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2007 Florida SSI Tossups by 5
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This painting appears on the cover of Harold Bloom's The Western Canon. It is located in a room in the Apostolic Palace which was used for the signing of papal documents, and the same painter's Parnassus and Disputae are on the room's other walls. The painter includes himself in the picture as Apelles. Euclid is shown in the right foreground, crouched over a slate, while Diogenes of Sinope sits on the steps in the center. One of the two central figures points upward while the other reaches forward, suggesting the contrast between Platonism and Aristotleanism. FTP, name this painting that depicts a gathering of philosophers, the most celebrated work of Raphael.
Answer: The School of Athens
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By the time the fifth edition of this work was published in 1676, its modest thirteen chapters had grown to a total of twenty-one, the final of which offers the advice "to take care that your hair be round and clear" while ensuring that in order to paint your most essential piece of equipment, it "must be in oil" before using it at the waters near Tottenham High-Cross. The work itself was dedicated to John Offley, a friend of the author, who penned in this work the immortal line, "use him as though you loved him, that is, harm him as little as you may possibly, that he may live the longer" when describing a bait frog. Subtitled The Contemplative Man's Recreation, FTP, identify this work by Izaak Walton which discusses the best techniques for fly fishing.
Answer: The Compleat Angler
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The Knoop test can be used to measure this on a microscopic level by applying a load of less than 2 Newtons. The Vickers test, which is one method to test for it macroscopically, uses a diamond pyramid indentor, though the most common ways of determining this physical property are the Rockwell and Brinell tests, the latter of which is performed by pushing a steel sphere onto a material's surface until an indentation is formed. From the diameter of the indentation observed, one can calculate a number which, when scaled by 500, will yield the tensile strength of the material. FTP, identify this tendency to resist surface penetration, whose values for minerals are given by the Mohs scale.
Answer: hardness
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The death of this figure was indirectly a result of an innocent visit between Heracles and Pholus, the latter of which was in possession of a sacred wine jar that belonged to a race formed from the union of Ixion and a cloud in the form of Hera. As a son of the titan Cronus, he had the gift of immortality, but relinquished it in order to end his eternal suffering caused by a wound from a poisoned arrow. During his lifetime, he had tutored the likes of Theseus, Achilles, and Asclepius, while in death he serves as the constellation Sagittarius. FTP, name this mythical centaur, renowned for his goodness and wisdom.
Answer: Chiron
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Speaking of this, Ronald Reagan asked, "Isn't that what a farmer has with his turkey---until Thanksgiving?" In 1963, the creation of the Hot Line between the US and the USSR is considered to be the start of this concept. Over the next ten years, both sides would agree to ban underground testing, draft the Strategic Arms Limitation Treaties, and have their leaders visit each other's capitals. These events were a part of, FTP, what easing of Cold War tensions, a word that comes from the French for "relaxation?"
Answer: Detente
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The first European to cross it was Peter Warburton, who did so on an 1873 expedition of the area. It serves as a home to the Karadjeri and the Nygina, though it is largely uninhabited by most other citizens save for isolated sheep stations along its northwestern coastline. The historic Canning Stock Route runs through its southeastern portion, which is sandwiched between the rocky ranges of the Pilbara and the Kimberley. FTP, name this large desert of Western Australia, sometimes known as the Canning Basin, renown for its large concentration of silicon dioxide.
Answer: Great Sandy Desert
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First appearing in the periodical Fun in 1861 and compiled into seven collections, they were both satirical and absurd and were often read aloud at private dinner parties, public banquets and even in the House of Lords. The last one, "Old Paul and Old Tim" appeared in Fun in 1871, a conclusion which coincided with the author's shifting focus to comic opera's, for which purpose many of them served as the plot basis. Their numerous titles include "The Advent of Spring," "Down to the Derby," and "The Story of Gentle Archibald." Taking their title from the author's childhood nickname, and also as a possible tribute to Dickens's "Boz," these are, FTP, what collections of light verse penned by WS Gilbert?
Answer: Bab Ballads
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
His exact wealth is always quoted as a nonsense number plus 16 cents. He suffers from blinkus of the thinkus and has also owned the Candy-Stripe Ruby, the Goose-Egg Nugget and the Philosopher's Stone, until the International Money Council confiscated it. His will leave one thin dime to his oldest nephew, but that dime may be the first coin he ever earned, which Magica de Spell always tries to steal. The rest of his estate, which is greater than that of Flintheart Glomgold by the amount of 12 inches of string, will go to his three identical nephews. FTP, name this Carl Barks creation, the world's richest duck and relative of Donald, Huey, Dewey and Louie.
Answer: (Uncle) Scrooge McDuck
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There are two main types of these structures encountered in nature, the ecto- variety in which mycelium forms a dense sheath over the target area of a plant, thus allowing for the extension of apoplast-invading hyphae, and the endo- variety which forms internal arbuscules that provide significant surface area for nutrient exchange. Biologists speculate that without them, pioneering plants could have never evolved on earth, as those early specimens would have lacked the necessary subterranean area for sufficient water and nutrient uptake, as well as not having the antibiotic protection that these can provide. FTP, identify these modified root structures consisting of mutualistic associations between fungi and plants.
Answer: mycorrhizae
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Elected to the Senate from Ohio as the choice of the Free Soilers and Democrats, he wrote "Appeals of the Independent Democrat" following the passage of the Kansas-Nebraska Act, which protested against the slavery conspiracy to nationalize slavery. He would go on to be governor of Ohio twice and then a Senator again before gaining a cabinet position under Lincoln. During the Civil War, he was responsible for financing the army and establishing a national banking system in 1963 as Secretary of the Treasury. In 1864, he resigned and Lincoln would appoint him to another more prestigious position. FTP, name this man who swore in Andrew Johnson and presided over the first Presidential impeachment proceedings as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court from 1864 to 1873.
Answer: Salmon P. Chase
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Minor characters in this work include Plog the village blacksmith and his wife, Lisa, who assumes the name Kunigunda and runs off with a traveling actor. A woman who claims to be the Devil's lover is burnt alive, but her eyes reveal only emptiness and terror as she is engulfed in flames much to the dismay of the film's protagonist, Antonius Block. Set in the 14th century, it centers on a Crusader's return to his native Sweden only to find it being ravaged by the plague. FTP, identify this Ingmar Bergman classic, perhaps best remembered for its depiction of Death as a player of chess.
Answer: The Seventh Seal
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While the main cause of this event was the assassination of Ernst von Rath in Paris, there were rumors that it was also a cover-up for an illicit affair between Lida Baarova, a Czech actress, and the Minister of Propaganda and Enlightenment. Occurring on November 9, 1938, over 1600 synagogues were destroyed and 30,000 Jews were sent to concentration camps. FTP, name this pogrom against Jews in Nazi Germany, whose German name comes from "Night of Broken Glass."
Answer: Kristallnacht (accept "Night of Broken Glass" early)
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In 1973 its wreck was created as the first marine sanctuary in the United States. A The first vessel fitted with John Ericsson's marine screw, critics described it as a "cheesebox on a raft" for the rotating turret housing its two cannons. A FTP, name this ironclad warship which fought the C.S.S. Virginia to a draw at the Battle of Hampton Roads.
Answer: U.S.S. Monitor
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The name of this plant is Malay in origin and is thought to be an imitation of the sound produced when it is set on fire, a method normally used to bring down giant specimens. When this happens, the air trapped within the base of its hollow truck expands until it is blown free. Its hollow stems have found use in a number of applications, including serving as substitutes for the pipes of a famous organ in the Philippines. FTP, name this tall woody grass common to southeastern Asia.
Answer: bamboo
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Ranging in size from approximately 2 to 7 nanometers, they have a large extinction coefficient when covered with zinc sulfide monolayers. Because spectral peaks are narrow, symmetrical, and Gaussian, groups of these can be utilized by direct conjugation with biological molecules or may be incorporated into porous polymer beads. On the molecular level, they make excellent fluorophores and may someday be used to perform quantum computations. FTP, name these semiconducting nanocrystals primarily composed of cadmium selenide.
Answer: quantum dots
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At the beginning of this novel, the narrator is sitting in class when the title character's future husband enters and mispronounces his own name. That narrator provides constant ironic commentary on the foolishness of the people of Yonville, including the title character, who neglects her daughter Berthe and is unsatisfied with her boring existence as the wife of a village doctor. Inspired by her reading of romantic novels, this novel's protagonist has affairs with Rodolphe and Leon, but after she falls heavily into debt from buying luxury goods, she commits suicide with arsenic. FTP, name this novel whose author obsessively searched for le mot juste, the masterpiece of Gustave Flaubert.
Answer: Madame Bovary
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Commissioned in the late 17th century by Mariana, Queen Regent of Spain, it quickly saw action just seven years after its 1695 completion when it successfully repelled a British naval siege. Eventually coming into control by the British, the US took possession of it in 1821 after the purchase of Florida from Spain and subsequently renamed it Fort Marion, a name it would go by until 1924. Still standing, its unique coquina structure has earned the reputation as the oldest masonry fort in America. FTP, identify this Atlantic stronghold, a national monument and major tourist attraction of St. Augustine.
Answer: Castillo de San Marcos
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Number 992 is the Capriccio for Keyboard in B-Flat minor, and number 248 is the Christmas Oratorio. It was assembled in 1950 by musicologist Wolfgang Schmieder to fill the absent role of opus numbers. Because very little chronological data was available, it uses a thematic arrangement, starting with religious cantatas like "Herz und Mund und Tat und Leben," and ending with chamber music, such as the Brandenburg concertos. FTP, name this catalogue of the works of Johann Sebastian Bach.
Answer: Bach-Werke-Verzeichnis (accept "Bach Works Catalogue" until the giveaway, then prompt)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Carl Friedrich Gauss may have been the first to speculate the existence of this as a means to account for variations in the distributions of terrestrial magnetic fields. Scientists have been able to determine the electron concentration in point regions of it as a function of radio frequency, as a vertically incident radio wave will reflect from concentrated plasma found within this layer, which itself is composed of three sub-layers. Of those, the F or Appleton layer extends the farthest outwards from the Earth, beyond which is the magnetosphere. FTP, identify this layer of the atmosphere, the site of air molecule ionization.
Answer: ionosphere
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One theory that attempts to explain this man's hypothesis is that economic inequality stimulates production by the allocation of resources towards those who save and invest the most. His namesake curve is representative of this idea, though it suggests that as per capita income increases, economic inequality will decrease beyond a certain maximum. Often regarded as an empiricist, he developed the concept of the gross national product and penned works like Modern Economic Growth and National Income and Its Composition. FTP, name this Russian-born American economist, winner of the 1971 Nobel Prize.
Answer: Simon Kuznets
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In the 1920 film of the same name, the titular entity was summoned in order to protect the citizens of Prague from persecution by the emperor. However, after a mysterious prophecy comes true, the monster turns on its creator, the Rabbi Loew, and his brethren in a violent rage. In folklore, one of them could be given life by inscribing onto it one of the names of God, after which it will become the perfect servant or guardian. The Talmud uses the term for one to describe any unformed substance, as does Psalms 139:16. FTP, what is this often clay creation of Jewish legend?
Answer: golem
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While studying the cell nuclei of avian red blood cells, Albrecht Kossel discovered these alkaline proteins. It has been found that bacteria do not possess them, though they are the most highly conserved proteins in eukaryotes. In the acetylation of these, acetyl groups are attached to positively charged lysines in their tails, resulting in the promotion of chromatin folding. It has been found that their major function is to combine ionically with DNA in order to form nucleoproteins, while units of them bound to DNA chains are known as nucleosomes. FTP, identify these chromatin proteins that act as spools around which DNA can be wound.
Answer: histones
2007 Florida SSI Bonuses by 5
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FTPE, identify the following linguists from descriptions:,
[10] An influential left wing thinker, this MIT professor wrote Syntactic Structures and helped spark the cognitive revolution in psychology.
Answer: Noam Chomsky
[10] During the 5th century B.C.E., this man wrote the most exhaustive grammar ever, elucidating 3,959 rules of Sanskrit morphology.
Answer: Panini
[10] This man was one of the first scholars to believe that language reflects the culture and character of its speakers and that the study of language should be approached through history and anthropology. As a researcher, he did significant analysis of the Basque and Kawi languages which he outlined in his most famous work.
Answer: Wilhelm von Humboldt
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Given a description of its logo, identify the car company, FTPE:,
[10] A black badge with a charging bull below the company's name.
Answer: Lamborghini
[10] A yellow shield with a prancing horse, originally the emblem of Italian WWI flying ace Francesco Baracca.
Answer: Ferrari
[10] Four linked rings in a row.
Answer: Audi
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Carpe diem by identifying the following Latin phrases that have made their way into common English, FTPE:,
[10] This legal term refers to a party or individual appointed by a court to act on behalf of another who is incapable of representing himself.
Answer: guardian ad litem
[10] This medical term refers to a process performed in a non-natural setting, such as a test tube or a Petri dish, outside of a living organism, and translates to "in glass."
Answer: in vitro (not in vitrio)
[10] The motto of the National Public Radio show Car Talk, it translates to "unencumbered by the thought process."
Answer: non impediti ratione cogitationis
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Answer the following about a work of Ben Johnson, FTPE:,
[10] Set in 17th century Venice, this Johnson comedy revolves around the pranks of a sly nobleman and his servant, Mosca.
Answer: Volpone
[10] This aptly dubbed hermaphrodite is believed by the dwarf, Nano, to possess the soul of Pythagoras.
Answer: Androgyno
[10] Celia's husband and wannabe inheritor of Volpone is this merchant who is ultimately forced to wear donkey ears while traveling the canals of Venice.
Answer: Corvino
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
His 1845 inauguration ceremony was the first to be reported by telegraph. FTPE:,
[10] First, who was this celebrated individual, a former governor of Tennessee that would later become president?
Answer: James K. Polk
[10] Polk served as the chairman of this government committee which has jurisdiction over all taxation, tariffs, and other revenue-raising measures.
Answer: Ways and Means Committee
[10] A highlight of Polk's career as president was his ratification of this treaty negotiated by Nicholas Trist. As a result, the US increased in size by nearly a third.
Answer: Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
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Name these things that are considered to be equivalent by mathematicians from descriptions, FTPE:,
[10] According to Bertrand Russell, "To choose one sock out of infinitely many pairs requires it, but for shoes this axiom is not needed."
Answer: Axiom of Choice
[10] It states that if S is a partially ordered non-empty set where every chain has an upper bound, then S has a maximal element.
Answer: Zorn's Lemma
[10] If it is known that a function is injective from a set A to a set B, then the cardinality of A is less than or equal to that of B. If a function is this, then the cardinality of B is less than that of A.
Answer: Surjective or onto
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Answer the following concerning a class of elementary particles, FTPE:,
[10] First, name this type of elementary particle, the only one to interact through all four of the fundamental forces, which comes in six flavors.
Answer: quark
[10] Murray Gell-Mann borrowed the term "quark" from a writing by this Irish author, who had used the word originally to describe the applause of seabirds.
Answer: James Joyce
[10] This property states that it would take an infinite amount of energy to separate two quarks, explaining why they cannot be isolated.
Answer: color confinement
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Identify these epic poems that are not the Iliad, the Odyssey or Beowulf FTPE.,
[10] This Sanskrit epic, also a Hindu religious text, is one of the longest poems ever written. It concerns the war between the Kauravas and Pandavas, and one of its most famous sections consists of a conversation between Krishna and a legendary prince.
Answer: Mahabharata
[10] Based loosely on the events at the Battle of Roncevaux Pass, this work describes a Saracen ambush of a certain paladin of Charlemagne, whose stubbornness to sound his horn led to the demise of nearly twenty thousand soldiers. At work's end, both the title figure and his friend Olivier have died.
Answer: Song of Roland
[10] This Persian "Book of Kings" was compiled by Ferdowsi in 1000 AD, and helped revive the Persian language after it was nearly replaced by Arabic. In one of its most famous episodes, the hero Rustam kills Sohrab, who turns out to be Rustam's own son.
Answer: Shahnameh (accept Shahnama, Shahname, Shah-Nama or other similar variants)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
FTPE, name these popes.,
[10] Originally known as Albino Cardinal Luciani, this papal version of William Henry Harrison died of a heart attack 33 days into his reign, leading to a number of conspiracy theories. He is best known as the first pope to use two names.
Answer: John Paul I
[10] This pope was a hermit who lived a strict ascetic lifestyle before he was elected to the papacy as a compromise candidate. During his five-month reign he issued only two decrees, one of which established the pope's right to abdicate, which he did in 1294.
Answer: Celestine V
[10] This legendary female pope was probably made up for satirical purposes. Allegedly, her gender was discovered when she gave birth during a procession, and all subsequent popes have to sit on a chair with a hole in the seat so that their manhood can be verified.
Answer: Pope Joan
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Answer the following about 17th century philosophy, FTPE:,
[10] A major contribution to metaphysics during the 17th century was Leibniz's theory of these indivisible units of substance viewed as the basic constituent elements of physical reality.
Answer: monads
[10] Leibniz's monads were thought to solve the lack of individuation inherent in the system of this philosopher famous for his Ethics.
Answer: Baruch Spinoza
[10] Spinoza set forth a particularly scathing critique of Judaism in this work which preceded Ethics. In it, Spinoza goes so far as labeling the Torah an invalid document and rejecting the notion that the Jews are the chosen people. Oy vay.
Answer: Theologico-Political Treatise or Tractatus Theologico-Politicus
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Things went badly for Native Americans during the 1860s. Identify these Indian events happening then FTPE.,
[10] In 1864, Colonel Chivington, along with 800 troops, massacred Arapaho and Cheyenne elderly, women, and children, at this site in Kiowa county.
Answer: Sand Creek Massacre
[10] The Sand Creek Massacre led to more Indians joining together to fight the United States in this war, named for the state in which it primarily took place.
Answer: Colorado War
[10] Following the Colorado War in 1868, the U.S. Army, led by this man, renewed the conflict in the Battle of Washita River. He would later go on to lead a famous last stand against the Sioux at Little Bighorn.
Answer: George Armstrong Custer
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
FTPE, identify these famous Egyptian pharaohs:,
[10] This pharaoh, the 3rd ruler of the 19th Dynasty, was the son of Seti I; his rule was known for his long war with the Hittites and for the construction of the rock-hewn temple of Abu Simbel.
Answer: Ramses II
[10] This successor of Hatshepsut was the most militarily successful pharaoh in Egyptian history, being dubbed by some historians as an ancient Napoleon.
Answer: Thutmose III
[10] This founder of the New Kingdom drove the Hyksos out of Egypt, a task begun by his brother Kamose. He would later recapture northern Nubia and reorganize Egypt as a unified country under his sole rule.
Answer: Ahmose I
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
In 1906, he presented a paper called "On a Peculiar Disease of the Cerebral Cortex." FTPE:,
[10] Who was this Bavarian physician who lends his name to a certain neurodegenerative affliction?
Answer: Alois Alzheimer
[10] Sufferers of Alzheimer's disease usually experience an increase in this amino acid, the nervous system's most abundant excitatory neurotransmitter.
Answer: glutamate
[10] In the brain of an Alzheimer's victim, an abnormally phosphorylated form of this protein can accumulate in paired helical filaments. Its normal function is to interact with tubulin to stabilize microtubules.
Answer: tau protein
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
FTSNOP, identify these WWII ships from short descriptions:,
[10] For 10, after delivering the atomic bomb that was later dropped on Hiroshima, this ship was hit by a Japanese submarine and sunk. Much of her crew were killed by sharks before assistance could arrive.
Answer: U.S.S. Indianapolis
[5] For 5, after sinking H.M.S. Hood, she led British forces on a long chase until she was finally sunk despite German claims of being unsinkable.
Answer: Bismarck
[15] For 15, a Yorktown-class aircraft carrier, she participated in the battle of Midway before being irreparably damaged at the Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands. This ship is perhaps most famous for launching the Doolittle Raid on Tokyo.
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Receiving both the 1925 Nobel Prize in Literature and an Academy Award for an adapted screenplay in 1938, identify the following concerning an Irish playwright, FTPE:,
[10] Struggling to maintain a job, he turned to writing, publishing such works as An Unsocial Socialist and Mrs. Warren's Profession between 1883 and 1893.
Answer: George Bernard Shaw
[10] This socially unacceptable trade was the aforementioned profession held by Mrs. Warren.
Answer: Prostitution
[10] This Shaw comedy takes place during the Serbo-Bulgarian war. The action sees Raina fall in love with Bluntschli, the "chocolate-cream soldier," so named for carrying no pistol cartridges in favor of only harmless chocolate.
Answer: Arms and The Man
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Give the major key from the number of flats or sharps, on a 5-5-10-10 basis. Note, enharmonic equivalents will not be accepted.,
[5] 2 flats
Answer: B-Flat (do not accept "A-sharp")
[5] 2 sharps
Answer: D
[10] 5 sharps
Answer: B (do not accept "C-flat")
[10] 8 flats
Answer: F-flat (do not accept "E")
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Literally, it is the record of Muhammad's precepts, actions, and life. FTPE:,
[10] What is this Islamic text, generally accepted as the chief source of Muslim belief and practice and often considered a biography of Muhammad perpetuated by the long memory of his community for its exemplification and obedience?
Answer: Hadith
[10] The content of the Hadith constitutes this term for the example of Muhammad. It has been validated by the consensus of the Sahaba in Sunni Islam.
Answer: Sunna
[10] The Hadith is second in authority to this other holy text of Islam which translates as the "recitation." This text is subdivided into suras and is not to be flushed down any Guantanamo toilets.
Answer: Qur'an or Koran
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Name these early English authors from descriptions, FTPE.,
[10] Not much is known about him, but his name does appear on an early manuscript at Trinity College, Dublin. Most scholars believe him to be the author of Piers Plowman.
Answer: William Langland
[10] This author is named for one of his works. Scholars are not sure of anything about him, but they do attribute Sir Gawain and the Green Knight to him.
Answer: Pearl Poet
[10] It is believed that he wrote much of his most famous work while spending time in jail on what some believe to be false charges. After his death, Willian Caxton published his work, Le Morte d'Arthur.
Answer: Thomas Malory
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Identify the metrical foot given the description, FTPE:,
[10] An unstressed syllable followed by a stressed syllable.
Answer: iamb
[10] A stressed syllable followed by an unstressed syllable.
Answer: dactyl
[10] Two stressed syllables.
Answer: spondee

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