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2009 Illinois Open Tossups by Bentley
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This politician was embarrassed when his government's legal campaign against Hardy, Tooke, and Thelwall ended with the complete exoneration of those men. During one of his ministries, this man supported the impeachment of Warren Hastings, the Governor General of Bengal, and after the conclusion of his first ministry, he held the position of Warden of the Cinque Ports. His government was able to achieve favorable terms from the Spanish after John Meares' ship was seized near Vancouver Island in the (*) Nootka Sound Controversy. This man served as the Chancellor of the Exchequer under Lord Shelburne under which he developed a rivalry with Charles James Fox. During his second and final ministry, he led Britain through the War of the Third Coalition and the Battle of Trafalgar. First assuming the office of Prime Minister despite being just 24 years old, FTP, identify this PM under George II, whose "elder" father of the same name, a Duke of Chatham, was known as the Great Commoner.
Answer: William Pitt the Younger (prompt on just Pitt)
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One character in this work is described as being the victim of "evil and indigestion" and that "brandy and water were altogether superfluous" to him. Though the title character only ate ginger nuts, the ginger had no effect on him, and he'd later not accept any food from the grub man in jail. The narrator of this story keeps a bust of Cicero in his office and employs a man who says "old age, even with a blot on the page is honorable" as an excuse for (*) working after noon; that man is named Turkey. At the end of this story, the narrator relates a rumor that the title character used to work in the Dead Letter Office before a change of administration, and earlier in the story that character hurts his eyes and is rendered unable to copy. Subtitled "A Story of Wall Street", FTP, name this short story by Herman Melville about a law clerk who starves to death after tirelessly repeating his mantra of "I Would Prefer Not To."
Answer: "Bartleby the Scrivener: A Story of Wall Street"
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Synthesis of this compound can be prevented using sulfa drugs, which replace the para-aminobenzoic acid that ordinarily reacts with pteridine to create this substance. THF derivatives of this compound are integral to the synthesis of dUMP. The cancer drug methotrexate works by inhibiting the metabolism of this substance. High levels of this compound interfere with most malaria treatments, and coenzymes of this substance are necessary for synthesizing DNA from purines and thymidine. Along with (*) cyanocobalamin, this vitamin is necessary to synthesize homocysteine. The rate of neural tube defect formation is reduced by taking large doses of this water-soluble vitamin in early-term pregnancies. FTP, identify this B-vitamin named for its presence in leafy vegetables, which after B12 has the highest numerical designation among compounds that are actually B-vitamins.
Answer: folic acid [or folacin or folate or pteroyl-L-glutamic acid or pteroyl-L-glutamate; accept vitamin B9]
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"The Seed" opens an album by Fabrizio Cassol and Kris Defoort titled "Variations on [This Album]". A 2002 Deluxe Edition of this album contained a DVD of the only full live performance of it at the Antibes Jazz Festival in France, and an alternate sextet take of its opening song, which added Archie Shepp on sax and Art Davis on bass but removed the overdubbed (*) chanting of the album's title phrase. This album directly followed the release of Crescent, also on the Impulse! label. The standard version of this album--only 33 minutes in length--contained "the multi-armed Shiva of jazz", Elvin Jones, playing drums, as well as Jimmy Garrison on bass and McCoy Tyner playing piano alongside the group's namesake on sax. Containing the tracks "Pursuance", "Resolution", "Acknowledgment" and "Psalm", this work ends with the assertion that the titular superlative force is "all from God." FTP, identify this 1965 album, a landmark work by John Coltrane.
Answer: A Love Supreme
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The ninth chapter of this book differentiates between "knowledge of fact", or history, and "knowledge of the consequence", or natural history. The author uses the example of waves to prove that "when a body is once in motion, it moveth eternally" in a section of this work that also addresses dreams. The later Latin edition of this work contained an appendix which, similar to the author's Answer to Bishop Bramhall, decided that God could be comprehended in the form of extension. Other sections of this work, which includes (*) "Of Imaginations," argue for many well-informed counselors of state and contrast Paternal and Despotical power. "Of Man" and "Of the Commonwealth" are the most famous sections of this, whose fourth book discusses a titular "kingdom of darkness"and describes the state of nature as "the war of all against all." Positing that man's existence is poor, nasty, brutish, and short, this work argues the absolute necessity of a supremely sovereign monarch. FTP, identiyf this work of political philsophy by Thomas Hobbes, titled after a very big fish.
Answer: Leviathan, The Matter, Forme and Power of a Common Wealth Ecclesiastical and Civil
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One abortive revolt in this modern-day country was led by its Social Democratic Party and saw its members meet at the historical Cave of Shio, which was constructed under a man who defeated Ilghazi, David the Builder. This site of the failed August Uprising saw an evacuation of its citizens, prompted by this country's refusal to assist the White Russians, overseen by Britain in its coastal city of Batumi in 1920. In ancient times, this victorious nation at the Battle of Didgori was ruled by the Chosroids and the (*) Pharnavzians, while the Princes of Iberia ruled until the supplanted by the Bagratids More recently, it was ruled by a "State Council" under a mand deposed in its Rose Rebellion, Eduard Shevardnadze. Mikheil Saakashvilli oversees the government of, FTP, what birthplace of Joseph Stalin, which has been mired in conflict over the disputed reasons of Abkhazia and South Ossetia?
Answer: Republic of Georgia [or Georgian Sakartvelo or Georgian Sakartvelos Respublika]
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One of the fundamental parameters of this system is given by the complete elliptic integral of the first kind with modulus sine half maximum displacement and upper bound maximum displacement, times the inverse of the natural frequency. A seperatrix in the phase space of these systems exists at maximum displacement pi. The aforementioned expression for a fundamental parameter of these may be obtained by separating the equation of motion's first integral, which contains a squared time derivative of position; that expression gives the (*) period. Two of these attached to one another is an archetypical chaotic system. For small maximum displacements, the sine term in the equation of motion for this system can be approximated as linear, which allows these systems to be modeled as harmonic oscillators. For 10 points, name these exceeding common physical model systems.
Answer: physical pendula [or physical pendulms; accept bobs]
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In an early engraving of this artist made during his time in Rome, the title figure buries his head in his hands while seated next to a giant foot and hand, The Artist Moved by the Grandeur of Ancient Ruins. This man created a series of prints blocking out the scenes of Hamlet, while Shakespeare also served as the source for a work that sees a redhead in a fiery orange night gown waving a torch mid-stride, Lady Macbeth Sleepwalking. Green tights unfortunately abound in this man's depiction of a single sword being thrust into the air while three figures grasp hands, a work reminiscent of David entitled Oath of the Rutli. A white (*) steed rears up and one title figure flails on the ground while the other prepares to eat them in this artist's Horseman Attacked by a Snake. This man's fondness for painting serpents can also be seen in his painting of a lone sailor hoisting his shield up as he prepares to navigate through the Strait of Messina, Odysseus in Front of Scylla and Charybdis. He's best known for a painting where a woman in white has her hands on the floor as a white horse peaks through the curtain to see a succubus perched on her. FTP, identify this Swiss-born artist of The Nightmare.
Answer: Henri Fuseli
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Pete Townshend's arrest for allegedly accessing child pornography occurred during Britain's Operation Ore, a re-working of a similar law enforcement operation in the U.S. known by this name. Vinnie Caruana of The Movielife also plays in a post-hardcore band called "I Am the [This]". A band with a plural form this name hails from Australia and to date have only released the much-acclaimed and sample-filled album Since I Left You, which included the dance hit "Frontier Psychiatrist." It also names an album subtitled "Outtakes and Extras from the Illinois Album" by Sufjan Stevens and an X-Man with the alter ego Dominikos Ioannis Petrakis who has the power to generate (*) vibrational waves. A variation on Chevrolet's Suburban sold under this name is characterized by the ability to convert the back end of the SUV into pickup-style flatbed. A hockey team with this name plays in the Pepsi Center and recently retired Joe Sakic's jersey, and won the 1996 Stanley Cup with Patrick Roy in goal after moving from Quebec. FTP, identify this name which describes an NHL team from Colorado as well as any large mass of snow hurdling down a mountain at you.
Answer: The Avalanches
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The protagonist of this work describes honor as "to be useful without fuss." A notable article written about this compares hypothetical authorship of this work by that article's author to a slave-trader writing Uncle Tom's Cabin, and describes on character as a "thinking gramophone." Daphne Hardy collaborated with its author on a stage adaptation of this novel that included the characters 202, 302 and 402, while one figure in this work recalls the suicide by hanging of Little Loewie. This work's final section begins with a quote by Ferdinand LaSalle and is entitled "The (*) Grammatical Fiction," and it centers on a man who reflects on his own mistreatment of characters like Richard and Arlova after coming to the realization that he is an "ex-Commissar of the People". The middle novel in a trilogy that also included The Gladiators and Arrival and Departure, this subject of the aforementioned essay by George Orwell concludes with the execution of Rubashov on false charges. FTP, identify this novel, the best-known work by Arthur Koestler.
Answer: Darkness at Noon [or Le Zero et l'Infini or Zero and Infinity]
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In the lead-up to this event, future participants wore badges reading "I am an American Citizen" and carried banners like "Virtue, Patriotism and Intelligence Versus $134 Worth of Dirt" to an April assembly in the state capital. The belligerents in this conflict included the Woonsocket Light Infantry and threatened the fortified Holder Block. It stemmed from a provision in the state's Charles II-era statute limiting the right to (*) vote to large landowners, and its namesake led the People's Party and opposed Charterite and Governor Samuel Ward King. Several years later, the Supreme Court deferred ruling on this event in Luther v. Borden. Occuring during the Presidency of John Tyler, FTP, identify this American insurrection, which saw an attempt to install its namesake as governor during in 1840s Rhode Island.
Answer: Dorr's Rebellion [or Dorr's War]
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One form of resonance posited to describe these objects occurs where the difference between the pattern and co-rotation frequencies is an integer quotient of the epicyclic frequency. Those resonances exist in the theory of these objects as density waves in a gravitational plasma dispersion relation; those waves are only quasi-stable as these objects cannot be stable due to the so-called winding problem. The aforementioned resonances are named for Lindbladt and the aforementioned theory for (*) Lin and Shu. The rotation rate of these objects increases with luminosity according to the Tully-Fisher relation. Like their elliptical counterparts, they generally contain a red nucleus. Some of these galaxies contain bars. FTP, identify this common type of galaxies, exemplified by the milky way, characterized by their swirling appearance.
Answer: spiral galaxies [or S0 galaxies; accept barred spiral galaxies; accept spiral galaxy arms before "galaxies"]
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St. Gregory the Great argued that this man's gift of prophecy allowed him to write the entirety of the book named for him--including the events after his death, such as the burning down of the city of Ziklag by the Amalekites. Rabbinical tradition holds that Nathan and Gad wrote the later sections of his eponymous book. This man proclaimed the authority of prophets over that of kings in a speech at Gilgal, and he frightened the hell out of one man after being raised from the dead to lend advice by the Witch of Endor. His mother shared a husband with Peninnah and pledged this man's loyalty to God if God allowed her to conceive; that mother was named (*) Hannah. This man massacred a group of Philistines with an army he organized at Mizpah, and was raised by Eli before being succeeded by a man who fathered Ish-Bosheth and died after losing a battle at Mount Gilboa. This figure appointed that successor after his own sons Abiah and Joel "walked not in his ways." FTP, name this Hebrew judge and first major prophet, the anointer of Saul and David, whose namesake book precedes Kings.
Answer: Samuel
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A character in this play who claims his only useful skill is knowing the difference between right and wrong is told to become a politician by a man who receives "good news in Manchuria". A "professor of Greek" in this play is nicknamed "Euripides" by a man he calls "Machiavelli", while Act II sees a conversation between Rummy Mitchens and Snobby Price. A woman who resents being called "Biddy" raises this work's title character, who works in an establishment in (*) West Ham. The difference in marriage laws between Australia and Great Britain allows Adolphus Cusins to claim foundling status in this play, leading to his adoption by the husband of Lady Britomart. Centering around the dynamic between the title figure and her arms-dealing father, Andrew Undershaft, FTP, identify this George Bernard Shaw play about a woman in the Salvation Army.
Answer: Major Barbara
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Equal amounts of two isomers of one of these compounds are made by a reaction in which DMAP or pyradine react with an amino acid. These compounds are the major product in the reaction of an organozinc halide and thioester under palladium catalysis. Two of these, one equipped with methyl and vynil groups, can react through two addition reactions and a dehydration to produce a third one of these that is cyclic and alpha, beta unsaturated. These compounds are thus the products in the Dakin-West reaction and (*) Fukuyama coupling, and both reactants and products in the Robinson annulation. For 10 points, name this functional group consisting of two carbon atoms bonded a carbon-double-bond-oxygen group.
Answer: ketones [accept aminoketones; prompt on carbonyls or aminos or aminocarbonyls]
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The sale of one of his instruments led this man to compose the "Abschieds-Rondo." Sonatas by this composer include the Leichte and Damen, while several others were grouped into his collection "For Connoisseurs and Amateurs." The Wotquenne Catalogue of this musician was improved on by the Helm Catalogue, which better incorporated his Nachlassverzeichnis. This composer collected 21 unpublished oratorios based around the Passion theme, while comparisons to Mendelssohn's Elijah are often made to this man's oratorio The Israelites in the Desert. The focus of this composer of a collection of "Berlin Portraits" turned to (*) church music after replacing his godfather, Georg Philipp Telemann, as Capellmeister in Hamburg, a position he took after leaving the court of Frederick the Great,who had received his father's Musical Offering. The author of Essay on the True Art of Playing Keyboard Instruments, FTP, identify this brother of Wilhelm Friedemann, the second son of the composer of The Well-Tempered Clavier and The Brandenburg Conciertos.
Answer: Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach [prompt on just "Bach"]
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In one of this man's works, the title figure's decision to turn into a woman and start dating a cellist leads to social breakdown over the receipt of violet envelopes and the rise of a shadow organization which drags unconscious people over the border, where they stop being inexplicably immortal. In another novel, Antonio Claro and Maria da Paz advise the protagonist; it ends with him pocketing a pistol to shoot the title character in a park. This author of Death with Interruptions and The Double wrote a novel exploring the relationships among Marcal, his wife Marta and her father Cypriano Algor, whose title is an allusion to the 7th Book of the Republic, (*) The Cave. A heteronymn of Ferdinand Pessoa inspired the titled of his The Year of the Death of Ricardo Reis, while the protagonist of one of this author's works, shortly before succumbing to his execution, cries out "Men, forgive Him for He knows not what He does." This author of The Gospel According to Jesus Christ described the fallout after the Iberian peninsula breaks away from Europe and drifts into the Atlantic as the titular Stone Raft, and wrote about the Doctor's Wife, who retains an immunity to the titular condition of his best-known work. FTP, name this author of Blindness, a Nobel laureate from Portugal.
Answer: Jose de Souza Saramago
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This man gets angry at a reporter for calling him "Mike" and is later told that it is the "Belief of Men" rather than steel and stone that keep buildings like the one he lived in standing. The Jackson Daily Star writes a scathing editorial about him, and he later complains that ping-pong couldn't save him. Early in the novel, this brother of Buddy and Vera expresses his desire to be an aviator and gets angry at Gus for being late to an abortive (*) robbery of a pool hall. Alvin C. Hanley eventually sentences him to death following a successful prosecution by Buckley, despite the efforts of his communist-sympathizing lawyer Max. Earlier, he beat Bessie to death with a brick and he tried to frame Jan for his accidental murder by smothering of Mary Dalton. FTP, identify this character created by Richard Wright, the protagonist of Native Son.
Answer: Bigger Thomas [accept either underlined answer]
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In the wake of this victory, the winning commander married a woman who would later be fed to a pit of starving cannibals by Perdiccus, Stateira II. Prior to this battle, the victors were able to make an uncontested river crossing, probably near Jesire, during which Aristander interpreted an eclipse as a positive omen. The victorious commander declared "I steal no victory" in refusing a night attack suggested by a man who buckled against the cavalry wing of Mazaeus at this clash. Prior to this battle, the loser worked to (*) level the battlefield to make it easier to employ chariots, but a series of charges from the companion cavalry of the victors turned the tide. The losing commander at this battle fled toward his long baggage train but was hunted down and stabbed by the Bactrian general Bessus. Occurring some two years after the commanders clashed in the Battle of Issus, FTP, identify this final victory for Alexander the Great over Darius III that brought down the Persian Empire.
Answer: Battle of Gaugamela [or Battle of Arbela]
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This thinker described "Upper Savagery" as beginning with "the invention of the bow and arrow" in one work, before in a later chapter building on Lewis H. Morgan's idea that the "bodies of consanguinei" in the Iroquis predated the "genea" of the Greeks. Earlier in his career, this man wrote articles for the Telegraph under the last name Oswald and was influenced by Moses Hess. This man referenced a polemic against Cato by Julius Caesar in his colloquial name for a group of essays, Anti-Duhring. This author of The Origin of the Family, (*) Private Property, and the State died before finishing Dialectics of Nature. One of this man's best-known works after extensive exposure to the effect of the industrial revolution on factory communities in Liverpool and Manchester. The author of The Condition of the Working Class in England may be better-known for collaborating with a more prolific partner on The Holy Family and The German Ideology, as well as a work which declares that a spectre is haunting Europe. FTP, identify this man who published The Communist Manifesto along with Karl Marx.
Answer: Friedrich Engels
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TB One short story by this author describes a mayor in its second section, "The Head", and sees Levko pledge to Ganna to never reveal the secret of the titular dead woman. Another of his short stories sees one character call the other of the same first name "a regular goose" after refusing to trade his gun for two sacks of oats. Besides "May Night or the Drowned Maiden" and "The Squabble", the latter of which appeared in his collection Mirgorod, this author wrote works like (*) Rudin and a novel about the father of Andrey and Ostap who is burned alive after the Poles betray his Cossacks. He also told of a clerk named Akaky who desires the title clothing in an 1842 story. The author of novels about Chichikov and Tarsa Bulba, for 10 points, identify this Russian author of "The Overcoat" and Dead Souls.
Answer: Nikolai Gogol
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
TB With Anders Lindstedt, this man names a technique for looking for regular perturbation expansions to approximate periodic solutions to differential equations. His name is sometimes given to an inhomogenous group and transformation more commonly named for Lorentz. A fixed, regular and periodic orbit was proven to converge to a periodic orbit or a fixed point in a theorem named for this man and (*) Bendixson. His namesake Lemma can be used to demonstrate that closed forms represent a cohomology class, and a dodecahedral space is sometimes named for this man. This pioneer of chaos theory is most famous for postulating a Millennium Problem solved by Grigori Perelman. For 10 points, name this French mathematician who posited a namesake conjecture regarding three dimensional manifolds.
Answer: (Jules) Henri Poincare
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
TB The Vita Merlini reports that this figure was the first ruler of the Isle of Apples, sometimes called the Fortunate Island. A deity sometimes incorrectly conflated with this figure takes the form of an eel to mess with Cuchulainn in that hero's defense of Ulster against Queen Medb. This parent of the protagonist of the Welsh version of Yvain, or the Knight of the Lion steals the scabbard of an object earlier given to Accolon. Sired, along with siblings (*) Elaine and Morgause by Gorlois, Le Morte d'Arthur records that she was married to King Uriens. Her affair with Guiomar gets her in bad standing with Guiomar's cousin, Guinevere. For 10 points, name this half sister and adversary to Arthur, whose epithet means "magician".
Answer: Morgan le Fay [or Morgana or Morgaine or Morgane or Morrigan or Morrigu or Mor-Rioghain]
2009 Illinois Open Bonuses by Bentley
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Answer these questions about twins in mythology, FTPE:,
[10] In the Popol Vuh, the Mayan hero twins face the trials of Xibalba and are doing ok until they enter the above of these creatures, one of whom bites off Hunahpu's head. Camazotz rules over these creatures in Mayan myth.
Answer: Bats
[10] The twins of this myth system, sometimes called "Killer of Enemy Gods" and "Child of the Waters", travel to the Center of the World. This religion may traditionally only be practiced in the Dinetah of its followers, a region bounded by the Four Sacred Peaks, and forbids the wearing of predator pelts over fear of Skinwalkers.
Answer: Navajo [accept Dine]
[10] After being sent down a river, these two twins settled at a fig tree called Ruminal, which was located near the Lupercal cave. They proceeded to have a series of wacky adventures that ended in the founding of Rome.
Answer: Romulus and Remus
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
One king of this location, Roger II, asserted this authority in the Assizes of Ariano. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this island, whose Norman kingdom signed the Treaty of Benevento with Pope Adrian IV, a very large Mediterranean Island off the Southern tip of Italy which rebelled against France in its namesake "Vespers."
Answer: Kingdom of Sicily
[10] This English King was forced to sign the Provisions of Oxford in part because he wanted to place his son Edmund on the throne of Sicily. Conrad IV, who was still ruling Sicily at the time, was less than thrilled.
Answer: Henry III Winchester [prompt on "Henry Winchester"]
[10] This pope got Henry III into all that trouble by enticing him to take the throne of Sicily. He succeeded Celestine IV after an 18-month vacancy in the pontificate and called the Council of Lyons which excommunicated Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II.
Answer: Pope Innocent IV [or Sinibaldo Fieschi]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Regions of calcification in this structure are known as brain sands. For 10 points each:,
[10] Identify this unpaired organ located at the juncture of the thalamic bodies in the brain.
Answer: pineal gland [or epiphysis cerebri]
[10] The main function of the pineal gland is to produce this hormone, which helps to regulate the sleep cycle and other Circadian rhythms. Its precursor is serotonin.
Answer: melatonin [or N-acetyl-5-methoxytryptamine]
[10] Melatonin synthesized in lymphocytes has been shown to regulate the production of the 2 form of this class of proteins. The 1 variety of these causes T cells to start their proliferation process.
Answer: interleukins
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Thomas Mann liked this man's novel about some creatures discovered by Captain van Toch, The War with the Newts. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this playwright of The Makropulos Affair, The Absolute at Large, and a thrilling guide to raising plants, The Gardener's Year. His best-known work begins with Helena visiting a factory run by Harry Domin.
Answer: Karel Capek
[10] Karel Capek is best known for this play, which features Primus, Marius, Sulla, and the other titular robots.
Answer: R. U. R. [or Rossum's Universal Robots]
[10] Karel collaborated with his brother Josef on this highly allegorical play play, which dramatizes the struggles of militant ants and a beetle who steals some dung among other similar figures.
Answer: The Insect Play [or Ze Zivota hmyzy]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This man's formative work as a sign painter was expressed in his Black-and-White Abstractions, and he included Gotham News as part of his Abstract Parkway Landscapes. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this artist behind various Woman paintings, a member of the Abstract Expressionist movement who spent a non-trivial amount of time painting canvases orange and asking people to identify Cuba.
Answer: Willem De Kooning
[10] Another Abstract Expressionist, this husband of Lee Krasner created works like Number 5 and Lavender Mist. This man's style of "action painting" earned him the nickname "Jack the Dripper."
Answer: Paul Jackson Pollock
[10] De Kooning was greatly influenced by this Armenian, who criticized the WPA as being "poor art for poor people." He created works like The Liver is the Cock's Comb and Garden in Sochi before hanging himself.
Answer: Arshile Gorky
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
One of the elements in this group can form non-metal-like oxyanion species dominated by covalent bonds, but this group unusual forms ionic salts. For 10 points each:,
[10] Identify this group of elements that were believed to be metal oxides due a conjecture of Lavoisier's until Sir Humphry Davy isolated their first identified member, magnesium.
Answer: the alkaline earth metals [or group IIA]
[10] This alkaline earth isotope, plentiful in nuclear fallout, is highly dangeous because it displaces calcium in bones. It emits a roughly half megaelectronvolt electron with half life approximately 30 years.
Answer: strontium-90 [prompt on strontium]
[10] In this process, titanium is extracted using a high-temperature mixture of the alkaline earth metal magnesium.
Answer: the Kroll process
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This man's refusal to provide aid to New York City Mayor Abraham Beame led to the amusing headline, "[This Man] to City: Drop Dead". FTPE:,
[10] Identify this president, whose term so the signing of the Helsinki Accords and the Fall of Saigon.
Answer: Gerald Rudolph Ford [or Leslie Lynch King, Jr.]
[10] Ford maintained most of Nixon's cabinet, such as this Nobel Peace Prize-winning Secretary of State. Earlier, this dude who wrote a doctoral thesis on the Congress of Vienna was Nixon's National Security Adviser.
Answer: Henry Alfred Kissinger
[10] Under Ford, Kissinger gave the go-ahead for the invasion of this polity. More recently, Alfredo Reinado tried to overthrow Jose Ramos-Horta in this country, the subject of Operation Lotus.
Answer: East Timor [or Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste or Timor Lorosae]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This work traces parallel storylines in Sicily, which is controlled by the usurper Polydamas, and like all things in life, concludes happily following a wife-swap between Palamede and Rhodophil. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this work in which just Hermogenes's hope for a return to just rule is incidentally accomplished after Leonidas leads a rebellion to enable him to hook up with his childhood sweetheart, Palmyra. The plot of this work was largely drawn from John Fletcher's Beggars' Bush and Rule a Wife and Have a Wife.
Answer: Marriage a la Mode
[10] This author of the historical works The Conquest of Granada and Aureng-Zeb wrote Marriage-a-la-Mode, as well as the satirical MacFlecknoe. This first Poet Laureate was inspired by Sidney to write Essay on Dramatick Poesie, and is better-known for works like Absalom and Achitophel.
Answer: John Dryden
[10] Dryden's The Wild Gallant draws text from this Cavelier poet's Aglaura, which contains the most famous line written by this author of The Goblins and "Ballad Upon a Wedding," which asks "why so pale and and won, fond lover?"
Answer: John Suckling
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Early in a seminal essay, this man compares McCarthyism to the Populism scare tactics of the 1890s, and proceeds to criticize the assumption of the "amoral superman" when dealing with contestants in the titular field. FTPE:,
[10] Name this political scientist whose 1964 essay "The Paranoid Style in American Politics" examines how fringe movements employ paranoid rhetoric. He's also known for Anti-Intellectualism in American Life.
Answer: Richard Hofstadter
[10] Hofstadter's "Paranoid Style in American Politics" was inspired by the recent triumph over Nelson A. Rockefeller by this staunch conservative Senator from Arizona, whose affinity for incinerating little girls with nuclear weapons would cost him the 1964 election.
Answer: Barry Goldwater
[10] Hofstadter's style of historiography, particularly as reflected in The American Political Tradition, owes much to the theories of this historian, who wrote The Rise of American Civilization with his wife Mary. This man may be best-known for his namesake thesis regarding the financial motivations of the founding fathers, discussed in An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution.
Answer: Charles Austin Beard
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The greater of these events took place every four years, while the lesser occurred every year and are thought to celebrate the namesake deity's birthday on the 28th of Hekatombaion. FTPE:,
[10] Name this religious celebration in Ancient Greece, which featured athletic, musical and rhapsodic contests.
Answer: Panathenaic Festival
[10] During the Panathenaic Festival, Athenians made sacrifices in front of the temple to this goddess on the Areopagus. She was an aspect of Athena associated with victory.
Answer: Athena Nike
[10] During the Greater Panathenaic Festival, worshipers placed a giant peplos or garment on this notable statue of Athena, which represented her virginity. The statue held a smaller statue of Athena Nike in its right hand.
Answer: Athena Parthenos
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Multiplying this quantity by a differential solid angle gives a differential area times the ratio of flux scattered into that area to incident flux. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this quantity fundamental to scattering theory.
Answer: the differential cross-section [prompt on d sigma by d omega]
[10] This formula gives the differential scattering cross-section for its associated form of scattering as half fine structure constant squared square of quantity Dirac constant over speed of light electron mass, close quantity, times the square of the energy ratio for the scattered particle times the quantity cosine squared scattering angle minus one plus energy ratio plus one over energy ratio.
Answer: the Klein-Nishina formula
[10] The Klein-Nishina formula gives the differential scattering cross-section for this type of scattering, the elastic scattering of a photon by an electron. It is named for an American physicist.
Answer: Compton scattering
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Australian history, FTPE.,
[10] Some Australian colonists who came to the country in one of these events issued the Bendigo Petition. Other participants in one of these events engaged in the Eureka Stockade and one of these events also took place in the Klondike in the 1890s.
Answer: Gold Rush [accept clear knowledge equivalents]
[10] One of the instances when the Anzac Corps had an impact in World War I was during the third battle of this location, a battle which sometimes goes by the name of Passchendaele or Flanders.
Answer: Ypres
[10] Following World War II, the Australian political scene was dominated by this Prime Minister, who entered his country into both ANZUS and SEATO. He helped found the country's Liberal Party.
Answer: Sir Robert Gordon Menzies
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Based on a poem by Pushkin, it tells the tale of a young man lovestruck by the gypsy Zemfira. FTPE:,
[10] Name this work written as a graduation piece for the Moscow Conservatory, which won top prize for its composer, Sergei Rachmaninoff.
Answer: Aleko
[10] Also composed during his time at the Moscow Conservatory, Rachmaninoff included this work as one of the five pieces in his Morceaux de Fantaisie. It opens with a three chords that introduce the theme in fortissimo, and notably uses quadruple Sforzando in its third section.
Answer: Prelude in C Sharp Minor (prompt on partial answer)
[10] Rachmaninoff is best known for writing a set of pieces, whose 18th member features a famous D flat major andante, which are collected into "Rhapsody on a Theme" by this Italian virtuosuo, who himself composed the Campanella violin concerto and 24 Caprices. His intense skill prompted rumors of his consorting with the devil.
Answer: Niccolo Paganini
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One of his best known works divides the title concept into egoistic and anomic types. FTPE:,
[10] Name this French sociologist who wrote The Division of Labor in Society, and undertook a major study of the social significance of suicide.
Answer: (David) Emile Durkheim
[10] Durkheim called the title concept "something eminently social" in this last of his major publications, which was broken into sections on Animism, Naturism and Totemism. It analyzed the beliefs of Aborigines.
Answer: The Elementary Forms of Religious Life
[10] The journal L'Annee Sociologigue, which was founded by Durkheim, featured frequent contributions from other leading sociologists whose studies of Melanesians produced Sacrifice: Its Nature and Function and A General Theory of Magic, both of which relied on the assistance of Henri Hubert.
Answer: Marcel Mauss
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Often compared with Plato's Republic, the first 10 of the 22 books in this work consist of attacks against the power of the pagan Gods. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this text whose title entity is inhabited by the minority of the population that has renounced the self in favor of the divine, a work written in response to anti-Christian sentiment in the wake of the sacking of Rome by the Visigoths.
Answer: Of the City of God against the Pagans [or De Civitate Dei contra Paganos]
[10] In Book IV of City of God, St.Augustine lampoons the narrow power of Roman gods by noting that "everyone sets a porter [to one of these]," but that the gods Foculus, Cardea and Limentinus must rule over individual parts of these objects. Along with beginnings and endings, the two-faced Janus was a god of these objects.
Answer: Door or Gate
[10] Another work by St. Augustine outlines his "psychological analogy" for the title concept. Augustine requests dull readers to not misunderstand his concept, and asserts that this "nor, again ... descended in the form of a dove upon Jesus".
Answer: The Holy Trinity
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Identify the following about some of these later Roman emperors, FTPE.,
[10] Among his exploits include marrying a Vestal Virgin, Aquilia Severa, and pining for his charioteer Hierocles. He took his common name from the Syrian sun god he tried to promote in Rome.
Answer: Elagabalus [or Heliogabalus or Marcus Aurelius Antoninus or Varius Avitus Bassianus; don't prompt on just "Marcus Aurelius"]
[10] In addition to writing the Edict on Maximum Prices, this man is famous for setting up the Tetrarchy and for being the last emperor to organize a wide-scale persecution of Christians.
Answer: Diocletian [or Gaius Aurelius Valerius Diocletianus]
[10] Three emperors of this name ruled Rome in the Dominate and post-Dominate period. The last saw his mother Galla Placidia serve as regent for much of his reign, while the first succeeded Jovian, dealt with the Revolt of Firmus, and is commonly called the "last great warrior emperor".
Answer: Valentinian
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The standard mechanism for synthesis these chemicals is free halogen exchange of substituted alkanes like chloroform, which renders the non-exchanged halogens on the major product vulnerable to photodissociation. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this class of chemicals.
Answer: chlorofluorocarbons [or freons; accept bromofluorcarbons or halons]
[10] Paul Crutzen discovered that the breakdown of this compound can be catalyzed by free chlorine radicals like those obtained from CFC photodissociation. CFCs cause this compound, and are significantly responsible for creating its associated "holes."
Answer: ozone [accept O3]
[10] These scientists originated the hypothesis that CFC's can reach the upper atmosphere, undergo chlorine photodissociation and deplete ozone, for which they were initially villified by the petrochemical industry.
Answer: Mario Jose Molina and Frank Sherwood Roland [accept in either order; accept the Roland-Molina hypothesis]
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Sometimes called "Ingles" by characters like Maria and Pablo, his speech is transcribed with plenty of "thous". FTPE:,
[10] Name this character, who plots to blow up a bridge in a novel set during the Spanish Civil War.
Answer: Don Roberto Jordan [accept either underlined answer]
[10] Robert Jordan is the protagonist of this Hemingway novel, which takes its title from a line in John Donne's "Meditation XVII" that begins "No man is an island".
Answer: For Whom the Bell Tolls
[10] For Whom the Bell Tolls was Hemingway's follow-up to this 1937 novel, which sees its protagonist, smuggler Harry Morgan, proclaim on his deathbed "No matter how, a man alone ain't got no bloody chance."
Answer: To Have and Have Not
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Argued against by Roger Penrose in The Emperor's New Mind and Shadows of the Mind, this idea's proof was predicted by Edmund Furse based on his view that the brain in a complex machine. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this hypothesis, that states that machines are in the abstract capable of doing anything a human mind is capable of.
Answer: the strong artificial intelligence hypothesis
[10] This thought experiment is an argument against strong AI. The central argument is that a machine equipped with a full symbol table cannot understand a language that it is translating.
Answer: the Chinese room experiment
[10] This response to the Chinese Room Experiment contends that there are potentially many means, for example the use of neuron-like machines, that to render a machine capable of understanding the language.
Answer: the many mansions response
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This dynasty declined after a defeat at the Battle of Al-Mansurah, although they managed to hang on until the 15th century at Hisn Kayfa. FTPE:,
[10] Name this dynasty which replaced the Fatimids.
Answer: Ayyubid Dynasty
[10] The Ayyubid Dynasty rose to prominence under this ruler, who won the Battle of Hattin against the Christians and later fought against Richard the Lionheart.
Answer: Saladin [or Salah ad-Din Yusuf ibn Ayyub]
[10] The Citadel at this location was sacked by the Mongols under Hulegu in part due to the Mamluks taking power in Cairo, depriving it of reinforcements. An-Nasir Yusuf was ruling from this Syrian city during that sack, which also saw its Great Mosque destroyed.
Answer: Aleppo, Syria

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