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2008 July Crisis Tossups by extras
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Wang Li and Xie Fuzhi traveled to this city in 1967 to convince Chen Zaidao not to support the Million Heroes in a Cultural Revolution "incident" named for it. Starting in 1927, it had served as temporary capital of the Nationalist regime. One of the three cities that comprise it, Hankou, was opened to foreign trade as a result of the Second Opium War, while another, Wuchang, was the location of the uprising against the Qing Dynasty in 1911 that blossomed into the Chinese Revolution. FTP, identify this capital of Hubei Province that is, after Shanghai, China's second-largest port on the Yangtze River.
Answer: Wuhan
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One theater of this conflict saw the ravaging of the Italian coastline by the pirate Limberakis Gerakaris, while one gain by the victors in this conflict was overturned two decades later by the Treaty of Passarowitz. One ruler participating in this conflict had earlier come to prominence by winning the Battle of Chocim [HO-chim]. During this conflict, Russia and Poland signed the Eternal Peace Treaty. One theater of this war saw a battle in Baranya Province and an ambush against an army crossing the Tisa River, while another theater saw the capture of Azov. Beginning with the repulse of Grand Vizier Kara Mustapha and continuing through the Second Battle of Mohacs and the Battle of Zenta, for ten points name this war ended by the 1699 Treaty of Karlowitz, where, after the Siege of Vienna, a papal-brokered alliance of Austria, Russia, Poland, and Venice conquered the Peloponnesus, Transylvania, and Hungary from the Ottoman Empire.
Answer: Great Turkish War [accept: War of the Holy League]
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Andrew Johnson intended to promote this man to General of the Army to stymie Ulysses Grant's popularity, but this native Virginian declined to get involved in politics. Sherman ignored his advice at both Snake Creek Gap and Kennesaw Mountain while this general's greatest victory involved a near double-envelopment in the Brentwood Hills and was one of the few Civil War battles studied in European military academies. The victor at Mill Springs, he was nearly replaced by General Logan after the machinations of Schofield convinced Grant that "Old Slow Trot" was too slow, but the annihilation of Hood's army outside of Nashville put such doubts to rest. Known for his stubborn stand atop Snodgrass Hill, FTP, identify this Union general, the leader of the Army of the Cumberland, known as "The Rock of Chickamauga."
Answer: George H. Thomas
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Although Charles O'Hara begged him not to do it, one general in this battle ordered his artillery to attack his own troops as well as the enemy in response to a William Washington counterattack. One side was deployed behind Little Horsepen Creek along the Great Salisbury Wagon Road. The 71st Highland regiment was devastated by a perfectly-timed volley from the North Carolina militia at the start of this battle, after which the British claimed a tactical victory but retreated to Wilmington in light of a nearly 25% casualty rate. Fought just south of its namesake location, FTP identify this March 15th 1781 battle in which Charles Cornwallis' outnumbered army won a Pyrrhic victory over Nathanial Greene, a site in present-day Greensboro, North Carolina.
Answer: Battle of Guilford Courthouse
2008 July Crisis Bonuses by extras
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They don't make Kings of Bohemia like they used to. Answer the following about a great one.,
[10] This man ruled Bohemia from 1253 to 1278. He expanded Bohemia to include modern day Silesia, Austria, and Croatia.
Answer: Ottokar II [accept: Ottokar the Great; Ottokar the Iron and Golden King]
[10] Bohemia's successor state, the Czech Republic, no longer controls all those places, because Ottokar was crushed by the Holy Roman Empire at this 1278 battle. It led to Habsburg control of Austria.
Answer: Battle of Marchfeld [accept: Battle of Morava Field; Battle of Durnkrut and Jedenspeigen]
[10] Ottokar the Great was a member of the Premyslid Dynasty, whose more famous members include this canonized ruler of Bohemia for whom the Bohemian crown is named.
Answer: Wenceslaus I [accept: Saint Wenceslaus, Good King Wenceslaus, Vaclav I, Vaclav Svaty]
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It's 1913, and Bulgaria is threatening to dominate the Balkans. Our heroes Serbia, Greece, the Ottoman Empire, and Romania must unite to stop it. FTPE,,
[10] This describes what European war that featured the battles of Kilkis-Lahanas and Kresna Gorge?
Answer: Second Balkan War [prompt on Balkan]
[10] The Second Balkan War was sparked when Bulgaria gained too much land during the First Balkan War. That excess land was divided between the anti-Bulgarian alliance at this 1913 treaty that ended the Second Balkan War.
Answer: Treaty of Bucharest
[10] Bulgaria's most significant loss under the Treaty of Bucharest was this province of northerneastern Greece. In ancient times, it was once ruled by Lysimachus.
Answer: Thrace
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No great history tournament would be complete without some brushing up of your long forgotten Sunday School knowledge. FTPE, identify these kings of Judah:,
[10] Although he had a working relationship with the evil King Ahab of Israel, even arranging the marriage of his eldest son to Ahab's daughter, his religious reforms, including steps to eliminate pagan practices and judicial reforms, kept him good in the eyes of the Lord.
Answer: Jehoshaphat
[10] Because he chose to show the Babylonians his lavish wealth and military might instead of his trust in God, this mostly good King of Judah was told by Isaiah that all of his sons would do evil in the eyes of the Lord.
Answer: Hezekiah
[10] When captured by Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar, this last king of Judah had his eyes slit and was bound to bronze shackles.
Answer: Zedekiah
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Identify these Speakers of the House of Representatives FTPE.,
[10] This Illinois Republican served from 1903 to 1911 and had dictatorial control over the chamber, since he made himself Chairman of multiple important committees. In 1910, a bipartisan coalition changed the House rules to significantly weaken his power.
Answer: Joseph Gurney Canon
[10] Except for one term, this man was Speaker from 1940 to 1953 and a key ally of Truman and FDR. A House office building in Washington, D.C. is named for him.
Answer: Samuel "Sam" Tailaferro Rayburn
[10] This Massachusetts Democrat served from 1962 to 1971 and presided over Lyndon Johnson's Great Society legislation.
Answer: John William McCormack

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