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2008 Gaddis Tossups by Round 2
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One man of this name was killed when his ship was boarded by Calpurnius Asprenas, although he had earlier made plans to take Syria and had actually succeeded in taking the island of Cythnus and arming its population. Another man of this name was recognized by Parthian king Artabanus III out of disrespect for Titus and was also known as Terentius Maximus. Tacitus reports that the first one of these was a slave from Pontus. They are associated with the Anti-Christ, as that word derives from the Greek spelling of their namesake, a man who ordered the Second Temple of Jerusalem to be destroyed. Their existence was helped by the general populace not believing that their namesake had stabbed himself with Epaphroditos's help, and they all tended to be good at playing the cithara. FTP, identify these people who pretended to be a Roman emperor notorious for fiddling while Rome burned.
Answer: False Neros or Pseudo Neros (3) [accept equivalents that mention people pretending to be Nero; prompt on just "Nero"]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
One type of these found in frog oocytes has an NES between residues 108 and 117 which localizes it to the cytoplasm, and type T of these facilitates interactions between Tat and human TAR. Meriolins are a class of compounds that inhibit the growth of enzymes with which they associate, and a double knockout of type E of these inhibits the endoreplication of trophoblasts and prevents polyploidy. The MPF is a complex containing type B of these, which is degraded after a cell begins mitosis, and phosphorylating PRb results in translation of one type of these proteins which results in the initiation of the S phase. For 10 points, identify these compounds that form a complex with certain kinases that "depend" on them and regulate the cell cycle.
Answer: cyclins (3)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This artist's early works include "splash" sculptures created by throwing ladles of molten lead at a warehouse wall and a series of "prop" sculptures featuring unattached parts balanced by the forces of gravity. Two congruent rectangles and squares make up his sculpture Equal-Parallel: Guernica-Bengasi, and this sculptor's more recent creations include Band and Torqued Torus Inversion. He helped Robert Smithson create Spiral Jetty, and sculpted a series of "torqued ellipses" for the Bilbao Guggenheim. Another of his sculptures, a twelve-foot high, 120-foot long piece of curving steel, was destroyed after a 1985 hearing chaired by William Diamond ordered it to be removed from New York City's Federal Plaza. FTP, name this contemporary American sculptor of Tilted Arc.
Answer: Richard Serra (4)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This work argues that every ready-made phrase "anaesthetizes a portion of one's brain," and posits the necessity of letting "the meaning choose the word, and not the other way around." This essay uses the image of a speaker whose glasses turn into "blank disks which seem to have no eyes behind them" to illustrate that "orthodoxy...seems to demand a lifeless, imitative, style." It updates a clear passage from Ecclesiastes into "modern English of the worst sort" to explain the perils of dying metaphors, pretentious diction, and meaningless words, and explains that in modern times, "political speech and writing are largely the defense of the indefensible." Connecting the decline of the second title entity with political conformity, FTP, name this essay by George Orwell.
Answer: "Politics and the English Language" (5)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
While this painting was on display in the "Egyptian Hall" in Piccadilly, its artist painted proto-Realist lithographs such as Pity the Sorrows of a Poor Old Man for his collection, Various Subjects Drawn from Life and on Stone. Savigny and Correard provided the primary source material for this painting. Its artist had originally planned to use the traditional abolitionist image of a shackled man praying, and women were also present in early versions depicting a mutiny. Eugene Delacroix posed for this painting, whose artist allegedly made preliminary sketches such as Study of Arm and Two Feet for it at a morgue. It includes a gray haired father who mourns his dead son, as well as a hollow torso on the left and a bloody hatchet implying cannibalism. FTP, name this painting where an African man waves a shirt at the top of a human pyramid to attract the attention of a ship in the distance, a work by Theodore Gericault.
Answer: The Raft of the Medusa (1)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
A group led by deHeer observed the fractal nature of resistance vs. magnetic field plots in this material, and a paper by Ostrovsky et al. proposed a model for the anomalous quantum hall effect observed in it based on Anderson localization instead of Landau level structures. Depositing it epitaxially on substrates such as silicon carbide can induce a band gap which it lacks because its conduction and valence bands meet at vertices of its Brillouin zones. Electrons moving through this material obey the Dirac equation for relativistic fermions, which allows one to test the Klein paradox, and it is also known for its ballistic transport of electrons, which makes it a valuable material for field-effect transistors. First isolated by Andre Geim and Kostya Novoselov in 2004, for twenty points, identify these sheets of sp2 hybridized carbons, which can be stacked to form graphite.
Answer: graphene (6)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This religious movement established its first congregations after the Montreal Convention, and believes in the concept of "transvaluation" instead of divine revelation. Many of the English-language prayers of this movement were written by Eugene Kohn, and are collected in its main prayer book, Kol Haneshamah. Adherents of this movement do not view halakhah as binding, and do not consider themselves the "chosen people," beliefs advanced in its main founder's book Judaism as a Civilization. Cofounded by Ira Eisenstein and Mordecai Kaplan, this denomination believes that Judaism is an "evolving religious community" whose doctrines must be continually reinterpreted to adapt to historic circumstances. Originally an offshoot of the Conservative movement, FTP, name this fastest-growing denomination of Judaism, which is much less popular than Reform.
Answer: Reconstructionism [accept Reconstructionist Judaism] (4)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Minae Mizumura finished this man's last work, a novel entitled Light and Darkness. Ten short stories comprise this author's collection Ten Nights of Dreams, and Oyone and Sosuke's marriage deteriorates in this author's novel The Gate. The title character of one of this author's novels is notable for his vigorous Tokyo dialect; that character is a middle school math teacher in Shikoku. In another work by this author, O-Nami rejects a sketch as too cramped and two-dimensional. This author also wrote about Mrs. Nose, who insists that that Kangetsu finish his thesis in order to marry her daughter, in a novel about Kushami, who owns the title animal. FTP, name this author of Botchan, The Three Cornered World, and I Am a Cat.
Answer: Natsume Soseki [accept either] (4)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Brazil's Robert Scheidt took the gold medal in an event racing these in Athens in 2004. A recently developed variation of it, created by Jo Richards, adds a trapeze and spinnaker and is known as a Vortex. Performance Sailing manufactures a four person variation with a keel known as the SB3, while another two person variation of it makes use of variable sized hulls and lead weights to equalize weight differences between crews and is called the 4000. The smallest incarnation of this craft is contains some 0.7 squared meters less sail than the similar Byte. That version's pre-best lower mast on the smallest version of this reduces the sail area by 35% and is known as the 4.7. A medium sized version of it will become a women's event at the 2008 Olympics, a boat known as a Radial. FTP, identify this popular type of dinghy that shares its name with a part of a device used to ruin George's "that's gotta hurt" line at a screening of Blimp on the Puerto Rican Day episode of Seinfeld.
Answer: Laser Standard (2)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
In January of 1809 some members of this group described as jejes (zhay-zhay) and nagos tried to attack Nazare das Farinhas. Zeferina led one group of these people at the "Vulture" quilombo, and modern-day members of this group practice at a building on the Avenida do Estado. The revolt of the males was one incident involving these people, who refused to shake hands with gaveres. Pacifico Licutan, Ahuna, and Manoel Calafate were leaders of their 1835 revolt, and they were led by alufas such as Belchoir da Silva Cunha and Mala Abukar. They wore non-gold rings and abada, and their leaders came from the Ewe-Fon, Yoruba, and Hausa tribes in Africa. FTP, name this group of people who caused massive disturbances in Bahia province during the early 19th century in a country whose largest city is Sao Paulo, a group that would pray east-northeast if they wanted to respect qiblah.
Answer: Brazilian Muslims [prompt on Brazilian Africans until "Avenida do Estado"] (3)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This man died after drinking from a poisoned spring at Verulamium after defeating a Saxon force led by Octa. He killed King Pasgen at the Battle of Mynyw, and according to Geoffrey of Monmouth, this man transported the Giant's Ring to Britain as a memorial to the chieftains killed at the Night of the Long Knives. Along with his brother, Aurelius Ambrosius, this man led a rebellion against Vortigern. He infiltrated Tintagel Castle while enchanted to look like Gorlois in order to impregnate Igraine, and received his nickname when he saw a comet shaped like a fire-breathing monster. FTP, identify this British king, the father of King Arthur.
Answer: Uther Pendragon (3)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Like Ryan Westbrook, one character in this novel has a scraggly beard, and tells the narrator he wants to rape her after being discovered hiding in a closet. The unfinished memoirs of that antagonist, a former disciple of Ludloe, are sometimes appended to this novel. In its second chapter, the narrator's father goes to a temple at midnight and spontaneously combusts. The title character murders his wife Catharine and his children after hearing commands he thinks come from God, which were instead spoken by Carwin the Biloquist. Subtitled The Transformation, and set in Mettingen, Pennsylvania, FTP, identify this Gothic novel about the siblings Clara and Theodore, a work published in 1798 by Charles Brockden Brown.
Answer: Wieland, or The Transformation: An American Tale (3)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
The stereochemistry of this group is inverted in a reaction where Hydrazoic acid can be used as a nucleophile to protonate the DEAD reagent in the Mitsunobu reaction. A silyl group migrates via a pentavalent intermediate to form an oxygen bond in these compounds in the Brook rearrangement, while an intermediate organo-chromium halide adds onto an aldehyde and yields one of these after workup in the Nozaki Hiyama reaction. Ethers can be converted to these in the presence of an organolithium reagent and THF via the Wittig rearrangement and the Fischer esterification proceeds with the dehydration of one of these and carboxylic acids. For 10 points, identify these compounds which consist of a hydroxyl group and are exemplified by ethanol and methanol.
Answer: alcohols (1)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This politician wrote about his experiences as the last non-Puerto Rican Governor of Puerto Rico in The Stricken Land. This student of Scott Nearing proposed replacing the 50 states with 20 regional republics as part of his proposal for a new US constitution. He served under Henry Wallace as undersecretary of the Department of Agriculture, and developed planned communities called "greenbelts" as the head of the Resettlement Administration during the New Deal. Along with Adolph A. Berle, Jr. and Raymond Moley, he was the third member of FDR's "Brain Trust." FTP, identify this man, easily the most notable American politician named Rexford.
Answer: Rexford Guy Tugwell (6)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
In this work, a priest wearing a white turban with a red cross describes King Altabin's defeat of a fleet sent by Coya, which was followed by a deluge destroying the civilizations of America. Several characters in this work use the expression "twice paid" to refuse money offered by inhabitants of the Strangers' House. The narrator observes the Feast of the Family, and learns of the chastity practiced by the central society by Joabin. The narrator is also invited to a scientific research facility devoted to discovering the "knowledge of causes, and secret motions of things; and the enlarging of the bounds of human empire, to the effecting of all things possible," Salomon's House. While sailing from Peru to the South Sea, the narrator discovers the title location, the island of Bensalem. FTP, name this 1626 book about a utopian society, a work by Francis Bacon.
Answer: The New Atlantis (4)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
An economist with this surname developed a pioneering model of urban resource allocation along with Alonso and Muth. A social psychologist with this surname found that children who declined to cheat in a game which rewarded deceit became more severe in their attitudes towards cheating in his experiment on temptation. In addition to Edwin and Judson, a sociologist with this surname coauthured Character and Social Structure along with Hans Gerth, and argued that the labor movement needed to form a political bloc to fight corporations in The New Men of Power. That sociologist also wrote a work ending with an appendix called "Of Intellectual Craftsmanship" which attacks the "Abstracted Empiricism" of Talcott Parsons, The Sociological Imagination. FTP, identify this surname shared by an author who described interlocking "higher circles" of business, government, and the military in The Power Elite.
Answer: Mills (2)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
It is implemented by a superposition of all possible values produced from a column of Hadamard operators. This algorithm contains a namesake iteration which rotates a single state by some 2 times theta or 120 degrees, effectively converting the s state into the w state. This optimal algorithm solves the problem of efficient collision detection. While working at Bell Labs, its formulator suggested an application where this algorithm beats the traditional N / 2 operations required to find a name in a random phone book with 50% probability. Unlike Shor's Algorithm, which runs in Big O of log of n cubed time, it runs in Big O of square root of n time. For fifteen points, identify this quantum sorting algorithm.
Answer: Grover's Algorithm (5)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
One of this author's works depicts Poseidon sitting at a desk, administering the world's waters. In one of this author's short works, a mouse laments "the world is growing smaller every day" before being eaten by a cat, while another states that all parables really mean "the incomprehensible is incomprehensible." A man killed by falling off a precipice in the Black Forest tells a burgomaster "my ship has no rudder, and it is driven by the wind that blows in the uttermost region of death" in this author's short story "The Hunter Gracchus." He also wrote short stories about an elderly bachelor followed by two mysterious bouncing balls, and an ape who describes his choice of the Music Hall over the Zoological Garden in the title "report to an academy."Additionally, he wrote a story about a torture device consisting of parts called "the Bed," "the Harrow," and "the Inscriber," as well as a novel about Karl Rossman. FTP, name this author of "The Burrow," "In the Penal Colony," and Amerika.
Answer: Franz Kafka (1)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This work contains a "Pantomime" in 7/8 time after a movement titled "Song of the Will-o'-the-Wisp." It ends with the chiming of bells after one character subdues the antagonist in the movement "Dance of the Game of Love." Another movement depicts the protagonist drawing a magic circle on the ground, and its second movement, "In the Cave," is followed by an oboe melody that transitions into a folk jundo. More notably, it features the movements "Dance of Terror" and "Ritual Fire Dance." This ballet concludes with Lucia beguiling a jealous ghost who prevents Carmelo from kissing the gypsy Candelas. FTP, name this one-act ballet by Manuel de Falla.
Answer: El Amor Brujo [or Love, the Magician or Spellbound Love] (5)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
A 1025 expedition by this kingdom ended in the sack of Palembang, and led to the dissolution of the Srivijaya empire. Krsna III of the Rastrakutas fought a great war with this kingdom after this kingdom captured the capital city of the Pandyas. The son of Rajaraja I of this dynasty captured Ceylon and established a capital supplied with water from the Ganges. Kulottunga I of this dynasty became the last member of any great significance to rule, as afterwards Calukya, Hoysala, and Pandya intrigues brought it to an end. Rulers of the Coromandel Coast and legendarily founded by Karikalan, FTP, name this Tamil speaking dynasty with capital at Uraiyur, prominent from the 9th to 12th centuries, which shares its name with a type of drink whose Mecca and ZamZam varieties are popular in Great Satan-hating countries.
Answer: C(h)ola dynasty (6)
2008 Gaddis Bonuses by Round 2

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