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2008 Gaddis Tossups by Round 8
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This artist's wife Jesse Macauley Olsson was the model for Mary in his painting of the annunciation, which depicts Gabriel as a column of light. His move to Palestine from 1897 to 1899 inspired his paintings Daniel in the Lion's Den and Nicodemus Visiting Jesus. Alain Locke attacked his painting of an old man sitting at a table saying grace for its lack of "racial realism," and his painting of a man sitting in a chair teaching a young boy to play a stringed instrument was inspired by Paul Laurence Dunbar's poem "A Banjo Song." A student of Thomas Eakins, for fifteen points, identify this artist of The Thankful Poor and The Banjo Lesson, the foremost African-American painter of the late 19th century.
Answer: Henry Ossawa Tanner (6)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This work features kajebi which hold the daughter of the Indian king Parsadan captive in a fortress. The whorish Fatima of Gulansharo lusts for another character, who is assisted on his quest by Nuradin Pridon, and eventually marries Tinatin, the daughter of the king of Arabia. It begins with a shooting contest held by King Rostevan, which is interrupted by the title character, who is searching for his beloved, Nestan-Darejan. Avtandil then swears an oath of friendship to the title character, an Indian amirbar named Tariel who is initially only named for wearing the title object. Written by Shota Rustaveli, FTP, name this national epic of Georgia.
Answer: The Knight in the Panther's Skin [accept Lord or Man instead of Knight, also accept vepkhistqaosani] (5)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
One branch of their government is currently lead by Arcadius, and another member of this race is the leader of the Crimson Cadre, General Ator. Their capital is currently located in the Blue Area of the moon, and had previously been taken over by Ronan the Accuser. The giant bulldog Lockjaw is the official transport of this groups' royal family, which includes the philosopher Karnak and his brother Triton. Another member of this group is the mother of Luna and former husband of Pietro Maximoff. In accordance with the dictates of their Genetics Council, these people gain their power from a substance that was recently stolen by Quicksilver, the Terrigen Mists, and Gorgo recently commanded a force of them that attacked New York. Currently lead by Medusa, FTP, name this Marvel Comics subspecies of genetically advanced humans created by the Kree, whose most famous members are Crystal and Black Bolt.
Answer: The Inhumans (5)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
A program developed by Polish scientists uses a Cartesian deformed harmonic-oscillator to perform calculations when Skyrme interactions are considered along with it. The Kohn-Sham equations calculate the quantity associated with it but use the density functional theory instead. The Hall-Roothaan equations are linear combinations of basis functions used in this model and the Moller-Plessetimprovement to it incorporates correlation to the operator that is formed after each iteration of the procedure. The introduction of Slater determinants to this theory addressed its inability to account for the antisymmetry principle and it assumes the Born-Oppenheimer approximation. It exists in restricted, restricted open-shell, and unrestricted varieties based on the spin and the existence of singly occupied orbitals. For 10 points, identify this self consistent field method which approximates the ground state energy of an N-body system, named for a British and a Russian physicist.
Answer: Hartree-Fock (3) theory or model or method or equation [prompt on "Self-consistent field" until mentioned; do not accept "Hartree method"]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
The group responsible for this plan was infiltrated by government spies like George Edwards and George Ruthven on the urging of John Stafford. It was incited when the four leaders of the Society of Spencean Philanthropists were arrested at Spa Fields, and its leaders included Richard Tidd, James Ings, and William Davidson. Richard Birnie arrested the people behind this plot, which was masterminded by Arthur Thistlewood. The members of this plot planned to break into Lord Harrowby's house, kill all the government ministers there, and mount the heads of Sidmouth and Castlereagh on pikes. FTP, identify this 1820 plot named for the arrest of its members in a house on the title road.
Answer: the Cato Street Conspiracy (3)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Oscar Wilde's poem "Quantum Mutata" laments "Luxury with barren merchandise piles up the gate / Where noble thoughts and deeds should enter by: / Else might we still be" this man's inheritors. An essay by William Hazlitt asserts that "the fervor of" this man's "imagination melts down and renders malleable, as in a furnace, the most contradictory materials." Another poem calls this man "Pure as the naked heavens, majestic, free," and asks him to "raise us up, return to us again" because "England hath need of thee: she is a fen." In an epic poem, a young girl named Ololon reveals that she is searching for this man, after he enters the author's foot in a comet. That epic poem named for this author features a poem asking "And did those feet in ancient time / Walk upon England's mountains green?" and was written by William Blake. FTP, name this author whose tracts include The Reason of Church Government and The Doctrine and Discipline of Divorce, who also wrote Comus and Paradise Regained.
Answer: John Milton (2)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
A related mechanism, the dominant one for semiconductors, named for D'yakonov and Perel, and unlike this mechanism is independent of the mean free path. This mechanism occurs because in real crystals momentum eigenstates named Bloch States are not spin-eigenstates anymore. If this mechanism is the primary spin scattering mechanism, then the spin-flip length lambda-sf will be linearly proportional to the mean free path. Yielding a spin relaxation rate of 1/T, for twenty points, name this main spin-flip mechanism for metals.
Answer: Elliot-Yafet mechanism (6)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Jeffrey Quilter explored a "revolt of the objects" in the later works of this culture, divided into five distinct phases. This culture's owl god usually is shown holding a war club, although he is rarely depicted in actual battle scenes, and their pantheon was very similar to their contemporaries, the Cupisnique. Ai Apaec is probably the most important of one class of gods in this culture, gods who usually hold a knife in one hand and a severed head in another and are appropriately known as the decapitator gods. Their religion likely centered around sun and moon gods, as evidenced by the massive Temples of the Sun and Moon at Trujillo, and the so-called Lord of Sipan has provided a rich set of gold and turquoise artifacts from this culture. Also known for pottery depicting exaggerated sexual acts, FTP, identify this pre-Columbian civilization lasting from roughly 100 AD to 800 AD in modern-day Peru.
Answer: Moche [or Mochica or Proto-Chimu or Early Chimu] (5)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
One author from this country wrote a play ending with Eddie performing the title dance over the corpse of the idealistic Arthur. Another author from this country wrote about a 30-year-old man who fights with his cousin under a pair of giant buttocks after being abducted by Dr. Pimko and transforming into a schoolboy. The authors of Tango and Ferdydurke are from this country, whose national epic tells of the feud between the Soplica and Horeszko families, which is resolved when the title character marries Zosia. In addition to that epic poem, Pan Tadeusz, another author from this country wrote The Teutonic Knights and With Fire and Sword. FTP, name this country home to Slawomir Mrozek, Witold Gombrowicz, Adam Mickiewicz, and Henryk Sienkiewicz, which was partitioned a lot.
Answer: Poland (2)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Recent missions to discover more information about these objects include the high altitude flights conducted by the Southwest Research Institute, necessary to reduce twilight effects. The MESSENGER probe will potentially provide more information about these bodies, which may be difficult because the Yarkovsky Effect might have resulted in the destruction of all of these objects greater than 1 kilometer in diameter. They are hypothesized to exist in regions between 0.06 and 0.21 Astronomical Units away from the Sun, and would provide for why a certain planet has craters and a high precession in its perihelion. FTP, identify these asteroids theorized to exist between Mercury and the Sun, named for hypothetical missing planet and for a Roman god who sired Caeculus and works at Mount Etna.
Answer: Vulcanoid Asteroids [or Vulcanoids] (4)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
The peace of La Mabilais during thisperiod proved to be a failure, and the displaying of the head of the guard Feraud upon a pike to Boissy d'Anglas led to his resignation. Billaud, Collot, and Vadier were among those sentenced to deportation during this period, and the death of a figure guarded, kicked, and beaten by a cobbler named Simon on 20 Prairial led to a crisis in succession. Pusaiye and d'Hervilly disputed command at an invasion of Quiberon Bay, and a conflict ended at La Jaunaie during this period with the acceptance of peace of with the Chouans. Important documents signed during it included theThird ofVentose law, which separated church and state, and one phenomenon of this period was helped by cebets or onion eaters, and was reflected in events like J. Fernex being tossed in the Rhone River, a period known as the White Terror. Beginning with the arrests of Couthon, Hanriot, Saint-Just and the brothers Robespierre, FTP, name this "reaction" against the Committee of Public safety which began on July 27, 1794.
Answer: Thermidorian Reaction (4)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Ghentu, a god of one of these phenomena, is represented by a dunghill and is worshipped during the month of Phalguna. Devi Mata is responsible for these phenomena in the Punjab. Mari Bhavani represents one type of this phenomenon, and one deity of this phenomenon has projecting teeth, a hideous face, and carries a broom, a fan, and a sword. In Bengal, the goddess Sasthi helps worshipers escape these phenomena. One form of Matangi Sakti might control these phenomena with seven "Mothers." The most notable deity of these phenomena is Sitala, who brings with her a thing used on blankets to kill a different kind of Indian during Pontiac's Rebellion. FTP, name this very common phenomenon in India, manifested in things like itching, cholera, and smallpox.
Answer: disease [accept equivalents and accept itching until "Devi Mata"] (1)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This region's capital features monuments such as the tombs of Abu Muzaffar Bahdur Khan and the Mausoleum of Momine Khatun. Arakel of Tabriz wrote about the deportation of residents from one city in this region to Esfahan, where that group established the town of Julfa, named after a city in this region. Samara Airlines is the only international airline which serves this region, whose main international road connections are to Igdir (uh-dur) across the Aras river in one of the three nations this region borders. The home of politicians such as Abulfaz Elchibay and Heydar Aliyev, one must fly to Ganja for onward travel since its border with Armenia is closed. Surrounded by Turkey, Iran, and Armenia, FTP, name this Azerbaijani exclave.
Answer: Naxchivan (x is pronounced like a "kh") (3)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
A 2000 study discussed the possibility of an exchange factor involving the plasma membrane and this molecule in chromaffin cells. A version of this molecule with four attached phosphate groups is an alarmone that regulates the stringent response in E. Coli. Hoogsteen bonding stabilizes the square arrangement of these molecules in a namesake quadruplex than can be found in vitro in telomeres, and its deamination results in the production of xanthine. Attached to a ribose, its phosphorylation results in a molecule that acts as a substrate for synthesizing RNA, and proteins involving them act as regulators involved in second messenger cascade reactions; an example of the latter is stimulating the use of ATP in producing cyclic AMP. First extracted from sea bird excretions, this is, FTP, which purine, one of the five nucleotide bases which base pairs with cytosine?
Answer: guanine [or guanosine or G] (2)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This author parodied the "hammering" theme from Das Rheingold to depict the construction of the Hindenberg in his Three Tales. One of this composer's operas is set at Machpelah, the burial site of Ishmael, Isaac, and Abraham. This composer set Ludwig Wittgenstein's statement "How small a thought it takes to fill a whole life" to music in Proverb, and his first work looped a recording of Brother William saying "It's gonna rain." He set four Jewish Psalms to music in Tehillim, and the Kronos Quartet commissioned his piece contrasting railway noises with sirens, Different Trains. A metallophone signals the changes between pulses in his work based on eleven simple chords, Music for 18 Musicians, and in another of his works, a percussion phrase of eight beats and four rests goes in and out of phase. FTP, name this minimalist composer of Drumming.
Answer: Steve Reich (3)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Andrew Hill, a member of Mary Leakey's research team, discovered ancient elephant footprints in 1977 while avoiding a fight involving this substance. This substance was the stated cause of mutiny of the Somaliland Camel Corps in 1937. Antonio Rinaldeschi, who was arrested at the church of Santa Maria degli Alberighi and hanged after committing a crime involving this substance. The travelogue of Nasir i-Khosrow mentions a Christian church named for this substance in Jerusalem called the Bai'ya al-Kumama. According to Muthir, the caliph Omar crawled through this substance while entering the Gate of Muhammad in Jerusalem and forced to Nabataeans to work in it, and the Rock of the Prophet could not be the site of prayer until three rain showers had passed due to this substance. FTP, name this substance which has recently found use by Inca historians studying mites who live in the llama variety of it.
Answer: dung [accept equivalents] (1)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
One character in this novel is jailed for nearly killing Dusty-butt Jones. Later on, Bo creates watch fobs out of the remains of Smothers, who dies in an explosion that blinds a character with a gold tooth. One character in this novel kills a riding-boss for insulting his mother, and becomes unfaithful to his wife Hattie after breaking up a dogfight. This novel features a love triangle involving the Mexican prostitute Anna, and depicts the migration of three brothers from Kentucky to Pennsylvania. It ends with Melody and Chinatown leaving for Pittsburgh after their brother Big Mat is killed breaking a strike. For fifteen points, name this novel about the Moss brothers, who move North to work in a steel mill, a work by William Attaway.
Answer: Blood on the Forge (6)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
The Hays Committee censored this film because of a scene where a child is interrupted while urinating on a wall. The protagonist is deserted by his friend Baiocco during a rainstorm, and later chases the title character into a brothel, only to be threatened by a mob. The first poll ever conducted by Sight and Sound ranked this neo-realist movie the best of all time. Maria sells her bedsheets so her husband can retrieve the title object from a pawnshop, allowing him to get a job putting up posters of Rita Hayworth, until the protagonist is victimized by the title character. In this movie, Enzo Staiola plays Bruno, the young son of the protagonist, Ricci, who is eventually driven to steal the title object during a soccer game. Set in postwar Italy,FTP, name this 1948 movie by Vittorio de Sica.
Answer: The Bicycle Thief [or Bicycle Thieves or Ladri di Biciclette] (5)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This economist's namesake condition, which similar to one developed by Keynes, applies when the budget constraint in his namesake auctions holds constant. The Cowles Commission is associated with developing the "neo" school of this economist. A model involving households, firms, primary factors and produced commodities was named for him and the author of The Theory of Social Economy, Gustav Cassel. In a revision to his major work, he got pissed off at Phillip Wicksteed for stealing his Marginal Productivity Theory of Distribution. He helped inspire the work of Vilfredo Pareto, who is typically grouped into the Lausanne School with this economist. The author of Elements of Pure Economics, FTP, name this French economist, a major developer of general equilibrium theory along with Menger and Jevons.
Answer: Marie-Esprit-Leon Walras (4)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This work is divided into two volumes which critique the supposed "infallibility" of two primary modern institutions. In chapter five of this work, "Blind Leaders of the Blind," the author attacks Darwinism and Mr. Huxley's derivation from the Orohippus. The author presents the work of Emmanuel Swedenborg, and offers a distinction between Spiritualism and spiritualist phenomena, such as astral plane crossing. This work begins by highlighting the esoteric wisdom which existed "Before the Veil" of modern institutions. Written by the author of The Secret Doctrine, and subtitled "A Master Key to the Mysteries," for fifteen points, name this book by Helena Blavatsky, a major work of Theosophy whose title refers to an Egyptian Goddess.
Answer: Isis Unveiled (5)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
A book by Eric Walther describes nine members of this group, which included the author of The Partisan Leader, a futuristic novel about a dictatorship led by Martin Van Buren. Members of this group included an expert on soil chemistry famed for his "Essay on Calcareous Manures" and the editor of their mouthpiece, DeBow's Review, and their ranks included Leonidas Spratt, William Porcher Miles, and Nathaniel Beverly Tucker. Another member of this group wrote the Alabama Platform, while yet another member, Edmund Ruffin, established the League of United Southerners. Led by William Yancey and Robert Rhett, they split the 1860 Democratic convention in Charleston because they believed that a Republican presidential victory would cause their states to secede. FTP, name this group of extreme pro-slavery Southerners named for their incendiary rhetoric.
Answer: Fire-Eaters (5)
2008 Gaddis Bonuses by Round 8

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