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2007 Florida SSI Tossups by 8
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Its core principles consist of three pillars, the first of which is community. If it were a country, it would rank 7th in area, 3rd in population, and 1st in Gross Domestic Product. Considered by political scientists a unique institution, its flag consists of a circle of stars on a blue background. Established in 1992 by the Maastricht Treaty, FTP, name this entity that has been in the news recently due to the admissions of Romania and Bulgaria.
Answer: European Union
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Famous performers of this instrument include Pamelia Kurstin, Eric Ross, Robby Virus, and Lydia Kavina, who is a distant cousin and protégé of the inventor. However, the greatest virtuoso that ever lived is widely agreed to be Clara Rockmore, who invented the method of "aerial fingering". One of the earliest electronic instruments, it works by measuring capacitance between the player and the instrument, allowing the performer to control pitch and volume as functions of distance from its two antennas. FTP, name this unique space-controlled instrument, which is played without physical contact.
Answer: Thereminvox (or "-box")
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Four years after seeing Jay Berwanger win the Heisman, this school's football team was outscored 300-0 in their five games against Division I competition. In 1940, university president Robert Maynard Hutchins terminated the program, which had won the national championship in 1905 and currently exists as a Division III team in the UAA conference. Nicknamed the Maroons, their logo strongly resembles that of the NFL's Bears. FTP, name this Midwestern school whose non-athletic alumni include Saul Bellow, Paul Wolfowitz, and Milton Friedman
Answer: University of Chicago
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The Estonian Volunteer Defense League's Tankipurustajad, an anti-tank squadron, uses a weapon named in honor of this. Built in 1904, it could fire 820 kilogram shells a range of 12 kilometers, or just around seven miles. While only four were ever built, they were all used during the siege of Verdun in 1916. FTP, name this celebrated cannon from World War I, one named after the wife of its developer, industrialist Gustav Krupp.
Answer: Big Bertha (accept Grosse Bertha)
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This man shares his name with a character from Mike Baron and Steve Rude's Nexus. His surname may be an acronym for a phrase meaning "Who is like God among the mighty" or it may just mean "hammer." Before being killed in the battle of Elasa, this native of Modin and son of Mattathias fought against the rule of Antiochus IV Epiphanes as a leader of the Hasmonean rebellion. In his most famous exploit, he purified the Temple in Jerusalem, leading to a miracle in which the Temple's menorah was lit for eight days with one day's supply of oil. FTP, name this Jewish warrior whose story is commemorated on Hanukkah.
Answer: Judah Maccabee or Judas Maccabeus (prompt on either name alone)
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Number 14 describes pornography as a tool "to influence the minds of the [target nations], directing them towards such understanding and forms of knowledge as have been determined by [the men behind this work.]" It was inspired by a number of earlier writings, including Hermann Goedsche's Biarritz and Maurice Joly's satire on Napoleon III entitled "Dialogue in Hell between Machiavelli and Montesquieu." Allegedly submitted by Theodor Herzl at the First Zionist Congress, it would arouse staunch anti-Semitic sentiment in a number of influential figures including Henry Ford and Adolf Hitler. FTP, what is this fraudulent text which outlines a Jewish plot for world conquest?
Answer: The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion
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In his Lettre a M. de Sacy, Johan Akerblad made a significant step towards understanding this. Part of the mystery rested on the function of cartouches, which physicist Thomas Young proved were used to denote royalty. Jean-Francois Champollion compared it to inscriptions taken at Abu Simbel and realized that its contents were not solely symbolic, but primarily phonetic, a revelation that allowed a complete translation of the inscriptions on this specimen of black basalt. FTP, what is this Egyptian artifact whose contents allowed for the deciphering of both demotic and hieroglyphic language scripts?
Answer: Rosetta Stone
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This writer studied under William James while at Radcliffe College, whose influence can be found in works like Lucy Church Amiably and Three Lives, the latter of which was highly regarded for its primitivistic approach to character studies. Other works include Tender Buttons and Paris France, an appreciation of the city she moved to after World War I. The line, "Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose" from the poem, "Sacred Emily," is an example of her unique style, where words are repetitiously employed for their sounds and associations and not necessarily for their actual meaning. FTP, name this American expatriate who wrote a famous autobiography of her friend, Alice B. Toklas.
Answer: Gertrude Stein
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In a contest to design Berlin's Holocaust Memorial, Horst Hoheisel suggested dynamiting this and leaving the rubble as a "fitting" reminder of Prussian militarism. Designed by Karl Friedrich Schinkel in the neo-classical style, its famed Quadriga, designed by Johann Gottfried Shadow, faces West, except for a time between 1945 and 1990, when it faced east. Site of a famous speech where JFK is erroneously believed to have called himself a jelly doughnut and where Reagan ordered a wall to be torn down, this is, FTP, what iconic symbol of Berlin?
Answer: Brandenburg Gate (also accept Brandenburger Tor)
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The significance of the decomposition reaction for solid mercury calx was not immediately known to this man, who simply noted that "hitherto, only two mice and myself have had the privilege of breathing" the results. A lesser claim to fame was his discovery of the electrical conductivity of charcoal, while his work with gases brought about the invention of soda water and the isolation of nitrous oxide. Also a proponent of phlogiston theory, he considered a gas that he had isolated in 1774 to be dephlogisticated air for its role in combustion. FTP, identify this British chemist credited with the discovery of oxygen.
Answer: Joseph Priestley
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King Henry I of England died after eating an excess of these creatures, which were considered a standard meal during the Middle Ages as their taste was considered meatier than that of most other seafood. They live primarily in coastal and fresh waters and can grow to be up to 40 inches long. They generally have one or two dorsal fins, one nostril that sits atop their head, and seven gills on each side, though they lack both scales and a vertebrate skeleton. Members of the family Petromyzontidae, they begin their lives in a larval state, unlike the semi-related hagfish. FTP, what are these parasitic, blood-sucking fish characterized by their lack of jaws?
Answer: lampreys
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In 1889, E. Pickering detected IC 434, against whose pink emissions the silhouette of this astronomical object can be seen. Located just below Alnitak, they both can be found situated in the same constellation, which also contains Barnard's Loop and the Trapezium. The object's unusual shape is attributed to a strong magnetic field acting on clouds of dust and hydrogen gas that causes the appearance of its apparent neck and mane. FTP, identify this dark nebula found within Orion.
Answer: Horsehead Nebula (also accept Barnard 33)
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Poet Elizabeth Bishop conjectured that the setting of this poem is somewhere in south Florida based on the imagery in the first stanza. Contrasted with that is the depiction of a "dresser of deal, / Lacking?three glass knobs" and an embroidered sheet used to prepare a recently deceased woman, though when it is "spread?so as to cover her face" it causes her "horny feet [to] protrude?[showing] how cold she is." The title refers to another frigid figure who reigns metaphorically over the "concupiscent curds" whipped by the "roller of big cigars." FTP, identify this poem by Wallace Stevens.
Answer: "The Emperor of Ice Cream"
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Images in the music video for this song include a pair of flying lips, a field of candy canes and lollipops, and the singer in a blue corset bursting from a three-tiered cake and joining two women wrestling in ice cream. Physical health and a respect for females are key points in the song, as the singer doesn't want to be "treated like clientele" while she's "up in the gym just working on [her] fitness." The very definition of the title concept makes "them boys go loco" and is repeatedly emphasized as being both tasty and delicious. FTP, identify this title condition of a song which describes having the qualities of a certain female singer of The Black Eyed Peas.
Answer: "Fergalicious"
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By the age of 16, this man had formulated one of the basic theorems of projective geometry which he described in his Essay on Conics. He invented both the first mechanical calculator and the syringe, the latter following from his research in hydrostatics of which he also contributed a namesake law concerning the distribution of pressure changes within a closed container. Along with fellow Frenchman Fermat, he would formulate the mathematical theory of probability, which may have led to his affinity for gambling. FTP, identify this mathematician, a Jansenist with a namesake triangle.
Answer: Blaise Pascal
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Pataliputra, surrounded by a wall with 570 watchtowers and 64 gates, was the capital of this empire, whose founding saw the defeat of the Seleucids by Kautilya and the empire's founder. Marked by improved road conditions and the construction of large-scale public irrigation, it extended over the entire country by the end of Bindusara's reign in 273 BC. Lasting for nearly another hundred years until the death of Brhadratha, it reached its highest levels of prosperity under the rule of Ashoka. FTP, identify this first empire to provide a single government for most of India, established around 324 BC by Chandragupta.
Answer: Mauryan Empire
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At Delphi, this man met with the Pythia, who told him to follow a cow with special markings that would lead him to a hill in southern Boeotia. His brothers, Cilix and Phoenix, had abandoned the quest that this man was determined to finish, though he too would fail. Instead, he would slay a dragon sacred to Ares with whose teeth would yield the Sparti, fully armed earthen soldiers. Using his wits, this man defeated them by tossing a rock into the group, after which he married Harmonia and became the founder of a city known for its hundred gates. FTP, identify this brother of Europa who established the city of Thebes.
Answer: Cadmus
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One character in this work, Pratt, has lost his mind to some extent and cannot remember his real name, so everyone calls him Pennsylvania. The work opens with a line from Longfellow's poem "The Discoverer of the North Cape," fitting as the narrative concerns the sea adventures of a young boy. That boy was traveling with his wealthy family on an ocean liner when he abruptly fell off, only to be rescued by the captain of the schooner We're Here who forces him into a sailor's way of life. FTP, name this novel about the journeys of Harvey Cheyne by Rudyard Kipling.
Answer: Captains Courageous
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It has practical importance in spectrographic chemical analysis and in the determination of the structure of molecules. When monochromatic light, such as that obtained from a laser, is passed through a transparent gas, liquid, or solid and observed with a spectroscope, the spectral line produced has associated with it lines of shorter and longer wavelength as a result of this effect. These lines are caused by photons gaining and losing energy from elastic collisions with the molecules within the target substance, something observed by its Indian discoverer. FTP, identify this phenomenon, the change in frequency observed when light is scattered in a transparent material.
Answer: Raman scattering or effect
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He burst on the theater scene in 427 B.C.E. with the production of Banqueters, which won second place at the Great Dionysia festival. Perhaps because he was too young to produce plays officially, Banqueters and his next two plays, Babylonians and Acharnians, were instead produced by Callistratus. Sharply critical of both Socrates and the demagogic politician Cleon, his other notable plays include The Peace and Lysistrata. FTP, identify this creator of The Clouds and The Frogs, the most famous playwright of Greek Old Comedy.
Answer: Aristophanes
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1On the wall within the titular establishment, a set of guidelines can be found, the first of which instructs one not to "operate the grinder or the press if you've been drinking" and the set ends with the advice that "there should be no more than half a dozen people on the roof at any one time." Their purpose is to instruct the migrant workers at the Worthington family orchard, a location at which Homer Wells has an affair with Wally's girlfriend, Candy Kendall. FTP, what is this complex novel about the morality of abortions, made into a 1999 movie starring Tobey Maguire and Michael Caine, a work by John Irving?
Answer: The Cider House Rules
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After returning to the U.S. from Europe in 1787 he was instrumental in promoting the style of Robert Adam.  While a Boston selectman he oversaw the remodeling of Faneuil Hall, having previously designed the Massachusetts State House.  Following the War of 1812 Jame Monroe appointed him to succeed Benjamin Latrobe as architect of the U.S. Capitol.  FTP, name this American architect.
Answer: Charles Bulfinch
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His posthumous works include Delusions, Etc. and the collection The Freedom of the Poet.  Early volumes such as The Dispossed and Short Poems are comparatively formal next to distinctive later works like His Toy, His Dream, His Rest and the Pulitzer Prize-winning 77 Dream Songs.  FTP, name this confessional poet of Homage to Mistress Bradstreet.
Answer: John Berryman
2007 Florida SSI Bonuses by 8
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Terms in it include f sub p, n sub e, and L. FTPE:,
[10] What is this equation, named for an American astronomer, which has been proposed as a means of calculating the likelihood that intelligent life could be detected elsewhere in the galaxy?
Answer: Drake equation
[10] Of the values for the parameters in the Drake equation originally proposed by Drake, this one representing the rate of suitable star formation is the least disputed. In 1961, Drake gave it a value of ten per year though current NASA estimates place it closer to 6.
Answer: R* (R star)
[10] This fellow astronomer was a supporter of Drake's efforts, going so far as to help him write the Arecibo message. He may be best remembered, however, for his best-selling work Cosmos.
Answer: Carl Sagan
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His experience in the Algerian Revolution was the basis for the work A Dying Colonialism which became an inspiration for critics like Edward Said and Homi Bhabha. FTPE:,
[10] Who is this Martinican author of Black Skin, White Masks, a former editor of the Algerian liberation movement's newspaper, El Moudjahid?
Answer: Frantz Fanon
[10] This is Fanon's best known work; in it, he establishes his ideas for revolution in such chapters as "On Violence" and "Colonial War and Mental Disorders."
Answer: The Wretched of the Earth
[10] Fanon's The Wretched of the Earth opens with a preface by this French author of Being and Nothingness and Existentialism and Human Emotions.
Answer: Jean-Paul Sartre
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Given a animal field of interest, give the name of a person who studies it, FTPE:,
[10] Fish
Answer: ichthyologist
[10] Butterflies
Answer: lepidopterist
[10] Bees
Answer: apiologist
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Identify the following Handel works from clues, FTPE:,
[10] The best known Handel work is this 1741 oratorio, first performed for Easter and later shifted to Advent, where the most common section performed is the "Hallelujah" Chorus.
Answer: Messiah
[10] This 1717 collection of three suites, it was composed for King George I, who requested a concert on the River Thames.
Answer: Water Music
[10] The most famous of Handel's sixteen organ concerti, listeners to this work can here the titular birds calling back and forth to each other in different keys.
Answer: The Cuckoo and the Nightingale
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Identify the following concerning children's literature, FTPE:,
[10] This book focuses on "Mistress Mary, quite contrary," a spoiled orphan living in the country with Mr. Craven, her uncle, and her discovery and development of the titular location with Dickon and Colin.
Answer: The Secret Garden
[10] This author of The Secret Garden supported herself and her family by writing for Godey's Lady's Book, as well as penning such other works as The Lady of Quality and The Little Princess.
Answer: Francis Hodgson Burnett
[10] Another of Burnett's works, this work was intended for children but greatly appealed to mothers, who copied the main character, Cedric's, style of long curls, black velvet suits, and lace collars.
Answer: Little Lord Fauntleroy
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In spite of falling victim to scandal after scandal, identify the following things the Grant administration managed to accomplish anyway, FTPE:,
[10] In 1871, this post was instituted, with its first holder being John Maynard Woodworth. It wouldn't be until many years and administrations later that this post would first issue it's well known warning on tobacco products, however.
Answer: Surgeon General of the United States
[10] The only state admitted during the Grant administration was this western state, nicknamed the Centennial State for its date of entry.
Answer: Colorado
[10] This department was established in 1870, and originally known as the Army Weather Bureau.
Answer: The National Weather Service
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FTPE, identify the current heads of state of the following countries:,
[10] Venezuela
Answer: Hugo Chavez Frias
[10] Mexico
Answer: Felipe Calderon Hinojosa
[10] Zimbabwe
Answer: Robert Mugabe
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Name the following related topics from clues, FTSNOP:,
[5] For 5 points, according to Ovid, this man, a Cypriote sculptor, fell in love with a statue that he had created. That statue, named Galatea, was given life by Venus and became the mother of this man's son, Paphos.
Answer: Pygmalion
[10] For 10 points, in 1956, Lerner and Loewe staged an adaptation of George Bernard Shaw's version of the Pygmalion myth, with this lower-class woman in the place of the Galatea.
Answer: Eliza Doolittle (accept either)
[15] For 15 points, the main character of Shaw's Pygmalion, Henry Higgins, is based on this man, a linguist who studied Anglo-Saxon and West Icelandic languages and wrote on phonetics.
Answer: Henry Sweet
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Vitruvius claimed that they were based on women who were condemned to slavery after betraying Athens to side with Persia in the Greco-Persian Wars. FTPE:,
[10] What are these sculpted female figures often used as structural supports in ancient Greek architecture?
Answer: Caryatids
[10] Located to the left of the Propylaea, this temple features a famous "Porch of the Maidens" consisting of six Caryatids as supporting columns. Found in Athens, it is located to the north side of the Acropolis.
Answer: Erechtheum
[10] This is the term for the male counterparts of the Caryatids, sometimes known as the telamones. The term is derived from the name of a famous titan condemned to holding the heavens on his shoulders.
Answer: Atlas or Atlantes
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Answer the following about bacterial structure, FTSNOP:,
[10] For ten points, a layer of this polymer gives the cell wall shape and structural strength. It is substantially thicker in some bacteria than in others, allowing certain staining techniques to help in identification.
Answer: Peptidoglycan
[10] For another ten points, this is the type of stain that can determine whether a bacterium contains large amounts of peptidoglycan. Named for its Danish inventor, it separates organisms into "positive" and "negative" groups.
Answer: Gram-stain
[5] For five points, Gram-positive bacteria, those with large concentration of peptidoglycan, stain this color.
Answer: Blue or purple (accept close equivalents)
[5] For a final five points, Gram-negative bacteria, which contain small concentrations of peptidoglycan, stain this color.
Answer: Red or pink (accept close equivalents)
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First seeing service in the Quasi-War, he later received commission as a midshipman aboard the United States in 1798. FTPE, identify the following concerning an American naval hero:,
[10] Commanding the Enterprise as a Lieutenant, he secured the Mastico, which he in turn used in his daring raid into Tripoli harbor to destroy a former US frigate.
Answer: Stephen Decatur
[10] Decatur's 1804 raid on Tripoli was for the purpose of destroying this frigate, which had been captured after running aground the previous year.
Answer: Philadelphia
[10] After becoming a national hero for his exploits, Decatur met an untimely end in 1820, falling victim to this.
Answer: a duel with James Barron (accept clear-knowledge equivalents)
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FTPE, identify these rulers of imperial China.,
[10] The earliest leader of a unified China, he was influenced by Legalist principles, but his dynasty quickly collapsed after his death largely due to Zhao Gao's mismanagement. He was buried with an army of terracotta soldiers.
Answer: Qin Shi Huang Di or the First Emperor of Qin or Prince Zheng
[10]She was the power behind the throne during the reigns of two of her sons, but forced them both to abdicate and took the throne herself, proclaiming a new Zhou Dynasty. She thus became China's only female emperor.
Answer: Empress Wu (or Wu Zetian; accept Emperor Shengshen)
[10] He was emperor between the ages of two and six, until Yuan Shikai brokered a deal for his abdication in 1912. He later became the ruler of the Japanese puppet state of Manchukuo and his life was the subject of a film by Bernardo Bertolucci.
Answer: Henry Puyi
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FTPE, identify these concepts from literary or cultural theory.,
[10] This term was coined by Walter Benjamin to describe the unique effect of a long distance which is the source of the cultic or religious value of an artwork. It is what disappears when the artwork is mechanically reproduced.
Answer: aura
[10] This term, coined by Louis Althusser, describes how ideology coerces a person into recognizing himself or herself as occupying a certain subject position. It comes from a French word meaning "hailing" or "questioning."
Answer: interpellation
[10] This concept is explained in Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer's Dialectic of Enlightenment. The opposite of high art, this institution disguises itself as a provider of harmless leisure-time activities, but really seeks to turn the masses into passive consumers who accept what they are given.
Answer: culture industry
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Answer the following about the less-than-stellar 2006 NBA Draft, FTPE:,
[10] First, who was taken with the number one pick by the Toronto Raptors, a native of Rome whose pre-NBA career included club play with Italy's Pallacanestro Treviso?
Answer: Andrea Bargnani
[10] Drafted 11th overall by the Orlando Magic, this former Duke Blue Devil currently holds the record for most points scored in ACC history.
Answer: J.J. Redick
[10] J.J.'s teammate while at Duke, this forward, taken with the fifth pick by the Atlanta Hawks, is currently averaging 0.7 blocks and 6 rebounds off the bench despite leaving Duke as its all-time leader in both categories.
Answer: Shelden Williams
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FTPE, name these single-name Renaissance painters who aren't Ninja Turtles.,
[10] This painter was influenced by Giotto and died before age 30, possibly from poison. His most famous works are the Brancacci Chapel frescoes, including The Tribute Money, which shows temporally distinct events occurring simultaneously.
Answer: Masaccio (Tommaso Cassai)
[10] This mysterious Venetian painter only has six works attributed to him with certainty. Those works include the Pastoral Concert and The Tempest, an enigmatic work which shows a soldier and a nursing mother standing by a river in a storm.
Answer: Giorgione (Giorgio Barbarelli da Castelfranco)
[10] This leader of the Venetian school is perhaps best known for his Venus of Urbino, a female nude which was based on a painting by Giorgione. His other notable works include The Rape of Europa, Sacred and Profane Love and The Assumption of the Virgin.
Answer: Titian (Tiziano Veccelli)
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Answer the following about wave mechanics, FTSNOP:,
[10] FTP, this principle states that when multiple waves travel through the same medium at the same time, the net displacement of the medium is simply the sum of the individual wave displacements.
Answer: superposition
[10] FTP, name the situation described by two waves overlapping to completely cancel each other out.
Answer: complete destructive interference (accept reasonable equivalents)
[5] F5P, points which experience complete destructive interference are called this.
Answer: nodes
[5] F5P, conversely, points located midway between adjacent nodes, which have the largest amplitude are called this.
Answer: antinodes
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He received his PhD under Werner Heisenberg, and began to study quantum mechanics. Identify the following concerning this Hungarian-born American physicist, FTPE:,
[10] Invited to be on the Manhattan Project, he tried to bring the attention of the committee to the possibilities of a fusion weapon, instead of the fission weapon they were considering, a device which he called the "Super."
Answer: Edward Teller
[10] The "Super," which Teller later became known as the "Father of," was actually this device, that was co-created with Stanislaw Ulam.
Answer: Hydrogen Bomb
[10] Teller is also known for this shared postulate, first proposed in 1937, which describes the geometrical distortion of non-linear molecules under certain situations.
Answer: Jahn-Teller Effect
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In geological nomenclature, time is divided into several different units. Identify the following concerning those units, FTSNOP:,
[10] For ten points, this is the largest defined unit of time. Examples include the Hadean, Archean, and Phanerozoic.
Answer: Eon
[15] The Phanerozoic eon is the most recent, spanning from 542 million years ago to the present. The Phanerozoic eon is broken up into these three eras. Identify them, for five points each.
Answer: Paleozoic, Mesozoic, Cenozoic
[5] For a final five points, periods are used to divide eras, and this explosion period, lasting from 542-488 million years ago, began the Paleozoic era.
Answer: Cambrian
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Given a slightly soluble ionic compound, state its chemical formula, FTPE:,
[10] Cadmium sulfide
Answer: CdS
[10] Barium carbonate
Answer: BaCO3
[10] Calcium sulfate
Answer: CaSO4

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