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View Packets Tournament Editor
2009 Illinois Open Tossups by Ike
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1. Command of one force in this conflict was formally assumed by the somewhat indifferent Frederick Schomberg, and one of its battles began after local residents became very reasonably concerned that Patrick Sarsfield was about the murder them; they later spent that battle taking potshots at the losing side from their windows. General mayhem briefly ensued over rumors that a fictional marauding army was about to loot the capital in this conflict's “Irish Night.” This conflict, which saw the Battle of Deerfield, triggered uprisings led by Jonas Bond, John Coode, and Jacob (*) Leisler, and was precipitated by a document composed by Charles Talbot, Richard Lumley, and the rest of the “Immortal Seven.” Sarah Churchill secured many defections during this conflict, including that of Princess Anne, while a decision to allow the loser to escape eventually forced the victor in this conflict to fight the Battle of the Boyne. Seeing the Convention Parliament bestow a joint monarchy, it essentially ended absolute monarchy and Catholic rule in England. FTP, identify this 1688 campaign that saw William III of Orange and Mary II supplant James II, so-named for its comparative lack of bloodshed.
Answer: Glorious Revolution
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
2. This non-Lillian Hellman author published the novels Little Foxes and The Chimney Corner under the name Christopher Crowfield, and wrote about Sally Kittridge and Zepheniah Pennell in a novel set in Maine, The Pearl of Orr's Island.. This author used the Guiccioli book to defend a woman buried in Blackwood in a work entitled for a certain lady “vindicated.” This author contrasted the amorality of Simeon Brown with the simple gospel religion of Candace in one work, which sees Madame Frontignac broaden the horizons of the Scudder women. This writer's analysis of one man's poems like “She Walks in Beauty” led her to conclude that (*) Lord Byron was an incestuous pervert, and she wrote of Nina Gordon in a book about Dred, a preacher in the Great Dismal Swamp. Another of her works sees George Shelby realizes the evil of his ways once Cassy and Emeline go to Liberia. In that novel, George Harris helps out Eliza and the title character stays with St. Clair before being beaten by Simon Legree. For ten points, name this author of Uncle Tom's Cabin.
Answer: Harriet Beecher Stowe
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
3. One insect analogue of this structure is the Drosophila mushroom body. The perforate pathway of this organ connects it to its main input center; that center is composed of hexagonal grid cells and is the entorhinal cortex. Polymorphic molecular and granular cells make up a portion of this structure in which neurogenesis plays a role in the regulation of stress and depression. AHS, which affects this organ, is highly correlated with (*) temporal lobe epilepsy. This is one of two theta rhythm sources; its theta rhythm is prominent during REM. This limbic organ's degradation is highly correlated to the onset of Alzheimer's disease. For 10 points, identify this part of a brain that plays a major role in the conversion of short-term memories into long-term ones.
Answer: the hippocampus [prompt on the brain or limbic system until “limbic”]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
4. Poulenc's Concert Champetre was composed after this man's affinity for Wanda Landowska led him to compose a harpsichord part for her in his Master Peter's Puppet Show. One of this man's works closes with the female lead singing “The day is dawning, let my glory ring out!” after she earlier preformed the “Dance of the End of the Day.” Another of his works begins with a blackbird represented with a piccolo singing along to human voices only for a man that is introduced with a bassoon to perform a fandango with the female lead. That former work sees the “Sortilegio” prompt Candela to perform the “Ritual Fire Dance” when Carmelo doesn't return, and features the “Song of (*) Will-o-the-Wisp,” which was excerpted in a famous Miles Davis recording. In the most famous work by this composer of El amor brujo, the Corregidor releases the Miller, who is reunited with his wife. The composer of Nights in the Gardens of Spain, FTP, identify this Spanish composer, who famously adapted a Pedro Alarcon novel into his ballet, The Three-Cornered Hat..
Answer: Manuel da Falla
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
5. One thinker examined one of these entities in a series beginning with The Crisis of the Old Order, and posited that the guiding principles of that same example were able to resist the lure of extremism to embody the subtitular “politics of freedom.” That example of these entities was lauded for achieving the titular Vital Center by a thinker whose seminal work about the evolution of the power of these entities concludes that increased secrecy, a reliance on plebiscites, and the pressures of “messianic globalism” has warped the powers of these entities far beyond their original intention. Arthur Schlesinger's major work of historiography examined the (*) “Imperial” form of this entity, whose absolute control over its associated infrastructure is justified by Article II according to Unitary Executive Theory. FTP, identify these entities chosen quadrennially by popular vote, whose examples have included those of Rutherford Hayes and Richard Nixon.
Answer: (American) Presidential Administrations [accept Presidencies or any word forms, including specific presidencies; accept equivalents like Chief Executives, prompt liberally on general answer like “governments”]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
6. A fire-eyed deity from this myth system usually appears shrouded in mist and wreathed in green flames, while another figure from this mythological system is represented merely as a conglomeration of bubbles that effervesce. The trickster god from this myth system takes the form of a swarthy Egyptian and serves the Idiot god, while one group of canine figures from this myth system that cannot enter circular rooms. The Pnakotic Fragments representing this mythological system are lost, and the figure responsible for compiling the central text of this system was seized by an invisible monster and eaten alive in (*) Damascus during the reign of the Umayyad Caliph Abdul Alhazred. This system includes figures like Yog-Sothoth and a Great Old One known as the Black Goat of the Forest with a Thousand Young, Shub-Niggurath. The central figure in this mythos is identified as the half-brother of Hastur the Unspeakable, and is classically depicted as a winged green creature whose tentacles drape from his head like a beard. FTP, name this mythos whose monstrous namesake central figure, described in the Necronomicon, is the best-known creation of H.P. Lovecraft.
Answer: Cthulu mythos [or Lovecraft's Mythos before mentioned; accept equivalents]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
7. One ruler of this kingdom refused a petition by Amr ibn al-As after receiving a group of immigrants including the third of the rashidun, Uthman. The Himyarite Dhu Nawas was deposed by a naval invasion launched by one of this kingdom's rulers, another of whom received a letter demanding the extradition of his tutor Frumentius to be tried for heresy from Constantius II. Arabic sources list Ashama as a ruler of this empire, while the prolific Jew-killing of this state's King Kaleb earned him one of the few heretical canonizations. Another ruler of this kingdom left a (*) monument to his victories after he took his army North and conquered Meroe, which was lost a few decades before Mara Takla Haymanot ended this dynasty when he founded the Zagwe line. This empire overseen by King Ezana is best-known for numerous stelae structures, huge needles of stone rising up from the ground, and for the lucrative trade generated from its port Adulis on the Red Sea, FTP, identify this notably Christian Empire which ruled for much of the 1st millenium in present-day Ethiopia.
Answer: Axumite Empire or Aksumite Empire
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
8. Characters created by this man include Demas, who tricks people by telling them to go inside Lucre Hill; the creator the “Enchanted Ground,” Madame Bubble; and the innkeeper Gaius, whose daughter Phebe marries James. Another of this man's characters receives a gold coin from the protagonist's wife and reappears with a group of shepherds who gives that protagonist a roadmap. This author of The Water of Life told of Lord Willbewill, who is encountered by Emmanuel after the latter is dispatched by Shaddai to fight Diabolus for the rebelling town of (*) Mansoul, in The Holy War. This creator of Old Honest authored the autobiographical Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners and described the giantess Diffidence, the wife of Despair, and the residents of Doubting Castle in his best-known work. That work also features the monstrous Apollyon, who resides in the Valley of the Shadow of Death. FTP, name this author of The Life and Death of Mr. Badman who wrote about Christian's journey to the Celestial City in his Pilgrim's Progress.
Answer: John Bunyan
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
9. This person is the primary discoverer of an algorithm that orients input identities, completes the resulting rules, detects critical pairs, obtains their normal forms, and adds a new rule for every normal pair per the reduction order; that algorithm yields confluent term re-writing systems. This scientist is the major author of a linear-time algorithm that compares a subject string to the beginning of an object string, then repeatedly jumps the former ahead by the distance to the first mismatch. Those algorithms are the completion algorithm named for him and (*) Bendix and the search algorithm named for him, Morris and Pratt. Power towers can be written easily in his notation, which represents numbers as integers connected by up arrows. For 10 points, name this author of the seminal The Art of Computer Programming.
Answer: Donald Ervin Knuth
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
10. Fisher held that this entity was dependent on technical conditions, while Pigou asserted that it was equivalent to the ratio of income to money stock. Keynes theorized that the income variety of this was stable but the demand deposit variety was not. The Circular variety of this quantity excludes most financial transactions, and as this increases, the (*) multiplier effect increases with it due to the fractional reserve system. In the long run this measure increases even if Money Neutrality holds. According to the quantity theory of money, this value can be expressed as the product of price level and the quantity of output over the money supply or more simply as the ratio of a nation's GNP to its money supply. For 10 points, name this measure defined as the number of times a particular dollar changes hands, a value symbolized V but unrelated to a vector quantity of the same name.
Answer: Velocity of Money [accept velocity of circulation, prompt on turnover or circulation of money]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
11. An unnamed editor makes a preface to this novel which notes “the story is told with modesty, with seriousness and a religious application of events.” The protagonist is impressed with his innovation when he uses hanged birds as scarecrows to scare off other birds, but berates himself for undertaking another construction project without noting that he cannot transport his creation. This novel concludes with the protagonist battling wolves in the Pyrenees, and one of its characters is kidnapped by (*) pirates from Sale and becomes the slave of a Moor, who later on collects money from a Brazilian plantation. Set heavily on a landmass inside the Orinoco, this work centers on the titular Man of York, who encounters a series of cannibal-related problems and befriends Friday. Based on the life of Alexander Selkirk, FTP, name this novel about the titular shipwrecked sailor, a work of Daniel Defoe.
Answer: Robinson Crusoe
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
12. Scenes from this man's life, including his administering of the sick at Ulverston and imprisonement at Derby Jail, are depicted on a work made with a newly-invented namesake corded stitch, a 77 panel tapestry created by followers of this man. He had a falling out with Martha Simmonds over her husband's reenactment of Christ's arrival in Bristol. A text by this leader of the Valiant Sixty, which arose out of early collaborations with James Nayler, lays out his objection to (*) government-sponsoring of various religious groups, but does request intervention to prevent undue persecution of his own followers. This man's ideas inspired a follower to pen Truth Exalted and The Sandy Foundation Shaken, and crusade for the causes advocated by this figure along with Robert Barclay. This man's belief that only God could convey the nature of God to man prompted his formulation of the “inner light,” a central concept of his faith. FTP, name this husband of Margaret Fell, who founded a religious group that included William Penn, the Society of Friends or Quakers.
Answer: George Fox
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
13. This chemical is used to protinate a second compound that then electrophilically attacks and esterifies glycerol; thus, the addition of glycerol to a mixture of nitric acid and compound creates nitroglycerin. The treatment of exuded viscose with this chemical yields rayon fibers. This solvent in the (*) Jones reagent can be produced by purifying its gaseous precursor from air, hydrating, drying with this compound itself, highly endothermic oxygen oxidation, and finally high-temperature protinaton over a platinum of vanadium oxide catalyst. The aforementioned series of reactions for making this chemical is the contact process. For 10 points, name this strong diprotic acid.
Answer: sulfuric acid [accept permutations of H2SO4; accept vitriol; do not accept or prompt on “sulfurous acid”]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
14. One creation of this artist features an outer decorum that includes Euclid working at his desk, designed by Nino Pisano, and prominent hexagonal panels created by Andrea Pisano. This man's Last Judgment features an unusually vivid depiction of hell, in which yellow and green serpents flank a blue-skinned Satan. A halo appears around a very manlike baby Jesus as Mary sits enthroned in his Ognissanti Madonna, displayed at the Uffizi. A lone tower rising near the Santa Maria del Fiore was designed by this artist, and is known as his namesake (*) Campanile. An obese man gets entirely hammered at left in the Marriage at Cana and a mob with long torches surrounds the central figures in Kiss of Judas, two works this artist painted in a series along with his most famous painting, in which cloaked figures gather around a corpse below glowing cherubs flitting through a dark blue sky. Creating his Lamentation for a building commissioned by the Scrovegni family, FTP, identify this early renaissance painter, a student of Cimabue who decorated the Arena Chapel.
Answer: Giotto de Bondone [accept either name]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
15. One of this thinker's works notes that “everyone knows that Bernstein [and] Millerand...are opportunists,” and vigorously protests being labeled a Blanquist by a figure denoted “N.H.” Another text by this man cites the “agricultural artel” that is truly responsible for the relevant issues, and expresses concern about the phrase “we can achieve anything.” That work about “insurrection” humorously yells out “Poor Engels!” and “Poor Marx!,” and like “The Agrarian Question” and “Dizzy with Success” was in pamphlet form. An automobile factory was the hardest hit in one action ordered by this man, the (*) “Night of the Murdered Poets,” which he defended by fabricating the fictional Mingrelian Affair and Doctors' Plot. This man's forced relocation of ethnic groups in his country and culpability for the Holodomor were criticized in a work about his individuation of power and reverence, On the Personality Cult and its Consequences, delivered as the “Secret Speech” by this man's successor. This attendee of the Tehran, Potsdam, and Yalta conferences was attacked in Operation Barbarossa by forces under Hitler. FTP, name this man who took over control of the Bolsheviks from Vladimir Lenin and led the Soviet Union during World War II.
Answer: Joseph Stalin or Ioseb Jughashvili
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
16. One of the two most prominent models of this entity has equation-of-state parameter varying in time downward from one-third; the other has equation-of-state parameter negative one. One proposed experiment to measure this would examine acceleration near type (*) Ia supernovas. The flattening of potentials by this phenomenon should be observable as decreased CMS redshift at late times because the effect of this entity increases with time. The second aforementioned model corresponds to the subtraction of a constant from the left-hand side of the Friedmann equation; those models are respectively quintessence and the cosmological constant. For 10 points, identify this interaction potential that may comprise up to three-fourths of the universe, a theorized energy proposed to explain the acceleration of universal expansion.
Answer: dark energy
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
17. This work attacks most scholastic thinkers for being able to use the word essence without defining it. Later on, it discusses the microstructure of nature that give rise to its observable properties. One chapter of this work posits that chimerical or fantastical ideas are ones that are not based on nature, and it explains that what are usually identified as complex ideas are actually definable as (*) combinations of simple ones. One of the central concepts in this work is the distinction between aspects that are subjective and aspects that do not change with the observer, which the author dubs secondary and primary qualities.. This work also discusses how sensory experiences form the basis for data procession. For ten points, name this text that introduced the tabula rasa, written by John Locke.
Answer: An Essay Concerning Human Understanding
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
18. One of this author's works opens with a stick fight involving Kamau, a character who turns his father's resentment into murderous rage against the protagonist, the radically Christian Joshua. Another of this author's characters has plastic surgery to make his eyes the size of light bulbs to better serve a man constructing “Marching To Heaven,” the ruler of Aburiria. This author of The Black Hermit, This Time Tomorrow, and The River Between wrote of Jezebel and her wife John, who try to exploit the farmworkers (*) Kiguunda and Wangeci, in a work about Gathoni, who utters the titular phrase. Njoroge is the protagonist of his Weep Not, Child, while I Will Marry When I Want earned a trip to prison for this author, who wrote of Kihika's betrayal to the British by Mugo his best-known work. After mercifully swearing off English writing, this man reworked all of his texts into Kikuyu, including Petals of Blood. FTP, identify this author of A Grain of Wheat, a writer from Kenya.
Answer: Ngugi wa Thiongo or James Ngugi
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
19. One member of this President's cabinet created a force overseen by the later “Guano hero,” J.R. Tucker, but failed to capitalize on the resources obtained from a ruse involving the re-running of a train, employed by William Mahone. That Naval Secretary relied heavily on a man who sank the Hatteras before being defeated near Cherbourg by the Kearsarge, Raphael Semmes. Another member of this President's cabinet accepted a censure to hide the truth about Henry Wise's petitions regarding Roanoke Island. A third member of this man's cabinet, whose Naval Secretary Stephen Mallory secured a vital warship from (*) England, criticized the failures of Treasury Secretary Christopher Memminger and described a “peculiar institution” in incomparably racist “Cornerstone Speech.” This President's five Secretaries of War included James Seddon, John Breckenridge, and Judah Benjamin, and he sent his Vice President to the Hampton Roads conference. Alexander Stephens was the Vice President of, FTP, what only President of the Confederate States of America?
Answer: Jefferson Davis
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
20. In an African folktale, one of these animals loses a race to a gazelle which results in the gazelle brutally murdering this animal's family, burning down its house and eventually being surprised when these animals are still alive. In the stories of the Cree, one of these animals is the wife of Rabbit, who massacres a group of beavers but will not let her join him in devouring their flesh. In Aztec myth, a many-breasted, golden-faced one of these is sometimes used to depict Coatlicue. An Egyptian goddess of midwifery is either depicted with the head of one of these animals or one of these animals attached to the end of a phallus due to her association with fertility and the Nile, (*) Heqet. Other Egyptian figures related to these animals include gods of invisibility and infinite space and are the male members of the Ogdoad. In a Greek story, Zeus saves a bunch of these creatures by sending a horde of crabs to kill their rodent opponents in Batrachomyomachia. Often seen in Vedic traditions as deities whose droning calls for the rains, FTP, identify these animals who chant along with Dionysus in the Greek underworld and who in European fairy tales transform into princes after being kissed.
Answer: frogs
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
TB1. One of this thinker's essays discusses how terrorists only learn from their mistakes by citing the anthrax pandemic of 2003. Another of this philosopher's works examines the dichotomy between Atomists and Dualists, by explaining that positive transcendence is necessary to examine biological naturalism fully. Before writing The Rediscovery of the Mind, this man was inspired by JL Austin when he used the term (*) illocutionary point to describe the utterances of a speaker in his “Foundations on Illocutionary Logic.” This philosopher's theory of intentionality relies upon a non-representional Background which makes other representation possible be he more famously rejected Strong AI when he compared a human performing translation mechanically without intentionality to a computer doing the same. For ten points, name this American philosopher who developed the Chinese Room Experiment.
Answer: John Searle
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
TB2. One part of this work dedicates “this glass to him,” “whom the star clusters adore,” while another part discusses “the cracks of burst-open coffins.” Another part of it imagines “truth's fiery reflection, / it smiles at the scientist,” and imagines the title figure's “Suns are flying.” The ending of this text urges “Close the holy circle tighter, / Swear by this golden wine.” Shortly after, the phrase “A serene hour of farewell” occurs. One part of this poem notes “We enter (*) fire-imbibed, / Heavenly, thy sanctuary,” while this poem closes by stating “Brothers, a mild sentence / From the mouth of a Final Judge!” The title concept is called “daughter of Elysium” lauded as the “Spark of the Gods.” For ten points, name this Friedrich Schiller poem set to music by Beethoven in his 9th Symphony.
Answer: Ode To Joy or An Die Freude
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
TB3. One commander during this conflict was surprised when Victor Amadeus II, the duke of Savoy left Turin with 6,000 cavalry soldiers. One battle during this conflict saw forced led under John Campbell, the 2nd Duke of Argyle attack a fortified posoition with Count Schulenberg. One of the principal commanders during this war was married to Sarah Jennings, who fought battles at (*) Oudenarde and Ramillies. Marshall Tallard died in one conflict during this battle, which saw the Duke of Marlborough assist Emperor Leopold by preventing Louis XIV of France from advancing to Vienna. Concluded with the Peace of Utrecht, for 10 points, name this war whose battles include Blenheim, named for a country whose ruler at that time was Philip the V.
Answer: War of the Spanish Succession
2009 Illinois Open Bonuses by Ike
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
The first king of this dynasty is likely to have overthrown Jie, a figure who claimed descent from Yu the Great. FTPE:
[10]Identify this Chinese dynasty, whose last ruler Di Xin lost at Muye to the future Emperor Wu, which was likely centered around the modern city of Anyang.
Answer: Shang Dynasty
[10]This dynasty succeeded the Shang Dynasty and established the tradition of Mandate of Heaven. The Spring and Autumn and Warring States occurred during this dynasty, by far China's longest, which was supplanted by the Qin.
Answer: Zhou Dynasty
[10]This regent for Emperor Cheng and brother of Wu pretty much single-handedly secured the Zhou dynasty's viability, formulating the Mandate of Heaven and developing the fengjian feudal system, which stood for almost a millennium.
Answer: The Duke of Zhou or Zhou Gong or Chou Kung or Ji Dan [prompt on “Wen of Zhou”]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This author wrote about William Leadford not killing his love Nettie because he is swallowed by a mysterious fog in his In the Days of the Comet. For ten points each,
[10]Name this author of The War in the Air and Tono-Bungay who also wrote about Eloi and Morlocks in The Time Machine, the creator of such classics of science fiction as The Invisible Man.
Answer: Herbert George Wells
[10]When Nunez encounters a group of people lacking a certain sense in this Wells story, he offers to remove his eyes because he really wants to hook up with Yacob's daughter, Medina-Sorote. Well, we've all been there, right?
Answer: The Country of the Blind
[10]The title character of this Wells novel is a vivisector who is discovered by Edward Prendick on the titular location. When that title character is eaten by his own semi-puma and his assistant Montgomery drinks himself to death, Prendik leaves the freakshow and returns to civilization, which he discovers he now finds equally unsettling.
Answer: The Island of Dr. Moreau
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This behavior is simply the periodic change of the orientation of the axis of rotation for a rotating body. FTPE:
[10]Name this physical behavior.
Answer: simple harmonic precession
[10]Nutation-free simple precession can be described as the harmonic time variation of only two of these objects. For a set of fixed spatial axes x, y, and z and a body with axes x-prime, y-prime, and z-prime, the first of these is the angle between x and x-prime in the x-y plane, the second is the angle between z and z-prime, and the third is the angle between the x-y and x-prime-y-prime planes.
Answer: the Euler angles
[10]A three-space rotation matrix can be built up using Euler angles via the four Euler parameters, which are objects from this type of hypercomplex division algebra.
Answer: quaternions
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Joachim Fest aided in the creation of this work, whose author describes the rampant infidelity of his colleague's wife Magda and his surprise at unexpectly succeeding Fritz Todt. FTPE:
[10]Identify this memoir, which claims that its author secretly sabotaged plans that would have damaged the infrastructure of his country, one of the most important primary sources in 20th century history.
Answer: Inside the Third Reich
[10]This author of Inside the Third Reich escaped the death penalty at Nuremberg. This man served as Minister of War Production under Hitler, but is probably better known as an architect, creating the Cathedral of Light and the “Marble Gallery” for the Reich Chancellery.
Answer: Albert Speer
[10]In Inside the Third Reich, Speer describes the almost surreal incompetence and probable mental degeneration of this man, whom Speer claimed spent all day rummaging through stolen Jewish property and getting horrifyingly fat in his Bavarian castle. He is best-known for overseeing the Luftwaffe air force, and for killing himself at Nuremberg
Answer: Hermann Wilhelm Goring
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This woodwind instrument is a favorite of Jacques-Martin Hotteterre. FTPE:
[10]Name this wind instrument that designates Vivalid's concertos Il Gardelino, La Notte and La Tempeste da Mare.
Answer: flute
[10]This French flautist had Verne Powell introduce a “high c facilitator,” a gizmo key, to flutes.
Answer: Jean-Pierre Rampal
[10]Prominent flautist and Prussian ruler Frederick the Great prompted this composer to submit The Musical Offering. This man's a bit more famous for The Goldberg Variations and Brandenburg Concertos.
Answer: J.S. Bach
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This body part can be classified into 4 types: cosmoid, ganoid, leptoid and placoid, the last of which is extremely fine are found in cartilaginous fish such as sharks. For 10 points each:
[10]Name this type of structure, the tegument of fish.
Answer: scales
[10]Fish class Agnatha entirely lacks these body parts and includes lampreys and hagfish. These body parts were most likely formed from the fusion of pharyngeal arches.
Answer: jaws
[10]In bony fish, this term refers to the gill cover.
Answer: operculum [or opercula]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Some of the most prominent of these individuals were Heinrich von Morungen, who broke from Occitan-inspired conventions, and Neidhart von Ruendahl, who popularized their tradition among the peasantry. FTPE:
[10]Identify these medieva poets, who developed a Middle High German tradition independent of the French Troubadours. The most famous of these men, Wolfram von Eschenbach, had an unfinished poem reworked into the Younger Titurel and wrote the epic poem Parzifal.
Answer: Minnesengers
[10]One inspiration for the Minnesanger tradition is Heliand, an Old Saxon poem about this prominent New Testament figure, who is integral to and appears in the subtitle of Lew Wallace's Ben Hur. Agabus describes how this man challenged Herod's kingship in a Robert Graves work that unusually focuses on his secular qualities.
Answer: Jesus Christ
[10]“Hadlaub,” a work about the titular Minnesenger's compilation of the Manesse Codex, is one of this author's Zurich Novellas. This author of Martin Salander and The Life of Seldwyla wrote about Heinrich Lee, whose titular epithet refers to his frugal monochromatic wardrobe, in the autobiographical bildungsroman Green Henry.
Answer: Gottfried Keller
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
While the “Core Four” certainly played a part in the Yankees' recent World Series victory, the rest of the team contributed as well. FTPE:
[10]It's possible no regular contributed less than this well-compensated first baseman and Baltimore-native, who put up MVP numbers after signing with the Yankees in the offseason from the rival Angels.
Answer: Mark Teixeira
[10]Recently compared favorably to Derek Jeter by his agent Scott Boras, this outfielder had a key double-steal off of Brad Lidge in Game 4, who then hit Teixeira and allowed a double to Alex Rodriguez, scoring this man.
Answer: Johnny Damon
[10]Perhaps the unsung hero of the World Series was this lefty reliever, who retired every batter he faced against the Phillies. Injured earlier in the year, this man came to the Yankees in 2008 as part of a trade with former Pirates teammate Xavier Nady.
Answer: D??maso Mart?
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This man served at the Battle of the Arausio, where he witnessed the Teutones annihilate the Roman legions. FTPE:
[10]Name this man who fought at the battle of Aquae Sextiae and won the grass crown under Titus Didius before a breakdown of Roman leadership left him solely in charge of Hispania. He played a key role in keeping Sulla from getting entirely out of hand.
Answer: Quintus Sertorius
[10]Though he couldn't stand him personally, Sertorius was a big fan of the military reforms instituted by this Roman statesman, which accounted for this man's victory at Aquae Sextiae. He's known for his longtime rivalry with Sulla.
Answer: Gaius Marius
[10]Marius and Sulla both served ably in this war, an uprising of the namesake groups in Italy. It saw the very first promulgation of a Lex Julia, and turned when Strabo took the city of Asculum.
Answer: Social War or Italic War or Marsic War or War of the Allies
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Name some benzene derivatives for 10 points each.
[10]This derivative consists of two benzene rings sharing a common side. One of these with phenyl and metal oxide subtitiuents is the usual product in the Wagner-Jauregg reaction.
Answer: naphthalene [prompt on permutations of C10H8]
[10]Joining an additional beneze ring to end of naphthalene yields this derivative, which thus consists of three benzene rings, the middle of which shares sides with the outer two linearly. It readily dimerizes by two central rings forming two bonds out of their plane.
Answer: anthracene [prompt on permutations of C14H10]
[10]This molecule having a singe methyl substituent can be readily oxidized by oxygen to benzoic acid. One notable compound containing this molecule also includes three nitro groups.
Answer: toluene [prompt on methylbenzene or phenylmethane; prompt on permutations of C6H5CH3]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This type of schismogenesis is differentiated from the symmetric variety, and is exemplified by interactions wherein a behavior from one party that illicits a behavior from another party. FTPE:
[10]Give this adjective that also describes economic goods with negative cross price elasticity. These types of goods are characterized by a positive correlation of their usage; that is, increase in the sales of hotdogs will naturally lead to an increase in the sale of ketchup, since the good bear this kind of relationship.
Answer: Complementary goods or Complementary schismogenesis
[10]Schismogenesis is a concept elucidated in Steps toward an Ecology of Mind a work by this second-coolest husband of Margaret Mead, with whom he collaborated on Growth and Culture. He's got nothing on Reo Fortune.
Answer: Gregory Bateson
[10]This New Zealand anthropologist wrote about “the making and unmaking of an anthropological myth” in his 1983 work slamming Mead's Coming of Age in Samoa.” He asserts that Meade willfully ignored making a complete observation and allowed herself to be easily deceived by her interviewees.
Answer: Derek Freeman
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Prosper Merimee's work has been rendered into many media. For ten points each:
[10]Jose sings “La Fleur que tu m'avais jetee” to the title character of this George Bizet opera about the titular gypsy. It also features the Toreador song.
Answer: Carmen
[10]Fortunato is killed by the title character because of justice in Mateo Falcone, an opera adapted from Merimee by this Mighty Fiver, who composed Feast in Time of Plague, Little Red Riding Hood and Prisoner in the Caucasus.
Answer: Cesar Cui
[10]The Coach of the Blessed Sacrament by Merimee inspired this man's film The Golden Coach. This director played Octave, a man that greets Andre Jurieux but has to inform him Christine has spurned him, in his The Rules of the Game.
Answer: Jean Renoir
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Name these characters discussed in Book VIII of Ovid's Metamorphoses, for ten points each.
[10]This man had a lock of purple hair that made him invulnerable until it was cut by Scylla when Eros made Scylla fall in love with Minos, the king of Athens who was waging war against this King of Megara.
Answer: Nisos
[10]This elderly Phrygian couple was turned into oak and linden trees when they showed hospitality to Zeus and Hermes. Unlike their neighbors, they didn't drown in a flood.
Answer: Baucis and Philemon [need both, either order is fine]
[10]Perdix, who was transformed into a partridge, was nearly killed by this man, the constructor of the Labyrinth and father Icarus.
Answer: Daedalus
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This result guarantees the existence of solutions of systems of linear congruences in which each modulus is pairwise coprime. It further states that every such solution is congruent modulo the product of the moduli. For 10 points each:
[10]Name this result from number theory.
Answer: the Chinese remainder theorem
[10]Solutions to Chinese remainder-type problems are unique modulo this value for the moduli. This value can be found for two numbers in quotient by an algorithm in which numerator is divided by remainder to form a new quotient, a process repeated until there is no remainder and this value is the numerator.
Answer: the greatest common divisor [Editor's note: the algorithm is Euclid's algorithm]
[10]The Chinese remainder theorem is a highly effective attack the on the RSA algorithm under the three conditions that the number of receivers is greater than this number, this number of the same for all recievers, and the modulus used with this number in the trapdoor function is different for all recievers.
Answer: the public key exponent [or encryption key exponent; accept clear-knowledge equivalents; do not accept or prompt on “key” or “public key”]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This policy was opposed by Davy Crocket, and primarily targeted land held by the Five Civilized Tribes. FTPE:
[10]Name this Act that relied on the ruling in Johnson v. M'Intosh and was passed under the Presidency of Andrew Jackson, forcing the relocation of the namesake peoples.
Answer: Indian Removal Act
[10]One of the Congressmen who argued against the Indian Removal Act was this one, Henry Clay's vice presidential running in 1844. This New Jersey politician is also the grandfather of Henry Cabot Lodge.
Answer: Theodore Ferlinghuysen
[10]The first Native American tribe to forcibly leave was these people, whose chiefs have included Mosholatubbee. These Mississippians signed the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek as part of a series of diplomatic negotiations with the administration of Andrew Jackson, whom they referred to as “sharp knife.”
Answer: Choctaws or Chahtas
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Answer these questions about authors who served as major inspirations for nationalist movements, FTPE:
[10]The author of the novel The Home and the World, Rabindranath Tagore, provided the source for the national anthem of both Bangladesh and this country. Though Tagore wrote his Gitanjali in Bengali, this country's literary tradition includes Sanskrit classics like the Mahabharata.
Answer: India
[10]This author wrote about Elias, a man who wants to spark revolution in the Philippines, and Cristosomo Ibarra in his Noli Me Tangere. A Miguel Unamuno essay refers to this author of Il Filibusterismo as “The Tagalog Hamlet.”
Answer: Jose Rizal
[10]All that nationalism-inspiring got Rizal sentenced to death by Spain in 1896, though he was able to scrawl out this poem and slip it to his family during a last visit. In it, Rizal notes that he will “rest from this weary day,” “go where faith does not kill,” and overcome death by becoming one with the spirit of the Philippines. It sure didn't do the Spanish colonial government any favors.
Answer: Mi Ultimo Adios or My Last Farewell or My Last Goodbye [accept Farewell, Beloved Country]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This country's capital forms the basis of the human rights organization Yfirvofandi Bar, that is trying to combat scientologists by shutting of their IP addresses. FTPE:
[10]Name this country whose features include the island Surtsey and Europe's tallest waterfall, Dettifoss. Geir Haarde resigned his leadership of this country's government after weeks of protests following the criminal mismanagement of its financial system's reliance on online banks.
Answer: Republic of Iceland
[10]This capital of Iceland lies near Faxofloi bay and features the magnificent Perlan. Iceland's long-tenured legislative body, the Althing, is found just outside of this city.
Answer: Reykjavik
[10]This Social Democrat and former cabinet minister used her good standing with the Left-Green coalition to form a new governing coalition, making this current Prime Minister the only openly gay head of state in the world.
Answer: Johanna Sigurdardottir [accept either name]
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One character in this novel works in a department responsible for dealing with vagrant animals in Moscow. For 10 points each:
[10]Name this novel in which implanting the testicles and pituitary gland of a dead man into Sharik causes him to work against Preobrazhensky.
Answer: Heart of a Dog (or Sobac'e serdce)
[10]One of the title characters flies naked in the night before the Spring Ball in this author's The Master and Margarita; he also wrote Heart of a Dog.
Answer: Mikhail Afanasyevich Bulgakov
[10]Bulgakov uses cold weather as a deus ex machine in this novel, in which Persikov's research leads to amphibians and reptiles attacking farmers across Russia.
Answer: The Fatal Eggs
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
The exterior paneling of this building's Children's Amphitheatre and Founders Room are so reflective that they can increase the temperature of nearby buildings by up to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. FTPE:
[10]Identify this building with interior acoustics created by Yasuhisa Toyota, whose extreme reflectivity is rather unsurprising given that it's surface essentially consists of parabolic mirrors.
Answer: Walt Disney Concert Hall
[10]This American architect of Prague's Dancing House created the Walt Disney Concert Hall. He's best-known for his fish-shaped, titanium-paneled Guggenheim museum in Bilbao, Spain.
Answer: Frank Gehry
[10]Frank Gehry also designed this complex in Seattle, which includes a little-known secondary focus on science fiction. One part of its exterior sees strips of three mirrored panels appear to run down the red back of this museum, which perpetually has some kind of exhibit about Jimi Hendrix.
Answer: Experience Music Project and Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame
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This text discusses why democracies are incomplete until scientific knowledge is made available to the general population. For ten points each,
[10]Name this 1927 book of American philosophy that designates “officials” as people who serve the title entity, noting that sometimes they act out of self-interest leading to the titular obstacles.
Answer: The Public and its Problems
[10]This philosopher of Democracy and Education wrote The Public and its Problems.
Answer: John Dewey
[10]A John Dewey essay discussing neural circuitry puts fourth the idea that conclusions derived from repeated observances are merely conjectures derived from perspective, and is titled for this “concept in psychology.”
Answer: The Reflex-Arc Concept in Psychology
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
One direct way to demonstrate this property is to show that the equality of two image points implies the equality of their corresponding pre-image points. For 10 points each:
[10]Name this property that can be deduced from the graph of a real function via the so-called horizontal line test.
Answer: injectiveness [or one-to-oneness; accept word forms of either; prompt on monotonicity]
[10]For a linear transformation, injectiveness is equivalent to the emptiness of this set. This set is a map's pre-image of 0.
Answer: the kernel of the map
[10]The linear transform corresponding to a matrix has an empty kernel if the matrix has this property.
Answer: non-singularity [or invertiblity; accept word forms of either; accept clear-knowledge equivalents like the matrix has a non-zero determinant]

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