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2009 Illinois Open Tossups by Yale A
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The terrible climate of this country's Savannakhet region helped stifle nefarious coup-inciting by the "Programs Evaluation Office." This country's namesake language, which is spoken with an extra tone in a city whose Xieng Thong Temple survived its near-annihilation during the Haw Wars, underwent a series tonal conversion as it migrated down the Nam Ou river during the fifteenth century. That language underwent a major simplification reform in the 1960s, which helped distinguish it from another country's Isan dialect, spoken heavily across its Southwestern border. This state's origins lie in Fa Ngum's expansion into Sainyabuli, for which he supposedly received an open-palmed gold statue, the (*) Phra Bang, from a Lovek king. The Lan Xang Empire built this country's "Army of The Million Elephants," and its city of Pakxe was a target for the disastrous Lam Son 719 and Barrel Roll operations, which left land mines strewn across its Plain of Jars. This country defines the Eastern bound of the heroin-producing "Golden Triangle," and lies across the Mekong from Thailand. FTP, name this landlocked country in Southeast Asia, whose capital is Vientiane.
Answer: Laos (prompt on "The Ocean? What Ocean?")
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The fact that confined plasmas exhibit this phenomenon on short time scales cannot be explained by resistive MHD. This behavior underlies the oscillations in the de Haas-van Alphen effect because free electrons exhibit this behavior with a magnitude proportional to the Fermi wave vector according to a result of Landau. Objects exhibiting this behavior have bound current density anti-parallel to the applied vector potential; consequently, such objects have negative (*) susceptibility and permeability less than that of free space. Eddy currents induce this phenomenon in conductors subject to magnetic flux, so such conductors expel magnetic field lines. For 10 points, name this phenomenon in which an object opposes an external magnetic field.
Answer: diamagnetism [accept word forms like diamagnetic; prompt on forms of magnetism]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
The namesake of this work is considered using a reference to the "Eve of Powers," and is described as linking "angelic spirit" with "mortal frame." The main figure of this work owns a library filled with books by Medieval philosophers as well as a plant that grows, blooms, and then withers in an instant, and at one point finds another character sobbing over the pages of his journal. That protagonist also owns a diseased yellow geranium treated with a shining liquid (*) manufactured with the help of the laboratory assistant Aminadab. That liquid had been created to target the titular entity, described as resembling a crimson hand, which most judge only to add to the beauty of Georgiana. This story from Mosses from an Old Manse depicts Aylmer's obsessive quest to rid his wife's cheek of the titular entity, which he achieves a few instants before she informs him that he has killed her. FTP, identify this short story by Nathaniel Hawthorne about the titular blemish.
Answer: The Birth-Mark
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One of this man's students sculpted the Farnese Hercules as well as the quadriga Horses of Saint Mark, while another figure with this name is incorporated ornate Corinthian columns as the architect of a famed theater at Epidaurus. This teacher of Lysippos sculpted a "Man in the Litter" known as Artemon and nude boys playing with knucklebones in a work housed in Titus's atrium, his Astragalizontes. A temple built by Eupolemos in Argolis houses a chryselephantine statue by this artist, and like (*) Myron, this figure depicted an athlete holding the titular object, though his Discophoros is in a stationary pose. Multiple sculptors emulated his work depicting a recent champion fastening the titular ribbon in triumph, his Diademenos. He created an ideal male nude as a companion piece to a work advocating Pythagorean ratios and the contrapposto pose, his Kanon, which provided a model for his most famous work, in which a youth leans against the titular weapon. FTP, identify this forerunner of Praxiteles, a Greek sculptor responsible for the Droyphoros, or Spear-Bearer.
Answer: Polykleitos the Elder of Argos
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This man was accompanied by Owen Lattimore during a famously incompetent expedition to Kolyma, and his early career was financed by his development of the "copper cross" strain with his company, Pioneer Hi-Bred. His creepy fascination with Nicholas Roerich's personality cult led to the politically damaging revelation of the "Dear Guru" letters, while he reversed course and advocated the re-election of Dwight Eisenhower in a book claiming that he had been duped by Joseph Stalin, Where I was Wrong. This politician delivered the "Century of the Common Man" speech, and he advocated the ever-normal granary philosophy as Secretary of (*) Agriculture, a post also held by his corn-farming enthusiast father. He was sacked by an earlier successor from his position as Secretary of Commerce over disagreements about Russia policy, after this successor of John Nance Garner was removed from the 1944 Presidential ticket in favor of Harry Truman. FTP, identify this man, who served as Franklin Roosevelt's second Vice President and shares his surname with race-baiting Alabama governor George.
Answer: Henry Agard Wallace (prompt on partial answer; do not accept "Henry Cantwell Wallace")
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One event involving this character has him and his friend Johnny write a message in lawn gnomes on his boss's yard and he was once seen wearing a bright yellow "I Heart Shih-Tzus" t-shirt. In recent episodes this character has been secretly rewriting the script to The Empire Strikes Back and was given a guitar case by a stranger in a taxi cab who referred to him as `blessed'. He is responsible for creating a 2-hole golf course and upon restarting an old blue hippie van was reminded of his father telling him to "make his own luck." After his restaurant was destroyed by a falling (*) meteor and his grandpa Tito died of a heart attack, this character began to think he was cursed for winning the lottery by playing a certain set of numbers. Notably saying the word "dude" 268 times throughout the series, FTP, identify this member of the Oceanic Six, an overweight comic relief character on Lost who shares his first name with the surname of the French author of Toilers of the Sea, Hernani, and The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
Answer: Hugo "Hurley" Reyes [accept any name]
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One character in this play adopts the Parnassian dialect and the accent of Phocis to conceal his identity. The chorus of this play relates one character's nightmare about giving birth to a snake that draws blood while feeding on her breast, which the protagonist interprets as a representation of himself. While visiting a grave with his friend Pylades, the main character leaves a lock of his hair that enables his recognition, triggering the primary action of this work. The nurse Cilissa bemoans the death of the protagonist of this play, whose ending implies the arrival of (*) Megaera, Alecto, and Tisiphone, before being informed that its protagonist is still alive and told to fetch Aegisthus without guards. This play sees Clytemnestra slain by her children Electra and Orestes to avenge the murder of their father, the title figure of the preceding work, Agamemnon. Followed by The Furies, FTP, identify this second play of Aeschylus's Oresteia trilogy, whose title figures are old women who carry around tributary alcohol.
Answer: The Libation Bearers or Choephoroi (prompt on Oresteia before mentioned)
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These states correspond to intersections away from unity of the envelope lines in McCabe-Thiele diagrams. The typical use of a Dean-Stark trap is to trap non-isochoric species in one of these systems. One of these systems corresponding to a non-extremal critical phase change and known as a (*) saddle one of these can form from ternary mixtures. In addition to its use in adsorbtion, the technique of pressure swings can be used to break these mixtures because these mixtures are defined by having equal activity coefficients among their components. For 10 points, name these mixtures in which each component has the same boiling point and which consequently cannot be separated by fractional distillation.
Answer: azeotropes
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Lesser-known chamber works by this composer include a trio for two violins and viola called Miniatures, which he later reworked into a four-piece cycle for violin and piano called Romantic Pieces, and a series of Bagatelles for two violins, viola, and harmonium. More famous pieces of chamber music by this composer include his second piano quintet, whose second movement is a type of dance that nicknames his fourth piano trio, a (*) dumka. He also wrote a composition for cello and piano, Silent Woods, which is a transcription of a piece from his From the Bohemian Forest cycle. The composer of a twelfth string quartet nicknamed the "American," FTP, identify this this composer better known for tone poems like The Golden Spinning Wheel, two sets of Slavonic Dances, and his Symphony No. 9, "From the New World."
Answer: Antonin Dvorak
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The speaker of this poem recalls "kisses balmier than half-opening buds" and how "dim curls [would] kindle into sunny rings," but remembers that each time his lover departs, "thy tears are on my cheek." In its final stanza, this poem notes how its addressee's "rosy shadows" coldly bathe its speaker, who has passed "beyond the goal of ordinance." One work whose title is drawn from this poem sees an ape-like human encountered by Dr. Obispo and Virginia after Peter is killed by aging producer Jo Stoyte. Beginning "the woods decay, the woods decay and fall," this poem bursts into a cry of "ay me, ay me" after quoting "The Gods themselves cannot recall their Gifts." The speaker of this poem laments the assault of "strong hours indignant" and complains that his (*) wrinkled feet are cold, before begging "release me, and restore me to the ground" and thinking of "happy men that have the power to die." That speaker, a son of Laomedon, whines that "me only cruel immortality/Consumes" after noting that "after many a summer dies the swan." FTP, identify this poem by Alfred, Lord Tennyson, whose titular figure was a lover of Eos in Greek myth who turned into a grasshopper after receiving eternal life without eternal youth.
Answer: Tithonus
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William Brennan's opinion in Furman v. Georgia challenges the feasibility of the death penalty based on conclusions about this action reached in Lockhart v. McCree. The state of Illinois was condemned for its guidelines for this process in a 1968 case, which led to one type of this action to be referred to as "witherspooning." The cases Rice v Collins and Miller-El v. Dretke involved a specific type of action taken during this process. Outcomes of this process were found to be consistent in Swain v. Alabama, but that holding was reversed in Batson v. Kentucky, which provided a basis for appeals based solely on events during this process. Controversial analysis was employed by Ramsey Clarke to conduct this process in a 1972 case involving the Harrisburg Seven, and Jeffrey Abramson has condemned figures like Jo-Ellan Demetrius for subverting the legal system by acting as (*) consultants for this process. Excluding subversive goals, "for cause" exemptions during this process are unlimited, and both sides have a limited number of peremptory challenges which can be used at will during this process. Synonymous with the term voir dire in U.S. law, FTP, identify this pre-trial action which involves the selection of a group of registered voters to hear and pass judgment on a given court case.
Answer: Jury Selection [accept equivalents involving deciding on a jury, accept Voir Dire before mentioned, prompt on "trial" etc.]
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August Kuper oversaw a "bombardment" against one polity under the umbrella of this state after vital parts of Charles Lenox Richardson were removed during a right-of-way dispute, while another lowlight saw summary executions to those who violated the Compassion for Living Things law by kicking or refusing to feed stray dogs. This state saw two retaliatory Chosu expeditions following the rise of the Kokugaku philosophy and the Sonno Joi doctrine, which contrasted the need to revere its ruler with the need to "expel the (*) barbarians." This government also dealt with the related Mito Rebellion and the much earlier Shimabara revolt, a conflict stemming from the Christianity recently popularized by Portuguese missionaries among the citizens of this notably isolationist state. This state used the Kotai system to prevent a regression to the factionalism of the preceding Sengoku period on the part of the daimyo. Signing the Treaty of Kanagawa after the arrival of the Black Ships under Matthew Perry, FTP, name this Japanese Shogunate founded after its namesake won at Sekigahara, which eventually gave way to the Meiji Period.
Answer: Tokugawa Bakufu/Shogunate (I hope it's not necessary, but I guess you should prompt on "Japan")
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The UU equation of state was created to model these systems and predicts sufficient charge density to allow an energy-loss mechanism proposed to explain these systems and consisting of a two-step cycle that nets two neutrinos; that cooling process is called an Urca process. One of these in Circinus is the cause of the bizarre "Hand of God structure," while the rotation of these objects can power plerions. The severe deformation of atomic orbitals near one sub-class of these objects leads to an effect called (*) whiskering. When these objects are observed from a pole-on perspective, they exhibit periodically spatially coherent electromagnetic radition in the so-called "lighthouse effect," which led to their initial designation of "Little Green Men." Kept from collapse by nucleon degeneracy pressure , FTP, identify these stars limited in mass to about three solar masses, whose varieties include magnetars and pulsars.
Answer: neutron stars or pulsars (accept specific buzzes like magnetars before mentioned, etc; accept neutron degenerate matter or other close equivalents before "plerions"]
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One work by this man follows Pavel's repetitive existence among a herd of swine and is set in a fictional village "in the author's imagination," while another depicts two prisoners endlessly rehearsing Antigone. This author of the A Place With the Pigs and The Island performed several early plays at a local zoo's snake exhibit, and collaborated with some of his most frequent actors on a work in which the laid-off worker Styles complains for an hour before Robert arrives and announces that he has raided the title figure's corpse and assumed his identity. Elsa and the priest Marius ponder how to care for the widow Helen, who keeps a garden full of figures facing a certain (*) direction, in another of this author's works. This playwright of Sizwe Basni is Dead and The Road to Mecca described the hazards of being a pen pal with a white girl in a work about Morris and Zachariah, Blood Knot. Sam and Willie interact with Hally in his best-known play, one of many commentaries on apartheid. FTP, name this South African playwright who wrote Master Harold...and the Boys.
Answer: Athol Fugard
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Pindar identifies this figure as the father of the goddess of modesty and counterpart of Nemesis, Aedos, and he This figure closely resembles the Georgian hero Amirani as well as the Hindu figure Matarisvan. Hermes claimed that the centaur Chiron would die in place of this figure, whose alcoholism Phaedrus credited with creating homosexuality. One of his brothers was destroyed by a (*) lightning bolt of Zeus for his insolence, and another was the father of Calypso and the Hesperides. This figure wrapped scrapped animal bones in a cow stomach with savory meat and glistening fat to fool the Gods into accepting meager sacrifices, and he conversed with Io when she passed by this son of Iapetus in the shape of a cow during his exile. Freed by Herakles from his daily liver removals by angry eagle, FTP, identify this brother of Epimetheus, who earned Zeus's wrath by stealing fire from the gods and giving it to mankind.
Answer: Prometheus
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One chapter in this work concludes that the posse is not a convenient institution, while another discusses how one may subtract a self-defense quantity from the harm equation r times H. This work includes an amusing argument about the Wilt Chamberlain distribution, and a classroom debate with Michael Walzer led to its though experiment in which each person sells shares of themselves and buy shares of everyone else, a concept it terms Demoktesis. This work imagines a person who gains much more pleasure from sacrifices than others lose from being sacrificed, and develops another thought experiment against hedonism in which the namesake entity which provides infinite pleasure to anyone who forgoes living life to (*) plug themselves into it. Before imagining the "utility monster" and "experience macine," this work begins by using State-of-Nature arguments to assert that the formation of any mutual-protection associations will naturally give rise to the formation of a minimalist state. Most famously, this text contains expansive arguments against the Difference Principle and Veil of Ignorance introduced by another thinker. Written in 1975 to refute A Theory of Justice by John Rawls, FTP, identify this tract of political philosophy, written by Robert Nozick.
Answer: Anarchy, State, and Utopia
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This man tapped Guillame Poyet, who had earlier helped his mother Louise of Savoy defeat a conspiracy against her, to help pass a major reform bill that phased out Latin as default language for official documents and contracts. That act, the Ordinance of Villers-Cotterets, was passed along with the Ordinance of Montpellier, which remanded a copy of every book published in France to this monarch's library. This victor at the Battle of Marignano sponsored the voyages of Verrazano and Cartier, founded the port city of Le Havre, and set a new precedent by besieging Nice after making an infamous alliance with the (*) Ottoman Empire. This man's court included a woman who would become a major figure in the reign of his jousting-enthusiast son, Diane de Poiters. Cesare Hercolani injured this monarch's horse in an engagement in which he faced the Landsknecht of George Frundsberg, which led to the humiliating Treaty of Madrid and occurred in the wake of a failed negotiation between Henry VIII and this man at the Field of the Cloth of Gold. Famously captured by Charles V's forces at the Battle of Pavia, FTP, identify this father of Henry II, a French King who loved invading Italy and patronized Leonardo Da Vinci.
Answer: Francis I of France
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This belief system's more bizarre tenets, including a moment near the beginning of time in which a demonic bukkake orgy in response to three messengers created mankind, are found in an Eclesaite-influenced text authored by a man who began writing about this religion after being visited by an evil twin. The Book of Giants and Shahbuhragan reveal a preoccupation with the Book of Enoch in this religion, which became popular at the Tang court in Chang'an through its veneration of the Buddhist figure Guan Yin. Curiously, the Albegensians were prosecuted by the papacy as practitioners of this faith, which was adopted as the religion of the short-lived (*) Uighur Empire. The founder of this relgion presented by his writings to Shapur I of the Sassanids, who tolerated this faith within his realm. The best-known practitioner of this dualistic faith criticized it in On Free Choice of the Will for removing personal responsibility from immoral action, before straying from this religion at the urging of his Christian mother Monica. FTP, name this once widespread gnostic religion that incorporated elements of Christianity, Buddhism, and Zoroastrianism, practiced by St. Augustine and named for its founding prophet, Mani.
Answer: Manichaeism
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Resistance to this chemical is highly correlated with polycystic ovary syndrome. A modification of this compound that has undergone a glycine-asparagine substitution and had two arganines added to its B chain is commercially important because it readily hexamerizes and this chemical is stored as an inactive hexamer. This signal molecule is activated by removal of its (*) C peptide component to promote the dephosphorylation of acetyl-CoA carboxylase. When this enzyme binds to its tyrosine kinase receptor, GLUT's are activated to facilitate trans-membrane import of a substance whose export is facilitated by this hormone's agonist, glucagon. For 10 points, name this hormone extracted by Frederick Banting that regulates blood sugar levels.
Answer: insulin
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Some of the victims of persecutions enacted by this man have come to be known as the martyrs of Madaura. This man served as quaestor on Sardinia after it briefly became a Senatorial province, aiding in a rapid ascent this man achieved thanks to skipping out while the Antonine Plague ravaged Roman bureaucracy. He secured a lasting peace with the Picts and secured control of the Empire after his opponent broke the German legions of Virius Lupus but fell to this man at (*) Lugdumum. Dio Cassius criticized this man's policy of expanding the army and offering them better pay, and after defeating Pescennius Niger and Clodius Albinus, this man became sole survivor after the Year of the Five Emperors. Taking control of Rome after the death of Didius Julianus, this man's rise to power began in the wake of the assassination of Pertinax. Notably born in Leptis Magna in Libya, FTP, identify this father of Caracalla and Geta, who founded a namesake dynasty of Roman Emperors which lasted until the Crisis of the Third Century.
Answer: Lucius Septimus Severus or Severus I
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TB Spirits of this animal in Chinese mythology include Daji, the concubine of Zhou Xin, from the novel Fenghseng Yanyi, and are known as huli jing. A serialized novel by Rudolf Tesnohlidek formed the basis for an opera about a female one of these animals, named Bystrouska, by Leon Janacek. One of these animals captures (*) Chanticleer, but is tricked into releasing him in the Nun's Priest's Tale from The Canterbury Tales. And this animal is said "to know many things" in an essay by Isaiah Berlin, in which it is contrasted with a Hedgehog. FTP, this is what animal that has sour grapes in a fable by Aesop, an animal of the genus Vulpes, known for its craftiness.
Answer: fox(es) (accept equivalents like "vixen", but not "wolf" or "wolves")
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
TB Shortly before getting his Ph.D., one of this man's first projects was studying the Wishram and Takelma languages of southern Oregon. One of his earliest assignments by his mentor was studying the nearly extinct Yana language of northern California. This man obtained support for (*) Leonard Bloomfield to do his work on Algonquian languages, and like Bloomfield, also wrote a work called Language. It was while heading the anthropology department at Yale, however, that he and a student developed a theory about how language affects the way people think. FTP, name this student of Boas who worked on many native American languages and developed a namesake theory with Benjamin Whorf.
Answer: Edward Sapir
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
TB One of his few surviving drawings for the design of St. Peters would have made it resemble the temple in the background of his The Expulsion of Heliodorus from the Temple. He was one of the last artists to use metalpoint for his numerous preparatory drawings. An early work of his, the Ansidei altarpiece, shows him beginning to develop a distinct style from his teacher, while his Wedding of the Virgin resembles the Delivery of the Keys, a famous work of his teacher (*) Perugino. The Parnassus and La Disputa are two of the frescoes in the Stanza della Signatura, perhaps his greatest achievement, while his only mythology piece, Galatea, was revered in later centuries as the epitome of the classical style. FTP, name this high renaissance painter who depicted his rival Michaelangelo in his The School of Athens.
Answer: Raphael
2009 Illinois Open Bonuses by Yale A
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Llewellyn is a Welsh Longbowmen during the early 15th century. Answer some questions about Llewellyn's misadventures as he attempts to ply his trade and avoid dying at age 22 of diarrhea or fear, FTPE:,
[10] Llewellyn's best showing is at this 1415 battle during the Hundred Years war, which he reluctantly fights after being dragged all over Northern France by Henry V. England's triumph over the French knights allows Llewellyn to spend the next five years getting acquainted with shepherd's daughters while Henry signs the Treaty of Troyes.
Answer: Battle of Agincourt
[10] Llewellyn got his start by signing on to fight at the Battle of Bryn Glas for this ruler, who led the Welsh Revolt against Henry IV and was the last native to hold the title of Prince of Wales.
Answer: Owen Glendower or Owain Glyndwr or Owen/Owain IV of Wales (prompt on just "Owain")
[10] This contemporary British military historian thinks Llewellyn and his bow are highly overrated, particularly in their importance to the victory at Agincourt, in his The Face of Battle. He's known for works like Six Armies in Normandy and A History of Warfare.
Answer: John Desmond Patrick Keegan
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Identify these composers who died before the performances of some of their best symphonies, FTPE:,
[10] This composer's Symphony in C, known as the "Roma," did not receive a public performance until 1935 and features a slow middle portion bookended by uniquely constructed movements. He's better known for operas like Djamileh, Ivan IV, The Fair Maid of Pirth, and one about a love triangle between Leila, Nadir, and Zurga.
Answer: Georges Bizet
[10] This composer's 9th symphony was premiered by Robert Schumann 11 years after his death, and is known as the "Great C Major" to distinguish it from his 6th symphony, the "Little C Major." This composer of the Trout Quintet also never got to hear a performance of his 8th symphony, the Unfinished.
Answer: Franz Peter Schubert
[10] This composer's third symphony was completed and orchestrated by Alexander Glazunov. Glazunov also aided in the completion of the Polovetsian Dances in his opera Prince Igor, years after this man had written a symphonic poem which uses a pizzicato theme to represent a traveling caravan.
Answer: Alexander Porfiryevich Borodin
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A small township's worth of over 10,000 scientists and engineers participated in its construction. FTPE:,
[10] Name this particle accelerator which was supposed to begin operations last year at CERN in Geneva but had to repair a fault between two superconducting bending magnets.
Answer: Large Hadron Collider
[10] Hopefully, the LHC will prove the long speculated existence of the Higgs boson, and also solve this problem, which asks why the Higgs boson is so much lighter than the Planck mass. Another formulation of it ponders why the weak force is 10^32 times stronger than gravity.
Answer: the Hierarchy Problem
[10] The Higgs field is composed of two charged and two uncharged component fields; three of which are these particles which normally appear in models involving spontaneous symmetry breaking. They are also a favorite `snack' of gauge bosons.
Answer: Nambu-Goldstone Bosons
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Brothel madame Irma lets her various clients act out their wild role-playing fantasies in this 1957 play, until a real revolution prompts an official request from the Queen. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this play in which the various perverts at the titular bordello must step into their assigned roles in public when their real-life counterparts like the Bishop and the General are killed by angry revolutionaries.
Answer: Le Balcone or The Balcony
[10] The Balcony is a play by this French author of Our Lady of Flowers, who wrote about the epically creepy and ultimately murderous relationship between Solange and Claire in The Maids and encouraged angry confrontations with white audience members in performances of his play The Blacks.
Answer: Jean Genet
[10] Said and his ugly-ass bride end up in the Land of the Dead in Genet's The Screens, a play set during France's war with this North African country. Both the protagonist, Mersault, and the author, Albert Camus, of The Stranger were pied-noir born here.
Answer: Algeria
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This Empire was ruled by the long-tenured Arsacid dynasty, whose namesake founder Arsaces I led the Parni people in a rebellion against Andragoras. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this Persian dynasty supplanted by the Sassanids, whose General Surena served Marcus Crassus a molten gold cocktail after using his vast army of horse archers to win the Battle of Carrhae.
Answer: Parthians
[10] The first King of this name is known as Parthia's "Great King," and captured the Seleucid Demetrius II after taking substantial territory from the Greco-Bactrian kingdom. A much more famous line of kings by this name ruled over Pontus, and ended after the Sixth ruler fought a namesake series of wars against Rome under Sulla, Lucullus, and finally Pompey.
Answer: Mithridates
[10] Parthian rule ended after this local ruler of Istakhr overthrew Artabanus V and established the Sassanid Empire. This father of Shapur I built a namesake palace as well as the Maiden Castle in the city of Fars, and skirmished with Alexander Severus's forces to the West.
Answer: Ardashir I
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This vitamin's activity is due to a beta-ionone ring that attaches to a chain of isoprenoids, which forms the group named for this vitamin's usual dietary form. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this vitamin.
Answer: vitamin A [accept retinol]
[10] Vitamin A functions in vision by binding to these proteins, present in rho- form in the rods and different iod- forms in the cones.
Answer: opsins
[10] The opsins are examples of one class of these animal transmembrane proteins, also known as 7-transmembrane domain receptors, that, when activated, function as GEF's, providing GTP to their namesake partners.
Answer: G protein-coupled receptors
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Since looking at one of the 1200+ windmills painted by Jan Van Goyen makes me want to drive a railroad spike into my head, identify these Dutch artists who just aren't Jan Van Goyen, FTPE:,
[10] This artist behind The Milkmaid and View of Delft knew how to play to his strengths. Fortunately, those strengths involved less encyclopedic knowledge of windmill function and more mastery of precise details, mostly in interior scenes like The Art of Painting and Girl with A Pearl Earring.
Answer: Jan Vermeer
[10] Group scenes of figures in action are characteristic of this man's work, which often featured children and animals. Works like The Old Sing, the Young Chatter feature this man's characteristic attempts to convey action and emotion, at least more so than Van Beyeren's hundredth painting of a dead fish hanging from something.
Answer: Jan Steen
[10] The De Stijl movement founded by this man, who coined the term "Concrete Art," met a very fortunate end when he moved to Paris and finally met Piet Mondrian in person, then promptly realized he couldn't stand him and started a fight over diagonal lines. They didn't speak to him for five years.
Answer: Theo van Doesburg
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This thinker's ideas are contrasted with those of Heraclitus' in Platonic dialogue Thaetetus, who in his namesake dialogue discusses the theory of the Forms with Socrates before convincing Aristoteles that nothing exists. FTPE:,
[10] Who is this ancient Greek philosopher who argued that everything that exists must have always existed, because nothing comes from nothing, in his fragmentary philosophical poem The Way of Truth?
Answer: Parmenides
[10] Parmenides was a founder of this school of pre-Socratic philosophers based in the namesake colony, whose other members include Xenophanes and Melissus.
Answer: Eleatics
[10] Perhaps the most well-known of the Eleatics is this man, remembered for a series of paradoxes of motion that are mentioned in Aristotle's Physics, such as the paradox of Achilles running a footrace against a tortoise.
Answer: Zeno of Elea
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This character experiences a sudden rash of paranoid insomnia when he fears that his concussion will kill him if he sleeps in "Now I Lay Me," and he discusses pessimism with Maggiore at the Cafe Cova while rehabbing his knee in "In Another Country." FTPE:,
[10] Identify this fictional character, who is taken by his doctor father to witness a birth at the title locale in "Indian Camp" and tries to self-medicate his shell shock from WWI with lots of fishing in "Big, Two-Hearted River."
Answer: Nick Adams
[10] Nick Adams is a heavily autobiographical character in the short stories of this American author, who wrote about Frederic Henry's doomed romance with Catherine Barkley in A Farewell to Arms and also authored The Sun Also Rises.
Answer: Ernest Hemingway
[10] "Big, Two-Hearted River," "The Three-Day Blow," and other Nick Adams stories either appeared or were re-printed in this large 1925 Hemingway collection. Its stories include "A Very Short Story," in which Luz gives the narrator Gonorhea and leaves him, an account of Harold Krebs entitled "Soldier's Home," and "Cat in the Rain."
Answer: In Our Time
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The Clay Mathematic Institute has offered a one million dollar prize for the proof of a hypothesis named after this man. FTPE:,
[10] Name this German mathematician famous for a theory of integration that used his namesake sums as well as his unproved hypothesis which predicts all nontrivial zeros zeros of his namesake zeta function have real part equal to one half.
Answer: Bernhard Riemann [accept Riemann hypothesis]
[10] Another Millenium Problem, the Poincare Conjecture, is a consequence of this conjecture which describes the decomposition of compact three-manifolds. Grigori Perlman proved this using Ricci flow with surgery, and therefore proved the Poincare Conjecture.
Answer: Thurston's Geometrization Conjecture
[10] C-Hardness is essential to understanding this important open problem of computer science, which asks whether the set of decision problems solvable in polynomial time on a non-deterministic Turing machine is the same as that solvable in polynomial time by a deterministic Turing machine.
Answer: P = NP [accept close equivalents like "Does P = NP?"]
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This work was inspired by the author's time spent reporting on the First Indochina War for The Times, and includes the ancillary characters Vigot and Phuong. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this novel in which idealistic Harvard graduate Alden Pyle accompanies journalist Thomas Fowler in war-torn Vietnam.
Answer: The Quiet American
[10] The Quiet American is by this English author of The Heart of the Matter and The Power and the Glory, who wrote about Sarah Miles and Maurice Bendrix in The End of the Affair and vacuum cleaner salesman James Wormold's time spying on Cubans in Our Man in Havana.
Answer: Graham Greene
[10] This Graham Greene character has a romping affair with Helen Rolt, and investigates the death of Pemberton before the murder of his servant Ali and some good old Catholic guilt lead him to punish himself with eternal damnation via suicide. He is the protagonist of The Heart of the Matter.
Answer: Major Henry Scobie [either name]
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Name these tricksters from Native American mythology for the stated number of points:,
[10] These two animals assume the role of trickster in tribes of the Southwest Plateau and Pacific Northwest Coast, respectively. According to Claude Levi-Strauss, this is due to their role as scavengers and thus intermediaries between the worlds of the living and the dead.
Answer: Coyote and Raven
[10] This Hopi and Zuni fertility deity, represented as a hunchbacked flute-player, often impregnates young girls by copulating with them while they bathe using his famously detachable genitalia.
Answer: Kokopelli
[10] The trickster of the Lakota nation is this spider deity and son of the creator god Inyan. He is the brother of the much angrier Iya.
Answer: Iktomi or Inktomi or Ikto or Iktinike
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Identify the following races of characters found throughout the Mario series, FTPE:,
[10] The main inhabitants of the Mushroom Kingdom are these fungi-topped organisms whose numbers include Tayce T., Gaz and their namesake who was playable in Super Mario Bros. 2.
Answer: Toads
[10] Often seen wandering the world map screens of Super Mario Bros. 3, these enemies, named for their namesake weapon of choice also come in Fire, Sumo and Boomerang varieties.
Answer: Hammer Bros.
[10] In Super Mario RPG, the 3rd star is located deep in the mines of these people who live in the shadow of Booster's Tower and include the young children Dyna and Mite.
Answer: Moles or molefolk (do not accept "Monty-moles")
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Answer some questions about the formation of the world's largest economic body FTPE.,
[10] The European Union was first established by the signing of this treaty in the Netherlands in 1991.
Answer: Treaty of Maastricht
[10] The European Economic Community, which became the basis of the European Union, was formed to supplant the European Coal and Steel Community by the first Treaty named for this city, the destination of a famous march led by Benito Mussolini. After marching there, Mussolini decided to stay and start governing(ish).
Answer: Rome
[10] This Frenchman was integral in establishing the European Economic Community, and is considered the primary architect of European Unity. His namesake 1945 Plan called for the heavy production centered in Germany's Saar and Ruhr Valley regions to be systematically relocated to France, but was scrapped in favor of the Schuman Plan.
Answer: Jean Monnet
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This construct was popularized by Thomas Bowley and created by Vilfredo Pareto from a basic graph developed by its namesake. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this economic construct which represents the distribution of two resources between two parties and enables equilibrium analysis using indifference curves, a graph system named for its Irish developer.
Answer: Edgeworth Box
[10] Indifference Curves are derived from this quantity for the goods. Substituting consumption into the Cobb-Douglass function switches its calculations from production to this quantity, which is generally described as the satisfaction achieved from a given consumption. It has also been known to marginally diminish.
Answer: Utility
[10] Edgeworth introduced his namesake Box in this essay, which considers the "Calculus of Pleasure" from Utilitarian Ethics and stops every few pages to remind us how amazing Jevons's The Coal Question really is.
Answer: Mathematical Psychics
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This equation is combined with particle number conservation to yield a second like-named equation stated as time partial of particle density equals minus the divergence of a constant times the gradient of particle density. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this law, according to which the flux of particles is equal to minus a constant times the particle density.
Answer: Fick's law of diffusion [or Fick's first law]
[10] Fick's law models this chemical process, whereby particles flow in net down a concentration gradient by random motion. The constant in Fick's law is therefore named for this process.
Answer: diffusion
[10] Fick's law can be modified to apply to non-ideal mixtures by replacing the gradient of the density with the concentration over the kinetic temperature times the gradient of this quantity. This quantity's gradient it known as the chemical force.
Answer: the chemical potential [prompt on mu or potential]
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His common epithets include shi shi, "poet historian," and shi sheng, "poet sage." FTPE:,
[10] Identify this Tang dynasty poet noted for his use of the strict-form eight-line lushi, whose technical precision is often contrasted with the freer style of a major contemporary.
Answer: Du Fu or Tu Fu
[10] Poems by Du Fu, Li Bai, and Wang Wei appear in Three Chinese Poets, a collection of translations assembled by this author, whose own poetry collections include All You Who Sleep Tonight and Mappings. He's better-known for writing about the love affair between Michael Holme and Julia McNicholl in An Equal Music.
Answer: Vikram Seth
[10] A Du Fu poem whose title identifies it as one of these works laments that his "dagger dance" is insufficient to woo the "Girl-pupil of Lady Gongsun," who may be doing some dagger-dancing herself. Rabindranath Tagore's Gitanjali presents an "offering" of these, while Walt Whitman penned one of these "of myself" in Leaves of Grass.
Answer: A Song
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This man was amusingly forced to publicly copy the forged Morey Letter, which was created to suggest this man's support for unlimited Chinese Immigration, because he could not remember whether or not he had written it. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this President, whose cabinet included the controversial selection of Postmaster General Thomas Lemuel James, who would go on to investigate the Star Route Scandal.
Answer: James A. Garfield
[10] This man served as Garfield's secretary of state. He was later defeated in his own bid for the presidency in the election of 1884 by Grover Cleveland, and was fondly known as the "Continental Liar from the State of Maine.
Answer: James. G. Blaine
[10] This New York Senator and rival of Blaine was leader of the Stalwart faction of the Republican Party. His anger over Thomas L. James's appointment to Postmaster General rather than Treasury Secretary was quickly replaced by indescribable rage at the civil service reform undertaken by Chester A. Arthur.
Answer: Roscoe Conkling
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Answer these questions about a cutting edge drug delivery technology, nanoparticles! FTPE:,
[10] Nanoparticles may degrades by this erosion mechanism, during which water degrades the particles from inside. It is often contrasted with surface erosion, in which the nanoparticle is eroded layer by layer.
Answer: bulk erosion (or degradation)
[10] Nanoparticles may be contructed from lipids or these chemicals. Members of this class of chemical, like Bakelite or Teflon, are formed by repeated units joined together by covalent bonds.
Answer: polymers
[10] Another kind of nanoparticle with clinical application is this class of chemicals, which are non-linear polymers. Sometimes called cascade molecules, these can carry different drugs at different positions, allowing for targeted drug release over time.
Answer: dendrimers [accept arboreals]
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It incorporates the author's poem "The Haunted Palace", which is sung by the title character. FTPE:,
[10] What is this short story about Roderick, who buries his still alive twin sister Madeline in the vault of the family mansion, which he believes to be sentient?
Answer: "The Fall of the House of Usher"
[10] The narrator of "The Fall of the House of Usher" tells us that Usher's paintings are more intense than the "certainly glowing yet too concrete reveries" of this Swiss artist of The Nightmare.
Answer: Henry Fuseli
[10] In addition to painting, Roderick Usher also plays the guitar, notably improvising variations on the last waltz of this German composer, which was actually written by Carl Reisseger. His most famous waltz is Invitation to the Dance, which was orchestrated by Berlioz.
Answer: Carl Maria von Weber
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Name these apostles of Jesus for ten points each.,
[10] One of the two apostles to share this name, he was the first of the Apostles to be martyred. The remains of this brother of John are said to be at Santiago de Compostela in Galicia.
Answer: James, son of Zebedee or James the Greater
[10] A non-canonical gospel recounting among other things the childhood of Jesus is attributed to this skeptical apostle, who was said to have proselytized in Persia and India.
Answer: Thomas
[10] This apostle is occasionally identified with the Thaddeus mentioned in Matthew and Mark, and is considered to be a brother of Jesus. He shares his name with the penultimate book of the Bible.
Answer: Jude

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