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2007 Literature Doubles Tossups by Packet 12
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John Barth used it in "Life Story" in Lost in the Funhouse, though some argue that it is Ambrose speaking from an extra-textual future, while Julio Cortazar used it in his stories "Graffiti" and "They Lay Down at Your Side." It can function intradiegetically or extradiegetically, based on whether or not it is used to designate a narratee on the same diegetic plane as the story or a reader who is meant to actually act. Carlos Fuentes's Aura is an example of the "complete-coincident" type, when it is actually a form of self address, as is its use in Bright Lights, Big City. Utilized prominently in Calvino's If on a Winter's Night a Traveler, FTP, name this narrative point of view associated with the pronoun "you."
Answer: second person point of view (prompt on "you" before said)
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Its third stanza argues that while the "Moving of th' earth brings harms and fears," the "trepidation of the spheres" is innocent. Its fourth stanza criticizes "dull sublunary lovers" focused on physical love, unlike the addressee, who is asked to be "Inter-assured of the mind," and to "Care less, eyes, lips, and hands to miss." The speaker compares his lover's soul to "a fixed foot," which must "obliquely run" around his, and argues that his lover's "firmness makes my circle just / And makes me end where I begun." The Ptolemaic model informs its central metaphor of the lovers as a compass, and it begins the speaker asking his wife for "No tear-floods" because "'Twere profanation of our joys / To tell the laity of our love." FTP, name this John Donne poem asking his wife not to grieve at his parting.
Answer: "A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning"
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He initially published his first novel under the title Darkness and Light, though it is more commonly known as Mr. Cevdet and His Sons. He wrote about three siblings spending time with their dying grandmother from five different points of view in The Silent House, and first received international acclaim for writing about an Italian scholar and a Hoja attempting to prove the superiority of their culture. In addition to The White Castle, he wrote about the murder of Master Effendi in his novel about miniaturists during the reign of Murad III in My Name is Red, and about the trip to Kars by the poet Ka in his novel Snow. FTP, identify this Turkish author whose denouncements of the Armenian genocide helped him win the 2006 Nobel Prize in Literature.
Answer: Orhan Pamuk
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Nancy Milford's first biography focused on this author, whose only play, Scandalabra, and unfinished novel Caeser's Things were not released in her lifetime. Her short stories "The Continental Angle," "The Girl with Talent," and "Miss Ella," were collected posthumously in the 1972 collection Bits of Paradise. Her one finished novel displays her own late-in-life fascination with ballet, and focuses on a prima ballerina whose infected foot keeps her from soloing in Swan Lake in Venice. FTP, name this author who wrote about Alabama Biggs in Save Me the Waltz, whose time in a sanatorium was the basis for Nicole Diver in Tender is the Night.
Answer: Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald
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Its frame pamphlet is written by "S. C.," who may be related to Thomas Curnow, the teacher who reads the "band of brothers" monologue and warns the police before its final battle, where its main character rides in armor yelling, "I am the bloody Monitor!" That character writes of his mother's marriage to young horse thief George King, who impregnated his girlfriend Mary, as well his apprenticeship to Harry Power, in the 13 parcels addressed to his daughter, though he is killed by the law before she receives them. Containing no commas outside its frame narrative, FTP, name this work whose title criminals are Steve Hart, Joe Byrne, and the brothers Dan and Ned, which, like Oscar and Lucinda, won a Booker Prize for Peter Carey.
Answer: The True History of the Kelly Gang
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One character in this work contrasts the Gospel of Art with the Gospel of Getting On, although another character argues that both have "the same taint." One key point comes when six people arrive for a dinner where there are only four place settings, and another comes when Rev. Sam Gardener reveals that he is the father of his son Frank's beloved. That beloved has sympathy for her mother's impoverished beginnings, but after learning that Crofts, through locations in Brussels and Vienna, helps her continue the title activity, Vivie refuses her mother's money and leaves to enter the actuarial trade. For 10 points, name this play whose title character insists that her best mode of survival and profit is prostitution, by George Bernard Shaw.
Answer: Mrs. Warren's Profession
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An alleged agronomist drowns himself after Dagny prevents his marriage to Martha in this author's novel Mysteries. This author wrote about the deceptions concerning the children of Oliver Anderson and Petra in The Women at the Pump. Other of his novels focus on Lieutenant Glahn, who falls in love with the native Henriette before being shot by his hunting partner, and Isak, a farmer who despite the failures of a store and a copper mine is still able to sow corn. In addition to Pan and Growth of the Soil, the narrator of another of his novels eventually leaves Kristiania after failing to sell any more articles because of delirium caused by the title condition. FTP, name this Norwegian novelist of Hunger.
Answer: Knut Hamsun [or Knut Peterson]
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In one story in this collection, Silas awaits a mob after killing a traveling salesman. In another, Reverend Taylor refuses to tell his congregation to avoid a protest march led by Communists. Besides "Long Black Song" and "Fire and Cloud," this collection begins with a story about a character who escapes to Chicago after Southern whites kill Bobo, and its second edition added an introduction about "The Ethics of Living Jim Crow." Complaining that "even banker's daughters could feel good about" reading this collection, its author focused his next book on a more unsympathetic character, Bigger Thomas. Opening with "Big Boy Leaves Home," FTP, name this short story collection published in 1940 by Richard Wright, whose title refers to the offspring of a 19th century character.
Answer: Uncle Tom's Children
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James Joyce used the formal structure of one of this author's works in his story "Grace." An early collection of fifty-some love poems incorporating astronomical observations as metaphors and based in part on Provencal poetic forms is simply known as his Rime. He used the prosimetrum form, or the alternation of lines of poetry and prose, in a work where the poetic lines represent courses in the titular meal, while prose is metaphorical bread. That work, Convivio, was written in his modern tongue, not Latin, a usage he argued for in his essay "De Vulgari Eloquentia." He wrote about his friend Guido Cavalcani in a book of poetry which described his first meeting with his lifelong love at the age of nine, La Vita Nuova. FTP, name this Italian who wrote about being lost in a dark wood at the beginning of his three-part poem about hell and heaven, The Divine Comedy.
Answer: Dante Alighieri
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After the protagonist leaves for a baptism, the central characters invent a story about the women of Rome subduing Hannibal by sleeping with his soldiers. Cornudet later accuses those characters of infamy, although Loiseau mocks him by describing the "mysteries of the corridor" to Count de Breville and Mr. and Mrs. Carre-Lamadon. Although the protagonist had shared all her food with the other characters, this story ends with them eating while ignoring her tears. The main conflict begins when a Prussian officer detains a group of travelers in Totes until the title character agrees to have sex with him. Contrasting the hypocrisy and selfishness of the bourgeoisie with the generosity of the title character, FTP, name this short story about the rotund prostitute Elizabeth Rousset by Guy de Maupassant.
Answer: "Ball of Fat" or "Boule de Suif"
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He concluded "when you lash the Poet, spare the Man" in The Candidate, and claimed "Secrets with girls, like loaded guns with boys / Are never valued till they make a noise" in Tales of the Hall. The New York Times recently compared Tony Blair's rant about the media to this man's mock-epic apostrophization of "all those vapid sheets / The rattling hawker vends through gaping streets" in The Newspaper. Another of his poems discusses rural laborers who are "made doubly poor" by the gold they dig, though he's best-known for the twenty-second letter of a work where a fisherman purchases and mistreats three boys, causing their premature deaths. FTP, name this poet of The Village whose collection The Borough introduced Peter Grimes.
Answer: George Crabbe
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In its final section, "pioneer angels" clear the way for "sacred capitals" and "temples clean," resulting in a "new creation" interrupted by the cry of a vulture. Its second section features "a troupe of skull-faced witch men," and begins by describing "wild crap shooters with a whoop and a call" who "danced the juba in their gambling hall." Its first section, "Their Basic Savagery," mentions "barrel-house kings" who "pounded on the table," and ends with the repeated warning "Mumbo-Jumbo will hoo-doo you." Subtitled "A study of the Negro race," FTP, name this poem about a river "creeping through the black / cutting through the jungle with a golden track," written by Vachel Lindsay.
Answer: "The Congo"
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A man has his secretary wear his wife's enormous collection of dresses after her death in one of his recent stories, while in his most recent novel, a trombone player has a surreal encounter at a Denny's. The protagonist of one of his early novellas sleeps with twins in numbered sweaters; in a later novel, that character goes to the mountains with an ear-model to find the Rat. Most of his novels have been translated into English by Jay Rubin, including one where May Kasarahara sends letters from her boarding schol to Toru, who tries to unravel Cinnamon Akasaka's title narrative while trying to save Japan from his malevolent brother-in-law Noburu Watanabe. For 10 points, name this Japanese author of Blind Willow Sleeping Woman, After Dark, A Wild Sheep Chase, and The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle.
Answer: Haruki Murakami
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This phrase forms part of the subtitle to an 1844 satirical poem about political exile from Germany by Heinrich Heine. When plural, this phrase names a set of stories including "Sorrow-Acre," the first and last of which feature Charlie Despard. In a novel of this name, an Upper West Side mansion is burglarized by Peter Lake. This phrase also names a play where, after Camillo refuses to poison Polixenes, the wrongly-accused Sicillian Queen turns into a statue. For 10 points, identify this phrase that names the entries of a 1942 Isak Dinesen collection, a 1983 novel by Mark Helprin, and a Shakespeare romance about King Leontes that includes the stage direction "Exit pursued by a bear."
Answer: winter's tale (accept with any articles or pluralization)
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The speaker of this work dreams of meeting a Bedouin who gives him a stone tablet containing Euclid's Elements. In Book 11 he associates the image of "single sheep, and the one blasted tree"with his father's death, while in its first Book the speaker describes ice-skating at Esthwaite and stealing a boat. Deciding to tell a "Romantic tale left by Milton unsung," he later goes on journeys to the Alps and the Vale of Grasmere. Its author continually added and edited other such key "spots of time" from his life, culminating in the climbing of Snowdon in Book 13 of the 1805 edition and Book 14 of the posthumous 1850 one. Also called The Recluse, for 10 points, name this autobiographical long poem of spiritual growth by William Wordsworth.
Answer: The Prelude
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In one of this author's plays, a minister tries to perform the title action to absolve a 15-year old boy of his 1,095 masturbations. In another, peer pressure forces black highschooler Ray Foots to beat up the white homosexual Karolis. Along with The Baptism and The Toilet, another play by this author focuses on Walker Vessels, who returns to his ex-wife's house and kills his two mulatto daughters while leading a violent black rebellion. In his best known play, one character's wild dance to the phrase "that's how the blues was born" goads Clay into saying "Murder. Just murder! Would make us all sane" before being killed by Lula on the subway. FTP, name this founder of the Black Arts movement, the author of The Slave and Dutchman.
Answer: Amiri Baraka (grudgingly accept LeRoi Jones)
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Ferdinand Kugler is sentenced to Hell in this author's short story "The Last Judgment," and his Noetic Trilogy consists of the novels Hordubal, Meteor, and An Ordinary Life. In one of his plays, a radio message convinces the title character to send her son Tony off to war, while in another, Dr. Galen creates a cure for the title affliction but only treats the poor. In addition to The Mother and The White Plague, he wrote about Captain van Toch's discovery of the title creatures on an island off Sumatra in The War With the Newts, while another of his plays ends with Helena and Primus falling in love after all of humanity has been vanquished. FTP, identify this Czech author who coined the term "robot" in his play R.U.R.
Answer: Karel Capek
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In this play's prologue, Mr. Hart tells the audience that actors often "anticipate your rage / and murder poets for you on the stage." In another play, Mrs. Trifle is believed to be immodest because she saw this "hideous" play "without blushing or publishing her detestation of it," but Eliza proclaims she will go see it, and it will "not put [her] out of conceit with china," referring to a scene where Mrs. Squeamish and Lady Fidget flirt with the protagonist. In a subplot, Sparkish's mistrust of Alithea leads her to admit her love for Harcourt. The jealous Pinchwife tries to keep the title character innocent, but fails when she is introduced to Horner, who pretends to be impotent in order to have sex with a number of married women. Written one year before The Plain Dealer, FTP, name this play by William Wycherley.
Answer: The Country Wife
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The end of its first chapter states that "few things are sadder than the truly monstrous." One character has a Chinese butler he treats like an antebellum slave, and owns a rubber reproduction of a dead horse submerged in a swimming pool. Another character starts to work at Audrey Jenning's whorehouse to pay for the funeral of her father, Harry. This novel features a cockfight between Honest Abe Kusich and Miguel, and its protagonist turns to Goya and Daumier to plan his painting "The Burning of Los Angeles." Ending with Adore Loomis sparking a riot by throwing a stone in the face of Homer Simpson, it focuses on aspiring actress Faye Greener, who is pursued by the set painter Tod Hackett. FTP, name this novel by Nathaniel West about Hollywood.
Answer: The Day of the Locust
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Its Apology notes that men "High as Trees" use the dialogue form, and argues that "Solidity indeed becomes the Pen / Of him that writeth things Divine to men." Its second part includes a meeting with the innkeeper Gaius, who compares "hard texts" to nuts and explains the symbolic meaning of a supper, while in its first section the testimony of Pickthank condemns a faithful man to death. Its hero visits the House of the Interpreter upon passing through the Wicket Gate, which occurs after he is saved from Mr. Legality by Evangelist. That hero is wounded by Apollyon in the Valley of Humiliation, and is accompanied by Hopeful on a journey from the City of Destruction to the Celestial City. Beginning with the author's dream of a Christian, for 10 points, name this religious allegory by John Bunyan.
Answer: The Pilgrim's Progress From This World to That Which is to Come
2007 Literature Doubles Bonuses by Packet 12

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