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2007 Literature Doubles Tossups by Packet 10
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The theory of the aesthetic outlined by Iris Murdoch in The Fire and the Sun is based on the one in this work, which Murdoch calls "the first serious enquiry into literary theory." Entirely related secondhand by Aristodemus, its central figure claims his mentor is not Hekataeus or Parmenides but Diotima, who presents a doctrine whereby Beauty is the child of Love and Philosophy. That leads to a discussion of poetic inspiration and whether the same playwright can write comedy and tragedy; Agathon, who hosts the title event, maintains he cannot. Famed for Aristophanes' parable of humankind's descent from a race of 4-legged hermaphrodites, FTP, identify this Platonic dialogue whose name means "cooperative drinking."
Answer: Symposium
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One character in this work notes that his friend will grow up to be like his Uncle Podger, who takes all day to put up a framed picture. Later on, the same friend wants to see Mrs. Thomas's tomb at Hampton Church, only because she's "got a funny tomb"; this follows Harris' tale about falsely leading a group of tourists through the Hampton Maze. George later smashes a glass case with a plaster trout in it at Wallingford, and makes it to Pangbourne with his companions before they take a train to London, ending a journey that Montmorency had earlier objected to. Recounting the voyage of J. and his two friends, FTP, identify this travelogue about a journey up the Thames by Jerome K. Jerome.
Answer: Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog)
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This novel is prefaced by a quote from Gramsci stating that in the "interregnum [between the old and the new] there arises a great diversity of morbid systems." The protagonist recalls that the only book she owns is a copy of Manzoni's I Promessi Sposi while the title character is fetching clothes to be washed. After Royce is caught wiping his behind with a stone, that title character is found missing. In addition to the truck driven away by the title character, Bamford's gun is eventually stolen, possibly by Daniel so he can fight in the revolution in Johannesburg. Maureen Smales leaves behind her husband and children at the end of, FTP, what novel by Nadine Gordimer named for the Smales' servant?
Answer: July's People
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It contains fifty-four large towns, each built to be a minimum of twenty-four miles apart but not further apart than a full day's walk. Its only named city is its capital, Aircastle, which is built on a slope above the river Nowater. Houses in none of its towns have locks, and are rotated among its citizens. A principal exporter of agricultural goods, it normally imports only metals, creating immense reserves, which may explain its use of gold in dishware and chains for household slaves. A crescent-shaped island located fifteen miles from South America, FTP, name this fictional place visited by Raphael Hythloday in the most famous work of Thomas More.
Answer: De Optimo Reipublicae Statu deque Nova Insula Utopia [or On the Best State of a Republic and on the New Island of Utopia]
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One poem in this collection, "The Phenomenology of Anger," is rife with references to Vietnam, while another associates "Trying to Talk to a Man" with dropping bombs. Another poem in it describes a composer as "a man in terror of impotence or infertility," "The Ninth Symphony of Beethoven at Last Understood as a Sexual Message." The androgynous speaker of the title poem carries a "book of myths" in which "our names do not appear," and performs the title action in order to "see the damage that was done and the treasures that prevail" while wearing "body-armor of black-rubber." FTP, identify this 1973 collection by Adrienne Rich, named for a poem where the speaker goes underwater to investigate the title object.
Answer: Diving into the Wreck
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One author from this country depicted the encounter between Genaveva and Vitor in The Tragedy of the Street of Flowers, and wrote about the incestuous relationship between Maria and Carlos in The Maias. A notable poet from this country described the myth that King Sebastian will return and found a Fifth Empire in Mensagem, and used the heteronyms of Alvaro de Campos, Alberto Caeiro, and Ricardo Reis. Along with Eca de Queiroz and Fernando Pessoa, another author from this country wrote of Senhor Jose's search for the identity of a woman after stealing her card from a central registry in All the Names, and described an epidemic originating from a man stopped in traffic who becomes unable to see in Blindness. FTP, name this country home to Jose Saramago.
Answer: Portugal
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Wit without Money, Bonduca, and The Humorous Lieutenant display this author's penchant for violence and prurient situations, as well as his nearly unmistakable stylistic habit of extending blank verse lines beyond ten syllables, usually to add conversational addresses, often eschewing enjambment. These characteristics help critics find his lines in his many collaborations, including his work on The Night Walker with James Shirley and on The False One and The Custom of the Country with a writer whom he mentored, Philip Massinger. Also known for working on Henry VIII and Two Noble Kinsmen with Shakespeare, FTP, name this playwright who co-wrote A King and No King and The Maid's Tragedy with his most frequent collaborator Francis Beaumont.
Answer: John Fletcher
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A thief is caught when returning a balloon and a purse in this man's "The Trail of the Green Blazer." In one of his novels, Susila becomes trapped in an outhouse and dies of typhoid, leaving an English teacher alone, while in his first novel, Somu and Mani's fight is broken up by the headmaster, to the astonishment of Swaminathan. The protagonist of his most famous work takes a cross-legged pose that convinces first Velan and then the whole village of Malgudi that he is the title spiritual leader. For 10 points, name this Indian author of Revolutionary Road, The Painter of Signs, and The Guide.
Answer: Rasipuram Kirshnaswamy Narayan
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One character in this novel is described to his wife as having a "slash in his face instead of a mouth." Another character has sex with Darlene after throwing muscadines at her, and its minor characters include the snooty Maureen Peal and prostitutes named Poland, China, and the Maginot Line. Opening with a parody of a Dick-and-Jane story, it ends with the fourth "Summer" section where, after Soaphead Church writes a letter to God, the main character has a hallucinated dialogue with a being that may be the Shirley Temple mug which possesses the desired title trait. Narrated by Claudia MacTeer, its protagonist is raped by her father Cholly, and believes that she is ugly. For 10 points, name this novel about the Breedloves, the youngest of whom wants to look white, by Toni Morrison.
Answer: The Bluest Eye
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Critics often compare the last stanza of Abraham Cowley's poem "My Diet" to the imagery involving exponentially longer amounts of time at the end of this poem's first stanza. In the third stanza, the speaker uses the metaphor of birds of prey that devour time, which contrast with the "Deserts of vast eternity" that turn "into ashes" the speaker's lust. The speaker warns the title figure that worms will destroy her "long preserv'd virginity," and that although he would love her until "the conversion of the Jews," he hears "Time's winged chariot hurrying near." Beginning by asking "Had we but world enough, and time," FTP, name this carpe diem poem written by Andrew Marvell.
Answer: "To His Coy Mistress"
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Dostoevsky included numerous paraphrases of dialogue from this novel in The Gambler, whose false marquis is named for this work's male protagonist. That protagonist takes holy orders at Saint Sulpice but re-encounters the title figure during his disputation at the Sorbonne, and elopes with her, despite her earlier betrayal of him with the wealthy Monsieur de B--. Falling into various illicit schemes to keep his lover's luxurious needs met, against the advice of his friend Tiberge, the male protagonist eventually decides to follow the title figure on a boat bound for America. Ending with the Chevalier des Grieux's death after burying the title female in the woods outside New Orleans, FTP, name this 1731 romance by Abbe Prevost later adapted into operas by Puccini and Massenet.
Answer: Histoire du chevalier des Grieux et de Manon Lescaut
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This author collaborated with Hugh Breckenridge on Father Bombo's Pilgrimage to Mecca in Arabia, and decried the slavery he saw on a visit to Jamaica in his poem "To Sir Toby." He wrote about a plant "by Nature's self in white arrayed" in a poem describing a "Fair flower, that dost so comely grow." Another of his poems depicts the title deceased, who "when from life released / Again is seated with his friends" and is laid to rest "for a journey dressed." His capture from the ship Aurora by the British inspired his poem "The British Prison Ship." FTP, identify this author of "The Wild Honey Suckle" and "The Indian Burying Ground," often called the "Poet of the American Revolution."
Answer: Philip Freneau
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One character in its first part has three lines, each of which is "This is the happiest day of my life"; that first part also includes a story about a character who becomes a transcendentalist after kissing a woman's breasts in a summer house. Its protagonists claim to be "tourists" in Paris, where one buys a red dressing gown, and are disillustioned by the 1848 revolution, which is paralleled to Kolya's death at sea. They publish The Bell in its third part, which shows the attempted assassination of Alexander II before he frees the serfs. Comprised of Voyage, Shipwreck, and Salvage, for 10 points, name this trilogy about Alexander Herzen's quest for a perfect society, by Tom Stoppard.
Answer: The Coast of Utopia
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He travels to the Land of the Sandal after having been buried alive with his royal wife upon escaping a tribe who poisoned his companions' food. He had earlier been stranded in the land of King Mirchan after lighting a fire on the back of a whale, though he later overcame his foolishness to outwit the piggy-backing Old Man of the Sea. Most profitably, he steals diamonds from a valley of snakes after tying himself to the foot of the giant bird Roc, who later killed his crewmates on his fifth voyage. For 10 points, name this Baghdad ne'er-do-well who becomes a sailor in one of the Arabian Nights.
Answer: Sinbad the Sailor
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This play's first act ends with the strangulation of nurse Monika Stettler, causing the other female attendants to be replaced by the boxing champions McArthur, Murillo, and Sievers. In its second and final act, two of the title characters reveal themselves to be named Kilton and Eisler instead of Beutler and Ernesti, and seek to persuade the protagonist to give them "the principle of universal discovery". However, the principle instead comes into the possession of the insane Doktor Mathilde van Zahnd, who runs a sanitorium containing two inmates believing themselves to be Newton and Einstein. The scientific discoveries of Mobius drive the plot of, FTP, what Friedrich Durrenmatt play about a title group of scientists?
Answer: The Physicists [or Die Physiker]
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Two of this author's novels feature subplots about Cyclone Seven, an enormous steel sculpture that traps things inside of it. His lifelong attempt to write a book on mechanization and the arts centering on the player piano culminated in his posthumously published novel Agape Agape. Reverend Ude accidentally drowns Wayne Fickert while baptizing him in the Pee Dee River in his novel about Paul and Liz Booth, Carpenter's Gothic. In another of his novels, Edward Bast suffers a nervous breakdown after teaming up with an eleven year old who creates an enormous "family of companies," while his best-known novel focuses on Wyatt Gwyon, an artist who begins forging the paintings of Flemish masters. FTP, name this American author of JR and The Recognitions.
Answer: William Gaddis
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Frederick Nicolai rewrote this work to give it a happy ending, prompting its author to write a poem where Nicolai defecates on the grave of its main character. In mid-May, its narrator writes of the joys of helping a woman with her pitcher and sketching a peasant sitting on his brother's lap. After being snubbed by his friends Count C and Fraulein von B while serving the Legation in Switzerland, the protagonist returns to Waldheim, but after reciting the story of Arindal and Erath to his love on Christmas Eve, he sends a servant to ask for Albert's pistols, and at the stroke of midnight shoots himself. For 10 points, name this 1774 novel about an Ossian enthusiast and lover of Lotte which inspired a wave of suicide across Germany, by Goethe.
Answer: The Sorrows of Young Werther [or Die Lieden des jungen Werther]
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The protagonist of this short story considers her first name her greatest intellectual achievement, though her mother says it reminds her of the "broad, blank hull of a battleship." Its action rises with the appearance of a boy in an ill-fitting suit who asks the protagonist, "You ever ate a chicken that was two days old?" Later, this antagonist reveals that his valise features a hollowed-out bible containing whiskey, pornographic playing cards, and a condom. The ironic title designation is bestowed on that antagonist and Mrs. Freeman by Mrs. Hopewell, who says they are "the salt of the earth." Robbing the protagonist of her glasses and a prosthesis, FTP, Manley Pointer takes the wooden leg of Hulga Hopewell in what short story by Flannery O'Connor?
Answer: "Good Country People"
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In one work set in this city, a devotee of an American poet moves in with Juliana and Tita Bordereau in order to acquire the title documents. A play set here involves a plot led by the lecherous Renault, and ends with Belvidera going insane after Jaffeir kills himself. Sannazaro was paid 6000 golden crowns for his epigram to this city, the location of "The Aspern Papers" and a Thomas Otway play about it "Preserv'd." The author of "A Miserable Man" develops a passion for the companion of Jaschu after traveling here, while another play contrasts it with Belmont. FTP, name this city where Gustav von Aschenbach dies in a novella by Thomas Mann, also the residence of Antonio and Shylock.
Answer: Venice
2007 Literature Doubles Bonuses by Packet 10

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