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2007 Literature Doubles Tossups by Packet 2
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This work unfavorably contrasts the "boast of heraldry" and "storied urn" with the title locale. After the narrator wonders if "lonely contemplation" will lead "some kindred spirit" to inquire about him, he is dismissed as "crazed with care, or crossed in hopeless love" by a "hoary-headed swain." Warning ambition not to mock the "useful toil" of the "rude forefathers of the hamlet," this poem describes the location of the title as "far from the madding crowd's ignoble strife." Ending with a three-stanza epitaph for "a youth to Fortune and to Fame unknown," FTP, name this poem beginning with the line "the curfew tolls the knell of parting day," an elegy to the inhabitants of a rural cemetery by Thomas Gray.
Answer: "Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard"
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Part 20 describes linguistic units from the letter to the sentence and discusses "simple" and "double" words, while the second-to-last section discusses irrational phrases, as when Ganymede is said to pour wine. Part 6 notes that objects that are very large or small are not beautiful because they cannot be apprehended, and Part 15's treatment of character claims Odysseus's lament in Scylla is "inappropriate," while Iphigenia's prayer at Aulius is "inconsistent." It also defines "complex action" as involving scenes of Reversal, Recognition, and Suffering in its sections on Plot, after arguing for the unities of action, time, and place. For 10 points, name this work on tragedy by Aristotle.
Answer: Poetics
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One character in this work calls Abraham Lincoln a faggot who freed the slaves on a bet and was in love with General Grant. Spending the nights playing poker with Wilson-Harris, the narrator and his companion receive a letter from Michael Campbell at the Montoya Hotel. Beforehand, Michael's companion had been seen with Count Mippipopolous before leaving for San Stefano, but they all meet in Pamplona having left Montoya's hotel with Robert Cohn. After breaking up with the bullfighter Pedro Romero, Brett Ashley leaves with Jake Barnes at the end of, FTP, what novel by Ernest Hemingway?
Answer: The Sun Also Rises
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Near the end of this story, the devil, huge as a cliff, watches a ship from the rocks of Gibraltar. Told that Carmela and Guiseppe, famous to tourists all over the world, would dance the Tarantella at his Naples hotel, the title character thinks lustfully of Carmela's "enticing eyes, looking like a mulatto," but dies of a spasm in the reading room. The huge masses of machinery and thousand-ton boilers of the steamer Atlantis, where the title character's corpse is kept, are contrasted with the warm staterooms above where title American's daughter flirts with a prince. FTP, name this short story in which the unnamed, plutocratic title character's two-year cruise is interrupted by his death on Capri, by Ivan Bunin.
Answer: "The Gentleman from San Francisco"
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One character in this work recites a line from Edmund Waller's "The Story of Phoebus and Daphne Applied" to win over the female lead. Another character is described as being "as loving as the monster in the Tempest" when drunk, and does not recognize the poetry of Suckling. That character, Sir Wilfull Witwoud, is the cousin of a character courted by Sir Rowland, who is really Waitwell in disguise. Waitwell has been promised Foible's hand in marriage, but Mrs. Marwood exposes the protagonist's plan because of her relationship with Fainall. Concluding with Lady Wishfort allowing Mirabell to marry Millamant, FTP, name this Restoration comedy by William Congreve.
Answer: The Way of the World
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He describes flicking his sword and singing "Taking the Hard Road" in "Ancient Air," and claimed "My thoughts of you are like the Wen's waters" in a poem written to his greatest rival. Another of his poems describes himself, his shadow, and the moon surrounding a pot of wine, though Americans may known him best from a work where the addressee has gone to the "land of the swirling eddies" and has abandoned his child-bride, and from Mahler's use of a compilation of his work, The Chinese Flute, in Das Lied von der Erde. Notably translated into English by Ezra Pound, FTP, name this T'ang poet of "The River Merchant's Wife," best known for not being Du Fu.
Answer: Li Po [accept Li Bai or other reasonably close transliterations]
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In the last scene, the main characters' mother appears and insists that the late Pablo Picasso is visiting the local museum, while in the previous scene a character returns home with a pile of stolen toasters. That character got drunk after Saul Kimmer lost a game of golf and defunded a costume drama in favor of a truck-and-horse chase film through Tornado County. That film was written by a thief who left his desert meanderings to crash at his brother's bungalow, where the two seek the title concept. Though its 1980 premiere flopped, Steppenwolf's revival of it brought this play's reputation near that of the author's earlier play Buried Child. FTP, name this play about the brothers Austin and Lee, by Sam Shepard.
Answer: True West
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One character in this novel deliberately drives up to a sign marked DEATH after finding the letters XYZX in a corner of a painting of the Last Supper. Another character always has a daily breakfast of paprika cheese at the Cafe Kroner. Old Wobbly and Nettlinger kill Ferdi Progulske and torture Schrella when they refuse to take "The Host of the Beast," and the protagonist's central act is motivated by desire to revenge the deaths of "lambs" like his wife Edith. Upon escaping a mental asylum, Johanna tries to assassinate a German politician, while Joseph begins to reconstruct his grandfather Heinrich's main achievement, St. Anthony's Abbey, which was blown up during World War II by Heinrich's son. Named for the game Robert Faehmel plays at a certain time every morning, FTP, name this novel by Heinrich Boll.
Answer: Billiards at Half-Past Nine or Billard um Halbzehn
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She conceived her son after asking her husband to make love to her while they watched two dogs have sex from their window, and notes that she does not like to be spanked after coitus. While her husband reads a letter from their daughter about her life in photography school, she reads a letter from Blazes setting up an affair they will have that afternoon. Born in Gibraltar, and loosely based on Nora Barnacle, she ends the novel sleeping next to her husband after he's returned from Nighttown and remembering their engagement, thinking "and his heart was going like mad and yes I said yes I will Yes." Paralleled with both Calypso and Penelope, for 10 points, name this wife of Leopold Bloom in Ulysses.
Answer: Molly (or Marion) Bloom
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The fourth canto contains the episode of the old man on the Restelo, who curses the Argonauts, Prometheus, and Daedalus, and condemns the main characters' lust for power. Faria e Sousa tried to bring the pagan and Christian elements of this poem together by identifying Jupiter with Jesus, Venus with the Virgin Mary, and Bacchus with the devil. The ninth canto describes an orgy on the Isle of Love, while the fifth canto describes Adamastor, the spirit of the Cape of Good Hope, who antagonizes sailors on their way to India. Celebrating the voyages of Vasco da Gama, FTP, name this poem in ten cantos by Luis vas de Camoes, the national epic of Portugal.
Answer: The Lusiads [or Os Lusiadas]
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Laurence Housman created illustrations for this poem, which compares one character to "a royal virgin town / Topped with gilded dome and spire." That character recalls the cautionary tale of Jeanie, who "dwindled and grew gray" until she died after indulging in "joys brides hope to have." After resisting the title characters, this poem's Christ figure tells her sibling to kiss her face, which is covered in "pulp" and "dew," in order to cure her lifelessness. Impelled by the repetition of "come buy," one character trades a lock of her golden hair to the title characters in order to feast on delicious fruit. FTP, name this poem about Laura and Lizzie's encounter with a sinister group of animalistic merchants, by Christina Rossetti.
Answer: "Goblin Market"
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Henry Reifsneider follows a will-o-the-wisp he mistakes for his dead wife over a cliff in this author's short story "The Lost Phoebe." This author recounted his childhood in Indiana in Dawn, and described the conflict between Solon Barnes' Quaker beliefs and his business associates' materialism in The Bulwark. He depicted the struggles of the realistic painter Eugene Witla in his autobiographical novel The "Genius", and fictionalized Charles T. Yerkes as the capitalist Frank Cowperwood in The Financier. FTP, name this American author who described the murder trial and execution of Clyde Griffiths in An American Tragedy.
Answer: Theodore Dreiser (prompt on "The Lost Phoebe" before "this author")
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Its fourth part provided the personal motto of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, "to pay one's life for the truth." Its ninth part is a dialogue where one party states that had he not been in the other's employ, the latter's wife would be a virgin, while an incomplete section discusses the legal advantages given to soldiers. The third complains about the Jewish residential presence in Egrerian shrines, while the sixth unfavorably compares Cynthia to the women of Saturn's time to commence its tirade against marriage, and later asks "Who watches the watchmen?" For 10 points, name this set of sixteen Latin poems, the tenth of which inspired Samuel Johnson's "The Vanity of Human Wishes," caustic social commentaries by Juvenal.
Answer: Satires
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He edited the Obadan English Department's magazine The Horizon in college, and wrote many scripts for the TV show Basi and Company. He wrote about his country's civil war in On a Darkling Plain and Songs in a Time of War, while he wrote his first novel in the dialect of "rotten English." That novel describes the disillusionment of Mene, the title idealistic soldier from Dukana. Arrested for his involvement with MOSOP, this author was hanged in 1995 for his agitation of the Ogoni against Shell Oil. FTP, identify this Nigerian writer and activist best known for his novels A Forest of Flowers and Sozaboy.
Answer: Ken Saro-Wiwa
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One foil to this novel's protagonist is the art director Angus Beaton, who cynically flirts with Margaret Vance and Alma Leighton. At the end of this novel, Christine is taken to Europe after Conrad dies in a streetcar strike while attempting to save the life of Mr. Lindau, a one-armed German socialist who dies soon afterwards, despite assistance from Conrad's father. As a result, Mr. Dryfoos agrees to sell the periodical "Every Other Week" to Mr. Fulkerson, securing a job for the protagonist, who had moved to New York City to become the editor of that magazine after leaving his job in Boston in the insurance business. Focusing on Basil March, FTP, name this novel by William Dean Howells.
Answer: A Hazard of New Fortunes
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One of this author's early works describes his involvement in the theft of a stone called "The Devil's Fart." In another work, he wrote that after his death he wanted his friend Denis to have his stolen wine, the Earth to have his body, and the Holy Trinity his soul. Besides Le Lais, or The Legacy, his major works describe his killing of a drunken priest in self-defense and offer more bequests in the form of a mock will. The line "twisting in the wind" comes from a poem he wrote while awaiting his own execution, "Ballad of the Hanged Man." FTP, name this medieval French poet whose death sentence was commuted to banishment from Paris in 1463, the author of Le Petit Testament and Le Grande Testament.
Answer: Francois Villon
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He dedicated Euthymiae Raptus, subtitled "The Tears of Peace," to Prince Henry, whose subsequent death left him patronless. In both that work and De Guiana he defended the reputation of his friend Walter Raleigh. His two best known plays concern the adventures of a real-life French swordsman, whose death inspires revenge taken by his brother Clermont. Besides his plays about Bussy D'Ambois, he is also known for his translations, in one of which Keats memorably heard his voice "out loud and bold." FTP, identify this co-author of Eastward Hoe! with Marston and Jonson who made famous translations of The Iliad and The Odyssey.
Answer: George Chapman
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Major works by them include The Gunslinger and Bending the Bow. In addition to Paul Blackburn, Ed Dorn and Robert Duncan, they included a man who declared "form is never more than an extension of content," and later wrote several poems about Dogtown and John Smith, in the essay "Projective Verse" and the epic The Maximus Poems. Its most famous member wrote many poems entitled "Echo," the long poem Pieces, and noted "for / christ's sake look out / where yr going" in "I Know a Man." For 10 points, name this poetic school, centered at an experimental Gloucester college, which included Charles Olson and Robert Creeley.
Answer: The Black Mountain School [accept anything referring to that college's faculty; prompt on "projectivist" or "New American Poetry"]
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One author from this country wrote about Ken Trilling's journey out of the slum Cabbagetown, and another wrote about a suicidal patient of Carl Jung in Pilgrim. In addition to Hugh Garner and Timothy Findlay, another author from this country wrote about Jerry Dingleman, the Boy Wonder in a comic novel about the director of "Happy Bar Mitzvah, Bernie!", The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz. This country is also home to the author of the Deptford and Salterton trilogies, and Raven Quicksill escapes to this country in an Ishmael Reed novel about the "flight to" it. FTP, name this country, the home of authors Mordecai Richler, Robertson Davies, and Margaret Atwood.
Answer: Canada
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In Calvino's Six Memos for the New Millennium, an "auspicious image" of "lightness" comes from this work, when Cavalcanti escapes Betto by leaping over a tomb. In one part, the Abbot of Cluny is forced to cure Ghino's stomachache, while in another, Andreuccio is buried with a priest and his ring after a whore convinces him that she was his half-sister. Using Primasso's three loaves of bread and the painting of Generosity on Ermino's wall, Lauretta and Filostrato coincidentally describe wit trumping avarice on the First Day, even before Filomena requests that each day be themed. Set outside Florence, where seven ladies and three men wait out the plague, for 10 points, name this set of 100 stories by Giovanni Boccaccio.
Answer: The Decameron
2007 Literature Doubles Bonuses by Packet 2

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