a fable about a little girl who sees that everyone in the world is dead and goes into space only to find that the moon is rotten wood, the sun a faded flower, the stars golden flies, and the earth below an empty pot. It ends in Scene 29 after the policeman declares the title character's crime to be as "[b]eautiful a murder as you could hope for!" Earlier the title character is scolded for pissing on a wall by the doctor, who has contracted with him for all of his bodily fluids to determine the effects of a diet of only peas. After becoming jealous of the Drum Major, poverty and shame eventually lead the title barber to stab Marie to death. FTP, identify this unfinished play first published 42 years after the death of its author, Georg Buchner.
Answer: Woyzeck (VOI-check)
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Milan Kundera bemoaned the inability of many readers to understand humor in the novel in an essay musing on this fictional character titled "The Day [Blank] No Longer Makes People Laugh." Upon being mocked by shepherds for being a cuckold since he wears no codpiece, this character buys a sheep and tosses it overboard, causing all the other sheep to jump in as well, dragging the shepherds to their death. After being rebuffed making a pass at a girl in church, he sprinkles the minced genitals of a bitch in heat on her dress, causing six hundred thousand and fourteen dogs to pee on her outside. Famous for knowing 63 ways to make money and 214 ways to spend it, FTP, name this rascal whose questions about whether to marry lead him to consult the Oracle of the Holy Bottle with his friend Pantagruel.
Answer: Panurge
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After unconsciously digging up a skull with an Indian tomahawk in it, this short story's title character kicks it, drawing the attention of a man with red eyes. The protagonist's wife goes to the land formerly owned by Deacon Peabody carrying her silver teapot and spoons, and disappears; her husband later finds her heart and liver tied up in her apron. Afterwards, the title character refuses to be a slave trader, but agrees to open a broker's shop in Boston for a great black man, who whisks him away in response to his outburst "the devil take me if I have made a farthing!" Old Scratch offers the other title character Captain Kidd's gold in exchange for his soul in, FTP, what short story by Washington Irving?
Answer: "The Devil and Tom Walker"
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Its sixteenth part paraphrases the 30th poem in Tagore's The Gardener. After telling its addressee she "plays with the light of the universe" every day, its speaker claims "I want to do with you what spring does to the cherry trees" in the fourteenth section, while the eighth is about a white bee who buzzes in his soul. The first describes the "Body of a woman, white hills, white thighs" and the last poem ends "It is the hour of departure, oh abandoned one!," though more famous may be one which begins "Tonight I can write the saddest lines." Following the volume Twilight, for 10 points, name this 1924 collection of 21 poems by Pablo Neruda.
Answer: Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair [or Viente poemas de amor y una cancion desperada]
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Melvyn New recently edited the complete Florida Edition of this man's work, an early entry of which is a satire about a York lawyer, archbishop, and Dean, A Political Romance. His mature works were influenced by his friendship with the author of Crazy Tales, John Hall-Stevenson, and his love letters addressed to Mrs. Draper are collected in his Journal to Eliza. His two best-known works make liberal use of the aposiopesis, such as one ending with the narrator waking a woman in an inn in Moulines and possibly grabbing her chambermaid's bottom. In another of his novels, Obadiah and Slop debate the responsibility of a cow's failure to calf, which Yorick terms a "cock and bull story." For 10 points, name this author of A Sentimental Journey and Tristram Shandy.
Answer: Laurence Sterne
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This author wrote about Peter Carr, a Navajo who subsumes himself in white culture, in "The Anonymous," which is included in The Watchful Gods. The author of a bildungsroman about composer Tim Hazard, The City of Trembling Leaves, this writer described Curt Bridges' hunt for a giant mountain lion that had killed his brother Art in The Track of the Cat. In this Nevadan's first novel, the absence of Sheriff Risley and the reported death of Kinkaid causes a mob led by Major Tetley to overcome the protests of Judge Tyler and Arthur Davies. FTP, name this author who wrote about the lynching of three innocent men in Bridger's Wells in The Ox-Bow Incident.
Answer: Walter Van Tilburg Clark
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This work profoundly notes, "in the place where the tree falleth, there it shall be" while warning that men should "remember the days of darkness, for they are many." It warns against rash vows in Chapter 5, noting "a fool's voice is known by multitude of words," while Chapter 7 provided the title for an Edith Wharton novel with the line "the heart of the foolish is in the house of mirth." In its first chapters, its author calls himself a "preacher, son of David" and after surrounding his life with great works, he asks "What profit hath a man of all his labor?" after realizing, "vanity of vanities, all is vanity." Also noting "To every thing there is a season," for 10 points, name this Old Testament book following Proverbs.
Answer: The Book of Ecclesiastes [or Qoheleth]
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He drunkenly imitates the voice of Pilate to insist on having his turn, and afterwards insists to Oswald that a man should not inquire into his wife's secrets as long as they still have sex. Clad in a blue robe and white hood, he leads the central characters from their meeting place while playing the bagpipes, and tells a story in which one character hides, to escape a disastrous flood, in a tub. That story climaxes when Absolon is farted on by Nicholas when he comes to kiss Alison. He is then parodied as Symkin, whose wife and daughter are seduced by two university students as revenge for skimming off corn, in The Reeve's Tale. For 10 points, name this large, red-bearded Canterbury pilgrim, whose story follows The Knight's Tale.
Answer: Robyn, the Miller (accept either)
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One character in this work states that the English made boredom fashionable, which another character attributes to their habitual drunkenness. This follows a deal struck between a prince and a suitor for his sister's hand, who uses a stolen horse to win Bela before she is stabbed by Kazbich. In its final section, "The Fatalist," Vulic survives a game of Russian roulette only to be murdered by a Cossack. Its second section describes the title character's reunion with Maksim Maksimych, while the last three sections are excerpts from the title character's journal, which is published by the unnamed narrator. Containing five stories about the life of Grigory Pechorin, FTP, name this novel by Mikhail Lermontov.
Answer: A Hero of Our Time [or Geroi Nashego Vremeni]
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The second edition of her work was broken into sections referring to the four elements, ages, seasons, and constitutions as well as three ancient monarchies; several of those poems are simply titled "Another." She wrote "Thou hast an house on high erect / Fram'd by that mighty Architect" to console her husband after their house burned down, and asked him "How stayest thou there, whilst I at Ipswich lie?" after he became publicly employed. Her most famous poem addresses the "ill-formed offspring of my feeble brain," the kind of phrase compared to "Such Mozart made,--an ear so delicate," by John Berryman in a 1956 Homage to her. For 10 points, name this author of The Tenth Muse Lately Sprung Up in America.
Answer: Anne Bradstreet
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The speaker of this play's prologue says that "albeit the world think [he] is dead," his soul had instead "flown beyond the Alps." In one scene, the title character appears disguised as a French lute player to enter the house of Bellamira, resulting in death for her and her pimp Pilia-Borza. Earlier, the deaths of Lodowick and Mathias leads Jacomo to allow Abigail to enter his convent. At this play's end, Ferneze, having learned of the machinations of the title character from the slave Ithamore, stops the Turkish leader Calymath from walking forward, causing the title character to fall to his death into a cauldron of boiling water, yelling, "Help, help me, Christians, help!" FTP, name this play about the wealthy merchant Barabas, by Christopher Marlowe.
Answer: The Jew of Malta
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One character in this work recalls how her husband told a barber not to cut a single long hair in his left eyebrow, which he believes to be a sign of good luck. That title character receives a congratulatory telegram from Dr. Felix Dueball, and states, "A swallow, a swallow" after having moved from an inn where he spent two restless nights, the beginning of his failing health. The protagonist's sickness causes him to be away for three months at St. Luke's Hospital, and complains when he returns that Otake took advantage of his sealed move, making Black 121 a "smeared" move. FTP, identify this novel about Honinbo Shusai's attempts to retain his championship in the title board game, by Yasunari Kawabata.
Answer: The Master of Go
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Its thirty-fourth section describes the massacre at Goliad, and another section labels gods like Zeus, Odin, and Mexitli "the old cautious hucksters." The narrator calls a Corpse "good manure" that does not offend him and tells Death "it is idle to / try to alarm me." That narrator also asks how he extracts strength from the beef he eats, and calls grass "the beautiful uncut hair of graves." In its final section, the speaker departs "as air" after sounding "his barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world." Ending with the line "I stop somewhere waiting for you," FTP, name this poem divided into 52 sections in the 1867 edition of Leaves of Grass, the masterpiece of Walt Whitman.
Answer: "Song of Myself"
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This author described a man suddenly overcome by the memory of a Czech servant girl who died of syphilis in his short story "Tonka," which appears in his collection Three Women. He adopted Freudian ideas in Vereinigungen, while his first novel centers on a young boy disturbed by imaginary numbers who joins Beineberg and Reiting in sexually abusing Basani. Another of his novels is set in Kakania, and describes the insane prostitute-killer Moosbrugger and a Collateral Campaign celebrating the 70th year of the ruler Franz Josef, as well as the relationship between Agathe and her brother Ulriche. FTP, name this Austrian author of The Confusions of Young Torless and The Man Without Qualities.
Answer: Robert Musil
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One of these is described along with a "puppet" in a book subtitled "The Perverse Core of Christianity" by Slavoj Zizek. A black one is the subject of Walter Scott's first Tales of My Landlord novel, while another is an Italian music master who helps Hartright bring down Count Fosco in The Woman in White, Professor Pesca. Hans Castorp describes one of the Berghof dining attendents as one, and a more famous one rejects the science of Bernardo to poison his Prince's rival, while a performing group of them, including Roswitha and Bebra, go the Allied front and recruit Oskar Matzerath. For 10 points, name this condition affecting the title character of a Par Lagerkvist novel as well as the protagonist of The Tin Drum and Snow White's seven companions.
Answer: dwarf (accept dvargen or zwerg, prompt on anything referring to limited height)
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She is pictured behind a curtain with a vial of poison in an illustration of her "second appearance in the character of Clytemnestra," implying she is responsible for the death of Joseph. She had earlier sold her horses to Joseph at an exorbitant rate to escape Brussels, after which she and her husband lived on "nothing a year." Her friends in Soho are amused by her caricatures of Jemima and Miss Pinkerton, and she pledges allegiance to Napoleon Bonaparte after throwing Johnson's Dictionary out of a carriage window at Chiswick Mall. She finally causes the happy ending by revealing the adulterous note George Osborne had given her before he left for Waterloo, bringing about the marriage of William Dobbin and Amelia Sedley. FTP, name this devious character, the most famous in Vanity Fair.
Answer: Becky Sharp [or Mrs. Rawdon Crawley]
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One character in this work tells a story about a man who won a bet despite reciting "Now I Lay me Down To Sleep" instead of the Lord's Prayer, told after another character had insisted on spelling music with a "k." Another tells a story where Rev. Gates is forced to dance while stranded by a train in Sigsby. Tensions begin to rise when Dussie Mae's affections wander from the lead female and when Sylvester's stuttering promises to ruin the title song, but the final calamity is brought on when Sturdyvant reneges on his promise to record the trumpeter with his own band, leading to Toledo being stabbed for stepping on Levee's shoes. Notably set in Chicago and not Pittsburgh, FTP, name this play about the band of a blues queen, by August Wilson.
Answer: Ma Rainey's Black Bottom
2007 Literature Doubles Bonuses by Packet 3

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