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2007 Florida SSI Tossups by 2
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Following the BCS Championship game, J.A. Adande turned this word into a verb on ESPN's Around the Horn to describe the lopsided defeat suffered by Ohio State. James Joyce coined the longest English one to describe the knock on a door in Ulysses, while the Guinness Book of Records considers the longest to be "detartrated." The interlude from Alban Berg's opera Lulu is one, as are common words like "racecar" and "rotator." FTP, Florida's 41-14 win over the Buckeyes is an example of what kind of word, phrase, or number that reads the same either forwards or backwards?
Answer: palindrome
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During a civil war in this man's home country, he landed a job as an assistant to the Latin secretary for the Commonwealth and penned a number of patriotic works, the most well-known being "Horatian Ode upon Cromwell's Return from Ireland." His bitter verses against the corruption of the monarchy include "Brittania and Raleigh," "Last Instructions to a Painter," and "Poem on the Statue in the Stocks Market," though he may be better known for his work as a Metaphysical poet alongside men like John Donne and George Herbert. FTP, name this English writer, whose lyrical poems include "The Garden" and "To His Coy Mistress."
Answer: Andrew Marvell
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According to an article by Ralph Hexter, its exterior was made of evergreen while the inside was made of maple, though others have argued that it was made entirely of oak. Constructed by the artisan Epeus, it, along with burnt tents and a badly beaten man named Sinon, were all that remained of a force that had hid themselves behind the island of Tenedos. One man who had intercourse in the temple of Poseidon questioned it, only to be struck down by serpents before he could convince his fellow countrymen that it was probably a trick. FTP, identify this wooden structure designed by Odysseus that secretly contained Greek soldiers during the Trojan War.
Answer: Trojan Horse
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During this man's reign, the Hittites encroached upon the northern boundaries of the empire, while many governors lacked the money to manage their territories. These problems are related by the Amarna letters, so called because they were found at the capital established by this pharaoh. His domestic problems were just as problematic since he had to compromise with the priests of Amon after instituting the worship of the sun disc. Married to Nefertiti, FTP, name this pharaoh who adopted a name meaning "servant of Aton."
Answer: Akhenaton or Amenhotep IV
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In 1967, the first stamp commemorating it was issued by the USPS. In 1999, Tony Snow stated that "there is no part of [it] that is not fraudulent," and some have questioned whether it should be taught in schools as both its creator and some of its principals display Marxist leanings. Cooperative Economics and Collective Work and Responsibility are among its Seven Principles while others include Unity, Purpose, and Creativity. The additional "a" in its name was added to extend the word to seven letters in order to represent the seven children in the United Slaves Organization, a group led by this holiday's creator, Ron Karenga. Observed from December 26 to January 1, FTP, name this holiday created in 1966 to honor African-American heritage.
Answer: Kwanzaa
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In 1880, Pierre and Jacques Curie were able to confirm this phenomenon using tinfoil, glue, wire, and magnets, by observing the presence of surface charges on certain materials. That amount of charge could be determined by the equation E equals eta divided by the material constant, where eta corresponds to the amount of stress placed on a structural lattice. For materials that exhibit it, applied stresses create an unbalance of electrons which causes a potential difference. FTP, identify this form of electricity observed primarily in Rochelle salts and quartz that results from the pressure applied to certain crystalline ceramics.
Answer: piezoelectricity
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There are three crosses in this painting: one stands on the top of a Russian Orthodox Church in the background while the other two are around the necks of the title characters. The dichotomy of day and night are shown in many ways in this painting in which the background depicts an upside-down woman who plays the fiddle while standing juxtaposed to an upright day worker with a scythe. Likewise, the pupil of one of the title characters, who stands in profile, is shaped like the sun, and there is a line drawn between the two that acknowledges the relationship with its moon-like partner. Unrelated, but reminiscent of a scene from Edward Albee's "The Goat," FTP, identify this most famous painting of Marc Chagall.
Answer: I and the Village
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Padma Lakshmi, the host of Bravo TV's second season of Top Chef, is currently working on a film adaptation of "The Firebird's Nest," a short story written by this man, her husband. He may be better known for his novels, including Haroun and the Sea of Stories about a boy's journey to the moon Kahani and another about a tightrope walking clown named Shalimar. Yet another tells of Shiva and Saleem, two of the 1001 babies born at the time of India's independence, though his best known work resulted in Ayatollah Kohmeini declaring a fatwa on him. FTP, identify this Indian author of Midnight's Children and The Satanic Verses.
Answer: Salman Rushdie
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Its full size was first revealed by a surface mapping implemented by the European ERS-1 satellite, which showed that it is almost as large and as deep as Lake Ontario. Its environment is considered oligotrophic, having a supersaturated oxygen concentration that exists in a clathrate structure due to the extreme pressure exerted by the ice mass above this body of water. Scientists at NASA regard it as a terrestrial analogue to Jupiter's Europa and there have been efforts to study life in it with a cryobot probe. FTP, identify this body of fresh water, the largest subglacial lake of Antarctica.
Answer: Lake Vostok
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Upon its completion, one unit of a certain coenzyme is generated by substrate-level phosphorylation, though most of its chemical energy is transferred to NAD+ and FAD. In its fifth step, a GTP molecule is formed, while the sixth step involves the relocation of two hydrogen atoms to FAD in the formation of FADH2. Upon entering the mitochondrion, a pyruvate is converted to acetyl CoA, which is required for the first step of this eight-step cycle that is preceded by glycolysis. FTP, name this second stage of cellular respiration.
Answer: Krebs cycle (accept citric acid cycle or tricarboxylic acid cycle)
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This event cemented the idea of the Principle of Effectivity, in which a nation that lays claim to a colony must actually occupy that territory in order for it to be recognized. Among the other agreements were the abolition of the international slave trade and the establishment of free trade routes along the Niger and Congo Rivers. FTP name this conference that started the "scramble for Africa," named after the German city in which it took place.
Answer: Berlin Conference
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Most texts agree that there are only four of these known to man, and despite thousands of years of research, no new ones have been developed; instead, man has only been able to discover new ways of combining them. To do work, they require the application of either a single force or torque, and they can be combined to form devices like Atwood machines and bicycles. Some have argued that the gear drive and hydraulic press should be added to their ranks, while the screw and wedge miss out as they are just adaptations of the inclined plane. FTP, give this term that describes elementary devices like the wheel and axle, lever, and pulley.
Answer: simple machines
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Characters in this satire include Chowbok the mountain guide, Mahaina a suffering alcoholic, and Yram, the daughter of the protagonist's jailor. Chapter 27 discusses the philosophical rights of vegetables while Chapter 17 gives details about Ydgrun, the primary deity of the titular land. That land appears to be a utopia of sorts, though one quickly discovers its numerous absurdities, such as each bank having its own currency or that children choose to be born. Also, citizens are subject to seemingly illogical laws, such as not being able to enter water under any circumstances. Told through the perspective of the narrator Higgs, FTP, identify this Samuel Butler novel whose titular country is an anagram for "Nowhere."
Answer: Erewhon
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Historians have argued that the Hundred Years' War was based on the codification of this nearly 800 years earlier by the son of Childeric I. Among its central tenets was the institution of a system of enforced financial penalties for crimes and injuries to others, though one particular civil statute earned it the most notoriety. That statute was quickly the most heavily enforced, eventually being used by French royalty beginning with King Philip V. It also formed the legal basis for the denial of the French crown to Edward III of England, as his mother was a daughter of Philip IV. FTP, name this law which included the prohibition of land inheritance for women, codified by Clovis I and named for the 5th century conquerors of Gaul.
Answer: Salic Law
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The origin of the word "abracadabra" is believed by some to have been derived from the Hinduistani words for this substance, which was considered magical to ancient Hindus. Its reverence in India is not without due, as that nation mines nearly 80% of the world's supply annually from primarily igneous sources. Varieties of it include lepidolite, biotite, phlogopite, and muscovite, the latter two of which are used commonly in the electronics industry for their good dielectric properties as thermal and electrical insulators. FTP, identify this type of mineral formed from aluminum silicates, renowned for its shine and perfect basal cleavage.
Answer: mica
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A semi-successful attempt to recreate it used persistent galvanic skin responses to mildly electrocute the subject, though attempts by Valentine and Bregman using negative aural stimuli both had null results. The original experiment was conducted in order to answer three questions concerning whether a response was possible, whether it could be transferred to other objects, and how long it would persist beyond initial conditioning. In the set-up to the experiment, a hammer was used to create an unfavourable sound anytime the subject went to pet a certain animal, causing him to fear things with similar colors or textures as that animal. FTP, what was this attempt by behaviourist John Watson to create a fear of white and hairy things in an infant boy?
Answer: Little Albert experiment
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This man's primary claim to fame is based on a handful of letters written during the late 15th century, two of which were published and later considered forgeries. The first two letters, written during his lifetime, came into the possession of Martin Waldseemuller in 1507 who then turned them into the basis of Cosmographiae Introductio, a book on cosmography and geography. Of the four voyages this man claims to have made in the period from 1499 to 1504, only two have been verified, leading to scholarly debates on who may really have been behind the discoveries that afforded him his namesake. FTP, identify this Italian merchant and mapmaker who lends his name to two continents.
Answer: Amerigo Vespucci
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They react readily with alkali hydroxides to form salts and ones containing electronegative substitutents can be acidic enough to react with bicarbonate. Like their aliphatic analogs, the alcohols, these can form esters and ethers, while they are among the most reactive aromatic compounds in electrophilic substitution reactions. The oldest process for creating them involves the sulfonation of benzene, though other techniques include the cumene hyrdroperoxide process and the Raschig process. FTP, identify this class of organic compounds used historically as disinfectants and characterized by a hydroxyl group attached to an aromatic ring.
Answer: phenols
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He is said to have painted a fly on a painting by his teacher, so realistically that his teacher tried to brush it off. Later, when asked for a drawing to present to Pope Benedict XI, this painter picked up a brush and drew a perfect circle freehand. Originally a poor shepherd from Vespignano, he studied in Florence with Cimabue, but surpassed his master's Greek-influenced style and "brought back to life the true art of painting." His most famous works were executed for the Arena Chapel in Padua and include The Mourning of Christ and The Kiss of Judas. FTP, name this first great painter of the Italian Renaissance.
Answer: Giotto di Bondone
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Before the events of the novel, this man ordered his wife not to send him parcels as he considered this a wasteful practice. He is careful not to waste his own resources throughout much of the work, from filling his mattress with bread, to storing a spoon in his boot, to hiding a piece of scrap metal in his glove during his daily bricklaying, all in an attempt to survive the ten year stretch that he's serving. During his time in Camp HQ, a Siberian gulag, he has a chance to befriend a number of fellow prisoners, including Gopchik, Alyosha, and the Estonians. FTP, identify this literary Russian, a day whose life is explored in a novel by Alexander Solzhenitsyn.
Answer: Ivan Denisovich (also accept Shukhov)
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Many artists have done versions of this song including Elvis, Barbra Streisand, and Frank Sinatra?whose version broke the Billboard Top 10 in 1945. Its original singing was meant to give courage to Julie Jordan after the death of Billy Bigelow in Carousel, a musical by Rodgers and Hammerstein. Perhaps its most famous recording was done in the 1960s by Liverpudlians Gerry & the Pacemakers, when it stayed at #1 on the UK charts for 4 weeks. Adopted by many European soccer teams like Borussia Dortmund, Celtic, and Liverpool, FTP, identify this inspirational anthem which urges you to proceed "with hope in your heart."
Answer: "You'll Never Walk Alone"
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The Dutch navigator who had first entered this body's western end named it Zeehaen's Bight believing it to be just a bay, though in 1770 its namesake discovered its true nature as a navigable waterway. About 14 miles wide at its narrowest point, each of its shores are lined with steep cliffs and its treacherous currents often limit travel between Wellington an Blenheim to air or rail ferry. Known to the Maori as Raukawa Moana, it takes its current name from the captain of the Endeavour. FTP, identify this strait which separates the North and South islands of New Zealand.
Answer: Cook Strait
2007 Florida SSI Bonuses by 2
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Answer the following about the 2006 National Champion Florida Gators, FTSNOP:,
[10] Admittedly, this question isn't fair, since it could technically apply to two different teams. For five points apiece, give the two sports that Florida currently dominates, holding the title in each.
Answer: Men's basketball and football
[5] For five points, in the recent BCS National Championship, Chris Leak hooked up with this touchdown making wide receiver for the Gators' first score of the game en route to its eventual trouncing of the Ohio State Buckeyes.
Answer: Dallas Baker
[5] For another five points, the Gators' defense held Heisman winner Troy Smith to this many completed passes out of 14 attempts, for a staggeringly bad completion rate of 29%.
Answer: four
[5] For five points, the Gator football team was celebrated during halftime of the January 9th men's basketball game against this school whose own football team landed in the Capital One Bowl after falling to Florida in the SEC Championship.
Answer: University of Arkansas
[5] For a final five points, before the 2006 Florida Gators, this is the number of teams in Division I NCAA history that have held the title in both men's basketball and football in the same year.
Answer: zero
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Answer the following about the islands of Hawaii, FTPE:,
[10] This third largest of the Hawaiian islands is home of Pearl Harbor and the state capital, Honolulu.
Answer: Oahu
[10] This island contains the village of Kalaupapa, a former leper colony written about by Jack London in Koolau the Leper.
Answer: Molokai
[10] This second largest of the islands shares its name with a trickster god from Hawaiian mythology who is said to have raised the islands from the sea.
Answer: Maui
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Identify the artists of the following related paintings, on a 5-5-10-10 basis:,
[5] Nighthawks, 1942
Answer: Edward Hopper
[5] The Night Watch, 1642
Answer: Rembrandt van Rijn
[10] The Night Café, 1888
Answer: Vincent van Gogh
[10] The Nightmare, 1802
Answer: Henry Fuseli
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Consider the following animals: lions, bears, whales, crows, geese, buzzards, and bandicoots. On a 5-10-20-30 basis, given the collective term, name the animal.,
[5] murder
Answer: crows
[10] gaggle
Answer: geese
[20] pride
Answer: lions
[30] wake
Answer: buzzards
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Identify these things about a certain novel featuring an adulterous gamekeeper, FTPE.,
[10] This work is set mostly at Wragby Estate, which is the seat of a wealthy mining town. The surrounding woods are where most of the illicit affairs occur between the Constance and that gamekeeper, Oliver Mellors.
Answer: Lady Chatterly's Lover
[10] This man wrote Lady Chatterly's Lover as well as Sons and Lovers.
Answer: D. H. Lawrence
[10] This is Constance Chatterly's sister who takes her on a trip to Venice and does not take a liking to her new lover.
Answer: Hilda Reid
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Racism has always been a problem in the south, and perhaps nowhere worse than South Africa. Answer the following, FTPE:,
[10] This Afrikaans word for "separation" became the system by which South Africa was ruled throughout the second half of the 20th century, beginning in 1948.
Answer: Apartheid
[10] Apartheid caused oppressive measures on the part of this ruling party, who turned Apartheid from a social philosophy into a legal issue upon its rise to power.
Answer: the National Party
[10] Apartheid often turned bloody, as seen on March 21st, 1960, when over 180 black South Africans were injured and 69 killed when police opened fire in this massacre, in a small township near Vereeniging.
Answer: Sharpeville Massacre
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First identified after two African epidemics quickly resulted in 430 deaths, it has since been classified by the CDC as Biosafety Level 4. FTPE:,
[10] What is this virus, named for a river in Zaire, which causes victims to experience a hemorrhagic fever, often resulting in a swift death due to rapid viral replication?
Answer: Ebola virus
[10] Those two African epidemics occurred in 1976, one in the DRC and the other in this country with capital at Khartoum.
Answer: Sudan
[10] Also causing a hemorrhagic fever, this disease, characterized by its thread-like shape, is closely related to Ebola and continues to threaten the people of Africa. Along with Ebola, it is the only remaining disease-causing human virus for which the host and the natural transmission cycle remain unknown.
Answer: Marburg disease
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His works include Mason & Dixon, Vineland, and V., FTPE:,
[10] Who is this reclusive American author who may be best known for his mammoth novel, Gravity's Rainbow?
Answer: Thomas Pynchon
[10] At a mere 1,085 pages, this 2006 Pynchon work is even lengthier than Gravity's Rainbow. The bulk of its plot can be briefly summarized as the rivalry between two plutocrats, Webb Traverse and Scarsdale Vibe.
Answer: Against the Day
[10] Pynchon attended this Ivy League school in Ithaca, New York, where he studied both English and engineering. Other famous literary alumni of this university include Toni Morrison and E.B. White.
Answer: Cornell University
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Given a US Vice President, identify the President under whom he served, FTPE:,
[10] Spiro T. Agnew
Answer: Richard Nixon
[10] Thomas R. Marshall
Answer: Woodrow Wilson
[10] Alben W. Barkley
Answer: Harry Truman
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Name the following branches of linguistics from descriptions, FTPE:,
[10] This is the study of sounds and the human voice. Its three branches deal with articulation, acoustics, and auditory effects.
Answer: Phonetics
[10] This is the study of the rules that govern the way that words form phrases and that phrases form sentences. The main theory in this branch is that of a generative system for grammar.
Answer: Syntax or syntactics
[10] Perhaps the most subjective of the branches, this one deals with bridging the gap between the meaning of a sentence and the speaker's meaning. It takes context into effect when attempting to interpret signs and expressions.
Answer: Pragmatics
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Given the location of a major museum, give the city in which it is located on a 5-10-15 basis:,
[5] The Louvre
Answer: Paris, France
[10] The Prado
Answer: Madrid, Spain
[15] The High Museum of Art
Answer: Atlanta, Georgia
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It was fought in 1879 between the British and a certain African tribe. FTPE:,
[10] What was this South African war, a major conflict in colonialism?
Answer: Anglo-Zulu War
[10] This man was the chieftain of the Zulus during the Zulu War.
Answer: Cetshwayo
[10] The Zulu War ended in this battle, where Zulu tribesman were crushed under the might of the British and the Gatling Gun.
Answer: Battle of Ulundi
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FTPE, name these Japanese novelists.,
[10] This writer's Confessions of a Mask may suggest that he was a closeted homosexual. His other works include the Sea of Fertility tetralogy, which he finished on the day in 1970 when he tried to take over a Self-Defense Force base and then committed seppuku.
Answer: Yukio Mishima (accept Kimitake Hiraoka) (NOTE: also accept any of these names in the reverse order)
[10] Winner of the 1994 Nobel Prize in Literature, this novelist is heavily influenced by Western writers and his novels, including A Personal Matter and The Silent Cry, often reflect his experience of raising a brain-damaged son.
Answer: Kenzaburo Oe
[10] This great Meiji-era novelist is famous for works like Botchan and I Am a Cat. His most famous work, Kokoro, a masterpiece of the I-novel genre, concerns the relationship between a young man and an old Sensei who kills himself after Emperor Meiji's death.
Answer: Natsume Soseki (accept Natsume Kinnosuke)
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Answer some stuff about earthquakes, FTPE:,
[10] The horizontal shifting of the earth during an earthquake is causes by these surface seismic waves that travel faster than Rayleigh waves. Since they travel on the Earth's surface, their strength decreases exponentially with the depth of the earthquake.
Answer: Love waves or Q waves
[10] The worst earthquake in North American history occurred in Alaska during 1964 on this Christian holiday associated with hot cross buns.
Answer: Good Friday
[10] Succeeding the Rossi-Forel scale, the current incarnation of this classification for earthquakes places them into one of twelve categories based on their measured intensities.
Answer: Mercalli scale
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Rank the following sets of elements in order of the specified periodic trend, from least to greatest, FTPE:,
[10] Atomic radius; fluorine, francium, lithium
Answer: fluorine, lithium, francium
[10] First ionization energy; nitrogen, carbon, sodium
Answer: sodium, carbon, nitrogen
[10] Electron affinity; silicon, chlorine, hydrogen
Answer: hydrogen, silicon, chlorine
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Identify the famous television personality from clues, 30-20-10:,
[30] After this man's "stunning" debut, he went on to become one-half of the Hollywood Blondes alongside Brian Pillman. The two of them went on to hold the Tag Titles for six months before this man's eventual emergence as the Million Dollar Champion.
Answer: "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
[20] After winning the 1996 King of the Ring Tournament, he cut a promo mocking Jake Roberts that contained one of the most popular wrestling catchphrases of all time. Despite losing to Bret Hart at Wrestlemania 13, he would go on to win it a year later by defeating Shawn Michaels.
Answer: "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
[10] The winner of six WWF World Championships, he got his nickname when his then-wife advised that he drink his tea before it reached a certain frigid temperature.
Answer: "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
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Given a river, name the country where that river's delta is located, FTPE:,
[10] Orinoco
Answer: Venezuela
[10] Mekong
Answer: Vietnam
[10] Zambezi
Answer: Mozambique
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FTPE, name these poems of Alfred, Lord Tennyson.,
[10] This poem, divided into 133 sections with an ABBA rhyme pattern, is an elegy for Tennyson's friend Arthur Henry Hallam. It contains the line "Far better to have loved and lost / Than never to have loved at all."
Answer: "In Memoriam A.H.H."
[10] This sixteen-line poem is always printed last in editions of Tennyson's works. It expresses the speaker's hope to "meet my Pilot face to face" after he has performed the title action.
Answer: "Crossing the Bar"
[10] This famously bad poem tells the story of a fisherman who is falsely believed dead, but decides not to return to his family, since his wife has already married another man. It ends "And when they buried him, the little port / Had seldom seen a costlier funeral."
Answer: "Enoch Arden"
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His works include The House of Fame and The Parlement of Foules, though he may be better known for a work about some story-telling pilgrims. FTPE:,
[10] Who was this English author of the Canterbury Tales?
Answer: Geoffrey Chaucer
[10] In this Chaucer work, a Trojan prince falls for an unfaithful woman and is killed by Achilles. Shakespeare also took on the same story.
Answer: Troilus and Criseyde
[10] Chaucer wrote this work about twenty women who suffered or died because they were faithful in love, including Cleopatra, Dido, Medea, and Ariadne.
Answer: The Legend of Good Women
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Identify the following English composers from works, FTPE:,
[10] The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra and War Requiem
Answer: Benjamin Britten
[10] Dido and Aeneas and Abdelazar
Answer: Henry Purcell
[10] Fantasia on a Theme of Thomas Tallis and The Lark Ascending
Answer: Ralph Vaughan Williams

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