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2008 Gaddis Tossups by Round 1
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: Science
Morava et al. discussed defects in this process in kids suffering from Cutis Laxa, and tunicamycin is used to inhibit one form of this process in laboratory tests. The Walker-Warburg syndrome and Jaeken syndrome are both caused by defects in enzymes which are important to this process. This process' variation between species is responsible for the specificity of interactions between the sperm and zona pellucida.The addition of GlcNAc at serine and threonine in the nucleus and the cytoplasm is one example of this process, while in another, dolichol oligosaccharide precursor is added at aspargine residues. Those are the O-linked and N-linked types of this process. FTP, identify this post-translational modification which results in a sugar being bound to a protein.
Answer: glycosylation (2)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: Music
This piece was commissioned by Sergei Koussevitsky, and is the second work of a trilogy including Harawi and Cinq rechants. Its first movement begins with seven continuous thirds played fortissimo by trombones, while its third movement features a theme played by clarinets and an ondes martenot. Its fifth movement, a scherzo titled "Joy of the Blood of the Stars," is followed by a peaceful movement portraying the repose of two lovers, "Garden of Love's Sleep." This piece features a "statue" theme and a "flower" theme, as well as a "love" theme that dominates its tenth and final movement. Inspired by Hindu rhythms and the legend of Tristan and Isolde, it premiered in 1949, and is named for the Sanskrit words meaning "time" and "love." FTP, name this musical work, the only symphony of Olivier Messiaen.
Answer: Turangalila-symphonie (5)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: Literature
This author wrote about the artistic growth of Joana in her first novel, Near to the Wild Heart. In one of her novels, a woman identified only by her initials meditates about the body of a cockroach after crushing it, while in another, Martim becomes involved with Vitoria and Ermelinda after attempting to murder his wife. Her early intensely introspective works include The Chandelier and The Besieged City, and after moving to Washington, DC, she wrote existential novels like Apple in the Dark and The Passion According to G.H. An author named Rodrigo S.M. writes about a poor typist named Macabea in her final novel, The Hour of the Star. Her collections of short stories include Family Ties, The Foreign Legion, and Agua viva. FTP, name this 20th century female Brazilian author.
Answer: Clarice Lispector (5)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: History
The minutes to this event were later discovered in the files of one of its attendees, Under State Secretary Martin Luther. Its leader stated that Europe "will be combed from west to east" and discussed the possible use of Theresienstadt. This event was chaired by the first leader of the RHSA, and discussed the differences between persons of mixed blood of the first degree and second degree. At this meeting, Dr. Stuckart proposed dissolving mixed marriages and using forced sterilization, and its leader disseminated two lists of the numbers of a certain ethnic group in each European country. Chaired by Reinhard Heydrich, FTP, name this meeting held on January 20th, 1942 that discussed the final solution.
Answer: Wannsee Conference (3)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: Mythology
According to these people, their creator originally intended their genitalia to be placed on their foreheads, but they were placed lower due to an otter's mistake. A Yaunkur warrior kills Dangling Nose and marries Shipish-un-mat in their epic Kotan Utunnai. Their original moon goddess was so unable to stand all the adultery she saw that she asked to become their sun goddess; her name is Chup-Kamui. They performed a ceremony called Keo-mante to send the spirit of Chira-Mante-Kumui back to his mountain heaven during Kumamatsuri, their Bear Ritual. FTP, identify these hairy people, the original inhabitants of Japan.
Answer: the Ainu (2)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: History
After defeating the Akim-Akwapim alliance, this empire defeated the Fante people. In 1748, the Nsafohene revolted against the leader of this empire, Opoku Ware. A notable female member of this empire, Queen Yaa of the Edweso tribe, led its resistance against European troops in 1900. This empire won the Battle of Feyiase to culminate its victory over Denkiyra, and signed the Treaty of Fomena after its capital was burned in 1874. Founded by King Osei Tutu, this empire was again attacked when Prempeh I refused to give Frederick Hodgson an object traditionally thought to have been called from the heavens byOkomfo Anokye. Centered at Kumasi, this empire lasted from 1670 to 1902, and ruled much of modern-day Ghana. FTP, name this African Empire whose leaders sat on the throne of the Golden Stool.
Answer: Ashanti Empire [or Asante Empire] (3)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: Science
The property associated with them becomes exponentially more important as the scale goes towards the nanometer level due to the 1 over D^2 term in the equation for that property, an equation that also factors in a value at both high and low doping values. This term dot org criticized recent proposals to use them for brain functions like biometric recognition as mere hype, while more realistically they may be able to implement non-volatile RAM, as they retain their information after losing power. Titanium dioxide is placed between two plates of platinum spread some five nanometers apart to create them. First posited by Leon Chua in 1971 and first built by Stan Williams et al, FTP, identify this "fourth fundamental circuit element" recently constructed by researchers at HP Labs.
Answer: Memristor [prompt on "Memory Resistor"] (5)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: Literature
A Czech journalist with this first name wrote Notes From the Gallows before being beheaded by the Nazis. D. H. Lawrence caricatured Philip Hestletine as Halliday, an effeminate man with this first name, in Women in Love. Another character with this first name tells stories about Jeems McLean, who stops abusing his slaves after being turned into a slave himself, a man turned into a tree by his wife Tenie, and a haunted vineyard. Those stories narrated by a man with this name are collected in The Conjure Woman, and include "The Goophered Grapevine." FTP, identify this first name shared by an old slave created by Charles Chesnutt and a character given a funeral oration by Mark Antony in a Shakespeare play.
Answer: Julius (1)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: Art
While working on this series of paintings, its artist wrote the influential textbook The Interaction of Color. This series shares thematic elements with its artist's other series Variants, which was inspired by adobe houses in Mexico. Its artist called the panels of this series "platters for color," and used a palette knife to spread paint squeezed directly from the tube evenly onto each canvas. This series was begun in 1949, after its artist left the faculty of Black Mountain College, and each painting in this series depicts three or four of the title shapes nested inside one another. FTP, name this series of paintings by Josef Albers about a shape with four equal sides.
Answer: Homage to the Square (3)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: Pop Culture
Partners of this film's chief protagonist include Matthew St. Patrick's character, Wick, a member of the FBI's Asian Crime Task Force. For some reason its DVD had two commentary tracks, including one by its first time director, Phillip G. Atwell. So-called actress Steph Song receives a package containing a message to "make a new life" along with valuable antique golden horses in a late scene in this movie. Kira is the daughter of Shiro Yanagawa, the enemy of rival gang leader Li Chang in this film, which pits the Triads against the Yakuza. In a major plot twist, it is revealed that, after his family was killed, Tom Lone was able to kill an assassin and adopt the identity of Rogue, eventually resulting in a conflict with his former partner who set him up, John Crawford. FTP, identify this 2007 action masterpiece starring Jet Li and Jason Statham, which is possibly named for a deterministic card game.
Answer: War (2) [or Rogue Assassin; prompt on just "Rogue"]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: Philosophy
This work notes that the statement "I call you offside" is the same as an official saying "You were offside." The author argues that the categories "true" and "false" really mean that a statement was either proper or improper considering a speaker's "knowledge of the facts" and his purposes for speaking. It ends by describing five types of performatives, including verdictives and behabitives, and argues that there is no difference between performatives and constantives. Compiled from its author's William James lectures at Harvard, this work presents a distinction between locutionary, illocutionary, and perlocutionary acts, and concludes that every utterance is really a speech act. FTP, name this linguistic analysis of speech by John Austin.
Answer: How to Do Things With Words (5)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: History
One man targeted by this event, John Tutchin, later denounced it in The Western Martyrology. This event targeted Christopher Battiscomb and William Dewling, and another of its victims, William Jenkins, was hanged despite the intercession of the Earl of Sunderland. The man responsible for this event was wracked by excruciating kidney stones, and had earlier presided over the trial of Titus Oates. This event resulted in 800 victims being sent to the West Indies, and mainly took place in Taunton Castle after the Battle of Sedgemoor. Beginning at Winchester on August 25, 1685, this event resulted in the hanging of over 300 victims. FTP, name these trials conducted by Judge Jeffrys to punish the members of the Duke of Monmouth's Rebellion.
Answer: the Bloody Assizes (5)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: Science
It was restated by R.P. Bauman to include a term for the logarithm of the mass, while Saul Dushman demonstrated that it implied a universal thermionic emission constant which was later calculated by Bridgemann using this equation. It is only valid if the volume divided by the number of particles in the gas times the thermal wavelength cubed is greater than one because it obeys Maxwell-Boltzmann statistics. This equation's namesake constant is equal to this equation's value at one degree Kelvin. Deriving it requires the resolution of the Gibbs paradox and it allows for the expression of energy solely in terms of entropy and volume. For ten points, name this doubly eponymous equation used to calculate the entropy of a monatomic ideal gas.
Answer: Sackur-Tetrode equation (3)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: Geography
Among the notable artists of this city's namesake school include the sculptor Manuel Chili or "Capiscara," Manuel Samaniego, and Miguel de Santiago. According to legend, the leader Ruminahui destroyed this city rather than let it fall to its eventual captors, and it is dominated by a small hill called the Panecillo. Its districts include the Mariscal, and much of this city's life is clustered around Avenida Amazonas, while its notable churches include the Cantunya Chapel, La Companyia, San Agustin, and San Francisco, who is the city's official patron. Its Plaza de la Independencia contains the tomb of Antonio Jose de Sucre, who won a notable battle near this city, the second highest capital in the world. Second only to Guayaquil in terms of population, FTP, name this capital of Ecuador.
Answer: Quito (1)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: Literature
This author's plays include The Amorous Bigot and The history of Timon of Athens the Man-hater. In another of his plays, Bisket and Fribble are cuckolded by Kick and Cuff, and Clodpate marries Mrs. Jilt. Besides writing Epsom Wells, this author attacked another poet in The Medal of John Bayes, and was satirized as Og in Absalom and Achitophel. Another poem calls this author the "last great prophet of tautology," and asserts that he "stands confirmed in full stupidity" and "never deviates into sense." FTP, identify this English playwright attacked by John Dryden's poem "MacFlecknoe."
Answer: Thomas Shadwell (4)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: Social Science
A 1958 article by Jack Hirshleifer revived the study of the work of this economist, who called the business cycle a "dance of the dollar" in a 1923 paper. His major theory concerning investment and capital was presented in Nature of Capital and Income and Rate of Interest, and a separation theorem named for this economist states that a firm's financial decisions can be separated from its investment decisions. His namesake equation states that the real interest rate is the difference of the nominal interest rate and the expected rate of inflation, which is the basis for his namesake hypothesis. FTP, name this mathematical economist who proposed that the real interest rate is independent of monetary actions.
Answer: Irving Fisher (4)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: History
This organization was revived by Carmine de Sapio in the 1950s. This organization was investigated by the Lexow Committee because of pressure from Reverend Charles Henry Parkhurst. Heads of this organization included Richard Connolly, John Kelly, and Charles Murphy, while another of its leaders, George Washington Plunkitt, distinguished between "honest graft" and "dishonest graft." This organization met at the Wigwam, and its most notable sachem was arrested in Spain after being convicted of embezzlement by Samuel Tilden. Named for a chief of the Delaware Indians, FTP, name this New York City machine led by Boss Tweed.
Answer: Tammany Hall (1)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: Science
T.G. Cowling suggests that no axisymmetric, or even two-dimensional version of this theory can exist. Hide offers that its asymmetry could be accounted for by the Taylor-Proudman theory, while the Rikitake model exhibits irregular reversing behavior. Qualitatively, Elsasser and Parker claim that a combination of differential rotation and convective helical motion could explain this and is known as the alpha-omega mechanism. Mathematically, the presence of Coriolis acceleration and the Lorentz force complicate the Magnetohydrodynamic equations that are used to describe plasma equilibria and plasma waves and instabilities. FTP, name this theory which claims that the convection of conducting fluids in the core is the primary mechanism for the generation of Earth's magnetic field.
Answer: Geodynamo theory (3)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: Literature
This character is described as "one of Picasso's great sterile athletes, who brood hopelessly on pink sand, staring at veined marble waves" shortly after waking up and plunging his hands into a basin of cold water, watching them crawl about like "strange aquatic animals." At home, he watches a lizard in his backyard attempt to catch flies. His doctor advises him to move after he has a failed sexual encounter with Romola Martin at an Iowa hotel. At the end of the novel he appears in, he stomps on Adore Loomis for throwing a rock at him. That scene takes place the day after Miguel and Earle Shoop get in a fight in his house, and he plans to leave California after discovering that Faye Greener has disappeared, despite Tod Hackett's attempts to console him. FTP, name this character in Nathanael West's The Day of the Locust.
Answer: Homer Simpson [accept either] (3)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: Art
Near the beginning of this opera's first act, the lead soprano sings the joyous aria "Di piacer mi balza cor." With a libretto by Giovanni Gherardini, this opera ends with the disappointment of the lecherous mayor Gottardo. In the first act, Fernando sings "Vieni Fra Queste Braccia" upon seeing his daughter, who he later defends before a court in the aria "Accusata di furtivo." Isacco's confusion of two men with the initials FV leads him to accuse Giannetto Vingradito's lover, who sings the aria "Deh, tu reggi in tal memento" after her name is cleared. Its overture begins with a snare drum solo leading into a military march, and this opera focuses on Ninetta, who is erroneously arrested for stealing a silver spoon, which was actually taken by the title animal. FTP, identify this opera by Rossini about a pilfering bird.
Answer: The Thieving Magpie [or La Gazza Ladra] (3)
2008 Gaddis Bonuses by Round 1

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