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2009 Illinois Open Tossups by Dunbar
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Trever R. Griffith's credited George Bennett's interpretation of this character for encouraging his literary prominence, and his likelihood as a model for Frederick Clegg in John Fowles's The Collector is reinforced by the name of the novel's protagonist. Walt Whitman is derided for being "Uncle Sam style" in a Ruben Dario essay titled for the "triumph" of this figure, who asks God to "fling us a handful of stars" in exchange for love in a Louis Untermeyer poem comparing him to "Few Clothes" Johnson. In addition to being placed "in the coal mines," he asks "wherefore rough, why cold and ill at ease" and concludes that it is likelier to "decrepit doze" than "catch the quiet" at a location in which he conducts some (*) "Natural Theology." He threatens to "get hold of a few barrels. . . of your infernal powder" and blow everyone all to hell in a play which re-casts him as the righteous slave in post-colonial protest work by Aime Cesaire. Prior to appearing "upon Cetebos" in a Robert Browning poem, he has his ambitions to create an empire of people like him all having non-consensual sex with hot Milanese exiles brooked by Prospero. FTP, identify this monstrous son of Sycorax in Shakespeare's The Tempest.
Answer: Caliban
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Alexandra Natoff cited Clifford Geertz to discuss agricultural origins of the "institutional consequences" of this practice. A hilarious 34.7% of respondents answered "maybe" to the question "are you a parent" in a landmark Rick Frei analysis of this activity. One opponent of this practice admits that AIDS is a problem but hopes you can make a donation to him as well, shortly before wishing that its proponent's lips "are the first thing to die" after they "get AIDS in your mouth." Another figure is derided for spending his summer pursuing "a big penny" in a controversial appearance linked to this activity, which is performed by Frenesi Gates in Vineland and ardently opposed by Skinny Suge. Allegations that 50 Cent's "Ghetto Quran" constituted the "dry" form of this practice drew criticism from some and bullets from others, while The Diplomats popularized an affirmation that those who engage in it may require (*) sutures. Cam'Ron famously claimed in a 60 Minutes interview that he'd "probly move" if a serial killer lived next to him, but reiterated his opposition to this action, the subject of a series of underground DVDs from Baltimore. Carmelo Anthony would like you to stop, FTP, what action which usually involves conveying a knowledge of criminal activity to the Po-Po?
Answer: Snitching (accept answer forms like "Stop Snitching or "The Institutional and Organizational Consequences of Snitching")
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
These chemicals are the major product when iminium salts are heated, then quenched with water. One subclass of these compounds is the 5-amino-2,4-pentadienals, which can be formed by ring opening of pyridinium salts when secondary amines are substituted for primary ones in a certain reaction. Terminal z-alkenes result from the reaction of one of these compounds with a triphenyl phosphonium ylide. An alcohol and a carboxylic acid are the products in the base-catalyzed (*) disproportionation of these compounds. These reactants in the Cannizzaro reaction can be produced by the Stephen synthesis, and can be identified by the formation of a precipitate in a Tollens' test. Including the aforementioned Zincke variety, FTP, identify these compounds which contain a terminal carbon bonded to a hydrogen atom and double bonded to an oxygen atom - a terminal carbonyl group - and which can be distinguished via the silver mirror test from ketones.
Answer: aldehydes [prompt on carbonyls]
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This composer chose "Heaven, the Rise of All to the Spiritual" to constitute the "future" portion of a highly complex work which centrally features the hymn "Bethany" and consists of 20 independently evolving musical lines. That work, written for multiple orchestras, was created years after his eclectic collection of tunes including a ragtime allegro and notably bitonal interludes, Variations on "America." He notably inserted a Lento maestoso to depart from the four-movement structure in his Symphon No. 2, reflecting his unhappiness with the conformity of Horatio Parker. This composer of the (*) Universe Symphony incorporated Sousa's "Washington Post March" into Central Park in the Dark, the second of "Two Contemplations," whose companion piece includes seven notable trumpet solos which may constitute the title entity. "Decoration Day" and "Washington's Birthday" comprise the title elements of another piece by this composer of The Unanswered Question, who was inspired by locales like "The Housatonic at Stockbridge" to create his best-known piece. FTP, name this American behind A Symphony: New England Holidays and Three Places in New England.
Answer: Charles Ives
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This event was the focus of the first publications of Voltairine de Cleyre, and Paul Avrich concluded that it was driven by the raging narcissism of Dyer Lum, who months after disintegrated one of his friend's faces by giving him a blasting-cap cigar. This event's atmosphere was saturated by anger toward Jerimiah Rusk over recent events at Bay View, and it was preceded by an assembly at Greif's Hall, the so-called "Monday Night Conspiracy," which saw an unpublicized push by Samuel Fielden and other to avoid the use of arms advocated by Adolph Fischer. Joseph Gary's grudge against Albert (*) Parsons may have led him to sentence a group including August Spies and George Engel to be hanged for perpetrating this event, though three were later pardoned by John Altgeld. Stemming from a series of clashes between Pinkerton Guards and workers, FTP, identify this 1886 landmark of the anarchist movement, which saw a bomb hurled into a group of policemen in the namesake commercial block in Chicago.
Answer: Haymarket Square Riot/Massacre/Incident/Whatever
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One character in this work warns that Dr. hardy will reveal the truth about why he was forced to go to Hilltown, while another takes on multiple voices to schizophrenically debate how happy the Virgin Mary made her before she fell in love. One character may have fatally infected an infant with measles prior the events of this play, whose staging directions relate that the "astonishing thing" about its set is that the volumes of literature have actually been "read and reread." One central character is oddly described as a "second girl" in the program, another is portrayed with an "extreme nervousness" that draws attention to her "once-beauitful hands," now marred by (*) rheumatism, This play was originally delivered "written in tears and blood" with an instruction never to publish to its author's wife, Carlotta, on a 12th wedding anniversary. It sees the maid Cathleen act as a confidant for the tubercular brother of alcoholic failed actor Jaime, who argues with his brother over their father's indifference to their mother Mary's relapse into morphine addiction. Edmund rounds out the cast of, FTP, what drama about the Tyrone family, an autobiographical work of Eugene O'Neill?
Answer: Long Day's Journey into Night
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Cuthbert Tunstall's dissatisfaction with the argument of this text prompted a debate that led to the passage of the Six Articles, while present-day controversy exists over the legitimacy of its altered Variata version. Much of this document, which appears after the Athanasian Creed in the Concordia, was drawn from notes taken during a meeting at Torgau by a group including Alfonso Valdez and Christopher Stadion. It consists of 21 primary thesis articles, and seven supplementary sections labeled as "abuses corrected," which include the deliciously-titled "of the distinction of meats." This document rejects the Sacramentarians and complete enumeration as requisite for absolution, and was (*) delivered by Christian Beyer in public at the insistence of numerous members of the Schmalkaldic League. It directs that laws are to be followed unless they prescribe sinning, that saints are models rather than conduits, and that observances and good works are extensions of faith rather than prerequisites. Most famously declaring the doctrine of salvation through Faith Alone, its actual text was prepared by Philipp Melancthon since Martin Luther was banned from accepting Charles V invitation. FTP, identify this defining document of Lutheranism, a "confession" named for a city that saw a famous "Peace" 25 years later.
Answer: Confession of Augsburg
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This thinker discussed popular confusion about Gresham's Law and "the mystique of legal tender" in his work analyzing "concurrent currencies," The Denationalisation of Money. Alan Ebenstein sharply criticized the modifications made by W.W. Bartley to a work of this author which discusses the "revolt of instinct and reason" that leads to the ignorance that modern society is a natural evolution, the titular Fatal Conceit. He contrasted taxis and cosmos as examples of the "made" and "grown" orders in a section entitled "Rules and Order," which along with "The Mirage of Social Justice" and "The Political Order of a Free People" comprises his (*) Law, Legislation, and Liberty. This thinker described the first title entity as "true and false" in the first essay of his Individualism and the Economic Order, which also included his response to Oskar Lange, The Use of Knowledge in Society. He appended the postscript "Why I am Not a Conservative" to his The Constitution of Liberty, which expanded his critique of the Welfare State established earlier in a work which claimed that central planning inevitably tends towards totalitarianism. FTP, identify this author of The Pure Theory of Capital, an Austro-British economist who authored The Road to Serfdom.
Answer: Friedrich von Hayek
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These entites are bounded in a spectrum according to the Gershgorin circle theorem. John Francis and Vera Kublanovskaya formulated the QR algorithm for these entities, whose corresponding qualitative theory in the Sturm-Liouville theory. Rayleigh quotient iteration extends inverse iteration and converges to them cubically, while multiple rotations are used to obtain a (*) diagonal approximating these entities in the Jacobi algorithm. The Lanczos algorithm uses power methods to calculate these entities, which can be used to characterize the stability of solutions to ODEs. The sum of these values and the product of these values equal a matrix's trace and a matrix's determinant respectively. FTP, name these solutions to a characteristic equation, which are special sets of scalars associated with the invariants of a linear system of equations.
Answer: eigenvalues
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This politician was persuaded to enter a costly public battle, culminating in his banning of Henry Brooke's play Gustavus Vasa under his recently-passed Licensing Act, by numerous satirical comparisons to Jonathan Wild and the publication of The Craftsmen by long-time opponents William Pulteney and Lord Bolingbroke. Other literary attacks on this Prime Minister, who uncovered the Atterbury Plot, included Drapier's Letters, a pamphlet used by John Carteret to assail this man's administration over the use of inferior coins known as "Wood's Halfpence." Tolboth Prison was stormed in response to one crisis during this man's administration, which saw the (*) hanging of smuggler Andrew Wilson trigger a series of riots culminating in the lynching of John Porteous. Supported heavily by the Duke of Newcastle and Queen Caroline, his negotiation of the Treaty of Vienna secured his position over the aging Townshend, years after he had vigorously prosecuted men like James Craggs as First Lord of the Treasury in the wake of the South Sea Bubble. Forced to engage Spain after an incident aboard the Rebecca in the War of Jenkins Ear, FTP, identify this longtime Whig statesmen who held power until 1742, considered the first British Prime Minister.
Answer: Robert Walpole, 1st Earl of Orford
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One of this work's characters reflects on his first sexual encoutner with a prostitute that "by the time he realized this was a woman, it was done," while another concludes that "father is a reality concluding machine" and wishes they would butter their toast with potassium cyanide. The most graphically disturbing scene of this novel occurs after a group decides to address their "lack of objectivity" toward a kitten by killing it and repeatedly squeezing its heart. Its protagonist - who is sometimes known as "Number 3" - voyeuristically spies on the sexual escapades of his mother, first with herself and later with the titler figure, while this novel was published three years after its author's account of the romance between (*) Noguchi and restaurant owner Kazu, After the Banquet. In response to the titular event, a reprisal is organized by "the Chief," a wealthy but unsupervised teen who leads a fascist group which includes the protagonist, whose mother Fusako has predictably anti-Westernization attitudes. Ryuji Tuskazaki's romance with Fusako leads to resentment by Noboru Kuroda in, FTP, what nautically-titled work by Mishima Yukio?
Answer: The Sailor Who Fell from Grace with the Sea
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One sub-clade of this phylum is genus buddenbrokia, which belongs to actinospore-stage-having class myxosporea. A now-extinct group in this phylum named its fossils' wrinkled bodies is rugosa. This phylum's class cubozoa contains the toxic organisms of genus chironex. This phylum's layered bodies consist of epidermis, mesoglea, and gastrodermis, making them the simplest multi-tissue organisms. Members of this phylum's class (*) scyphozoa exemplify two characteristics of this phylum: a two-stage lifecycle, consisting of an often-sessile polyp and a free adult, or medusa and the use of toxic nematocysts. FTP, name this phylum of radially symmetric organisms like sea anemones, corals and jellyfish.
Answer: cnidarians [or coelenterata or coelenterates]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This man's death led to a failed expedition in support of "Foco Theory" to aid BALAKBAT. Larry Devlin received instructions from "Joe from Paris" regarding action taken against this figure, who delivered the "tu/vous" speech in response to an address by King Baudouin. A controversial Robert Johnson interview related a possible order regarding the fate of this man, who was the intended recipient of a special batch of toothpaste prepared by Sidney Gottlieb. He defeated the "Party of the Paid Negroes" in a major election, leading the MNC to victory despite his split with Albert (*) Kalonji. After a fateful decisions to raise the pay of all government workers except the army and to request Soviet intervention in a political crisis, this man was dismissed by his President, Joseph Kasa-Vubu, prompting the protestations of Dag Hammarskjold, who would die seven months after this leader. Brought down in the wake of Moise Tshombe's actions in Katanga Province, his corpse spent some time in a CIA agent's trunk after he was murdered by Mobutu Sese-Seko and some angry Belgians. FTP, name this leftist leader whose deposition in 1960 began a "Crisis" in the current Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Answer: Patrice Emery Lumumba
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In order to cross a river of blood, this figure through a stone into a giant woman's vagina to quell the torrents. This step-father of a god of dueling is the central figure referenced by the Kvinneby Amulet, and heavily linked with figures like Horagalles. This killer of Geirrod was the dedicatee of an object which became part of Fritzlar Chapel after it was hewed down by Boniface. Due to his boorish eating habits and creepy-looking eyes, this figure had to lie about not having eaten or slept in eight nights in order to keep his (*) disguise as a queen, and this god once failed to finish horn of mead connected to the ocean, was unable to lift a large cat, and was brought to one knee by an elderly woman in the form of Old Age. Those challenges were given by Utgard-Loki to this figure, who possessed a pair of animals who would indefinitely regenerate after being eaten, the goats Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjostr. The owner husband of Sif, he is fated to fatally battle the Jormangund at Ragnarok. FTP, name this god of Norse myth who wields the hammer Mjolnir and presides over thunder.
Answer: Thor
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This author's early career was driven by dramatic publications like The Master Mason as well as a trilogy including Broken Souls and God-Man, while fratricidal themes dominate works like Sodom and Gomorrah and the hilariously-named "He Wants to Be Free - Kill Him!" He wrote of the villagers of Wolf-tap who decide to put on a Passion play in one work, and about character who battles for decades alongside Nuri Bey, a freedom-fighter modeled on this author's father named Captain (*) Michaelis. Besides that work usually published as Freedom or Death, he wrote of a character who reattaches Malthus's severed ear and is warned not to stray from the revolution by his eventual betrayer, and of another who serves as a mine foreman and seduces Madame Hortense. The title figure is finally killed by an iceberg at the end of his "modern sequel" to the Odyssey. FTP, identify this author of The Last Temptation of Christ and Zorba the Greek, a 20th century born on the Greek island of Crete.
Answer: Nikos Kazantzakis
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This equation is applicable when there exists negligible dislocation movement. Integrating this equation with respect its dimensionless variable over the applicable range gives an energy density known as the resilience. The inverse of the constant appearing in this equation is in general a rank-4 tensor known as the compliance, which is the inverse of the 21-component (*) stiffness, which is in turn this equation's constant of proportionality. This law is approximately valid up to the proportional limit, but exact only up to the elastic limit, above which plastic deformation occurs. Stating that, in an isotropic material, the elastic modulus times the strain is equal to the stress, FTP, identify this law of physics named for its British formulator, often used to model the behavior of springs.
Answer: Hooke's law [prompt on law of elasticity]
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Portions of this piece based on its original composer's sketches were re-worked into multiple locations of its larger work in a recent revision by Luciano Berio, and prior to the delivery of this piece, a dirge-like augmented minor 7th plays as a herald delivers a decree, providing a sharp contrast to its opening G-major chord, the first such notes since intermission. In contrast to this piece's original score, which specified B as an eighth note and A as a quarter note, the final words of this piece are traditionally sung in increasingly pronounced sustained notes. Near the end of this piece, a chorus of women issues a lament ending "morir, morir," a reference to the (*) beheading this aria's singer faces should he fail. It is sung in the final act in regards to the singer of the previous In questa reggia, and it ends with the repeated assertion of "I will win," or "Vincero," by its singer, the "unkown prince" Calaf. Notable for its high tenor range, FTP, name this most famous piece from Puccini's opera Turandot, popularized by Luciano Pavarotti's 1990 rendition.
Answer: Nessun Dorma or None Shall Sleep
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This man's early military career relied on the sacrifices of Pansa Caetronianus and Aulus Hirtius, who roused his exhausted column to smash into a disorganized pursuit led by this man's major rival, leading to key victories at Forum Gallorum and Mutina. Using a series of grain shortages to achieve total power, this figure's deeds are memorialized by a namesake Alpine "trophy" and a funerary inscription, the Res Gestae. This man's wife built up a group of military advisors including the ancestors of Galba and Otho, and probably arranged for the death of Marcellus. This husband of (*) Livia employed a capable general who defeated Sextus Pompeius at the Battle of Naulochus, and a not so capable general, Publius Varus, who was crushed by Arminius at Teutoburg Forest. Marcus Agrippa won a victory for this man that turned when half of the defenders' quinqueremes abruptly turned and fled, enabling this ruler to triumph over an ally with whom he had earlier won the Battle of Philippi against Cassius and Brutus. The victor at the Battle of Actium, FTP, identify this component of the Second Triumvirate with Lepidus and Mark Antony, a nephew of Julius Caesar who established the Pax Romana as the first Emperor of Rome.
Answer: Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus or Gaius Octavius Thurinus or Octavianus
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This city's cathedral is modeled after that of Bourges but features an unusal double ambulatory structure with five naves, necessitated by a plan of either Master Martin or Petrus Petri to cover the courtyard of a pre-existing structure. Luca Giordano's ceiling of that cathedral is overshadowed by the centerpiece of its High Altar, which shows two workers clad in yellow in the foreground as a man in contemporary armor and a bustling crowd press in on the central figure, who wears a robe of brilliant red. Ghostly angels swirl above an infant in the Adoration of the Shepherds in this city's Santo Domingo Antiguo, which may be a re-working of its artists more primitive Dormition of the Virgin. Outside the walls of this city, whose architecture is dominated by the fortress-lik Alcazar, a church houses an image of a blue-clad prophet waving his hands as pale, nude figures writhe in the background. This home to The (*) Disrobing of Christ and The Opening of the Fifth Seal has many of its famous works housed in the nondescript Santo Tome, which served as the parish church of an artist who decorated its walls with the image of an enthroned christ receiving the soul of a man whose body is hefted by St. Stephen and St. Augustine before a crowd of onlookers. The home of The Burial of Count Orgaz, FTP, name this Spanish city whose green rolling hills lie below blue, stormy skies in a famous "View" of it painted by a notable resident, the Cretan-born El Greco.
Answer: Toledo
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In one of this thinker's works, Euphranor continuously assails the title figure with objections to the internal consistency of Christianity, while another references "ghosts of departed quantities" while railing against the concept of infinitesimal change. That work was the subject of a Thomas Bayes reply defending fluxions, and is addressed to an "infidel mathematician." This thinker concludes another work with a discussion of an "unknown quiddity" that may allow the use of the authority of Moses, and wrote of the titular "Minute Philosopher," in Alciphron. The lowlights of his career came in his (*) Newton-bashing works like The Analyst and De Motu, which strayed from a central debate about the perception and independent existence of Matter in his most famous work. Concluding the God is the active force behind the external world - which consists soley of ideas - in his Treatise Concerning the Principles of Human Knowledge, FTP, identify this author who cast two fictional Greek philosophers as the title figures of his most famous work, an Irish Empiricist who wrote Three Dialogues Between Hylas and Philonous.
Answer: George Berkeley
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
TB A challenge by Alfred Whitehead led to one major text by this thinker, who theorized five obstacles to learning and five corresponding strategies to overcome them. This psychologist described six visitors visiting a one thousand person community that advises its members "to view every habit and custom with an eye to possible improvement" in one of his best-known works. This theorizer of a (*) pigeon-based missile delivery system and author of Verbal Behavior and Beyond Freedom and Dignity implemented lights, a food dispenser, a loudspeaker, a response lever, and an electrified grid in the setup of his operant conditioning chamber. For 10 points, name this American psychologist who wrote Walden II and founded the experimental analysis of behavior.
Answer: Burrhus Frederic Skinner
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
TB Before this battle's main action, the first ship to fire at the fortifications was named the HMS Lively. The HMS Lively had fired during this battle despite the lack of orders coming from the flagship, HMS Somerset. The HMS Diana was abandoned at the preceding Battle of Chelsea Creek by the HMS Somerset's captain, who led the Royal Navy at this battle, named Samuel Graves. Casualties at this battle included Francis Rawdon-Hastings killing Joseph (*) Warren and Peter Salem killing John Pitcairn. After this battle, the British would be forced out of Boston following the Battle of Dorchester Heights. William Howe was defeated by William Prescott and Israel Putnam, FTP, at what American Revolution battle, mostly fought on Breed's Hill?
Answer: Battle of Bunker Hill
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
TB This novel depicts a character, who eats so much that her children and husband starve, named Jin. This novel depicts a young bodyguard, named Hoshio. Becoming disenchanted by a riot, this novel's character Momoko loses her enthusiasm. The riot in this novel had occurred at the (*) supermarket owned by Paek Sun-Gi. Suffering from a failed motherhood, this novel's alcoholic character named Natsumi is seduced by her charismatic yet violent brother-in-law named Takashi. Overwhelmed by the awareness of the death of their retarded sister and older brother named S, both brothers in this novel accept responsibility for their life. For 10 points, name this Japanese novel in which Mitsusaburo Nedokoro hears the titular paradoxical sound, a work of Kenzaburo Oe.
Answer: The Silent Cry
2009 Illinois Open Bonuses by Dunbar
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This figure is often depicted with a staff he obtained by bludgeoning Periphetes to death, a feat he accomplished shortly before jettisoning Sciron off of a cliff and murdering Cercyon following a wrestling match. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this prolific mythological murderer, who had earlier seduced Ariadne into helping him snuff out a miracle of nature by butchering the poor, defenseless Minotaur.
Answer: Theseus
[10] More typical dickery by Theseus ensued after he killed this alleged bandit, whose efforts to experimentally verify the elasticity of pine trees were put to an end when Theseus used the trees to split him apart. Our intrepid hero then raped this man's daughter Perigune, and certainly didn't pay any child support for their son Melanippus.
Answer: Siris or Sinis
[10] Theseus claimed that this man forced travelers to fit into his bed by hacking off limbs or stretching them to death, and that he killed this man by giving him the same treatment. But how could Theseus have killed someone by altering their length to fit into their own bed? Theseus probably just shanked him in his sleep, what a tool.
Answer: Procrustes or Prokoptas or Damastes
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This battle saw action at "Hell's Pocket" and Kettle Hill. For 10 points each:,
[10] Identify this battle which saw William Rufus Shafter order some pivotal hot air balloon reconaissance, as well as a unpublicized but heroically pivotal charge led Jules G. Ord.
Answer: Battle of San Juan Hill
[10] This regiment made a much better-known charge at the Battle of San Juan Hill, earning fame for Teddy Roosevelt. This cavalry unit was famously commanded by Leonard Wood.
Answer: Rough Riders
[10] Joseph Wheeler, who assisted Shafter in commanding U.S. forces at San Juan Hill, was made into a hero by Hearst's Yellow Journalism machine, which turned his bloody draw against Antero Rubin at this battle outside Santiago into a thrilling and heroic victory, presumably much to the puzzlement of Wheeler.
Answer: Battle of Las Guasimas
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This work depicts its artist's patron and good friend, Alfred Bruyas, flanked by his servant and small dog. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this painting that also shows a carriage receeding down a road in the background, and the amply-bearded artist with an overstuffed knapsack and holding his hat and a walking stick.
Answer: A/The Meeting or An/The Encounter or Bonjour, Monsieur Courbet!
[10] The 1851 Paris Salon exploded with reaction towards this painting depicting the funeral of the great uncle of the artist of An Encounter. It features the artist's sisters, a precession of clergy, and a white dog in the foreground.
Answer: A Burial at Ornans or Un Enterrement a Ornans
[10] This painter painted A Burial at Ornans and An Encounter, and depicted two workers laboring in his destroyed The Stone Breakers. His most scandalous works of realism include the explicit Origin of the World.
Answer: Gustave Courbet
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This collaboration was created after one author sent another a copy of The Chase, which was combined with plot elements of "The Fronny" to produce this work. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this work by the authors of The Ascent of F6, a play in which Alan Norman seeks out missing Honeypot Hall heir Francis Crewe, who turns out to be the titular figure.
Answer: The Dog Beneath the Skin: Or, Where is Francis? A Play in Three Acts
[10] This poem casts its speaker as "uncertain and alone" in "one of the dives/On Fifty-second Street" and more memorably affirms "we must love on another or die."
Answer: "September 1, 1939"
[10] This English author wrote "September 1, 1939" and collaborated with Christopher Isherwood on "The Dog Beneath the Skin." He also produced "The Age of Anxiety" and "The Unknown Citizen."
Answer: Wystan Hugh Auden
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Most recent experiments have suggested that prolonged achievement - or perhaps even recognition - of these entities can only be facilitated by intense doses of psychotropic drugs. FTPE:,
[10] Identify these entities paired with "religions" and "values" in a work by the author of A Theory of Human Motivation, which consist of transcendent and ecstatic moments and supposedly constitute the ultimate aim of life.
Answer: Peak Experiences
[10] Peak Experiences were theorized to be achievable for those who achieved this state, which was defined as the driving force of existence in Kurt Goldstein's The Organism but was more famously placed above Love and Esteem needs in a chart created by the aforementioned author of Motivation and Personality.
Answer: Self-Actualization
[10] Self-Actualization is the pinnacle of the Hierachy of Needs developed by this Humanistic psychologist, who expressed regret for torturing primates with Harry Harlow in The Farther Reaches of Human Nature.
Answer: Abraham Maslow
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Let e denote the mass-specific dissipation function and nu the kinematic viscosity for a flow. Then these quantities are the primitive combinations of e and nu that give length and time. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this set of two quantities, one of which is equal to the fourth root of the quantity nu cubed over e and the other of which is the square root of quantity nu over e.
Answer: the Kolmogorov scales [these are specifically the Kolmogorov length and time scales; it is possible to construct other Kolmogorov scales, but they are derived from these]
[10] Under certain assumptions, the Kolmogorov scales the characteristic scales in this type of flow, in which inertial effects dominate viscous ones.
Answer: turbulent flows [accept word forms like turbulence]
[10] Kolmogorov scales are derived using a dissipation function, so they arise from this type of theory for a turbulent fluid. In general, this type of theory treats a many-body problem as a one-body problem in which averaged interactions with the remaining bodies are incorporated as self-consistent external forces.
Answer: mean field theories [prompt on self-consistent field theories]
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Identify the following philosophical works by the always-cheery Soren Kierkegaard, FTPE:,
[10] The Knight of Faith and the Knight of Infinite Resignation are contrasted in this Kierkegaard work, whose titular emotions are an allusion to Abraham's experience as he prepared to sacrifice Isaac.
Answer: Fear and Trembling or Frygt og Baeven
[10] Although many times longer and substantially more taxing to read than Kierky's Philosophical Fragments, this diatribe against Hegelianism is titled as an addendum to that earlier work. It declares the existence of historical and philosophical forms of truth, and is preoccupied with the importance of subjectivity in all matters of thought.
Answer: Concluding Unscientific Postscript to the Philosophical Fragments or That in Danish
[10] This work, Kierkegaard's university thesis, prompted a meeting with Meir Goldschmidt and dealt with the primacy of the titular entity in the philosophy of Socrates, whom he claimed was most accurately represented by Aristophanes in The Clouds. It muses on how Plato could possibly have taken various comments literally.
Answer: On the Concept of Irony with Continual References to Socrates or Om Begrebet Ironi med stadigt Hensyn til Socrates
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Andras Hegedus served as Prime Minister in between this leader's two terms, and Karoly Grosz claimed that he earned his position by snitching on various dissidents for the NKVD. FTPE:,
[10] Name this European statesman, executed on the orders of Nikita Khrushchev after a failed 1956 revolution.
Answer: Imre Nagy
[10] Imre Nagy served as Prime Minister of this country, overseen by Miklos Horthy through World War II, whose capital is Budapest.
Answer: Hungary (any incarnations thereof)
[10] This former guerilla leader, who once escaped prisoner transport headed for Mauthasen Concentration Camp, developed the Fifteen Point Programme during Hungary's Revolution. Despite undergoing a show trial himself years earlier, this huge tool lured Nagy out of the Yugoslav Embassy with a promise of safe passage. It wasn't on the level.
Answer: Janos Kadar or Janos Csermanek
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The spicebush swallowtail caterpillar exhibits one form of this behavior with respect to the swallowtail snake for which it is named. FTPE:,
[10] Name this situation in which a species resembles or acts like another, whose Batesian form involves species which do not actually share a common trait - such as being poisonous to predators - in contrast to its Mullerian form.
Answer: Mimicry
[10] These traits function as signals of potential harmfulness. Batesian mimicry usually consists of the copying of these by a harmless species.
Answer: aposematic traits [accept word forms like aposematism; grudgingly accept word forms of aposematic coloration]
[10] Vavilovian mimicry is an analogue of Batesian mimicry exhibited by these types of organisms under non-natural selection pressures.
Answer: weeds [accept clear-knowledge equivalents like undesirable plants; prompt on plants]
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Mary writes a poem entitled "The Fire" in this play, shortly before it's revealed that she's been nailing the Fire Chief. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this absurdist play which sees Donald and Elizabeth Martin's conversation with the Smiths devolve into an endless stream of puerile banter.
Answer: The Bald Soprano
[10] This Romanian dramatist created The Bald Soprano, and described Berenger's pursuit of the title character after he murders Dany in the Radiant City in The Killer. He also included Berenger in works like A Stroll in the Air and Rhinoceros.
Answer: Eugene Ionesco
[10] Berenger is depicted as the titular tyrant with a questionable grasp on reality in this play, which contrasts the attitudes toward his impending death on the part of his wives Marie and Marguerite.
Answer: Exit the King
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This work begins by announcing it will be a disappointment, and includes a discussion of five stratum of the titular field, the fourth of which is a "specifically English" type of gentry. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this lecture which more famously discusses the separation of the administrators from the means of administration and contrasts rational statutes, tradition, and charisma as sources of authority.
Answer: Politics as a Vocation or Politics as Vocation or Politik als Beruf
[10] This German thinker claimed that a state is defined by its monopolization on the legitimate use of force in his Politics as a Vocation. He also wrote The Rejection and Meaning of the World and The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism.
Answer: Max Weber
[10] A Weber text titled for these entities claims that they arose in Europe as a result of Christian kinship ties. A Lewis Mumford text about these entities asserts that they "crystallized" from factors like war or necessity, but claims they must achieve an organic stasis with nature in the chapter "retrospect and prospect."
Answer: The City (The City in History, etc.)
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Answer some questions about early Western contact with China, FTPE:,
[10] Marco Polo famously visited the Yuan court of this Mongol ruler, who triumphed over his brother Ariq Boke and conquered the Pagan Kingdom, but was less successful against Tran Hung Dao, the Nayan Revolt, and some storms off the coast of Japan.
Answer: Kublai Khan (or Khubilai Khan)
[10] With the aid of Xu Guangqi, this Italian Jesuit was responsible for almost all of the early exchange of ideas between China and the West. He served as brief envoy to the Court of the Wanli Emperor and created the first Chinese-European dictionary.
Answer: Matteo Ricci
[10] Ricci ignited a substantial amount of interest after he published his account of these kinds of individuals, whom he observed living in Kaifeng. Other members of this group in China may have served in the forces of Song general Yue Fei, established a major community in Shanghai during the 1940s, and were targeted by Japan's Fugu Plan.
Answer: Jews or equivalents (accept youtairen or tiao jin jiao or the religion which removes the sinews)
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Identify these Frank Lloyd Wright buildings, FTPE:,
[10] This building is located on 5757 South Woodlawn Avenue across from the University of Chicago, and is perhaps the foremost example of Praire School architecture. It was the very first locale to be chosen as one of the National Register of Historic Places, and was the subject of a highly illegal jaunt across its roof by Jeremy Eaton.
Answer: Robie House
[10] This building in Mill Run, Pennsylvania, was built over Bear Run Creek for the Kaufman family. It actually has an almost equally impressive companion structure, a servants quarters in which you can now spend the night if you've got a few thousand dollars to burn.
Answer: Fallingwater
[10] One of the few Wright structures in the Southern United States is this Florence, Alabama residence which was built to emulate Wright's "Usonian" style. It is dominated by wooden looks and features a heavily cantilevered roof.
Answer: Rosenbaum House
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This festival celebrates the victory of good over evil, and in Sikhism commemorates the return of Har Gobind Ji to Amritsar. FTPE:,
[10] Name this Hindu festival that celebrates the killing of Narakasura, which features the Lakshmi Puja ritual and the Five Days and is famously known as the Festival of Lights.
Answer: Diwali
[10] Narakasura's death occurred at the hands of Satyabhama, the wife of this son of Vasudeva and Devaki, who went into the forest to meditate after his brother Balarama sacrificed his life in the wake of a Yadava brawl.
Answer: Krishna
[10] Another Hindu festival celebrates this goddess, who is usually depicted with ten arms and riding the tiger Dawon. The festival became popular during the rise of the Indian Independence movement, for which this incarnation of Devi and aspect of Kali served as a symbol.
Answer: Maa Durga
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This theorem states that the equation x to the n plus y to the n equals z to the n has no integer solutions x, y and z for n an integer greater than 2. FTPE:,
[10] Name this theorem, whose French namesake also posited an eponymous "Little Theorem."
Answer: Fermat's last theorem [prompt on Fermat's theorem]
[10] The equation treated by Fermat's last theorem is of this type, since its solutions are restricted to the integers.
Answer: Diophantine equations
[10] Andrew Wiles' proof of Fermat's last theorem hinges on the fact that semistable rational elliptic curves have this property. Curves with this property are compact almost everywhere and are isomorphic to quotients of the upper-half complex plane with a finite-index subgroup of the integral two-by-two matrices.
Answer: modularity [accept word forms]
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Identify some Argentine authors, FTPE:,
[10] This author of The Book of Imaginary Beings and "Tlon, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius" was a major figure in Ultraist literature. He's best-known for his short stories, which are collected in works like Ficciones and include "The Library of Babel."
Answer: Jorge Luis Borges
[10] An obsession with Adolfo Bioy Casares's The Invention of Morel prompted this physicist to get into writing, leading him to describe Martin Castillo's courtship of Alejandra Olmos in On Hereoes and Tombs and the confession of Juan Pablo Castel's crime of passion in The Tunnel.
Answer: Ernesto Sabato
[10] After Jose Hernandez's Martin Fierro, the best-known piece of Gaucho literature is probably Facundo, a protest work written against Juan Manuel de Rosas by this future President of Argentina.
Answer: Domingo Faustino Sarmiento
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Concurrent with this event, Caleb Strong sent a secret diplomatic mission. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this meeting organized under Theodore Dwight and George Cabot, whose provisions called for a requirement that successive Presidents not be from the same state and the prohibition of any embargo longer than two months.
Answer: Hartford Convention
[10] The Hartford Convention disgraced this American political party, whose less embarrassing champions included Alexander Hamilton and John Adams.
Answer: Federalist Party
[10] Despite vehemently defending his own presence at the Hartford Convention - and the conference itself - in two published letters, this nephew of Revolutionary War leader James Jr. somehow went on to serve as Mayor of Boston and Senator from Massachusetts. He also formed the influential Mount Vernon Proprietors development firm.
Answer: Harrison Gray Otis
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Surreal moments in this novel occur when Cecelia Brady tries to find her father Pat during an earthquake, and the title figure spots Kathleen Moore sitting on a giant floating head of Shiva, and decides that she looks exactly like his dead wife Minna. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this novel whose last complete chapter sees the title figure and Cecilia begun a relationship after the former is beaten by some dude named Brimmer.
Answer: (The Love of the) Last Tycoon
[10] The Last Tycoon is an unfinished work by this American author, who wrote about Daisy Buchanan and Nick Carraway in The Great Gatsby.
Answer: Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald
[10] Richard Caramel becomes corrupted by literary fame in this novel, which centers on Adam, Gloria, and Anthony Patch.
Answer: The Beautiful and the Damned
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These compounds can be understood as having sp2-hybridized bonding between two adjacent carbons. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name these unsaturated hydrocarbons, which can be produced in a namesake metathesis and are characterized by the presence of a carbon-carbon double bond.
Answer: alkenes [accept olefins]
[10] Hydroxilation of alkenes often yields these compounds characterized by the presence of two hydroxyl groups.
Answer: diols [or glycols]
[10] Diols in which both hydroxyl groups are bonded to the same atom are given this name, as this name generally describes functional groups bounded to the same atom.
Answer: geminal
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TB This period was depicted by Milan Kundera in a novel entitled The Unbearable Lightness of Being. FTPE:,
[10] Name this 1968 period of political liberation of Czechoslovakia which unfortunately ended by the members of the Warsaw Pact and the Soviet Union led by Leonid Brezhnev.
Answer: Prague Spring
[10] Preceded by Antonin Novotny, this Czechoslovakian leader was responsible for the Prague Spring.
Answer: Aleksandr Dubcek
[10] Aleksandr Dubeck was succeeded by this Czechoslovakian leader who initiated a period of Normalization.
Answer: Gustav Hasak

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